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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  November 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> k-mart shoppers, more than just turkey. steve keel which his annual live reports from k-mart, people lining up already, this should be fun. >> and with thanksgiving comes philly's parade. stretching more than a mile through our city. what roads you should avoid. and this: >> no way i am cutting this habit cold turkey. >> with that i hereby pardon on you -- >> president obama continuing a white house tradition filled with, well, a corny cope ya of dad jokes. why this won't be the last turkey pardon. and why he says his daughters are fed up with it. good day everybody, happy thanksgiving to you.
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>> happy thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving, mike. >> alex? >> i see we have sweaters on today for the occasion. >> hide the bloated stomach. >> this is what i am ' going to do. it stretches. so i'll be good to go. >> spanks? >> no, i'm just going to let it all free. >> let it flow. >> we know some of have you been cooking for days, maybe up all night. >> some are probably up right now. >> yes. and you want to see what you're making, we would like to see it, send us your thanksgiving preparation there, in the kitchen. use the #fox29goodday. >> you know what i bet who is also cooking? scott william. you know, he is a toedy. he can do a lot in the kitchen. put your foot down, right, scott? >> prepping last night, getting mac and cheese going, dressing going, i love that sage in my dressing. let's talk about this gobble gobble. do that again. gobble gobble. happy thanksgiving. of course yesterday we talked about the rainfall chances.
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so don't panic, we do have some light showers in the forecast, but it is not going to be a wash-out across the delaware valley. so, as we go hour by hour, temperatures this morning, low 40's, spotty showers, late this morning, into the early afternoon time frame, 53 degrees will be the high temperature, a we look at ultimate doppler, mostly cloudy, off to the west, you can see that green, that's the system that we've been keeping tabs on, it continues to kind of approach the delaware valley, we go hour by hour, and by, say, 10:00 watching some of the light rain, kind of move toward the area. but once again, it looks a little more ominous than what will actually happen. it will be light in nature, less than a .10 of an inch. main window 10:00 until about 3:00 this afternoon, we will keep the mostly cloudy skies, temperatures wise, 41 in philadelphia. thirty-five atlantic city in the pottstown area, win light to relatively calm. good news for the balloons. we take you across the area, temperatures top out in the low to mid 50's on your turkey
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day. time now 02:00. let's get a check of the roads with your traffic on this thanksgiving morning. another shot here at what is happening road closures throughout the day, also, accident in town minute sin at the old 40-foot road and rittenhouse road. back over to you. >> open up the philadelphia inquirer, pretty darn thin actually, but the marketplace section of it is bloated with sales. >> and the doors are open at k-mart. >> and the people are going in. >> look, they open an hour early. that's the store pan injury there. dave mc elvi, should have his own tv show. look how cool, instead of making his customers wait out in the cold, he got his staff ready and opened an hour early. look, the twins, wearing their
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christmas lights. david, that was so cool you opened an hour early. stay with us for a second, they get extra gift. what made you open early? >> we decided hey with the crowd and everything, public demand, we would open at 6:00 a.m. this morning. >> pretty good. >> yes. >> these young ladies every year fateful participants. >> are you going to be real busy? you got something a second? what are you guys getting this year? >> just tradition that we come ever year, so we don't have anything planned yet. >> don't buy me anything but you can buy mike something. i know you guys bought mike something before. what do you think mike needs? this is the guy that has everything. can you think of anything that mike needs? >> let me see. >> you know what? instead of shopping from him, everybody asks me what's mike doing thanksgiving? well he works, he gets home, he burst into his apartment and he goes and he yells at the caterers, where is the food? maybe we'll get his caterer something? >> okay. or pair of slippers or something, slippers. >> i love the earrings light up as well. mike, we got to get all of our
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anchor women these earrings for the show tonight. >> i love that. >> i'm going to -- alec, i'll be getting them for you if they sell them here. you don't have these earrings here do you? >> no. >> you should? >> i know, i know, look that the. >> that's on the order form for next christmas. all right, what's the deal? why do you think people got here so soon? what do they want? >> they are coming in for the comforter set. fleece blankets, 7.9 the, now 1.99. my line was asking for those, the board games, 4.995 piece up to certain price. it is like great. it is a great morning again. i think we had another 75 people come in. >> you should be at qvc instead of k-mart. >> why is that? >> you're natural for television. >> oh, geez. well, you have been practicing with me, every year i'm glad to see you. >> dave get back to work, that was cool move opening early, so nice. >> thank you. >> alex, mike, they were already out of carts. they only have one of those mini carts here. and every time i grab one of them at wegmans i end up with three of them, i always buy
