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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  November 28, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EST

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breaking news right now on the fox 29 morning news search for us pecks as a transgendered person is shot after leaving a bar. and uproar over this recount, latest political fall will out that has presidential elect donald trump lashing out on twitter. y'all talk it is your president, if you don't like it, too bad. >> well, that is a trump supporter on an airplane, in our neck of the woods, so why is the airline, the the one now a pol guying this morning. ♪ >> did that get your attention? there is a major rock band
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giving qued owe to that kid to a drummer from our area. all right, good day everybody, it is a monday, it is cyber monday, it is monday the 28th, i'm karen hepp. thomas drayton has the morning off. of course eagles play tonight we are so excited about that. we hope you have a good weekend. joining us right now sue serio, good morning to you. >> good morning good how was your weekend. >> nice and long and successful, we had a good thanksgiving, i hope did you too. >> wonderful. >> you have turkey and everybody, how is billy feeling. >> doing well, it is a miracle. >> yes. >> he is okay. >> bob kelly, good morning to you. >> good morning, we have life, plenty of lights, we have my lights up, they looked good pulling out of the driveway this morning. >> yeah. >> okay. >> and now, back to reality. >> true. >> well, we will give you an eight out of ten. we will see cloud cover but we are saving the rain for tomorrow, and keep in mind with a couple days of rain in the forecast we really,
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really, really really need it but for this morning we have mostly clear skies, not too many cloud around this morning, there is the cold front that will be coming through, and we will have a couple of days of rain, tomorrow, and on wednesday but we will detail that in a few minutes. the lets go out the door one thing at a time, this morning. the it is chilly at 36 degrees. we have win. it feels like 32. make sure you bundled up enough. sunrise time is 7:01 this morning, as the days just keep getting shorter, 20's to the north of us and 24 in million willville. look for a high of 55 degrees with plenty of sunshine at least, through the middle of the day increasing cloud later on. we will talk about what happens after that coming up. bob kelly, welcome back. >> sueby good morning. welcome back. worse thing about that four day weekend is that fifth day getting up early. back at it, live look at the schuylkill expressway. no problems at the moment coming in the sit is i. virtually any overnight construction that was typically out the there in the
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morning is not out there. they had between the holiday and weekend a couple of days off, as is the vine expressway here opened up for business, no problems coming into, or out of the city. kind of quiet all around the board. no problems at all on our major roadway. eagles tonight, monday night football, so there will be a lot of unusual traffic patterns, in abe out of the south philadelphia, all day long, leading up to that big game, if you notice guy next to you in the cubicle not in maybe he is a big eagles fan and tailgater. we will have tailgaters down there early in the parking love. it right now no problems at all on the i the 95 and schuylkill expressway and looking good on mass transit. karen, back to you. we're following breaking news from the overbrook section of philadelphia, where police are investigating the shoot are of the transgendered person. lets get tout lauren johnson at police headquarters with the very latest on this, lauren, what do we know at this early hour, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. at this hour police are trying their hardest to get the in touch with the business owner
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whose surveillance cameras might shed light on exactly what happened at that intersection, lets take a look at video from the the scene last night around 11:15 when 19th district officers got the call of that shooting, the the 21 year-old transgendered victim told police he was hit once in the hip but shooter fired far more shots then that. take a listen to what detective scott small says happened. >> based on information from the victim, they were in a bar at 66th and lansdowne and when the victim exited the bar, two other patrons of the the bar followed the victim about two blocks where at the intersection of 66th and malvern for some reason one of the two males, that was following the victim fired five shots. striking the victim in the hip. the victim was able to run a half block to their home in the 1200 block of atwood road. based on ballistics evidence we know five shots were fired from a small caliber,
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semiautomatic weapon. we don't have a motive for the shooting at this time. >> reporter: victim was able to describe one of the suspects to police, the actual shooter himself. he said it was a black male, medium build, 5 feet 6 inches with tattoos on his face. police say he did flee the area on foot and search is on for both suspects. police trying hard to get in touch with that business owner so they can watch that surveillance camera footage to find out exactly why this all happened, karen. >> lauren, thanks very much. man who was shot the to death at a new jersey mall on black friday has been laid to rest. hundreds, gathered on sunday in atlantic city toy mourn, damon cottman. he was shot multiple times outside a macy's store at hamilton mall in mays landing. the that is the scene. cottman's brother was wounded in the shooting. no suspects have been identified. police do not have a motive. fire captain that has been charged in the shooting death of the 16 year-old junior fire fighter, this happened inside
