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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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a septa bus slammed into a woman pushing a stroller. live report from the scene next. what happened to a guy that went on a pro trump rant on a flight bound for allentown. your news is next.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. breaking news out of the gate. skyfox over the scene avenue deadly shooting on the 6100 block of brows street in mayfa mayfair. the victim only 14 years old. that boy shot three times in the chest right around 9:00 this evening. authorities rushed him to the hospital but he died. police are looking for two men in the silver car. we have a new crew gathering more information. we'll bring are months as the news warrants. tragedy involving a septa bus in one of the busiest parts of town hits a woman crossing the street. >> and not only that, she was pushing a stroller with a baby inside. that baby is okay.
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tragically the same is not true for the woman. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. investigators have been on the scene near 23rd and chestnut streets for hours. that's where fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live. shawnette. >> reporter: investigator invesy that the driver of that septa bus is of course shane up and we can imagine so are the people who were on that bus. but nearly five hours later, they are still trying to find out what led to this deadly accident. accident investigators trying to get to the bottom of the horrific scene in center city this evening after a septa bus hit a woman pushing a baby in a stroller. >> very upsetting. >> reporter: police say the happened at 23rd and chestnut streets just after 5:00 o'clock. the 64-year-old woman was kill killed. the baby said to be between six and eight months old mack us will the wasn't hurt. >> the bus was making a left turn. it was traveling in the southbound lanes of 23rd and was heading eastbound on chestnut street. >> reporter: investigators have not yet determined whether the driver of the route nine septa bus was in the wrong or if
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the woman was in the crosswalk. as the bus turned the corner. >> it appears she was close to the crosswalk. we're in the exactly sure yet. that's what the investigation from the accident investigation will determine that. where she was first struck and obviously where she landed. >> reporter: and we just spoke with accident investigators moments ago. they still are not releasing the relationship between that woman and the baby. they do tell us the baby was taken to chop for evaluation. but is okay. lucy, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, shawnette. happening right now, police are on the hunt for a man who they believe sexually assaulted a single mom in her bensalem home. they say that's him and they say the last place that they know he was was at this gas station. police say he not only woke up the mom, but also her young daughter during the terrifying encounter. >> fox 29's dave schratwieser has the latest on the investigation. he was holding me had his arms around me so i cannot move. >> reporter: for this single
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mother it was the fight of her life and a fight to protect her 10-year-old daughter. it took everything she had to ward off a man police say broke into her condo early saturday morning and sexually assaulted her. >> my daughter woke up and made a sound, and that frightened him enough startled him to -- so that i could get leverage and was able to push him to get him out the door. >> reporter: vick tip who asked us to conceal her identity was awakened just after 5:00 a.m. that's when she saw a strange man in her home at lafayette garden condominiums. >> fighting to make sure my daughter was safe. that was my only thought. everything was pure april sting. >> i'm sorry for err and her family. scary. >> reporter: daughter was home, too. >> very scary. >> reporter: neighbors worried for the victim and their own safety after the attack. police did recover surveillance video of the man they believe is the suspect in the home invasi invasion. from a sunoco food mart just across the possess king creek from the condo complex. >> if you've seen him before, if
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you know him, please call the police, call the news. let people know. >> to have it this close to home is pretty scary. >> reporter: celeste hutchinson lives around the corner from the crime seen with had he teenaged daughter. the home invasion and violent attack had her very concerned. >> it's pretty scary worry right here next to philadelphia and i have a young child arc female, it would be pretty scary if something like that would happen in the area. >> reporter: suspect may be a homeless man who hangs out in this park near the scene. the victim and her daughter were not seriously injured. in bensalem, dave schratwieser fox 29 news. 11 people in ohio hospitals tonight after violent attack on the ohio state campus. university is now a crime scene. fox news reports that a student posted on social media complaining about the treatment of muslims then drove his car into a group of pedestrians. police say he got out started stabbing them with a butcher's 95. officer shot and kill the
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attacker who police identified as abdul razak ali artan at the scene. >> now the fbi involved trying to figure out if this violence was actually an act of terror. suspect authorities say is a somali born legal resident of the u.s. he was interviewed by the college's newspaper this year in a short feature where he identified himself as muslim. campus officer was in the area when the attack happened around 10:00 a.m. responding to a nearby gas leak. officials say of those injured in the attack most were hurt by the car at least two were stabbed and one had a fractured skull. students had just returned to campus after thanksgiving break and they are stunned as news of today's violence spread. >> he appeared on the sidewalk and it just hit everybody who was in front. >> i thought it was an accident until the guy came out with a knife. i wasn't processing all of that. >> police chief says surveillance video showed artan in the car by himself just
