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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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>> ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. happening right now at 10:00 thanksgiving takes a horrific turn for a local fami family. everything was going smoothly with mom cooking thanksgiving dinner in north philadelphia. all of that came to an end when a gunshot rang out from the next room and tonight her two-year-old son is at the hospital. good evening, i'm lucy noland. it has been tragic day for this family but they also have reason to be thankful. fox 29's sabina kuriakose has been on the story all day joins us now live from saint christopher's hospital for children. sabina. >> reporter: lucy, as you said this family certainly does have a lot to be thankful for tonight we got update from police and they tell us while this little boy is not out of the woods yet, there is a good chance he is going to make it out of this ordeal alive. north philadelphia family thanksgiving holiday taking a horrible turn.
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police say two cousins a4-year-old an two-year-old, somehow found a loaded gun while their mom was making dinner in the next room. the gun accidentally went off in the four-year-old's happened striking the two-year-old. >> the two-year-old's mother and mother's boyfriend were on the scene at the time. they have both been transported to east detectives where they are being interviewed. >> reporter: it happened on the 3500 block of north ninth street just before 4:30. police want to know how the kids got a hold of the loaded 40 caliber handgun. right now authorities say it appears the weapon belongs to the toddler's mother but they're still running the serial number. bullet piercing two-year-old hand before going right through his tiny body and into the wall. >> neighbors here are shocked and upset. many stepped away from their family gatherings when they heard the commotion. only to seat aftermath of officers rush the little boy to the hospital in a police cruis
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cruiser. chief inspector scott small says the mother was feet away and may have thought the young children were simply playing. now detectives want to know where the gun was kept and how the four-year-old found it. >> families get together and young children they get curious and in this case they found a loaded gun. >> reporter: again, detectives have a loft questions for this couple and depending on the answers they get, they tell us the mother and her boyfriend could face charges of assaulter and reckless endangerment. much more coming up at 11:00. lucy, back to you. >> talk to you then sabina. the search continues for whoever shot three men as they hung christmas lights. it happened last night on the 4,000 block of holland street in philadelphia's juniata park neighborhood. police say the victims got no an argument with passing driver. all three men did survive but all three remain in the hospit hospital. in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood a fire broke out tonight. no one is hurt, though. you can see firefighters on the scene on the 4600 block of mulberry street. the call came in just before
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8:00. the second floor is damaged. so far no word on what started the fire. on your radar tonight, a chilly but seasonal thanksgiving night. meteorologist mike masco is in with the holiday forecast. >> happy thanksgiving to you, mike. >> it's been awhile since her and i -- we'll chat later on. not bad evening, lucy. we had a couple of showers below through here all about one, 200 miles offshore. we're now dealing way chill across town. 47 in philadelphia. millville checking in at 41. you get north and west coldest spot towards mount pocono 35 degrees. pine barrens will drop to nearly freezing to night. 46 right now in somers point. east of the parkway you'll probably be a little bit milder. temperatures up around two to about 5 degrees from last night. so that's not bad. travel weather if you're out of here by tomorrow we're looking at some really great conditions. much of the eastern half of the nation looking really good 60s down towards atlanta. out to the west that could be problematic pacific northwest down towards san francisco showers maybe some inland snows
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so that may snarl things as you get west of the mississippi. otherwise back closer to home area of low pressure sliding off cold front out to the west. that's we'll watch tomorrow afternoon. i don't think it's a big deal but it's going to keep the clouds in play for most of your afternoon tomorrow and maybe a spot shower and then get ready to get smacked down way little chill by the weekend. so planning ahead 43 degrees tomorrow morning. lots of clouds. clouds are the theme to the forecast tomorrow with temperatures nearly -- nearing 60 degrees. but they will come down and come down in a big way. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a little bit. lucy. >> sounds good, thanks so much, mike. happening right now another holiday tradition you've given thanks, you've stuffed yourself with turkey. maybe, maybe even got a nap in. but now it's time for some shopping. bargain hunters across our area are lining up for one of the biggest shopping days of the year. you know it. fox 29's chris o'connell is at the cherry hill mall for all the madness. chris, actually got paid today
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to go shopping. >> reporter: that's right. while most of you are resting off your turkey dinner, maybe watching some football on the couch, no, i was out working. doing the hard stuff. out here at the mall. check out the crowds thanksgiving night at 10:00 o'clock. yeah, diehard shoppers hitting the stores flocking to the malls as soon as these doors opened. an hour before the cherry hill toys r us even opened shoppers were waiting. >> what were he do, we go shopping on thanksgiving and then the guys watch football. and tomorrow we all have dinner together. >> reporter: it was ready, set, shop! the must have toy this year these things called hatch malls. >> what are you hear to by. barber camper. >> what are you here to by hatch
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malls. >> navigating through holiday shopping you better come prepared with patience. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: an shopping list. >> i don't really have a strategy. i came for the car they didn't have. i'm grabbing some other stuff while i'm here. >> reporter: you seem like you're in frenzy. >> i'm just trying to get out of here. >> reporter: the doors opened at cherry hill mall at 6:00 tonight although many stores are bucking the thanksgiving day trend by staying closed for the holiday. >> i think that maybe some retailers are looking at it as more, you know, let's keep the tradition of opening on black friday and maybe give their employees some extra time, you know, to be with their families. >> reporter: yes, it is still about the deals but for some, it's all about starting a new thanksgiving day tradition. >> we don't have to wake up really early in the morning. >> reporter: do it after turkey. >> do it after turkey. >> about getting out, stretching our legs. people watching. maybe catching a deal. >> reporter: back out here live, cherry hill mall still packed tonight.
