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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  December 1, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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trump will be today as he makes his first public appearance since the election. up. >> and i think we'll need a bigger mop. >> due to issue with the surface of the court court. >> because every wet floor the game is cans snelled what's to blame or who is to blame? how players are reacting this morning. >> this philly born star? why bradley cooper and his victorial secret model girlfriends may have something huge to celebrate in the new year. >> well, good day everyone, december 1st, 2016. can you believe what happened with the sixers? >> slippery floor. >> yes. >> and i was just down there yesterday, you know, we did that campout for hunger, and the guys from mmr actually playing on the hard wood. >> anybody slip and small.
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>> i don't think anybody slipped and fall, but i jokingly said what did you guys do to the floor? >> you know what bob, we have exclusive new video before they found that everything was going on, earlier in the day, from the wells fargo center last night and here it is. >> ♪ >> look at all that water. >> now we know what happened. >> concert tonight. >> isn't beyonce, is she going to be there? >> i don't know who will be there. >> okay. >> well, then, sue, why don't you take it away then? >> look at the number of the day, we look at that number of the day every day at this
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time. we will rang it a six today. >> bus stop buddy celebrating national egg month month. rest assureds, this is eggnog that's child appropriate. >> anticipate sunshine this morning, there you see, the rain gone, nothing left on radar. and the sun is starting to come up. in fact, the official sunrise time is now about 7:04. moments from now. 10-mile per hour winds out there. they'll be picking up, temperatures starting to go down a little bit actually midst to up ear's everywhere, couple of hours ago, now seeing 40's to the north of us, and 49 degrees in wilmington, and 54 in wildwood, chilly winds 15 miles per hour in reading, 13 miles per hour in atlantic city. soap this is the day. we get temperatures kind of fall through the 50's throughout the afternoon,
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windy, chillier won't be as mild as yesterday. then down to the 30's tonight colder one, hope you have the extra blanket nearby, bob kelly. >> good snuggle weather. 7:03. on this thursday morning, problems on 95, south of wilmington, delaware, all because after accident, this is a picture put up by the folks, at the delaware traffic department here, two tractor-trailers and couple every vehicles, look at this fellow spun around here, southbound 95, right at route 141 exit five, here is a live look, all southbound traffic jammed up into exit number five, live look at the schuylkill, westbound, coming around that girard avenue curve there, disable, off to what would be the left
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shoulder drying out today, not using the wipes this morning, everything still damp and wet. great example, see how the off ramp all still wet. throw leaves on top of there, we could go spinning. that's what happened this morning. we've had a lot of individual accidents, from the slippery roadways, the river line is now suspended, between roebling and florence, all due to downed tree across the tracks, expect delays on regional rails remember december 1st, monthly transpass, make sure to get your strike credit if last month. back to you. >> good reminder, 7:04. wild scene overnight. woman is dead this morning, after gunmen led police on chase. >> well, we have an update to the jayanna story. steve just talked with commissioner richard rot. update on both stories, steve? >> well, we have learned that somebody actually was shot. for you people just waking up let's go to video one. you will see a blank nick. miss and maxima, what police
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learned police actually here themselves the gun battle. than is at 11 minutes after 7:00 exactly slew of gunfire. they try to pull a guy over in a maxima, it takes off, goes several blocks to 52nd and locust, see individual yes two, see kia soul, what's left of it thrown across the street, the velocity struck the kia soul with. that woman died almost instantly pronounced dead at the nearby hospital, at 8:10. so within an hour she was dead from the sounds of the gunfire at 7:11. so, commissioner ross with us
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now, the new information you've learned is somebody showed up at the hospital not cooperating but shot in the gun bat until. >> we want to stress our heartfelt sorrow. the worse thing, the loss of life out there. this is woman driving down the street, innocently, so sad ends by that, very deeply. yes there is individual showed up. gave us three different stories, none every those locations, shooting location for us, no balistic evidence out there, anything like that so you have protocol, when to pursue, but can't let somebody in a gun battle hop off. so a supervisor on duty, even reporting the speeds this is
