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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  November 25, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EST

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happening right the now at fox 29 morning news black friday takes a deadly turn one person gun down in hail of bullets outside a new jersey hall. we're live with this breaking story. the search, for counts, we're out on force on this this black friday, what you need to know before you head out that door. plus a two-year old is hospitalized after gunshots ring outside inn identify his home thanksgiving day now police are investigating how this all played out. a few years ago i thought it was end of the world. >> no, just the beginning. >> for all of us. >> sad news out of hollywood one of the america's favorite tv moms has died, this morning
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we will remember brady bunch star florence henderson. great to have you with us on this friday it has been a busy one, i'm thomas drayton. lets get to that breaking news in south jersey, there has been a deadly shooting outside a shopping mall in mays landing, police are working the scene of the hamilton mall. lets get out to jenny joyce who is live on the scene, what can you you tell us this morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. a lot of the the information we are gathering we are doing so based on than what we are seeing here on the scene, look the at all of those evidence markers on the scene, several bullet casing is here this is parking lot of the hazy's at hamilton mall, a large police presence, local police as well as the atlantic county prosecutor's office, officers on the scene here not confirming, anything, about what took place, here a couple of hours ago. also looking at this suv here off to the left, we can see that there are bullet holes through the windshield. we do know that one person was killed, again, reports of a shooting came into our news
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room, around 1:00, 1:30 this morning, however, police on the scene not confirming exactly what happened. we know the mall opened up late afternoon early evening yesterday, the mall itself stayed opened until midnight however, macy's is still opened, at this hour. i did talk with someone on the phone there they said that their doors are opened, and regardless of the situation outside here in their parking lot. so, again, we don't know what led to this incident. we don't know many details surrounding this incident but it is clear that something happened, with all of these evidence markers out here, clearly a shooting, with bullet casings and we do know that one person is dead, we will stay out here, continuing to work, this story, thomas. >> certainly a lot more details to come, not a way to start the morning. the jenny joyce this morning. thank you. lets get a check of the forecast. i know you are heading out this morning, monica is in for sue serio hi there monica.
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>> we have got a lot of shoppers heading out there saying what do i need to wear or bring for my full day of shopping. the so lets take a look at weather by the numbers, we will give it a six. here's y we are expecting cloud cover, even some rain chances but temperatures not that bad today. temperatures in the mid 50's. you may need a light sweater, jacket the for your buddy forecast, temperatures, starting off into the 40's for lot of us. some more rural areas we have got 30 but most of us in the mid 40's with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies but also, watch out for some patchy fog, that could cause some problems on those roadways and we will keep you updated with how that visibility changes throughout the morning. by the afternoon not a problem as those foggy conditions give way to partly cloudy skies, through the afternoon and into the evening as well. as of right new there is in rain on the radar, we could change that, we could see a few scattered showers, beginning to move in. i'm thinking through later parts of the afternoon,
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temperatures, 44 degrees in philadelphia, 42 in pottstown. reading coming in at the 43 degrees, and then we're taking a look at your black friday forecast, how about this graphic all that money in the background 6:00 a.m. we have people starting to get the their shopping going. 45 degrees. taking a break around 1:00 he clock, 54, that is where we will top off in the mid 50's with the chance for the scattered showers later in the afternoon. i have a break down of the full forecast in a bit. >> leave the rain off the forecast, we will take money, monica, thank you. black friday frenzy has begun, shoppers didn't waste anytime after their thanksgiving meal, they are already hitting the stores. so is steve keeley at target in mount laurel this morning, they are going strong, hi there steve. >> reporter: yeah, black friday ain't what it used to be as they say and target has been opened since dinner time last night so no had rush like we used to see, no big lines in the dark, and just some troublemakers out in a lot of parking lot, not as bad as what jenny joyce is experiencing at that mall but
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here at centerton plaza there used to be a mad crush, they had steel barricades. we saw that last night but target stays opened until 6:00 p for most of the weekend before the em lease get the a break. the it is still busy inside. i just checked inside. people are getting up early to start shopping but even driving over here it wasn't crazy traffic as people went store to store. one place opened up at 4:00 and then next deal opens up at 5:00 and vice verse a that is what is going on. we will update you throughout the morning for black friday and see fit is improving for stores here. >> hopefully a few friend will join you this morning. see you shortly. shopping has been brisk around the nation with people looking for deals before the turkey was even digest ted. lets go to san francisco, swarms of people hit macy's where they combed through sales in search of those bargains. well, these shoppers in virginia turned to the tech items they raced you this best buy in alexandria, trying to snatch up good deals on
