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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> if you have a heart, a minds, a soul, turn yourself in. it could have been your child, your grandchild, your neice, right, just turn yourself in. >> a mother plead wag driver who took her young daughter's
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life. how she is hoping to convince the person responsible to come forward. more than a week after her eight year old was killed. >> plus two police officers were injured. hospitalized overnight. what happened when they try to make an arrest that has them being treated this morning for rabies. and, did dinner seal the deal? president-elect donald trump and mitt romney share a fancy meal, in their second meeting. what it could mean for romney's future and the trump white house. >> keeps ongoing, great to have you with us this morning, i'm thomas drayton, mike's enjoying little time off. >> i'll alex holley. it is november 30th, 2016. it is a wednesday. but sue, this weather, really? i know you warned us about it. but now that we're in it. >> well, few different issues this morning, than yesterday. but the rain is coming back. even if it is not outside your door right now, it is four out of ten again. and can you see bus stop buddy? kind of hidden behind the fog. that's our issue this morning, with temperatures in the four's, eat's, make sure you have the rain gear. because the rain is going to
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return, dense fog advisory, for all of our counties this morning, everybody seeing some fog. see the rain starting to move badge into the -- back into the area from the south and the west, all part of bigger cold front. still damp in the city right now. our neighborhood is 56 degrees. sunrise at 7:03. another day where we won't see the sunshine. lots of fog in allen fawn, pottstown, lancaster, trenton, wrightstown, wilmington, dover, millville, atlantic city, wildwood, all with poor visibility this morning. reduced visibility at philadelphia international airport. but temperatures are mild. 56 degrees here, but 44 up in the mountains. 59 degrees in millville. 57 degrees in dover. so the mile air stays with us all day, so does the chance of showers and thunderstorm popping up. we didn't get those yesterday. bob he will can i, so little punctuation mark. >> throw that in there, too, throw it in the lunch bag. 6:02, good morning, it is,
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let's say, wednesday, live look, 95 northbound, accident right at the girard avenue construction zone. so mother nature got juggling act. the wet roads, more rain, and also dealing with some thunder boomers maybe later today. it will be with us through the morning rush hour. you got the spray coming up off the cars and trucks in front of you. if you needed a set of wiper blades yesterday, you'll need new set again today. so go ahead, breakdown, spend the ten bucks before you roll out on the majors. live look at the 42 freeway coming in toward the city. an accident on 1295. this is northbound. all the way up at route one, up toward north jersey. and then, northbound lanes of route one in delaware, an accident, right at i-95, that is exit number 16 a. crash on the drive, lincoln drive, southbound, at rittenhouse, again, everything is wet. we're dealing with the wet leaves. and also dealing with the fog. if you are coming in on the schuylkill, it is kind of erie kind of halloween-ish kind of look with the fog kinds of rolling off the schuylkill river, up and over the roadway. see that also in the
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neighborhoods. 202 northbound, some fog, coming out of chester county. expect delays on the regional rail lines, and heads up. remember the strike earlier in the month? well, you want to make sure you get your credit, your strike credit, when you purchase your monthly pass tomorrow. thomas, alex over to you. >> philadelphia police officers are in the hospital this morning, after being bitten by a suspect, in a juniata section of the sit. >> i yes, they were attack after approaching a man who they say broke into a car. steve keeley joining thus morning there is was wild scene, me? >> just to clarify something we said at the top of this hour. humans have never given other humans rabies before. never been a case confirmed. but they are being tested for a lot of other things, including, hepatitis, and hiv. which are the more serious things they're concerned about. because these bites, from the 32 year old guy, seen breaking into a car, broke the skin on
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both the hands and the arms of two police officers. so, all in a shift's work i guess, bit, punched, scratched, kicked, and even head butted by this guy before they finally got the handcuffs on him. two, 24th district officers working the streets overnight here in north philly juniata section. see the 32 year old guy breaking into alone day, sue he it, park up on the sidewalk around what looks to be auto repair shop. it has new jersey registration on it. and police don't even know who the owner is just yet. but he sees them. definitely sees their marked patrol car, their police uniforms, and as they tell him he's under arrest, get out of the car, put your hands up, he goes tazmanian definitely on them. >> now that he bit these officers, the officers don't get infections because of the human bites which can be very, very dangerous, this time 32 year old suspect is in
