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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11.
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happening right now at 11:00 after all the hype and all the super sales black friday 2016 comes to close. you may have braced all the crowds or been happy to stay safely tucked away at your home, but those shoppers who did go hunting for holiday bargains today, well, they had a whole lot of company. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. it mark the end of thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season. our shawnette wilson was among the black friday crowds at the king of prussia mall today. shawnette, how did it go. >> reporter: well, some people shopped and then other people just people watched which is actually my favorite thing to do. most people say black friday more about the tradition than finding those big deals. >> sometimes you get good sales. >> reporter: black friday is known as the day for deals. if you want to get a head on holiday shopping. for many people it's become a tradition to go to the mall even if you're not actually spending a lot of money. >> i think it's more to be out and see everybody and their
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friends and start the holiday season. >> reporter: at king of prussia some shoppers did little online shopping even though it's the key to avoiding crowds and the long lines. >> it's the experience and like the holiday decorations. just seeing everybody. yeah it's fun we're going out to o make dave it. >> reporter: shoppers say here they make it easy to shop and have fun. the mall directory is touch screen. you can even have directions to stores sent to your cell phone. from the looks of this little one it's user friend black friday has come a long way no more lugging around bags or making trips to the car to drop them off. >> lots of stuff. we put it -- good thing about this mall they have guest services and you can check your bags and your coat. you don't have to carry your bags all day long. >> reporter: so the mall actually closed about an hour ago. so we're left with people leaving trying to stuff things into their car and get out of here. now, the mall actually opened at 6:00 o'clock this morning. but, dawn, mall officials told
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me that people were actually in line at 4:00 a.m. waiting to get in. >> i can't imagine. i like to shop but i can't imagine. >> reporter: exactly. >> thanks, shawnette. in south philadelphia, crews are working right now to clean up this overturned truck our traffic cameras were rolling on the scene moments ago at penrose and island avenue. fire crews say this is an armored truck that turned over. so far no reports of any injuries torments night a toddler is fighting for his life and his parents are facing a list of charges. police say the little boy's four-year-old cousin accidentally shot him. police arrested rachel santiago and omar vega. their two-year-old remains in critical condition at saint christopher's hospital for children after police say his cousin shot him while they were playing with a gun at their home on the 3500 block of north ninth street. toddler was hit twice. once in the chest and once in the finger. prosecutors have charged the parents with child endangerment recent lated offenses.
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the green party presidential candidate jill stein is challenging the election results. tonight she filed an official request to recount votes in wisconsin. that's not all. stein wants votes recounted in michigan and pennsylvania as well. she's focusing she says on the swing states to make sure hackers have no hand in skewing election results. stein has been raising money online to cover the cost of recount and so far people have donated more than $5 million to the cause. but let me say we do not need to prove that there was fraud in order to justify a voting system that is secure and that we have confidence in. jill stein claims the push for recount is not about delivering the white house to hillary clinton it has to do with voter integrity. back on november 8th stein got about 1% of the vote nationally. meantime, trump transition. the president-elect continues to pull together his team. he is not expected to make any
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cabinet appointments until next week but today he did announce two staff picks. campaign finance lawyer don mcgann and white house counsel kt mcfarland former aid to three republican presidents as the deputy national security adviser. eight more potential administration members will visit the president-elect as his -- at his trump tower office on monday including republican congressman lou barletta who's from pennsylvania. on your radar tonight a beautiful weekend ahead. let's get the details from meteorologist monica cray yann. >> dawn at least we're shaping up from today. i think we'll see more sunshine than what we saw today. it was very very limited. and temperatures well they were one maybe 2 degrees above that average. philadelphia hit a high of 53 degrees. reading 51. not all that bad but what we're looking at are temperatures dropping as we take look outsi outside. we've got activity out there. but 49 degrees. high today. 53 like i was saying those winds
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out of the north at 6 miles an hour. temperatures will be falling just a bit not a drastic change by any stretch of the imagination. but we could see temperatures falling a few degrees through the afternoon into the upper 40s low 50s by sunday. but we will give way to mostly sunny skies at we head into the weekend. here we have those showers through atlantic city. barnegat that's where we had a line of showers push through philadelphia continuing to move eastward. i think that will head off into the atlantic as we head into the overnight. shower chances really dissipat dissipating overnight. there could be isolated shower or two waking up early tomorrow morning. the big story is going to be those clearing skies. we've got partly cloudy conditions as we head into your saturday. by sunday we'll keep with that sunshine. it's going to be really nice set up for your weekend. here it is. saturday, 53 degrees. don't forget about that breeze though. could see gusts up to 15 miles an hour. not much of an impact. sunday at 50 degrees once again breezy overnight temperatures into the 30s.
