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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 28, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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get the best bang for your buck this holiday season. are you ready for some football? the eagles take on the packers, tonight, looking to keep their playoffs dreams alive, how a special ceremony should add some extra energy at the link. and look at the this gorgeous sunrise. >> wow, starting off our day as we start off this week, beautiful. every time i see this, it is i think of the lion king and stuff. >> ♪ >> we tried that. yes. it is monday, november 28th, 2016. i'm glad everyone is here. bob, did you miss the green memo. >> i did miss the green memo. >> we have everything called the green screen. >> yes. >> i have one green tie i think in my collection. >> it has got to be like a dark. >> yes. >> blue green. >> yes. >> good point. >> sue figure it out. >> sue figured it out. >> only guy here today.
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>> yes. >> gang up on you all morning. >> girl power, right, ladies. >> we have bus stop buddy coming up. >> yes. >> first we will show you the only number of the day, eight out of ten. not a bad weather day at all, we have got dry weather, bus stop buddy celebrating cyber monday getting ready to do on line shopping but it is bundled up with temperatures in the 20's and 30's out there, and eventually a mix of sun and clouds. there is cloud cover, you can see how pretty, it looks, for sunset, figure out shoots and is there one that looks like a bird. anyway we have to get to work. 7:01 was your official sunrise time. temperatures in the the 20's to the north of us and even 24 . twenty-eight in wildwood. fifty-five is our high today, so that is just shy of the seasonal high temperature but clouds on the increase tonight. showers do the not begin
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though until after midnight so for folks tailgating, bob kelly and going to the eagles game you you will be dry. >> that is good, my hot chocolate will not get wednesday at stadium lot. 7:02 off to a good start today, it is national french companies today. look at the big slab of butter and syrup. do you like it with powdered sugar. kid like it with nutela on the top there. we have an accident at 476, this was in the left lane. they have moved over to the right shoulder. so it looks like traffic is getting by but that will certainly cause delays as we kick off our monday morning. back to work, back to school, slow go already from wood have men cottman avenue. an accident at cottman avenue in the center lane in the construction zone, eastbound schuylkill, we have an accident i just showed thaw popped up and we have had 23 minute trip into downtown all together. 422 seeing slow go here working what you are way in to king of prussia eagles packers tonight monday night football
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kick it off at 8:30. we will have tailgaters heading down to the parking lot. you know that. they are really down there already. even if you are not going to the game you will see impact in the traffic volume, first of all, some folks may be leaving early to get home and make it back to the game as septa is running sports express trains for all of the eagles fans, mass transit, market frankford and subway will have extra trains in service for tonight's big game. karen and howard, back to you. >> thanks, bob. hillary clinton officially joining fight to revisit voting totals saying her team is participating because they have an obligation to voters. >> you have heard about this over the weekend. recount effort is being led by green party candidate jill stein. lets get to jenny joyce in the news room break this down with the very latest on this. this may affect us as well, probably jenny. >> reporter: it very well could. 3,000 have registered with the help with the recount in wisconsin. they are pushing for recounts in michigan and here in pennsylvania. could we see that same level of support from local
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democrats? we will have a better idea by end of the week. hillary clinton officially joining fight to revisit voting totals in wisconsin saying her team is participating because they have an obligation to the voters. the recount effort is being led by green party can tait jill stein with you clinton's camp now saying it is also on board, if stein also follows through with the recount request in michigan and pennsylvania. two other states, pivotal to trump's victory on election night. however even most staunch tells concede this will likely in the change the results of the election. >> of course, we will see what happens. it is a legal right. it is in the a big deal. i don't think anybody, secretary clinton or anybody, thinks it will change anything. because of what donald trump said a majority of his voters believed on the elections of rigged, minority of their voters lets show american people that they are in the. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump is pushing back against plans to recount calling the process a quote
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scam, mr. trump, unleashing a stream of angry tweets sunday morning saying quote hillary clinton conceded the election when she called me just prior to the victory speech, and after the results were in. nothing will change. >> why the in the world, can't the democrats quote accept the election result. president's bam a and president-elect trump speak at length. they are trying to form a government. it is high time hillary and her supporters do the same. >> reporter: so far more than five million-dollar has been raised for the green party's recount effort. the its goal was 7 million. deadlines to petition for recount in michigan and pennsylvania, are later this week. alex and karen? >> okay, we will keep you updated. thanks, jenny. big developments with another story that blew up, delta now issuing an apology. >> this is after a passenger went on a political rant on one of it flights. >> donald trump, baby. that is right, this man knows what is up.
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we have any hillary clinton supporters on here is this come on, baby. >> you you hear clapping and choice language there on this tirade in support of the president-elect donald trump this was coming to our neck of the woods from atlanta going to allentown a week ago on tuesday. one of the passengers there her name is emma baum capture it all on some video and then she shared it. here's what happened. >> being obnoxious on the plane is a soft spot for americans. you don't make people feel threatened on a airplane and i'm just shocked that after he did that he was allowed to fly. >> so she thinks that trump should be making a statement denouncing that rant. 7:06. we are following developing news out of the overbrook section of philadelphia. that is where police are investigating the shooting of a transgendered person. >> lets get out to lauren johnson. it appears that the victim may have been followed, lauren. >> reporter: that is exactly
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what police think happened and they want to talk to the business own shore has surveillance cameras perched atop the intersection. the lets look at video from the scene last night at 11:15 when 19th district officers got the call of the shooting there. the 21 year-old transgendered victim told police that she was hit once in the hip but that the shooter fired several more shots, and take a listen to what chief inspector scott small says happened. >> based on information from the victim, they were in a bar, at 66th and lansdowne and when the victim exited the bar, two other patrons of the bar followed the victim, about two blocks, where at the intersection of 66th and malvern for some reason one of the two male, fired five shots, striking the victim in the hip. the victim was able to run about a half block to their home in the 1200 block of atwood road. now based on ballistics evidence we know five shots
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were fired from a small caliber semiautomatic weapon. we don't have a motive for shooting at this time. >> victim was able to describe one of the suspects to police, actual shooter, a male, medium build, 5 feet 6 inches tall with tattoos on his face. police say he fled on foot and this morning such is on for both of those suspects and they are hoping to locate that business owner to get that surveillance video. karen and alex. >> lauren, thanks very much. 7:08. we have an update. man shot to death at a new jersey mall on black friday has new been laid to rest. hundreds gathered sunday in atlantic city toy mourn damon cottman, the 21 year-old was shot multiple times outside the macy's at hamilton mall in mays landing. there was the brother of that sick tim to was also wounded, no suspects and no motive at this time. well, after months of no agreement talks between philadelphia school district and teachers union are finally moving forward. according to fill it dot the come the school system has put
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an offer of 100 million-dollar on the table. it would include pay increases for teachers based on years of experience and bonuses for those working in hard to staff schools. teachers have been working without a contract for three years and without raises for four years, and the teachers union president says that under the proposed deals teachers would not receive cost of living increases or even retroactive pay for years they have gone without raises. 7:09. more top stories right now. reaction to the death of cuban dictator fidel castro is getting some mixed reactions. live look as the sunrisees over that island nation, right now, and in miami, we have seen upon news of his death that there were celebrations, and as many said it was end of the dark time but alsoer with peopler mourning loss have the of the lead her ruled cuba with a iron fist for a half century. many leaders are cautioning against idea of romantic sizing his image. >> he waps than the a romantic figure if you were being shot by him. he wasn't a romantic figure if