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custody. both uniform officers were able to make the arrest. after very violent struggle. both of the officers received bruises from the struggle, and more concerning to us, both officers received open wounds that are bleeding from human bite from the suspect. so east detectives is on location, processing the crime scene, and the victim will -- the perpetrator, that; the suspect, will be charged with resisting arrest and aggravated assault on police. >> aggravated assault on police, same charge you get if you shot the cop. he turned minor crime, a car break-in, maybe the biggest crime in the city in terms of numbers, into a major crime. and likely major sentence on the end of it, and 32 years old, maybe in jail now until he's 50. but, karen, and thomas, and alex, what we can tell but this guy is, he has history,
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known history to the cops, of not just selling drugs on the street, but doing drugs on the street. and we all know from doing stories for years about iv drug users, passing on some deadly diseases. so, big concern over at the hospital, where these cops are going through a battery of tests right now. >> going through the routine tests as mentioned, thanks, steve. time 07:00. following developing story this morning, in fact, breaking, tornados swept across alabama and tennessee overnight killing at least three people, getting first-hand look at the devestation this morning. >> son held a wall up to keep it from falling onto its mother, reporting number of injuries, about 20 buildings have been destroyed. also, in the south, growing fears that the fierce wilds fires may have been intentionally set. at least three people have been killed. rains allowed crews to get the upper hand. officials warn heavy winds
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could whip the flames right back up. more than 14,000 people are forced to leave their homes in gatgatlinberg. the wild fires are just some of many fires that have been burning across the drought stricken south. >> 6:08. a heart wrenching plea this morning. a mother, whose eight year old daughter was killed by hit-and-run driver; asking for that person to come forward. >> her plea comes as the city increases the rewards to solve this crime. our lauren johnson joining us from the scene where makeshift memorial is growing, a mother and father just searching for answers here, lauren? >> reporter: that's what they want this morning, answers. someone to come forward. as you mention, thomas there is memorial here on 63rd street, does continue to grow, stuffed animals, candles, pink and purple, her favorite colors, and heartfelt message to the eight year old about how much she will be missed. yesterday, her parents did with police asking the driver who hit their daughter, and left her in the street to come
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forward. >> toyed leave my baby to rest, the hardest thing in my life. i don't get a property i don't get a graduation. no marriage. no grandkids. no nothing. so turn yourself n make it better on everybody. please. turn yourself in. >> driver, your chances now to come forward. we promise awe fair investigation of this crash. but do you have come forward. the longer you stay, you stay away, the longer it looks like you're trying to hide something. >> bring him in today, you are paid today. it is not a conviction, you don't have to wait through a long detailed process, bring him in today. paid today. give this family, little gianna, closure and start the healing process. >> those messages were for the driver who was behind the wheel of this car. silver nissan altima made between 2009, 2012. family members held a funeral
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for gianna powell monday. her mother telling us it was the hardest day of her entire life, as we can imagine, and her mother and father will make appearance on good day this morning, in a 7:00 hour. karen? thomas? alex? >> thank you, lauren. yep, we already talking with the family because -- >> another plea. can you imagine? i don't know how a person can hit a little child, keep ongoing, a lot of questions remain. time now 6:10. making up over dinner mitt romney nothing but good things to say about president-elect trump after they share a meal together in manhattan watch it could mean for his possible future in the trump white house. >> plus, this local house could be a safe place for families with loved ones battling cancer. but not everyone wants them there. why some are worried about what it could bring to the neighborhood.
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>> home in swarthmore will get temporary housing, as many as seven families at a time. but causing controversy, head strong foundation has shown interest in buying the home it, hems out out of town families a place to stay during cancer treatment. some neighbors want to put the brakes on the sale, saying they worry about traffic, parking, change to the zoning laws that could a lou more grope homes to move in. >> having that many people, in one home, rotating through every six weeks, there is no possible way. >> they're not loud people f
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anything they're just sad. it is heart breaking to know and see, they have a child that might not make it. >> we've tried to show that we are ready, willing, able, to do whatever we can to satisfy their concerns and their fears. >> the swarthmore borough council will vote monday on whether to revise the zoning rules to allow that charity to move in. >> 6:13. new jersey governor chris christie gives a lecture to the media. his message to reporters yesterday after speculation surrounding his latest press conference.