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everything from big screen tv's to those tablets. from shopping, to one of the true meanings of the the holiday, dozens of the families throughout our area, enjoyed a hot meal thanks to hard working volunteers the manna in center city. more than 350 people spent their time preparing 3200 meals for people across the delaware valley. non-profit organization cooks and delivers meals for those battling illnesses like cancer, renal disease and hiv aid. in center city volunteers helped feed and clothe those in need. they had a fraternity dishing out a thanksgiving feast at columbia north ymca along broad street. they gave out the donated clothes, organizers say bringing a smile to those in need is what it the is all about. >> this is something that we're very passionate about, giving back to our community, that is one of the things that we were founded on, and love allman kind. so giving back to the better meant have of man and city of
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philadelphia are we take so much from and do so many things, it is a joy and pleasure. >> we thank them. alpha p file alpha hosted this for ten years. thanksgiving takes a frightening turning for families. their two-year old sonnies in the hospital with a gunshot wound. the shooting happened while his mom, was making thanksgiving dinner. at fox 29's sabina kuriakose reports, police are trying to determine exactly how this all played out. >> reporter: north philadelphia family thanksgiving holiday is taking a horrible turn, police say that two cousins, a four year-old and two-year old some is how found a loaded gun while their mom was making dinner in the the next room. the gun accidentally went off, and four years old hand striking the two years old. >> the two years old mother and mother's boyfriend were on the scene at the time. they have been both transported to east detectives where they are being interviewed. >> reporter: it happened on
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the 3500 block of north ninth street just before 4:30, police want to know how kids got the a hold of the loaded 40 caliber handgun. the authorities say it appears that the weapon belongs to the toddler's mother but they are still running the serial number. bullet piercing the two-year old hand before going through his tiny body and into the wall. neighbors here are shocked and upset, many stepped away from their family gathering when they heard the commotion only to see the aftermath of officers rush to the little boy to the hospital in a police cruiser. chief inspector scott small says that the mother was feet away and may have thought the young children were simply playing, now detectives want to know where the gun was kept and how 49 year-old found it. >> families get together and young children get curious and they found a loaded gun. >> reporter: sabina kuriakose,
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fox 29 news. search continues for whoever shot three men as they hung christmas lights, happening wednesday night on the 4,000 block of howland street in the fail's june yacht the a neighborhood. police say victim got in the argument with the passing driver. all three men are in the hospital. new this morning search for shooter in fail's mantua neighborhood, police say a man was on the 600 block of north 35th street when someone shot him this is back. he is in the hospital in critical condition, so far no suspects, and no motive. breaking news this morning, and sad news out of hollywood television icon florence henderson has passed away. she is best known for her starring role as ever cheerful beloved mom carroll brady on the brady bunch. >> ♪ here's a story of a lovely laid hoy was bringing up three very lovery girls, all of them had hair of gold, like their mother, the youngest one in curls. >> it is a store... ♪ >> since 1969 generations adored henderson as the mom of the brady bunch.
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tv sitcom was a blended family with six kids, still in reonce today. i'm sure we will all be very happy. you will be happy, i'm going to be happy. mike's going to be happy. greg, peter, and bobby. they're going to be happy. >> we're all going to be so happy, how come your eyes look like they're going to cry. >> because grown ups are silly, sometimes they cry when they are happy. >> henderson had quite the career, she started out on broadway, had a very successful acting career spanning more than six decade most recently she hosted her own self titled cooking show. lend are son passed away surrounded by family and friend at cedars sinai medical center in los angeles. her manager says the actress was hospitalized wednesday for heart problems. florence henderson was 82. coming up next on the fox 29 morning news oldest thanksgiving day parade in the
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nation traveled down ben franklin parkway, certainly lots of fun but also, some complications, what you might have messed, stay with us.
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i'm meteorologist monica cryan hopefully you had a great thanksgiving and now we are kicking off big shopping season with black friday. sky conditions, now, we are looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies and even patchy fog. that could be a bit of the problem for drivers trying to get to and from those stores. here we are taking a look in philadelphia airport. at this point we can see philadelphia in the all that much fog but cloud cover, 44 degrees, wind from the southwest, ushering in some warmer temperatures relatively speak nothing to the mid 50's later this afternoon. here's a look at your visibility and we will look at the this over next few hours, as this sun stays, below the horizon and starts to rise, visibility will get better.
