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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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an explosion seive package blew up in a man's face hours earli earlier. >> could this happen to you a woman catches a purse thief. the news in 30 seconds. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. happening right now we know you're counseling down to the holiday be prepared for cold and incoming rain before you hit the
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road for thanksgiving. whether you're staying close to home or striking out to celebrate the holiday our roads and skies are about to get very crowded. philly international take it from me personally i know packed tonight i was hester business travel day on wednesday. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. before you pack that car you may want to rethink the clothes you're taking. let's get over to kathy orr for that all important forecast. kathy. >> yeah, to the northeast it's pretty chilly. to the south and east a little bit on the mild side but tonight we're looking at temperatures that will be falling very quickly. we have a clear sky and now a lighter wind. take a look at the temperature at the airport. 38 degrees. the high today 48. but got news is, we're not talking about gusty winds and we're not talking about wind chills. winds out of the northwest at just 6 miles an hour. so that is quite an improvement of the right now only 28 in the poconos. if you're heading there for the holiday weekend 32 in pottstown. 37 in trenton and 27 degrees in millville. overnight 30 in the city. 24 in the suburbs. mainly clear.
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this will be the coldest night that we have seen this entire season. the coldest has been in philadelphia so far 35 we're going to eclipse that 5 degrees getting down to 30. as you look at the airport delays right now, still in newark 49 minute delay. philadelphia looking good. jfk looking good that is still because of wind and as we widen out across the country we have a storm brewing. it's right through the northern plains and into the great lakes. snow and that system will be moving our way. right now you can see that comma shaped cloud and precipitation along with the. this is the rain that will be moving in for thanksgiving day in philadelphia. so coming up we'll talk about that very busy travel day tomorrow. the thanksgiving rain and of course your weekend weather. it will be a busy weekend. i'll see you laterred in broadcast with that seven day. >> kathy, thank you can stay prepared for anything when you're out the next few days download the fox 29 weather app. look at life radar images and get weather alerts sent right to your phone it's free. download it from the apple or google play stores.
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>> developing to night philadelphia's bomb squad and federal agents are logging long hours. they are trying to peace together just what happened this morning in center city's written neighborhood. when a man opened a package and it exploded. doctors are treating him tonight for serious burns to his hands and face. >> now some neighbors are scar scared. wondering if someone target the this man and if they could be next. our dave schratwieser following the story since it broke. dave, the bomb squad was out there again tonight. >> reporter: they were in fact iain but it turn out to be nothing. the victim in this case is out of surgery tonight in stable condition with a severe injury to his left hand as well as injuries to his face and chest. police say this was a homemade device they have not seen in philadelphia before and they say this was a personal matter. they also say whoever built this bomb knew what they were doing. >> the box was just up to the wrought of the window. very loud. >> reporter: phil and wheatly
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was a short distance away at his room at a pine street bed and breakfast he heard a loud blast at 4am tuesday. >> i knew it was a bomb. >> reporter: what was going on in your mind at that point. >> it's a bomb. >> reporter: wheatly visiting australia the explosion was followed by screaming and commotion as police and bomb experts race to do pine street. a 60-year-old man who lives in an apartment here with his roommate suffered injuries to his hands, face and chest. police say the victim works for a local catering business. >> though we know it is target specific but it's very very serious situation. very traumatic event for anybody. >> reporter: the bomb was a victim activated device rigged to go off when the victim opened the package which he thought was a shipment of medication for asthma. the motive is unknown. >> everything that you're hearing is nothing but speculation. >> i'm sure it's an extraordinary event especially for this area. this is a wonderful city. >> reporter: bomb squad returned to the apartment building tuesday evening after a
