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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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drivers you know how it goes. take your time on the roads. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. visibility in some areas at a low as quarter of a mile right now. so for more let's check in with meteorologist kathy orr who is outside in old city. kathy, i think you still need that umbrella. >> oh yeah. look. sprinkles out here, i yap. not like it was earlier or how it's going to be a little bit later on tonight. but you mentioned the fog and here in old city philadelphia we're only at fourth and market. so city hall not that far away about a quarter mile. i can't even see it. that will continue to be an issue. let's talk a little bit about the rain and what's to come. you can see on ultimate doppler more rain moving up the i-95 core do from baltimore and washington so that will be coming in winter next hour or so. in allentown we picked up half an inch that's one of the higher accumulations of the day but we had 2-inches yesterday. so most locations in total from this event one to 2-inches of rain still warm out hee it's 60 in philadelphia. 56 in pottstown and temperatures will rise even more before they
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crash tomorrow afternoon. visibility improved in some spots. worse in others. wrightstown only a mile visible and you can see in atlantic city down to a quarter mile. so this evening, cloudy skies at 7:00 p.m. but the rain returns a few storms possible around the 9:00 o'clock hour. mostly cloudy skies at 11:00. tt the rain and storms to come this evening. plus what to look for for the month of december. it begins tomorrow you know. >> isn't it amazing yes. [ laughter ] >> all right. thank you very much, kathy. you can always stay dry with our fox 29 weather app. get live radar the extended forecast at the touch of a button it's available on apple and on android. >> to developing story now out of philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. right now investigators are trying to figure out how two-year-old boy died. >> somebody called police to the boy' home this morning we rushed him to the hospital where he died. fox 29's dave schratwieser live at philadelphia police headquarters. dave. lucy the autopsy on
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two-year-old sigh eighty three worrell was complete affidavit an all righting a it is ruled a homicide. some of his injuries included a fractured rib and a lacerated liver. as we speak, the boy's mother and her boyfriend who is not the natural father of the child are upstairs here at the homicide unit being questioned by detectives. >> i was crying all day because it's sad. >> family members were in shock as crime scene investigators spent the afternoon collecting evidence at the home where the two-year-old boy lived on east clementine street. >> lovely child. he was good. he loved everybody. >> i cried. it's sad. she was a good mother to her child. she always had him with her. >> neighbors were in mourning over the little boy's death police say they were called to the home in the 600 block of east clementine just before midnight. they were met by a male and a female who were holding the child. >> he always told everybody he
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loved them. >> he always danced. >> he was just happy. he was a happy little baby. >> i'm going to miss him. because he always called me auntie and everything. every time he saw me he was happy. joyful and everything. >> police officers raced the child to st. christopher's hospital where the boy was pronounced just after 2:00 a.m. sources say the preliminary investigation revealed the child had a fractured rib and a lacerated liver. >> nobody should ever have to see a two-year-old die. let us know what happened. like don't hide nothing. >> it's just sad that, you know, nobody -- telling me nothing really. i just don't know what happened. >> it's just sad. it's a sad story. nobody want to see. >> everybody cared about him. >> reporter: now police are also looking to the little boy's natural father trying to speak with him. they have not located him at this hour. we will have much more on this tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. lucy. >> so sad. all right, thank you, dave. new developments in a story that set off nationwide protests. district attorney in charlotte
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north carolina says the officer who shot and killed keith lamont scott will not face charges. prosecutors say officer brently vincent was justified in shooting scott in september. investigators say scott had gun on him went officers fired at him outside of an apartment complex. officers were there to serve somebody else with a warrant. and say they basically stumbled upon scott in a car with a gun and marijuana. scott's family has maintained he was not armed. the shooting led to days of protests on the streets of charlotte and in cities across the united states. new information now on the deadly plane crash in columbia. on a cockpit recording the pilot can be heard saying he run out of fuel. 71 people died in that crash. last night rescuers had recovered most of the bodies which will be returned to brazil and bolivia where all of the victims were from. six people amazingly survived the crash. have been after these two men in connection to anti trump vandals in chestnut hill.