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before the attack. investigators are looking into whether anyone else will involved. we'll continue to follow this story as details continue to break. look for the latest information on our web side head to you'll see the story right on the home page. on your radar tonight, here comes the rain. once it starts it's not going anywhere for awhile. meteorologist kathkoy tracking . >> clouds out there right now. the rain moves in tomorrow morning for the time in the morning rush do not leave the house without a umbrella and raincoat and checking in with sue serio during the morning. old city looking good. the roads are dry. that won't be the case tomorrow night at this time. temperatures are fairly warm because of the cloud cover and southerly winds. 48 in philadelphia. 45 in pottstown and 44 in millville. i expect temperatures to bottom out in the mid 40s in philadelphia. falling a few more degrees. the rhee reason why we have strong southerly winds ahead of this front all this rain is moving toward the northeast and that means rain and some wind over the next couple of days. as we time this out hour by
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hour. you can see by tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. the rain is moved in. heaviest to the north and west of the philadelphia. periods of rain throughout the day and by 7:00 p.m., we are going to see up to an inch of rain in many locations. this is the first round. the second round moves that was during the day on wednesday. we could even have a few thunderstorms. so two rounds of rain and some heavy accumulations just from tuesday around an inch along the i-95 corridor. higher accumulations to the north and west. lower to the south and east with additional accumulation expected for wednesday. so coming up we'll talk about the double dose of rain and timing it out. winds gusting during the day tomorrow and the unusual rise in temperature in the seven day forecast. those details coming up later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> all right, kathy, thanks. you decide there's a fight to recount pennsylvania's votes from the presidential election. green party candidate jill stein is trying to make it happen. a couple of ways. the first is a lawsuit filed in
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commonwealth court on behalf of at least 100 voters. it alleges there's quote a legitimate and good faith basis to contest the results. stein also has been encouraging voters to file challenges in their precincts. at least three voters per precinct have oh file petition and go before a judge. the secretary of state's office says the deadline for voter initiated recount passed even so montgomery county says it's already gotten such a challenge. donald trump has been tweeting criticizing recount. president-elect trump did get back to business. he met today with handful of cabinet contenders. one of the most prominent spots he need to fill secretary of state. fox news reports that rudy guiliani, mitt romney and general david patreas are in the running. trump tweeting to night, just met with general patreas, was very impressed. we are on top of developing story tonight. police are looking for whoever shot a person near a bar in overbrook. police say the 21-year-old man
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had just left a bar at 66t 66th and lansdowne avenue he noticed to men were following him. that's when police say one of them opened fire hitting him in the hip. so far no word on motive. the victim is in the hospital stable. right now police are looking for the gunman who shot a teenaged boy while he was on his way to school this morning. 15 year old's father tells us he believes the attack was gang related. >> and the father is very worried the gunman might come back. our dave kinchen has more from wilmington. >> i'm a little concerned. i'm real real concerned. >> reporter: not an easy day for the faster 15 year old boy shot near west 27th and north van buren streets in wilmington before getting to his schoolbus this morning. >> he told me it was group of guys and they all ran. he ended up being the one that got hit. >> reporter: victim is in the fifth later greater at john dickenson high school. his father says the boy ran to the schoolbus not knowing he was shot but the bus company tells us students noticed he was hurt prompting the bus driver to call
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dispatch who called police. the injured teen is at new hours ai dupont hospital for chirp. >> he was blessed. he was fortunate. it went through him and came out the other side. hit his arm so i think it was three holes and, um, two bullets. it was a gang. >> reporter: you think it's gang related. >> i know it was gang related. >> it's total chaos. report roar neighbor tell fox 29 they woke up to six to eight powerful gunshots. >> we look out the window, we saw some kids run up this way. we saw kids jump on the bus and some of the bus drivers were telling the kids to get on the bus for their protect. >> reporter: one bullet piercing the windshield of this car. the father says this attack should be awake up call to wilmington youth after another teen takes gunfire. >> this is is real. this ain't a video. it's not a rap video. when you get shot it hurts, unfeel that pain for the rest of your life. >> reporter: victim remains in stable condition tonight. we're also told police are continuing their search for the shooter. this should be a warning to
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young people here in wilmington. dave kinchen fox 29. >> one of the busiest spots on the web this cyber monday amaz amazon. we'll go behind the scenes at an amazon location here in or of area to see all that stuff you buy ends up at your house. it happens all too often on our streets. gun violence cutting down another young life. today a deeply personal look at life after this type of tragedy. >> i couldn't even identify him. i went but i wasn't able to do it. >> reporter: tonight how one mom is making it day to day in her own words.