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resident here received a package and was afraid to open it. the explosive device came in manila envelope and left at the building monday evening. it's now being analyzed at an atf lab. >> it was addressed and was meant for him, but for what is the issue and the question at hand? it make me question if i got a package i didn't know who it was coming i'd think twice about opening it. >> it's upsetting to hear anybody was targeted like that. >> i wish him well. >> reporter: now, postal inspectors are tracking the bar code on the package while police go through surveillance video here on the block trying to determine who delivered the package tonight police would not discuss the components. explosive device the roommate of the victim who was home at the time was not injury. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. happening now in burlington county, investigators are trying to figure out what caused a crash that center three people to the hospital. skyfox was over the scene little while ago on broadway street in
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browns mills. authorities haven't yet said exactly how many cars were involved. or how badly the people were hurt. of course we'll keep you updat updated. to detroit michigan police are searching for the person who shot and critically injured a campus police officer. gunshots rang out right around 6:30 tonight near wayne state university. detroit sister station reports that police believe a man in his 40s pull the trigger. they've got a big manhunt for that person right now. how about this this afternoon. bull roaming loose down the streets of philadelphia including the interstate. witnesses just almost couldn't believe it watch kids say now pictures or didn't happen. they fired up their phones, took to social media and started posting pictures. >> quite the traffic disruption and wildlife officials maintain they had to put down the animal which has a lot of folks upset. brad sattin joins us live now. brad you must have got an earful from all the witnesses watching that poor bull. >> reporter: yeah, i'll tell was just when you've seen it all vine street is actually directly behind me. who would have thought a bull would be riding by but sure enough it did.
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you'll see it in a moment. this happened between 2:00 and 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon and just moments before that, up on interstate 95, a state conservation officer also saw the bull coming at him while he was driving. he gave chase and says in his 18 years he's never seen anything like it. >> i mean i seen a lot of weird thing but not a bull on the expressway. >> reporter: this was a first for tow truck operator rinaldo padilla. >> coming right by right off of 676. right in front of me. lord be hold i'm picking up my phone trying to record it and fumbling my phone, and right in front of movement. >> reporter: tra a traffic stopper around 2:00 in the afternoon this man was unloading 80 sheep, goats and cat toll a kensington slaughter house. one got away. >> he ran into the gate and knock the gate over. i tried to stop him but i couldn't. >> reporter: too strong. >> too wild. >> the bull made it 4 miles spotted near ken sipping ton high school. running the wrong direction down 95 north briefly on to 676 before leaving the expressway
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and ending up on vine street where police were able to surveillance fifty one it. >> this other guy i guess it was a bull i'm not sure if it was a bull or not but he was like trying to lasso it in. he went in first he tried to lasso it in. and then the cop no, no get away just get away. it's dangerous and the bull like charged him a little bit. so then that's when they shot him. >> reporter: officer jerry check of the pennsylvania game commission fired three times from his shotgun. >> we don't generally put down domestic answer malls that's not what we did. in an emergency situation we didn't have much of a choice at this point. we got people walking around a park right here all these people getting out of work. they could run into six or seven people and knock them over, hurt them. who knows what could have happened. >> reporter: the bull's body was collected and returned to the slaughter house much witnesses admit it was a tough thing to see. >> i got to see him while he was alive, you know what i mean. >> reporter: yeah, yeah. >> i don't want to think of him... >> reporter: animal activist are upset that this bull was not euthanized instead of being
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killed but again the conservation officer says it was aggressive they had to put it down immediately and had to do what they had to do. lucy and iain. >> thank you brad. heavy hearts are filled with grief tonight at a vigil for school children killed in tennessee bus crash. >> investigators still piecing together from children who were on the bus what exactly happened. memorial service was held at a church in chattanooga for the five students killed in that crash yesterday. 12 other students are still in the hospital. half of them are in critical condition. local investigators say jonathan e walker was speeding along narrow winding road when the bus crashed into a tree yesterday afternoon. he's been charged with vehicular homicide and parents are now struggling with how to explain the tragedy to their own kids. >> it's been a challenge all night long to see how we're going to tell him and how we're going to break the news to him because he don't understand death. >> i don't even know what to say her. all i can do is hold and hug and tell her i love her.
