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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  November 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it is a monday, maybe you'll be shopping, it is cyber monday, good morning to all of. good morning to you guys. >> no drum sets for my kids please. >> gave new meaning to the term little trummer boy. >> okay. >> that is my line of the day, i do not have anymore. lets go to the number of the day. >> let's do it. >> we're going to have a dry day to day but i'm happy to say there is rain on the way for tomorrow because we need it. so today put up the lights, this is the take because you'll have a wash out the next couple of days. temperatures are in the 20's and 30's. make sure kids are bundled up as they get back to the school bus this morning. the there is bus stop buddy in his eagles hat and nice warm jacket and mittens as well because temperatures even though it is not windy, it is in the 20's and 30's. clear skies, some sunrise time is in the until 7:01. it is 34 degrees out there right now. twenty-three in mount pocono. twenty-nine in reading. in trenton there is 31 degrees. thirty-two down in wilmington.
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thirty in wildwood. we will see sunshine especially around lunchtime today and we will get the in the mid 50's but then some rainy changes are on the way after that. we will talk about that coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, welcome back. hey sueby back at you, same thing, good morning. 5:01, always a little rough on the first day back not only for the adults but kid, school buses, come on grab your book back and lets go in the 50's on the schuylkill expressway. one good thing about today it is national french toast day look at the that stacked up with syrup and butter. we will have to order french toast here at the station. good morning, live look at i-95 right here near stadium area. this joint will be jumping later today as we say good morning to welcome to everybody in town for monday night football. forty-two. kind of quiet toward the city. brand new project that begins today, college avenue bridge, over the septa tracks right here near the train station there at haverford avenue.
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watch for delays. also a new project begins today on the roosevelt boulevard, mainly they are headaching repairs to the broad street overpass, above so watch for delays there. as i mentioned kick off 8:30 eagles and packers in south philadelphia that will throw extra volume in the stadium area and give us a lot of unusual traffic patterns, all throughout this day, septa's adding extra trains on the broad street subway for all of the eagles fans later tonight. karen, back over to you. thanks, bob. we are following this breaking news out of the overbrook section of philadelphia where police are investigating the shooting of the transgendered person. lets get out to lauren johnson at police headquarters with the details, lauren. >> reporter: good morning to you, karen. at this hour police are trying to get in touch with the business owner, near the intersection of the where this all happened, hoping to get their hand on surveillance camera that are posted right there. lets look at video from the scene there last night, it was around 11:15 when 19th district officers got call of the shooting, the 21 year-old
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transgendered victim told police he was hit once in the hip but shooter fired about five shots. lets look at what chief inspector scott small says happened. >> based on information from the victim they were in a bar at 66th and lansdowne and when the victim exited the bar, two other patients of the bar followed the victim, about two blocks where at the intersection at 66th and malvern for some reason one of the two males that was following the victim fired five shots, striking the victim in the hip and victim was able to run a half block to their home in the the 1200 block of atwood road. based on ballistics evidence we know at least five shots were fired from a small caliber, semiautomatic weapon. we do not have a motive for shooting at this time. >> reporter: the victim was able to describe one of the suspects to police the actual shooter, a male, medium build, 5 feet 6 inches and there were tattoos on his face.