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going up to which you don't have yet, but you had to go after these people, flight. >> yes, so we have a protocol. pursuits are difficult, provided you have the minimum standards that we need, in our case, the forceable felony, obviously shooting, forceable felony. obviously it needs to be a supervisor monitoring a speed, and all that did happen, what we will look at is radio tapes, to try to make determinations about judgement, in terms every discretion, because while there doesn't appear, first glance appear to be policy violations, you want to make sure, you know, not any discretionary things could come into play. >> all right. well, 56 year old woman dead. these two guys caught. still other guys involved in the gun battle. white car was involved that took off as well, yet no update on that just yet. no where that is? >> no update really on the description of the shooter on the ground, with a male with a
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gray sweatshirt. so we don't have that individual, at least we didn't have it last night. and so, couple of people were looking for, again, just very sad, very tragic. >> after the crash they find the nine millimeter with the extended clip that holds 30 some bullet in there. other story we saw you on this week, another sad story, little eight year old girl on friday walking home from school with her brother hand-in-hand get killed. another nissan, this time, an at tim a. you find that car last night because 30 miles from heir our excellent reporter jenny joyce out there. jenny, confirming by the what i told you on the phone earlier owner of the shop and called and hey i saw the coverage again. i think i have that car. >> yes. he sees the news coverage. and he calls us up. and we take up some of the parts. and an absolute match to the vehicle brought therefore repair. >> and, you know, so we were able to track some other things down we found out a 24
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year old was connect today that car. >> and that guy was not the owner of the car as well, not the registered owner but the owner cooperating with police, so they tracked it down that that guy was driving it at the time. if that's not enough news for you, we have the infant, dave schratwieser story infant brands in -- brought in under suspicious death circumstances, commissioner ross talking to the doctors at the hospital who reported this, overcome, the injuries so severe to this infant, that they were like essentially in tears calling the police saying you got alikely homicide here. so terrible week in philadelphia, and a lot more work for him to do and his detective as well. solved the the one case, now have to work on the other two cases. >> details in the latest case, just heart breaking as well. as always, steve, thank you for that job. >> thank you for the update. 7:09 developing right now in washington state.
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police officer has died after being shot several times. he was responding to dom he is he can violence call in tacoma. the officer has not been identified he was 45 year old, police have suspect's home surrounded in the neighborhood on lock-down. you are seeing the images right there. they aren't sure if the suspect is barricaded in the home, or if he fled while the officer was taken to the hospital. >> well, in south jersey, police are investigating the fatal shooting after man at con minute yum complex in mays landing. officers found the man's body just before 7:00 last night at woodland condominium, last friday man was shot and killed and his brother wounded in the mall's parking lot, and investigators have not identified any suspects. >> his thank you tour, stopping first in indianna taking credit for helping save
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1,000 jobs. >> is he going it reveal anything else about this? what do we know? >> we don't know all of the counsel tours of the deal, but carrier acknowledges they're keeping those jobs here, in the united states, because of the president-elect. so, we will see what we learn about this, and keep in mind, vice president elect mike pence, the governor every indianna had been working for a long time to try to keep those jobs here meantime president elect does head out on this thank you tour with stops in indianna and ohio today. today emerge again heading to indianna where carrier air-conditioning just reversed its plans to close a plant and send the jobs to mexico. a trump tweeted. ment look forward to going to indianna tomorrow, in order to be with the great workers of
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carrier. they'll sell many air conditioners. not entirely clear what inducement carrier or its parent company united technologies were offered. but trump's anticipated nominee for treasury secretary was elated. >> i think it is terrific. the president-elect and the vice president pick up the phone and called the united technology, to keep jobs here. can't remember the last tim a president did that. >> it all brought sarcastic response from the white house which touted president obama's own job record. >> if he is successful in doing that, 804 more times, then he will meet the record of manufacturing jobs that were created in the united states while pre owes bamm a was in office. >> first of perhaps several led by green party candidate, jill stein, working in conjunction with officials from hillary clinton's campaign. still considered unlikely to over turn the results of the election. emerging from her own election yesterday, nancy pelosi, who fought off a challenger to