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you were being driven off the island as hundreds of thousands were. >> so for many there is a sense of hope his death will trigger fast change in cube and great satisfies for generations of cuban americans hoff been living in exile who have now out lived the ruler. 7:10. more controversy towards san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. now in relation to the death of the fidel castro. >> do you remember back in december he wore a shirt featuring malcolm x and fidel castro. here's a picture of it. >> one of the several pictures on that shirt. >> he is headlines because his refusal to stand during star spangled banner. kaepernick is protesting what he described as oppression of blacks in the you had. yesterday he was boo add miami dolphins game by fans. and the reason for new
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backlash from fans, kaepernick met with many reporters object a conference call ahead of sunday's fame and one reporter questioned the quarterback about his decision to support the long time cuban president who coincidently died friday. things just didn't get any better for kaepernick during the game. >> let's break it down. came down to the final play. he had a chance to score a touchdown to tie in the final seconds but he was stopped by one of the dolphins players. kiko alonzo a player of cuban dissent, how about that, and that player said after the game there was bad blood between the two so they ended up losing the game. kaepernick tried to clarify his earlier comments about his support of castro. >> trying to push the narrative that i was a supporter of oppressive things that he did it is just not true. >> other critics have said it was ridiculous that kaepernick linked to persecution of people for more than 50 years. it was interesting once fidel castro passed, the different
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articles and reactions we have were seeing. some people talked about the fact that oppression and what he did. other for example people from south africa, they found out nelson mandela had a big relationship with fidel castro and so many side, different people feel strongly about his death either way. >> a lot of people say one thing and backpedal from as well. we have seen that as well. let's talk about something we can all agree on. >> shopping. >> it is cyber machine. >> a lot of people have been waiting for this. i necessity i have, especially when i see these deals and i say i will wait. i know sign are monday they will go big. >> so, we have been buying vacuum cleaners because of our sexy lives. let's bring in an expert. we have dan here. >> okay i'm check out. >> people are buying on their phones. that is a huge thing. >> over 24 percent of all sales to dade will be on a mobile device, tablet on a phone. it is huge and getting bigger. >> so cyber monday, it is
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really as big as people make it seems. >> it is lot of hype, you are right the but it is a growing retail shopping day, and in fact, some point will overtake black friday. black friday was down again this year for second year in a row. cyber monday this year consumers will click and slide their way to about three and a half billion dollars worth of sales. that is remarkable. this one little number, last year amazon sold 626 items per second. >> wow. >> can you imagine that. >> when it comes to cyber monday, certain deals that are better than others, what should you be trying to buy. >> big ones, kitchen things, household things will be big this year, apparel will be big this year. toys, of course will be big, electronics. we will tell you how to score gift card because gift card the gift that says you care are going to be popular as well. most popular gift this year will be gift card. >> really. >> again. >> i like the deals. i think you talked last week about some of the kids little
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ipad things, that is a good one. >> i necessity someone in the house that wants that one. >> yes. >> it is exciting. >> how about this, we have an area that is set up for you over there. i will give you this ipad. your goal, to get us best deals we can get for cyber monday, just shout, let us know so we can let have been else now. >> i will go in the cage and get working right now. >> no one in the news roomies working, i will be shopping but i will work for you and bring deals over to karen and alex. >> thanks, dan. >> i appreciate it. seven will 14. he is working for us. we do this for you. >> let me make within thing perfectly clear. vacuum cleaner is not a gift, okay. nobody buying that as a gift, we just need one for our house. bob's in trouble. um-hmm. >> let me delete my cart. >> no appliance is a gift. it is the law. no, it is my law. rain will arrive late tonight, we are finally getting a
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decent amount of rain. we need it desperately. we are getting warmer temperatures mid week which is why we're only talking about rain and how much it will be. it will be much need todd second inches or more over the next couple of days. this is why. this frontal system is coming our way. the it the will edge high pressure out of the weather picture. we're getting ready for that rain but again, it will spare the eagles game. it is pretty decent timing, and remember when we are seeing all that rain and maybe you don't like it, get it wet, we will need it desperately. we will get close to 1 inches by thursday morning. it seems as if northern parts of our viewing area may get even more. so we will see what happens as that gets here, timing of the rain you can see clouds rolling in late tonight but the rain doesn't arrive until just in time for morning rush hour tomorrow, raining on and off throughout the day, heavy downpour at times, take a break on wednesday morning, and here comes more rain rolling in the afternoon on wednesday, wednesday evening, and into thursday morning.
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that should be it for that round of rain. 35 degrees in philadelphia it is dry, chilly, 20's in our suburbs this morning including wildwood, new jersey getting 28 degrees right new walking out the door. fifty-five for your high today. thirty-six for tomorrow. possible thunderstorm with a high of 67 degrees on wednesday. after that killed front comes through. we are back town in the the 50's on thursday afternoon and friday, saturday looks like a dry day, so we will see about this chance of rain on sunday. so, bob kelly, we're all back in action today. >> back in action, everybody back at it. good morning. 7:16. national french toast day a live look at eastbound schuylkill expressway an accident near what would be off to the right shoulder there right at conshohocken. still causing a slow go working your way eastbound. live look at bennie looking good up and over ben franklin. in problems at all as sunrisees and bouncing off the sky scrapers in center city. southbound i-95 an accident in the construction zone at
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cottman avenue causing delays from woodhaven on into cottman avenue. we have your normal girard avenue construction. the eastbound schuylkill 23 minutes, delays coming from the burbs, machine night football here in philadelphia, 8:30 is kick off. they say official parking lot open up at 3:30. are you kidding me? i guarantee there is folks down there already with their hot chocolate on ready to go. we will see unusual traffic patterns throughout the day, hitting the stadium area sports express trains kick off at 6:08 p.m. and run every ten minutes until game time. for the gang in wilmington heading south, check out this house, 150,000 lights. >> wow. >> ouch. >> you put light up but not the that many. if you put your lights up, snap a picture like that fellow, post to it facebook, twitter, instagram and use that #fox 29 lights contest so i can show pictures all through the holidays and then we will pick the best office best of the best, and each
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week make a road trip and broadcast live from somebody's front lawn this week we're going out on thursday due to the weather conditions over the next couple of taste, all of the details on our web site at fox alex and karen back to you. thanks, bob. dan, people are really excited about this. we just got over there. do you have a deal already. >> how about this, i know karen wants this, it is fire kids tablet. >> yep. over at amazon for 74.99. that is a great price this year. one more sue, i necessity you to want a vacuum cleaner, i robot vacuum is 249.99. that little robot thing that goes around your condo and automatically cleans while you are at work. >> amazing. >> pretty good tiehl. >> thanks for checking with you. >> is that the one you back. >> mine was a dyson for 200 bucks. >> love it. >> originally 549, right. >> yes. >> coming up on 7:19.
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disney is one company that doesn't want to see 2016 come to an even. company is already smashing records. it is still has another blockbuster release coming. eye popping sales numbers they have already reached. >> we're definitely seeing this movie. >> we're tracking the teams, dan's on top of it, we will take a look at some of the deals you cannot miss, ones you should be clicking on if this is something you need.
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disney is enjoying a record year at the box office. this past weekend really helped, karen. >> is there so many great movies out and right thousand i have been watching on twitter people are raving about buying tickets to the new star wars movie. they are already buying them. all right, lauren simoneti, you are here to break it town. >> new star wars movie comes out december 16th, are ogue1, it the business how they stole the plans to the death star. nonetheless this is a major hit for disney. if you remember last year that star wars grossed more than $2 billion worldwide. we're hearing that presales are now opened, you can by these tickets as early as midnight, that just passed. the web site was operating really, really slowly. some people in the office who tried to buy tickets and there is no seats available. many are sold out already. there you have it.