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more people still coming in. don't worry, mall open till midnight tonight. you still got a couple of hours to come out and if you don't get here tonight don't worry most of the malls open 6am tomorrow, lucy, don't worry. picked a little something up for you? >> oh, did you. excellent. i'm working late. come on back to the station. i'll see you soon. >> reporter: whole lot of families throughout our area enjoyed a hot meal this thanksgiving thanks to these hard workin working volunteers n center city. they prepared 3200 meals for people across the delaware valley. non-profit organization cooks and deliver meals to those battling life-threatening illness like cancer and renal disease and hiv aids. also in center city, volunteers helped feed and clothed those in need. alpha if i alpha fraternity dish out a thanksgiving dish at the ymca along broad street and gave donated clothes to homeless folks. bringing a smile to those in need is really what this is all about organizers say.
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>> um, this is something that we're very passionate about. giving back to our community. that's one of the things that alpha is founded out. it's founded on scholarships and love to mankind. giving back to the man and the citizens of philadelphia we do somethings it's a joy it's a pleasure. >> a great and wonderful thing. alpha phi physical at a hosted this event for 10 years. the hold defendant thanksgiving parade in the nation traveled down the ben franklin parkway. so much fun but a few complications. what you might have missed. >> today is not the day for watching what you eat, right? but in general your children are apparently eating healthier but they got room for improvement. we'll tell you what's going on. hello, mike. >> a great weather to work off some of those calories as we go into tomorrow. one issue will be a loft clouds across town with this cold front. i'm meteorologist mike masco. nice mild today tomorrow but a big chill on the way. we'll have that forecast coming up after this.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ thanksgiving dinner aside your children are apparently eating healthier than they used to. but they're daily diet is far from perfect. researchers looked at more than 38,000 children and overall kids are eating more whole grains and whole fruits, dairy and protein from seafood and plants and more likely to avoid sugar heavy
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foods. but the team notes children are shunning vegetables and eating too much salt. findings are in the american journal of clinical nutrition. ♪ got to say it goes with thanksgiving like cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. philadelphia's thanksgiving day parade is now in its 97th year. imagine that. we have the oldest thanksgiving parade in the country. floats and music and performan performances. wowed spectators of all ages but the morning on the parkway was not without some complications. fox 29's dave kinchen tells us all about it. >> reporter: floats, family and fun. ♪ >> reporter: annual thanksgiving day parade kicks off the delaware valley's official start to the holiday season and it's a first for little isabella and her mom lee a. >> did you like the parade. >> say yeah. >> reporter: i see you noddin nodding. you like it. >> she was really happy she got to see the balloons. it was really good. >> reporter: celebration found
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new ways to impress the paterson family of levittown. >> the parade was really cool. they had new floats this year. i didn't think i'd seen the new ones they had. >> it was fun. um, i liked the santa part. and, um, it was fun. >> reporter: even parade can be a place for a protest for demonstrators against the dakota access pipeline project. some say it was the wrong place. >> they were standing in front of everybody trying to ruin the parade for everybody. they should have protested somewhere else. instead of trying to ruin little kids days. >> reporter: potentially complicating things philadelphia police pulled a man aside for flying a drone over the parade. many never noticed and continued their fun at christmas village. >> everything is decorated so wonderful this year. >> reporter: new locate at city hall had old favorites. >> we love the wine village. >> reporter: served warm and festive seasonal cups. >> we are from russia and we have friends in russia we are
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sending the cups to them. >> reporter: lots from out of town stopping by this philly staple for holiday gifts ton take it all in. >> people are really really quite amazing. warm comfortable. severing great here. i'm enjoying it. >> reporter: as for the person flying the drone over the parade police say it was a minor violation so state charges won't be filed but the case is moving on to the faa and a fine could be levied there. in center city, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. don't mess around with drones. did you see the little kid behind dave took a header. >> so cute. >> on your radar we have a weather to be thankful for mike masco. >> it was really comfortable today. >> i know. >> i did a little running it felt spring like. i think we do that again tomorrow. >> perfect. >> no sun. don't get used to the sun. no rain on ultimate doppler that's certainly good news and travel if you're out of here catching a flight tomorrow morning, you're fine. looking beautiful right now in center city at 47 degrees. winds are nice and calm so we don't have wind chill out there.