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but at the this point pottstown has a visibility of 8 miles, allentown near perfect at the 10-mile visibility. philadelphia ten. wilmington at eight. some areas could see once again patchy fog and then what we're looking at is chance for spotty showers, through the later parts of the afternoon. we are starting off quiet, a lot of cloud cover and through 11 even in the afternoon, we have got scattered showers becoming more numerous toward millville, at atlantic city, cape may, dover we are expecting scattered to widespread showers through the later parts of today and into early tomorrow morning but it does look like by saturday, in the early morning hours, most of this has headed off to the atlantic and we are left with partly cloudy conditions, sat take, all the way through sunday. so lets take a look at weekend set up, 52 degrees saturday. partly cloudy conditions, sunday we are in the upper 40's. a bit cooler but to still holding on to those try
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conditions. for today, one of the warmer days relatively seeking 55 degrees, and patchy fog just to start with, and then just a chance for showers through the afternoon, cloudy conditions, really holding on but those wind should remain light through the afternoon and even in the evening we are dealing with lighter wind. temperatures on the gradual decline, saturday through sunday, notice sunday we are at 49 degrees and then machine we have got eagles game, temperatures in the 50's, lower 50's with partly cloudy conditions. we will start to see more rain chances as we head in the mid week of next week, thomas. >> i'm eyeing that wednesday. thank you. to a developing story out of california a mother of two back with her family for holidays after being abducted a month ago. fox's leland vetter has the latest. >> has been located and reunited with her family, on this day. >> reporter: california family has much to be thankful for this holiday weekend as mother of two who disappeared nearly
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a month ago has been found safe. >> i know that the husband is relieved, elated, that this did occur and that he is now at his wife's side. >> reporter: thirty-four year-old was rescued after flagging down a driver on interstate nearly 150 miles from her home. police believe she was abducted by multiple captures at least two of them are women and then released early thursday on a rural road. >> she was bound with restraints but was able to sum on help from a passing motorist then notified law enforcement. >> reporter: she was last seen november 2nd after leaving home to go for a jog, her husband reported her missing help she didn't arrive to pick up their children for day care. he told media he knew she was abducted because she would never willingly leave her family. >> normal daisy would open up door and my family, would come running and give me a hug. >> reporter: investigators are working to identify captors and why they abduct papini. >> until we identified the suspect or suspects, the
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public should remain cautious. >> reporter: sherry papini was treated for minor injuries, she's expected to be okay. in new york, in new york, leland vetter, "fox news". two men are killed in kentucky and four others injured in the shooting at a shooting ate youth football game. police say children just finished playing at juice bowl in louisville when the gunfire erupted. it was filled with families attending the annual series of football games no word on what spark the shooting and police have yet to make any arrests. the injured victims are expected to survive. and pennsylvania hunters will soon be able to use semiautomatic rifles and handguns thanks to a new law. governor wolf signed a bill in to law monday allowing the state gaming commission to include those rifles, in their list of approved weapons for hunting. none of those changes will go in effect right away but does allow them to add firearms to those approved for upcoming seasons. by the way state's rifle
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season for deer opened up on monday. ♪ >> it goes with thanksgiving like cranberry sauce and, of course, pumpkin pie philadelphia's thanksgiving day parade is now in the 97th year. we have the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country. floats, music, and, of course, those performances, wowed spectators of all ages but the parade was not the without some complications. our dave kinchen was there. >> reporter: floats, family, and fun. annual thanksgiving day parade kicks off the delaware valley's official start to the holiday season and first for little isabela and her mom. did you like the parade. >> yes. >> reporter: i see you are nodding she liked it. >> yes. >> she was happy she got to see balloons and stuff like that. the it was good. >> reporter: celebration found new ways to impress pather than family of levittown.
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>> the parade was really cool, they had new floats, i didn't think i seen some of the new ones. >> we had fun. i like the santa part. it was fun. >> reporter: but the parade can be a place for protest where demonstrators begins dakota access pipeline project but some say it was wrong place. >> they were standing in front of the everybody trying to ruin the parade for everybody. they should have protested somewhere else instead of trying to ruin little kids days. >> reporter: potentially complicating things philadelphia police pulled a man aside for flying a drone over the parade. many never noticed and continued their fun over at christmas village. >> everything is decorated so wonderfully. they have done a awesome job here. >> reporter: new location at city hall still had zoo old favorites. >> we have love the line village. >> reporter: served warm, festival seasonal cups. >> it is something where we are from russia and we intended to attend.