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retain her job as house minority leader. promise to go fight against the trump administration. >> so i would trade anything, not to have this opportunity of opposing an administration where we can engage, we will, where we can -- need to oppose, we will. >> and as far as the incoming trump administration is concerned, this is how the cabinet is shaping up. a lot of the spots have filled in. still a lot of vacancy and interview continue meantime at trump tower. back to you guys. >> well, doug, especially one of those vacancies, veterans affairs. a lot of people are talking about trump could be tapping sarah palin, really? >> well, there is some reports that she is interested in that job, which would be right here. it is not filled yet. you know it, seems more likely that somebody like massachusetts senator scott brown could get. that will even speculation maybe mitt romney would be considered for that job because every his backgrounds, as kind of turn around artist, that certainly is a signature
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is he that needs to be turned around. but, sarah palin is clearly interested in this, based on her social media posts. >> she has been posting lot specially about her son-in-law, i believe. >> anything new on the secretary of state or are we still waiting? >> reporter: listen, the two big headliners up here, secretary state of defense, both vacant, yes, secretary every state slot has not been filled. of course all of the talk is about mitt romney, but other candidate including rudy giuliani, for instance, vying for the spot. >> okay, well, thank you, doug, we appreciate it. 7:14, mystery at the wells fargo center after the 76ers game gets scrubbed. seems it was neice nearly as wet on the court as outside last night because of the rain. >> thanks a lot. people actually thought it was beyonce. >> really? >> did beyonce really cause that? >> no, moisture on the court surface we told you about the game, supposed to play the sacramento kingsment didn't happen. >> karen that's why we played the beyonce clip, performed with all of the water try to figure out how did this happen?
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>> they do not know. somebody dropped the ball is how it happened. so these conditions, actually, dangerous, and the players didn't want to play. that's what the teams decided. crews did their best, with the mops going around, seemed comical trying to dry out the hard wood time saying it was not water but something else seeping through, condensation coming up through the floor? fires had a game tuesday. within 24 hours, they switch over from the ice to the hard wood. but they new are do that all the time. first time they've her this problem. maybe it was an issue with the air-conditioning. here's what officials had to say. >> they dry mopped it, wet mopped it, let it dry. seemed to be film or something on the court. neither of the teams players could get very comfortable with that. both the coaches were kind of on the same page and on board.
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>> all over last night, tweeting out, well, the court was tanking tonight. hashtag trust the process. which is their motto. then the kings tweeted out tonight's game postponed, you all can trust the process, not the floor, shake my head. wells fargo not the team, not the sixers, responsible for the upkeep of the floor and the court, not on the sixers heads, the whole facility, there wells fargo people. no explanation, tickets going to be honored whether the game is made up, so will those parking receipts, as well. so people are out money. >> because park get expensive going thereto a game. go all the way out there, i like the one fan, player safety, you snow. >> and other fans, we have this. >> true. the one benefit, we can a assume we would have won? >> ya, we would have take then. >> car send like whatever. >> a win. >> we always want that to p harks sure. i just saw open up the doors, because it is very windy, right now. we've got the mild air exiting
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>> decent winds today, gusts 20, 25, maybe even 30 miles per hour. rains exit the winds pick up, that's your weather story for today. sustained right now 10 miles per hour in the city. 15 miles per hour in reading, 10 miles per hour in wildwood. couple of wind gusts like the 25-mile per hour gust in mount pocono. >> temperatures drop to the 40's, it was in the 50's when we all got here, this morning, and started off at 4:00. there goes the moisture, that we had for two hole days, tan did help, at least, with the rainfall deficit that we had been experiencing. so temperatures, yes, kind of dropping through the 50's today, very windy, cooler, breezy tomorrow, but we will have sunshine again, and then saturday, sunday, first weekend of december, looks like it will be appropriately
