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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 30, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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a parent's plea for justice. >> if you have a heart. if you have a mine, a soul, just turn yourself in. it could have been your child, your grandchild, your neice, like just turn yourself in. >> it has been over a week since eight year old gianna powell was struck and kyle while walking home from school. now police are offering a big reward. as they try to track down the driver. her parents, join us in studio this morning. >> line of severe storms rolled through, suspected tornados and this morning first look at the devestation. >> two police officers being treated after making arrest overnight. what they say the suspect did that sent them to the hospital. >> and victory lap for donald trump. he is preparing to take off on a tour across the country, as his cabinet continues to take shape. how a dinner in new york could have sealed the deal with mitt romney.
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>> great to have you with us. >> good morning. >> good morning, everybody. >> can you do mia favor? can you remind me to pay the meeter? >> please. >> i wanted to set the alarm but i didn't want it to go off. >> you will be meeting the ppa. >> after i left yesterday, he was passing by, he look at me, i didn't want to make icon tact. i was like good morning, sorry the envelope, literally, oh, my day yesterday. >> welcome to philadelphia. >> yes, welcome back. all right, so we have round one yesterday, round two, messy weather again today. >> bus stop buddy has the rain gear, soon to be rainy start to the day. dense fog advisory continues for many of our countries this morning just about everybody
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except lancaster county under the dense fog advisory, and here comes the rain, moving in, from the south and west. >> sunrise 7:03, sort every like now. little bit every breeze. so the fog, getting bet nerve some places, but not so much in others. down to 3 miles visibility at philadelphia international airport. temperatures are on the mild side for the last day of november. 43 degrees in the mountains. it is 57 in wilmington. 59 degrees in atlantic city. high of 65. but downpours, possible, bob kelly, and thunderstorms, as well. >> well, yes, don't be fooled by mother nature. clock 02, you just mentioned, in little dry pocket there roads are still wet. we have the wet roads, we got the fog. we got thunder boomers later today. live look at 202 through skiles boulevard. what, maybe only about seven,
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eight car lengths there, as far as visibility. so be careful. and then the neighborhoods, right behind here, obviously, l little ones out on the corner waiting for the bus. we can see the red light, all jammed up here, trying to exit the vine street expressway. soy everything is slower than normal because of the weather conditions today. and as we go for ride, south on 295 accident at the 42 freeway. >> false sense every security because the wipers aren't on, but roads still wet. south on 59 for the gang down in wilmington, big delays south of 202 because every accident. expect delays across the regional rail lines, slippery rales, and those platforms slippery, as well. tomorrow is the day to buy your new december monthly pass. make sure you get your strike credit from earlier this month. i put the details on you what need to know.
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>> before you get your credit. back to you. >> thank you, bob two philadelphia police offers remembers in the hospital after being bit glenn after approaching a man they say broke into a car, steve keeley on this one at police headquarters this morning, steve? >> let's get right to the video, honda park up on the sidewalk, alongside an auto rye pair shop. notice the passenger door, do they tell him to get out of the. >> yes tell him to put his hands up? yes. he fights with everything he's got. punch, kick, scratch, head butt and bite, two officers male and female, both in the hands and arm, drawing blood. police officer ross just showed up. he will be talking to us about how the job of accomplice officer is dangerous, even when somebody isn't arm. >> that is certainly my belief, i'm operating under that premise. homicide detective may be doing something different. but it is just unfortunate.
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as i said before. fourteen year old life. >> he is updating us on the 14 year old shot, still looking for video, nothing to report on now, but that's what he is talking about. >> what the parent must be going through right now. just hopeful that people will come forward with information, as we do with any homicide. you snow always $20,000 reward, as you know there is always standing from the city and the mayor's office. so anyone with information should come forward to help us with that. >> what about the officers kicked, scratched, head butted, bitten -- >> you got to noah bite is one of the most vial things, dangerous, bacteria, we've seen officers who have received bites and struggled for years with the infections that they receive. so i mean i think sometimes people know how dangerous this job is, but when you see incidents like this, it is a reminder. i mean, it could be anything. you always think of guns,
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sometimes knives, but i mean, incidents like this, you can be severely and seriously injured. so hopefully he'll recover okay. this is what our officers deal with. you snow and officers all across this nation. >> in many cases we don't always get things right in his profession because we're not perfect. it get frustrated, like it is endless, and this is why we work very hard with policies, procedures, but in this case you got people out there doing the job, trying to do what they are called to do, try to help somebody, in this case trying to interrupt somebody in a crime. this is the job they do. they do it well and professionally and deserve far more credit than they get. >> commissioner ross told thaws they're both at aria-torresdale still getting tested, whole bunch of blood tests, everything from hepatitis to hiv from somebody biting you. one out of five people bit get
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infected. so, it is serious. and as you heard him say, a lot of officers have life-long infections and injuries from being bit on the job. >> bad thing on this case, known drug user they arrested. whenever you use specially iv drugs you car aloft infections with you. so we talk further to the commissioner. have another report for you at 8:00 with some more information. >> okay, thank you, steve, for that. >> well, 7:07. heart wrenching plea this morning, a mother who is eight year old daughter was killed by a hit-and-run driver is asking for that person to come forward. >> says the city increases the rewards to solve this crime. lauren johnson on the scene a makeshift memorial is growing there, lauren? >> hey, good morning, thomas, alex, that's right, the family just asking foreclosure, they're saying the holidays will in the be the same this year. without their little gianna powell. eight years old. this is her growing memorial here on 63rd street. as many people leaving
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memories, heartfelt messages, for her. her mother, iesha, wearing blood hoodie yesterday, as she stood with police. told the crowd she burried her daughter monday, what was the hardest thing she's ever had to do. back on november 18th, gianna was holding herbert's hand, walking home from school around 3:15, when she was hit by a car, at 63rd and lansdowne avenue less than hour later doctors at chop pronounced her dead. a candlelight vigil was held in her honor day after she died. the girl's mother says she was actually walking to meet the children as she usually did, she was just three short blocks away when she got a call from the principal about the crash. >> i had to leave my baby to rush, the hardest thing in my life, i don't get a prom. i don't get a graduation. no marriage. no grandkids. no nothing. so just turn yourself in. make it better on everybody. please turn yourself in. >> driver, your chance is now
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to come forward. we promise you a fair investigation of this crash. but do you have come forward. the longer you stay, you stay away, the longer it looks like you're trying to hide something. >> bring him in today, you are paid today. it is not a conviction, you don't have to wait through long detailed process. you bring him in today. you are paid today. let's give this family of little gianna a little bit of closure. you know, and start the healing process. >> reporter: the car involved in this, a nissan altima, silver in color, police say, they recovered pieces of the car's front grill. right here from the scene. the car should have damage to headlight if it has not been repaired just yet. that reward money continues to grow from the mayor, the fraternal order of police, and family members, even, and you can see here at this memorial, people living, leaving, some heartfelt messages here, for gianna and her family. her family also will make appearance on good day in just about 30 minutes.
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alex and thomas. >> glad it see that reward growing, hopefully someone will come forward for the precious little girl, lauren, thank you. time 7:10. let's head down south. three people dead when suspected tornado rips across northern alabama. this all happening overnight. in this morning, we are getting first look at the destruction, these pictures coming from cull bert county. hearing incredible stories of survival. in one case, first responders say a son held up the wall of his family's home to keep it from falling on his mom. counties in tennessee and mississippi also reporting number of injuries, at least 20 buildings have been destroyed. >> in the south, growing fears the fierce wild fires in the great smokey mountain region may have been intentionally set. at least three people are dead in tennessee. heavy rains allowed crews to get the upper hand. but officials warn that heavy winds could whip the flames right back up. more than 14,000 forced to leave their homes in gatlandberg, hundreds businesses destroyed including several hotels.