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>> you've still got to time to take part in the biggest shopping day of the year. >> million bargain hunters have been at it all day for cyber monday. as you can imagine amazon distribution centers were one of the busiest places to be today. fox 29's chris o'connell is at one of those facilities in middletown, delaware tonight. chris, a lot of action there today. >> reporter: you don't even know, iain. if you think the malls were a busy place during black friday, you should have seen this place on cyber monday. we're outside the amazon fulfillment center here in middletown, delaware. this building, it should have its own zip code. the building bigger than 28 football fields and inside an operation that rivals the north pole. from the time you click until it's delivered to your door, it
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all starts here. >> it's very fast paced. >> reporter: lana isn't zap santa's elf she might as well be. >> our slogan we give everybody, work hard, have fun. >> she's money one of 3,000 employees working at anyone time at amazon's massive 1.2 square foot fulfill many center here in middletown, delaware. one of 70 across the country. >> it's go, go, go 24/7 here. >> reporter: if you ordered from amazon a book to a toy to light bubs to a kindle, chances are the avalanche of products will wee their way threw an 8-mile maze of conveyor belts. >> these packages waiting on trailers. >> reporter: general manager brian jones gave us a rare behind the scenes look into amazon on cyber monday. >> we've got about 24 and a half million units of inventory. >> reporter: high paced, high tech logistical ballet of people and machines.
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>> beautiful symphony of human hands super innovative high texas following working together. >> reporter: employees like who have worked at amazon for 20 years it's not just about a job. it's about responsibility. >> most of our customers. we try to treat every package like it's coming to us any way. >> reporter: talk about seasonal employees. >> last week we hired 800 associates. this week 900 more. next week a extra four or 500. >> reporter: today may have been the busiest ordering day for consumers online for workers inside of amazon that won't come for another couple weeks when they'll process up to 850,000 packages in a single day. talk about santa's little helpers, iain. >> that's a lot of help. all right, chris, thank you. a $100 million contract turned down. tonight the president of philadelphia's teachers union says no to an offer from the district. the district's pro proposal to
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the federal of teachers included bonuses for teachers in hard to staff schools and raises for teachers moo maxed out on the pay scale. philadelphia teachers have worked without a contract for three years and no races for four years. superintendent hite says the district can't afford any more. >> we would love to give them more. we don't have more to give. and whatever we do now, cannot put us in the predicament where in four, five years we are removing the resources or the investments weed we've made in order to sustain the agreement. union president jerry jordan says the proposal offered quote no recognition of the years people have sacrificed ". >> neighbors in a south philly neighborhood are double checking their locks. rash of chefs hit pennsport andth this video from home security system that has some folks very worried. fox 29's bruce gordon went to pentz port where residents told
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them they're concerned their home or their car might be hit next. >> reporter: video taken from home security camera shows a handful of young people walking down a sidewalk on the 1700 block of east moyaminsing saturday night. one member of the group walks up the steps of a home and appears to try the front door presumable toll see if it's unlocked. it is not. >> supposing they would have got in. >> reporter: that could have been ughly. >> yeah. >> reporter: doreen beaver live next door to that home and was stunned at what she saw on the video. >> it's scary. that's why i have alarm on my house. got a steel door. what could you do? it's sad. >> reporter: the apparent close call coincided with a rash of vehicle break ins if the pennsport neighborhood. at least three saturday night alone. >> they smashed side window the back side window on the passenger side. >> reporter: caroline's van was among the targets. >> i lost a dufflebag with gym clothes and sneakers mine daughter's wallet was in the glove compartment. >> reporter: there were house keys in the van. >> we'll have the locks changed later today.