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to help real people like these. >> former presidential candidate nest with president-elect donald trump over dinner last night. what a romantic dinner, dim the lights, make sure you have the nice food. i mean, was this a meeting or more like a date? >> flowers on the table. >> well, listen, at the very least, they had escort there. they had ryan prefer just there to make sure no funny bus, but unusual to see the three of them sitting at this table at this restaurant, in a trump owned property. but this is kind of a weird courting ritual playing out between donald trump and mitt romney, is romney still actually being considered for
6:17 am
secretary of state? we don't know. this was the second meeting lags night, treating romney differently than any other job candidate. not clear whether this was a second job interview or just kind of a opportunity to say you're not going to get it. >> i see a new reality show, dining with the politicians. who will advance possibly. >> or are you calling it weird because they dined with sauted frog legs, and prime sir loyal with citrus glaze, romney in lamb chops with mushroom sauce? >> come on, i haven't even eat then morning, that all sounds delicious. except maybe the frog legs. you know, the thing is, when you are eating with trump, apparently he likes his like steaks really well done. like almost burned. >> really? >> so folks that think that steak should be medium rare, nevertheless, we don't know exactly how he ordered his food last night. but yes, strange thing to watch this whole deal play out. the thing is romney may
6:18 am
ultimately get nothing out of this. >> well, see, is this like an easy let down, kind of like going out with a guy, he breaks up with you over fancy dinner liar ocean prime. doesn't make it feel any dinner -- feel any better. >> always do a break up in public to make sure there is no, you know, big show? >> true, true. that's one way. make sure there is not a scene. >> so if we see romney storming out then we know he didn't get it. all right, stay tuned for this one. doug, thank you. >> i mean, you're right. i guess look at the bright side. you have dinner, i'm sure some leftovers to take home, maybe lunch the next day? >> dating the high class guys taking you out to dinner to break up with you? >> sue, listen, i've not been taken to a steak house for a date. i wouldn't know. it looks nice though. >> who knows. maybe you'll be next. >> and then tempted? >> dense fog advisory, seeing fog everywhere. look at these visibility numbers. quarter mile, half mile,
6:19 am
quarter mile, half a mile. just depends on where you are. and that fog can come up on you pretty quickly as you are driving along. keep that in mind. allow some extra time. so, we've got the yesterday's system off shore. today's system, warmfront, followed quickly by cold front. which will be coming through later in the day. so, the first rain is not too far away from us. maybe within the next couple of hours. but, we see, watches and warnings all the way down to the gulf of mexico, tornado watches in georgia, in alabama, in mississippi, louisianna, as a result of this storm. and you can see, with the red, the orange, a loft those thunderstorms popping up, as far north as tennessee which has been the focus of a lot of the wild fires. now you see the first of the rain starting to edge into southern delaware, and eventually into kent county, and it won't be too much longer before the rain will be returning. you see it in the future cast here. you see some heavy downpours, can't rule out thunder or lightning. through lunchtime, through the evening rush, pop up thunderstorms, you see the
6:20 am
cold front coming through, not finish. we got some wrap an around moisture, by 4:00, 5:00 though all of the rain should be out of here. skies will clear quickly, winds will pick up tomorrow as well. for us right now, mild, 56 degrees in philadelphia. forty's to the north of us, up ear's to the south of us, and our high temperature today, whopping 65 degrees. but that won't last. we will definitely chill out after that cold front comes through for the first day of december tomorrow. the sun will emerge. it will be windy. so that's kind of mother nature's way of drying things out after two days of rain. and then we stay pretty chilly but dry bob kelly, all the way through the weekends. >> sounds good, good morning, everybody, 20:00, this wednesday hump day. remember the movie, rudolph? full power rudolph. we need your nose to kind of get us through the fog. that certainly is what we need here this morning. here is a live look at route 202, on the campus every west chester university. 202, and 322, you can see the thick fog, and then certain parts see it this morning if
6:21 am
you are driving along say a creek or the schuylkill expressway. the fog just kind of on the move, just kind of taking over the roadway. kind of like a spooky halloween-ish card. live look here at the boulevard, southbound headed in toward the schuylkill. an accident south on 95. in wilmington, right at route 202. also, watch for delays along 295 northbound. as you head up toward route one. so again the roads are wet. we got the fog, give yourselves extra time. expect delays on the regional rails. don't forget tomorrow, when you go to purchase your december monthly pass, make sure you get your strike credit. i just put link up on our facebook and twitter pages on what you need to have ready to go in toward get your credit tomorrow on the septa line. and hello levittown. check out this house. kevin sent us this picture of his property now, what's cool, when you pull up out front. you turn the radio to certain frequency, the music on the radio blinks at the same time the lights r kind of goes together there. so pretty cool.