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>> reporter: lots are out of town stopping by this philadelphia stapel for holiday gift and to just take it all in. >> people here are really amazing, warm, comfortable, everything is great here. i'm enjoying it. >> reporter: as for person flying the drone over parade police say it was a minor violation so state charges won't be filed but case's moving on to the faa and vine could be leveed there. in center city, dave kinchen fox 29 morning news. holiday season can be a stressful time, crowded malls, stores, means no parking spaces. the philadelphia parking authority is making it easier to get around this holiday season. pp thea is offering parking specials for motorist up until new years day. starting this weekend all meter parking will be freon saturdays after 11:00 a.m. agency is offering discounted rates of eight dollars on weekend at six parking garages between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. auto park at independent mall, the auto park at olde city, parkaid on eighth, auto park
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at jefferson, auto park in gallery mall and family courthouse garage. we will have those garages and parking spaces for you on our web site, fox 29. eagles fans, getting a special treat on thanksgiving, one of their nfc east rivals takes a bell but it won't be the cowboys, that is coming up in sports. but first maybe a little extra monday think holiday season good luck. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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my cmine too!hange is super competitive. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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good morning i'm sean bell. eagles picking up some ground in the nfc east without even playing. washington and dallas playing each other on thanksgiving, and that is a win/win either way. cowboys offense continues to look unstoppable in the second quarter dak prescott hits williams for the touchdown. look at this, would be more time, concentration, pass is inbound and all from there. cowboys win 31-25. vikings and lions am bradford had a chance to play hero, fourth quarter, and he is pick off by sleigh. sleigh sets his team up for field goal and matt crater, 55-. game winning field goal. lions win 16-13 taking control of the nfc north. college hoops temple was down by 18 at one point, 25th
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ranked florida state but they came all the waste back thanks to lonnie moore with the three. florida state gets one last shot, it does not go they lose 89-86 that is sports the in a minute. i'm sean bell. we are following breaking news out of new jersey this morning, shots fired at a local mall, one person is dead and now the hunt for the shooter. our jenny joyce is live on the scene with an update in a moment. also ahead she's known as queen of the soul now aretha franklin has another title, oh, boy what happened at an nfl game yesterday that has people talking yesterday.
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breaking overnight one person is dead after a shooting outside a local new jersey mall, right now police are still on the scene of that shooting, we will have a live report in just a moment. also the mad dash for deals, we are live at the malls, a lot of them this morning as shoppers go in search of those deep discounts. remembering a tv legend brady bunch mom florence henderson has passed away. look back at her most memorable moments. america's mom. great to have you with us on this friday i'm thomas drayton. let's get right to that breaking news in south jersey a deadly shooting at a shopping mall in mays landing. at least one person is dead outside hamilton mall. jenny joyce live on the scene with the very latest, jenny.