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one of the mensa philadelphia city attorney. the head of the city's gop is calling for him to be fired. >> but the city doesn't want to take action just yet. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at city hall with the latest developments and what developments they are, dave. >> reporter: yeah, definitely the city officials we spoke with say they're waiting are for philadelphia police to finish their investigation before they take any possible action here but the video clearly shows a man identified as city attorney caring a glass of wine and taking pictures as the vandalism takes place. surveillance video shows a man vandalizing the side of the fresh market store in chestnut hill. right off of germantown avenue around november 25th. you can see the graffiti writing of f word trump. he does this as another man walks by apparently standing guard. philadelphia city officials confirmed to fox 29 the man appearing to do look out patrol is none other than duncan lloyd an assistant city solicitor in the law department. >> i was not a trump supporter,
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but i think to vandalize the store was a very inn appropriate reaction to the election. >> reporter: market customers we talked with are surprised city attorney would be involved in something like this. >> i think it's unbecoming for him to do it. >> city officials are people, too, and they're flawed just like everyone else. >> reporter: first deputy city solicitor craig straw released a statement saying "to my knowledge mr. lloyd has already contacted the philadelphia police and is cooperating with them. we will decide on course of action once we obtain more information about the investigation. we do not condone this type of behavior from our employees ". meantime, customers say -- >> i think that we all need to just get a grip and voice our frustrations in a creative way. >> reporter: we reach out to mr. lloyd for comment. we have not yet heard back. police say there are no charges at this time. lucy? >> all right, thank you dave. a juniata park man faces
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charges after police say he bit two police officers. investigators say the officers walked up to that guy because they suspected him of breaking into a car. this is right around 1:30 this morning along the 1200 block of east atlantic street. police punched, kicked, head butted and bit the two officers and he bit them so hard he broke their skin. officials say bites from police, f people can lead to serious illness. >> i know an officer a lot of time on 35 years ago he got bitten by a female multiple surgeries over the course of years. if he can set in and tour his body up. so human bite i mean even mouth is actually not the best thing in the world sometimes when you talking about breaking skin. >> both officers went to local hospital. we're told they're doing fine tonight. the president-elect is preparing to head out on a victory tore with all while incoming cabinet continues to take shape. team trump announced three more nominees this week.
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but it's the battle over who will be picked as trump trump's secretary of state has everyone watch and wanting. lauren blanchard has the latest from washington. >> reporter: during the presided trump said he would bring manufacturing jobs back to america. now he's planning to announce his first successful deal. keeping jobs at a carrier facility in indianapolis from moving to mexico. mr. trump's former campaign manager says the move shows he's a man of his word. >> exactly what he ran on bring these jobs back. >> reporter: white house responding to news the deal will save an estimated 1,000 jobs. >> if he is successful in doing that, 804 more times, then he will meet the record of manufacturing jobs that were created in the united states while president obama was in office. >> reporter: this as the president-elect announces steven mnuchin as his pick for treasury secretary. he's a former wall street banker and mr. trump campaign finance
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chairman would be tasked with overseeing the irs if confirm. he says tackling tax reform is one of his biggest priorities. >> biggest tax reform since reagan, and it's not just going to be a cut in corporate taxes but it's also going to be a very large middle income tax cut. >> reporter: but all eyes remain on the battle over mr. trump's pick for secretary of state. after mitt romney met with the president-elect for a second time last night. rice who has been tapped as trump's chief of staff also attended the dinner. >> i think he see as lot of talent in governor romney. nothing certain and it's still up in the air. >> reporter: this as president-elect trump announcing to prevent any conflicts of interest he will hand over control of his global business empire to his adult chirp before he takes over the oval office. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. fidel castro ashes are heading to his final resting place. >> the remains of the former cuban dictator began a four hiv day, 500-mile journey across
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cuba today. thousands of cubans lined the streets of havana to bid farewell to their late leader. they watch as a small cuban flag covered casket containing his ashes left for for santiago which will be the final resting place where he began the revolution in 1953. many of those who gathered on the streets say castro's legacy will live on forever. >> translator: it's so painful because he's an admirable man. we all love him. he's respect. there are no words. >> translator: they are remembering him well. you see people crying everywhere half the country is crying. they have responded well. >> castro's ashes will arrive in santiago sunday. that day also ends the nine-day mourning period for the man who ruled the country for nearly 50 years. pennsylvania state trooper had one very busy thanksgiving holiday weekend. state police say troopers investigated 931 crashes throughout the state between thanksgiving and this past
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sunday. 61 were alcohol related but officials say that is actually down a bit from last year. troopers say they arrested more than 600 people for dui and issued nearly 14,000 speeding citations and again that's just a little less than last year's total. largest wildfire to hit tennessee in more than a decade is still burning tonight despite the heroic efforts of first responders. >> we got firefighters, first responders that are helping put out the fires when their own homes are being lost. >> what fire officials are hoping will help them in their battle against the flames. if you like watching your shows and movies on the go we have got great news for you. what netflix is doing to make watching even easier. >> new at 6:00 if you have a drawer full of outdated cell phones there's a way to get rid of them for a good cause. who is collecting them local toll keep a vulnerable group out of danger.