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for tonight we've got temperatures into the 40s. 42 degrees in the city. 38 for those in the suburbs partly cloudy conditions. but once again more and more sunshine in store for us. as we head into the later parts of weekend. for tomorrow, 53 degrees. we've got partly sunny skies and then we head into your sunday i'm talking mostly sunny that actually continues as we head into your monday for the kick off forecast at lincoln financial field. it will be chilly but dry, 46 degrees as we kick off the big eagles game. here's a look at that seven day forecast. going to stay cool through monday. tuesday reintroducing some rain chances all the way through midweek. dawn. >> thanks mon any casm. a 65-year-old idaho man under arrest in south jersey accused of 52 pounds of marijuana and $118,000 in cash. ocean county authorities announced that david lincoln was arrested today after a three-month investigation. prosecutors say lincoln traveled across the country selling
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marijuana out of a pop-out camper. investigators say it all came to an end when police pulled over lincoln in jackson township yesterday morning. lincoln facing charges including possession with intent to distribute and money laundering. now to a developing story in atlantic county. shots rang out shortly after the start of black friday at the hamilton mall. two men brothers got shot in the parking lot outside the macy's there. tonight one of those men is dead and police have a whole lot of questions to answer. fox 29's joanne pileggi has the very latest for us from mays landing. >> reporter: police in hamilton township and the atlantic county prosecutor's office are trying to fine out who shot and killed a man and wounded his brother as shoppers left the stores here at the hamilton mall early this morning. >> it's scary. it's right in your backyard you know. >> reporter: shooting early this morning in the parking lot outside of macy's at the hamilton mall in mays landing. when it was over, one man was dead. another injured. >> my husband and daughter were
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actually out here last night like right here. maybe an hour right around the same. >> reporter: police say 21-year-old dimon cottman of atlantic city was gunned down. and his 26-year-old brother was wounded. macy's had closed at midnight for pre-black friday sales and shoppers were clearing out of the mall parking lot. >> speechless. i was shocked. i seen it on the news. i was at work and i seen it on the news and i'm like, oh, my god, you know. >> reporter: police placed multiple markers at the crime seen for shell casings and the window of the silver suv was shattered by gunshots. this woman was caught in mall traffic after the shooting. she was upset black friday shopping fun had ended in violence. >> don't know if it was an argument in the parking lot over something that happened possibly in the store. nobody knows. it's just -- it's sad. makes want to think, like, you know, i don't know if we want to
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do this next year. >> reporter: police have not said whether this incident had anything to do with black friday shopping. they have not announced any arrests. in mays landing joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. you may have spent the day running or sleeping off that spanks giving meal but one woman in philadelphia hit the ground running. and she's not just doing wait until you hear what she's running with and why. and she went to the emergency room with some broken fingers but soon learned she would be the one providing the medical care. what happened when she ran into an expectant mom who didn't have any time to spare. the holiday shopping chaos is in full swing. this video taken late last night at a wal*mart in georgia. people seem to be going crazy for these towels. you can see is a mad house elsewhere in the store as well. one woman even appears to fall right into the pile. thankfully it doesn't seem like
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anyone was hurt.