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wild fires just some of many fires that have been burning across the drought-stricken south. >> and 7-eleven, donald trump, making announcement on twitter this morning, about an hour ago, we put out series every tweets that red, i will be holding a major news conference in new york sit which my children on december 15th, to discuss the fact that i will be leaving migrate business in total in order to fully focus on running the country in order to make america great again. while i am not mandate today do this under the law, i feel it is visually important as president to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses. and of course that's been a big discussion, when he became president, okay, what about the businesses, including his hotel that just, you know, was built right across from the white house. >> a lot of people still questioning whether his children should take over given the fact he asked for security clearance, no, we didn't ask for security clearance, a lot of back and forth who should be handling the business moving forward. doug luzader ironing all this out, joining us from the capitol this morning, what,
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what iron? hey, doug? >> reporter: that's right, good morning, guys. look, it is a complicated situation. trump has extensive business holdings, and to complicate it further, so many of them bear his name, that it is difficult for him to differs himself completely, talking about turning over the operations it sounds like to his family. but maybe not ownership. and that won't go far enough for many trump critics think he needs do something akin to blind trust here. nevertheless, the other drama playing out is here on capitol hill, as democrats decide whether nancy pelosi will come or go. and here is the other thing trump was dealing, with mitt romney. >> this may not look like the most comfortable dinner in the worm but there was president-elect trump and his incoming chief of staff breaking bread with mitt romney last night. >> we had another discussion about affairs throughout the world. >> romney wouldn't say much afterward but the second time he's met with trump a mid speculation he's being considered for secretary of
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state despite opposition from many trump supporters. at trump tower in new york meantime the parade of job candidates continues. georgia congressman tom price select today head health and human services, former goldman sachs executive steve manuchen pick, cho. former labor secretary chosen for secretariment all will meet senate approval which may be lay up for chow whose hud is senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> someone actually asked stew if i was going to recuse myself. what made me quite clear. >> victory tour this week with rail planned tomorrow, in ohio. with another stop in indianna. carrier air-conditioning just announce add deal with trump to keep 1,000 jobs in the united state. and then there is nancy pilosis, up for re-election today as house minority leader facing real skepticism from some fellow democrats including one tim ryan from ohio, who is running against her. >> what i've been telling him,
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look, in one vote, you're going to re brand our party have, new messenger, have a new message, and you'll have a guy like me who will run all over the country and campaign for us. >> well, maybe. we'll see. i mean, this is a secret ballot though. so you never know how this is going to shake out. nancy pelosi though thinks she has the votes lined up zoo. was asked about this yesterday, and her response was oh, please. back to you guys. >> okay. well, thank you, doug, for that. we always appreciate. explaining the hole particulars of what's going on for us. >> doug, time now, 7:14. katy perry? >> yep, she joined clinton on the campaign trail, performed an event including did the nc here in philly. now seems like hillary clinton is returning the favor. >> that's right. hillary clinton making a surprise appearance tuesday night to honor katy perry. >> i have seen katie's commitment to the causes she believes in first-hand.
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i've got tone spend time with her. i know how deeply she cares. about making our world a better place. >> she is serious about understanding the complex problems we face, in pulling people together, to follow them. we need champions like katie now, more than ever, her energy, and yes, her voice. louder than a lion. >> clinton attending the unisex snowflake ball in new york city introducing the unicef ambassador. the snowflake ball celebrates unicef life saving work to children around the world. trying to look at the video here. raising 27 million over the past 11 years. nobody new that secretary clinton was going to show up. that he is why we see the shaky cell phone video. >> that's all we had. people, if they had known, would have been a lot more prepped. but katie so surprised. she was in tears to see her. i guess they real did i develop a relationship, so she
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performed several times for her during the campaign. >> big supporter of secretary clinton. in fact, i mean, has the most what triter toll ers in the world -- twitter followers in the world? so the queen of twitter and secretary clinton wanted to say thank you for everything that you did for me. >> so katy perry over kim kardashian, sue, surprising. >> who knew? >> dense fog advisory in effect just about every count any our viewing area, left in the lancaster, look at the visibility, the visibility isn't great in lancaster, 1 mile, run into fog pretty much where ever go this morning, it will be in, it will be out, it will be on, it will be off. still in the air from yesterday's system as we anticipate today's. this is pretty strong cold front, which is going to touch off thunderstorms, already has, suspected tornados in alabama. and we are under a marginal risk for severe weather, as we go through the rest of the day. pretty much everywhere, if you
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start to hear the thunder you know what's going on. as the coal front gets closer rain on and off, moving in the state of delaware, bethany beach, are howbeit beach, heavy rain, dover has pretty steady rain as well. won't be long before it happens here. 57 degrees in philadelphia. , 43 mount pocono. again, all we are talking about just like yesterday is rain. today we add thunderstorms. just for good measure. things dry out for tomorrow. which is the first day of december. with the winds picking up. and stays chilly bob kelly all the way through the weekends. >> wow. clock 17. sue, good morning, everybody, come on, to the airport, get out of town, maybe someplace warm. live look at philadelphia international airport. where they're experiencing delays on arriving flights because of the weather, that sue just showed us coming from the south headed our way. so be prepared for delays at philadelphia international airport, rough day yesterday, we will see that again today. so check with the airline before you head on down there. putting the bags in the trunk, here is a live look at route
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202, working your way up from west chester again the thick fog along 20 it, the bypass, north and west of the city pretty much in the fog advisory. live look here at the benny, we were able to see the skyline, about a half hour ago, but that certainly, again, the storm, the fog, moving east. but so far so good. at least on the roads there on the benny of the everything wet, slower than normal, there is your travel times for the schuylkill. and i-95. disable truck, south on 73, right at 295, mt. laurel, new jersey, and an accident south on 295. heading into the 42 freeway, expect delays this morning, on all of the regional rail lines, and nancy said bobby, i don't have a front lawn to decorate. so she decorated her husband, lenny's scooter. check this out here. this is his walker. he's got the stockings of all of the grand kids, and the christmas tree, so nancy, lenny, he i know they're watching, normally don't get up until 8:00 but got up early today so they could see me put
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their picture up on tv. got to love it. very kelly christmas. we're looking for your pictures whether it is the front lawn or your walker. snap a pick, post it on facebook, twitter, instagram. use the #fox29lights contest, we show the pictures all through the holidays then pick the best of the best and broadcast one night from somebody's front lawn. >> tomorrow night, marking my calendar. 7:19. are you planning a winter get away. thomas, going somewhere fansy? >> going skiing this winter. >> maybe. >> what if you want to go someplace warm? there is an airline deal do you not want to mills. get this special offer from jet blue. and better act fast with this one. >> heartfelt message from the man who was hurt by exploding package. what he is saying to those who have supported his recovery efforts. z test text1
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>> i would say this is live look over wilmington, but we can't confirm that. as you can see on the screen, look at all of the fog we're dealing with this morning. >> going to clear here shortly, sue says, but get ready for another rounds every rain. good news, temperatures, near 07 today. >> but yes, that rain really puts a dam perron t how about this? more good news for you. why don't you just go somewhere, right? because you can save major cash with one airline. >> how about snack? you can get frosty's for a year all for good cause, joining us, hi, lauren, who you are you? >> lauren, where can i go? >> steel my heart? really, chocolates? first, start the free flights, we have to do that like now. >> okay. so yes. use your unused vacation days for 2016. jet blue giving you 20% off any flight. if you book by tonight. use the discount code celebrate. when you're booking, well, they are celebrating. now serving 100 destinations, havana, cuba being the latest. all right, what you need to know. the caveats, this is not good for christmas or new years
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travel. do you have book by tonight. here are the travel date. between the seventh of december, and february 15th. so if you can do that, you know, if you can use the unused days, early days in the new year, you can save yourself some money. >> that sounds good to me. >> you going somewhere, thomas? >> little window though. what were the dates again? >> december 7th to february 15th. >> okay. somewhere warm, florida perhaps? >> to get away. lauren, for all of the wendy fans, of course a lot of people love frosty. you are telling me i can get frosty for free for one year really? >> yes all of 2017. get free frosty. if you spent two bucks, buy a key tag they're selling, most of the money from those tags go to charity. the dave thomas foundation. basically a clarity, non-profit, that finds permanent homes for foster children. so if you do that, i mean, it is a great cause, and every time go into wendy's for all of next year, you get a free