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chilly with temperatures in the high 40's, both days, and night down around freezing or below, especially in the suburbs. next chance of rain, will not be until tuesday of next week. clearing out bob kelly. >> you got it, clearing out, unfortunately not clearing out here on 95. 7:18. good morning, accident, on 95 southbound. south of wilmington. now, this is one of the cameras right here. there is the accident. again, all coming southbound. let's go to another jam cam that we have from our guys upstairs in the control room. there is the back up, heading south, into exit number five. notice little sun glare in there, too, good news, but we've had a lot of accident this morning, because of the wet roads. going back to the maps here. this is southbound lanes of 95 south of wilmington what makes this tough it is right before that split. so if you are getting ready to leave the house, take south, take 495, than will scoot you around, and get you past the
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back up here. all traffic backed up at route 141, live look, northeast philadelphia head today work, southbound heavy from cottman avenue into downtown, hey here comes the sun. we haven't seen it in a couple of days, everything still damp, wet, look at the water that's all piled up here, in what is the grassy median along 95, right near highland avenue. >> here is the house for tonight. we will say hello to the coratto family in west chester pennsylvania, look at this set up, do it each and every year, sent us picture last week, pick them best of the best. you agree? we will jump the in the news slam van and head to west chester and broadcast life during the 5:00 and 6:00 newscast, all do you have do snap a picture, of your home all decorated, post it to
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facebook, twitter, instagram. use the #fox29lights contest, so i can show the houses on tv all day, every day watch and maybe come to your house next week. >> aren't you coming in a special outfit? >> oh, i have a special christmas outfit. >> little hint? >> yellow pants. >> yellow pants? >> oh, i think i know. i won't spoil it for you though bob. >> okay. >> and tight, right? they have to be tight. >> oh, tight. >> please don't say they'll be tight. >> networks has a way for to you bing without going on the internet. >> philly born actress soon taking on new role. big news from bradley cooper and his girlfriend. we don't get to see her? we'll stay on netflix. we'll show you coming up.
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>> oh, you bing watch. you might like this then, bin watching in other places in. >> you'll explain it. okay, so, net flex letting you watch movies and tv shows even when you don't have internet access. >> so, subscribers around the worlds can watch number of shows and movies, ride nag car, and that's because, netflix has a new download option. and you know longer need to be on line, in order to get access. and there is no additional charge for this new service. >> amazon is mentioned, they offered it a year ago, and all netflix subscribers saying we need this download feature when we go visit the in-laws, and yes, offering no extra charge. >> i like the idea on planes, you know, sometimes they make you pay if you opportunity see movie do something line that, so if i can have it for free already on my phone, please. >> i'm excited. >> i'm excited, too.
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>> seriously, the fashion show? >> uh-huh. >> it was record in the paris last night it, will air. >> i sounded little cream i. uh-huh. >> i'm sure a lot of fellows feel the same way. featured 3 million-dollar fantasy bra, and it is covered in 9,000 gem stones. >> see, it is educational. >> ya? i wouldn't here is performing? i think i saw the preview. >> lady gaga? >> yes, the weekend will be there. >> saw bruno mars. >> is he a performer? $3 million bra. >> yes, expense disbelief it is heffy? it kind of ways you down. would you wear a $3 million bra with securey? >> i don't get the point of it, i mean it is a fantasy bra. you just imagine oh, look how nice that s i watch victoria secret fashion show for the music. >> music, always great music. i always worry they go down at such a rapid pace, will they slip, fall. always a good show. always exciting. i don't want to sound like a creeper. >> no, a lot of people like watching that. >> oh, that victoria secret fashion show. >> we know what he will be
7:26 am
doing monday night, please. >> okay, monday. >> you will be watching. >> do you know what to get your child's teacher for the holidays. >> jen is giving us some great ideas from a teacher. >> this just makes sense. >> hey, jen? >> hey, guys. look what the teacher has. all of these kids that have to get present, for their teacher, you know what you are getting your teacher right? you know what you are getting your teacher? yes. do you know what you're getting your teacher? you are so stinking cute! high. also, going to talk about what happens when they say no teacher gift. come on back, having fun this morning.