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more than i can expect. already out of carts. how cool was that that he opened an hour early? corporate should love him for that. >> cool. more time for people to start shopping and spending monday. >> i that's right. and i love it see the twins, that's a tradition we have here in philly and certainly on good day philadelphia. let's take a look at the parade route. see if the preps are going -- well it, will start, what, around 8:30, they have plenty of time. ninety-seven annual thanksgiving day parade, we will get underway here if philadelphia, it is the oldest in the country. and a true philly tradition. so, the parade kicks off right there at 20th street and jfk. and then it winds its way toward 16th street, does the whammy there, takes a left, ends up on the ben franklin parkway, goes all the way down to the museum. now drew lashay will be there this year, he was used to being 98 degrees, remember that group? >> not nick lachey, drew
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lachey? >> yes, nick was married to jessica. >> simpson. >> and they had the reality show. this is his bro. >> oh, okay. >> shorter, shorter guy. >> okay. >> it is drew. and then estell will be there. >> oh, i love estell. i love her song america boy. >> ♪ american boy ♪ >> take me on a trip, ya. >> take me on a trip to up fill. >> i oh, nice. >> there go. >> get estell on the phone for me, if you will. 6:07. violent beginning to the holiday here in philly. >> a total of eight people have been shot, one of them killed, in four separate shootings police say it happened within three hours of each other, one of the locations north philadelphia, along the 2,000 block of turner street. two men were shot just before 10:00 last night, one of them pronounced dead on the scene. >> then minutes later in juniata, a triple shooting on the 4,000 block of howelland street. police say all three men are expected to survive. police officers are also
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investigating a shooting on west diamond street, a 21 year old man was taken to the hospital after being gunned down, around 11:00 last night. then, east germantown, two teenagers are in stable condition, after being shot in their legs. at this time investigators say it is unclear what led to all of this gunfire. >> 6:08. president-elect donald trump sharing the spirit of the holidays. why our future commander in chief is asking americans to put aside their differences.
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>> today the nineo and all macy thanksgiving day parade will wind it way through new york city. but i think right now taking a look at the preps in center city, and decide deciding for the balloons there, best part, balloons flying high. >> oh, yes. >> but yes. new york, they're getting ready for a parade, too, so macy started planning 13 months ago, says for the first time the parade will open with appearance on the muppets. >> i'll be darn. this is the scene up there on the upper west side. this is kind after fun thing to do, the wednesday night. >> people already lined up. or is this -- >> well, go over thereon wednesday afternoon. and watch them blow up the balloons. so this, very well, could be from last evening. >> okay? >> it is also launched two mobile apps to promote the hallmark occasion. and how cool is this? fans with the app can use
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their smart phone camera to see what the parade looked like in the 1930's, 60s, 80s, they can collect virtual balloons at macy stores which the company is comparing to pokemon go. >> oh,. >> see? >> remember when that was all the craze? i think people are over that now, aren't they? >> i think so. usa today the magazine, last weekend, came out with the best places to watch a thanksgiving day parade. >> couldn't quite decide which juan was better. >> three-point a million people are expected to be out and watching. because the parade what three hours, right? >> it was so coal.
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now in the 40's during the parade. >> listen, standing still for that long, that cold starts to creep into your bones used to go down broadway. white house tradition continues, two lucky birds ride the gravy train to freedom. why president obama says this won't be his last turkey pardon. now, why would that be? he
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>> thanksgiving being celebrated around the worlds. >> joining us liver on skype from kuwait, with some of the men and women serving from philly. >> welcome back to philly by skype, at least happy thanksgiving. >> hey, mike, alex, happy thanksgiving. >> so, who all do you have in where are they from hine you there? >> so we have some soldiers from all over the country, including philadelphia. let me tell you will, these are great americans, right now, mike and alex, there is over 140,000 troops stationed overseas. away from their families.