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♪ police are looking for pair of armed robbers who stormed into a rite aid in olney. police say one of the men threatened the employee with a gun on the other demanded she put money in the bag. they both ran away with nearly $400. it happened monday night just after 9:00 on the 5400 block av. >> the quick actions of two new jersey state troopers saved a life over the holiday weekend. the sergeant and trooper brought an elderly man back from the bring of death. >> he's now recovering at a local hospital. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live at the atlantic city international airport and dawn you spoke to the two lifesavers. >> reporter: i did and they
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are so thrilled that the man survived and glad that they helped in a situation where the odds were stacked against them in every second counted. >> right here. i guess where these two cars were. and mr. sheridan collapsed right here between the two cars. >> reporter: sergeant tour of the atlantic city international airport state police station was first to respond to the rental car drop off section last friday. that's where 80-year-old joseph sheridan was on the ground and unconscious. >> he wasn't doing too well. there's no pulse, no breathing at the time. his wife and daughter were there. so that added, you know, little bit added stress. they were visibly upset, of course. >> reporter: sergeant van door start the cpr until the second trooper arrived moments later. he used an aed to deliver one shock. >> we checked for a pulse and it was strong. i mean it was pounding. i've done this before and i've never seen a pulse return that strong. it was a huge relief.
5:16 pm
>> reporter: win minutes paramedics and ems were on the scene and sheridan was rush to the hospital where he is still being treated. >> his wife and his daughters actually stopped here today. >> reporter: he spoke to them permly. he said the family wanted to say thank you and let the two troopers know they saved a life. >> it was fantastic. i mean i was nervous at first because i didn't know what they were going to tell me. that was probably the best news i can have gotten. >> reporter: troopers say it was a team effort and all in day's work. still they are being hailed as heroes in the eyes of many. >> i don't know if i would say hero. definitely grateful that i've been trained to do this and glad i got a chance to help. >> that's why we're troopers. that's why we're police officers. we come to work and we do this for a reason. we're glad we were there at the time. we did our job. >> reporter: the family told the troopers that their loved one has a rough road ahead but they are optimistic and eternally grateful at these two troopers live-saving efforts.
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so happy ending, iain. >> absolutely. dawn, thank you. no school today for students who attend the john b. kelly school in germantown. the classes will resume tomorrow. a power outage forced the district to close the school today along polaski avenue after school programs will also canceled as well. >> low income residents in camden are now one step closer to moving into a brand new community. city leaders gathered at the camden housing authority for ground-breaking ceremony for the branch village mid rise this new rental apartment community is offering a fosterrable housing to camden families who make 60% or less of the area's medium income. the mayor says safe and affordable housing has been something big the city has really advocated for. >> i'm a strong believer like the leadership here at the hou housing authority that regardless of a person's religious beliefs ethnicity or zip code that an individual and/or family should be given the same opportunities and the
5:18 pm
same standard of living as anyone else. >> the $16 million development project has been in the making since two to us. house up for sale in delaware county has a buyer with big plans and a noble cause. >> a woman wants to buy the house to help people with cancer but it's not going to happen without a fight. fox 29's brad sattin explains why not everyone is on board. we walked in it just had the feel. it had the warmth. >> reporter: cheryl lori wants to make this house her newest nick's house named aft her sonic who died of cancer 10 years ago. her charity the head strong foundation gives out of town cancer patients and a caregiver a free place to call home for six to eight weeks during cancer treatments. >> typical stay in the city for a seven-week period is over $10,000 just in hotel fees. >> reporter: the current nick's house just a few miles away only holds two families at a time. this new one could hold up to seven families or four people at a time. the problem is the on the wrong side of harvard avenue.
