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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 30, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. tonight at 11, developing story. it is music at the ears of anyone selling a home. you have got a buyer. that's the case of the house in delaware counsel tow night that prospective buyers has big plans for helping others this deal may not be so easy to close. good evening to you, i'm lucy noland. those plans include helping families of people battling cancer. so what is the issue? fox 29's brad sattin went to swarthmore to find out. brad? >> reporter: lucy, it's not that easily settled the home is right behind me. address here 200 south chester road. the problem it is not zoned as a group home for cancer patients and some neighbors say this is much more than just a technicality. this vacant home for the past
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few years finally has a buyer. cheryl lori runs charity call the head strong foundation which gives out of town cancer patients and their caregivers a free place to stay while in town for treatment. >> it gives people the opportunity to live because you still need to live. you're uprooted from your community, from your family, from your job, you're coming here, you don't know a soul. >> reporter: her sonic founded the charity while fighting cancer himself and he passed away 10 years ago. and now his mom wants to help even more people from this home that can host two families at a time to this one which accommodate seven families up to 14 people but some neighbors are concerned. the property is zoned for traditional single family home. people like lisa, say the cause is noble but up to seven families in and every couple of months has her worried about the traffic, parking, a precedent that could invite other group homes to move in and concern for her son who has autism. >> i really need to know my neighbors so they can know him
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so he can stay safe. having that many people in one home rotating that was every six weeks there's no possible way that i can get to know my neighbors. >> reporter: cheryl says they plan to spend a million dollars in upgrades and commits they will be good neighbors. >> we've tried to show them that we are ready, willing and able to do whatever we can to satisfy their concerns and their fears. >> reporter: now they've already been a bunch of hearings on this. we can tell you that swarthmore borough council will be taking up a vote on monday to try to settle this. but at the end of the day this falls unthe fair housing act lucy so that means this potentially could be headed to federal court. >> so we shall see what happens. thank you, brad. who would gun down a 14-year-old. that is what philadelphia police are trying to figure out right now. meanwhile the heartbreak is immeasurable. >> i felt terrified. like i was about to cry in school and everything. i kept the pain inside. >> if you hear something, i mean, it's conceivable because
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of the hour and eagles game was on that a lot of people may not have seen anything, but if you hear anything please don't hesitate to call. that could be your child walking down the street. >> isn't that the truth? someone shot and killed anybod anybodith greater ian wilsey as he and a friend walked to a store in mayfair last night. a $20,000 reward now stands to catch his killer. gofundme page to court teen's funeral expenses is already raised more than $6,000. you can find a link to donate at fox trump's transition it does not appear he's draining the swamp tom night he's chosen a trio of washington and wall street insiders for his new administration. the president-elect announced he'll nominate georgia representative tom price for secretary of hell and human services. trump capped former labor secretary elaine chow for transportation secretary. she is senate majority leader mitch mcconnell' wife and fox news reports steven my new chen
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will like bel bely next treasury secretary. he has no government experience. president-elect trump has yet to name his most anticipated picks secretary of state but he did tonight have dinner with mitt romney whose name is on the short list for that post. trump's transition is just one of three big international stories that we are following tonight. also developing the deadly plane crash in columbia. this horrific scene is all that's left of airplane after it plowed into the an december mountains carrying 77 people including a brazilian soccer team when something went terribly wrong. airport the plane was trying to land at has an official twitter account that confirmed the plane had an electrical failure. all but six of the 77 on board died. tonight columbian authorities say they have found the plane's black boxes and are in the process of analyzing them. and finally, deadly wildfires are still burning in tennessee. it is all out battle against big