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frosty, excellent store. >> i this is great. it is for a good cause. but really, just $2? like that's all i have to pay? >> ya, all do you have do. >> wow. >> great stocking stuffer, pick up couple, put them in the stocking? >> true. >> great idea. >> or gift for co-worker? >> maybe? >> do you like wendy's? >> we have a wendy's not too far from here, lauren? i was going to say we had one like literally feet away from where i am sitting now, but closed. >> oh. >> it used to be my favorite in the morning when i was starving, you know, not necessarily good for the waistline, but ya. >> say in the morning, a frosty, really? >> so do you have a limited time to pick up these key chains? >> i would do it. not sure about that. probably soon, i would imagine. >> they have to put limit on. that will because then everybody would be hey. >> free frosty for a year. >> true. okay, thank you, lauren, appreciate t we'll check out the airline deals, too. >> okay, so, now we will check in with jenn fred. because this is a special
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deal. burton clothing? >> yes, it is pretty cool, right? we've known that they have function. but now we're focusing on fashion. also focusing on the environment. we will talk a little bit about whether blew sign means. look at this if have you an elsa and anna fan, first time you've ever been able to get it on a cool ski outfit. talk about it from the burton store in king of prussia this morning. pretty cool. >> ♪
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>> bitten, punched, sent to the hospital. that's what happened to two philadelphia police officers overnight. they had to be treated at the hospital, an update from commissioner ross straight ahead. >> and are you kidding me? catered school lunches? the local school offering culture on the menu with the new brown bag lunch. we will talk to lawyer ben that one. good morning to you. and we've been debating, because i know your area saying oh, the weather is so nice, because it will be almost 70. but the rain. >> so would you take the rain over warmer temperatures? >> no, i would rather have warmer temperatures than rain. wait, what? >> no, just say, you would rather have the rain? now -- >> i would rather have the warmer temperatures, sue, no rain. >> quite write this down. >> sue? >> well, we can't have everything. as we know, very well, in life. foggy start to the morning, though. and yes, it will be rain. it will be a very bad hair day. but at least the temperatures are mild. if they weren't we would be talking about a lot more than rain. bus stop buddy has his rangoon
7:30 am
once again, just about the entire area under the dense fog advisory, rain now starting to roll in, from the south and the west, it is still just kind of damp here in old city with 56 degrees. and only 2 miles visibility at the airport. we have two and a half miles in pottstown, even less than that in lancaster, very foggy millville, wilmington, atlantic city, as well. plan on high temperature on 65 degrees today, with chance every thunderstorms, but most likely later on in the day. few of your favorite bob kelly, heavy downpours. >> look out. good morning, everybody. first of all we have delays at philadelphia international airport this morning. so do check with the airline before you head down there. here is a live look, at route 202. and an example of the really thick fog that's out there this morning, here is a live look at the 42 freeway being socked in with fog coming in from south jersey. now two separate problems on 295. the first one an accident southbound, approaching the 42 freeway, and then i think in the gaper delay there another
7:31 am
accident was created northbound, right near the woodcrest station. that's going to impact folks going to the patco high-speed line, watch for disable dump truck along 73, right at the ramps for 295. there is your travel times for both the schuylkill and for i95. so definitely pacca pop tart before you head out the front door. it will take a while to get there. expect delays on all of the regional rail lines, and of course, tomorrow is the day you buy your december monthly passes. make sure you have all of the info, so you can get your strike credit from the septa strike earlier in the month. alex and thomas, back over to you. >> thank you, bob. 73:00; the parent of eight year old girl killed in a hit-and-run november 18th, they are pleading with the public to help solve this case. >> they had hoped the driver would come forward and clear their conscious, now, they are praying of $45,000 reward will help give them closure. >> ♪ >> second grader gianna powell was walking home from school with her siblings on november 18th, when a car came
7:32 am
speeding toward them. >> i was trying to pull her down, and try to move out of the way, then the car hit my knee. >> was she in the air, she went over, popped the hood, then he kept ongoing. she fell off the car. and kept ongoing. >> returned from 63rd and lansdowne to the hospital. her parent, iesha and james, were there, when she died. they vowed to keep pushing until they get justice for their little jj. her mom is comforted by a cell phone video gianna that she recorded the night before she was killed. >> high! i don't know what to say. i love you, mommy, and good bye. >> so we have gianna's parent here, a osha and james powell, they're here. i know it has to be tough. we thank you for coming out here. first i want to start with tell us about gianna. she sounds like she was a special little girl. >> she was, she was loving. i'm sore.
7:33 am
>> i that's okay. >> she was loving. she was adorable. anybody that new gianna, they loved her. she had a wonderful personality. she was an honor roll student from kindergarten to up second grade. she wanted to be a lawyer. she was just bright. >> she loved to sing? >> she loved to sing. she loved to dance. she was very goofy. she could make you smile through anything. >> i've seen a lot of pictures, putting up a heart. very loving? >> very loving. that was her favorite pose. she wanted to do that. >> and that video was record in the. >> the night before. >> the night before. >> how are your other children doing this morning? >> they're taking it, as much as they can. my older son is hitting him extremely hard. but because he was there, right? >> yes. >> all four of them was together. they were coming interest school. so they all was together. they gall to the same school. my old else, he's taking it a little hard because he was holding her hand. so it is a little hard on him.
7:34 am
but monday for the funeral, the offices, eighth and 19th district, the captain gave my son a hero chain. >> wow. >> and it may help him get through a little bit bitter, bring his spirit up a little bit more than him being down as much as he was. the other children they are coping with it. they're trying to -- >> as much as you can. just a horrible situation. he know that you have been talking to the media. trying to get some information. what has it been like for you then? because the police are saying someone come forward. because we don't have much. >> yes. it is hard. because it was a busy day. just after school, it is a busy intersection. somebody had to see something. somebody. and i understand there is no snitching. but his is a child. we are talking about a child. it could have been anybody's child. anybody's neice, granddaughter , neice, anything, just speak up. >> how do you balance the
7:35 am
emotions, at anger, the grief? >> it is hard. because i had delivered her into my hands and to have her gone, every day, i wake up, and it is not good at all. it is a struggle, when i am trying to keep myself together, because my family needed me right now. so it is a little hard, and seeing the picture, whew, just took load off right now. >> i know it is difficult. if you can, because whether the driver is watching or someone who knows something, what was it like? i know this is difficult to spends the final moments with your child. >> hard, it was extremely hard. she fought, she fought, she fought for two hours to stay. and the final minutes, we was telling her we love her,
7:36 am
fight, tears rolled down her identifies, that's when they pronounced her dead. >> my gosh. you've had a lot of recent shows in the area, people dropping off get and things. what's it been like support from the community? had a walk already. have another one coming? >> we have another walk saturday. from the committee their outreach is wonderful, i appreciate it. the only thing i ask from the community is to stand up. you saw something, speak out. say something. at least give us some type of closure. because we don't know. we don't know anything. why did this happen? no parent would expect to kiss their baby in the morning and not see them when they come home from school. >> we are showing a picture of the suspect, hopefully if you are watching this, hearing these parent and the pain that they are dealing with, if you know anything to come forward. we know it is a silver or gray nissan al tim, a should be damage to the front of it.
7:37 am
near the headlight or the grill. or may have been recently fixed. but if you know anything, to please come forward. and as far as the walk, if you want to come out, support this family, where can people go? where will it be? >> start tag walk at 4:00 p.m. on 63rd and market. we will walk from 63rd and market to 63rd and lansdowne where she got killed. and then we are going to walk back to 63rd and market, where we all will be meeting between 3:30 and 4:00. so that we can start walking. >> if you can't make it this weekend, another one december 17th? >> yes, we are holding a christmas drive for my surviving children. so we're extending families to come out with their kids, or their kids can come out and have fun with my children, or just bring a toy, something for my children, and that's going to be december the 17th at the tuslin playground. >> the flyer has been going around, has some of the things that they like, so you can get some things to cheer them up this christmas. if they want more information,
7:38 am
on our website. >> they can contact me on my facebook page at iesha pool. >> this story has been all over. some people contacted us, noticed some go fund me pages, asking for money. burr you're saying you guys have nothing to do with those? i want to clear that up. >> yes, my understanding, me or james do north have a go fund me page. the only thing that we do have up is about the christmas drive for my surviving children. that's about it. >> and that's family and friends who put that page up. that's on facebook. anything else you have no clue about. >> so that's important for people who want to donate or doing something. also, out of time, but there anything i want to say to someone if they happen to be watching, one last thing would you like to say to them about coming forward or giving any type of information? >> i would just like to say if it was your child, what would you do? that's t just speak up. >> so somebody comes forward this morning, they know something, of the driver, do you have come forward.