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police say he did leave the scene on foot and this morning the search is on for both suspects, police are hoping that they can get in touch with that business owner at 66th and malvern, so they can get their hand on the surveillance video to find out the exactly what happened there, karen. >> we hope that they do, thank you. there has been a fire we have got breaking news that affected a store in vineland, new jersey. it broke out just after 2:30 this morning. there it is at the 500 block of landis avenue. it started inside this store. fire fighters made quick work of it. they knock it down. got it under control about an hour later. good news in reports of any injuries and we do not yet necessity what caused that fire to break out. here's a developing story that man shot to death at a new jersey mall on black friday has been laid to rest. so many gathered on sunday in at atlantic city to mourn devon cottman. he was shot multiple times. you can see have the evidence markers there outside macy's store in hamilton mall in mays landing. the victim's brother was also
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wounded in the shooting no suspects have been identified and police do not yet have a motive. fire captain has been charged in the shooting death of the 16 year-old junior fire fighter, this happened inside of a fire department at the red stone township, about 45 miles, south of the pittsburgh. twenty-one year-old george mattis is facing criminal homicide in that teenager's death. police say it is unclear what led to the violence. we do know delta airlines issued an apology after a passenger went on a political rant on one of its the flights. this was a tirade in support of the president-elect donald trump and it has been shared a lot. now they say he should have done more. >> donald trump is y'all president, every god dam one of you, if you do not like it, too bad. >> reporter: all right. jenny joyce is in the news room. this has a connection to our area is that right jenny. >> reporter: it it was a flight from atlanta to allentown. young woman was heading home for the who will taste and now this video has been seen
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millions of times, and delta is add hitting that they could have handled the situation a little bit better. >> donald trump, baby. that is right. this man knows what is up. we have any hillary clinton supporters on here. come on, baby. >> reporter: calling clinton supporters the b word what started as a casual conversation about the election spiraled into an offensive political rant on board a plane from atlanta to allentown last tuesday. it was captured bypass eveninger emma baum, who was heading home from the who will take. baum says at one point the hand was escorted off the plane but a short time later he was allowed back on game. baum says that he sat down, and loudly stated that this is what you get for being a patriot, and then stopped talking, but for some it was just too late. >> being obnoxious on a lane is such a soft spot for americans, you know what i mean? you don't make people feel threatened on a airplane and
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i'm shock after he did that he was allowed to fly. >> reporter: delta released a statement saying in part quote we have followed up with the teams involved and all agree that this customer should not have been allowed to continue on the flight. baum says she thinks president-elect trump should denounce this rant, last night our brat satton left a message for the man believed to be one yelling in that video but he has not gotten back to us. >> interesting to hear what he has to say, thank you. big push to recount votes from the presidential election, more than six million-dollar has been donated to the green party presidential candidate jill stein and her effort to recount votes in michigan, wisconsin, and right here in pennsylvania. clinton's team says it is joining the fight because of an obligation to voters. donald trump reacting to all that on twitter, several times saying, serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california, so why isn't the media reporting on this. serious bias, big problem.
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jill stein fired right back tweeting experts pointed us towards wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan as largest chance of fraud but we were support efforts elsewhere to up hold election integrity. all this is happening as the president-elect donald trum is continues to choose his cabinet members. this weekend his senior advisor kelly ann conway shared her feelings on the contenders for secretary of state, kristin fischer has the story. >> reporter: senior advisor kelly ann conway says she has shared her feelings about mitt romney private thely with mr. trump but today she took them public in a very big way. on three separate sunday shows she blasted mitt romney as wrong man for the job for secretary of state. she questioned his credentials, his loss in 2012 and most importantly his loyalty to the president-elect. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney, who went out of his way, to question the character, and the intellect, the integrity of donald trump now our president-elect, would be given the most significant
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cabinet post of all secretary of state. and, that is a decision that only one man can make, president-elect donald trump. i will respect it, i will support it 1,000 percent. but, i'm reflecting what the grass routes are saying. >> reporter: other top contenders for secretary of state are former new york city mayor rudy guiliani former u.n. ambassador john bolton, tennessee senator bob corker and retired general david pet trust. mr. trump has made four appointments to his cap need. betsy devos for education secretary, kansas congressman mike pompeo for director of cia, south carolina governor nil nikki haley for u.n. am was dor anal bam a senator jeff sessions for attorney general. all four require senate confirmation. today florida senator marco rubio gave us a taste of who should sale through the process and who will likely run into trouble. >> we're not ready to say if you will support the confirmation of jeff sessions for attorney general. >> i never do until that person works their way through the propers zest. in the case of pompeo and nikki haley. they will come to the the committee. they are were a good choice.