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and these soldiers here here from the middle east, right in you in kuwait. sharing some turkey, dishing out some turkey, serving these soldiers. but they are proud of their service, and they want to make sure they give shout out to their friends and family back at home. >> well, what time of day is that and how many times are you going to eat more today and if you want to get close to the people behind you where they can say their names and where they are from, that would be great. >> sure. so it is now right now it is 2:15 in the afternoon. we started this morning by running the turkey trot here in kuwait, which is a 5k run, we did that, we had some breakfast, but then this is my second of meals serving soldiers, turkey coma has not kicked in yet. >> go back after. >> but let me -- i'll introduce, let me introduce one of the soldiers here, she
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will say her name and where she from. >> hi, i'm captain soul owe from queens, new york, i want to say hi to my amazing kids back in the states, and my family, and happy thanksgiving. >> are you a giants fan or a jets fan? you can say it, it is okay. >> giants of course. >> okay. this captain doesn't know when the giants win the superbowl when i was an us congressman, they honored football giant in the congress, i was the one vote against the giants. >> oh,. >> i but don't worry about it, we still love you. >> all right, tell me where you're from. >> captain timothy pete presser fayetteville, north carolina. >> and what's your favorite part about thanksgiving? >> favorite part about thanksgiving being with family and friend, in environments like this, with friends, fill that gap. and it is about family and loved ones. >> who is your favorite football theme. >> the giants. >> go giants. >> mike, alex?
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reinforcements from philadelphia, killing me. >> ask if there is anybody -- >> i didn't realize, guys, got to know your audience, they won't let me go back to philadelphia after thanksgiving. >> is there anybody, anybody there, that has any relationship to pennsylvania? >> well, mike and alex, so appreciative, as you know, we're right now conducting the most major combat operations in plays you will, taking the fight to isis. we have some great american soldiers there, these soldiers all part of the campaign. the largest campaign operation, combat operation, since basically we took baghdad in 2003 when i was with the 82nd airborne division, so if you can keep our sold earth and families in your thoughts and prayers, part of less than 1% of america, one of the longest wars in american history, 15 years in afghanistan a ooh rack. we owe a lot to these great young men and women that
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represent our nation and keep our families safer at home. >> well thank you for doing this from all the way from kuwait. give them our thanks, and say thank you, thank you, thank you for their service. >> absolutely. >> we got one message, we want to send back to philly. >> happy thanksgiving! >> right back at you. >> thank you so much. patrick murphy, from kuwait. >> they're trying to take back this northern city of mozul. >> yes. >> so they'll have their dinner and then go out take the fight to them against ice us. >> has to be so difficult being away from their families. >> can't imagine. >> thinking of them. >> 6:19. president-elect donald trump is once again take to go social media. >> calling for unity this holiday season. >> it is my prayer that on this thanksgiving, we begin to heal our divisions, and move forward, as one country, strengthened by shared purpose, and very, very common resolve. we've just finished a long and bruising political campaign.
