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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. the news is breaking at 11:00. a crumpled car sits on a slick street in west philadelphia. but this is only a fraction of what went down here earlier tonight. it began with a police chase and ended with woman's death and two arrests. good evening, i'm lucy noland. we're at the beginning of what is likely to be a very long investigation. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live near the scene. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, right now, as you mentioned, one woman we're told died at the hospital. police have not released her name yet because they're still trying to notify family but they do tell us they believe the woman lives in this area. so still the scene being held here as investigators wait for the cars which obviously a part of the investigation to be towed away but as we take look at video here's what we can tell that happened. this call came in around 7:30 tonight. we're told that police were responding to shots fired in the
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area. they say they see a suspect get into a nissan and then pull off. the spot where the car pulled off from had glass around it. police then begin to pursue that car. that say the car doesn't stop along the way the suspects hit four cars before wrecking at 52nd and locust. one was a woman driving across the intersection as we mentioned she was hit by both suspects as she was driving in her car taken to the hospital. we're told she was pronounced dead around 8:00 o'clock tonight. the suspects were taken into custody with minor injuries. police also say they found a 9-millimeter gun in that us in suspect's car. here's what police say happened in the moments before the car wreck. >> we don't have all the video yet of the we believe occupants of the nissan, that's behind me, an white vehicle were involved in some type of gun battle and that's what the officers heard and once they got there, they saw auto glass in the street and they see a male quickly get into the nissan and that's when they start following the car to try to stop it.
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it doesn't stop. they put lights and sirens on. a pursuit begins. >> reporter: and police tell thus the other car that was originally involved in that gun battle got away. you heard police mention video they tell us that they are reviewing surveillance video from a store right here at this intersection. they say it has captured some of the thin of course they're hoping that will lead them to the other people who were involved. lucy? >> hopefully so. thank you so much shawnette. busy night. breaking to night, philadelphia police say they have made arrest high profile fatal hit-and-run. a 24-year-old man is in police custody tonight in connection with the death of eight cereal jay anna powell. earlier tonight police impounded the nissan ultimate was involved. someone had spotted it an auto body shop in fraser, chester county. a driver hitting and killed powell along lansdowne avenue on november 18th. police say charges are pending for the man they've arrested. we do not yet know his identity. nor the charges he may face.
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a lot of disappointed sixers fans tonight. the game canceled at the last second at wells fargo the team was supposed to mate sacramento kings during warmups the players noticed the court was slippery and it was wet. well nothing worked to clean it up so the nba postpone the game. officials are trying to figure out what is going on. fans will not only get a refund for tonight's game but also complimentary tickets to another game. on your radar tonight we're tracking more storms after two days that made this feel more like seattle than philadelphia. though i'm not complaining. meteorologist kathy orr is here, and the thing is, these are some storms. >> yeah, this is very heavy rain lucy. we're talking about half an inch to an inch an hour. this is some of the heft eighty three rain of the entire day moving through right now moving through our northern and western suburbs on its way into philadelphia. if we take a zoom in county by county you can see chester county, delaware county, and into parts of lower bucks, lower montgomery, that's where we're seeing very heavy rain, norristown, northeast extension, 76, 276, all of these roads
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being impacted with very heavy rain and few rumbles of thunder it's getting little farther to the south. so bryn mawr, merion, west manayunk, east falls, germantown you are going to be hearing this rain pitter pattering on your windowsills very very soon. the streets are wet in old city philadelphia. the rain coming down pretty good. temperatures still mild in the city. 56, 46 to the north.something df seeing gusty thunderstorms or strong winds will be through south jersey and also through delaware. where we are not seeing the rain we have some reduced visibility and pottstown about one and three quarter mile visibility. wilmington 2 miles but elsewhere we're seeing heavy rain falling fog is not an issue. as we go hour boy hour, you can see on this fox future cast, southerly winds warming those temperatures up right through the midnight hour. then another line of heavy rain potential thunderstorms during the early morning hours. 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m., this