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talk about a loft work involved in that one. thanks, kevin, sending that to us from levittown pa. get your pick, get your lights up, get your music on, snap that pick, post it to facebook, twitter, instagram. hashtag fox 29 lights contest, then we pick the best lights each week. we are going out, hitting road tomorrow night. i broadcast from somebody's house in west chester, pennsylvania. wait until you see this joint. alex, thomas, back over to you. >> oh, i can't wait. >> do they know you're coming? >> no, that's a big surprise. >> oh, okay. >> looking through the peep hole. >> but if you warn them maybe they'll have cookies for you, bob? >> oh, they better have more than cook us. >> oh, he want full course meal. >> fans, they want him fired. now bringing home major hardware. big award give tone penn state football coach james franklin.
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>> after the eagles lost to the packers their playoff hopes drop drastically. it doesn't sounds like doug pederson wants to focus on that any more. more like focusing on the development. >> we're in this business to
6:26 am
win games. that's why we're here. but, at the same time, i look at the process, and i look at the plan, and i use those words because those are words that we use around here. you watch these young kids develop and turn into ball players, and you see the potential. >> to the flyers and the bruins, in the ninth rounds of the shoot-out. shane there with the goal right there. very clutch. then steve mason, coming up big with a stop. he had a season high of 45 saves. and the flyers win three to two. and in college football. penn state head coach franklin was named the big ten "coach of the year". the nittany lions ten and two, and if the big ten championship game. penn state has won eight straight games. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> so many people excited about penn state right now. they're doing so well. and they'll play wisconsin in the big ten championship game saturday at 8:00 and it is right here on fox. and the winner might find themselves in the playoffs. penn state currently ranked seven in the playoff pole.
6:27 am
>> can't wait for. that will i think wisconsin number six, if i remember correctly, all right. >> it will be good. well, 6:27. two police officers hospitalized after making an arrest. what investigators say the suspect did to them. that sent them to the hospital. >> plus, a family pleaing with a driver who took their young daughter's life in a hit-and-run. what's being offered in hopes of convincing the driver to come forward.