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emotions are raw, and tensions just don't heal overnight. it doesn't go quickly. unfortunately. but we have before us the chance now to make history together. i am asking to you join me in this effort. it is time to restore the bonds every trust between citizens. president obama holding his last turkey pardon. the president speaking at the ceremony at the white house, of course, following the tradition, he is taking part in over the last eight years, every his presidency. absent this year his daughters, malea and sasha. the president tapped his young nephews to fill in for them. >> malea and sasha by the way are thankful that this is my final presidential turkey pardon. what i haven't told them yet we are going to do this every year from now on. no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey. let's just say it is my job to grant them clemency this
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afternoon. >> as i do, i want to take a moment to recognize the brave turkeys who weren't so lucky, who didn't get to ride the gravy train to freedom. >> so why didn't they get to go? sorry, did i miss that? sasha and malea? >> i think they didn't want to see it again. >> oh. oh, there is a scheduling conflict? >> they're bored. >> the president said he wanted to get in all of the turkey jokes he could since it was his last time that he would pardon the turkey. now, five times before this story, i said, this was not going to be the last time. >> well, last time as president, last time at the white house, i guess now he will do it as his own house. >> on his own. >> yes. >> so he won't be president though. >> no. so i guess it won't count. only counts if you are president and have the power to pardon. >> ya. i mean, if anybody can do it, i can do it. >> women, i guess maybe this just means we will take a turkey and just release it, or put it on a farm, your own
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personal pardon. won't be put on the dinner table. >> ya. >> maybe that's a pardon too. >> i want to go down to the acme and pardon one of their turkeys. >> i think little late for that. >> is it? die frost it, see if it still moves? >> remember we want to see what you're cook, what you're cooking. >> oh, banana pudding. i like it. i haven't had banana put nag long time. >> oh, banana-less pudding. how do you do that? that's interestingment only prepping i'm doing warming my car up to get to workment i work retail. yes, specially everyone who works in retail has to work this holiday. we are working, too, we understanded. we feel you. and we still have to have a happy thanksgiving. >> that's the saddest turkey picture i've ever seen. lottery numb
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>> good morning, the sixers still sticking to the process, still sticking to the minute restrictions for their big men yesterday. joel embiid finally got fed up with it all, and augury and annoyed us because he was so intent to play in the second over time due to minute
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restrictions, and because of it, the sixers have no shot. marcus, carries the grisslies in the second ot. and the 76ers lose 104-99. to the flyers and the lightening, third period, flyers up two-one, three on three, the lightning with the shot. it is deflected. and it is a goal. by alex right there, lightning tied up, then, 122nd later off the perfect pass, callahan, finishes with a goal, the flyers lose four to two. and second ranked villanova taking on charleston in the first half. off the penetration. darryl reynolds right therefore the dunk. and won. nova cruises to win beating charleston 63-47. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> now to steve keeley. because now the shop verse been in k-mart for little bit. are they already checking snout. >> nice hat. >> yes, i am checking out, half hour, i have most of my shopping done. like a good american, shop for myself first, from my head to
6:27 am
my toast. jenny too bad you can't see this stylish footwear, but maybe you can hear it. >> i really can't hear that much. because i'm in a very, very busy area. this is manna headquarters here in philadelphia where it is hopping. manna will feed 3,000 people today. people battling critical illnesses, who could use a little help this holiday.
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hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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>> the deals are starting early. we're creeping behind one of the shoppers as they're going down the aisles. you got to check out those coupons, too, look at her. she is checking out her began that happens to be at the k-mart in moorestown, new jersey. we will take to you some other stores, as well, with thanksgiving comes phillies parade. stretching more than a mile through our city. what roads are closed right now. >> and if you are too bus toy bake, well, weaver got you covered. where you can stay calm and just drop off your turkey. >> the work done for you. look at that line. >> that's a philly tradition right there. and i know why. makes it so much easier. >> or not i love the turkey hat. that's great.
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>> hello. >> plus: today is of course all about the food, but not everybody loves to slave in the kitchen for a great meal. four philly restaurants, gaining praise from a new york times. guess which four they are? this survey just released last night. >> well, are they open on thanksgiving? because some people might need to -- >> i think they all are. >> okay, that's good. yes, this will be helpful. >> hey everybody happy thanksgiving. to everyone's favorite third thursday of the month, of november. >> in other words, happy thanksgiving. >> it is the third thursday of the month, though, i mean, i didn't think about it that way. >> yes, we know some have you been cooking all day, all night. we want to see some of these pictures, candice, do we have any of those yet? >> oh, this one sent to me, since i'm leaving in 15 minute for a 12-hour shift, and labor delivery, i made the mac and cheese last night. it tastes better than it
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looks. very nice. >> guy named johnny of course sent it in. this is his thanksgiving meal. >> that's a turkey for sure. wild turk. >> i wild turkey. have a slice, mike. >> thank you, johnny baker for that. >> so, please sends it in. when you send in your pictures use the #fox29goodday. that will way we can use it. >> pump it right up. scott, what's going on this afternoon? >> all right. couple of light showers in the forecast, mike. it is not going to be a wash out. that's the good news, not as cold as it was this same time yesterday either. forty-one in philadelphia, mid 30's, atlantic city, upper 20's in the pocono mountains. and of course, bus stop buddy is ready for thanksgiving. temperatures in the 40's, this morning, cloudy, cool, couple of light showers, late this morning, into the early afternoon time frame. take a look at the oven. baking, we have mike, you like sweet potato or do you like pumpkin pie? >> i go pumpkin all the way. >> okay, this is pumpkin, those will be sweet potato pies in the oven baking for your thanksgiving.