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wildfire in the great smokey mountains three people have already died countless wildlife have as well the flames have burned hundreds of homes forced thousands of evacuations including in the popular tourist town of gatlinburg. firefighters were hoping for rain it came along with whipping winds which has done anything but help in the battle. on your radar tonight, in our area, a break from the rain. not over yet. meteorologist kathy orr. what you got? >> right now, we're seeing a lull in the act, lucy but it will come back tomorrow. ultimate doppler a few clouds over there but mainly fog is the big prob problem. during the day tomorrow another round of heavy vein. you can see it right here and severe storms earlier tonight with some tornado watches posted through the deep south. we run the risk the slight risk of severe weather with some gusty storms late tomorrow afternoon and evening. it's wet on the streets in old city philadelphia. but it is warm. take advantage of the warmth while we have it because it's
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not going to last that much longer. 58 right now the high today 60 degrees. winds right now out of the west southwest. temperatures pretty much where they were during the afternoon. philadelphia 58. 2 degrees off the high. 62 in dover. 61 in millville. 49 in the poconos. allentown still 55 degrees. the big story tonight will be visibility. poor visibility in lancaster only three quarters of a mile. reading right now 3-mile visibility and these numbers are expected to go down overnight as visible will be further reduced with areas fog. we have a dense fog advisory from lancaster county westward could be expand flood our suburbs even philadelphia overnight. we'll continue to keep an eye on this and of course sue serio and bob kelly will have the very it will test with traffic and weather tomorrow morning as you head out the door. as we look ahead through the overnight to tomorrow morning, by 7:00 a.m., some spotty showers and you can see temperatures that will be mild in the 50s. so any fog will be dissipating
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once we get the rain back into the region by noon rain heavy at times. still philadelphia at 58 degrees. and then by the evening period, storms will be approaching, some the north and the west toward the southeast, you have a strong southerly wind and mid 60s still in the philadelphia area. so another warm day expected tomorrow. so overnight tonight 53 in the city. 49 in the suburbs. we will be seeing some fog. morning fog occasional rain evening thunderstorms a good possibility the high tomorrow 68 degrees. and as we look ahead on the exclusive fox 297 day forecast. temperatures fall thursday after that front moves through. friday, saturday, sunday, even monday temperatures around 50 degrees and then the next threat of rain will come on tuesday with a high temperature of 54 degrees. but you know, that will be the first week of december and 50s in december pretty good, lucy. >> no complaints here. thank you so much, kathy. tonight a lot of folks are talking about governor chris
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christie and his lecture for members of the media. governor christie called a news conference today and with president-elect donald trump making a lot of cabinet picks some people anticipated a big announcement christie's message well new jersey is renovating its state house. >> i'm not going anywhere. and so every time i put out a release on an announcement, please do not get breathless this moment i'll be announcing i'm leaving. okay. it's just not going to be. and by the way, if i were announcing i was leaving, to do something else i suspect i wouldn't be doing it here and i wouldn't be doing it by myself. >> the governor said that despite rumors he does plan to finish his term in 218 by the way christie says the garden state executive branch will vacate the state house during renovations. the center city man whose package blew up in his face has a message for his supporters tonight. jim alden is saying, thank you. he says his life changed forever the day he opened that package
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in his apartment. alden is also sharing his long road to recovery. fox 29's shawnette wilson live now in center city. shawnette. >> reporter: jim alden posted a thank you note on crowd funding page that was set up for him where people have made donations and posted well wish wishes. he is home but says he will stelle need more surgeries. you caring crowd funding page shows a picture of jim alden and the wounds he suffered at the hands of the cruel person who left an envelope for him rigged with a bomb. it exploded when he opened it last tuesday at his apartment in rittenhouse. so far people have donated more than $16,000 to the page. and today alden himself posted a heartfelt note updating everyone on his road to recovery. he says a week later quote he's happy to be revving at home and feeling a little bit better. the shrapnel damage to his face, chest and arms is slowly healing but a blister on his eardrums is
