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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. developing tonight in wilmington arc father says gangs are behind the shooting that injured his teenaged son who was on his way to school. 15-year-old boy is recovering from getting shot before his schoolbus pick him up. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. delaware authorities are trying to track down that shooter. our dave kinchen joins us live at the will morning ton police headquarters after talking with that teen's father. dave? >> reporter: iain, that's right the father did not want to be identified partially because he's afraid that those attackers may come back but he wants the story out there. he says this is awake-up call to junk people here in wilmington. >> i'm real concern. you know, i'm real real concern. >> roar report not as an easy day for a father of a
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15-year-old shot before getting to his schoolbus this morning. >> it was group of guys and they all ran he told me. he ended up being the one to get hit. >> reporter: the victim is in the ninth greater at john dickinson high school. the boy ran to the schoolbus not knowing he was shot. but the but company tells us students noticed he was hurt prompting the bus driver to call dispatch who called police. the injured teen a is the nemours ai dupont hospital for children. >> he was blessed. he was fortunate. it went through it came out the other side and hit his arm. three holes and two bullets. >> it was gang. >> you think it's gang relate. >> i know it was gang related. >> reporter: neighbors tell fox 29 they woke up to six to eight powerful gunshots. >> when we look out the window, we saw some kids run up this w way. we saw some kids jump on the bus and some of the bus drivers were telling the kids get on the bus. >> reporter: one bullet even piercing the windshield of this car. the father says this attack should be awake-up call to
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wilmington youth after another teen takes gunfire. >> this is real. this ain't video shoot. it's into the rap video. when you get shot it hurts you feel like that pain for the rest of your life. >> reporter: the victim is in stable condition still at this hour and police continue their hun for the shooter. iain? >> dave, let's hope they find him. thanks. panic in ohio with college campus under attack it happened this morning at ohio state university in columbus. officials say 11 people were hurt. one critically when a college student drove his car into a group of pedestrians and then got out and started stabbing them with a butcher's 95. fbi is now stepping in trying to figure out if this was a terrorist attack and what the motive may have been. the associated pressure reports the suspect was abdul razak ali artan a somali born legal permanent resident of the united states. he was a student at the ohio state university. police officer shot and killed him at the scene. columbus' mayor says quick
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action hi likely saved lives today. >> and we had a dynamic well well-trained professional today save the lives of many of our residents and students. >> campus police chief says surveillance photos showed artan in the car by himself just before the attack. but investigators are looking into whether anyone else may have been involve. former delaware county firefighter already guilty of child pornography has now admi admitted to arson. john corcoran pleaded guilty to setting three fires with the help of a 17-year-old accompli accomplice. the glenn olden man could face decades in prison for the arsons at vacant homes. investigators say he set the fires from may to july of 2014. in october of this year, a federal judge sentenced corcoran to 28 years in prison for 21 child pornography counts. he also faces more than 200 other child molestation and related charges in state court. corcoran was a volunteer
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firefighter. all right. let's check in with your fox 29 weather authority now. it was a cool dry day around the area. our cameras caught some people bundled up this afternoon in trenton but hold on, we're preparing for some rainy weather. kathy orr is standing by with more on that. >> kathy? >> we have a pretty nice evening out there. a good night for football. but we are expecting some heavy rain beginning tomorrow and another round coming in on wednesday. so it's going to be a little iffy through the mid period of the week. in old city philadelphia looking good. it's a busy busy monday night. the kick off forecast at the linc parly cloudy skies expected, 46 degrees. winds out of the south at just 6 miles an hour and of course kick off is at 8:30. so temperatures are going to stay pretty steady we're around 50 right now only going to drop a few degrees overnight. because of this cloud cover rolling on through. ahead of a front. a powerful storm system that is just cranking rain, wind and actually a line of severe weather through tennessee all the way down through louisiana. all of this moving toward us. so here's a look what we can
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expect. as we go hour with hour overnight tonight cloudy, tomorrow morning for the morning rush, sue and bob will be talking about periods of rain. slowing things down at 7:00 a.m. periods of heavy rain where you see the orange and yellow mainly north and west but not limited to north and west. that's about the noon hour. and then more pocks of heavy rain right into the evening rush. when we look at the rain totals just for tuesday alone we're talking about a half an inch to over an inch with this first round of rain. but the double dose comes on wednesday. so more rain, we have gusty winds, and unusual rise in temperature. we'll talk more about that coming up with your seven day forecast. all right, kathy, thanks. president-elect trump's transition into the white house is being complicated by calls for a recount. that includes pennsylvania where the green party filed a lawsuit today requesting a recount citing malware threats to voting machines. at the same time montgomery county election officials say they're delaying certification of the results because they've