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>> reporter: it will continue tomorrow in new york. mr. trump is set to meet with eight people for a variety of rolls in his administration. in washington, kristin fischer, fox 29 news. 5:10. it was a great weekend for shopping, will you do more today, on this cyber monday, there are great deals, out there, but have you been like many who have been shopping already taking advantage of the black friday week? we will discuss. also, especially traveling during this time of the year can be stressful but could there be a solution? yeah, a robot. why that robot character thing may be the wave of the future.
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♪ >> no audio. >> to encourage them to learn to ski is that the deal. >> for free, to show your report card and why, you get the a ski pass how about that. >> i think that is fantastic. only thing they have gotten me in fourth and fifth grady might actually necessity how to ski right now. the it looks beautiful in the pocono mountains. it is cold enough to make snow, high pressure has been in control for most of the weekend, hasn't been bad at all but watching this cold trent which will arrive tomorrow and then stick around for another maybe day and a half, so it will change our
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weather pattern but really in a good way because we are expecting that rain, and we need, need, need to have some rain. so how much? it looks like by thursday morning when all is said and done we will at least have another inch, inch and a half maybe 2 inches of rain in the books with all of the systems heading our way. we need more than that but we will take it. 34 degrees in philadelphia right now. thirty-four in pittsburgh. forty-two in chicago. fifty-six in nashville. milder air moving with that rain at least initially here is your seven day forecast. today mix of sun and included, 55 degrees. pretty nice, should stay dry for the eagles game. we don't need rain here but you need to bundle up, of course. tomorrow rain and some wind, and then possibility of some thunderstorms, on wednesday, the rain could linger into thursday morning, we're, looking at some very mild temperatures, and looking ahead, with some rain, and it does cool off with some weekend, friday and saturday
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look dry. sunday there is a chance of rain. that is your seven day forecast, bob kelly is here with the traffic hoping that there isn't much. >> it is not bad right now, good morning, 54:00 back to work and school, back to our normal routines. then we will throw in a foot the ballgame tonight. live look at the blue route no problems or delays at all, nice and dry for the gang coming back from the poconos on the northeast extension. you are good to go. coming from new jersey on the freeway, starting to see some volume here pockets of light is here. what a difference just ten or 15 minutes can make. schuylkill expressway in problems at all as you work your way in to downtown, watch out for unusual traffic patterns in and out of south philadelphia today with the eagles game later tonight. on 422 we're in good shape right now between oaks and 202. we will have work crews out there later today near that king of prussia interchange, this problems coming up through malvern, main line, route 30, schuylkill but in haverford watch out college
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avenue the bridge that goes over the septa tracks at haverford avenue a new project will kick in today to make repairs there. also a new project begins today the on the roosevelt boulevard as you head up through broad street. i hope you used holiday weekend, to put up your christmas lights, like i did, come on we are ready for a very kelly christmas. snap a picture of your pretty decorated host and post to it facebook, twitter, instagram. use that #fox 29 lights cop test so i can search, find the picture, show them on tv and, of course, one night each week we will hit the road and pick the best have the best and broadcast live from your front lawn, cameras in all, one take this week. probably thursday that it we are going to head out tonight, out of this week. details are up on our web site at fox karen, back over to you. did you buy anything this weekend. >> did i buy, yes, lots of stuff. >> so did lots of or people it turns out. now today is cyber monday,
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shoppers looking for great deals. many people started last week because black friday sales on line surged to a new high for this year. analyst at a dough bye digital insights say consumer spent $3 billion shopping on line friday. that is a 21 percent increase from the same day last year. so at the malls, fewer people at the malls, lots of people there, according to the national retail federation, customers spent an average of $289 over the four day weekend which is down nearly 4.5 percent from a year ago but a lot of people are also shopping on their phones. you this record set there. speaking of money and spending there is someone in lafayette tennessee who spent money on a lottery ticket and they are a big winner, 421 million-dollar witcher. one ticket matched all six power ball numbers in the big drawing saturday night. don't give up hope. lottery officials say there was a winning ticket in our area, in pennsylvania worth a millions, not too shabby.