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sweeping through and behind it much cooler air. so that means sunshine tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 40s and the 50s, and those numbers falling throughout the afternoon. there is a marginal risk for severe weather during the overnight. a few rumbles of thunder. but gusty winds are theratures mild in the 50s in the city and the suburbs. with that southerly win early high around 57. , temperatures falling into the 4040s with brisk westerly windsn your seven day forecast from your weather authority, sunny and cool friday. saturday a chill 50. sunday looks good. monday just a slight chance of a shower. tuesday partly sunny. and wednesday 53 degrees with a chance of showers. but temperatures basically in the upper 40s, lower 50s for the most part and tomorrow we begin the month of december. amazing. >> iut kiful two-year-oldetectig
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to figure out tonight. as police question that boy's mother neighbors are heart sick and they're wondering what happened? fox 29's dave schratwieser has been following developments all day live now at philadelphia police headquarters. dave. >> reporter: lucy, the mother of two-year-old zyair worrell and her boyfriend remain here at the homicide unit tonight being questioned by detectives. no charges have been filed at this hour. it was a sad day enuclene men tine street. >> he was loving child. he was good. he loved everybody. like he would nice. >> reporter: that's how friends and family members remembered two-year-old zyair worrell lived in this home on the 600 block of east clementine street. crime scene investigators spent the afternoon collecting evidence at the house. zyair's death has been ruled a homicide. >> it broke my heart when i found that out. if i was crying all day because it's sad. >> she was a good mother to her child.
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she always had him with her. report roar neighbors were shocked by the little boy's death and an autopsy shied he had a fractured rib and lacera lacerated liver. police say there were called to the home just before midnight. they were met by the boy's mother and her boyfriend who were holding the child. >> he always told everybody he loved them. >> he always danced. >> he was just happy. he was a happy little baby. >> i'm going to miss him because he always called me auntie and everything. and of time he saw me he was happy, joyful and everything. >> reporter: zyair was taken to saint christopher's hospital by police. he died just after 2:00 a.m. the child's mother and her boyfriend were taken to the homicide unit and were being questioned wednesday night by detectives working on this investigation. >> nobody should ever have to see a two-year-old die. >> reporter: now police sources tell me tonight that zyair worrell's mother had a second child removed from the home by authorities a short time ago. and placed with relatives. again no charges have been file
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in this case at this hour. the investigation is progressing. lucy. >> thank you dave. happening right now, moment county pediatrician is in jail tonight on child porn charges. prosecutors have charged dr. david s. kennedy of pennsburg with five counts of sexual abuse of children. and other offenses. 48-year-old ran personal care pediatrics nurse practitioner who worked with kennedy call police after discovering sexually explicit pictures of children on iphone. the pictures came from the doctor's i cloud account. police say kennedy has admitted to possessing the picture. meanwhile parents of the patie patients are beside themselves. >> it's a shame, but even if they seem like totally on the level, you never know how well someone can hide these thing. >> kennedy is now suspended from the grand view health system where he was a staff physician. he's in the montgomery county jail on $250,000 bail. protesters have been --
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protests have been breaking out tonight on the streets of charlotte, north carolina. a mid news that the officer who fatally shot keith lamont scott will not face criminal charges. protesters marched through the city streets tonight the same streets they filled in september when investigators say officer brently vincent shot and killed scott outside an apartment complex. today, the district attorney said vincent was justified in shooting scott. prosecutors say scott had a gun on him when officers fired at him outside of an apartment complex. scott pots family argued he was not armed. president-elect donald trump says he's delivering on his promise to keep jobs right here in the united states. he is slated to make big announcement tomorrow with the carrier corporation. the company is now keeping 1,000 jobs in the united states instead of sending them to mexico. but what's behind the deal isn't clear yet such as what incentives swayed the never are much vice president-elect mike pence will join trump at his meeting with carrier officials
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tomorrow. makes sense since he is the outgoing governor of the indiana home to carrier's manufacturing plant. meanwhile today announcement concerning the trump empire, the president-elect tweeted he will leave his business empire entirely when he takes office to avoid any conflicts of interest. all right. so are you a nickel back fan perhaps? like it or not if you commit a certain crime in one town you may be getting more familiar with their songs than you might like. how a police department is using the rockers for punishment. and new jersey pine barrens are a stretch of quite and solitude in the state you might not normally associate with those two words. fox 29 is taking the road less traveled. >> reporter: you see little turn offs every so often they run off into the woods down through parts unknown. some of them are blocked off. private property. no trespassing. >> fox 29's hank flynn goes there to show you a spooky part of our area you may not even
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know exists.