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>> reporter: pennsport is considered a nice neighborhood, stable, well-maintained homes with lots of expensive newtown houses going up all over the place. when crime does strike, folks around here spread the word fa fast. >> it is pretty tight knit. i mean we know the neighbors and so forth. it has a good sense of neighborhood. >> reporter: but some in the neighborhood are worried. doreen beaver says groups of kids come out of the nearby park to cause chaos. she says they torched this newspaper vending box a couple of weeks ago and damaged cars regularly. >> we just have these kids that are vandalizing because they don't have nothing else to do. come on. >> reporter: some of the victims of those vehicle break ins admit doors were left unlocked or valuables were left in plane sight. never a good idea no matter where you live. in pennsport, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. some of the us celebrate the death of fidel castro long lines
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of people in cuba have the opposite reaction. to night why they say they're mourning a man many other believes was a villain and tehran. >> it's enough he was shoplifting but to injure that lady like that. >> a man caught shoplifting. what he did in the parking lot was much worse. what he's accused of doing that sent an elderly woman to the hospital. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. two new project that is began today. going to certainly cause havoc threw the week. roosevelt boulevard at the broad street overpass you'll see delays on the express lanes on the boulevard. also gang on college avenue that bridge that goes over the septa tracks will have a makeover. that's also going to cause delays right at the intersection haverford avenue and watch for the old lane shuffles here along i-95 construction zone from cottman avenue on through girard avenue. we'll check the jam cams.
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sue has the wet forecast when we see you bright and early tomorrow right here starting at 4:00. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. >> thousands of cubans lined up early this morning in havana to begin the week long services to bid farewell to fidel castro. 21 gun salutes were heard at the
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start of memorial in the capital and eastern city of santiago. that's where the long-time dictator launched his revolution in 1953. emotional crowd gathered at the public viewing which was filled with posters of castro and flowers. >> translator: this is the worst thing that has happened new generations have learn to be like him because he gave everything to us. >> it is a great source of pain much it is something that had to occur because we all must die. sometimes it is hard to accept that fidel as decide. >> 90-year-old castro left his brother 85 raul in power. his passing has been cheered by cuban-americans and the families who left his communist regime. the man accused of opening fire inside a south carolina church was back in court acting his own attorney. >> dylan roof killed nine people in the june 2015 attack. the judge is allowing him to act as an attorney but called the move unwise. roof's own attorney advised him
10:25 pm
not to represent himself. that attorney will be by roof's side in court to provide him assistance if he asks for it. texas health officials are reporting first case of zika virus contracted way mosquito within the states. infected woman lives in brown brownsville along the border of mexico. but she says she is not travel out country recently and she's not pregnant. virus can lead to severe birth defeats infects in babies and researchers are looking between possible links between -- florida is the only other u.s. state where mosquitoes spread the virus. it happens too often on our streets. gun violence cuts another young life short tonight a deeply personal look at life aft after this type of tragedy and how one mom is making it day to day in her own words. kathy orr tracking your forecast. >> yes, we're talking about rain and wind and even some warmth as we take a look at the storm that's moving our way. you see that comma shape?
10:26 pm
that's a textbook example of very powerful storm and it moves in tomorrow morning. we'll have the details coming up up. >> coming up at 11 in the midst of all these holiday parties you may be thinking bough how you'll get all that weight back off. people at a local gym are sweating it out right now. it's not just to get in shape. life and death dee monies they're fighting much (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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>> news is breaking on this busy night. skyfox over the scene of a deadly shooting on the 6100 block of brows street in philadelphia mayfair neighborhood. the victim only 14 years old. the boy shot three times in the chest at about 9:00 tonight. authorities rushed the boy to the hospital where he died. police are looking for two men in a silver car. we have crew on the scene and we'll have more as it continues to come in. how do you move on? no parent should have to bury child and no parent should have to search for a killer. photojournalist kenyata henderson introduces you to a mom force flood a world of confusion, pain and anger. >> not by choice but by gun violence on our streets.
10:30 pm
>> ready? ♪ >> hakeem was my son. he was my second born son. the darkest one of us all. that was my chocolate drop. he always joked around asked me if he was adopted because he was darker than us. no doubt in my mind he didn't love his family. he was trying to start a clothing line called never subtle. he had been working on that for while. even when he was younger he tried to do another clothing line called damage ink. where he was making shirts and stuff. so, you know, that's the type of person he was.