7:39 am
>> this eight jerold precious little girl, excuse me. >> thank you. >> thanks for being with us this morning. >> we appreciate it. hopefully we can get justice. >> we will will be right back. w]
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>> time now 7:42. >> oh, boy. that story just made me angry. >> yes. i was talking with her, iesha, the mom, after, and just someone's out, there and they no, i mean, all of her children were there at the time. that means, you know what you did. you know what happened. and you're just sitting there with it. and you see the pain that they're going through. just -- i don't know. hopefully someone will come forward, anything, i mean, so we can have some sort of peace. >> sorry. people always ask us as a journalist, you're hard ends, but whenever you sit down with a parent, whenever you go through stories like this, god, i don't know, just affect me every single time. time now clash. >> and she was beautiful. >> can you? sore. >> i 7:42. center city man hurt when a letter bomb blew up in his
7:43 am
face. heartfelt note to supporters on page set up for him. the you caring crowd funding page shows the a picture of the victim jill amend he end and the wounds he suffered at the hands after cruel person who left envelope for him rigged with a bomb. so far people have donated more than $16,000 to the page, and aldan said he is happy to be resting at home, feeling little better but he'll need more surgeries. donations will likely go to extensive medical bills. authorities are still working to find the person who did this. now we check back in with jen, because she has some burton clothing specially a lot of people getting ready to go skiing this winter, jen? >> yes, not just for skiing watch burton is doing this year, they're making it more like street friendly, so, if you are going to go skiing or snow boarding you're good. also going to talk to you about some low cost skiing for fourth and fifth graders. come on back to the burton store, we will do some shopping, right? >> yes. >> okay.
7:44 am
i really did save hundreds on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more.
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7:46 am
>> 7:46. we got the foghorn going if the background here you can barely make out the light at philadelphia international
7:47 am
airport. there are arrival and departure delays currently at philly, leguardia, officially popping in with 35 minute delays. the delays will start to mountain get, you know, will grow, as we go through the morning here, going to the jam cam. here is a live look at route 202, boot road. trying to get to the airport. live look, sock in with the fog. so we have the fog. we got the wet roads. we got thunder boomers coming later today. the vine expressway, help any both directions. also slow going, late day at school for me yesterday. i had some homework help from the immaculate heart of mary nuns, at saint aloysius academy there, helping me with my homework, my, yes, my kelly's classroom segment will air in about ten minute, so i know all of the kids and the par rent watching out there at saint aloysius academy in bryn mawr. did i get my homework completed. i even got little star
7:48 am
accident on the 42 freeway. will sue get any stars on her weather forecast? we shall see in 15 seconds. >> we all like the temperatures, but the price to pay, first one, dense fog, advisory for about the entire viewing area an until at least 9:00 a.m. then all of the visibility, quarter mile in wilmington, lancaster, millville. philadelphia international as you just saw with bob kelly, now socked in, with fog. so, it is moisture in the air. that is warmfront coming first, then cold front, this is the same cold front that touched off suspected tornados in alabama. and there is a risk for severe weather, all along the east coast of the united states, as this cold front comes through.
7:49 am
throughout the day, throughout the night. that's where we are with radar, at least the temperatures are mild. seeing some off shore thunderstorms, but no thunder and lightning reported just yet. widely scattered showers, 56 degrees in the city. and 50's just about everywhere else. headed to a high of 65 degrees, but it does cool off as it dries out. for the first weekend of december. fox 29 partnered with the kelly ann dolan memorial fund. looking for unwrapped toys for children, up to 18 years old, or target or wal-mart gift cards. you can drop them off at the wissahickon firehouse december 5th and 6th. our jenn fred will be live there. on december 6th, from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. for more information, go to >> hope to see you there. time clock 49. when you think about coat for snow boarding and skiing, you
7:50 am
think function over fashion, right? well, celebrities like gwen stefani showing it doesn't have to be boring to be warm. >> so thinking about fashion and function, right? jen? >> reporter: yes, talking about fashion and function. we are here with joe from the burton store. good morning. >> good morning, how are you. >> let's talk about your green efforts, right? because you kind have gone blue. really focused on protecting the environment. >> exactly. burton has partnered one blue sign our products. what blue sign is the overall we use safe chemicals for natural resources, production of all of the products. great thing about the blue sign product technology is 100% of the jacket, from the buttons to the zippers to the fabrics, so the factories has to be under full blown design of this. >> you said it is like 50 gallons of water goes into each garment? >> just naturally the overall normal value into a garment, 50 to 75 gallons of water per gahm meant, not being wasted thrown back into the ponds.
7:51 am
>> we can feel good about what you're buying, right? >> the puffy coats, like ski wear, is back for street looks, right? this is obviously something from you guys. but seriously, i could walk around in this and not only be warm, fashionable, as well? >> warm, fashionable, dry. major thing today a lot of the jacket are lifestyle. not just snow board company, full blown 60% apparel company that offers a lot of technical products for street wear, fashion. >> i love it. so you're doing the puffy coat thing. again, we think of more like traditional clothing store. but this stuff will keep us dry. specially when we talk about the kids. you know, because they want to look cool. they want the cool colors and all of this kind of stuff. and i have to say, this looks like something from super high end fashion designer? >> taking print, fashions from high end fashion, put it even down to the kid size. 70% of our product, goal by 2020 -- 2020 to be 100%.
7:52 am
>> i know a lot of people had like their ski coat, coat that they'll wear out. like this is something could you wear to grandmom's house, christmas eve there is style. i mean obviously one piece thing. pants are looking good. the guys stuff is looking pretty fashionable, as well? >> technical fashionable, still street wear approved. mountain approved. >> here, dude, you're a man's man. how do you feel about the fur? i think it looks cool. >> will you do it? >> probably not. >> is it a young person's thing, like what is it. >> trending on the younger side. not huge -- >> i have to say we did put mike the camera guy in one of the jackets, and it looked pretty cool. i know you have the elsa, ann, a your snow boards which we love to talk b we love to say? >> sure. >> star wars. were you going to partner with star wars? >> yes, burton partnered with star wars, also south park releases, be released today, tomorrow. >> awesome. >> stop into the burton store, check us out. >> we talked about this little bit. you and have i kids. this is cool program. basically what you have to do if you have fourth or fifth grader.
7:53 am
do you have get their picture, the report card, and sends in a processing fee, between 30 to $55. takes about a month to get it back watch they give saw either one first time ski or boarding package, or you get five free lift tickets, and the grownups this, he get 50% if they're a first timer as well. again, small fee involved. but do you get great stuff if you have a fourth or fifth grade. and you want people out on the hill? >> get out on the hill. >> raining today, little warm, and we'll be right back after this.
7:54 am
kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe. you brush your teeth diligently... o times a day right? t 80% of bacteria aren'even teeth.diligently... eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different. it fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums.
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protecting 100% of your mouth' rfaces. colgate total for whole mouth health.