5:19 pm
one side is zoned for institutions like a church and community center. the other side where the house sits is zoned for single family residences. in neighbors are fighting the move. she says it's not that they don't have compassion. cancer runs in lisa's family. >> everybody is affected by cancer. this is a real need. >> reporter: she's worried about the traffic, the parking, a precedent being set that could invite other group homes to move and concerned for her son who has autism. she moved here six years ago thinking the zoning offered protect. >> i really need to know my neighbors so that they can know him so he can stay safe. having that many people in one home rotating through every six weeks there's no possible way. >> reporter: charity insists it will be a great neighbor. those near the current home say it's been problem free. >> they're not loud people. if anything they're just sad and it's heartbreaking to know and see that they have a child that might not make it. >> reporter: cheryl says much of the community has been welcoming and if nick's showers
5:20 pm
allowed here, she'll work hard to convince the rest. >> we've tried to show them that we are ready, willing and able to do whatever we can to satisfy their concerns and they're fea fears. >> because the building would house people with cancer, it does fall under the fair housing act. borough committee has already approved it but there's an appeal. it will go in in front of the entire council for a vote on monday. >> new jersey governor chris christie is giving convicted drug offender as second chance. what they'll be able under the new bill just signed into law. and caught on camera that's no leprechaun but this guy did get away with a bucket of gold from the back of an armored truck. the staggering amount officials say it's worth. delivering pizzas in burlington county with chase. two holds up of delivery drivers in willingboro last week. he got held up at gun point last summer. it's a dangerous game in just a few minutes. >> fox 29 is proudly partnered with the kellyanne dolan
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memorial fund this year to help as many families as possible and you can help by adopting a family. it's very simple. the dolan fund is just looking for unwrapped toys for children up to 18 years old or target or wal*mart gift cards. you can drop them off at the wissahickon firehouse on december 5th and 6th. our jenn fred will be live there on december 6th from 7 to 10:00 a.m. more information very easy go to
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in bucks county these three are facing a long list of charges. new britain township police say they worked together to bust into an apartment at the gray friars complex in chalfont on saturday and attacked two people inside. one of them slit of throat of someone living there.
5:25 pm
that person is now stable in the hospital. 19-year-old darrin davis and arthur mc corkle and receives all face attempted homicide charges among other charges. police in camden have released new surveillance video linked to a sexual assault were we told you about last night. police say a man drove up to the victim in this white van sunday night and forced her to go with him to a lot near the 900 block of south third street. that's where police say he assaulted her and then took off. the woman was treated at cooper university hospital. fbi weighing in on the investigation into an attack at the ohio state university today. they say the somali born student may have been inspired by the islam tick state group. but officials say it's still too soon to call the rampage that hurt 11 people on monday an act of terror. the fbi says it's looking to verify the facebook rants on the morning of the attack about u.s. interference and predominantly muslim countries did indeed come from ohio state student abdul artan. police say artan also bought a
5:26 pm
knife before the attack but still do not know if that was the weapon he used. a police officer shot and killed him shortly after he drove into pedestrians and started slashing people. a tragic ending to a search for a colorado mom and two young sons. 36-year-old jennifer labor and her sons three-year-old adam and five-year-old ethan from high lands ranch were missing since yesterday. police say they found the bodies of all three inside a van believed to be driven by labor. all three had gunshot wounds. police are investigating but say labor's husband is not a suspe suspect. >> if we can get a little bit of time and if we can get a little bit of space to let this husband and father process what has taken place overnight and also allow us and the lone tree police department to piece this together. >> labor was last seen picking up her kids from school around 2:00 o'clock yesterday afterno
5:27 pm
afternoon. more than a decade ago doctors diagnosed this man with cancer. gave him only five years to live. so he decided to run. he's still running. in fact he recently completed pretty impressive feat right here in philadelphia. largest wildfire to hit tennessee in more than a decade is still burning despite the heroic efforts of first responders. what fire officials are hoping will help them in their battle against the flames. kathy. >> little bit of a break right now from the heavy rain but we are watching another band of showers and some thunderstorms moving up the i-95 corridor so more rain, more storms, more wind then major cool down. the seven day is coming up.