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been petitioned by voters requesting a recount. pennsylvania secretary of state maintains there's no evidence of voting irregularities. the green party has until wednesday to get a recount going in michigan, wisconsin's election commission also approved the recount. hillary clinton's campaign attorneys say they will participate. delta says it's banning a passenger for life after he loudly used profanity to profess his support for president-elect donald trump on an allentown bound flight. passenger recorded this video on her phone and shared the outburst on facebook after the flight on november 22nd. the man in the video insults supporters of hillary clinton calling them the b word. delta later apologized for not removing the passenger from the flight and now says in addition to being banned for life it's refunding the cost of tickets for other passengers on that flight. >> millions of americans have been spending part of their day online hunting for deals on this cyber monday. more bargain hunters are skipping the chaos of black friday for the convenience of saving on the old internet.
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tonight our chris o'connell went inside a local amazon fulfillment center to take a look at what it takes to get your order to your doorstep. >> reporter: well if you ordered something online this weekend, there's a very good chance it is now traveling along the 8 miles of conveyor belts here at the amazon fulfillment center in middletown, delaware. take a look. a rare behind the scenes look at what goes on behind this massive operation. you see the beginning of it right now. that is where all the products come in the door. they are unloaded, they are repacked and packed. they are put in those yellow bins and then put on a truck and on the way to your doorstep. all happens under 28 football fields that could fit under one roof. once again, a rare behind the scenes tour of one of the online giants 70 plus fulfill many centers. this is where products are picked, packed and shipped from books to toys to gummy bears,
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kindles and echoes. everything you see most likely was ordered in the last day or so coming in and out of the doors here. just how much product goes through these doors, well, the general manager gave us a tour to tell us just how much. >> this is 1.2 million square foot facility. we've got about 24 and a half million units of inventory in here. today we'll ship out in the 24 hour period probably about 700,000 packages to delight customers all across the northeast. >> reporter: and if those thousands of employees weren't enough, yes, amazon is still hiring for holiday help. >> middletown, delaware, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. the president of philadelphia's teachers union rejected $100 million contract offer from the district. >> district proposal to the federation of teachers included bonuses for teachers and hard to staff schools and races for teachers who have macked out on the pay scale. philadelphia teachers have worked without a contract for three years.
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without raises for four years. union president jerry jordan says the proposal offers quote no recognition of the years that people have sacrificed, but superintendent dr. william hite says the district simply cannot afford more. >> we would love to give them more. we don't have more to give. and whatever we do now cannot put us in the predicament where in four, five years we are removing the resources or the investments we've made in order to sustain the agreement. >> no word yet on any counter proposals. in west philadelphia, residents have been waiting more than two decades for a vital bridge and tonight they got it. >> 41st street street in mantua back open to traffic. the bridge reopened for the first time since 1994. >> wow! >> it stands between mantua avenue and poplar streets and it spans over amtrak trains. mayor kenney says it connects
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the mantua and east park neighborhoods. it serves as a gateway to welcome residents. >> congratulations to the community. no more detours. please. in mantua. [ applause ] >> no more detours. so please enjoy your new bridge. merry christmas! [ laughter ] >> this bridge is the third and final one to be completed in mantua in the past decade the 40th and 42nd street bridges were done. >> do you think they'll get 95 done in the next couple decades. >> good luck with that. police are investigating a rash of in a philadelphia neighborhood. why neighbors are so concerned about what they say they see in this video. sean. >> reporter: we are at the linc and the guys have a great sense of you are gin see. they need this game to make it to the playoffs and it stall starts tonight later tonight. later in sports we talk about the urgency all throughout this locker room. >> sean, thanks. here's live look along the ben franklin parkway. kathy orr tracking the timing some of rain moving in this
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>> concern in south philadelphia neighborhood. rash of petty crimes in one neighborhood and this video appears to show a young person trying to break in to a home. people who live in the area are wondering if their properties the next one with the target on it. >> it's all happening in pennsport where neighbors hope to put an end to the problem. they spoke to our bruce gordon. bruce joins us live in pennsport tonight. bruce. >> reporter: guys, let's face it, pennsport is considered by most folks in philadelphia to be a good neighborhood, good and in some ways getting better, but random street crimes knows no boundaries and that has vehicle owners and homeowners around here nervous. the home security camera video shows a handful of young people walking down the sidewalk on 1700 block of east moyaminsing saturday night. one member of the group peels off walking up the steps of a home and it appears to check the front door presumable toll see if it was unlocked. fortunately it was not. doreen beaver lives right next door.