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world leaders are continuing to reaction the to the death of the long time cuban dictator fidel castro which includes the canadian rhyme minister now clarifying his original remarks, praising castro. kelly wright has more there washington. >> the fact is that fidel castro had a deep and lasting impact on the cuban people. >> reporter: canadian rhyme minister justin truedeux defending his controversial comments in which he praised cuban dictator fidel castro following his death, following him a legendary revolutionary and orator. many criticized the statement even within canada citing castro's poor human rights leader. >> on the passing of his death i vest a statement that highlighted the, the deep connections between the people of the canada and people of cuba. >> reporter: u.s. leaders condemned his comments, including senators marco rubio and ted cruz, both cuban
5:19 am
americans, calling the comments disgraceful. >> you shouldn't be doing what barack obama and justin truedeux are doing which is celebrating fidel castro a murder us communist dictator. >> reporter: other u.s. leaders are weighing in on the death of castro, including former democratic presidential can tait, and self reclaimed democratic socialist, bernie sanders. >> a lot of people have left cuba for better, lives to fulfill their as preparations. cuban economy is a disaster. no, i do not praise fidel castro. >> reporter: cubans are preparing for events in memory of their long time leader in havana's revolution square. we are setting up a big screen and platforms for events around the events of the death of fidel castro for the people coming to sign the book of condolence. >> reporter: cube ace observing nine days of mourning before castro's burial december 4th. in washington, kelly wright, fox 29 enthusiasms. well, new orleans most
5:20 am
popular tourist destination became a crime scene. police say someone shot and killed a man in the french quarter and injury nine others. witnesses say this sent people on bourbon street stampeding into the the bars to get shelter. police say bullets hit eight men and two women. a 25 year-old man died at the hospital. hospitals swarmed that area immediately. police do have two people in custody including a man with the gunshot wound. >> we were able to make two arrests on this scene, one of the victims was in possession of the firearm, and another subject, who perhaps, may or may not be affiliated with this event was arrested in possession of the firearm. >> the mayor, there tweeted the shooting was unacceptable, police and e ms were on the scene and responded, that we will pursue this investigation aggressively. is there a chicago, police sergeant, who shot and killed a 19 year-old now has been stripped of his police powers. investigators say that kay ray was standing at bus stop when sergeant approached him thinking he matched description of the suspect
5:21 am
wanted for a nearby battery call. victim then ran from the officer. the sergeant said during the foot chase that the victim turned around and pointed a gun at him. the teenager was shot in the back and then killed but no gun was ever found at the scene. the death of that teenager has been ruled a homicide. there was a car crash in arkansas making international news, first responders say that nothing short of the miracle, a baby is alive. fire fighters found an eight month-old in this unharmed condition, after she was eject from the car, flipped over, it was struck by a car as it is in the area first responders found that little girl away, 35 feet away in the highway covered median. emt check out that baby and found only a tiny scratch on her forehead. four other people also in the the car were not seriously hurt, in that accident. >> there has to be some kind of divine intervention for her to be okay the way she was. the baby, at the time, was
5:22 am
sitting down in the great sitting up, sitting up and looking at us waiting for us to pull her out. >> seriously, that is a miracle. police say driver of that truck, caused the crash and was issued a summons for an unsafe lane change. all right. it is 5:22. we know traveling during this time of the year, holidays can be very stressful, well, could that be the solution? why that thingamagigi could be the wave of the future. here's the winning lottery numbers, there last night, we hope you have them, good luck.