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>> investigators still looking into the man who attacked student at ohio state yesterday watch they've taken from his home that they hope will reveal more about his paster. >> time i put out a release on an announce announcement, pleast get breathless this will be the moment to announce i'm leaving. >> new jersey governor chris christie gives lecture to the media. his message for reporters yesterday after speculations surrounding his latest press conference. a lot of people wondering, oh, what could this mean. he says settle down, folks. >> that's because he didn't tell the media what it is all b you have to wonder, he has been having meetings with trump. is this is the announce. he's going to renovate. >> good morning, everyone, good to have you with us. >> i'm doing, the weather
6:31 am
actually nice out. >> not talking about the rain. >> it is nice, temperature wise, feels really good. >> sue whether it comes to your hair, the fog, when i walked outside, all of mist everywhere. >> hair every day. >> good thing, temperatures, if you can take a nap today, great napping weather at the present time fog, bob making his schedule, with us throughout the rest of the morning, we look at the visibility numbers, half mile in lancaster, car err mile in trenton, half mile in dover. fog everywhere. it is getting little worse at the airport as well. yesterday's system, then today's system rolling in, it is warmfront, quickly followed by a cold front which means that rain will be with us, once again, on and off throughout the rest of the day before the chillier air moves n and we are under marginal risk, for severe thunderstorms. so that's the deal for the rest of the day today. we have got a look at the
6:32 am
seven day forecast, real quick, 65 degrees today, 56 tomorrow. then chillier weather as we head into the weekends. but you will need your rain gear once again little extra time. >> new dora the explorer, 6:32, good morning, accident for this time around. this is on the ramp from the walt whitman bridge, to go north on i-95. so, anyone coming into philadelphia, leaving south philly, trying to go north on 95, accident all taking out the left lane, and this is as soon as you come off the sharp curve, anyone that leaves the stadium area, you know what i am talking about, again, all of the roads are wet. may be a dizzle, as the storms move through, get little break. even though there is wipers on and on, the roads are still wet, slippery, live look at the vine street expressway, certainly, give yourselves extra time, i know it is easier said than done, and little extra wiggle room between you and the bumper in front of you, handful every
6:33 am
accidents this morning, south on 95 for the gang in wilmington, just south of route 202 a crash. expect delays this morning on the regional rails, the slippery rales, the wet platforms, and, keep in mind, tomorrow, before you go and purchase that december monthly pass, you want to get your strike credit. you need to turn in your november pass. i put all of the details on you what need to do in order to get your credit from the strike up on both facebook and twitter. route one northbound watch for crash, right at the 95 interchange with the gang down in wilmington, and crash on the lincoln drive, southbound, at rittenhouse. alex and thomas, back to you. >> thank you, bok, following a development overnight. two philadelphia police officers, transported to the hospital. after being bitten by suspect in the juniata section of the sit. >> i they were attack after approaching a man they say broke into a car and our steve keeley at police headquarters this morning, this man was violent. >> maybe this fan is a mike tyson most famous for biting part of holy feed's ear off during boxing match.
6:34 am
>> this was world wrestling match. and only real. let's go to the video. it happened on atlantic street here in the juniata section of north philadelphia, where this male and female officer on patrol see this guy in a honda. notice the car parked with other up on the sidewalk, around what appears to be an auto repair shop. the cars got jersey registration. the guy, obviously, not the owner, doesn't produce any identification, they tell him to get out of the carp, put his hands up. and then he goes balistic. fighting them. scratching them. punching them. kicking them. even head butting them. they're at the hospital now because those bites broke the skin on both their hands and their arms. >> now that this individual bit and broke the skin of both of these officers, that the officer don't get any type of infections, because of the human bite, which can be very, very dangerous. but this time, the 32 year old suspect is in custody. both uniform officers were able to make the arrest, after
6:35 am
a very violent struggle. both of the officers received bruises from the struggle, and more concerning to us, both officers received open wounds that are bleeding from the human bite from the suspect. so east detectives is on location, processing the crime scene, and the victim will -- the perpetrator, that is, the suspect, will be charged with resisting arrest, and aggravated assault on police. >> well, these two officers have reason to be concerned. and at the hospital, because do little research, you'll see, many doctors say human bites often pose way more infections, 20% of human bites on another human become infected. human mouths are loaded when bacteria, possibility of hepatitis, both b and c. and they affect the liver. you have got hiv, even herpes can be passed through a human bite. and worse part of all, they know the 32 year old guy real
6:36 am