6:33 am
a lot of folks probably up and adam in the kitchen. kind of preparations underway. we are looking at 53 degrees for the afternoon high temperature, once again, couple of spotty showers out there later on today. well, what about traffic? a lot of closures taking place due to the parade. so, here's the latest on what we're watching here. take a look at some of the closures there at 676 east at the ben franklin mark way. use some alternate routes. and also, other closures, we are talking 676, the vine street expressway westbound, the off ramp to the ben franklin parkway, going to be closed, in center city, spring garden street, both directions, between 76 going to be closed and also, from 20th street to market street and ben franklin parkway, all lanes will be blocked, alternate, will be broad street, at the i76 schuylkill expressway westbound off ramp to spring garden that's closed. also to note, those septa bus routes, detours taking place
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until 2:00. keep that in mind, back over to you. well, thank you, thank you so much, scott. 6:34. so we will check back in with steve keel any moorestown. and he's been doing some shopping already. oh, still got the hat on. love it. >> reporter: you know, i was checking out. and i got some news. i was getting the latest on the trump transition. i don't think we have the details that i just learned here while i was waiting in line to check out. mike, did you? i don't know, do we have this back at the set there? i don't know. >> we don't have the enquirer. give my one headline there? >> i don't think i can say it on the air. do you want the headline? steve harvey is a racist. >> okay. >> that's the headline i'm looking at. then brad secret tapes destroy angie. enough headlines? those are legitimate headlines i read on the front page here. sorry. >> anyway, you like, mike, i know, i know you're already
6:35 am
jealous, rice right? >> no question. >> they have the bells. mike, let me do, greg didn't know this answer. do you remember the tony orlando and dawn song, i have rings on my fingers and bells on my toes? >> yes. >> sweep gypsy rose, was that it? >> we're goggling right now. >> mike, all audience participation, guys. all right? >> okay. >> mike, believe it or not there is place wasn't supposed to open until 7:00. i already got my shopping done for you. and we've got four blizzards covered, courtesy of the adam levin collection again. by the way, mike, these are all very wearable. this, look, that says blizzard. and that's kind of classy looking, mike. all right? look, it is a cards began. then look, if you like that sometime, but want to change colors, because i know you don't want it repeat anything. same style. different colors. by the way, donald trump will not like this. look under xl. look where this is from? made in china so we will get these made in america real soon. but next year you wear the made in america sweaters. mike you want to go for
6:36 am
different look? looks like it test pattern still the ad a.m. levin collection. that will will gave you a zipper. mike if you go outside and do a segment on the sidewalk, they got the hood i pockets, hood i on the back, put your hands in the pocket. cut the sleeves off be like belichick. then mike look at this, classy, might finds this at boyde's, but there is classy right there. i good guy yelling at me in the check outline already. oh. >> he says he's not yelling. >> when he yells, when he said when i yell that guy down there will hear me. all right, so here we go. mike, i asked, i asked the shoppers in there, what's the last thing mike would be caught dead wearing? what he never ever be seen wearing. here it is. work overalls. specially this tough work wear. not a name that usually describes you, right? have you picture yourself? have you ever gotten anywhere near in those in the mid else? >> you know back growing up in kansas we wore denim overalls all the time.