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affecting his hearing. alden ended by saying he's relying on the love and care of his partner and friends and says he appreciates everyone's concern and compassion. meanwhile, the fbi, atf, u.s. postal service, along with philly pd are handling the investigation. trying to track down whoever did this to him. >> and we posted a link to that crowd funding page for jim alden on our website just go to if you'd like to make a donation or leave word of support for him. >> i know our viewers and you will they will. thank you very much, shawnette. >> do you notice those calorie counts on fast food menus? are they helping you make healthier choices? why something that's been having right here in philadelphia does not have us feeling too optimistic. >> it's hank. delivering pizza in burlington county with chase. two hold ups of delivery drivers
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in willingboro last week. he got held up last summer. it's dangerous game in just a few minutes. >> did you set a budget for your holiday shopping perhaps? according to a new study by lending tree probably not is the answer. more than half of americans are shopping for the holidays without a set budget and more than a quarter of them say that is why their racking big time debt in january. that same studly shows more than 43% say they have some fin
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>> rats, trash an nasty smell complaints from residents in olney. do you see what just happened there trash thrown out of a window. these residents have enough of their neighbor's trash. for years people who live across the street from the regency village apartments have been complaining about the piles of trash all around the building. fox 29 has learn the building with hundreds of apartments on 18th and ogontz has a long history of trash and sanitation violations. neighbors say the problems continue. >> nasty. i actually have to come out here every weekend keep shoveling -- raking the leaves up and trash and possums come and alley cats. it's a mess around here. i shouldn't have to live like this. >> fox 29 tried to talk to the property manager on site but we were told to come back tomorrow. we also reach out to the property owner and we will let you know when they get a response. prosecutors in abington charged these men with rob
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before he and assault. police say 23-year-old rashon singleton saunders and 21-year-old quincy evans attacked and robbed a domino's delivery driver late last night. the men got away with the order of food and cash. police tracked them down within two hours of the robbery. police say they had a beebee gun. victim has minor injuries. that's not the only spot where drivers are at risk of course. the person who comes to your door is doing much more dangerous job than you may know. fox 29's hank flynn has the story. >> i'm turning around he has a gun walking up to me. he was like give me everything. >> chase trying to earn a few bucks delivering pizza when he got held up at gun point in burlington city. >> he went through my pockets. waived the gun. get in the car. he's like drive off. and i'm like, okay.
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>> gunman got off with better than 300 bucks and as far as anyone knows never arrested. >> i was scared i was going get robbed. >> i wrote along with chase on stews afternoon he delivered orders for brother's pizza in burlington township delivery guys get targeted for a reason. >> mainly drivers are all kids. they're not going to fight. they'll give the money. that's probably the best thing to. >> reporter: one town over in willingboro, two drivers have been robbed over the past several days. chase best friend zac cliffs for brothers as well since chase was robbed zac says he doesn't like delivering to willingboro or burlington city he won't go solo that's for sure. >> i was never scared to go into burlington city until that happened. and now you rethink of delivering to that area sometimes i won't go there alone. i'll always have someone in my car when i go there. >> reporter: thing is chase did have someone in his car with him the night he got robbed. that someone wound up getting
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their phone stolen by the gunm gunman. so what do you do? willingboro police told me they do have leads on the robberies and they're working with merchants by sharing information with them they're also encouraging delivery only on a credit card basis. but that's not a perfect fix. brother's owner wishes things would get better but he doesn't think they will. >> to get $10 they'll do it. for pack of cigarettes they've done it. so i think i hope it never happens to us. but, yeah, people don't care any more i don't think. and will it keep on happening? probably. >> reporter: how do you approach something like this? it's not a local problem. it's a deliveryperson problem and it happens everywhere. taxi drivers are known to face similar issues. police are doing what they can but it's a big world. everybody orders food. hit us up on twitter at hank fox 29 or the house at fox 29 phil philly. you see it you shoot it our fresco users are helping us toe