10:31 pm
he just want to do live his life. ♪ >> i'm still in denial. i still think he going to come through my door. >> 21st of the summer around 10:00 o'clock what was you doing at that time. >> i was at work. >> what type of day it was. >> the normal monday. hate to go to -- had to go to work early. i work at ups. it was peak season. so i was working a lot of overtime. had a headache never like i had
10:32 pm
before i kept telling my supervisor i wasn't going to stay my whole shift. then around 11:30, 8:00 o'clock, they was telling me i had a family emergency, telling me high to get to the hospital, and -- >> what was going through your mine at that point? >> everything was going through my mine. i wasn't trying to believe that it was anything serious. i knew it was something bad for them to come and get me. but i was just praying that everything was going to be okay. >> when you found out what happened -- >> i was devastated. still to this day. i want justice for my son. he didn't deserve this. he was walking his dog. >> can you just explain some of
10:33 pm
the emotions? >> i couldn't even identify him. i went but i wasn't able to do it. i just couldn't. i never in a million years would have thought this would have happened to me but what made me different? ♪ >> nobody should -- a parent should ever feel the way i feel. i would never on my worst enemy wish this feeling. even for the person that did it i want their family to go through this. >> what are you feeling inside? >> hurt and angry, confused. i feel lost. >> you say you wouldn't wish this type of pain on them.
10:34 pm
>> i want justice but i wouldn't want his mother to feel the type of pain that i feel. >> is that the mission? >> i will never settle until i seek justice for my son. >> where do you find your strength now? >> god. ♪ >> how do you move on? >> i don't know. trying to figure that out now. i can get past the day it happened. now i'm so scared for my boys to be outside. i don't even want to be away from them for a minute. hakeem loved his neighborhood so much, and nobody in the neighborhood has anything to s say. >> so that the neighborhood that he loved -- >> is the neighborhood that killed him. >> ♪
10:35 pm
>> you saw in kenyata piece that hakeem will be gone one of year december 21st. >> if you've got any information that could help fine his killer. there is row war. please call police. fox 29 has proudly partnered with the kelly ann dole man memorial fund this year to help as many families as possible and you can help by adopting a faply. >> it's a great fund. dolan fund is looking for unwrapped toys for children up to 18 years old or target or wal*mart gift cards. you can drop them off at the wissahickon firehouse on december 5th and 6th. good day will be live there on december 6th until 10am head to for all the details or simply call the number right there (215)643-0763. he loudly made it known about his support for donald trump on a flight bound for allentown. delta has apologized for letting
10:36 pm
him continue on that flight and tonight the airlines got a new promise to that customer and all other passengers. plus -- i don't know if -- it's bad enough he was shoplifting but to injure that lady like that. >> a man caught shoplifting. authorities say what he did in the parking lot was so much worse. what happened that sent an elderly woman to the hospital.
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>> elderly woman knocked over by shoplifter is nursing a broken hip. deputes samosa cameron stole cash from a target and ran away from a security guard. witnesses say he slammed into an 82-year-old woman knocking her to the ground and shattering her hip. >> it's bad enough he was shoplifting but to injure that lady like that and had no regard for her or her well-being. he has disregard for anybody. >> the woman had to have a partial hip replacement. she's doing okay. he turned himself in after seeing his picture circulating on social media. in your money now, first in flight. check out the first cherry hill complete from new york see to cuban in more than 50 years. more than 200 people were on that inaugural flight it took off from jfk on its why havana
10:40 pm
this morning. it will fly regular flights from cubcube new york to cuba a few times of day. american started flying to cuba from miami. no secret holiday shopping is big business in the us and that applies to pets as well. >> it certainly does. americans will spend apparently an average of $62 on their pets this holiday season. so says the pricewaterhousecoopers holiday outlook report. millennials spend even more average of $81 on christmas gifts for their furry friends. well things can get crazy on black friday check out this video from seattle, washington a nike store just trashed. estimated 20,000 shoppers tour through the store looking for big deals. the store was open from 8:00 p.m. nurse night until 10:00 p.m. friday. store employees say the scene was just nuts looked like they got a loft cleaning up to do. >> i cannot imagine. >> any shooting has people worried and early reports about one local incident zen shock waves through a community. why they're rattled but sadly
10:41 pm
not surprised. and kathy has your forecast. >> we're talking about moisture moving our way. rain highlighted in that purple and that blew on the water vapor moving toward the delaware valley. once it moves in, it will take while for this to move out. details coming up.