7:56 am
>> bob, you went to saint aloysius? >> i just came back. nuns kept home for for little homework. >> come back very discipline, i musgrave that's okay, much brighter, smarter, but where the students, they're doing something special for their children, so they have wonderful christmas, check it out. >> hey, good morning, everyone
7:57 am
there is week's edition of kelly's classroom, coming to you from saint aloysius school here in bryn mawr. everybody give a wave. look at these guys, all boy's school. doing something great for the holidays. now, here is the deal. tradition, the school community, they adopted the delaware valley children's charity, to help make the holidays better, for 100 children, a little less fortunate. now here is what they d they had a chance to talk to the kids, and then, ask for a wish list. >> take a littles end for the children's wish list, socks, underwear, leggos, clothes, educational toys, a winter coat, underwear, a winter coat, and pokemon cards. that's the wish list from the children at the delaware valley children's charities, that was adopted by the folk here at saint aloysius, hine
7:58 am
me, some of the kids that actually helped out doing some of the shopping. >> what were some of the things you picked snout. >> a bike, doll house, clothes. >> what was it like when were you reading the letters from the children, that you got to know? >> kind of surprise to go see that some kids want socks, and kids like us want xbox. >> sure, yes. like the list, little different than what was probably on your wish list, flight. >> yes, the biggest difference was needs juster us wants. what we want is want, but the things they're asking for is needs, that was really great. >> what did it feel like inside after awed chance it read some of these and go shopping? >> it felt like it was just. >> like we had 107 children. >> okay?
7:59 am
>> aids volleyball game right. >> basketball. >> how much money did you raise altogether, do you know? >> nicole? >> over thousand dollars at the volleyball championship. give yourselves big rounds every applause, going to make difference in the lives of 107 families this christmas, if you would like me to come to your school, in your community, hit me up on facebook, twitter, on our website at back to you guys in the studio. >> back to you, bob. >> bob? >> attempt to go do that because of the weather conditions. >> you should have known better. >> never stuck in traffic. >> don't start. don't start on me. it was great. i mean, i have the kids at home, and the list of what our children are asking for. it was totally different than what this is little guys underwear, socks, a coat, and
8:00 am
going to do a great thing for these guys. >> wonderful what they are doing. >> and the nuns were good, allowed me out this morning, i got an a, little star on my collar. >> you will be better then in. >> for today. >> now how far of good day. november 30th, 2016. >> from the fox 29 studios. >> controversy. >> everybody affected by cancer, real need. >> this could be safe place forbath link cancer why it is causing concern for one mother living in this local neighborhood. >> i like all of the flavors you get with it. >> offering culture on the menu with new brown bag lunch. >> are you trying to lose weight? well, forget juicing.
8:01 am
have you heard of souping? the new diet trend growing in popular at this. >> ♪ >> want glowing skin for the holidays? may want to trade in this trip to the spa for this beauty bubble. thousand works, and where you can find this out for free. >> ♪ >> it is i outside, because it is foggy. pea soup usually what it is called. >> good to have you with us, hey, do you finds this creepy? little bit. >> if we can zoom in on that. so i posted this on facebook, instagram, twitter this morning. people say it is creepy. >> it is a cute creepy though. >> is it? >> it is. >> okay? >> no? >> i think it is cute, not creepy. >> okay, one more?
8:02 am
>> what do you think of this guy? >> trying to be cool there. >> oh, that must be dj tommy g. >> with the tommy g shirt and the vest. >> oh, remember the glamour shots? pink rose thank you, reminded me to pay the meter, you guys forgot. >> oh, i forgot. >> i paid t no more tickets. >> specially because the rain all on his ticket there. >> that's right. and finding your way to the meter might be challenge in some places this morning, because of that, you know, fog, and see, i prefer cream of mushroom soup. just my thing. four out of ten in your weather by the number, bus stop buddy can you see him? yesment foggy start. we have clouds. we have fog. we are poor visibility. almost every county in the viewing area is under a dense fog advisory. and the rain is starting to roll in not back yet.
8:03 am
see, with our temperature, good part, at least mild. 6-mile per hour winds, quarter mile visible, at philadelphia international airport. they're socked in, so is lancaster, reading, trenton, dover, delaware, just so many places with the fog this morning. six a high temperature, problem is showers, thunderstorms, bob kelly, returning. >> the thunder boomers later today. 8:03. good morning, everybody, slow going, everybody's going to be late for work this morning. here is a live look at 295. we got accidents coming, going, southbound, at the 42 freeway, northbound, near woodcrest station. so, everything is slower than normal there. here is a live look, at some of the fog that we're dealing with along i-95. again, zero visibility, at some point, just watch yourself as you roll out of the driveway, little ones also standing on the bus corner, hopefully got bright colored clothing there. live look downtown, the vine expressway, center city, socked in, with fog. now the 42 freeway, 295, in
8:04 am
gridlock. because of those two accidents i showed you in the camera there. watch for delays here. this is along 295, right at woodcrest station. delays on all of the regional rail lines, and looking at delays also at philadelphia international airport. thomas, alex, back over to you. >> okay, thank you will, bob. well, following breaking story overnight. two philadelphia police officers are in the hospital, after being bitten by a suspect, and in the juniata section of the sit. >> i attack after approaching a man they say broke into a car, steve keeley, at police headquarters this morning, two officers going through a series of test cents? >> new meaning to the phrase rabid crime, right? in is rough neighborhood to begin with known for a lot of car break-in's, a lot of drug dealing and selling. they catch a guy in the act. here is the video, bun of of cars lift on the sidewalk, around what looks to be an auto repair business, and then the honda you notice with the door open, the guy is in there p two years old, long history every crime, add this, attacks
8:05 am
two cops, male, female. bites them both on hands and arm, draws blood, kicks them, scratches them, head butts them, and that's why they're at the hospital. >> bite is one of the most vial things you can receive. it is dangerous, the bacteria, seen officers that have received bites really have struggled for years, i mean, with the infections that they receive. so, i mean, i think sometimes people know how dangerous this job is, but when you see incidents like this, a reminder, i mean, could be anything, you always think of guns, sometimes knife, i mean, incidents like this, you can be severely and seriously injured. and so i know an officer was bitten and multiple infections over the years, infection set in, tore his body up. human bite, the mouth is not the best thing in the time when you are talking about
8:06 am
breaking skin. >> so a loft concern, because this 32 year old they finally got in handcuffs, known drug user, who knows what possible infections he may be caring. but one thing he'll carry is an aggravated assault crime, so, alex being thomas, you know those officers wait near the magical words from the doctors, prognosis negative, on all of the blood tests, but probably still await for that. waiting for the all clear. learning the air tragedy hitting home at fox. four spots, killed in the plane. >> the pilot declared electrical problems right before crashing into the mountains investigators did recover the two black boxes told they're in perfect condition. also rots the plane may have run out of fuel. >> brazil's president has declared three days of national mourning. thousands of distraut fans came out last night for vigil,
8:07 am
filling stadiums, churches, many of the fans dong the team's green jersey and latal candles at makeshift memorial that you can see here. back here at home the philadelphia 76ers plan to pay special tribute to the soccer team and the lives lost. >> team plans to hold moment of silence, tribute to be held prior to the singing of the national anthem at tonight's game. sixers play the kings playing at 7:00. >> 8:07. a house up for sale in delaware county has abu err with big plans and a noble cause. >> woman wants to buy the house to help people with cancer, but it won't happen without a fight. karen hepp in the news room. what's the controversy here? >> well, no good deed goes unpunished, home in swarthmore, been on the mark for several years. someone wants to buy it, and for good cause, but neighbors are saying not so fast. this is the head strong foundation, which helps out every town families, have a free place to stay, while someone in the family has a cancer treatment. so, the idea, have this home so people could stay therefore maybe as many as seven
8:08 am
families, and you know the patient and the caregivers at the time. but the neighbors say not in my backyard. they're worried about traffic, parking it allow more group homes, and one says worried about herly boil who has autism. >> people rotating through the home every six weeks, no way. >> if anything they're just sad, and it is heart break to go know and see that they have a child that might not make it. >> we tried to show we are ready, willing, able to do whatever we can to satisfy their concerns their fears. >> to the hand of the lawmakers shall borough council there will be voting on monday whether to revise the zoning rules to allow the charity to move in. what happens in that neighborhood guys one side of the street single-family homes, the other institutions and group homes. they have to get a variance, we'll see what happens and we'll bring you what does.