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>> some parents have been complaining about the driver for mntsb will check for speeding and see if seat belts might have made a difference. they have been push fog seat belts in school buses. >> donald trump's transition and president election appears to be backtracking on campaign claim. he backed off his comments he'd prosecute former rival hillary clinton he met with new york city reporters and staff and while he declined to definitively rule out prosecution today, he said it's not something he feels strongly about. meanwhile the president-elect continued to interview contenders for cabinet positio positions. among those ebbing the trump tower elevators dr. ben carson. cynthia loom miss he responded to backlash over his controversial hiring of chief stat gist steve bannon. trump toll the times today that he rejects the alt right and white national lift movement and said that bannon is not among their ranks. developing to night philadelphia cop on the wrong side of the law. da seth williams announced today that he's charged veteran
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officer with attempted murder of his teenaged son it all started according to the district attorney over a dispute about a family car. fox 29's bruce gordon reports. >> reporter: on a quiet well tended block of taunton street 46-year-old dorian young lives, neighbors reactioned with shock to the news of his arrest. >> i'm surprised. i really am because we talk with him all the time. i never had an issue with him. >> reporter: seemed like a good guy. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: back on labor day young had fired his personal 40 caliber handgun during a dispute inside his home and that a relative had been struck. the district attorney's office now says young was fighting with his 19-year-old son divine over use of the family car. >> young started waving his pistol in the air yelling quote you my son and you aren't going to keep disrespecting me ". >> prosecutors say the night turned from verbal to physical. ended with officer young sitting
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on the floor legs extended and his son walking away from the fight. they say young fired twice hitting his own shoe and then divine. >> there was a suggestion that there was a tussle over the weapon and the weapon discharg discharged. based upon the scientific and physical evidence that was an impossibility. the son was shot in the back. >> reporter: young's attorney insists that scuffle story is legit. >> what we know at this point this was an accidental shooting that occurred during the course of a domestic struggle between a father and son. >> reporter: accidenta accident. >> we caught up with police commissioner ross. he seemed pain over the charges facing one of his officers. >> not only one of your own but in this case because it involved the son. i can't even begin to understand, you know, what went into that. >> reporter: both the da and neighbors tell there was no history of domestic disputes involving young. there will be no suspension or firing for the defendant. 25 year police veteran retired from the force just ahead of
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tuesday's charges. divine young is still recovering from the gunshot wounds that cost him his spleen and part of colon. i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. army staff sergeant preparing for in small claims court. together company wrongfully towed his car from a military recruit center. what the tow company called fox 29 tonight. >> do your kids know pinky. it could be deadly and far too easy to get. ♪ >> how people are getting their hands on drug that's not only illegal. it's not even meant for human use.
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♪ one of the perils of the city. where you going to park and if you park in a space is it legal could you get towed? sometimes it happens even when you think you did everything right. army recruiter is dumb founded tonight over what happened to his car in a lot this weekend. >> he's so angry he's already filed a case in small claims court. our shawnette wilson has been talking with him tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, he filed quickly. he actually has a court hearing scheduled for january 5th. now behind me is the parking space where his car was towed and above it there's a sign marking it for the armed forces recruit many center. >> i park my car here in the spot that's reserved for military parking. >> reporter: army staff sergeant timothy kohler is getting ared for a battle in small claims court over what happened to his car over the weekend. >> when i got back at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, my car had been towed. >> reporter: he said it happened saturday after he park his car in this lot behind the military recruiting center near broad and cecil b. moore.