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>> it's been soggy day out there as we take a live look into new jersey state capitol. visibility an issue for people trying to get home right now. meteorologist kathy orr and scott williams have your forecast coming up. the bridge gate scandal new jersey judge says she'll make a ruling by the end of the week involving a complaint against governor chris christie. she'll decide if she'll appoint a special prosecutor. the complaint comes from retired firefighter tea neck who claims christie failed to reorder sub nard nantz to reopen lanes on the george washington bridge. >> people in the southeast assessing the damage after heavy storms and self suspected tornadoes further north in tennessee there's still trying to get a handle on those wildfires. >> but despite the best et cetera of firefighters and first responders more homes are going up in flames every single day.
5:31 pm
fox's john roberts has more. >> reporter: folks in the southeast are assessing the damage following this series of heavy storms overnight. with several suspected tornadoes hitting parts of alabama, tennessee, louisiana and mississippi. first responders and rescue workers combing through damaged and destroyed buildings anxious residents return home. >> we got down to the basement and after went by come over here and building is tore up. >> we've had community member lose their residence but nobody got seriously hurt. nobody loft any live. so we got that to be hang full for. >> reporter: but other communities weren't so lucky. there have been several confirmed deaths and officials throughout the southeast are reporting multiple injuries. others say they're not sure if they'll be able to recover from some roof damage to some barnes and different things and like i say trees and some -- 18 wheeler beds and things that furtherually tilted over.
5:32 pm
north in tennessee crews are still battling the biggest wildfire to hit that state in a century. more than 14,000 people evacuated from the resort city of gatlin burg. hundreds of firefighters worked to save homes and businesses including their own. >> we got firefighters, first responders that are helping put out the fires when their own homes are being lost, and that's something that people just don't think about. >> reporter: fire officials are saying heavy rains from the past 24 hours could help them battle the flames. they're keeping their fingers crossed that the wet weather will continue. in atlanta, georgia, john roberts, fox news. >> fires have killed at least four people and countless wildlife. officials hope to reopen the resort city of gatlinburg by friday. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. another soggy day out there and the rain isn't done yet. >> no, now visibility is a problem for commuters trying to get home. kathy orr, scott williams both have your forecast in 15 seconds.
5:33 pm
what a day on penn's landi landing. look at this. in the fog today this is ben franklin bridge but visibility less than a quarter of a mile with the fog settling in in the wake of rain. when the rain moved back in, it added more moisture to the atmosphere and the fog cleared but what an amazing view from the pennsylvania side. looking at the jersey side. there you see the aquarium and of course the relatively milder waters of the delaware helping with this fog as well. but special thanks to alex at our news desk for that great video. you can see we're taking a little bit of a break right now but more rain is going to be building in tonight within the next couple of hours. it's along the i-95 corridor. some sprinkles right now and heavier rains moving into chester county and all this moving toward the north and the
5:34 pm
east. some thunderstorms heading toward d.c. and we could see some of those by about the 9:00 o'clock hour. not a lot of storms but a few popping up are definitely in the forecast for tonight. it is wet but it is mild in old city philadelphia where the temperature is still 60 degrees. the high for the day 61. temperatures may inch up ahead of that cold front over the next couple of hours as well. when you look at the numbers. a huge differential from north to south. how about a 21-degree differential. 47 degrees in the poconos. dover 68. philadelphia 60. 56 in pottstown. 54 degrees in trenton. visibility has improved in many locations. we are down to a quarter of a mile in trenton now up to 4 miles. 2.5 miles in pottstown. wrightstown three quarter mile visible and atlantic city airport only a quarter mile visibility. as we go through the night the storms will be moving through nine, 10:00 o'clock and then it's all out of here by the morning rush with clear skies but temperatures falling during the day with a temperature of 50 at 7:00 o'clock. so as we look ahead, what's in
5:35 pm
store for that month of december? everyone is asking that. so we put scott to task. what do you think, scott? >> hi there, kathy. temperatures so far for the month of november have been running about two and a half degrees above average. it looks like we'll have below average temperatures to kick off the month of december. look at some of the rainfall estimates across parts of the lower 48. places just north of jackson, mississippi, over 6-inches of rainfall for. for us we'll zoom in and show you where we've seen much of the rainfall. allentown one to 2-inches. one to two around trenton. philadelphia an inch to almost an inch and a half. lesser amounts parts of delaware and south jersey. so what can we expect as far as precipitation in early december northern tear of the country above normal precipitation that includes parts of philadelphia, south jersey, north and west, mostly rain and that early december forecast but look at the temperature outlook for the first couple of weeks of december. we're talking below average