8:09 am
>> interesting, i mean, just trying to help people. >> you know the thing is slippery slope, well maybe it could be a group home for people recovering add inability. >> everyone says not in my backyard. not in my backyard, karen, see how this one plays out. time 8:09. are you looking for the high tech gift, can you believe, 25 days until the big holiday. >> really? >> yes. >> wait, it is not december 1st yet. what? >> well, tomorrow is december 1st. >> okay, okay. >> looking for the perfect gift for the tech any your life, the hottest coolest gift on the market. the hot he, the kleagles when you say that do you have do a little -- oh, okay. tommy d? >> turn table, going old school. >> can you still do it? >> i don't -- let's get a record player. >> once you got it, you always got it. >> you want a record player though, i don't have one. >> how are you going to be former dj and not have a record player. >> old school records, i have the green -- >> doing anything with them? look at them?
8:10 am
>> interesting. >> catering school lunches? are you kid moog he? offering culture on the menu, with the new brown bag lunch.
8:11 am
i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> south on 95, go for the jumbo dunkin' donuts coffee and jelly donut, you will certainly need it. the fog has been pain in the neck all morning long, 202, near route 100, hey, who took i think this is the vine expressway here crossing town, fogged in everywhere, so that's slowing us down. 295, slow, in both directions. jammed, actually, we call it, southbound, because after accident near the 42 freeway, north on 295, an accident near the black horse pike. we have got delays down at the airport, 35 minutes and plus, at leguardia. so that's just going to have domino effect on air travel all through the day, check with your airline before you head on down to the airport. delays as i mention, south on the freeway, into 295, even delays along 295, as you work
8:14 am
your way north in toward woodcrest, and the new jersey turnpike, also, slow going. it is taking a lot of the extra volume off of 295. look at this set up herement obviously the winds did not damage any of the lights and the treason the front lawn. we probably got about 250 ornaments there. that's what we're talking about. snap a picture, post it up thereon your facebook, twitter, stain gram, we get ready for very kelly christmas, so i can show the pictures and keep you in the holiday spirit all through the month of december. and then one night each week we will pick the best of the best. and show up on somebody's front lawn and broadcast live. we will do that tomorrow night. we're going to west chester, pennsylvania. pile up the news van. sue has the forecast in 15 seconds.
8:15 am
>> still foggy just about everywhere, cleared up little in mount pocono, lancaster socked in, philadelphia international airport, atlantic city, down in dover, delaware, lots of fog out there this morning, and here comes more rain, thanks to the warmfront, quickly followed by the cold front. which will keep us casino every rainy all day long. high pressure will build in tomorrow. and cool us down to seasonable levels, but we are at marginal risk for the entire east coast, especially the area of severe under this earl storm, at some point, today, we've already seen some down in alabama, and part of tennessee, in fact, we zoom in on the area, where we've seen the wild fires pass couple of days, starting to get some rain, which will hopefully help that situation. so here is the seven day forecast, for us, 65 degrees, watch out for the thunderstorms, sunny, windy tomorrow. high of 56.
8:16 am
and then we really cool down, for friday, saturday, and sunday, but of course, guys, for shopping purposes, at least it will be dry all weekends. >> thank you, sue. 8:16. hey, thomas, did you ever like the school cafeteria lunches? >> i did. we had president a friday, do you remember? >> yes. >> and grilled cheese, so hard on the negligent. >> oh, really a fan, sam thing every day for us, but what if you had catered school lunches? >> are you kidding me? parents had dishing out dollars for healthier dishes. >> lauren johnson joining us with a new segment. i'm he he can excited about thi, highlighting kids in the coon any. >> yes. i went to school over in haverford. wait. it is just in haverford. no, no, before everyone jumps to conclusions, program they're doing in haverford you can translate to other communities. check this out. >> runs the kitchen at jpn, ardmore based cat, company. >> a loft weddings for us,
8:17 am
parties, in people's homes, a lot of corporate kind of thing. >> i started to notice, as a kid, seven or eight. kids age may not love cooking yet but they -- >> a challenge for me is that i am a busy working mom, i work full time. my husband does too. >> it means biting off more than some par kent chew. >> my mom, does lab work -- >> kids are at the mercy of their busy parents? run out of the things i know she wants. >> or the school lunch. >> that comes from, well, who knows? >> the things you eat, and the thing you want your child to eat. >> friends school half forwards. >> wear walker, other parent, wanted to change the way lunch look. >> you want your kids to be
8:18 am
exploring food, because it makes them to explore in life. to try different things, explore new cultures. >> made commitment to provide healthy food socially conscious. >> they approached her. >> not something i thought we would ever get involved in on daily basis? but they got cooking over the summer, coming up with a kid friendly menu was a first for them. by september, they were hand delivering the meals at lunchtime every day. >> in three short months, parent, kids, are eating. >> on the menu this day. >> eggs cicc -- fritada. >> can you show me your egg fritada. >> i finished it. >> did you like it. >> yes. >> ten lunches one day, 20 the next. >> very few people are able to do it every day. most parent make the commitment one time a week, sometimes two, three times a
8:19 am
week. >> some student can't get enough of the meal. >> better than my mom made. she wouldn't like if i said that to her though. >> for other school lunches you probably don't get the quality and the variety that you get here. >> variety can be good. >> so many foods i've never tried before i wounds up really liking. >> like give me exam be? >> chicken and waffles. >> what is your favorite school lunch? >> barbequed tofu. >> i like all of the flavors that you get with it. >> they also keep the class glick program with the favorites, things like mac and cheese, chicken tenders, then supplemented when some things that will challenge their pallets, a little bit. >> right now they are looking into how to cut costs, without cutting corners. >> will also take corporate support, larger corporas sponsors, we're really looking for ways to try to perfect what we're doing here, and then apply it to other communities. >> at the very least, they believe they have a mod nel
8:20 am
place. >> i hope others see, standing in what you believe in, trying to make the world a better us. >> one nastolgic brown bag at dime. >> let's see you take a big bite. good girl. >> they're interested in partnership with other schools and corporate partners, if interested, you can call joe the number right there (215)203-2227. those kids were so cute! >> right? they were. and i sat and had lunch with them. so funny because usually were you saying when you have cold grilled cheese or whatever, you're kind of like ugh, whatever. they wouldn't stop eating. i couldn't talk to them. they were eating. >> you know they'll go home, mother, this is not the fratada i had. >> i had a fratada. >> you love the segment. it should be are you kid-ding me. show me your story ideas, a lot of people talking on
8:21 am
social media on things they want me to foot your, so looking for good stories. >> thanks, lauren. >> pretty cool. can i do something here? >> i know? >> the cafeteria we have here? >> our cafe? >> i like that. >> have you heard of subbing? >> no. >> the new term for an old habit. later on good day, we will explain the one thing you're doing, that could be hurting your relationship. >> like i sub this relationship. first all sports are not created equal. best extra sizes to ensure long life why this may be bad news for joggers.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> looking to live a nice long healthy life? might want to get off the treadmill, jump in the pool inch syd. >> scientists say swimming, biking, squash, seem to be best for prolonging live. people who participate in those sports have lower risk every cards year vascular problems such as strokes and heart disease.
8:25 am
>> all right, so apparently some exercise taz really don't ward off death. scientists say running, jogging, doesn't do whole lot. >> what? >> playing football, rugby, didn't add any years to life, of course most doctor, doctor mike would say, any type of exercise is beneficial. >> but running and jogging really does nothing? the more i do it. >> like my mom said, the person who invented running died. >> i guess we all have expiration date. >> does make a difference. >> true. i remember my parents, they're bill mall walkers. >> seriously. we actually went mall walking. >> oh, how was that. >> kind of enjoyed it. >> did you? >> little older, you snow. >> dj tommy here. >> fast walking. >> oh, remember that video that lady in the spanned ex, she was doing the kind of fast walking, went vie val, like old video they brought back. you got to dot hips. >> you don't join your par went go out? >> no, i have not. they go really earl. >> i sos does my dad.