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♪ skyfox over some police activity sad berg middle school in levittown bristol township. police were on the scene but they would only confirm that a man fell off the building. why that man was on the roof and whether he fell or jumped is still not clear but we of course will stay on top of it for you. >> and we're also on top of a developing story. early reports this morning have stated someone had shot a trance jent person in philadelphia. well police now tell us that those initial reports were not accurate. they did not come as surprise to some members of the lgbtq who our hank flynn they're worry. >> me personally i think it's getting worse. ♪ >> reporter: it's scary out there for lgbtq people says a lon today tally. >> before it wasn't like this now people are just coming up and getting killed for what they are and what they are.
10:45 pm
>> police have clarified early word that a transgender person was involved in last night's shooting at 66th and malvern right across from a corner sto story. >> it must scared you last night when it happen. >> yes. >> reporter: police caught some of the attack op their surveillance video. shadowy figures on the top left screen struggling and then running. hard to tell exactly what happened. hard to figure out who did it. police say that the victim was hit in the hip and then taken to lankenau hospital. no arrests have been made. alvarez of the lgbbtq home for hope society is recognizing more attacks on the lgbtq community. >> now that it's reported correctly more times than not at this point. people are taking more notice to the amount of violence and the amount of hate that transgender people face on daily basis.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: now police have told us tonight that the victim is not in fact trance jent. they've ruled out the shooting as a hate crime saying that robbery is believed to have been the motive. police add that the incident began several blocks away at a bar at 66th and lansdowne and surveillance video from that bar shows suspects known to police. no arrests again have been made. hank flynn, fox 29 news. ♪ delta says it's banning a passenger for life after he used profanity to show his support for president-elect donald trump on an allentown bound flight. passenger recorded this video on her phone then shared it on facebook after the flight on november 22nd. the man insults supports of hillary clinton calling them the b word. delta later apologized for not taking this guy off the flight and now says in addition to him being banned for life he'll refund the cost of tickets for other passengers on that flight. all right.
10:47 pm
let's check in with our very own kathy or. you got quite a bit to talk about, kathy. >> yeah. it's ban pretty quiet fall, but not any more. the tide is turning. you can see it's quiet in old city philadelphia. we're looking at dry conditions. just clouds out there and temperatures that are going to pretty much be steady through the overnight. we have a southerly wind that's going to keep it mild. 48 degrees right now. the high made it to 53 degrees. temperatures mainly in the 40s with the exception of the poconos. still 51 degrees in wildwood. we may drop a degree or two but that's just about it. want to you look at the wind speeds out of the south fairly lightefairlylight five to 10 mir tops. during the day tomorrow we'll gust to 30 even 35 miles an hour and those strong southerly winds will bring up the rain but also bring up the warmth so you can see the flow coming up from the southwest some showers right now in detroit and cleveland and exing toward charleston west virginia all moving toward the northeast with pockets of heavy rain. so as we widen out you can see
10:48 pm
the storm system the back side of it pulling down the cold air in the dakotas it's been snowing there the entire day that will slowly shift in to minnesota and possibly the great lakes. but we stay on the warm side of this. severe weather down through at land tan deep south will be moving toward the mid atlantic. so as we go hour by hour, tonight no weather issues just dry conditions. tomorrow morning for the rush, bob kelly, sue serio will have you covered you can see to the normal and west some pockets of heavy rain but it moves across the region over the course of the morning and you see that yellow and/or ranch pockets of heavy rain around the lunch hour tomorrow may be a good day to get take out and order in. little delivery and then by the evening still seeing some heavier rain moving to the north and west of the city. we catch a break tuesday night and wednesday morning. so if you want to get out early in the morning, but look how quickly this rain is moving up from the i-95 corridor this is the second round of rain that moves in during the morning. then a possible midday break before the front moves through we could see some thunderstorms
10:49 pm
late in the day or into the evening period depending on the temperature and dynamics when that front finally moves through. so two rounds of rain of course periods of rain for your tuesday. about an inch to an inch an quarter just with tuesday's rain and then more rain moving in late morning wednesday. into the afternoon. there could be a break in between with additional rain another additional inch is possible. as we look at the rain totals through the duration you can see just through tuesday lesser accumulations to the south and to the east but the north and west higher accumulations with a first round of rain between an inch and inch an o and a half. rain moves in towards dawn. it will be a wet, windy but not raw day temperatures will be in the mid 60s. periods of rain and wind and winds gusting once again to 35 miles an hour. your seven day forecast from the weather authority, morning rain for your wednesday. some storms possible in the afternoon as temperatures climb close to 70 degrees they fall on
10:50 pm
thursday in the wake of that cold front friday, saturday, sunday looking decent. and cool. seasonably cool for the most part. next monday a chance of showers with a high temperature of 52 degrees. as we start the first week of december already. that's a look at your seven day forecast. sean bell we'll zen it over to you. >> kathy the city of cleveland winning in everything but football this year. see how hard one of the guys is taking one of the wore the seasons in browns history. plus the sixers out in toronto to face the raptors knowledge joel embiid. means no chance. at least we got to see a former wildcat go to work. that's coming up next in sports.