well, alex, thomas, known drug seller, even worse, known drug user. that's why there is real concern with the police right now. >> using a lot of caution this morning, all right, steve, thank you. time is right now 6:36. emotional plea from the from a philadelphia mother. her young daughter gunned down by a driver, and just left to die in the streets. >> so this morning, she has a message to the person who was behind the wheel. lauren, just trying to get someone to come forward with any type of information. >> yes, plane, simple, alex, just wants that person to come forward and talk to police about exactly what happened here on 63rd street, where this makeshift memorial continues to grow with heartfelt messages written to eight year old gianna powell. monday family, friends, attended funeral service to remember the girl. her mother says it was absolutely the hardest day of her life. yesterday, the girl's parent stood with police offering reward money, to anyone with information about the little girl's death. the mother of four says all of her kids are struggling and suffering with the death of their sister, especially her
6:37 am
son, hasan who was holding his sister answer hands here on 63rd street when she was hit. doctors at chop tried to save the little girl's life but just too late. reward money being offered from the mayor's office, fraternal order of police, and family member, has now grown to $45,000. this family hopes will encourage someone to come forward, and make sense of what happened on november november 18th. >> if you have a heart, a minds, a soul, it could have been your child, your grandchild, your neice, just turn yourself n you wouldn't want to happen it to your family. why do it to another family? >> i just don't know how this person, how they are living with themselves. i wake up at 3:00 in the morning and i'm wondered what did we miss on the case. my investigators, i can see the toll it takes ton them. so the person who is involved in this accident, it must -- has to be taking a toll on them. come forward. tell us your side of the
6:38 am
story. >> these two parents behind me are grieving. this is supposed to be a time around this time of year for joyous occasions around the holidays. but what we are asking, and putting a plea out to the community, to bring this person in. >> and police are looking for the driver of that 2009 to 2012 model nissan altima. investigators did collect pieces from the car right here at the scene. they think the car may still have some front ends damage, if that person has not had it repaired yet. and this morning, gianna's parent will be making a appearance and stopping by good day to talk about their grief and how they hope someone will come forward and help bring them closure in their daughter's death. alex and thomas? >> yes, we will be speaking with both of them and talking about what they will be doing this weekend, too, because the mother also has other children. i can't imagine. >> three other children, there on the scene, the brother injured, heart breaking. >> thank you, laurenment coming up on 6:39. in the south, suspect tornado
6:39 am
swept across northern alabama overnight killing at least three people. we are getting first look at the devestation. these pictures are coming from colbert county. incredible stories of survival n1 case, held up the wall of their home to keep it from falling onto his mother. counties in tennessee and mississippi are reporting number of injuries. at least 20 buildings have been destroyed. >> isis claims ohio student who crashed a car into a crowd on campus and then attack people with a knife. was one of their soldiers. that's what they are calling him. the claim does not say the attacker abdul razak ali artan was in contact with the group, or formally affiliated with them. meanwhile investigators sorting through recent communications linked to artan including his facebook account. seized three electronic devices used by the 18 year old. the suspect was not on any watch list before the attack. >> to a developing story in south america. three days of national
6:40 am
mourning in brazil following a tragic airplane crash. charter was caring members of professional soccer team headed for the semifinals. the fans dawning the team's green jersey and g candles at make shif memorial at the club's home base. karen hepp in the news room with morning with the latest on the investigation. >> thousands, ten of thousands of people, came out last night for a vigil. they filled stadiums. they went to churches. they prayed. and they cried. we have some video of the soccer club from southern brazil, and happier times, one of their last celebrations together. you can see the players that had been excited. this is the scene after the plane slammed into the side of the mountain. also, on board that plane, were 21 journalists including six members of the fox sports family. just minutes before the plane was supposed to lands the pilot had declared they were having electric dag problemsment second later slammed into the colombian mountains, also a lot of heavy rain, one of the other things they're investigating, and
6:41 am
possibly the plane may have run out of fuel. that was the end of the distance, small plane like that can normally go. investigators have found the two black boxes at the site, describing them in perfect condition. >> we know that 71 people were killed, but six people did survive. now the team that they were supposed to be playing in this tournament has done a very classy move. they have asked everyone to come out when they would be having this game to come out dress in white for a vigil. to declare all of those who lost their lives the champions. >> thoughts for families, thoughts with our colleagues, as well. karen, thank up. 6:41. >> unexpected appearance for hillary clinton last night, the celebrity she surprised during award ceremony new york.