8:26 am
>> what time did you go. >> right when the mall opened. >> it was prancersizing, that's it. >> oh, dow remember that. and she had like a beat? >> we have to pull that out. >> i would love to prance your style. >> let's do it. >> all right. >> we got the tights? i think they still fit me. >> so what color tights were they? >> everyone, no, please. man boobs was enough. >> stop. with the silling? >> there she s that's right. >> she was serious about this. >> oh. okay, let's see. getting it started? >> stay with this couple of minute. >> working it. >> thomas, we would love to see in you these pants. >> all right, we will think about it. maybe after little juicing? or juicing this morning. slim down. >> , no juicing, nobody is doing juicing, souping. >> specially now that it is cold outside. juicing so yesterday. so the new diet trends is supposed to be better than juicing and help slim you
8:27 am
down. soup. who doesn't love soup. >> you. >> get more substance. >> yes, we will talk about this. but what's the beauty bubble i keep hearing jen talk about? i want to go in the beauty bubble. what happens there, jen? >> okay. so the air in there will turn us all into toddlers. at least our skin, right? now, not like that, but amazing thing, natura, neiman marcus, i'll tell you all about it, i'm going in.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> empire is back, did you notice this on the cover of 17 magazine. even though they're getting kind of coz any this picture, they have some stuff to say about their rumored relationship. and the hot actress set to appear in the show before the ends of this season. plus this. >> (movie clip).
8:31 am
>> do you really trust your partner? how one woman is sparking a heated debate, listen to her claim, all men are cheaters. she says no matter what you might be thinking, he's going to cheat on you. what do you think about that? do you agree? do you in the a grow? why don't go ahead and comment. alex holley fox 29. twitter or facebook, or on instagram. do you believe this? we will be discussing this later. i want to hear your thoughts. sue, i know bill i would never do that to you, hon. >> i thanks for cheering me up on this foggy day. wow. getting started when bus stop buddy. he is just a little boy. he is very happy even though it is raining in some places, that's because he has the rain gear. dense fog advisory, see more rain of the stag to roll in, very spotty right now, those showers, still damp in old city. 57 degrees. and we are socked in with fog in so many places. look at these visibilities.
8:32 am
allentown, quarter mile. same for philadelphia international airport. wilmington, very foggy in atlantic city, as well. today 65 degrees. there is one good thing, it is not too colds. but pop up thunderstorms more rain on and off throughout the day, and tonight, with few downpours, and the wind start to pick up. and we will talk about tomorrow, and the first weekend of december, coming up. bob kelly? >> good morning, everybody, 8:32, on a hump day, oh, big hump to get over this morning. we've had the rain. we've had the fog. we've had the accident. live look at an accident, 295, right near woodcrest station. and that's causing delays in both directions. who took the vine expressway? it is in there somewhere. that's example of how thick the fog is, how thick is it? thick as pew soup or peanut butter. i go with peanut butter. live look at the 30 bypass, jammed up for the gang leaving downingtown, delays at philadelphia international airport. check with the airline for the rest of the day. we got delays at philly. big delays already at leguardia, it will domino all through the day here, and
8:33 am
specially later on, when those thunder boomers roll through for the evening. now the blue route northbound, about 40 minute trip and south on 59 out of the great northeast about half hour delay. alex back over to you. >> thank you, bob. we've all heard after juice cleanse. how about a soup cleanse? this weight loss strategy really growing in popularity. but there is a question. does it work? and is souping now replacing juicing and should it? here for some answers we have kelly jones, registered dietition, and board certified specialist in sports dietetics. good morning. >> good morning. >> and i know what you will say. i know when it comes to dietitions, well, suppan juicing not good thing. but if you had to pick two, a lot of people drink a lot of juice in the day to lose weight. >> sure thing. >> juicing or souping? which one is better if you had to pick one? >> if you had to pick one i would pick the souping. that's because the juicing really eliminate all of the fiber. not getting protein. and you're not going to feel full. you might lose muscle. that's not good. muscle real important for your metabolism. so with the souping, at least
8:34 am
if you were to follow a plan like this, could you incorporate more protein. and you coin feel more full. >> what's the warning then it comes to souping? i know i want to say it? >> the warning, not realistic for most people right to be making all of these homemade seung all the time. not talking about popping open a can of suppan making it really easy because those things are loaded with sodium, preservatives, not really what you want for healthy body. so able to prepare all of these soups on your own or you can afford to buy these healthy soups from a company. then i guess could work. but doesn't really follow along with normal lifestyle. >> what about every once in a while to clean us snout. >> absolutely. every once in a while. if you did this for a day it won't hurt you in anyway. but to try to do this for week long, at that point you might be in too much after calorie deficit lose the wrong kind of weight. >> here are some we can try out of the first soup that snuff. >> first soup, cabbage soup. the cabbage soup diet was trend years ago. and with the new souping trend, coming back, i prefer
8:35 am
to have it in a stir friday to get my veggies in, but more more filling than just drink ago juice. so by having the carriage -- cab and soup, a lot more fiber. please, try. >> has little kick to it. >> that's the thing with any soup, add whatever spices and seasoning you want, to add a lot of flavor, make it more satisfying without the salt. >> can cabbage and little hard on the system? >> shouldn't be. if you're used to eating a loft vegtables, when you increase your vegtable and fiber intake be sure to drink enough water. >> what's in this cabbage, carrots. >> carriage, carrots, tomatoes in there, that adds good flavor. have some onions, and garlic, and celery, and then just some spices and seasonings like basil, or egg know, red pepper. >> what about this one? i love the color on this one. >> yes, here is a butter nut squash and leak soup. one that i make all the time. and i have up on my blog. i add some spices, too to make it more tasty than your typical one.
8:36 am
you will have some rosemary, cayenne pepper and tumeric in there, the latter two touted for immune benefits, health support a metabolism. >> and topped with some hemp seeds. while the soup can be filling and tasty doesn't have very much protein or healthy fat. so that makes it little more substantial. >> hemp seeds? >> yes, great source of healthy fat. >> so do we have a test later on? >> no! >> wait a minute. >> i'm feeling good. >> oh,. >> it is the hemp seed. he likes it. so what's this last one? >> here bean and vegetable soup. >> this will be a lot hard year, still not high in calories or anything. but it can be a normal bald meal. there are some times in the winter where it is cold, warm comforting soup maybe for lunch and dinner, but choose something like this for a meal, so i feel full, get the protein, i don't lose any muscle mass. >> i like it, yes. now, when it comes to juicing versus souping, with juice you're drinking six different
8:37 am
things a day. with soup are you drinking six different? >> look up on line, what they are promoting, it is having the soup every two hours, or five times a day. i don't want to think about eat that often, every two hours is too much for me. i would rather something pretty hardy and helps me last few hours before i have to go back and eat again. >> makes sense. >> between the bean and the cabbage, good luck. >> really. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> so souping. let us know what you think. would you try this out? i mean, i love soup. but i don't know if i could eat it six times a day. >> no, that's too much. >> before you fire up the netflix on this rainy day, we all know that bing watching can be bad for your brain. but that's not all. why it could soon be worse for your wallet.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> fox 29 partnered with the kelly ann dolan memorial funds to help as many families as possible, you can help by adopt ago family, looking for
8:41 am
unwrapped toys for children up to 18 years old, or target or wal-mart, drop them off at the firehouse december 5th and 6. jenn fred will be there live december 6th from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. for more information go to on where site >> hope to see you out there. 8:41. >> as we discovered yesterday, bing watching tv can be bad for your health. and for -- >> well, now it may be bad, do you remember that? >> i do. >> bing watching, yes, apparently affect a man's ability to give a child. crazy way to put it? >> light. >> because they're not getting off the couch. >> it takes two to tango. well, maybe bad for your wallet now too. have you heard after streaming video? >> designed, we see these subscriptions, netflix, the other things, well, city considering the tax adjust utility users tax. it could force viewers to pay
8:42 am
as much as 10% more for streaming video, a loft play cents throughout california, a loft cities are considering this tax. >> websites and apps aren't utility, so kinds of the fine line here, can you actually tax a website? can you tax an app? does it force you to go somewhere else? that's a lot, big reason why people are cutting the cable cord or some other. >> saying cheaper to do net flex, people like to watch their shows, get all the news and everything you need on your phone, a lot of people are doing. that will interesting. >> my mom does that. like if it goes down, all heck will break loose. 2:30 in the morning, my them flex is down. >> 2:30 in morning? >> night owl. a lot of adjusting. >> what time have you been going to bed? >> about 6:30. >> okay? >> yes. >> because you used to dot evening news. >> used to dot evening. then be up all night, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, you get off work, go to about about
8:43 am
3:30, 4:00, could you sleep in, get here around 1:00. so now your life? >> now i'm up at 1:45, anchoring 4:00 to 6:00. >> what time do you go to bed. >> 6:30. 7:00 is like pushing it for me, i start my gosh, so tired in the morning. >> what's your key forget to go bed early? is it warm milk or something? >> cry yourself to sleep. >> is that what it is like? >> pretty much like a baby, after a while, stop crying, fall asleep. then you wake up, cry little more. >> and come in here and see our loverly face. >> i love it, i love it, you take the good and the bad. this is definitely good. >> we're glad you're here, thomas it, works out. most people. >> hey. >> doesn't matter? >> hey, j z- hey, jen, live at king of prussia. >> good morning to you guys. okay, should we go in? >> of course. >> am i saying this right? this is the air you want to -- i'm younger, i'm thinner, i'm cuter, i'm bert. come on back, i'm tell you all
8:44 am
about this. you can't come in here. no way. it is my air.