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♪ a philadelphia city attorney needs legal defense for hymns seven after video shows his involvement in anti trump vandalism. they say this security cam
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footage you just saw or else right here shows the city attorney wearing a blazer carrying a glass of wine and taking pictures or video of another man spray painting profanity against trump on the side of the fresh market in chestnut hill. the city solicitor's office identified the man assistant city solicitor duncan lloyd. shoppers cannot believe what happened. >> i was not a trump supporter, but i think to vandalize the store was a very inn appropriate reaction to the election. >> i think that we all need to just get a grip, and, um, voice our frustrations in a creative way. >> the city's law department released a statement saying that lloyd is cooperating with police and that the city will not take any action until the investigation is complete. philadelphia police say no charges are arrests are pending as of now. 80-year-old man is alive thanks to the quick actions of two new jersey state troopers.
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joseph sheridan collapsed in the parking garage at the atlantic city international airport after arriving from florida last friday. he was unconscious. he wasn't breathing. one of the troopers performed cpr and the other use an aed to revive sheridan before paramedics then rushed him to a nearby hospital. well today his family stopped by the airport barracks to say thank you for saving his life. >> it was fantastic. i mon i was nervous at first because i didn't know what they were going to tell me. that was probably the best news i could have gotten. >> the 80-year-old's family told the troopers he has a rough road ahead but they are optimistic about his recovery. you see it, you shoot it. our fresco users are helping us show what is going on in your enabled. iain? >> lucy, three men including one teen in the hospital tonight after shooting in south philadelphia. fresco user clifford takes us to the scene at 24 many and dickinson tonight. police say the gunshots were
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heard around 7:30. two men, 18-year-old an 21-year-old, are in stable condition. the third victim a 23-year-old is in critical condition. as police continue to hunt for the shooter. and tonight fire investigators are trying to figure out what started this fire at west norriton township home this is what it look like on the 100 block of avon dale road when firefighters were still on the scene. crews were able to get the fire under control around 4:30 this afternoon. no word yet if anyone was hurt. fresco user didn't leave us a name. if you shoot video tell us who you are we want to give you the credit. take look at these fancy cars. dozens of porsche owners made a rainy trek from king of prussia to preston and steve's camp out for hunger. radio hosts collect lost food every year for those in need in the philadelphia horse club dropped off cans in their sweet ride. when you see happening take out your phone and shoot it and make sure to use the fresco app to zen it to our newsroom and get
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paid. the new jersey pine barrens in source of end less local folk lore the ghost stories they never seem to end, right? fox 29's hank flynn went looking for mysterious old gravestone today. not knowing what he'd find or even if he'd ever come back. ♪ >> reporter: hadn't seen a soul. it's a mazing. i love it out here. i really do. beautiful. the pine barrens were calling me again today as they do to a mysterious indian cabin road. should have call it indian cabin grown overpass path. >> i come in through hammonton and driven east until the road ended and plunged into the pipes i was in search of a gravestone a woman named cybill shaler needle in haystack after miles overgrown trail and scared i was going to get the news mobile
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stuck, there was no sign of the grave. i knew i'd get help. >> i'll consider this a good idea if i meet somebody who's cool that would be amaze to go. >> eureka, george and evelyn shane stein. thank you for talking to me. i'm still amazed that i made it through the woods. [ laughter ] >> we're amazed too. >> reporter: their house had appeared out of the mist like a piney mirage and george and evelyn had answered the door. they lived in the area their whole lives and they knew about the shaler grave. >> you'll see what they called an old graveyard on the left hand side and that was supposedly people that were killed way way back by indians. i have no way of knowing whether that's true or not. but that's what's been told. >> reporter: they were headed out any way and they led me in the right direction. next thing i knew -- >> it's a gravestone. >> and it was the one i was looking for. to the memory of maze cybill