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traveling can be stressful during the holiday season but there is a silicone valley that has come up with solution toss alleviate those travel troubles. an airport robot who is also a concierge, fox's ann rubin introduces us to piper and pepper, quite possibly the wave of the future. >> reporter: if holiday travel has you stressed piper is here to help. >> like wow, no it is a robot. >> reporter: she with her row about the cohorts, norma and amelia have moved in the concourses of san help say international airport. they can take a selfie and send it to you, host a dance party, give you directions to shop and even flirt, wink. >> oh, yes, she's receipt i. >> reporter: idea to offer travelers that little
5:26 am
something extra, information, with a bit of silicone valley flare. >> kids adored it, i adored it. >> reporter: as with any technology there have been glitches, touch screen has been troublesome and battery life a little too short so two of the robots got replaced with an upgraded model but overwhelming reactions have been positive. >> i will remember this when i go home and tell my boyfriend all about it. sorry i missed it. >> reporter: from piper, we will go to pepper. that is name of the robot greeting shoppers at woes field valley fair hall. >> pepper is completely 2016. >> reporter: there are two peppers in san help say and three up in san francisco. they speak multiple languages, lay games and dance and take selfies. >> we really want to know if our customers are delighted to hear, that is great. if they are in the we will change her to make sure that she's something our guest will understand who she is. >> pepper two is a work in progress.
5:27 am
she needed a reboot. this is a pilot rog tech see if the the robot might take the the place of the concierge service. >> me, i wouldn't be as hesitant to ask him or her. >> all right. that was ann rubin reporting. let us know what you think. just tweet us, i'm karen at fox 29. listen to this... >> ♪ >> pretty cute kid, really good drummer. is there a rock band giving a shout out to that kid from our area, yes.
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the search for suspects as they transgendered person is shot after leaving a bar. and a trump supporter, goes on a tirade, on a flight to our area. so why is the airline apologizing right now you? and temple's top east carolina at the link over the weekend, exciting but what is still being talked about is this post of our sky line, can you see what is wrong, seriously. good day, everybody. we will be playing football once again, it is a game day, on this monday, which is exciting, when we have bright lights out there, hi there bob. >> okay. you know is in in his eagles
5:31 am
hat. bus stop buddy. you need a warm jacket this morning. even though it is not too windy temperatures are in the 20's and 30's and yes, back to reality day. we have to get back to the school bus kids, make sure you have enough on, for those temperatures, we don't have any rain around, we will tomorrow, but not to dade, and sunrise until 7:01 officially. it is 4 degrees at the moment in the city. twenty-four this pottstown. twenty-eight in allentown. twenty-four in millville. wilmington delaware we have 32 . sunshine today will take us in the lower 50's by lunchtime. we will top off at 55 degrees shortly thereafter because sunset at 4:37 but this is a dry day. bob kelly follow thanks didn't get your christmas lights up, today is your day because it will rain tomorrow. >> you know it, 5:31. we will head out to to lights on thursday that it, this week. that will give us our best chance of a dry front lawn, a live look good morning, 5:31
5:32 am
here we go time to make the doughnuts. starting to see volume, heading south, in toward girard avenue. a live look at the benny, no problems at all up and over into downtown. the lights all lit up there. wait until you see story we just teased here about city sky line over the weekend. schuylkill expressway, looking good at the moment. no problems, if you're coming in towards downtown philadelphia. but you will see a lot of extra volume as we are hosting monday night football, here in philadelphia. eagles/packers always a big night 8:30 kick off. even if you are not going to the game you will see unusual traffic patterns, mainly heading in to and out of of south philadelphia. certainly will impact our evening rush hour along that i-95 and schuylkill expressway and septa for sports fans adding the sports express trains which began later this evening for everybody heading in the stadium area. back over to you. we are following this breaking news at 5:33 almost. it comes from the overbrook
5:33 am
section of the philadelphia police are investigating a shooting. the lets get out to lauren johnson right now. so lauren, was victim followed? is that what police say have happened. >> that is exactly what they think happened according to that victim and west detectives are now searching for two suspects in addition to a business owner, who has camera, up at the business who may be able to help with that investigation. police say all this happening around 11:15 after a 21 year-old transgendered victim left a bar at some point as he was walking he realized two people inside that bar were following him, as he approached the intersection of 66th and malvern. one of the suspects fired five shots at the victim, and was hit once in the hip. he got up, ran a half block home before calling for help. he was taken to the hospital where he is recovering in stable condition and police need help. >> fortunately at the corner of 66th and malvern where the shots were fired we did find a business, which had several
5:34 am
exterior surveillance cameras. west detectives is trying to contact the owner of that business, which is close to see if the camera reported anything that can help us with this investigation. victim was only able to describe, one of the individuals, that followed and that was the shooter, and he is described as a male, medium build, about 5 feet 6 inches in height but he has tattoos on his face. >> reporter: that is all police know. they don't have a motive. they do know victim was followed home and targeted. police hope to focus their investigation on that surveillance camera but so they can find out exactly how all this happened, karen? >> lauren, thanks very much. also right now police are searching for a person who tried to rob a man and then shot him in feltonville. this happened last night on the 100 block of west rockland street. police say a guy shot a man inside in the buttocks and he is in stable condition the at temple hospital.