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a lot with signs warning parking violators were towed by george smith together. he park in spaces designated for the recruiting center but his car got towed. they told him he had to pay $175 to get it ba,. >> i eventually went to pick my car up. i. >> when he first got to george smith together he thought the issue would be resolve once they realized he is in fact in the military. >> i was in full uniform. i had my id in my hand. all they asked for was my driver's license. >> instead he was told anyone who parks there must display a permit or business card in the window to legally park in the reserve spot. i spoke with an operations manager for george smith together on the phone who says that is their policy. that george smith employee later said if staff sergeant kohler was dressed in uniform with id, he should not have been charged. he also agreed to meet with staff sergeant kohler tore fun
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the fee saying it was possibly a misunderstanding. >> absolutely not. >> because? >> it's too much aggravation. i've already been through. >> reporter: staff sergeant kohler filed a complaint through small claims court in ho hopes of getting back the tow fee, court fees and pay he missed from work. >> it's a reserved spot. why would you pull a car out of a reserved spot if nobody called and said the car was in the wrong place? >> reporter: i put staff sergeant kohler in touch with that operations manager. they plan to meet tomorrow. now i also contacted sergeant who works more frequently out of this recruit many center. he says that he's always been told to place a business card in the dash when parking in that reserved spot. iain. >> all right, shawnette. pennsylvania state police are now turning to this facial reconstruction in hopes it it will help them figure out who this woman is. back in january, hikers found human remains in ridley creek state park in media. police say it was a woman fully clothed between the ages of 25 and 40.
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they think she died sometime in 2014. if you recognize this woman or have any information, call police. there is a reward. well a walk in the park has turned into life-saving mission tonight. >> a you will began this morning in philadelphia's wissahickon valley park. >> it was right in here. they took the bag away. >> barbara adams headed into the crisp autumn morning with her pup when something on the trail ahead caught the attention of her dog. she suddenly realized there was something alive bear until garbage bag she saw a little head sticking out of it. someone had not only dumped their dog in the park they had stuffed her inonu a garbage bag and tied it up. the pup was clearly starving just fur and bones adams called the pennsylvania spca which immediately sent out two humane law enforcement officers. >> i was in tears. i mean i really was. i don't understand, um, how anybody could do that to an animal. i can't even imagine how long
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she was here for. the way she looked, looked like she had been abused for quite some time. probable particularly she was dumped here. >> she has source all over her body. the stiff fest penalty under the current law a misdemeanor. spca named her cranberry in light of thanksgiving two days away of course. it's going to take lot of money to nurse her back to health and she's not out of the woods yet guarded right now. for a link to help head oh fox >> income tax agreement between new jersey and pennsylvania will continue. it allows residents who work in either state to pay income taxes at their home state's rate. governor christie's original plan to pull out of the deal would have raised taxes for thousands. governor signed a health care bill yesterday and he says that it will help reign in the cost for public employees so therefore eliminate the need tone the tax agreement. thanksgiving tradition is going strong and it's all about
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saying thank you to the men and women who have served our nation. nick' bars and grill in old city host add thanksgiving lunch for local veterans at the veterans multi service center at fourth and race streets. nick's staff and patrons actually served up the turkey and all the fixings for the vets. restaurant owner says this is just his way of supporting the neighborhood and giving back to those who have given us so much. >> woman just putting air in her tires when something shocking happened. a stranger reaches into her car and takes her purse. what happened when she tried to fight back. plus -- ridiculous local battle about this volkswagen gti being park on ainsley street. the issue, the car is orange. all you need to know coming up. >> ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. we're talking practice, yes, practice for the thanksgiving day parade on thursday. practicing this afternoon they'll practice through the overnight which will close a portion of the kelly drive right
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behind the art museum and then look out tomorrow for portions of the ben franklin parkway going to shut down mode into and the kelly drive as we get ready for the big parade here on thursday. now if you'll be scooting out of town tomorrow, via philly international, give yourself plenty of extra time to work your way through the security checkpoints. we'll have the jam cams and checking out holiday forecast when we see you right here starting at 4:00. ♪