7:24 am
the second disney his is moana, have you seen this one. >> i have not the but karen has plans. >> i will be going. we follow rock. he was tweeting. setting record. doing phenomenally. >> over five days of thanksgiving this is second biggest opening ever, more than 81 million-dollar. this is another hit. so they are doing well. it has been a record year at the box office good what i have been hearing from people hoff gone to see it, it is a female lead, and not a boy involved. she's doing her own thing, taking charge and not because she's this love or trying to find a prince. >> love it, who wrote some of the hughes i can for this, hamilton's lynn manual miranda, so songs are really good. >> yes. >> it is going to be comparable to the new let it go. we will be hearing about that. >> we will be hearing it forever. >> what is the name of the song, do you know, lauren. >> i don't know the name of the song comparable but i have heard the same thingy hear even the names are similar.
7:25 am
i saw a tweet. i need to look at it. thanks so much, lauren, if you are to go shopping for cyber monday. >> i'm not i am rested, are you guys. >> i bought some. i started last week. felt like black friday started last monday. >> it did, exactly. so today is kind of like a disappointment if you ask me. >> that is okay, lauren. we will check with dan. dan's making sure it is not a disappointment. you have some is deals. >> it bleeds in the whole week but there are good deals, for example at how about an x box for 249 bucks, i necessity your kid want that and also while at check out bob kelly's favorite gift a drone for only $99, bob. >> get me one of those. >> i can't. >> order that, yes. >> maybe sue can. >> drones are on peoples list. i ended up, i'm sure my children aren't watching but there were drones purchased in
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our house and desperate for those, i love it. >> be careful, make sure you look up the rules when it comes to drones, you never know. >> i though. thanks, dan. we will check back. speaking of money, counting, recounting after this election, hillary clinton's team now joining push to recount vote in key states including ours of pennsylvania, donald trump, of course, firing back all over twitter, what is next in this election that just won't end.
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eagles pack at the link for one of the best in the game in the prime time hatch up. how we hope to slow down aaron rodgers and packers offense. feeling stressed the holidays. we have tips on how to relax and just enjoy the quality time, with family and friend. we will bring a doctor, and we will try to figure this all out the because we already know black friday, with the shopping and everything, it has already started and starting to get this christmas list together. >> so much to to, even getting lights up, decorations. >> it is a lot. >> dealing with family members. it can ab lot. we will figure it all out so you can be ready. >> it is 7:29. lets get you updated on some of the news happening right now. trump transition, first major presidential vote recount, they may be recounting the roads again. hillary clinton's campaign team is joining effort to examine votes in critical states including right here in
7:30 am
pennsylvania, also michigan, and, of course, business conn inn. >> now president-elect donald trump is tiring back saying he basically won the popular vote but doug, he talked about illegal voters in there too. >> reporter: yeah, people voted illegally. so, yeah you have these charges and counter charges not much evidence on either side of any fraud length voting or hacking, never the less, this issue will move forward and you mention three dollars states involved here, pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin where state officials are meeting today to determine how to move toward with the recounts. donald trump emerged from his home in florida, getting ready to head back to new york and growing battle over the election that made him president-elect. >> it has been so exciting to see people mobilized around the vision of this recount campaign. >> reporter: green party candidate jill stein heading up recount efforts in three states, so far, and joining her are representatives there
7:31 am
hillary clinton's campaign. that drew fire there trump who responded on twitter with an allegation of his own, serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. so why isn't the media reporting on this. serious bias, big problem. incoming chief of staff did not hide his frustration. >> it is a total, complete hipocrit california joke that the group of people that throughout they were nerve bus president-elect trump not conceding are the people, that are conducting recounts this state where we won by over 68,000 votes. >> reporter: beyond vote count or recount, trump will be back to transition business at trump tower heating with more potential hires but no administration candidate is getting more attention then former g.o.p. nominee mitt romney. after meeting with trump he had been openly considered for second of state but his harsh criticism of trump is leading many loyal list to question his possible selection. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney who
7:32 am
went out of his way to question the character, the intellect, the integrity of donald trump now our president-elect would be given the most significant cabinet post of all, secretary of state. >> reporter: we will see. two other big names under consideration for that job, former new york mayor rudy guiliani and former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., john bolton, karen and alex. >> we will see, thanks very much, doug. let's check in with sue. >> hand down, no controversy there, sue. >> we really timed this well because we have an eagles game tonight. you see buddy with his eagles cap on and keeping it try during the day today. temperatures are chilly still in the 20's this is suburbs and 30's here in the city. make sure kid have enough on, to get back to the bus stop after that long holiday weekend. we are looking good to start. temperatures in the city 35 degrees, wind are calm and we have to the north of us, 22 in mount pocono.
7:33 am
28 degrees in reading, lancaster. thirty-five, 24 in millville. so you you can see it is cold out, but not windy. but sunnies with us through most of the day. we have 55 degrees for a high, and that is receipt i seasonal for this time of the year, 45 for a low and showers will start rolling in after midnight tonight. we will tell you how long rain sticks around help we bring you the seven day forecast, good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, back at it, 7:33, everybody up and adam as we get ready first day back after a who will take is always a tough one. live look at the schuylkill expressway, delays westbound, heading out towards king of prussia, eastbound, where we are dealing with an accident at 476, backup on a bennie coming into downtown all four lanes, stacked abe pack here coming into downtown. i-95 is extra heavy accident at cottman there 40 miles an hour down to 17 and then that delay continues in through construction zone at girard avenue. schuylkill eastbound as i mention over half an hour
7:34 am
delays with some sun glare on 422, hon night football eagles packers that 8:30 kick off the official eagles parking lot around lincoln financial field opens up at five hearst before game time but there are folks down there already opening up getting their hot check late ready be ready to pay 40 bucks for the cars, $80 for one of the oversized suv bus type vehicles. best way to avoid that take mass transit, sports express trains for eagles fans start every ten minutes, tonight at 6:08 all the way up through game time on market frankford and broad street subway, karen and alex, back over to you. we will check back with dan, more cyber monday deals. >> attention target shoppers, how about this 115 percent off everything at target to take, they start that had one last night and runs through today, 15 percent off everything and gift that says you care a kitchen aid mixer, normally 449 bucks on sale for $199.99. that can make a good cook out
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of anyone, alex. >> that is one of the ones you get, such high quality for your baking that is a fabulous one and target still doing deal where my holiday decorations are half off. >> i think they are and free shipping no matter what you spend is, no limit. >> 15 percent off everything. >> 15 percent off everything. >> that sound like a good tiehl. >> keep looking i'm loving this. we want to show you something, this is a picture tweeted out by a major network espn a skies line shot of philadelphia. does this look like our sky line right now? seriously. twitter knew this was a huge mistake. something is wrong. big game between temple where they won, but can you see screw up?
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beautiful look at the pocono mountains at the clouds there. >> head up in the cloud. >> that is true. >> monday feeling, isn't it.
7:39 am
>> well, fox 29 is proudly partnered with the kelly ann dolan memorial fund to help as many families as possible. you can help by adopt willing a tamly. dolan funnies looking for toys up to 18 years of age or target or wal-mart gift card. drive them autopsy at wissohickon firehouse december . good day will be live there december 6th, until 10:00 a.m. for more forgo to fox there is a number to call on the screen but that is also a web site at fox 29 to the come. jen fred will be out there for this one. we want your opinion on this picture because espn is getting called out about this twitter picture. >> this is after viewers noticed they used old footage during the game, temple game saturday night. so philadelphia magazine's dan mcquade pointed out the mistake on twitter. the shot, that is eight years old. philly scoot line with an old colorless sign on the peak he building and in comcast center, really? it is not first time this has happen.