5:35 am
police say they did find two weapons at that scene. this is big news happening right now after months of no agreement, talks between philadelphia school district and teachers union is finally moving forward according to the school system has put an offer of 100 million-dollar on the table. this would include paying increasing for teachers based on years of experience and bonuses for those working in the hard to staff schools. teachers have been working without a contract for three years, and without raises for four, so this is a big break through. teachers union president said under this proposed deal teachers would not receive cost of living increases or receipt tremendous active pay for the years that they have gone without raises. happening right now, delta airlines has issued an apology after a a passenger went on a political rant on one of the flights coming to our area. there were curse words on this one, delta says it should have done more. the lets get to jenny joyce in the news room with what happened, jenny.
5:36 am
>> reporter: passengers didn't like the fact that this man was escorted off the plane and then allowed back on board. settle a says that never should have happened. >> donald trump is y'all president every god dam one of you. >> reporter: what started as a casual conversation about the election spiraled in an offensive political rant aboard a plane from atlanta to allentown last tuesday. it was captured bypass eveningers emma baum, flying home to see her family for the thanksgiving holiday. you can hear the man calling clinton female supporters a b word. baum says man was escorted off the plane by a flight attendant but a short time later, he reappeared and many passenger felt uncomfortable. >> donald trump, donald trump and because he got no reaction, he said for all of you hillary supporters on the plane and that struck a big, you could see everyone's face when that happened. it was like shocked. >> reporter: delta released a statement saying in part quote
5:37 am
we have followed up with the teams involved and all agree this customer should not have been allowed to continue on the flight. dealt, again released that statement, following this incident from last week and last night our brad satton left a message foreman believed to be one yelling in that video but he has not gotten back to us. karen. >> maybe he will to take, thank you. we appreciate it. election officials in wisconsin are set to meet to discuss a possible time line for recount of that state's presidential elections. green party can tait jill stein says it is important to determine whether hacking may have affected the results. the president-elect donald trump narrowly won business conn inn, and pennsylvania and small lead of michigan. there is in evidence that the voting machines were compromised but recount must be completed by december 13th. there is a ten year-old who gotten the attention of metalica. >> ♪
5:38 am
>> that is daniel playing a song from metalica most recent album and metalica the band commented saying nice work, dude. he shares a lot of videos. he fridays our area. pretty cool for him. there is a doctor from pennsylvania who was made famous in the movie concussion, now shutting down his non-of the foundation. why he is blaming that popular film for that decision. i have asthma...