6:37 am
>> i thought were you going to same chippendale's. >> ya, chippendale's. >> i already got the rap. i don't want it leave alex out. >> oh, okay. >> i don't mean to steel mike's term, he was talking about are you able too ride on any rides at disney world, so i was just basing your size on that. and i know it is getting colds out, but look at the feet. so you will not be cold in these. you got the pajama feetment and if it gets extra cold, i got your size in eagles slippers kind of like something i'm wearing. >> i love that. so cute. by the way, yes, eight to 9:00. is that about right? did i guess right? >> 8:00 to 9:00. >> all right. >> you got have the ones with the photinias there. i love that. >> tell you what, if you bring back those overalls i'll wear them tuesday when i'm back. >> i'll wear the bunny is, if you bring it back, i'll wear it. >> the jammies. >> are you only going to wear them for like a minute though or wear them for a good hour? because these things, look, they're insulated, mike,
6:38 am
they're like 40 pounds. i don't even know if you will be able to walk in these things. but they're fit, from actual outdoor construction workers. you really going to wear those? >> ill de that tuesday for the 9:00 hour. >> all right. guess how much these are? the list price? >> at k-mart? >> by the way? >> $3. >> yes. all right. more than double your hillary clinton red pant suit. look, 69.99. >> oh. >> you still want them or am i running up the yesterday the card beyond what i bought for myself? i got the geator with the hot sauce hat, i might have to put this back to afford those. so you're going to wear those? >> i'll wear it. >> shirt underneath at least, are you going to wear a shirt under ♪ >> please, wear slitter. >> i'll wear a shirt. >> steve, i would rather you buy the shoes though than the hat. i won't lie. >> the ones he's snaring. >> the little slippers. >> i would definitely wear those. >> you used to -- we're not done. we have three more hours of
6:39 am
this. you might finds something to work. >> i know. >> all right. whatever the worse thing is, is what i'll put on. >> don't say. that will last year it was -- >> it was santa thong. >> i'll gave you a tease. you asked me for something last year that i couldn't get. but i got it for this year, i was going to hold it for like 7:00. that's something you will definitely wear. it is awesome, something i got here, but they don't sell. there is your tease. >> got here but they don't sell. >> i betty know what it is. >> and mike can wear it. >> i betty know what it is. >> see you at 7:00. >> see you at 7:00 for what that is. >> a plastic bag oring? >> i'm guessing maybe one of the k-mart uniforms? >> oh,. >> like a vest? >> oh! okay. >> what are we doing now? oh, the best thing we do on thanksgiving. they do it year around. they're feeding thousands and thousands of people, talking manna of course. >> homemade thanksgiving feast, important to say. so jenny joyce, joining us live from mann a on ranstead
6:40 am
street. >> good morning, mike and alex, this is my first introduction to manna. unbelievable many we'll see hundreds of volunteers, come through these doors here today to prepare meals for those people who may have critical illnesses in our area, and not able to prepare thanksgiving meal for themselves. bill, you tell me, you've been volunteering here for five years. you keep coming by why? >> just feels good to do it, a lot of fun, a lot of comradery, good thing to do for people. >> awesome. bill here with his wife, another friend, right now, just prepping the oranges, the garishes, rob saxon, director of external affairs. tell us little bit about what's happening here snowed. >> thanksgiving day is our biggest day of the year. today we'll provide over 3,000 meals for 750 manna clients for their families. >> you tell me is more, serving more clients this year than in any year in the past. >> we r this will be our biggest thanksgiving to date.