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ shocking crime at a gas station in at land tam you can watch it all unfold on this surveillance video. so a woman was trying to put air in her tires during middle of the date a man opens her door and steals her purse. then he jumps in his own car. the woman saw what was happening, tried to stop the robber. but he jumped a curb and drove off. thankfully that woman is okay. so far there have been no arrests. >> dramatic moments caught on dash cam when utah trooper crashed into another car. it was all on purpose though. you see the trooper was trying to get the car to stop because the driver was going the wrong way down the highway. the trooper clipped the back of the other car. that sent the trooper's cruiser crashing into a barrier. the driver's car spun, came to stop. investigators say the driver was
10:25 pm
drunk. >> that situation could have been horrifying. nobody was hurt. trooper wasn't hurt. subject wasn't hurt. the public was hurt but intoxicated driver. >> and that driver now faces a dui charge. you know these days we're mar marking a lot of laughs with barack obama's presidency. >> today for the last time president obama be stowed the medal of freedom to a distinguished group of americans. this year' honorees included bill and me lane today gates, ellen degeneres forgot her id and was stopped. diana ross, bob dylan, michael jordan, bruce springsteen, robert did he near yo. tom hang. the medal existed in some form since the truman administration. president obama has given out more than any other president our nation's highest civilian honor. we got more pictures and video from the ceremony on fox >> ellen forgot her id card. >> they were like you can't come in. >> show her picture from the cover girl ads or something. do your children know something called pinky? you can try
10:26 pm
google it you won't find the deadly effects of this new way some are getting high. how people are buying a drug that's not only illegal it's not even meant for human use. kathy orr tracking your holiday forecast. >> that's right. we do have some weather to talk about. it's clear and dry right now but the next storm that's moving into chicago will have its eye on the delaware valley by thanksgiving. we'll time the rain coming up. >> coming up at 11:00 what do you watch before you go night night. new study may have you think rethinking a few things. what violent tv shows and movies could mean to what happens to you after you shut your eyes. ♪ ♪ think of your fellow man.
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♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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♪ in delaware two people are in jail tonight after police say they were selling drugs out of their their home in sussex county. delaware state police arresting 33-year-old brandon harris son and 24-year-old marcus ort lip. investigators found more than 600 bags of heroin inside their home along gum tree road that's in dagsboro worry.
10:30 pm
troopers also found more than $6,000 in suspected drug money. do your children know something called pinky? well, as parent it's a question you should probably ask. it's a new way to get high. it's cheap and you can get it right over the internet. >> even though it was just banned in the u.s. some users can easily get their hands on it. here's fox 29's joyce evans. >> i feel like i'm not even a person any more. >> eric gomez is only 31 years old. >> i lost 10 yours of my life. >> in and out of prison. >> i don't eat. i don't sleep. i don't do anything else. >> chris lay hey is just 24 years old. they are recovering heroin addicts who have injected or inhaled whatever was in the pact. just as long as it got them hi high. >> i knew when i poured it out that it was not heroin. >> reporter: took only minutes to find out. he was right.
10:31 pm
>> i od podded on the floor not breathing, and, um, the paramedics barely were able to bring me back. narcan wasn't really working. they had to get me four or five time. report roar chris says doctors had no idea what he took. >> part of the reason that nobody we met at the brotherly love house even blinked to hear that there's yet another powerful killer synthetic opioid on the scene called pink, pink key or by its laboratory name, u47700. and nobody was phased that anybody can get it online cheap. >> you're not surprised? >> no, i'm not surprised at all. >> i'm doing good. >> reporter: devon receives set up brotherly love house as part of his long-time recovery mission. he says, the stuff he od pods on in 2007 was nothing compared to what is out there today. >> what we're seeing on the black-market is people mixing drugs like pinky and fet knoll
10:32 pm
with heroin to boost the potency of it and what's happening is people think they're getting one substance and they're actually getting something sometimes a hundred times more powerful. >> it's actually way up a hundred deaths we've confirmed pinky testing on. >> reporter: that's over the past year. dr. barry logan chief of forensic toxicology is sounding alarm about u47700. after seeing what's coming through the laboratories in willow grove, pa. >> we're seeing these cases from all over the united states from alaska to florida and midwest and the south, many, many stat states. >> reporter: he believes it may be only a matter of time before it gets a strangle hold on every corner of the country. before this manmade drug meant for good joins another dozen or so franken stein monsters. >> u47700 is a drug that was developed by drug company back in the 1970s up john chemical
10:33 pm