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10:53 pm
>> eagles taking on the packers right now. the winner of this game will still be alive in the playoffs and the losers will probably be looking towards the nfl draft chef a post season birth due to network restrictions we can't show you any highlights. we can give you a quick update. eagles they just can't stop aaron rodgers he's doing
10:54 pm
whatever he wants out there. packers are up 24-13. rodgers 25 for 33. 247 yards. two touchdowns. carson wentz also playing well he's moving the ball up and down the field but they're not converting plus he has one costly interception. eagles need a fourth quarter come back badly right now. yesterday the giants beat the browns 27-13 and cleveland foal zero and 12 on the season doesn't like the browns will get a win this season. well on their way to being the worst team in history. matched with the lions from a few years back. you can tell the season is really wearing on the browns head coach hugh jackson. >> i don't like losing. i never have and i never will. and i've had my butt kick up over my shoulders enough this season that i really don't need my butt kicked any more. i'm a fighter, and we got a bunch of fighters in that room. and i don't lose many fights. i never lot of many fights. being zero and 12 is probably the, um, hardest thing ever.
10:55 pm
>> hardest thing ever. zero and 12 i can't imagine with those players are feeling because they've won most of their lives. to the sixers once again sitting joel embiid the guy has got to be sick of missing games. sixers have now lost three in a row and without embiid they have no shot of ending that streak against the raptors. second quarter kyle lowry gets in the pink, kicks it out to rosen and he finds a wide open man for the dunk. this game was never close. we skip to the fourth. sixers down by 20. at least we got to see guard kyle lowry go to work. hits the flee right there. 24 points. eight assists. the sixers lose their fourth, 122-95. usually see flopping in basketball basketball but every once in while you see a little bit of it in football. yesterday in the bengals/ravens game. he was flopping like a chump. check this out. he gets in with smith.
10:56 pm
hits smith twice on the ground. then when smith pops up, look at this, look at the flop and the referee fell for it. are you serious. you're supposed to be a linebacker. you're supposed to be a tough guy. but you're flopping all over the feel. he was laughing afterwards. if i know smith he's broken teammates jaws before. i know he wants to go and break his jaw. are you kidding me. flopping like that. don't leave steve smith catch you out on the street. >> steve smith is that type of guy. i love him. but he's dangerous. >> and the fact burke hold sold it and the ref bought it. >> you're supposed to be a tough guy. you're selling that? come on. >> all right. >> i'm just laughing over here. [ laughter ] >> you're amusing me tonight. lucy what's coming up at 11:00. >> not selling anything. high blood pressure, obesi obesity, diabetes none of these are conditions you want. if you needed another incentive to stay health rewrite about now scientists discovered whole new
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. breaking news at the top of the hour. philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood the scene. sky fox over the 6100 block of brow street were gunshots have cut down yet another young life. a 14-year-old boy shot three times in his chest. authorities rushed him to the hospital where he died. good evening, i'm lucy noland. right now police are looking for whoever pull that trigger. let's get straight to fox 29's dave schratwieser near the scene. dave? >> reporter: lucy, this happened at about 9:00 o'clock this evening. when police arrived here on the scene, they found that 14-year-old boy on the highway here shot in the chest. they quickly scrooped him up in what's known as the scoop and run technique and raced him to aria torresdale hospital to the traumatic unit there. doctors tried to save the young man


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