7:40 am
last month viewer noticed pnb letters on the old philadelphia national bank, the letters were removed back in 2014. >> hoy about that for high jinks. >> sometimes we get called out during golf, they would dub in the sounds of like bird. those not light birds, is there eagle eyed people that are says you cannot use it. >> they took file video. but philly is growing so much. it is changing. they are building all the time. it will keep changing. they should redo it. >> we want new pictures from monday night football. >> yes, plus too people calling us out on our wedding video every time we show and our work place video, mike, he can predict when woman will stand up when camera goes by. it is in the just them. >> that with man is now 85 years old. >> couples have been divorced in our wedding video, it is fine, no big deal. lets see what kind of deals our dan is finding for us right now for cyber monday. >> lets go to best buy, karen. >> how about it, a shark
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43-inch h.d.t.v, a short tv, for 179.99. that is a good deal. if is there any wall space left in your house at all throw that one in there. how about at best an apple ipod, 12.9 inches, the new big one for 799, 99 and apple very rarely goes on sale. save a hundred bucks on that one. >> those are big changes. apple decides to get in the whole deal and started to to do deals. >> they do not to that often good rarely find deals on apple stuff. >> well, thanks, dan. eagles are hoping to capitalize odd home field advantage as they take on packers tonight. why there will be extra energy at the link we hope, thanks to a very special half time ceremony. we had a hand with the banjo and saxophone, we will explain. >> we will talk about toys, hi there, jen. >> hi guys, here's thing if
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buying a thrown, i need last three digits of your card on the back, those three digits on the back of your card? 7:45. good morning. we're looking at delays already on the lapse dale doylestown line, they are saying there is slippery rails and cold conditions this morning. 422, jammed up working your way toward king of prussia. we are seeing sun glare around that curve ape backup on the bennie coming down into downtown. first day back after that long holiday weekend. everybody is out of sorts. everybody back to work and school and some folks not going back at all because we have football game in town tonight. southbound i-95 heavy from cottman in through girard, some folks may go in early, leave after lunch, never come back eastbound on the 35 minutes from conshohocken, and right here near 422, slow from oaks into ding of prussia. check out this guy, he has had
7:46 am
150,000 lights on his front lawn that is what we're looking for. if you use weekend to snap pictures of your christmas lights, get them up on taste book, twitter, instagram and use that #fox 29 lights contest, we can show pictures all month long right here on tv and then, once a week we will pick best of the the best i will jump in the news van put on my christmas a tire and coming to your house to broadcast live during five and 6:00 o'clock newscast, details on our web site at fox what night am i going out this week? there is only one person to ask that question and that is sue serio in 15 seconds.
7:47 am
>> so is there rain on the way and not to take and tonight for eagles game. forecast is for increasing cloud at game time at 46 degrees but if you are tailgating earlier then that it will be in the mid 50's, so we have jumped ahead to tomorrow toe when rain will arrive by five or 6:00 in the morning it the looks like it is here and we could have heavy downpours for the morning rush, through the afternoon and even through the evening rush, so it looks like rain will be with us all day long on tuesday. we will get tiny break wednesday morning but here comes more rain wednesday afternoon with the possibility of the pop up thunderstorm, but remember, remember, we need the rain, so we will get it in the middle of the weekend. we're getting milder temperatures as well, 55 today with 63 tomorrow and 67 degrees on wednesday, rain could lingering into the early hours of thursday, sun comes out in the afternoon and couple have of dry days, possibility of some rain, on sunday. so just remember guys, we need the rain. alex?
7:48 am
>> thanks, so much sue. let check with dan, what is the latest deal you have found. >> everybody has an iphone, right. >> well not everyone but a lot of people. >> or android. you always complain about the cam contract not being so great. check out opi phone lens, attached to your phone, it improves your pictures a billion percent. only $24.99. >> i like that. >> a billion percent. >> well, not a billion give or take a couple hundred thousand. >> big percentage there. >> do you have another one. >> here's the tip, prime is 99 bucks a year to join free two days shipping, advanced notice of deals but right the now you can join for free, that is right for free for next 30 days free trial membership everything ships for free. >> hold on you say trial, key is when you to these you have to remember to cancel. that is how they get it. >> if you don't like it as soon as you cans until 30 days you are not charged. >> you have to remember that put that in your calendar
7:49 am
then. >> yes. >> are you ready for football. are you ready for tonight, monday night football, eagles they are gearing up for it at the link, showdown with the packers, both teams, really desperate for a win because we are trying to keep playoff hopes alive. packers coming in on a four game losing streak will that be to our rang? eagles will look to capitalize on the hot field advantage we have had all year. we have not lost at the link. that should not change tonight. we have dave uram, e thetan sander and garry cobb here. i want to play a game with you guys. we know who is on your mind right now. thanks to the band for being here. i want to play this game. i'm sure everybody is thinking about it. it is on the cover of the daily news here. will he or won't he? is nelson agholor, will he be on the field, because it says likely to play. likely. will it happen. >> yes, he will play, he will have a drop, he will have a penalty, he will cost eagles. >> gary? >> he will play but i think he will come out, and he will
7:50 am
play well. i think makes three catches, i think they will try to get him the ball, probably short throws to him, build up his confidence, and i'm hoping he catches the ball because if he were to drop it, they will sit home town. >> etan, worst decision doug pederson can make but he will be out there to play. >> has he made decision? we keep asking and he is not giving us the answer. >> i don't know why he hasn't come out and said it. he is not wavering. he is not debating the day have the game. he made his decision. >> what is the big secret? nelson agholor. >> he doesn't want people focusing on nelson. he wants people to just blend in. >> it is monday night football. >> look at that. >> what they will do is try to really throw him a little short pass. >> like baby throws. >> that way he gets his confidence, caught the ball and then hoping. >> he will drop that too.
7:51 am
>> all this excitement about paul turner. what is points of bringing paul turner up. >> he is not nelson agholor. that same thing with bryce treggs. he has in the been hurting the team. >> paul turner has best hands on the team. he may catch the ball. when i say best hand on the team. he may catch the ball more than jordan matthews, more than bryce tregs or dgb. >> he doesn't have great speed and kind of small but i do think he can get in there and contribute. so watch nelson, early in the game he will try to sneak him in. >> gary, gary, give him a short throw. >> lets talk about the the loss of rice an hat yous. how big a loss is this for us. >> it is a big loss when ryan matthews can getting as a downhill physical runner. reality is we have three other running backs darren sproles is banged up, smallwood will get opportunities. for people saying doug, play
7:52 am
wendell smallwood, tonight you will get the a who on the have the rookie. >> he guys i to watch tonight. he will have a big night. they will be giving him the ball. i think he will gain yard. smallwood this is his night. >> you know we will be watching aaron rodgers. how do we stop this guy. >> olivia mun this off the field has had some impact. he is in longer aaron rodgers this year. i do not fear this man. >> this man can be woken up tonight and he could take over the game. >> i think they will put pressure on him though and it willow live use in town if the legs are down. >> i guess i have to bring up olivia. >> major rift that has happened, apparently olivia mun and aaron rodgers. >> if she's in town packers are done. >> we are predicting an eagles
7:53 am
win. >> yes, eagles win. >> dave. >> no, eagles will lose. >> every time. >> spoken by a loser. >> gary. >> before we close this out, gary, we talk about the former linebacker and all, the fact that we are honoring, jeremiah the trotter there at half time. >> i think that will get everybody going, the fact that you have jeremiah honored going in the eagles hall of fame. i think defense will have a big night. it is fitting with jeremiah being honored. great night. >> okay good we will see. >> do you want to take us out as we go to break. >> ♪
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
trying to help santa. >> all right, jen's hanging out with joey portman because she's a mom and she those toys, hi there latest. and, here. >> cyber monday, and real quick on the overall themes for the season for little will ones especially the girls. >> tiny objects are big. pets are huge, this year. and, of course, just think of movie themes. they will love that. >> we will begin with this because what is that. >> this is one of the worst toys list because of the string. give it to kids over three it will be okay. this is epi pup. that is cute. >> no app, to problem. >> it is cyber monday. for moms and dads trying to help sanity, how do you get your hand on a matchihalls. >> get to you can get it for $300.