5:36 pm
temperatures for a change across the entire delaware valley and by that time frame, kathy, the average high temperatures will be in the upper 40s. back over to you. >> ut-oh. i don't know. tempting with snow with above normal precip and below average temperatures. we'll see, scott. thanks very much. parkway looking good tonight, but if you're out beware because we'll have slick spots with the leaves on the roads and of course more rain coming in. overnight, temperatures in the 50s with some showers. a few rumbles of thunder during the day tomorrow 57 drying out with sunshine but guess what? temperatures falling during the day and the 40s by the evening. seven day forecast from your weather authority, shows a pleasant friday, saturday and sunday. next chance of rain monday just a chance. tuesday partly sunny, wednesday rain. 53 degrees. but not bad as we head through that first week of december. we'll send it back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, kathy. caught on camera, this is no leprechaun but this guy did get away with a buck of gold from the back of an armored truck.
5:37 pm
the staggering amount they got. >> a change is come to go netflix. i'm not sure if it's good news or bad news if you're a binge watcher. >> a local person faces child porn charges. what the nurse found that has the doctor in big trouble tonight.
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police in new york city are on the hunt for a gold thief. surveillance cameras captured him swiping a bucket of gold flakes from unguarded armored truck. now that bucket weighed 86 pounds and police say it took him about an hour to carry the bucket a distance normally takes 10 minutes. he had incentive make his get away with that heavy load though it is worth more than one and a half million dollars in that little bucket. it happened in september when the guard went to the truck's cab to get his phone. investigators believe the thief could now be hiding somewhere in florida. speaking of money, in your money, if you have netflix you're going to like this. if you don't have it, this might actually finally sway you to subscribe. >> users can now download shows and movies even when you don't have any internet access. so subscribers around the world can watch a number of shows and movies while on a flight or
5:41 pm
riding in car that's because there's a new download option. you no longer to be online to get access to the shows on netflix like house of cards knowledge additional charge for this new service. >> facebook about to get even more distracting. you'll soon be able to play games with your friends on the social network. facebook is updating its messenger app to include a new feature called instant games. it includes classics like pac-man and words with friends. i just wish it had like gallag gallagan. i killed it way back in the day. new jersey governor chris christie is getting convicted drug offender as second chance. what they'll be able to do under the newly signed law. and catering school lunches are you kidding me. ? the local school offering culture on the menu with a new brown bag lunch. sean? iain, eagles have to win from here on out if they want to get into the playoffs. they have to get their final five games. the players talk about what type of pressure that is later in sports. i work 'round the clock.
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♪ america is great you get hungry you order food. somebody brings it you pay, serve happy, right. >> not quiet. >> the kid who came to your door doing a dangerous job you may not even know about it. fox 29's hank flynn has the story. as i'm turning around he has a gun out walking up to me. he was like give me everything. >> reporter: chase was trying to earn a few bucks delivering pizza last summer when he got held up at gun point in burlington city. >> he goes through every single one of my pockets. found a stack of cash. as i get in the car he's just like drive off. and i'm like okay. >> reporter: gunman got off with better than 300 bucks and as far as anyone knows was never arrested. >> i was scared i was going to get robbed. >> reporter: i road along with chase on tuesday afternoon as he delivered orders for brother's
5:46 pm
pizza in burlington township. the owner says delivery guys get targeted for reason. >> mainly drivers are all kids. they're not going to fight. they'll give up the money. that's probably the bev thing to do. >> reporter: one town over in willingboro, two drivers have been robbed over the past several days. chase's best friend zac delivers for brother's as well since chase was robbed, zac says he doesn't like delivering to willingboro or burlington city he won't go solo. that's for sure. >> i was never scared to go into burlington city until that happened and now rethink of delivering to that area like sometimes i won't go there alo alone. i'll always have someone p my car when i go there. >> reporter: thing is chase did have someone in his car with him the night he got robbed. that someone wound up getting their phone stolen by the gunm gunman. so what do you do? willingboro police told me they do have leads on the robberies and they're working with merchants by sharing information with them. they're also encouraging delivery only on credit card basis. but that's not a perfect fix.