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of a fire department in red stone township. that is 45 miles south the of pittsburgh. twenty-one year-old george mattis is facing criminal will homicide in that teenager's death. it is unclear what led to that violence. delta airlines issued an apology after a passenger goes on a from it the california rant in one of the flights, an expletive filled tie rate in support of the president-elect donald trump and it has gone viral. delta admits it should have done more. >> y'all talk, it is your president everyone of you, if you don't like it, too bad. >> so you hear what the guy had to say. jenny gist will break it down. the she's joining us in the studio this morning. jenny. >> reporter: good morning, karen. this video has seen millions of times and delta is admitting they could have handled this situation better. >> donald trump, baby. that is right, this man knows what is up. any hillary clinton supporters
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on here. come on baby. >> reporter: clinton supporters, say what started as a casual conversation about the election spiraled into a political rant aboard a plane from atlanta to allentown race tuesday. it was has eveningers by a passenger flying home to see her family for the the holidays. she says that at one point the man was escorted off the plane by a flight attendant but short time later, he was a loud back on board. he says that he at i odn't and loudly stated this is what you get to are for being a patriot but for some it was just too late. >> being obnoxious on i plane that is just a soft spot for americans. you don't make people feel threatened or a airplane and i am just shock after he did that he was allowed to fly. >> reporter: delta released a statement saying in part quote we have followed up about the teams involved. all agree that this customer should not have been allowed
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to continue on that flight. baum says that she thinks president-elect trump should make a statement denouncing this rant last night. our brad satin left a message for the man believed to be the one yelling for that man but he has not gotten back to us. karen. >> we will continue to follow-up, thank you so much. this is a big this thing that people are talking about this weekend, the the recount of votes from the presidential election, more than six million-dollar is donated to green party presidential candidate jill stein's efforts to recount and tally votes in michigan, wisconsin and right here in pennsylvania. clinton's team says it is now joining the fight because of an obligation to the voters. and donald trump reacting on twitter tweeting, another just voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias, big problem. jill stein, fired back, experts pointed us towards wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan as the largest chance of fraud, but we would support efforts elsewhere to up hold
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election integrity. all of this happening as president-elect trump continues to select his cabinet this weekend his senior advisor kelly ann conway revealed her feelings for contenders for secretary of state. >> reporter: kelly ann conway said she shared her feelings about mitt romney privately with mr. trump but today she took them public in the big way on three separate sunday shows she blasted mitt romney as wrong man for the job for secretary of state, she questioned necessary credentials, his loss and his loyalty to the president-elect. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney went out of his way to question the character, the intellect, the inn to telling grit of donald trump, to be given the me significant cabinet post of all a secretary of state. that is a decision only one man can make, president-elect
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donald trump. i will respect it, support it 1,000 percent but i'm he reflecting what the grass routes are saying. report rorrer other cop contenders are rudy guiliani, john bolton, tennessee senator bob corker and retired general david petraeus. mr. trump has made four appointments to his cabinet, betsy devos for education secretary, mike pompeo for director of cia, south caralina governor nikki haley for u.n. ambassador and jeff sessions for, attorney general. all four require senate confirmation. marco rubio gave us a taste of who should sail will through the pros process. >> you are not the rest i to say you are support the confirmation of jeff sessions for attorney general. >> i never do until that person works their way through the process. this the case of pompeo and nikki haley i they they were a good cows. >> reporter: interest right process will continue tomorrow in new york. mr. trump is set to meet eight people for variety of rolls, in his administration. in washington, kristin fischer, "fox news". another big story from the weekend, the death of fidel castro, a flood of mixed
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reactions following the death of a long time dictator. why many are cautiously optimistic about the future of that island nation. from malls to the keyboard coming up on the fox 29 morning news search for holiday savings goes on line today but as cyber monday in danger of losing its appeal or will you be shopping. let us know. we will be right back.