7:58 am
>> retail it is 49 bucks. >> forty-nine dollars. you have a hard time finding it anywhere. to you can talk, i would say just wait honestly but. >> is this could go go to figure it out by december 24th good they say there are new hatchimalls. go make friend with your stock hand. >> yes. >> landry fredrick this summer i want to have one. i should have bought a hundred. >> okay. >> i know. >> if this little person wants one and santa cannot get to it in time what is this. >> this is pet snuggles. he is like a real dog they're house. love him, scratch him. get it for 25 to three dollars off on sign are monday but most are sold out. >> yes. >> because of this, this is a problem. >> yes. >> that is number two. >> number two. >> i cut you off, sorry. >> best bet to get it at the store and not on line. >> because we have a couple hot toys this season, you physically have to go to the store instead of sign are monday. >> i think that is best way,
7:59 am
this is another one that is great. this is i great girl toy out, you rub its nose. thinks for realtor much blazing dragon. if you want to go for third biggie this is really the next. >> price range, this is more affordable or less. >> about $70. it spits out fire. you have to put water in. it will roast a marshmallow. >> there goes the marshmallow. >> i love it. >> okay. you have connects as well, locally made company, toy i should say. these are great if you want to upgrade from legos. >> i love them. legos hot but they are made locally. >> and then this thing ace adorable. the it feels like a big toy for little person. >> you can get that for $40 every where. >> if you have any toy questions for joey, she's here to answer. we have one tip, even though you height find it on it is not the necessarily being sold by wal-mart. >> this is only big box store
8:00 am
that sells third party rod us communist. it will say sold by third party and that is why it cost that much. it is in the wal-mart selling that it is another party. >> something like amazon does. >> yes. >> we will go for big guys, bigger kid, in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> those look so cool and life like. good day, it is monday, november 28th, 2016. just when you thought it was over swing states are not done with the presidential election, will we see a recount. what president-elect donald trump is blaming. >> a powerful psa. >> some statements in the beginning choosing yourself. >> amber heard fights back tears in the domestic violence video how she's using her personal experience to urge other woman to speak out.
8:01 am
the the holiday season is upon us, and, so is the stress. how does jingle all the way past madness to get to a place of comfort and joy. >> click away from your couch, it is cyber monday, deals you cannot miss and toys you should buy before they sellout. >> good morning to you. it is monday, november 28th, right. >> yes. >> and we have a special guest this morning, very special to help us create some good day art. you know dan duffy. i'm sure you have seen his work around town. he has his philly word out. he created this of harry kalas and pope francis when he came to philadelphia. dan's here with us this morning. he will create something special for us good day. we are so glad to have you here. you need our help. >> yes, lease. >> so here's what we need to do. we need to give you word. is it filled with different word. >> that is right, handwritten
8:02 am
words to create images. >> so what does it make you think of good day. keep it clean. >> no naughty word. but words to think of us, what to do when you are watching us, and then how many words do you think we need. >> we have an hour and a half maybe 500 words maybe. >> we can do that. >> absolutely. >> send them in using #fox 29 good day, comment on facebook, instagram, twitter. remember guys, keep the it clean here. we have plenty of nice things to say about us. >> jammo. >> there is a good one. >> jelly doughnut. >> bus stop buddy, make sure he is in there. >> viewers like it when we give them a signments. they get to work on social media. the number of day, i think you'll like this as well, eight out of ten. we don't have any rain in store until tomorrow. so i think mother nature is remembering we have an eagles game tonight and bus stop buddy is red which clear skies, it is chilly, we are
8:03 am
seeing some sub shine already but temperatures still in the 20's and 30's. here's a look at beautiful blue skies and 36 degrees in the city. checking some other temperatures out in the suburbs it is 29 in reading. thirty in trenton. thirty-three in wilmington. 34 degrees in wildwood, and the clouds are around this morning but we will see plenty of sun for lunchtime. it clouds up again tonight, high temperature in the 50's, so folks get that tail faithing started in at least the early afternoon, it will be dry and sunny. >> you wait the until early afternoon you will not find a spot. they are down there early. 8:03. good morning, first day back to work and school and already a couple accidents. here's a live look at the blue route southbound, 476, police are not even on the scene yet. this is right here near broomall interchange southbound we have a car in the middle here. whatever this is all piled up here off to that right shoulder, so southbound lanes
8:04 am
of blue route jammed approaching broomall, that is route three and there is also a gaper delay coming northbound up from 95. thirty minute delays on septa's lansdale doylestown line. they are saying manpower issues. didn't we just give everybody a raise last week to to come back to work? maybe they are calling out sick to go to the eagles game tonight but they have manpower issues tonight on the lansdale doylestown line. the eastbound on the schuylkill 40 minutes with some sunshine from conshohocken to downtown. eastbound 422 heavy from oaks to king of prussia back on the bennie. not bad, hit and miss depending upon every 15 or 20 minutes we will get influx of folks from the bridge there south on i-95 delayed down into a girard avenue. nothing unusual with the cop trucks zone. to problems up and over bridges. karen and alex back to you. glean party candidate jill stein is reloading the backing of the hillary clinton. >> president-elect donald trump has a lot to say not
8:05 am
sitting quietly. he went all over twitter with this one. the lets get to jenny joyce with what everybody is saying, jenny. >> that he did, karen, and more than, and, five million-dollar, and, and jill stein's effort to recount those in michigan, wisconsin and here in pennsylvania. after wisconsin got oath kay from the state's election commission, late last week, hillary clinton jumped on board saying she will join the efforts, and they wants to do voters justice, however, there has been no indication of widespread votes manipulation, illegal voting or hacking that could affect outcome one way or the another. for that reason a recount likely will not change anything. regardless -- >> we are setting up for a voting system that we deserve that we can have confidence in, that has integrity, and security, and that we know is not subject to tampering, malfeasance, hacking and so
8:06 am
on. >> president-elect trump is reacting to the recount on twitter tweeting the democrats when they incorrectly thought they were going to win asked that the election night tap eulogies would be accepted. not so anymore. then last night adding quote in addition to winning the electoral college in the landslide i won the popular vote, if you deduct millions of people who voted illegally. deadlines to petition for recount in michigan and pennsylvania, are later this week. alex and karen. >> interesting to go see what we do if we go through a recount as well. good news. investigators a shooting that left a transgendered person once in the this happened late last night on the 6600 block of malvern avenue in overbrook. the 21 year-old was leaving a their by bar when two men started following the person. the men then dieded to shoot at the victim who is in the the hospital but expect to be okay. shooter is said to be a man 5-foot six with several tattoos on his face. the at this time police do not have a motive for the
8:07 am
shooting. talks between the philadelphia school district and teachers union finally moving forward in a big way. huge developments according to school system has put an offer of 100 million-dollar on the table. so this includes pay increases, for teachers based on years of experience and also bonuses for those who work in hard to staff schools. teach are have been working without a contract for three years. they have not gotten a raise for four. teachers union president says under this proposed deal teachers would not receive a cost of living increase or retroactive pay for the years that they did not have raises. all right. lets check back in with dan because we want a good deal. we roof to save money. he has best cyber mob deals. >> yep, hey guys, despite all of the electronics and fancy stuff out there for kids the number one selling toy theme is still barbie. >> um-hmm, how about that. >> so, 20 percent off all barbie products at toys-r-us
8:08 am
today, cyber monday, that is a pretty good deal, 20 percent off your barbie stuff. for those aspiring cooks out there, step two little cooks kitchen, that little kitchen that kids use to help mom and dad help mom and dad. >> yes. >> $24.99, half off, good deal, i think i have one in the basement for my kids, they last forever. >> that is a good one. >> i like really huge, like, i need more than a 0 percent off, dan. >> it was 50 percent off. we will give you a few more even better than that as they roll in. these change throughout the morning. >> true you have to keep retrekker. >> that is why we have you, dan, thanks very much. new jersey is out and el f is in, it is popping up in homes again. we will look at creative places he has been appearing this year. but first we have known the holiday sees than is here and that means so is stress. we have good times, good things with family but also, okay, we will go past all that
8:09 am
madness and find a place of comfort and joe. fox 29 is proudly partnered with the kelly ann dolan fund to help as many families as possible and you can help by adopting a family. dolan funnies looking for unwrapped toys for kids up to 18 years old or target or wal-mart gift card. drop them off the at wissohickon firehouse on december 5th and 6th, good day will be their life on december . for more forgo to our web site at fox 29 to the come. we want to show you because our artist started to work on the words putting them together for good day. there are some of the ones he is putting in, continue to tweet with us words thaw think represent good day. >> but you have to use the #fox 29 good day so we can see it. don't you want your word on this piece of art. come on. oh, that's lovely...