company, and it was a candidate drug for they were considering marketing as a painkiller. but for whatever reason it never made it to market. >> reporter: well, not until the formula made it on the internet and into the hands of offshore vendors who are still filling and shipping orders despite the government's very recent temporary ban on u-47 hedge sun head dread. >> you will you have to do is search it and up pops a -- here's one for $66 and 70 cents. the comments they're plenty of them. they talk about how great the high is, one even commenting, seriously, though, this is legal to just buy without any securi security? >> somebody gets caught in customs but a lot of it makes it
10:34 pm
through. >> we did not complete a purchase. there's a federal ban in place. >> the high might be good but the life is horrible. >> it's very dangerous out there. people using drugs know it. the penal they're using with are dying. >> the demand goes up. >> when there's new substances out like that, upping, you figure, you know, why not? >> it's seductive. when you hear about something like that, and you think like, well, it won't be me. >> chris and eric are working harder trying not to return to that live. >> you know, something clicked in me about a month ago. >> both are doing extremely well so far. >> this is it. i know it. >> they have real goals for the first time. >> i have daughter i want to be a loving father. >> eric wants to own his own business. chris first wants to regain his family's trust. >> i couldn't possibly express in words to them because they've heard them before. >> reporter: they say societal
10:35 pm
stigma may be harder than the habit to overcome. >> i get labeled as -- not just a felon but a convict, a junkie, um, a piece of garbage. it's the stigma around drug use that led to us our problem and that stigma comes from 30 years of bad drug tolerance glass why devon says he's pushing for a huge public awareness campaign that would include far better and quicker treatment for all who seek help not just those with good insurance. >> up to 30 day waits to get into a treatment center. >> reporter: you could be dead by then. >> it does happen. >> like devon chris hopes to join the fight. >> i think it only wins when it kills you. because there's always a way o out. report roar joyce evans -- >> there is an answer. -- fox 29 news. >> and just today philadelphia's mayor announced formation of a task force to deal with the city's epp opioid crisis. the city has asked devon receives of brotherly love to join it. if you need help with opioid
10:36 pm
addiction or nobody some does, we have a link for help on young musician was born with just one arm but she still managed to make music thanks to cool arm made by a 3d printer. guardian angel who made this possible. >> repo man wanted to take an elder couple's car once he got to the scene he developed a whole new mission. >> my grandparents are gone i could see them, you know, i knew what was going on. >> how he got an entire community involved in helping a couple who really needed it.
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>> in your money count do you know black friday. of course it's still a few days away. >> some shoppers are lining up to beat the crowds. in plano texas carlos rodriguez and three us friends set up a tent outside best buy. why are they are lining up they're not sure. they haven't seen the ads yet. they're hoping they'll get a good deal on whatever is on sale. it's a tradition they've been in the first in line for black friday deals for three years. >> all about tradition. >> i guess. at least it's not cold out there. >> that's true. if friday can't come soon enough for the first time since 2014 apple is offering black friday deals on its website. the company is teasing a one-day sales event on november 25th
10:40 pm
unlike two years ago when happen pell just offered i tunes gift cards apple is teasing a discount on hardware but we don't know what will be on sale. so save the date head to apple store and phone out. >> i'm hoping an i pad. >> it would be nice. >> that's what i'm hoping. young girl born without part of her arm is now playing the cello thanks to modern medicine. >> cellist now has 3d printed arm. ♪ >> that's awesome. i used to play cello. it's dull. she's doing great. although fourth grader tatiana colette tow was born route her arm she's never let it stop her. so inspired by her student teacher janine wood man wanted to something special for tatia tatiana. she a company fit her for special 3d printed arm and tatiana's favorite colors it is cool. she's excited about all the new things she'll be able to do. >> i actually never been able to play the cello that well. >> i'm happy for her. i just -- i see her struggle a
10:41 pm
lot through life and i -- i just know it will make her life easier and she deserves it. >> wonderful. illinois charity focused on youth, music education helped pay for tatiana's new arm. there's a battle in a local neighborhood about a volkswagen gti being parked on street. what's the issue? well the car is orange. and this is just the beginning. >> all right. kathy orr is tracking your forecast. i got an issue with the color of your maps. >> yeah. >> yeah. it looks like there's too much red and yellow popping. >> you don't like the green on the doppler radar screen. >> i don't like the green either. >> we'll catch a break. tomorrow will be beautiful day. sunshine and less wind. we have white as well in the great lakes. storm track to the north with snow but thanksgiving rain is moving our way. we'll time this out when we come back. ♪
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♪ after getting called to repossess an elderly couple's car the repo guy decided to something unexpected. there's not place on the map where jim ford hasn't traveled to repossess somebodies toes car for bank but he wasn't prepared for what he saw when he arrived at the red bud illinois home. he did repossess the car he got on the phone with the bank.