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barometric pressure looking go good. made it to 55 this afternoon we shall at 53 this time of year we're above average. it's 47 degrees in philadelphia. 40s in the pine barrens north and west of town malvern at 44 degrees. newtown square to wallingford at 46 degrees. temperatures pretty much uniformly into the 40s. now there's the rain showers ultimate doppler sliding off stage right and then you notice a couple of scattered showers back across cleveland. i do think that makes a run for tomorrow. with this cold front op top of us the focus or a couple of couple scattered showers tomorrow afternoon. behind that front a northwesterly wind will bring in much cooler air. so by the weekend by saturday, by sunday, much chiller air is poised to move n look at international falls down to 32. 36 right now in chicago. that gives you an idea of the air headed our way. so tomorrow morning we're waking up to temperatures into the 40s to around 50 the coolest spots will be mount pocono upper 30s and low 40s all afternoon long mostly cloudy skies with
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temperatures into the low 50s especially right along 95 you get north and west a little bit cooler watch how a couple of scattered showers could dot the boards around two or 3:00 o'clock. not going to be a washout tomorrow but a couple of passing showers. by saturday much chiller air in here even the possibility of a couple snow flurries up towards the lehigh valley and mount pocono. for tonight temperatures into the upper 30s and low 40s tomorrow afternoon not bad though a lot of clouds out there with temperatures around 54 in philadelphia. coolest spots will be well to the north and west if you are going up towards the poconos, maybe a little early skiing it is going to be pretty chilly well up towards the north. here's your seven day forecast. spotty showers tomorrow, lots of clouds 56 degrees. sun sun and cloud mixture saturday, 53. chilly breeze as we get into sunday temperature at 48 degrees. stays cool as we get into early next week then next threat for major rain comes in by wednesday and that is not a typo. we are back into the 60s it's
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quite the roller coaster ride. we'll talk more about mild surge poised to move in and way above average temperatures in the long-term forecast get into that tonight at 11:00 o'clock. hey, sean. >> we continue with the holiday spirit a couple eagles players tell us what they're thankful for plus the eagles fans getting special treats on thanksgiving. one of their nfc rifles takes an l unfortunately it won't be the cowboys. that's coming up next in sports. >> now with tomorrow months traffic here's bob kelly. good thursday evening i'm weather authority scott williams in for bob kelly i hope you had a great thanksgiving. as we focus in on that black friday shopping expect some delays around the majors also king of prussia mall as you move toward west deptford in and out of cherry hill, pack your patience doing some of that holiday shopping. in the meantime if you're taking a break from shopping, headed down to the wells fargo center, the flyers versus the rangers at 1:00 p.m.
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expect some delays and some traffic jams there. we'll update this beginning at 4am on good day. we'll see you friday morning.
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♪ eagles fans can be thankful there's still a chan at making the playoffs.
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the team still has everything right in front of them, but it is thanksgiving and football is just a game. so a bunch of the guys talked about what they're thankful for outside of the game. >> thankful for organization, the city, my family. my wife. my daughter. >> i'm thankful for my family. i'm thankful for this opportunity being here for so long. i'm thankful -- i'm just thankful just to be alive on this day, man. i'm happy i'm able to see another thanksgiving. this is my first one with my baby girl. this is special for me. thankful prayer for, you know, when we actually say grace. i'm excited about. >> the mares can be thankful that one of the nfc east teams will lose today. washington in action against dallas and truthfully better if the eagles -- for the eagles if washington loses because there's no shot that they catch the cowboys and dallas offense looking unstoppable. check this out. dak prescott rolls out and find terrence williams for the
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touchdown. look at this one more time. tapping the toes for the td, great catch. now in the fourth washington down 24-12 eagles used to seeing this desean jackson gets in back of everyone and gets that 67-yard td. washington closing the gap but at the end they just can't stop dak or owes kell elliot with 1 yard easy touchdown. cowboys 131-26. tenth straight of the season. early thanksgiving lions and vikings. in the first quarter 5-yard td right there ties it up. this was close throughout the game. skip to the fourth tied at 13 at this point. sam bradford trying to drive to win the game but it's picked off right there by darius slate. slate takes the lions into field goal range and anything inside of 55 yards is automatic for matt prater. he nails the game winkfield go goal. the lions are on top nfc north seven and four.
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temple taking on in order state. they had 18-point lead but the owls storm all the way back capped off by moore, three pointer. in order state with one last shot. gets the layup but air balls it. tough way to lose. big big upset for temple. they go on to win, 89-86. so big day for all fans in philly. someone loses in the nfc east. >> we didn't play so we gained a spot. >> perfect. >> there you go. >> all good for us. >> we're giving thanks on thanksgiving for that. >> thank you sean. that does it for us here at 10:00. stay tuned for our fox 29 holiday gift guide. take notes on this. coming up at 11:00 we're back to introduce to one man feeling thankful tonight. he was about to close a deal, got robbed instead. an uber driver helped him out. see you at 11:00.
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