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this is a new drone video of the devastation caused by severe flooding in
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northwestern italy, they have been having torrential downpours and causing landslides, you can see, destroying homes, no relief in sight there. weather in that forecast has more rain in it in the coming days. 44:00 is our time. sue, we have had drought conditions. >> right. >> we could use some rain. >> yeah, it is in the forecast, it is not for today, and it is for most of us welcomed rain. really do need some. we don't want to get into where we're conserving water and all that. this will help. but not the tonight. not the for eagles game. we will see increasing cloud. the it will be 46 degrees at game time of 8:30 but we know y'all will be partying, early then that. tailgating. the it should be dry for that as well. you just need a jacket. it the is almost winter after all. watching this cold front here that will be moving in, tomorrow, we will have the clouds from it late night and by this time tomorrow morning we should be seeing, some rain, and then rain will be sticking around, as we said for next couple of days.
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lets get to the future cast and show you what we're talking about. for most of the day we will see sunshine, clouds roll in late in the day and at night as we mentioned for the eagles game and then, arrival times of the rain about five or 6:00 s around rest of the day on and off and then another round rolls in. we may get a break in the morning on wednesday but then more rain, late in the day, on wednesday, afternoon, and wednesday evening. so, basically, it is dry today for eagles game, two days of rain, possibility of the thunderstorm, on wednesday, and then rain lingering perhaps into thursday morning but it should be dry by, thursday evening, and, friday, saturday, okay, chance of rain on sunday. that is your seven day forecast. keeping track of that. >> i am looking which night i will check out christmas lights. good morning, everybody. 4:15 on a monday. live look at bennie. all the lights are on. we're looking good. nice shot the of the sky line as we get ready for monday night football here in philadelphia. in problems at all on i-95
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heading to or from the airport, yesterday was one of the busiest days at the airport, everything that came off without a hitch and in problems heading down to maybe drop off someone to head back, on a monday morning. looking good up and down 295, no problems, coming back, from the poconos this morning on the northeast extension, and septa's market frankford line using shuttle buses until 5:00. same deal on the subway. we will kick it off at 8:30 tonight eagles/packers monday night football but you know philadelphia, we have to get down there early to have hot chocolate and check out the grill. so we will see a lot of unusual traffic patterns throughout the day, yes, on a monday, down there near tailgaters will start arriving probably i would bet you a jelly doughnut there is probably somebody down there now but officially not until noon, they will open up some of the lots down there like fdr park but we will see a lot of extra activity off i-95 and schuylkill heading to and from the stadium area septa says it will kick in the the sports
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express trains tonight for ale of the eagles fans going to the game. were you like me and put up your lights over the weekend? i hope so. snap a picture and post a shot of your house decorated for the holidays, post it to facebook, twitter, instagram and use the #fox 29 light contest so i can pull pictures. show them on tv all throughout the holiday and then one night each week, we will pick the best of the best, and show up on your front lane and broadcast live during our 5:00 k newscast. we will company that one night this week. i will chat with sueby and figure out the best day weather-wise and we will have that answer in the next half an hour, back over to you, car ebb. all over cuba flags are at half staff as that nation marks eight days of mourning, honoring the life long dictator fidel castro. but with one notable exception, u.s. embassy. some people are saying that is disrespectful, however, embassies are not subject to the mandates of the local governments. meanwhile, world leaders are continuing to react to
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castro's passing, in south korea's leader kim june unordered three days of the mourning calling the cuban leader a close friend and comrade while canadian prime minister justin true dough is clarifying his original remarks, praising castro. kelly wright has more. >> the fact is that it is fidel castro that had a deep, lasting impact on the cuban people. >> reporter: canadian prime minister justin true dough defending his confidential comments which he praised cuban dictator fidel castro following his death calling him a legendary revolutionary and orator, many criticized the statement even within canada, citing castro's poor human rights effort. >> on the passing of his death i express aid statement that highlighted, the, you know, deep connection between the people of canada and people of cuba. >> reporter: u.s. leaders condemned his comments, including senators marco rubio and ted cruz. both cuban americans.