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save energy and money. peco. the future is on. >> even though it is not raining at the moment, everything is wet from all of the leftovers we had yesterday. more rain is on the way. don't worry about. that will but right around the sharp curve here, coming over the whitman, onto 95 north. jammo on the vine street expressway. stacked and pack here, folks trying to work their way over toward that single lane formation into 30th street station. expect delays starting to see them pop on the regional rail lines because of the weather. i put a link up on both my facebook and twitter page, on you what need to do in order to get your credit from the septa strike earlier in the
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month. when you sign up to get your monthly pass tomorrow. you have to turn your old pass in. south on 95, for the gang at wilmington. watch for an accident. just south of route 202. and as we fly on north and south on 95, just watch for ponding in the work zone. like 95, 202, the pennsylvania turnpike, there is an accident route one north, at 95. and do you think this is where noel lives? get it? >> oh, nice. >> only the first one, though. >> exactly. this is the northeast philadelphia, decorate the house, every year, mom loves it, thanks for sending a pick. make sure you send a pick. all do you have do is post them on facebook, twitter, instagram. use the #fox29lights contest. so we can show the pictures on air all day every day through the holidays, and the best of the best each week, we will pick the best house, show up and broadcast life, have big old block party, on somebody's front lawn. we are going out tomorrow
6:46 am
night. going to west chester. all of the details on our contest and the lights pictures and lights up on our website at i hope we can get rid of this rain and fog before i jump in the news van, sue has the answer to that question coming up in 15 seconds. >> 6:46. we've got the dense fog advisory in effect for the entire region, visibility, not great out there folks. you'll really run into some fog, very quickly, comes up on you rather fast. allow a loft extra time. take your time as you're out there this morning, now down to 2.5 miles visibility at the airport. getting the next rain rolling in, all part of colds front. this same cold front, the southern ends of it, touch off those tornados, respective
6:47 am
tornados in alabama, maybe even in tennessee, which has been of course plagued by the wild fires over the last couple of days, so seeing little lightning off shore here, just off the maryland coastline, as we zoom in, we see the rain and heavy rain, in ocean city, maryland, moving now into bethany beach. headed toward rehoboth. see forward, delaware, farm inning ton, delaware, also getting the heavy rain. won't be long before you do, as well. over the next hour or so, see the heavy rain rolling in. it is with us on and off throughout the rest of the day and the rest of the night. but by tomorrow, we dry out. 56 degrees. winds pick up to dry us out even further for the first day of december on thursday, and then it is chilly, but appropriately so for december, friday, saturday, and sunday, next chance of rain after that will be on monday. alex, thomas? >> i can't hold onto those temperatures for long. >> nope. >> thank you, time 6:47. new jersey governor chris christie gives lecture to members of the media. state house yesterday. >> i'm not going anywhere. and so every time i put out a
6:48 am
release on announcement, please do not get breathless this is the moment that i will be announcing i'm leaving. okay? it is just not going to be. and by the way, if i were announcing i was leaving, to do something else, i suspect i wouldn't be doing it here, and i wouldn't be doing it by myself. >> so by the way, governor christies called news conference yesterday, because president-elect trump is making, you know, the cabinet pick. some people anticipate big announce from the christie, which prompted the comment you just heard. so what did the golf announce? new jersey renovating the state house, garden state executive branch will exit, and plant dot ask again. >> much needed like 300 million, right? >> yes, has -- hasn't been renovated since the 50's, 60s, 70s maybe, eight's? all through the nine's? >> okay, governor christie. 6:48. ed sheeran may want to attend
6:49 am
shall or avoid attending any affairs. >> had to rush to get stitches in his face-off partying princess beatrice's house, slashed him in the face after fighting, said i want to get knighted, she left dollars the sword, he was behind, sheeran behind the princess, it slashed his face. he had to get stitches but guess what he came back to the party. >> what are the odds that far happening? really? shouldn't you not stand behind someone. >> i think they were taking pictures, so wanted to get photo bombed, but it was hard core, he wanted to come back hey look what i got. the princess though was beside herself. >> really? >> inconsolable, crying in tears. >> shoe is not the one that got slashed. >> you know whether do you something. >> you feel bad. that will kind of thing. >> yes. >> seriously. that's some bad luck right there, right? >> let that be a lesson, to you, folks.
6:50 am
>> time 6:49. heartfelt message for the man who was hurt by an exploding package. what he is saying to those who have supported his recovery effort. >> and fox 29 is proudly part nerds with the kelly ann dolan memorial funds this year to help as many families as possible. and you can help by adopt ago family the dole and fund looking for unwrapped toys for children to up 18 years old, target or wal-mart gift cards. drop them off at the wissahickon firehouse december 5th or 6th. jenn fred will be there live december 6th from 7:00 to 10. for more information go to what do doctors from leading cancer centers
6:51 am
in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer treatment centers of america.