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good morning, i'm sean bell. joel embiid was pack in action after sitting out the try's game but with the cavilers coming to town, it didn't really matter. sixers had a double digit lead but cavilers decided to wake up, and there it the is, lebron takes to it kyrie for triple. lebron had triple double. kyrie had 39 points. sixers lose their third straight, 112-108. to the flyers and flames, second period flyers up three-one. nick cousins with the great defense starts fast break, hand it out to wayne simmonds and simmonds finishing it, his 11th goal of the season. flyers win, five-three. and former eagles linebacker jeremiah trotter and voice of the eagles merrill reese will be inducted in the eagles hall of fame. yesterday they had a lunch to honor both of the guys, hopefully that will bring a
5:42 am
little extra juice to this game. they need it. they want to make the playoffs. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. speaking of sports temple top east carolina at the link over the weekend but what is still being talked about is what espn put out there, the post of our sky line, can you see what is long with this picture? we will explain.
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(announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million snow bank. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪ we're hoping you can help us out. we have teamed up with the kelly and dolan memorial fund this year to help as many families as possible. you can help too by adopting a family. this is a group that helps children with any disease at all, not specific, and they do a great job. bring a new unwrapped toy for children up to 18 years old or get a gift card for one of the big stores, target, wal-mart, drop them off at wissohickon firehouse december 5th and 6th. we will be out their life
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december 6th, and we will be there until ten in the morning. for more information come to our web site at tax now i will go to bob kelly, busy day. >> good morning, everybody. 5:46. look at this poor elf here he got all jammed up, tied down with the legos. let this serve as a reminder to everybody who has a elf visiting their house that the elf moves every night before the kid get up to go morning, hint, hint, to the parents out there, as we go for a ride on the schuylkill expressway, heading in toward south philadelphia. this problems at the moment. nobody is tied down on the lego blocks there. here's a live look at route 309 near the fort washington interchange looking good at the moment. first day back after a holiday weekend is always a rough one, i like to say the worst part of the four day weekend is the alarm clock going off at 2:00 a.m. like on the fifth day like it did here. kicking those covers off getting kid back in the groove. they had off as well.
5:47 am
their first day back to school. this problems on the vine street expressway. there you go that first jammo as we like to call it, folks trying to get into 30th street station. new project begins today college avenue working on the bridge that goes over the septa track. also a new project here on the roosevelt boulevard both directions at the broad street overpass, so there is two new projects that pen to the will kick in and, of course, over weekend i hope you took the opportunity to put up your lights like judy did. we have got all hook up here. we got helicopter on the roof there. if you put up your christmas late this weekend snap a picture and post it like judy did to facebook, twitter, instagram, use the #fox 29 lights contest to show the the pictures on tv, all month long, and then, of course, pick one night each week, to yum seven into decorated enthusiasms van, i have new twinkle lights too for the cash board and we will head out there one night this week during five and 6:00 o'clock
5:48 am
newscast all details are on our web site at fox now what night should i go out this week? sue will have the answer in 15 seconds. all right. discussing the elf, elf movements because it happens every night, and, hopefully yours will reveal is it the a him? yes. >> it is self, okay. lets look at our situation with the rain. we have only had .42 inches of rain for month of november, and month is almost over and that is 2.22 inches below normal. we hope to make up for that over next couple of days. not to day in the future cast. we will see increasing clouds by tonight but no rain until
5:49 am
after midnight tonight, after the eagles game is over, but then, it will be raining, probably during the morning rush hour, and, lunchtime, and the evening russias well, so that is tuesday, wednesday, morning we will get a break, wednesday afternoon here comes some more rain, cold front stalls and then we will see series of low pressure systems but remember we do really need the rain, it is getting critical, shortage of rain, 34 a right now. same in pittsburgh 33 in buffalo. forty-two in chicago. milder air moving along with the air and rain so with 55 degrees today that is not bad. that is seasonal. then we're in the 60's on tuesday and wednesday. windy and rainy tomorrow. chance of the thunderstorm on wednesday. maybe seeing rain lingering into thursday morning. it dries out for friday and saturday. chilly change with a chance of rain on sunday. that is a look at your seven day forecast, karen. >> sue, thanks very much. >> this is something very
5:50 am