4:19 am
calling the comments disgraceful. >> he shouldn't be doing what barack obama and justin truedeux which is celebrating a fidel castro a murder us communist dictator. >> reporter: other u.s. leaders are weighing in on the death of castro including former democratic presidential candidate, and self proclaimed democratic sociallist, bernie sanders. >> a lot of people have left cuba from then onto fulfill their as preparations, so no, if cuban economy is a disaster. i do not praise fidel castro. >> reporter: cubans are now preparing for events, in memory of their long time leader, in havana's revolution square. >> we are setting up a big screen and platforms for tv for events around the death have of fidel castro for people who are coming to sign the book of condolence. >> reporter: cube ace observing nine days of mourning before castro's burial or december 4th. in washington, kelly wright, "fox news". it is 4:19.
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police are searching for prisoner who tried to rob a man who shot him in feltonville. it happened on the 100 block of west rockledge street. police say robber shot the victim in the thigh and back side. victim is in stable condition over at temple. police say two weapons were recovered at that scene. and new orleans, it is most popular tourist destination has reopened to the public following shooting that sent hundreds of tourist running for cover. police say someone shot and killed a hand in the french quarter and injured nine others. witnesses say the incident sent people on bourbon street stampeding in the bars for shelter sunday morning. police say bullets hit eight men and two women. there was a 25 year-old man who died at the hospital. police say they have two people in custody, including one man, with a gunshot wound. >> we were able to make two arrests on this scene, one of the victims was in possession of a firearm, another subject, perhaps may or may not have been affiliated with this event was arrested in possession of a firearm. >> the mayor of the new orleans tweeted the shooting
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was unacceptable, police, e ms were on the scene and responded fast, we will pursue the investigation aggressively. all right. time right now 4:21. cyber monday fizzled? many holiday shoppers are looking for holiday deals sooner then ever. maybe you are one. maybe clicking on black friday. on line sales surged to a new high this year. analyst at adobe insights say consumer spent $3 billion shopping on line on friday. that is a 21 percent increase from the same day last year. and then for those shop hours braved the wall the discounts were deep but not enough to get people there in droves. according to the national retail federation customers spent an average of $289 over the four day weekend which is down nearly 3.5 percent, from a year ago. all right. speaking have of money there is someone in tennessee who has a lot of it, 421 million-dollar, richer. one ticket matched all six power ball numbers in saturday
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night's drawing. but don't give up hope lottery officials say someone bought the a ticket in pennsylvania and it is worth a million-dollar. so check your tickets. just in case you are feeling lucky here are the winning lottery numbers, we do hope you have them, good luck on those.
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good morning i'm sean bell. eagles with a prime time match up against the packers tonight, both teams,
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desperately, need a win to make the playoffs. hopefully eagles have time, half time ceremony will give them luck. former eagles linebacker jeremiah trotter and voice of the eagles merrill reese will be induct in the eagles hall have of fame tonight. yesterday they had a lunch to honor both of the guys. hopefully they will bring extra juice to the game. to the sixers and the cavilers, sixers had a double digit lead at one point in the game but cavilers woke up it was over. in a short per. lebron passes to kyrie and lebron had a triple double and kyrie had 39 points. sixers lose their third straight, 112-108. flyers and the flames, second period, flyers up three-one. nick cousins with the great defense, starts a has break and there wayne simmonds finishing it with a great, great goal right there. that is his 11th goal of the season. the flyers win it five-three. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. well, even with an injured knee with the patriots tom
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brady ties payton manning for most wins ever by a quarterback in nfl history. this was not easy for brady and had to bring his team from behind in the final minutes to get that 22-17 win over jets. brady now has 200 wins in the regular and post seasons, tying him with manning. brady will will try break that record sunday against the rams. and downtown philadelphia, it is beautiful, down and seen it at all, it looks so much like christmas. the it is the season. we will a sneak peak at two events helping to ring in the holiday. and you know the song little drummer boy? we have our own version of the little drummer boy. he got a shout on it from his favorite bad.