6:41 am
so, sending out over 3,000 meals is a huge task, the kitchen has been here since 4:00 a.m. the turkeys are cooking, volunteers are here, they're chopping, dicing, getting the meal already. about 9:00 hot meal will come out. we start packaging it. we will have hundreds of volunteers lined up around the block onto market street home delivering all of these kneels our clients. >> that's amazing, so how many drivers did you say? >> we will have total over 500 volunteers, i believe we have 200 individual drivers coming to pick up meals and deliver them out to the clients. >> mike and alex, again, those are volunteers, those are people coming through in their own personal vehicles lining to up get meals out to their neighbors who could use a little help this thanksgiving. so, a lot of people decide to go give back before they enjoy a meal of their own with their own families later today. >> we're so lucky because we have over 100 volunteers a day come to the main a kitchen every day to help us prepare and package our client meals, thanksgiving so special, because it is all about neighbors nourishing neighbors, and about our
6:42 am
volunteers coming in and doing that for neighbors they don't even know. >> thank you robin for that reason. they love their volunteers. we love their volunteers, job well done, mike and alex. >> that's fantastic. we should do. that will you know, we have time after the show to help deliver. weed very to rent a car. >> yes. >> would you too. >> that's true. >> let's do it one year. >> we should do it one year. that's amazing what they're doing. >> let's find out what jenn fred is doing on turkey day. >> okay. year after year after year, all of these people come here. and all they want to see is steve keeley, correct? >> i love steve keeley. hi, steve. we miss you. >> checking out the turkey, cook something happening, we're at cacia's, we'll be right back after the break.
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>> thank you for sharing. lobster mac and cheese. oh, my gosh, i'm getting hungry. really am. scott did you take a picture what you had going? >> , no i didn't, but i made a pot luck on sunday for good day philadelphia weaken. i brought that in. i have some pictures on my twitter. so we have to pull some of
6:46 am
those up later me baking in the kitchen. live look right now, at the ben franklin parkway. of course, a lot of closures going on, because of the parade. wind blowing little bit. i don't anticipate gusty winds to impact those balloons. so taking a shot right there at some of the closures taking place. in the meantime, we have some other details to kind of get you around, the thanksgiving day parade. closures on the ben franklin parkway, jfk boulevard, kelly, mlk drive, along with the art museum circle. >> meantime, we do have some other report, with the traffic on this turkey day, as far as the impact across the area, of course, that parade will be going on later on this morning, into the early afternoon, so watch out for some of those delays, center city, spring garden, both directions, between 76, it will be blocked off, and 20th street, between market street and also the ben franklin parkway. and detours on those septa bus routes. i'll have weather in 15 seconds.
6:47 am
>> mostly cloudy skies, sprinkle, rainfall off to the west, will continue to head in our direction during the day today. but it is not going to be a wash out. don't panic. looking at spotty showers late morning into the early afternoon, highs top out in the low 50's for today. "black friday", mostly cloudy, 56. weekend looks good. showers, but milder temperatures, 60s alex by next week. >> oh, can't wait for that. thank you, scott. south philly favorite this time of year. jenn fred live as people are getting ready to drop off their turkeys. >> yes. it is perfectly insane. perfectly awesome. good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you for letting us come here year after year. i have to tell you, i've never actually been here on
6:48 am
thanksgiving. >> really? >> my husband steve keeley is here talking to you. >> oh, my husband, steve keel. >> i look at you. turning it around. all right, so you are suck into this vortex every fun. only irish guy. >> yes. >> talk to me about what happened. you guys have been doing this since 1950? >> about 195. >> your grandfather started? >> my grandfather and his brother lewis started just to make little extra money around the holidays, started when ten turkeys, right now up to 73, probably max out at 140. >> so, what happens here, is that you have to get your turk any by 7:00, 7:30? >> don't take any turkeys after. that will so that they come out on time, because we have to have dinner too. >> so your turkey is one every these turkey? >> yes, i have my in-laws turkey, the irish turkeys here. for the second year in a row. >> you didn't mess it up last year, did you? >> no, no, it was so good. they came back again. >> and watching you right now.
6:49 am
this is dorothy, everyone is your favorite person, flight is there size restraint? some look pretty monsterous. >> my dad just had the system, secret system, he hasn't shared with us, but if you watch him, he picks up the turk which two hands and he'll tell my brother or my fiancee or one of my cousins where to put it somewhere and it is like a secret system. >> is he good at parking cars too? i mean, i would think he would be. so by the way, weaver to tell people the tomato pie, you guys don't mess around, and cannolis, too? >> oh, they're the best. >> so we say hello. so clearly, you guys are really super strong. you have been holding this thing forever, right? standing in line? >> pretty much. >> how did you get select today come down here? how did you draw this lucky straw? >> i have no idea. >> and it is cold out this morning, right? just so you guys see what's going on. so what happens is good morning, good morning, happy thanksgiving. >> same to you. same to you. >> okay, so people have been waiting and waiting, i know, exactly you what wanted to do, be on television this morning?