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>> reporter: good morning, thomas taking a live look here, you can seashell casings on the ground here identified with evidence markers, local police and the atlantic county prosecutor's office. it is here investigating at this point officers are not confirming what happened. shooting reports came in the news room just before 1:30 this morning, mall closed at midnight but some stores like macy's, stayed opened, and still opened at this hour, despite a homicide investigation, right outside a store on this black friday morning. we talked to one shopper who says it tradition for her and her daughters looking for black friday holiday deals but stumbling upon this police scene this morning she's starting to rethink things. >> i don't know if it was an argument in the parking lot over something that happened, possibly in the store, nobody knows we have been doing this probably for ten years now just for the fun of going out,
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a girl's night and trying to get some special sales, you know, it is getting scary now makes you want to think i don't know if we want to do this next year it is getting crazy. >> woman did not the want to be identified they are trying to figure out what they are want to do. they are wondering in the lose. we don't that have information to share with you as police won't tell us anything. i'm sure shoppers are wondering is it the safe to go out and do my black friday shopping at hamilton mall. i made called to the atlantic county prosecutor's office and i have texted him, apparently all of our information is going to come from him, but we have not heard back at this point, thomas it is concerning with so many casings, jenny joyce, thank you. let's check the forecast with monica cryan, good morning, monica. >> good morning. we are recuperating from that big dinner late last night,
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and we will look at the forecast by the numbers. thinking it is a six, so, so. nothing to complain about just a little bit of cloud cover and a chance for some showers, temperatures are going to be nice later this afternoon into the mid 50's. we are starting off with temperatures into the 40's. we will pack a light sweater, you may be peeling it off through the afternoon layering it up for your black friday shoppers, and bus stop forecast, cloudy, cool, this morning. here is a look at your radar and satellite and you can see that cloud cover holding on through today and then showers possibly developing in the afternoon. temperatures, 42 degrees in pottstown. the trenton 44 degrees. we have atlantic city in the the 30's. so some of us are into the 30's, while philadelphia is about 44 degrees, 43 for those in lancaster. lets take a look at your black friday forecast, a lot of shoppers, doing an all dau shopping event, you may want to pack your umbrella, if you can, we will see your dry
4:33 am
conditions, mostly through the morning, by at afternoon there could be intermittent showers activity as temperatures in the low to mid 50's this afternoon. we will talk burr rain chances increasing next week, we have got that forecast coming up. >> monica, thank you. right now people across our region are taking part in the biggest shopping day of the year, at some stores, black friday deals, started when families were just sitting down for that he is thanksgiving dinner. you know the drill, steve keeley at target in mount laurel for us this morning, it was quiet earlier but i see a few friend next to you. >> yes, very calm, which is good, everybody smiling, that is christine and kristin. similar names, and they are related, they are sisters in law, how cool is that. they get along. every door opened because they don't have much room. they have been shopping since after dinner last night and they are not done just yet. you fear anybody stealing all your stuff when you get to the the next store.
4:34 am
what do you got, how many hundreds of dollars have you spent so far. >> we have actually done very good. we have been smart. we are not rookies. we have been doing this a long time. >> reporter: i wish we could follow you around and guard your stuff but sorry, we have to stay here. where are you going to next. >> game stop and lowes and pet smart. >> pet smart. >> reporter: picking up some tools at lowes and some wood. >> taking care of the dads and kids. >> reporter: is what on the pets list for christmas. >> new sweaters, some bones maybe a new bed. >> reporter: do you have little bed or do you have big dog. >> no, big dogs. >> just because she doesn't like to be cold. >> reporter: what kind of dog. >> lab. >> don't they have curly hair. >> she doesn't she's very straight, short. >> reporter: what kind of sweater does she want. >> i'm thinking a christmas sweater. >> reporter: a christmas sweater.
4:35 am
>> yah. >> reporter: now they make christmas sweaters for dogs. >> oh, yeah, of course. >> reporter: how many stores have you been to since thanksgiving dinner. >> oh, geese, with the cherry hill mall too. >> it was just crazy. >> reporter: that was your first stop. >> no, we went to wal-mart first and cherry hill mall. >> reporter: what wal-mart. >> wilmington. >> reporter: that was close to your home in southampton and made to it camden county and mall was nuts. >> yes. >> reporter: did you just leave that. >> yes, we shopped, disney store, jc penny. >> reporter: your husbands are home asleep. >> yes. >> reporter: what are you getting them at lowes. >> i can't let him see this. >> reporter: they are not even going to wake up. i would be viced if they are up before noon, football and turkey. >> no, my husband has to work, so, there is a drill that he wants so i will pick that up for him. that is all. >> reporter: good luck. thank you. you are all in a good mood.
4:36 am
i'm glad sisters in law get along that is good to hear. you only have a little bit of room left here you cannot go too crazy. good job, so far. thomas, there you go that is what we're seeing here we are seeing families get together. it is like a tradition almost more than getting dinner for dinner get together to shop. that is a flex, thomas a aptly named vehicle ball they have to be flexible to see where everything will question from here. they are not enclose took done. >> you can see how many packages and bags they can fit this is car. impressive shopping. we will check back in just a moment. steve, thank you. we have to tell but this a two-year old is fighting for his life this morning after his family thanksgiving took a perfectible turn in north philadelphia. the toddler's hotter was cooking thanksgiving dinner. police say the two-year old and his four year-old cousin, somehow found a loaded gun
4:37 am
inside the home on the 3500 block of north ninth street. police say the gun had went off and four year-old hand striking two-year old in the hand and torso. >> tam list get together and young children they get curious and in this case they found a loaded gun. thirty he lease got the here immediately. got the two-year old to the hospital, very quickly, and a hopefully that helps with his condition. >> police say the child's mother and her boyfriend are being interviewed we are told it looks like the toddler is going to survive the ordeal. sad news out of hollywood this morning television sitcom icon, florence henderson has passed away. the she's best known as beloved mom carroll brady on the brady bunch. >> ♪ the. >> since 1969 generations of
4:38 am
fans a door henderson as matriarch on the brady bunch a sitcom about a family with six kids, still seen in reruns today. >> didn't look very sea worthy. as a matter of fact it doesn't look very backhoe worthy. >> she was a talent, henderson's starred on broadway and had a busy acting career that spanned more than six decade. she recently hosted her own self titled cooking show. henderson died last night surrounded by family and friend at cedar sinai medical center in los angeles. her manager says she was hospitalized for heart problems. florence henderson was 82. forget the turkey it seems that thanksgiving was all about the alcohol, for most people living in pennsylvania. we will explain.