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search for a suspect as a transgendered person is shot after leaving a bar. there is a trump supporter going on a rant on a flight, it was a delta flight, why the airline says that it should have handled that situation differently. plus... does the season have you feeling a little tense is this best ways to relieve holiday stress, straight ahead. good day, everybody it is a monday, it is november 28th, eagles lay tonight, put us in a good mood good morning to both of you. >> we're in a good mood today because we're playing.
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tomorrow, we will see. >> green, we're representing. >> i did the best i could. i'm doing the best i can. let's get to the number of day, it is ab eight out of ten. not a bad day ahead. there are clouds in the offing if you will but they are not here just yet the and we should see some sunshine after 7:00 o'clock, of course, that is how short days are getting. you will look out toward chicago, st. louis, memphis, we will see those place's affect by a cold trent we will get that rain tomorrow, today, it is dry, pretty tranquil and chilly, make sure your kid have their winter coat on, 36 degrees, feels like 32, sunrise at 7:01, 23 degrees in mount pocono. twenty-eight in lancaster. twenty-four in millville. mostly everybody else in the 30's. so we will recover to 55 degrees today which is nice and through lunchtime we will get plenty of sunshine with increasing clouds later in the day. sunset time 4:37, bob kelly.
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4:37? >> that is right air are around when i get up from my nap. it is 4:31. lets get up and going on a monday, after the long holiday weekend. the disabled here 95 southbound at cottman avenue. they have just gave a free push off in the shoulder, of the construction zone, but so far light volume this morning. no problems at all coming in from south jersey, again, everybody back at it again today and with the first day back also comes the eagles game later on tonight. no problems as i mentioned up and down i-95, still in that construction up there on the turnpike between philadelphia and bensalem all the way over to the turnpike connection bridge. septa's using shuttle buses until 5:00 on both market frankford and broad treat subway, and no problems up and down new jersey, the folks coming over delaware memorial bridge heading up to north jersey you are in good shape. monday night football eagles/packers kick it off at 8:30. that will bring us extra volume in and out of the stadium complex all day long,
4:32 am
we will have tailgaters show up and that will impact our evening rush hour. even if you are not going to the game you will feel impact down there in south philadelphia, and of course for all of the sports fans, septa running sports express trains later on for eagles fans. karen, back over to you. we are following this breaking news from overbrook, that is where police are investigating the shooting of the transgendered person. lauren johnson is at the police headquarters with what we have learn, good morning. >> reporter: west detectives are searching for those one suspects this morning but they are also searching for owners, of nearby store who might be able to help them with their investigation. police say this happened around 11:15 last night after a 21 year-old transgendered victim lefty bar. at some point he realized two people who were also inside that bar were following him home as he approached the intersection of 66th and malvern. one of the suspects fired five shots at that victim he was hit once in the hip and able to get up and run a half block
4:33 am
home before calling for help. he was taken to the hospital where he is recovering in stable condition and now, police need help. >> fortunately, at the corner of 66th and malvern where shots were fired we did find a business with several exterior surveillance cameras, west detectives was trying to contact the owner of that business which is closed toe if the cameras recorded anything that can help us with this investigation. victim was only able to describe one of the individuals that followed and that was the shooter, and he is described as a male, medium build, about 5 feet 6 inches in height, but he has tattoos on his face. >> reporter: right now police do not have a lot of information to go off of. they do not have a motive but they know victim was followed home and targeted so police are hoping to get their hands on that surveillance video to shed more light on exactly what happened, karen.