5:47 pm
brothers owner says he wishes things would get better but he doesn't think they will. >> get $10, they'll do it. for a pack of cigarettes they've done it. so i think, i hope it never happens to us. yeah, people don't carry care any more i don't think. will it keep on happening, probably. >> reporter: so how do you approach something like this? it's not a local problem. it's a deliveryperson problem and it happens everywhere. taxi drivers are known to face similar issues. police are doing what they can but it's a big world. everybody orders food. hit us up on twitter at hank fox 29 or the house at fox 29 phil philly. if you live in new jersey and you have a prior drug conviction it will be easier to receive state benefits. governor chris christie signed a new law that changes the state's rules for giving benefits to those who are convicted of a drug offense. before if you had drug convictions you had to complete a drug treatment program.
5:48 pm
governor christie signed the law after it was revised, removing a requirement that allowed people with drug distribution convictions to be eligible for benefits. catering school lunches. are you kidding me? well parents at one school are dishing out dollars for healthier options. >> lauren johnson is launching new segment which will highlight stories about kids in our communities and she's got more now on the new brown bag lunch. kitchen usually opens around 7:00. >> reporter: jennifer runs the kitchen at jpm in ardmore based catering company. >> a lot of weddings for us. it's a lot of parties and people's homes a lot of corporate kind of things. i starred when i was a kid. seven or eight. >> reporter: and kids that same age might not love cooking yet but they love eating. >> i love lunch. lunch is my favorite meal. >> reporter: when it comes to preparing lunch -- >> the tool challenge for me i'm a busy working mom. i work full time. my husband does too.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: it means biting off more than some parents can chew. >> my mom's job she's a teacher. >> reporter: kids are at the mercy of their busy parents. >> we have to -- often run out of things i know she wants. >> reporter: or the school lunch that comes from, well, who knows. i think it's always that balance of finding the things that your child will eat and the things that you want your child to eat. >> reporter: alicia walker heads up the pto at friends school haverford. walker other parents and school administrators wanted to change the way lunch looked. >> you want your kids to be he can polited with food. that teaches them to try new things, connect with different cultures. >> reporter: they made a commit many to provide healthy food that is socially conscious. >> it was really kind of a light bulb moment. >> reporter: they a matched mccafferty and her husband joe. >> not something we thought we would ever get involved in on daily basis. >> reporter: but they got cooking over the summer coming up with the kid friendly menu was a first for them.
5:50 pm
by september, they were hand delivering the meals at lunch time every day. and three short months, parents and kids are eating it up. on the menu this day, eggs forty three at a time at a. >> there you go. can you show me your egg forty three at a time at a? >> i finish. >> reporter: oh, did you like it? >> yes. >> reporter: 20 lunches one day 10 the next all depends on the day. >> very few people are able to do it every day. most parents make that commitment once a week. sometimes two or three times a week. >> reporter: some students though can't get enough of the home cooked meals. >> they're better than the ones my mom makes. she wouldn't like it if i said that to her though. >> for other school lurches you probably don't get the quality and the variety that you get here. >> reporter: variety can actually be good. >> there's so many food that is i never tried before. that i wound up really likin li.