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>> gun battle leads to chase by police which takes a tragic turn this morning. an innocent woman ends up dead, suspect police are still looking for this morning. >> plus, arrest made in the deadly hit-and-run after eight year old girl. what police are now saying about the man in custody. good morning to you. it is thursday, december 1st. >> morning, alex. good morning, everyone. let's get a check on the forecast with sue. >> starting to see the winds of change out there with bus stop buddy. nice warm fleece on today. temperatures still in the 40's, 50's, not as cold as it will get tonight. when you celebrate national eggnog month. we got the whole month to celebrate. of course that's child appropriate eggnog, of course. looking at radar, it shows the rain is gone. and the sun is starting to come up, it is starting to
7:30 am
look pretty good out there. sunrise was official at 7:04. 10-mile per hour winds with 53 degrees, seeing temperatures drop to the north and west of us, as the colder air starts to move in. so, in the four's, there. still, some 50's down in south jersey and southern delaware, 14-mile per hour winds mount pocono, wrightstown, 13, so is atlantic sit, we will see the breezes pick up, as temperatures fall windy and chillier today, bottom out in the city 38 degrees. even colder in the suburbs. so it is the first very kelly christmas tonight, bob kelly, just little winnie for you, but i think it will be fine. >> 7:30, good morning, celebrating burlington bristol bridge opening, clock 50, the time to beat grabbing your coffee and keys headed out the front door. live look, one of the delaware cameras here. there is the accident. southbound 95, right at route 141.
7:31 am
let's go to the other jam cam in the control room here. look, bumper to bumper to bumper here all the way in to route 141. which is exit number five. as we come back to the maps, it is an accident, involving two tractor-trailers and a couple of vehicles, all just south of wilmington, so there is the location, right before 95 and 495 all come back together. so if you are leaving wilmington right now, try to avoid 95 pick up 495 you should be able to scoot around it, but again, big delays on the 95 side into route, exit five, route 141, the river line service suspended because after downed tree, along the tracks between roebling and florence, expect some slippery rail delays on the regionals, and it is december 1st. >> grab your strike credit due. >> 73:00; the charlotte north carolina district attorney clears the officer who shot and killed keith lamont scott
7:32 am
in september. >> according to investigators officer brently vincent was in the area, looking to serve a warrant on someone else, when he and other officers saw scott with a gun inside a car. scott's wife was hurt on -- heard on video pleading with officers not to shoot. the prosecutors say the officer acted lawfully. >> we cannot know what mr. scott's intentions or reasoning were that day, and officer vincent could not know that at the time. >> a man had drawn a gun, when confronted by police, and exit the vehicle with a gun in hand. and failed could comply with office here commanded him at least ten times to put the gun down. >> that was announce the from the district attorney, attorneys for the scott family, spoke after the ruling was announced. >> whether he had a firearm in his hand or not.
7:33 am
that's not the key question in terms of determining whether or not keith scott should have lost his life. it is whether or not that officer should have pulled the tryinger. >> officer involved shootings don't have to happen. at the end of the day talking about all hoo and life being extinguished. >> you have looked at all of the report it, seems like based on what they were saying, as far as the prosecutors there, saying there was based on this decision not to charge the totality of the circumstances here. >> that's correct. totality of the circumstances, all the evidence, all of the evidence that went into this case. i think when the attorneys spoke out for the families, i think they do that in passion, and on behalf of the families, but i think we get to look at the fact that led to up this incident, will let up to the shooting itself. there is evidence, and pretty definitive evidence, that this
7:34 am
officer was undercover at the time. mr. scott with a event before this event. he knew that this gentleman, possession add gun, made a call to have other officers come to the scene. they new that mr. scott had a gun at the time. >> and that's big point, because that has been the big debate since video came out, even heard it when his wife was there saying he doesn't have one. now, we're saying, after we learned yesterday, that they have proof that he did have one. >> surveillance video. >> not just surveillance video, it was uncontradicted, not only did the officer see it beforehand, when they approached mr. scott's vehicle in the beginning. >> sorry quickly, they're showing surveillance video there. you can see in his pant leg where it is circled there, proof he had a gun. >> new it beforehand, officer vincent on surveillance on another detail. he seen scott with the gun. he knew he had a gun before this incident even occurred. >> we have to point out that's gun holster? we don't necessarily if the gun was in there at the time? >> that to me is iter.