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>> i was scared. i thought, you know, supposing that did break down the door. >> get in an unlocked door. >> reporter: a few blocks away that same night, several vehicle break ins were reported two on the 200 block of wharton street. carolycarolyn's van was hit, sht clothing, her daughter's wallet and keys. >> she's already changed her lock. >> you come out and see that and what goes through your mind. >> more money i don't have to spent. few less christmas gifts. >> reporter: pennsport is considered a desirable neighborhood. full of well-maintained homes and new high-end townhouses being built all the time. but it is not immune from crime. unlocked doors or invitation to trouble. >> i use common sense with my car. i use common sense with my front door. i mean that's just -- i mean i don't know that there's anywhere i would live that i won be
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careful about my front door. >> reporter: back on moyaminsing doreen beaver picks up trash whenever she can. in part to keep it from becoming a projectile. >> last summer somebody through a brick through my windshield. >> reporter: brick right through the windshield. >> yeah. >> reporter: she says gangs of kids emerge from the nearby park to cause trouble. torching nearby newspaper vending box a couple of week ago and vandalizing cars on a pretty regular basis. >> it's just them not having anything to do. they're bored. and they get into trouble. >> reporter: some of the victims of these vehicle break ins admit doors were left unlocked or valuables were left in plane sight to be seen through the windows much these are crimes of opportunity, lucy, best advice, don't give the bad guys the opportunity. >> exactly right, bruce gordon. thanks much. to your fox 29 weather authority now. looks like we're going to have an opportunity for some wet weather. >> kathy you frack something rain. >> a lot of wet weather. not just one day but two days.
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two rounds of rain. a double dose we need it we're going to get it and we'll have a break in between. that's the good news. take look outside old city philadelphia market street. pretty busy of course it's pretty pleasant monday night with temperatures in the 40s the high today 53 and we'll slowly decline in temperature but then become pretty steady and level off due to the southerly winds that will increase overnight tonight. right now it's arthritic in the poconos. 48 in allentown. 46 in pottstown. 48 in wilmington. and 48 degrees in redding so a pleasant night for the birds with temperatures in the mid 40s at game day. or game time i should say. as we go hour by hour tonight the clouds will thicken from west to east. the rain will arrive during the morning rush. so our sue sr. yo will be talking about the rain and of course bob kelly will guide you along the highways and by ways because the northeast extension, 76, even 95 getting periods of heavy rain for the morning rush. during the afternoon and even during the nighttime hours tomorrow for evening rush some
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heavy rain throughout philadelphia and its suburbs. so that's round one. then the second round of rain will come on wednesday. wednesday morning dry for a couple of hours. we may be able to make it through the morning rush and then periods of heavy rain moving through again and even a few thunderstorms are possible during the late afternoon. so first we have the rain on tuesday. periods of rain definitely heavy about an inch of rain in most locations maybe a little more just during the day on tuesday. the second round moves in wednesday late morning. into the afternoon with an additional inch possible of rain in some locations. so when you add up all at accumulation we're seeing about one to 2-inches of rain over a good part of the delaware vall valley. so overnight tonight, temperatures in the mid 40s in the city. 41 in the suburb the clouds thicken rain will be moving in toward dawn and it pack our morning commute. winds out of southeast five to 15. during the day tomorrow, the winds really pick up out of the south. so much so that we make it to
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65 degrees. temperatures over 10 degrees above normal. periods of rain gusty southerly winds. 15 to 25 sustained gusting to about 35 miles an hour at times. so it will be a wind swept rain. almost feeling a little tropical with temperatures in the mid 60s. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, some morning rain, afternoon storms. for your wednesday look at that, near 70 unbelievable. thursday temperatures fall in the wake of a cold front. so it will be chilly by thursday afternoon and evening. friday mostly sunny, saturday looks good. sunday some also clouds maybe a late afternoon or evening shower. and then by monday, we'll have a chance of rain in the morning. otherwise the temperature 52. but that will be the first week of the month of december. so easing into the month for sure. that's a look at your seven day forecast. i know where i would like to be, sean bell. i would like to be where you a are. >> reporter: yeah, kathy. but it's a little cold out here right now. but that's okay. this is perfect football weath weather.