8:10 am
so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
8:11 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local ed jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
8:12 am
we have one asking for some words. and i would use is philadelphia fantastic. >> philadelphiatastic. >> i think i can spell that one. >> difficult go to art school for a reason. >> okay. >> keep it simple. >> yes. >> we will get more.
8:13 am
send them in using #fox 29 good day. here's a lot of words. complimentary to each other. attractive, intelligent, interesting, and format. >> and you got all of that, dan. >> i got it. >> yes, thank you. >> okay. keep sending them in using #fox 29 good day because we will put this together to make a work of art, bob. >> that will keep us busy until eight or 9:00 o'clock with those words there. >> good morning. monday night foot paul in philadelphia always bring with it the excitement and traffic jams, a lot of unusual traffic patterns and today will be different. it is first day back after holiday weekend, always crazy to begin with. kick off at 8:30. i will bet you they are down there already, with their percolators on having hot chocolate as well but expect delays as we get into the lunchtime hour and then the evening rush hour, certainly going to see a impact.
8:14 am
even if you are noting the to the game. sports express trains running for eagles fans every ten minutes at 6:08 up to game time. here's an accident here blue route 476, southbound, right at broomall interchange. we have triple a guy out here, state troopers, this vehicle and work truck over on the shoulder, wouldn't be advised if sun glare had something to to with this as well, southbound lanes of the blue route right here they are broomall that the interchange for route three, exit number nine, that is causing a delay north bound on 476. the lansdale doylestown line, running with delays of about 30 minutes, and there is also delays the on the paoli line, septa saying manpower issues. this is that new thing where they don't have enough engineers or technicians to actually man the trains. so, maybe one or two guys calling out sick this morning causing delays for thousands out of the gaeton that lansdale/doylestown line. maybe he was up late putting up his christmas lights.
8:15 am
if that is the case snap it, put it up there on facebook, twitter, instagram so we can show folks throughout the holiday getting ready for a very kelly christmas. then we will pick best of the best one night each week we will jump in the news van and head to somebody's house and broadcast live from their front lawn all of the details, on the contest, and the lights are on our web site at fox which night should you go out tonight? the answer in sue serio's's crystal ball. she will be here 152nd. it is 8:00 156789 we need rain for november which is almost over. we had less than a half an inch of rain, and it is over 2 d be. we hoped it will be taken care
8:16 am
of not the today but over the neck couple of days. high pressure remains in control for most of today. cloud will roll in advance of the cold front late tonight and we expect the rain to start after midnight, after the eagles game is over if you are going and then by thursday morning because we don't have two days of rain, maybe into thursday morning we will have 2 inches to the the north of us and around 2 inches in philadelphia again, we need rain. 36 degrees in philadelphia right now. twenty-six in mount pocono. thirty-three down in dover. so it is chilly to start but we have a high of 55 degrees. warmer air moves in with the rain, that is why it is only rain. the windy tomorrow with rain and possible thunderstorm on wednesday, and things do calm down, on thursday, afternoon, friday and saturday. we have a dry wet's head. the ladies, if you need to finish up more outdoor decorating, today is your day. >> thanks, sue. >> i have to do leaves today. so much to do i, we have
8:17 am
to to decorations, gifts, cooking, doing all this stuff. aren't the holidays supposed to be fun? it seems like they can get stressful. >> we have doctor nina here to help us manage our expectations and do a big hum, calm down. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> what do you think. we have all this stuff. all these people. how do we take that moment and hit the pause button. >> this is one of the most joyous time of the year but whooping nine out of 10 million americans feel stress and a quarter feel extreme stress. how do we maximize joy and minimize madness. one of the thing is time is our most precious commodity. planning is key. before we become overwhelmed or sun merged, it is important to write things down. make a to do list. create a california for. and have a strategy of things that must be done. nice to be done and does not need to be done. if you get things that have to be done be happy with that. >> what about for some people, holidays and family get together but makes you think
8:18 am
of the ones that are in the with us this year and sad things that have happened. >> it can be tough, it can be everybody's situation that is different, family relationships are complicated. important thing is to be conscious of this. when you have somebody that is not there and making favorite grand mom's pecan pie that can be very challenging. you may want to change traditions, you may want to honor those persons not there. do something different that has had a divorce or relationship that ended maybe do something different. get on a trip. minimize. if you have a relative that will be there and extend an olive branch. >> how do we power down. we say take a time out, relax but for some people that is so hard to to. how to you headache sure you are removing yourself. >> it is a challenge. technology makes our life better, fun, entertaining but those things, those e-mails, beeps, can elevate our stress hormones. we want to enjoy moment. if we are looking at our screen, we are not enjoying person that is in front of us. i say this for parents,
8:19 am
children mimic what we are doing. if we are doing it it is hard to tell our child to do it. power down, unlug. >> i say i think so many of us went through this this weekend with thanksgiving. cooking, cooking and at the end you just get sick because you are trying to do too much. >> that is problem with stress. stress can optimized our ability to perform but when it is too much we need to create boundaries. we need downtown, break time. we have notions of sugar plums dancing around. the it is not always possible to stop madness. know what you can do do things to create joy. if we don't get to everything we don't need this ideal holiday season. >> i like what you said do things that bring joy create joy. this is suppose to be a happy time. >> it is. when we sit there and ever orchestrate thing it is this is possible. i know decoration we tried to to christmas tree in one day. it just didn't happen. we stopped. we sat down threw ornament in the tree. that is what we did for fun.
8:20 am
these are things you remember. if you are rushing through it, checklists and stuff you will miss moments. >> it is true, don't miss these moments. >> thanks, so much. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> be here and now, in that moment. >> true. powerful psa amber heard fights back tears in a new domestic violence video how she's using her personal experience to urge other woman to speak up. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
my cmine too!hange is super competitive. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. let's check back with dan. >> pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, you get where we're going here. we have a lot of eating. how about a fit bit fitness tracker for $84, 96 cents at that is a good deal, guys to help with you that post thanksgiving feet. >> i thought you were giving us a deal on sweets or something, bakery or something but i will take that too. >> that is a good one, thanks, dan. >> 8:23. >> this serious topic and we have a person that is the face of going through this experience, actress amber
8:24 am
heard delivering a emotional psa about domestic violence. this comes after accusations her former husband johnny dep abused her. >> so, she has teamed up with the organization girl to talk about the stigma. >> there is a lot of, shame, it happens to so many women. when it happens in your home behind closed doors, it is not as straight toward. it is a stranger. you know, it was pointed out to me, stranger in this, it would be, a no brainer. but, telling someone from the very beginning, shooting your self, if i had that, if i even had people around me, a few woman, a few friend, if i had them around me, how different
8:25 am
my wife would be. >> just as a woman having gone through this. >> she's really opening up. >> this comes after amber donated her seven million-dollar divorce settlement to a domestic violence charity and now she's talking about how difficult it can be. >> it is important to seek up. people are in that situation they don't see a way out, necessarily and to have support where you can say i need to value myself. i have to get out of this situation. she did. that helps people that may be listening and watching. >> hopefully to inspire them to get out of their situation. you are helping us headache good day art this morning and we are getting more word in. so lets check them out. megan is screening me. but, we have seen good once. ready for this, it says, great news team, lovely faces, optimistic attitudes. like that, jamie. he agrees. appreciate that. also, this is from shayneette, philadelphia awesome, funny, good people.