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the red, white and blue runner suit suggest the fourth of july but elaine was about giving thanks on this day after thanksgiving. nevell ran 10 miles from her childhood home in havertown to get to the philadelphia museum of art made 389 trips up and down the steps to complete the
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final 16.2 miles of this unusual marathon. she carried with her the ashes of her brother who died in 2013 after a stroke the year before. nevell preaches healthy eating and living and as a cancer survivor at the age of 56, she spreads the message that anything is possible. >> my run is really to choose unity and unite people around health and love and compassion. if you put that out there, it will come back to you. >> very true. last year nevell completed a run that took her around the perimeter of the united states. nearly 10,000-mile journey. pretty impressive. all night long we have been talking about black friday the day retailers hope will be the biggest shopping day of the ye year. you may have been really excited about it today or you may have been scratching your head and hiding your head under the covers. fox's frank -- hank flynn disects the friday that's become something of an unofficial national holiday. ♪
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you got everything. >> why am i fighting the -- if you got everything already? >> have a great day. >> thanks, to you. >> got me a place to park. i'm going to buy everything. whatever is left. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you never been to the mall and looked at some of those far-reaching parking spots that no one he have parks in and ask yourself who parks in those the answer is, you today. happy black friday. usually this is wide open you don't even know it's here. and you discover it today. >> this woman is pulling out from the third fur nest space from the mall. two cars it seemed couldn't testified every opening parking spot at the cherry hill mall today it's black friday the busiest shopping day of the year so the race is on for big bargains but crossed over into holiday now super sunday?
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>> more tradition than holiday really we do it just to come and see what we can get and splurge a little bit. >> reporter: fair enough. let's call it a thanksgiving extension. >> i think we do it because everybody is important when we sit down and eat it gives us a little bit of extra time with family because when it's all over, everybody go back to work and you know only one time a year. it's good for everybody to get out enjoy they self. >> reporter: for row trailer it's more than a good time it's an economic indicator and experts are saying that more money being spent this year than last both online and out at the mall. >> happy witness sales generat generated. meeting their plans. a lot of people shopping right now and seeing people with lots of shopping bags. it indicates they're spending and, you know, really feel like the season is off to a good start. >> reporter: all right. so if you shop plan block friday oh, yeah, if you don't you're saying why do these people do it? just like anything else the
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more you know, the better it will go. >> i believe that there aren't that many deals as people may think they are. they know people will come out to the stores regardless. >> reporter: right. >> they really don't mark down their prices as much as they think they would. >> reporter: the take a way as always is don't be a sucker. read the fine print and, remember, many retailers are putting their best deals online sometimes better ones and one other secret, um, the stores will be open all weekend and beyond hit me up best black friday deal. what is it? at hank fox and the house at fox 29 philly. ♪ thanksgiving is all about family and in arizona a text message to the wrong number brought two strangers together for the holidays. jamal hinton and wanda, strangers a week ago when she sent a message about thanksgiving plans meant for her grandson. hinton got it instead and asked if he can come by any way and she said yes.
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the story went viral on the internet and spread the holiday warmth. >> really touched my heart. all the people out there that have said the kindest things to me. i never expected this in a million years to happen to me. >> i love just being here. feel like we can connect more and bond. indeed it was not my grandma as we all know now. more nice people out in the world than i thought there were. >> i love it. he went even though his familiar dull have their own thanksgiving planned he got a two for one treat. a washington state midwife got more than she bargained for when visiting the er with two broken fingers. it came in the form of an impromptu delivery. in the right place at the right time and into the right hands. fox's jamie tom this unexpected delivery. >> he is 7 pounds 4-ounces and 19 and a half inches long. >> reporter: new parents willie and jessica morales certainly have a lot to be grateful for this thanksgiving. >> my little boy. report roar namely their new bundle of joy baby boy haven.