5:51 pm
>> reporter: give me an example. >> chicken and waffles. >> what's your favorite school lunch? >> probably the barbecued tofu. >> i like all the flavors that you get with it. >> reporter: but they also keep the classics. >> program it with the favorites things like mac and cheese, things like chicken tenders, and then supplement it with some things that will challenge their palates a little bit. >> reporter: right now they're looking how to cut costs without cutting corners. >> it will also take corporate support, larger corporate sponsors. we're really looking for ways to try to perfect we're doing here and then apply it to other communities. >> reporter: at the very least they believe they have a model in place. >> i just really hope that other people see this as an example of how to be creative about standing by what you believe in and trying to make the world a better place. >> reporter: one nostalgic brown bag at a time. let's see you take a big bite. good girl. ♪ >> that was our lauren johnson reporting. if you'd like to get involved we
5:52 pm
posted more information on our website, just head to >> more than a decade ago, doctors diagnosed a man with cancer and gave him only five years to live. zoe decided to run and he is still running. in fact he recently completed a very impressive feat right here in philadelphia. new at 6:00 o'clock, you got a drawer full of all outdated cell phones there's a way you can get rid of them for good cause. who is collecting them locally to keep vulnerable group out of the danger. >> the two men in this surveillance video are in the middle of a vandalism investigation. the graffiti bashed the president-elect and investigators say one surprising person is involved. ♪
5:53 pm
from now until the end of the year, shopping at small businesses could be even more rewarding. because, when you shop small
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more than a decade ago a minnesota man was diagnosed with cancer and told he would only live for five more years. >> what did dough? he decided to start running marathons and he recently completed incredible milestone right here in philadelphia. fox's kelly carlson has the remarkable story. >> reporter: don wright has thousands of miles under those feet and probably many more to go. at 75 years old, he has run a remarkable 100 marathons. marking 100 right before thanksgiving in philadelphia. >> 100 marathons. imagine that. >> philadelphia. it's a great town. >> reporter: he only started running marathons at 62. but what's more incredible, is that he started when he thought he had just five years left to
5:57 pm
live. >> i had started running and ran for about year and got the marathon bug and i thought i'd run one marathon. then two weeks later, i got the diagnosis of myeloma which is a blood cancer which is not curable. >> the marathons were part of bucket list to see all 50 states with his wife and add dull daughter. a way to keep cancer from stealing his happiness. >> i just love the feeling of floating by the drifting past the scenery and i just feel like i'm sticking that old cancer right in the eye. >> was there a point in this period of timothies 13 years that you stopped feeling like you were racing a clock? >> yeah, i think after we finished 50 states, then the march to 100 marathons was just take it as we can. >> reporter: don has benefited from clinical trials and experimental drugs that unlike
5:58 pm
chemo don't make him sick. and most likely he's benefited from his eternal optimism. as well. >> doctors say that having an upbeat spirit is a good thing for -- to help with the treatment of any disease, and i think -- i think -- if running does some good, marathons do some good that would be the reason. it's a very upbeat thing for me. >> reporter: while don doesn't know what the future may bring, he's so very thankful that he's had the time to create more memories. >> i wasn't supposed to live to meet my grandchildren but i have. i met my grandchildren and they know their grandpa. my mom lived to age 100. my dad lived to age 100 sews sew that's my plan. ♪ tonight a montgomery county pediatrician faces accusations of child porn.
5:59 pm
what investigators say he gave to a nurse that got him busted. >> city officials are people, too. and they're flawed just like everyone else. >> plus a philadelphia assistant city solicitor was caught up in a graffiti investigation. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. breaking news out of montgomery county a pediatrician now faces unsettling charges. prosecutors say david kennedy had sexual images of children and they say it's where he kept those images that did him in. good evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm iain page. a nurse alerted investigat investigators after finding those images. chris o'connell is live in pennsbury with more on how those images were discovered. chris? >> reporter: well, iain, i can tell you patients of a popular pediatrician here in pennsburg are showing up to their doctor's
6:00 pm
appointments today only to find out their child's pediatrician is in the montgomery county jail facing child porn charges. his name doctor david s. kenne kennedy, arrest dad for five counts of sexual abuse of children and the criminal use of a communications device the 48-year-old ran the personal care pediatric here on main street up perkiomen police say a nurse practitioner was given a brand new company issued iphone seven plus over the holiday weekend for off hours calls but she discover dr. kennedy's i cloud account was connected to that phone and that account according to police was filled with sexually explicit pictures of children. the phone had just been purchased for the practice a couple days earlier. that practitioner immediately went to police who say kennedy has admitted to possessing those pictures. now dr. kennedy is also on the staff at grand view health. a spokesperson there tells us


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