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the guys getting ready to take on the packers. as you see behind me jordan hicks and the rest of the guys on the field right now getting ready. we're going to go to sports next and talk about the urgency of this game. ♪
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♪ we are out here at lincoln financial field. you see the guys stretching, carson wentz out here getting ready. getting ready for this big prime time matchup. this one they need so badly.
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paul turner is out here right now stretching. nelson agholor looking like he's not going to play. they may have deactivate the him. usually he's here by now. so quick wire receiver note after all those head struggles nelson agholor will probably not play. eagles boy do they need this one. last in the division. five and five and they have to pass up washington and the giants in order to get a wild card spot. dallas, well, we already know it's a done deal. they're going to win the nfc east. the guys know in this locker room it's very urgent. they have to get the done now. they have to win at least five out of their six last games and each one of those guys in the locker room know the time to win is now. >> ♪ >> the guys know the time is now. ♪ >> we're not done je yet.
6:25 pm
maybe down the road we'll overcome the mistake. right now we have to do it. >> time is starting to run out of the eagles five and five their playoffs hopes are slowly starting to slip away. their coming off their worst loss of the season margin of err very closing. >> this is something we all definitely understand. um, i mean it's cut and try. we got to win them all. we got to win every single one and something we all know and we plan to do. >> at this point catching the cowboys is doubtful but getting a wild card spot still in sight. the guys in the locker room aren't getting tight but they know what time it is. >> i mean we don't really press so to speak. i mean, we're all smart guys. we realize what's at stake. we realize where we're at in the season. you know, we got six games left and we'll put our best foot forward. at the same time we don't change our preparation. we don't change our we approach things.
6:26 pm
>> reporter: they're facing packers team that really needs this just as much as the eagles do. the packers four and six and they're falling behind in the nfc north. so this game can also be a wild card game that can be a tie breaker between these two teams. very close records. never going to go what will happen. you have to stop aaron rodgers tonight much he's the cannon he's the one-man band the defense will be up to it today. back to you guys. >> all right. home field advantage. >> let's hope. they have been -- played great at home. >> two different teams, right. >> tale of two teams. all righty. so finger crossed. to rain tonight. >> no rain tonight. they got luck kyw-3. >> let's rain on the packers parade. >> that's the kind of rain we like. that does it for us here at 6: 6:00. >> we'll see right back here at 10:00. have a granite. inside edition is up next. ♪>[a5df]www.evert] my guest list just tripled.
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the mystery deepens. new questions after the shocking return of the kidnapped jogger. >> skeptics believe that it's a hoax. >> and what the motorist who found her chained and battered says she saw. >> you could tell she was in some serious trouble. and terror attack at ohio state? >> after all the concern about the thanksgiving day parade, it had just happened in the american heartland. then, biggest cyber monday ever. inside the belly of the shopping beast. >> the biggest on-line sales day in the u.s. and how to get the best deals. plus, teen airhead. >> you guys have no idea how beautiful this is. >> look what he did for fun. then, what's in your pet


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