8:26 am
>> okay. >> and this one, amazing, crazy, happy people, good spirited, informative and positive. >> i love when people love the positive energy to get your day started. we appreciate your comments. we will make a fabulous piece of art. >> how many did you say you needed. >> 500, right. >> people have some more to go. keep sending them in. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪ ♪7 powerball tickets ♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s ♪4 cash 4 lifes ♪3 pick 3s ♪2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita.
8:27 am
(rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million snow bank. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪ kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe.
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8:29 am
turkey is out and elf on the shelf is in. he is popping up in homes again. we will look at creative places he has been raring this year. birthday backlash ivanka trump is catching flack for photo she posted of her son when he turned eight months old. why social media is criticizing her for her caption. moms do this as baby gets older, they take a picture, and they are getting older. >> same lays, you know, there is bus stop buddy.
8:30 am
but we always, you know that first year in life is so special. i think really bigger things to complain about, you know, with stuff. we have buddy in sunglasses, on line shopping. temperatures in the 20's, and 30's and dad as well. we have some sunshine. we have 36 degrees. 1 mile an hour wind out of the south/southwest and temperatures still in the 20's, even with the sunshine to the north of us. twenty-nine in reading. twenty-six in pottstown. the and up in the pocono mountains 28 degrees in millville. starting the day in wildwood sunshine and 34 degrees. so plenty of sun. the cloud roll in later on. seasonal temperatures, that high of 55 degrees. we are getting rain, but not the today, we will tell you when it arrives when we bring you that seven day forecast, coming up, so bob kelly, eventually some rain. >> eventually some rain,. >> but we are dealing with sun glare and good news for folks heading down to the eagles game later tonight.
8:31 am
8:30 a.m. kick off tonight at 8:30 p.m. eagles/packers south philadelphia for monday night football always a big night but, of course, today is also first take back after the long holiday weekend. so everybody back to work, back to school, the school buses are back in action even if you are not going to the game you will feel impact, especially the second half of the afternoon, and into that evening rush hour. fans are already down there, setting up their hot chocolate and having their kegs and eggs they call it. sports express trains for eagles fans every ten minutes starting tonight at 6:08 out of tern rock. take espresso into south philadelphia. here's is what left of the accident, this is southbound blue route, 476, right at broomall interchange. they have everything off to the shoulder, but look at the sun glare, right at dashboard level, i would be surprised if that had something to do with the accident this morning. is there also a crash on the pennsylvania turnpike, right near the delaware valley interchange, and we are looking at 30 minute delays,
8:32 am
on septa's lansdale doylestown line. alex, back over to you. i can't wait to tell but dan duffy. he has been here taking our words. he makes word art, can i call it word art. >> that is what i call it. >> you have have seen his work maybe if you didn't know his name. you created this of harry kalas and then, portrait of pope francis which was a very special one. but, go to his web site and see so many more ones i have seen all around, pretty amazing. brian dawkins, that is a great one. philadelphia sky line. when looking at these, these are all word, okay. these are words that are filling up this art. bruce springsteen, and i think we have, ai, you have to have ai there. >> 2001, mvp season, every game, how many points he scored good those are the word i used. >> first thing i think about is wow, you must have good handwriting. >> in the really, no. >> how did you get started. >> i wanted to impress my current wife, and i knew i
8:33 am
went to art school. i knew i could come up with some drawing, and when phillies won world series. she was a huge phillies tan. i wrote out every game for that entire season who they played, the date and the score, and she was impressed. >> she was. >> did she though you were trying to date her. >> well, we had slowly started to date, and she was down the shore every weekend. i was kind of like touring the week, up here. >> she is here. can he come over here. sorry, di. >> yes. >> this is great. >> so you were kind of dating. you said this is why you did it. >> yes. >> you are a big phillies fan. come on this close to use the microphone. tell us your name. >> yes, sir contact. >> did you you present it to her or how did this work. >> i shed her a said this is what i would do. would you like me to come home and help me some at phillies game. >> in the parking lot. >> yes. >> first date. >> what did you say then, i guess yeah. >> yeah, yeah. >> then how long have you been
8:34 am
married. >> we just had our year anniversary. >> congratulations. >> did you do something special for the anniversary. >> we sold phillies posters. >> that ace great thing. >> how does this work. do you find an image and then put the word together first. >> yeah, for me i went to art school it is all about the art first. i do the sketch, a rough outline and then coming up with the word is really one of the fun parts. so we come up with the the words that are going to really fit image and then slowly just start to have the image appear. >> would i hate to play scrabble with him at home or something. he house know all of the words. >> she's my sell checker. >> we can find you at dilworth park. >> absolutely we are at christmas village made in philly section of the christmas village and we are right next to the christmas tree and ice skating rink and we have all of our prints available. >> did you think it would take
8:35 am
off. i have seen your work all over philadelphia. >> thanks. >> did you think it would be this big. >> no, never. i was always amazed, still amazed when everybody complements me and relates to what i do. it has been a hissing. >> where can people get in touch. >> philly word and i'm at philly word art on all social media. >> i appreciate it. >> you are working on this good day one. >> i have a lot of work here. >> we are getting in word, you are writing them down, just checking here. >> i love it. >> yes. >> husband and wife team. thanks very much. sending these word in. remember, good word. we have been getting good word. >> absolutely. >> bob kelly, is there a jammo, i spotted it. >> yes. >> finals are fast approaching for college students is what your study method. hit the books now and forget all of the scramming.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
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8:39 am
we have more words, this is from our friend carla buck. up to date news, family, friend, info tane. , hill airty, warm, love, sports, must see fox tv, love my fox 29 good day. i love that. >> we have this one, so cute, funny creative, loving, caring, family. thank you. and, i think we have one more, lynn a says inspirational, hysterical, uplifting, healing, honest,
8:40 am
respectful, compassionate. >> you guys are so nice we should do this every day. i'm loving this. dan, if only we had these words tweeted to us every day. >> yes. >> that is right. >> they are positive. >> bringing out good ones. we appreciate it. do you need a sick day? more than half people suck it up going to work when they are ill but one in ten admit to playing hooky. one of the main reasons to catch up on their favorite tv series. 2,000 adults were quizzed in the survey. the those who earned more than $62,000 a year were found more likely to pull a sicky. >> a sicky. >> yes. >> calling out sick today. >> wondering if you are catching him up, on his tv shows. >> i am sure he is quite sick, sitting around watching tv. >> what is your question too show. >> if i have to watch something, i love being mary jane and the show underground but knock on woody haven't had a sick day. >> what about you, karen. >> i try not to call out sick,
8:41 am
even then, i try not to call in sick. what do you watch. >> i'm going to start home land but i watched house of card because i finished my game of thrones. >> do you like it. >> i love it. >> let the me know what shows you are watching because i'm only ten years behind. tell me what happened in the last ten years. if i it is not game of thrones, i'm behind. >> you or your child ever cram for an important test but didn't remember anything once the big fill up the scan tran. is there an scientific reason for that. >> this is according to people from tufts university, the brave cannot take in new fur due to stress and panic. facts are lost from your memories. experts say best way to study is doing the practice test, and instead of frantically trying to read overall of the material. you will not be soaking it in. those who use practice test remembered an average of 11 out of 30 questions. well, make you fail. but compared to less than nine for those who reread the
8:42 am
chapters. so, cramming does not work. >> professors give practice test, not all of them give it. you have to figure out stuff on your own. did you ever do all nighters. >> heck yah, poor results but some people if you are good at test taking, i always did well on tests but could never buckle down and write my papers. >> i always did a lot of rewriting, i would go through chapters and write out all of the points, and for some reason i thought i would think it is stuck in my head. but, maybe it doesn't help. >> that is science by writing it down and going through it again. good way to have success. success if you are shopping and want best toys for your kids, jen is here with our best deals and toys, hi there, jen. >> really we are trying to tell you what you need to buy now, if you want to help santa go get the ball, go get the ball. we will tell you what you should get for bigger kid. >> go get the ball.