10:45 pm
>> you know, just one of those repos like my grandparents are gone, but, you know, i could see them, you know, i knew what was going on. their medications have doubleds tripled, and i know that. i know it's happening to everybody. so i knew why they were behind. >> great pee rhee poe guy he set up a gofundme account. raised the money and returned the car. had an extra thousand bucks and put that in the envelope when he gave it back. >> isn't that great. restored my faith in humanity. americans love cars and it's a free country park where you wander. one east falls resident is very mad about a certain park car not because of where it's parked because it's orange. >> got some seeing red. >> fox 29's hank flynn has the story. >> what the hell is the matter with orange? >> ♪
10:46 pm
>> there's no law against it. >> it's just silly. >> other things to worry about. >> no kidding? but the orange on this gti resident feeling red with anger. leaving notes move it no one wants to look at your orange c car. passengers by like steve were at a loss. >> you can park anywhere you want as long as you have a permit on your car. >> so like whoever puts a note on it has a lot of time on their hands. >> original note poster was nowhere to be found one resident who wouldn't go on camera empathized the car belongs there for days. it belongs to a college student who doesn't live in east falls and other cars on ainsley with plates from new york and maryland students possibly and these cars she says are the reason she can't park on her own street. >> that car is usually parked up here in front of my house and stay there for four or five days. >> you left the note? >> no, i actually will -- you
10:47 pm
can't. you can't -- there's no compensation. there's no conversation. >> he's permitted any way. the kid is completely legal. >> i don't waste my time. >> he's a ainsley street lifer. he had me in to talk. he's got no issue with the car. sometimes parking is a problem. this is citywide. it's become like south philly. south philly dealing with it forever. >> south philly they park in the middle of the street. >> we're not that bad. on the pave many in the middle of the street. we don't do that yet. you have to do the best you can. >> the note on the car today was all love actually invitation we love orange. somebody even wrote go flyers. so nothing left to do really but post a note of my own to whom it may concern. pipe down. number two, phillies got parking issues everywhere and three, life is full of wonderful challenges. my contribution to a car that apparently becoming a public bulletin board. what would you write? use your imagination. on twitter at hank fox 29 or the house at fox 29 philly.
10:48 pm
♪ you notice the orange car was parked under the orange trees. i wonder if the guy doesn't like orange tree twos. >> i like officer are orange sun. >> i like orange juice and kathy orr you're not orange. >> but those are my school colors. >> syracuse. >> old city philadelphia not too busy but pretty nice night to be outside we don't have to worry about wind chill or our hair blowing in the wind. 38 degrees the high today 48. northwest winds about 6 miles an hour. so as we look at the temperatures we have 20s in the poconos. 30s throughout good part of the delaware valley, and some 20s in upstate new york but elsewhere, generally around freezing. those temperatures are going to fall overnight with a clear sky and the wind becoming light. look at this. we have a northwest wind at just six in philadelphia. what a change because over the past 24 hours, to 48 hours, talking about winds gusting to 50, gusting to 40.