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shaler the late timothy shaler who departed this live on the second day of april 1787. >> two legends one is the one george spoke of that miss shaler and her children were killed by lenape indians. the other more sinister the family was slaughter beside a stranger they allowed to bored. historians don't agree on it and there's folk lore of a kook kerr. my name any day you spent in the beautiful pine barrens is worth it. make up your own mystery and share it with at hank fox 29 or the house at fox 29 philly. but did he see the new jersey devil? see that's my question. >> sean? >> i know nothing about any of that. i did know penn state came out of nowhere this year to be top 10 team in a squad now they have a shot at winning the big 10 championship. if they do it should be a lock to be in the college football playoffs. i'll tell you why in my sports commentary.
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believer. penn state should be in the college football playoffs. why? find out in 15 seconds. ♪ penn state wins big 10 champion shim game they should be in the playoffs. no ifs, ands are butts about it. right now alabama, who hoy state, clemson and washington are in the top four spots but there's no way you can keep out the team who wins the best conference in all of college football. penn state wins the big 10 10 championship game against wisconsin they'll be 11-two and nine-game winning streak that would be tied for the longest winning streak out of all of the top 10 teams. with the exception of course alabama and oh, by the way, penn
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state would have beaten two of the top six teams in the count country. also, team in the big 10 is lot for impressive than a one loss team in the pack 12. they have four teams in the top seven the lions faced three them to get to where they are now. alabama is a lock but after that at least two teams from the big 10 should get into the college football ranking ohio state and the winner of the big 10 championship game who i believe that will be penn state. of course, that game will be right here on fox saturday 8:00 o'clock. get your popcorn ready, lucy. >> yes. >> it will be great one. >> love that popcorn and bloody mary, thank you very much sean bell. police department in the canadian province of prince edward island threatening to oppose the nickel back treatment on anyone who drinks and drives. kensington police service shared a social media post over the weekend promising to force any drunk drivers to arrest -- it arrests to listen to the canadian band while they sit in
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the back seat of the cruiser. listen for second. >> ♪ >> you know this song? >> all right. you don't know it at all. >> all right. band had huge commercial success but also a band that loves to hate. [ laughter ] >> can i just give you a quote here from -- this is great the quote says that please let's not ruin a perfectly good unopened copy of nickel back. don't drink and drive and we won't make you listen it to. it's the office copy apparently. nickel back punish many that's awesome. we're out of here. back here at 4am "good day philadelphia" with all kinds of weather. sue serio and bob kelly.
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harvey: the woman who allegedly
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tried to extort von miller says that she wasn't trying to extort him. >> i used it to play with myself. >> that's cool. >> you ever watch a sex video of yourself? >> of course! >> a camera across the room? i'm not looking at that. but if i'm holding it, i'm directing, i can frame myself up. [laughter] >> donald trump got the hell beat out of him violently at the y.g. concert last night. it was a donald trump pinata. >> [bleep]! >> wait, what was in the pinata? >> i'm obsessed. was it candy? >> pages of e-mails flew out everywhere. [laughter] >> khloe kardashian, she took to snapchat to give us a tour of her factory. people have accused her of running a sweatshop for her good


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