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show what's going in in your neighborhood. what is going on tonight iain. >> fresco user amanda at the scene of a car accident in gloucester township new jersey. camden county fire officials say a car hit a tree around 4:30 this afternoon it happened on college and broad acres drive. medic took the driver of the car to the hospital with some minor injuries. here's a rare eye site you probably never seen before. philadelphia city council members strutting on the runway fresco user rob takes us to a fashion show at dell fresco's tonight benefits low income men looking for jobs it was all put together by the non-profit men's fit who's mission to help men in philadelphia with employment. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone, shoot it and mack sure to use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom you might earn some cash. lucy. >> thank you very much, iain. your health now. what you eat on the go. knowing about the calories in fast food apparently doesn't stop people from eating it. starting next year fast food chains of more than 30 locations in the us will have to display
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calorie counts on menus. research right here in philadelphia where these rules already exist indicates very few people make healthier choices based on those calorie counts. the researchers say a couple of problems exist here. first, many customers don't even notice those calorie counts on the menu. second, a lot of people don't know how many calories are too many calories much that's also a big problem. study appears in the journal of public policy and marketing. fox 29 has proudly partnered with the kellyanne dolan memorial fund this year to help with many families as possible and you can help very easy. just adopt a family. dole lon fund looking for unwrapped toys for kids up to 18 years old or target or wal*mart gift cards. drop them off at the wissahickon fire company on december 6th. more information go to and right now we'll go to sean bell. >> lucy the college if the ball rankings came out today and i hey hear a lot of people crying
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about the current system and how the ncaa needs to expand the playoffs. i'll tell you u u u
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♪ >> sean bell takes on the college football playoffs and why we need to keep it to four teams. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ people crying about the college play off system needs to really shut up. i'm sorry. i'm sick of hearing it. the play off rankings came out today and they were exactly what they should be so far they've gotten everything perfect. undefeated team is, well, they're ranked first. the teams that have one loss and the teams that have two losses follow and don't give me western
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michigan. they're garbage conference and they don't play anyone and now everyone wants to expand the playoffs. go from four teams to eight but then the ninth team will be mad. if you expanded it to nine, then the tenth team will start to complain. college basketball went from 32 to 64 to skate and every year whoever is left out crys about it. the college football play off system is fine the way it is. if you don't like it then win. that's all you have to do is win. each team has a chance to be in the playoffs so there should be no complaints. regardless of who is in. because all you have to do once again is win. lucy? >> sounds easy, right? >> it is. >> just win. >> it is ed sheeran may want to avoid attending foil affairs. he had to get bitches in his face after pearing at princess beatrice's house. she accidentally hit sheeran in the face with a ceremonial sword
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while pretending tonight pello pop star james blunt. >> no hard feelings. >> they weren't sober. >> you think maybe. plans are underway to honor prince. the revolution are expected to perform with more artists joining the lineup organizers say the festival will include panel discussions and presentations on prince's influence on the music industry. the festivals are in april. it's just -- i love prince. loved prince. i would be up to going to that festival. >> absolutely. who won? >> right. that would be super cool to see. rain. >> rain tomorrow morning. areas of fog possible and once the rain moves in the fog will dissipate and then we have rounds of rain and thunderstorms i think tomorrow night. >> i just think it's weird. isn't a little strange to have them in november. >> just got tweet from lisa about that. it is unusual. >> iowan to do make sure it wasn't me. back here at 4am for fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia".
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sue serio and bob kelly will help you get through a
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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. >> right now breaking overnight two police officers injured while trying to make an arrest. the end count their has them being treated for rabies. and a heart wrenching scene. >> if you have a mind, a soul, just turn yourself in. it could have been your child, your grandchild, your neice. like just turn yourself in. >> the parents so broken hearted they have a plea they're trying to reach out for the person that hit their daughter in a vehicle and left the scene killing their child. heart wrenching, they'll be on the show a little later this morning, a n we have a live report. plus, deadly and dangerous, raging wild fires burning out of control in parts of


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