10:49 pm
still looking at a northwesterly wind at 17 miles an hour in the poconos that's nothing compared to what we've seen. high pressure is building in. that's why we're seeing the winds begin to relax during the day tomorrow sunshine light winds and by the afternoon the clouds creep in and we'll watch this area of low pressure bring snow to the north through the great lakes. possibly through upstate new york and new england again over the holiday weekend. but for us we will be seeing rain. when we talked about our winter outlook last week, we talked about most of the storms going through the great lakes and into our ski areas upstate new york and new england and that's been the trend so far. the rain will be moving in during the day on thursday. but it's not a lot of rain. about a couple tenths of an inch at best. so here's a look at our hour by hour. as we head toward thanksgiving the clouds rolled in tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow night it's cloudy and even thursday morning it's fine. if you have any turkey trots or turkey bowls late morning into the early afternoon we see some patchy showers and then they will be moving out.
10:50 pm
looks like black friday we'll have mix of clouds and sun and maybe a few sprinkles. overnight tonight it gets colder in the city 30. that's the coldest yet for the season. 24 in our suburbs tomorrow the high 50. less wind, more sun, especially in the morning. and take a look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority. light rain for your thanksgivi thanksgiving. friday looks good. saturday looks good for temple sunday 51. monday night football looking good for the birds. the afternoon high 56. by the time they kick off they'll be in the 40s. tuesday sunny, pleasant the temperature 60 degrees. those important travel days wednesday and sunday look great. normal for this time of year. over to you, sean. >> kathy college football rating came out today and penn state actually has an outside shot at making the playoffs. plus the flyers back on the road aft a four hiv game home stand trying to avoid another losing streak. see if they can get it done out in florida next in sports.
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usually the gravy master. my guest list just tripled. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant.
10:53 pm
♪ the flyers still can't find any consistency. they win three in a row and lose
10:54 pm
three in row. they win at home then they lose at home. hopefully the flyers can find a groove starting in florida against the panthers. first period off the face off the flyers get a fast break. two on one here. wayne simmons decides to keep it himself and scores. that's his tenth goal of the season. the flyers take a one to nothing lead. in the second flyers on power play off the turnover, travis shoots, he doesn't get it to go but dale does. rebound in the goal. the flyers go on to win three-one. to eagles news. lane johnson not going out without fight. today he filed an administrative claim against the nfl and nfl players association. he basically blaming the two for failing to test and trying to get some of that money back. so far he served sick of that 10 game suspension. to college penn state actually with outside chance to make the playoffs. ranked seventh now in the college football rankings ohio state beats michigan and lions win out they have a small shot
10:55 pm
to creep into the top four right now it's alabama first, followed by ohio state, michigan and clemson. buck eyes play the wolverines. so they might change something right there. because if the game isn't close one of those four teams outside maybe washington can creep in and take one of those four spots. temple the owls quietly having a great season and might be even better than last year with win on saturday they can clinch the division and a spot in the conference championship game which will be historic for pep temple but right now they're focused on east carl. >> got to focus on ecu. you can't allow everything outside perspective allow, you know, yourself not to play well. so you know we just got to go in and handle business and let the rest take care of itself. >> there's some things we can gain. we have everything to gain. we have nothing to lose. i'm not going to play tight or anything like that and i'm certainly, f something we're going out to win on senior day and trying to compete against east carolina. >> and the ncaa ordered notre
10:56 pm
dame to vacate their win from 2012 and 2013 because of academic violations. 2012 was the year they went to the national championship game and lost to alabama. notre dame is appealing the decision but appeals don't really work in situations like this. so notre dame no shot. >> they haven't been good in 20 years, joke. [ laughter ] >> they haven't been that good in 20 years. vacating wins all the time. when is the last time notre dame has been important. >> steve bradley our director says last year. >> last year? really? >> that's what he said. >> nine and three, i guess that's championship material. >> wow! >> all hate here. >> let's talk about the weather. >> holiday forecast. >> it's actually looking pretty good. a couple showers thursday but black friday and the weekend look and wednesday and sunday so far so g looks good. thanks a lot. lucy what's come coming up at 11 alcohol. >> do you like scary movies before you go to bed do you
10:57 pm
watch those at all. >> not before i go to bed. what do you watch before you go to bed? new study may have you rethinking a few thing. what violent tv shows and movies could do to you when you shut your eyes and wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. your mega millions lottery drawing is next. so good luck. ♪
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>> live from center city in philadelphia


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