6:50 am
>> absolutely. >> so what, cooking, can you fit more stuff in your oven now that the turkey is cooked here? >> absolutely. sweet potato cast roll, dot asparagus and the green beans. >> yummy. >> in the oven. >> yes? >> the rolls in the off glenn of course. >> pies done? >> pies done, but apple turnovers have to go in the off glenn have to have that. no, no, no, i won't touch that turkey. i want people to see the line, good morning, happy thanksgiving, giles. now, i have to say this. this guy, i don't know who this guy is, probably shouldn't show the license plate, who parks with a maserati in the middle -- oh, i see the guy. you're fine, you're good, i'll take care of it, i won't touch it. really. jared, jared? >> i won't touch it, really, i would hate to go in the car. but that's -- look, inbetween the things, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving you. >> know if you really want to give me a good present, a
6:51 am
maserati feels like thanksgiving. guys, back to you. >> really. and then you take us all out for a ride joy ride? >> best thanksgiving ever. not everybody loves to slave in the kitchen for a great meal. so, the new york times put together a list, and they put down four great philly restaurant, rave reviews, fresh out overnight. we'll tell you those four. z .
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> show off your hard work and your holiday light, dis zero display to facebook, instagram, twitter, to fox 29 lights contest. then show off your lights, bob kel can i come to your house during the "fox 29 news", also show pictures on the fox 29 morning news, and good day. use the #fox29lights contest. judge we found this survey, four of them, are from our area so are you ready for this? let's start off with i want to tell you the guy's name, food writer, by the name of robert draper.
6:55 am
so he chose these. first one is canella in queen village. >> savory wooden smokey flavor from their offense. >> oh,. >> and if you're a vegan, veg in center sit, says the ultimate meet-less dish, roasted eggplant with cawley flower and jasmine rice. >> another one he listed was i tv. i've not been there. it is to has perfect atmosphere, he says, according to this writer, smoke trout on pumpernickle and tomato salad. stole the show for him. i tv. >> and vern i can in rittenhouse, said woe like to eat here once a week if he could. it is a favorite. piece with bacon toast. >> never had a bad meal at
6:56 am
vernick. down walnut, probably 21st rocks ever right in there. >> okay. >> good places. >> let's get to. okay, steve has shopping on his minds. steve, what's happening now? >> some of russ shopping and cooking today. >> we will tell you what we got after the break. we'll tell you where we got these snazzy necklaces, and earrings.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> attention k-mart shoppers, steve keeley has the door busters on sale right now. a new york event millions will watch this morning. >> they're really cool. >> theythey're just festive and fun for thanksgiving. >> the huge celebrities appearing at the biggest thanksgiving day parade in the country. >> plus: sasha and malea were noticeably absent from their dad's last turkey pardon. >> thanksgiving family holiday as much as national one. >> his daughters are just fed up. >> might the little boy receiving an honor, what he's receiving from his favorite basketball team. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, alex and i are here.
7:00 am
>> yes, we are. >> and he's in for bob, too? okay. >> so double duty there. >> what do you want to start with, weather. >> first, a loft people have been cooking, we opportunity see what you've been making, use using hashtag. >> let's take a look. >> i like, brown sugar, bacon wrapped. >> oh, wishing fox 29 crew and everyone happy thanksgiving. be sure to give thanks. molly fox 29 philadelphia reminds to you give thanks. >> wonderful. >> i think so. >> we have the thanks give day parade and weather and it will be important to note. but it is going to be cloudy. couple of spotty showers, not going to be wash out, so that's the good news with this forecast. and temperatures will be right around average, in the low to mid 50's, across the area. live look right now philad


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