4:34 am
>> thank you very much. here's another story so many people talking about all around this country. delta airlines has issued an apology after a passenger went on a political rant on one of its flights. it was a expletive filled tirade in support of the president-elect donald trump and it has been shared all over. airline admits it should have done more. lets get to jenny joyce. >> reporter: passengers did not like the fact that this man was escorted off plane and then allowed back on. delta says that never should have happened. >> donald trump is your president every god dam one of you. >> reporter: let's start as a casual conversation about the the election spiraled in a offensive political rant aboard a plane last tuesday. it was captured by apple baum flying home to see her family for the will holiday. you can hear the man calling clinton female supporters the b word. man was escorted off the plane by a flight attendant but short time later he reappeared
4:35 am
and many passengers felt uncomfortable with that. >> you know, donald trump, and he was getting in reaction, he said, for all of your hillary supporters on the plane and that was a big, struck a big, you could see everyone's face when that happened. they were shocked. >> reporter: delta release aid statement saying in part we have followed up with the teams involved and all agree that this customer should not have been allowed to continue on the flight. the last night, brad satin left a message believed to be the man yelling in that video but he has not gotten back to us. karen. >> jenny, thank you. also election officials in wisconsin set to meet to discuss possible time line for recount of the state's, that states presidential election. green party candidate jill stein says it is important to determine whether hacking may have affect the results, president-elect donald trump narrowly won wisconsin and pennsylvania and has a very, very small lead in michigan. there is no evidence that voter results were hacked or electronic voting machines
4:36 am
were compromised. we have the right to bear arms in this country with you do we have the right to own stun guns? new jersey's attorney general says, yes. the ag christopher perino is looking to end a lawsuit on people buying stun guns. someone from new jersey as well as second amendment society the filed a lawsuit against the garden state. this all stems from the u.s. supreme court decision that says second amendment covers stun guns. attorney general says he wants to make sure that the state craft regulations about stun gun possession, and use. speaking of laws in new jersey, some law headachers there say they are worried about what jeff sessions, trump's attorney general pick, could mean for that state's legal says of marijuana lawmakers in the democratic leaning state say they are planning on moving forward on crafting legislation for when governor chris christie leaves office but incoming ag, senator jeff sessions opposes legal says. he said in april good people don't smoke marijuana on the campaign trail.
4:37 am
trump says he favors letting states the deciding whether marijuana should be legalized. there is a minnesota pageant contestant making history for her interpretation of the beauty. we will explain.
4:38 am
4:39 am
welcome back taking a live look at philly international, all calm there but it was quite busy there for the holiday weekend and certainly
4:40 am
yesterday. let's crunch those numbers. transportation security administration says passengers moved quite the smoothly through their security checkpoints at airports across the country saying 2.5 million passengers were screened yesterday, which, of course was last day of the holiday weekend. about 500,000 more than a typical weekday. so the data shows that average delays were about 15 minutes or less left yesterday afternoon but some were stranded in some areas because of the weather. we have to tell but this boy just ten years old and got the attention of the major rock band metalica. look. >> ♪ how about that, he is just ten years old, how about that drum set and letting him go
4:41 am
down with it. this is daniel playing a song from metalica's most recent album and right thefully so metalica said good work, dude. this is one of the many drumming videos that has been shared by that boy. really cool. living your dream. there is a minnesota pageant contestant breaking ground, 19 year-old helenaaden has become first contestant to wear a habegin, during the miss u.s.a. pageant. she sported a full body bathing suit called a berkini. she was one of 45. she made it to the semi finals but failed to advance the to the final round of five. downtown philadelphia starting to look a whole lot like christmas. a sneak peak at two events helping to reign in the holidays.