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search continues for whoever shot three men as they hung christmas lights, it happened wednesday night on the 4,000 block of howland street, this is in philadelphia's juniata neighborhood. police say victim somehow got in the argument with the passing driver, all three men survived, they are currently in the hospital this morning. new this morning a search for shooter in philadelphia's mantua neighborhood police say a man was on the 600 block of north 35th street when someone shot him this is back. he is in the hospital in critical condition. so far no suspects or a motive. a technical glitch caused some problems wednesday for state liquor stores. after stores credit card
4:42 am
system became overwhelmed. so wine and speak spirits stores were forced to accept cash between three and 4:00 p.m. customers tweeted us about the issue and warned of the long lines. spokesperson for state liquor control board said agency system had to be reset after being flooded with transactions. ♪ >> oh, say can we just sit down, to hear this one. why aretha franklin's rendition of the star spangled banner on thanksgiving has some fans wondering when it would end
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look at the schilling face it is a very kelly christmas. we want to you bring on the lights. bob kelly's getting you ready for the holidays and want to see your hard work. post a picture of your lights on display, you can do it on taste book, twitter, or
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instagram. use the #fox 29 likes contest. bob kelly could be knocking on your door and wants to show it off on the fox 29 morning news. he will share your pictures on the fox 29 morning news as well as good day. so use the #fox 29 lights contest. monica has your weekend forecast. it is weekend, friday, in 15 seconds. speaking of those christmas lights if you want to put them up, it is a good one. we have clear skies for the weekend. today, friday, we still have some cloud cover lingering through the overnight so this morning we are starting off with patchy fog, cloudy skies, here we have a look at philadelphia airport, things calm down people have stopped
4:47 am
traveling and enjoyed holiday. 44 degrees. wind out of the southwest at 5 e looking at your visibility, reason for that we could see some patchy fog early this morning. i know we have people on those roads trying to get to those plaque friday deals. be aware, make sure you have headlights on. eight whiles in pottstown, now ten is perfect so that is what you can see 10 miles in philadelphia, trenton, near perfect but you can see mount pocono does have patchy fog reducing visibility for seven or 8 miles in wilmington delaware. again just ab wear, shouldn't be much of the problem as we head in the afternoon. we are looking at the spotty shower chances, through the afternoon and into the evening. the it doesn't getting until we head through p.m. hours. the rest of the morning just really building in, some clouds and then you can see those showers start off pretty isolated but as we head in the later parts of tonight down towards south jersey and delaware we could see more widespread shower activity
4:48 am
moving through. back behind it we are seeing clearing skies by saturday morning. weekend is shaping up to be a thighs one with partly to mostly sunny skies at least through delaware valley you can see some clouds surrounding us and rain chances surrounding us. the here's a look at weekend set up. we have got your sat the day forecast looking very nice, about average when it comes to those highs, at 52 degrees through the afternoon. not much to complain about on saturday. sunday we will drop temperatures a bit overnight into the 30's through the afternoon in the upper 40's so it will feel cool but we have sunshine in store for our sunday. here's today, we have got nice temperature, mid 50's, can't complain, we are above average but our cloud cover will be persistent and even some spotty showers chances through the afternoon, wind should be light and we have got your sunset at 4:38 p.m. for tonight temperatures dropping in the lower 40's at least through city, suburbs in the upper 30's, partly cloudy
4:49 am
conditions with some cool, temperatures, and temperatures on the decline over next few taste, not anything drastic as we head through the end of november. these are typical temperatures 53 degrees on saturday. by sunday we are at 49 degrees, mostly sunny skies. i did give it a seven just because of that sunshine that we get to enjoy. monday eagles game 52 degrees, partly cloudy conditions and then rain moves in tuesday and it looks like that is how we end the workweek next week with some rain, thomas. >> we will get through the week. the it looks like a thighs week to get out. thanksgiving dinner side your children are apparently eating healthier then they are used to but their daily diet is far from perfect. researchers looked at 30,000 children overall, kids today are eating more whole grain, fruits, dairy, protein, see todd and they are more likely to avoid sugar and more heavier foods but team noted that they are shunning temperatures, no big surprise