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6:53 am
>> good morning, trenton. it will be near 07 degrees of course today, and of course it will all change. now, have you been in a fashion show before? i'm sure you have. >> yes, charity function or something, not a model by any means,. >> do you enjoy doing it? >> i enjoyed it, yes. >> what about you? have you? >> i've done couple. i always tell them, you know, not to be picky but don't fit me in certain things because you just don't have the body
6:54 am
for it. >> yes? >> they always give you the free flowing silky shirts, which i didn't think silk, did i a fashion show two and a half, i didn't think silk was still in style. apparently it is. they gave me silk shirt. when you don't work out as a man you kind of develop the man boobs? so, i think i was walking like this, down the runway, because, you know, if you walk down straight, and i felt like a lot of things were jig link. >> a lot of movement? >> yes. and they are like what are we witnessing here? >> oh, please. >> so it is always like get me something i can cover, like a shirt that i'm wearing, you know it is tight when you see the o's. >> oh, stop. look at him, please? whatever. >> hey, take a look at this, we joke, it is all for good cause. these right here, city council members in philadelphia, strutting the runway. in fact, our fresco user bob is taking us to the fashion show at del fry coast's happened last night benefit low income men looking for jokes, all put together by the
6:55 am
non-profit men fit. >> oh, there is councilman -- oh, he is great. he is hilarious. look at him do his thing. >> he does a lot of these fashion shows. >> twisting, turning. >> oh, he is a pro right there. so the fashion show it, helps benefit people in philadelphia looking for employing men. great cause last night. >> having great fun. >> wear another silk shirt for a charity. >> you would? >> it would be worth it. >> i'm always worried i'll fall, specially in heals, like i can be clumsy, plows let me make it down. >> are you a heal walker? do you like heals? you wear your fluffy flip flops? >> well, i do wear heals. it is just something about all eyes on you, and the way that runway is line up, i feel like it is a trap. >> i don't know how you ladies do it, always see the models walking down. >> oh, they're would be link? >> and victoria secret fashion show, too. >> but prerecorded so i wonder if they can cut stuff out?
6:56 am
>> true, cell phone video, always a way to see it, always. >> 6:55. >> beginning to look a lot like christmas at the white house. >> this year the theme is the gift of the holidays. to reflect from the joy of giving, as well as the gift of lights, service, friends, and family, he had, good health, besides the christmas trees, also 56 leggo gingerbread houses. one for each day and territory. made from more than 200,000 leggos. now, as far as the white house gingerbread house, it is made of 150-pound every gingerbread, and 100 pounds every bread dough on the outside. >> eat it all afterwards? just nibble at the gingerbread houses. >> wouldn't it be old after awhile? >> still good. just dunk it in little coffee or co-glow it will work. >> beautiful there. i remember last year, i was in d.c. around christmas time, you can go outside, they have all of the different trees, for every state, and kids from, they pick certain kids, from each state to ornament,
6:57 am
to put on the tree, you know have, to do with the state. pretty cool going around. >> cool, put one up for dallas. >> i wasn't one of the kids selected, first i have to be a kid, and i look like one, thomas. >> you could be a big kid. >> we're always kids. >> true. we are. we are following breaking news out of the south this morning, severe weather rips through alabama, with deadly result. and update on the damage there.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
a parent's plea for justice. >> if you have a heart. if you have a mine, a soul, just turn yourself in. it could have been your child, your grandchild, your neice, like just turn yourself in. >> it has been over a week since eight year old gianna powell was struck and kyle while walking home from school. now police are offering a big reward. as they try to track down the driver. her parents, join us in studio this morning. >> line of severe storms rolled through, suspected tornados and this morning first look at the devestation. >> two police officers being treated after making arrest overnight. what they say the suspect did that sent them to the hospital. >> and victory lap for donald trump. he is preparing to take off on a tour across the country, as his cabinet continues to take shape. how a dinner in new york could have sealed the deal with mitt romney


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