4:42 am
sure, you could sit around all night iting for a pizza to be livered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
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welcome back. hopefully you can help us. we have partnered with the kelly ann doland memorial fund here to do a lot of work with them. you can adopt a family. doland fund is looking for unwrapped toys for children up to 18 years old, or a gift card from target, wal-mart, you can just drop them off at wissohickon firehouse on december 5th, and 6th of next monday and tuesday. good day will be there on the sixth, until 10:00 a.m., jen fred will be out there. for more information just come to fox or call that number on your screen. hey there bob. good morning, everybody. 4:45. getting up and out, kick those covers off i know it is tough after the holiday weekend. 4:45. light volume here on 422 heading in and out of king of prussia. it was bus think stretch here out near outlets. no problems at all on the vine street expressway, overnight crews were a no show because of the holiday weekend so we are good to go to start off our morning rush hour into and out of the city. new today begins a brand new
4:46 am
project, broad street, overpass, where it goes over the roosevelt boulevard, here watch for some lane restrictions throughout the day, mainly down below on the roosevelt boulevard, the espresso lanes here where it takes you to broad street. septa using shuttle buses until 5:00 on both market frankford and broad street subways. they typically do. it is monday night football here in philadelphia, eagles/packers we will kick off at 8:30 but we will be down there early to have our hot chocolate and parking spot get the chair all set up. tailgaters down there early and we will see a lot of unusual traffic patterns, not only for our first day back after the holiday but because we welcomed monday night football to our town. so just be ready for that even if you are not going to the game you'll see changes in the patterns in and out of south philadelphia. our major roadways all take the hit especially during the evening rush hour on i-95, schuylkill expressway, and just look out for that left offer construction on the turnpike between philadelphia, and the delaware valley
4:47 am
connection bridge. get your lights up over the weekend? come on, once you get them up, plug them in, snap a picture we are ready to do a kelly christmas this year. post your pictures to facebook, twitter, instagram, we have a whole bunch to sort through over the weekend but use that #fox 29 lights contest because they are the pictures that we can show on tv and make you eligible for our visit, the best of the best, one night a week we will hit the road in our decorated news van and broadcast live from somebody's front lawn, during the five and the 6:00 o'clock newscast. all the of the details are up on our web site the at fox and for the best day for me to head out to check out the lights, we will turn to sue serio in 15 seconds.
4:48 am
conveniently the rain will hold off until after the eagles game. we will have cloud, it will be chilly, in the mid 40's. by the time the game beginning bundle up, for that and for the tailgating beforehand. what we are watching is a system rolling in, overnight tonight, into tomorrow, with much needed rain. so there is your dry day to day, in the future cast, we will check out the rain starting by 6:00 o'clock we should have rain in the area and most of the area will be getting it on and off throughout the morning, throughout the afternoon, throughout the evening. so tuesday, rainy day, and then we will get a break wednesday morning by 1:00 o'clock here comes some more heavy rain. this is when we could get some thunderstorms on wednesday, and that is before everything is out of here probably by thursday morning. a few left over showers in the morning on thursday and then that is it for rain and then hopefully we will get relief from these near drought conditions. 36 degrees in philadelphia. twenty's to the north of us. eleven in wildwood.
4:49 am
34 degrees in wilmington to start your day. as we look back over weekend it wasn't that bad. we have had cloud cover on good -- good friday? black friday, saturday, and on sunday it was 50 degrees as well. well, hopefully it was a good friday for you if you got shopping done. there we go with the rain, tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday morning, but the sun should come out by thursday afternoon. half a dry weekend, saturday's high 52. sunshine chance of rain on sunday, karen. >> thanks, sue. well, lots of gifts, maybe checked off holiday list because of the christmas village in center city up and running so festive. went by this weekend. it is full have have life. iconic market holding its grand opening ceremony last night attracting people from all over the country. joann pilleggi has more just outside city hall. >> reporter: of course, santa was spotted at christmas village but there was a beautiful princess dressed in
4:50 am
gold with the crown, flowing cape. >> i'm like santa claus but just this germany and i bring kid to the gifts and i'm meaning for opening ceremony for baltimore and philadelphia. >> reporter: she greeted the opening of the christmas village which is modeled after a german market in bavaria. there farmers and artisans would sell in wooden stalls touring the holidays, and then people would come together to shop, and then enjoy the season. >> ♪ >> i personally like the holidays a lot. it brings people together. it really teams like it is, thighs everybody is out ice skating having fun. >> reporter: philadelphia's christmas village has a new home located all around city hall and dit worth park, vendors selling unique, hand crafted holiday items, and gifts you may in the find at a mall or traditional shopping
4:51 am
center. >> this is people, different types have jewelry they hade. i saw a glass maker which is really cool. i love it. >> it is our first time here. this is our first time. we just had the hot chocolate. she bought a few things to take home to some people. erika rodriguez loved christmas village and enjoys taking in the beauty of the season with her children. >> it is gorgeous out here, very christmasy ray and right before the holidays. >> sue and di just made a date to check it out. that was joann pilleggi reporting. another tradition of the lighting up hot who will day, macy an "s" christmas lights show at historic want make are building in center city. show has more than a hundred thousand led light, running through december 31st. and, in new york city, santa claus warming up the ice for the big day, lighting all of these skaters out.