8:43 am
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get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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bright and sunny, right now but 24 hours from now it will be a completely different story. blue skies in old sit is i. weather headlines includes rain arriving late tonight after midnight and warmer temperatures for middle of the week but that much needed rain will add up to 2 inches or more. seven day forecast is 55 degrees today. sixty-three tomorrow. but rainy and windy on and off. another rainy day on wednesday but we are up to 67, possible thunderstorms as well, and then rain could linger into thursday morning. high of 58. fifty-two on friday. fifty on saturday. dry days there. but we have to see about that chance of rain on sunday. remember, we need the rain. >> it the is true. >> yes. >> we do need it no complaining allowed. >> we're trying not the to. >> thanks, sue. >> cyber monday a lot of families they use that time to buy some toys. >> i certainly got a bunch.
8:47 am
jen's recommending some and that doggies off the charts cute, jen. >> the doggies ridiculously amazing. joey portman is here. >> how are you. >> before we start with this, this is what i found by myself. i shared it with you. look at this under arm or we are doing boys, older kids. you cannot do boys and older kids without under arm or. ton of their stuff is 50 percent off right now. during my lunch break, i might check that out. joey's here with the toys. so who is this little adorable pet. >> this is chip, this is a most talented dog on the planet. what is great about chip, he becomes whoever you want him to be. you mess with this little guy right here, and you can, like everything that he does. it is developed his own little personality. >> you are training him. >> yes. >> why can't they to that for a husband. >> i tried for many, many years. >> he is not cheap but there are cyber monday deals on him. >> if you go to kohl's or
8:48 am
wal-mart you can get him for 170, or otherwise it is 210 or something like that. >> if you are trying to help santa, you want to get this because you suspect that this in a week or two will be one of the things that starts to sellout. >> this will be definitely one of the big things to go out. >> and there is, a hoverboard behind you. >> i necessity they are back. >> but it is whoever track by razor, this is different. >> it is only patented hoverboard out there. in other words it will not blow up on your kid or under your kid. >> according to the company. >> they are very craze bye making sure that they take good care of it. razor is only one i recollect men. it is self balances, check this out. >> it looks smaller, lighter then other one. >> it is smaller, lighter, and i still fell off of it. i want to say it is safer but it still hurts. >> they bought patent to it, it upgraded all of the systems to make sure it is safer. >> you can go forward, backwards, it is pretty cool.
8:49 am
>> okay. you have to have remote control. >> another big hot market for remote control. i have a couple products. thinks teenage mutant ninja turtles. they are skateboarding mikey. he is in the box but he is fun. he is on a skate game. i know, i'm in the the best. >> you are really good at it the. >> just to get clear we love when joey does toy segment and messes up. if you don't mess it up, it will not be very much fun. >> it is my kid. they are my testers. they love it. >> the thing we love about this there is a hd camera in the helmet. >> you can have a good time. and there are skid pads on the side. >> to not mess up cat yam. >> show us how it works, joey. >> i knew you were going to do that to me. >> turn the power button on. >> wait, lets do the shoes. >> these are neon kicks. i love these. they come in adults and kid. >> i see them. >> they are about $70.
8:50 am
>> you can get them at toys-r-us. >> last thing i though we are bad. this is a printer for little phone pictures. these are like all joey's little friends. >> teenagers. >> great product for teens, rocket by hp. put tonight your pocket. connected. there is no cord. printout these little guys, pluck them up on the wall. paper you have to buy with no ink. >> in ink. >> through go, i did you well. >> i'm mad that you didn't blow anything up. not the hoverboard, you know. >> there he is. >> i'm all lit up. >> there is gentlemen i. >> yes. >> i love it. >> i want those sneakers, they are pretty fun. >> they are cool, right. >> yes, all of the hottest toys. >> thanks, ladies. well, birthday backlash, ivanka is capping flack for photo that she posted, and eight months old, and criticizing her for the caption. >> cute, but not the birthday. here's your winning lottery
8:51 am
8:52 am
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good morning, everybody. 8:54. you this accident southbound i-95 right here near betsy ross bridge just south of the betsy ross bridge construction zone as we head this to center city. an accident on the boulevard, southbound right at fox street on ramp fire fighters on the scene there 30 minute delays continue on the lansdale doylestown line, some scattered delays on the other regional rail lines, mainly because of manpower issues out of the gaeton septa system. i hope they are this is calling out tips for eagles game and blue route we have think both directions in the area of broomall from an earlier accident, alex and karen back over to you.
8:55 am
all right. dan, you have good deals. >> all this shopping is making you tired. >> a little bit. >> how about pure body natural oils, this stuff is really popular for $6.80. huge deal. half off. and then while there pure body coconut milk body scrub. these are little gifts for yourself, karen and alex, $11.96. i know this is popular. we have three daughters as you know. i know this stuff is popular. good stocking stuff, good price, free shipping. >> tea tree oil good for you scalp. >> yes. >> karen? >> well, 8:55. turkey is out and elf is back, the elf on the shelf is popping up, we are look at creative lays he he is a earring. also, thank you so much for helping us and end ising in your word, you guys have been so great making this art.
8:56 am
>> i love this one from christmas village. it says our word you got to try and antics, alex around town, tasty, morning hot spot and why we love philly. we're going to christmas village in a bit so thanks for that and i love this one from lisa travel queen it says alex, mom tad grand pop, pelvic thrust, mike joy jessica jack teddy, karen four, lauren diamond, quincy three, bob seven, bob has seven. seven kid. >> yes, sues clues. and sue's clues. these are all good won all in one word. >> yes. >> still apply. >> hopefully let it count. >> absolutely. >> he says absolutely.
8:57 am
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we can do it without biblowing our budget.s. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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breaking news out of wilmington a teenage boy is in the hospital after being shot near a school bus stop. it happened around 7:00 o'clock this morning at
9:00 am
27th and van buren streets. he is a ninth grade student ate john dickinson high school and currently at ai children's hospital. we do not know his condition. we will keep you updated as we get more tore. he was shot in his left arm and abdominal area. we will get more information on that. okay. it is 9:00 o'clock. good day it is monday, november 28th. >> hi there bob. >> i'm only guy in the building i think today, all morning long, it is all of the ladies. i'm here, calming down, getting my coffee, we have our green on. >> we are ready for monday night foot paul. >> ready to go. >> we're ready to be here. >> i'm little nervous, i have been very nice and quiet here. >> yes. >> you can represent for the the fellas. >> representing for fellas. >> we have girl power here, karen. >> we know we have that. >> speaking of girls how about this with ivanka getting backlash. >> she's taking flack for photo of her son when he turn eight months old. here's a photo. why social


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