interesting. man who discover foot paul related brain damage which led nfl to adopt new safety rules says he is disbanding his foundation pennsylvania they will goodies bennet amalu says he is leaving his non-of the foundation citing demand on his life and family due to publicity from the film. news comes just 11 months after he founded the bend it am thalu foundation he discovered trum i can even self lap i which led to $1 billion settlement with the current and former nfl layers. espn getting called out for using old football video of the philadelphia sky line, during a temple game. philadelphia magazine writer dan mcquade pointed the mistake out on twitter. it appears to be at least eight years old showcasing both one liberty place and two liberty place with the peco building in the background. temple beat east carolina 37-ten at lincoln financial
5:51 am
field. and another philadelphia tradition is lighting up the holidays, macy's christmas lights she organ concert at historic wannamaker building. the it boosts more than hundred thousand thousand led lights running through december 31st. lots of gifts, check out holiday list, christmas village in center city up and running. iconic market held its grand opening ceremony last night attracting people from all over the country, joann pilleggi has more. >> reporter: well, of course, santa was spotted at christmas village but there was also a beautiful princess dressed in gold with the crown, and flowing cape. >> i am like santa claus, in america i'm just, in germany and present i gifts to the kids at christmas and i am here for the opening ceremony of the christmas village in baltimore and philadelphia. >> reporter: she's like santa greeted visitors at official opening of the christmas village. which is actually modeled after a traditional german
5:52 am
christmas market in bavaria. there farmers and artisans would sell their goods in wooden stalls during the holidays and people would come together to shop and enjoy the season. >> ♪ >> christmas, i personally like the holidays a lot. it brings a lot of people together. the it the teams like it is great, everybody is outside ice skating having fun. >> reporter: philly's christmas village has a you this home located all around city hall and dilworth park. the vendors selling unique hand crafted holiday items, gifts you may not find at the mall or traditional shopping center. >> this is people coming there different types of jewelry being hade. this is there a glass maker which is cool. i love it. >> this is our first time here. even though we live in newtown square this is our first time in the city for christmas village. we are loving it. we just had hot chocolate. shoe bought a few things to take home. we are having a if time.
5:53 am
>> reporter: erika rodriguez loved the village and energies taking in the beauty of the the season with her children. >> it is gorgeous out here. very christmasy and very ready for the holidays, very pretty. >> that is the truth. that was joann pilleggi reporting. eagles are hoping to capitalize on home field advantage as they take on packers tonight. why there will be extra energy at the link thanks to a special pregame ceremony.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
what a beautiful look along ben franklin parkway this morning, coming up, just before 6:00 o'clock. well, today is officially, sign are monday but that didn't stop retailers there starting sales, over the weekend. companies including amazon have launched their best deals, electronics, tend to be big sellers on cyber monday but amazon says so far this holiday season most watched deal has been a blanket. deals will continue to happen throughout the week. toys and apple products weren't a big sellers over the holiday weekend but overall sales were down. the national retail federation says that the average shoppers spent just under $300, over the four day weekend. now that is down about three and a half percent from last year. about 154 million people say that they shopped over thanksgiving weekend.
5:57 am
well, it is election that just won't end, officials in wisconsin are moving forward with the recount and they are not alone, other states that may also take a second look at the their results. plus, followed and shot after a night out at the bar, police say that is what happening when transgender person late last night this west philadelphia, how they are hoping to track down the shooter.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
shot after a night out at the bar police say that happened to a transgendered person late last night this west philadelphia how they are hoping to track down the shooter. and this is the election that just won't end, officials in wisconsin, moving forward with the recount, they are not alone. other states that may also be taking a second look at the result, could it happen here? could any of this actually change the outcome is this. ready, set, click. it is cyber monday. people are already taking advantage of the great on line deals, we have been talking about here in the studio but we're tracking best offers you went want to miss. the eagles fighting for their playoff lives tonight at the link in our our house taking on the packers with monday night football. why there will be extra energy in the stand tonight. for sure, good day everybody it is monday november 28th, 2016. it the is almost time for monday night football. >> maybe that is th


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