4:50 am
and they are eating too much salt. if you want to read more are in the american journal of clinical nutrition. who doesn't love a parade, and philly sure knows how to throw one. yesterday was 97th year for cities thanksgiving day parade. it is oldest in the country and, of course, thousands lined city streets to see balloons, floats, and hear the band. >> the parade was really cool, i didn't think i had seen some new ones they had up there. >> it was fun, i liked santa part and it was fun. >> well, critics on the flip side here at dakota access pipeline project used the parade as a place to protest. the parade goers felt victimized. protesters trying to block the cruise along the way. there was a whole lot of
4:51 am
gratitude on full display throughout the area. at a least coverry center in philadelphia and police and members of the community pause todd give thanks and fox 29's hank flynn was there. >> we enjoy turkey, trimmings, we can also even why i great time and fellowship, we love you, jesus christ amen. >> a men. >> dinner is served to the beat of the different drum to day, within day at a time recovery center at westerly high, philadelphia police sergeant bill was passing out cookies like he does every year. >> it is good because it is about relationships with the police department and the community. >> we have officers that have been coming out the here for over 18 years. >> reporter: serve business a smile as 22nd district police and others brought turkey dinners with all of the fixins, hundreds of them for anyone who needed one and the kitchen was popping. >> owe why i. >> are you kidding me.
4:52 am
>> they have god it organized. the kitchen part, no special orders and it took some doing. >> just a lot of patients, and just so proud to do it. just precise planning to get everybody proper direction. >> coming through. >> reporter: got a good sense of what it was all about when i sat down with miss julianne miss martha who finished their dinner but stuck around to talk. they related to the guy that organizes all this whole thing whose father henie wells started the program in the 1980's. >> happy thanksgiving, thank you for coming out. >> reporter: to summarize the day. >> summarize the day is god, summarize the day is service and we respect enough police in our police officers. we come together, to know, coming together as one so what you see is a definition of what thanksgiving is about.
4:53 am
in the turkey but being thankful and giving back. >> reporter: an estimate $3.00 meals served, maybe more to folks who might not have been able to enjoy a good thanksgiving dinner today otherwise and don't forget good company, to some that is more nourishing then food. i'm glad for chance to share meal and grateful for you to watching. happy thanksgiving. hank flynn, fox 29 philadelphia. >> here we go, talk about a delay of game, why the queen of soul aretha franklin's rendition of the star spangled banner, let's just say it had football fans transfixed. >> ♪
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4:56 am
welcome back. detroit lions faced off against vikings thanksgiving day but it is game's opening act that is making headlines this morning. did you hear this? aretha franklin singing soul full but yet long rendition of the national anthem. the day later twitter verse is still talking about it. >> ♪
4:57 am
>> went four and a half minutes. he did go on for four and a half minutes. queen of soul captured viewer's attention playing piano, belted out star spangled banner and she took her time. the 74 years old version clocked in at four minutes and 35 seconds. we will be right back. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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happening right now at fox 29 morning news black friday takes a deadly turn, one person is gunned down, in a hail of bullets, outside a new jersey hall. we are live with the breaking story. also the search for deep discounts we're out in force as shoppers go in search of the great bargains this friday. we are live with what you need to know before you head outside that door. two-year old is hospitalized after gunshots ring out inside his home on thanksgiving. now police are investigating how this all played out. a to years ago i thought it was end of the road. >> it is just the beginning for both of us. >> no, for all of us. >> sad news out of hollywood, one of the america's favorite tv moms has passed away, this morning we will remember brady bunch star, florence henderson. good to have you with us, i'm thomas drayton. we will check your wet ther forecast in just a moment but first we want to get to that breaking news


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