4:52 am
wow, santa can state. there was a lot of fun offered, skating tips and, of course, pictures, with mr. clause. so, are you one of the people loves the holiday season or does it stress you out? we have some of the best ways to relieve a little bit of that pressure straight ahead. sure, you could sit around all night waiting for a pizza to be delivered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. at progresso, we are now using 100% atibiotic and hormone-free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups! behold our greatest opus!
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it looks like they are starting to make some snow up there in the pocono mountains. and, maybe some left overs. they had some that is sticking around. the pretty soon it will be skiing season. well, holidays can be a very happy time but they can be very stressful. not to worry. experts do have good tips on how you can keep yourself and your family stress free during such a busy time of the year. american psychological association find that nearly half of the women in this country are more stressed during the holidays, which actually puts our health at risk. some ways experts say you cannery leave stress, calm down, take those breaks by meditating and relaxing before starting your day. get moving and stay active, eat whole foods instead of processed foods and avoid putting on extra weight by limiting amount of comfort food. these are much easier said then done, seriously. eat smaller portions. yeah, get right up on that one. coming up at 8:00 o'clock on good day we will have stress reliefers you can try.
4:56 am
we promise they may be easier to accomplish then some of those. we have a lot more news ahead here on the fox 29 morning news. more than 2 million times is how many times people have been looking at this video, woman recorded this on a plane heading to our area. why the airline is now saying it should have done more, lauren? >> reporter: good morning, karen. police are investigating this morning after a transgendered victim was shot after leaving a bar and now they are hoping to find a business owner who can shed more like from surveillance camera footage. we will have more coming up after the break. sure, you could sit around all night iting for a pizza to be livered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
4:57 am
that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
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4:59 am
breaking news right now the search for a suspect after a person is shot, this all happened in philadelphia. and, uproar, over a recount? the latest political fall out that has president-elect donald trump lashing out on twitter. donald trump is y'all president every god dam one of of you, if do not like it, too bad. >> that guy is heading to our neck of the woods and now the airline is apologizing, after that rant. ♪ >> now a look at the this boy only ten from our area, a major rock band giving him a shout out, qued owes, on the internet. good day, everybody.
5:00 am
it is a monday, maybe you'll be shopping, it is cyber monday, good morning to all of. good morning to you guys. >> no drum sets for my kids please. >> gave new meaning to the term little trummer boy. >> okay. >> that is my line of the day, i do not have anymore. lets go to the number of the day. >> let's do it. >> we're going to have a dry day to day but i'm happy to say there is rain on the way for tomorrow because we need it. so today put up the lights, this is the take because you'll have a wash out the next couple of days. temperatures are in the 20's and 30's. make sure kids are bundled up as they get back to the school bus this morning. the there is bus stop buddy in his eagles hat and nice warm jacket and mittens as well because temperatures even though it is not windy, it is in the 20's and 30's. clear skies, some sunrise time is in the until 7:01. it is 34 degrees out there right now. twenty-three in mount pocono. twenty-nine in reading. in trenton there is 31 degrees.


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