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>> it was luge blessing. >> reporter: to fully appreciate the beautiful results of this thanksgiving day blessing we must first go back to the beginning. >> i was sitting in er. high my x-rays and waiting for the results, and this lady comes in in labor ready to have a baby. >> reporter: rhonda the midwife who by chance was a patient in the er when jessica walked in already in labor. >> it wasn't my patient. i wasn't anybody in my practice's patient. just a lady who just came in off the streets and she was ready to push and that baby just came out. >> reporter: rhonda broke two of her finger while running a triathlon this morning. she came to the er to be treated and, boy, did she get a treat. >> i deliver lots of babies in the emergency room but not really as a patient. i delivered this baby with my hand all wrapped. >> just to have her there and she was so calm and it calmed me
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down. so it was a huge blessing. report roar the delivery itself took all of five minutes. >> it was one of those situations the baby just comes. >> reporter: after birth rhonda g up, went home and prepared thanksgiving dinner for a party of 16. >> all before 9:00 o'clock. got my exercise, delivered a baby, make dinner, it's a great thanksgiving. [ laughter ] how crazy is that. >> crazy good timing if you ask baby haven. >> i guess today is actually her 57th birthday so a big happy birthday to rhonda. sean brace here now talking sports. dawn, we got an interesting one. 2016 has been a nasty year. we lost bowie, fight dog and prince. yuk. what i'm about to tell you might make you feel even nastier. my commentary on the dallas cowboys is next.
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♪ sean brace phillies sports fan need to prepare for their
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worst nightmare. his commentary is in 152nd. >> it hit me yesterday. after thanksgiving dinner, no, i'm not talking about the turkey and gravy, man i'm talking about the dallas cowboys. they look good, real good. it paints me to say this to everyone out there that's listening but i think we may have to prepare ourselves for the ultimate cherry on the sunday that's known as 2016. the cowboys might win it all this year. i know. i know. normally, we can count on owner jerry jones doing something to make the boys slip up. only this season, it seems like we're seeing less of big jerry. i thought there was a few weeks there was no way tony romo was going to lose his job to rookie
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the cowboys did the right thing and stayed with the hot hand of the dice game dak prescott. for most teams injuries have a way of teaming the team apart. the cowboys remained undefeated when their number one receiver went down in dez brian. they have it workin working on f the field in d town. >> yesterday's game was the most watched in fox history we thank you for that but the cowboys need to cool it. cool it now. but you might say, sean, we still a ways to go until the end of the regular season. never mine the super bowl but the way i'm looking at it with the rookie phenoms kell elliot it might be the cowboys year. who comes that turkey, dawn. [ laughter ] >> you are crazy, sean. well, a sad loss out of hollywood tonight from television mom to broadway star america's mom has passed away. many of you probably remember florence henderson from her
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years as mom carol brady on the brady bunch. henderson died last night in los angeles from heart failure. the actress had been in the hospital since wednesday. the tricks of course have been pouring in including henderson's star on the hollywood walk of fame. florence henderson was 82 years old. remember the brady bunch. >> i -- >> probably not. >> i have to say i've had that song stuck in my head all day since i heard news. >> only on air for five years. that was surprising to me. >> i thought they did, too. >> we have more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29 with tmz and dish nation then stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. we are back here at 7am for "good day philadelphia" weekend. we will have your news, weather and traffic covered all morning long. so be sure to tune in. ♪ (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok, happy day after thanksgiving, everybody! >> hey! harvey: so i feel semi-bad about what i'm about to put you through, not totally bad. but what i'm going to ask you to do is bring you up in pairs and blind fold you and whoever can eat the doughnut the fastest blindfolded will then get the clues, which if you get correctly, will lead to a bottle of champagne. >> yeah! >> all right, derrick and british. harvey: and go! >> wow! harvey: british is going to kill him. >> derrick, get that tongue in there! >> it's gross already! ew! >> why are you doing it like that? >> time!


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