8:45 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local ed jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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8:46. we are looking at french manor in the pocono mountains. and very cloudy skies there. not a lot every rain just yet, there is definitely more on the way, looking at fog, just about everywhere socked in, except the pocono mountains right up on mount pocono. everybody else still seeing the thick fog. >> this cold front coming through the area has touched off what we think were tornados in alabama overnight. we just received word that there were couple of more fatalities as a result of what we think are tornados, national weather service go to the parts of alabama that get the severe storms last night, and confirm that regardless strong thunderstorms, and also, watching the area where the wild fires have been raging, near gatlynnberg, and those areas getting some rain, but we don't want thunder and lightning to touch off more fire. so, mixed blessing there. heavier rain rolling into our area.
8:48 am
we zoom into lancaster county, chester county, heavier rain moving into bucks county right now. widely scattered showers southern delaware and southern new jersey. we are under the marginal risk ourselves of severe weather. definitely eye on the sky today. 65 degrees today. then we dry out tomorrow. winds pick up, so it will definitely dry things out. and remember, we do need the rain. but, so for the rest of the weekends though going out and about, just need your winter coat. but it is december. that's pretty normal for this time of year. cold on sunday, guys. >> okay, thank you, sue. one beauty company is using a bubble. you typically see at sporting events for one every a kinds treatment. >> jen, what are we talking about here bubble? what type of bubble? >> going in the bubble. >> welcome to my bubble. okay? and by the way thank you for letting me be in your bubble. this is steven from natural bars loan a justing in this bubble we're good. why is that? >> the bubble actually filled
8:49 am
with 99.998% pure air. >> okay, what's that mean? >> unfortunately, in the world, that we live in, we don't breathe pure air any more. so by breathing pure air, after a little while, our body actually starts to purge toxins, and we feel better, of course we look better. >> you look pretty good. i have to say that. so what happens here is that correct we are inside the neiman marcus store. >> yes. >> inside the king of prussia mall. so, you know, really good customers of neiman marcus, have known this was coming for awhile. it is a free service, with a purchase, so those people have already like booked this out. they new this thing was coming. >> between about two months ago we started booking. >> people are fans of the bubble, like this thing has like a fan following? and so when they're in here you do facial with this kind of stuff, right? you will be here for three days. >> three days. >> what can the women -- i'm assume ago lot of women? >> mostly women. >> what can they expect from their experience? >> first of all, amazing and he is at the tis, that are able to do this.
8:50 am
>> double certified. >> double certified. actually table dot service. we have special treatments that we do in the bubble that we don't necessarily sell at the counter. >> okay. >> they are going to feel better, look better. >> we saw in one of the pictures, clear bubble. but you prefer this, so that people don't know, i mean, like a store going on out there. we have seen it. >> more private for the client. >> right? and how do you like it is not like you have big tank of air. it is like a super mega filter? >> yes. >> i'm speaking technically. >> absolutely. it is a motor in the back that has filters in it that filter all of the bad things out of the air. >> so, you are the guy that has to bring this to all of the different areas. because people beg for this, like 18 months in advance to come to their location, right. >> yes. >> are you like sucking on the good air, if you come in here sometimes? >> not real. >> i no? >> if i was like a kardashian, i needed this super great expensive air. can you get like a bubble for your whole house? >> i don't think you can get it for your whole house, but you can actually buy a bubble
8:51 am
and put in your house, in a room. >> and hang out. you would say you are the only beauty department that uses the bubble? >> we are. >> some medical places use it to rejuvenate your body? >> i believe they do. >> you for letting me hang out in your bubble. i am not coming to the meeting later. when do the people start showing up? >> 10:00 o'clock. >> ill he here until 10:00. >> do you feel any certain way? do you feel, does it make you feel -- >> no, no, no. am i supposed to feel different already? >> no. it takes about ten minutes. >> ten minutes so i'll n here for ten glints we'll check back. >> we need to. >> jenny hate to burst your bubble, but we need to go. man, i had to. sorry. >> what do we have here? >> sue, she makes, after thanksgiving, you know, sue, yes, she makes this wonderful turkey soup. >> thank you, sue. >> last year, well, no, the first year i came, she invited me over for thanksgiving, it was amazing. now it is talking to us, makes this lovely turkey soup afterward. if you don't want to dot same
8:52 am
olds. >> so delicious. >> so turkey, rice, carrots. >> it is orzo pasta, carrots, potatoes. >> oh! >> some celery in there, yes. >> oh, you go all fans. >> i it is very good. >> oh, i was being nice, because i've already it last year, so your first year getting, you get the big one. >> what little salt and pepper? >> right. whatever you like. seasonings. >> why are we looking over here when sue is over there? >> i'm the dis embodied one. >> she is usually back there in her offers. >> she suffer where. thank you, sue. >> hey, this is interesting. have you seen this video? rare birdman and to go trick some not so bright humans. we'll explain coming up.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> call this one the mystery. one you find out what's going on, really not that exciting.
8:56 am
>> like angry birds, right? road workers take a look, new zealand, getting little confused because traffic cones kept on moving when no one was looking. >> before? >> no. >> after. >> when are we going to see these darn birds? do you see the birds? >> oh,. >> expect little more drama out of this one. >> there go. >> being moved. no one looking. officials say they just hung out in the area, trying to get attention, because the birds wanted to be fed. >> oh, maybe hoping like a cone feed or something in there? awe. >> i didn't know they were that strong though to move a cone. >> strong and smart with their little -- >> books. >> yes. >> do that again? >> (making sounds). >> wasn't paying attention in school. cheap cheap cheap. >> little beak things, little things that go like this? >> you do better. let's hear it. >> no, i can't. you make the sounds. >> no fun of the temporary guy. >> oh, look at you. getting little snip, snip. >> have you heard of subbing?
8:57 am
like i subbed this relationship in new term to old habe submit. >> really? >> so we will explain. something you're doing that could be messing everything up. >> i know a lot of are you doing it. >> people already weighing in, too. apparently a woman out there saying -- >> oh, don't rub her hand. >> people also saying that all men cheat, whether you like it or not, it is going to happen. what do you think about this? why don't you be weighing in, let us know, because we'll discuss whether you come back. unfortunately.>[a]
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> good day, it is wednesday, november 30th, 2016. taking a foggy look at philly. barely see the art museum at the top of the screen. >> supposed to clear out by noon, sue? sue lovers itly just call on her. >> yes, dense fog advisory just extended until 11:00 a.m. >> oh, being. >> thank you, great to have you with us.


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