7:35 am
what's relevant is that this officer seen him with a gun before this incident. he knows he has a firearm. he then radios other officers. they common the scene. they know the man is armed. when they were asking him to get out of the car, okay, another officer came around the passenger side and seen him with a gun in his hand and asked him to put the gun down. he refused to do that. they then continued to ask him to put the gun down, to get out of the car. he decided to get out of the car with the gun in his hand after, i think it is, docketment dollars over ten lands, that's the evidence that's really wasn't put out initially, which kind of confused and upset the public. >> they say this was justified. what about using a less lethal force? >> when the opposition has a weapon, when someone has deadly force the police procedure is to use deadly fos. >> at the same time we didn't netly see the suspect, guy pointing weapon at the officer. >> we didn't see, but the officer seen it. that's what's most important. the officer has an obligation not only to protect himself, but protect other officers in the immediate area. >> when you break down the
7:36 am
investigation it is the officers, what went into this investigation? did they interview the wife? what details do we have? >> you can actually go on it, a website, down at the district attorney's office, carmeckva. com. go under news releases, you can get full report. it is comprehensive report. they interviewed all of the lay witnesses. they interviewed the families. they interviewed the police officers. it is pretty thorough investigation. >> it is it is important thomas ask, that the family was saying he had a mental condition. he was under medication, and may have affected his response and how he responded to the officers over there at the scene? >> i'm sure it may have had an effect, it doesn't matter, not what they didn't know. it is what's is happening at the moment. the officer doesn't know he has mental condition. he doesn't have time to find that out. only responsibility is to either protect himself or protect others. if an individual visibly has gun he has to give commands to put the gun down. if he doesn't do it he has to react and use deadly force. >> isn't it also the point, stop him, really looking for
7:37 am
someone ills, he wasn't the person they were lookinger. >> solidifies why using deadly force, they actually seen mr. scott with a gun in his hand. >> so i mean you can have a gun, of course do you have ask if you have, the permits and everything, but just seeing someone with a gun is that correct enough? >> well, seeing someone with a gun, and was also smoking marijuana at the time. he had those two he will emergency together. you have problem. at that point they are end tight told investigate. they know that someone has a gun, so they have to act accordingly. do you have receptive. >> officers felt they were in danger and shoot shooting was justified. civil case possibly? >> no. >> well thank you so much. >> thank you. >> for break that down, it was a who minute news conference yesterday. they went over a lot. >> i think the sad thing here what social media has become. unfortunately it allows the public to jump to conclusions, say things, people react for the wrong reasons. i think the most important thing here, i think it was pretty extensive investigation. you can go on line and get the report. if anybody in the public want to read it, it is available. >> attorney joseph marone,
7:38 am
thank you very much. coming up on clock 38. a renewed debate over free speech in a new jersey school district. how a suspension over a music video led to a walk-out and a school wide meeting.
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>> according their first model, russian mod nel her second try messier, can you belief she towelly ran, did the runway of the victoria secret fashion show? looking great. e said shake is excited about becoming a mommy, and started dating cooper back in april of 2015. but they kept the relationship, hush-hush. >> so there is mean her big reveal will be a victoria secret fashion show then? >> beyonce day when she rubbed her belly? is it true. after her performance, yes, so maybe that will be the time to do it, all eyes on her, that's for sure. >> this is cooper's first, right? first time daddy as well. >> i believe his first. >> would you call him up and find out? >> yes. >> we can handle this. i wish.
7:42 am
>> well, we are talking about teacher gift, because, it is december 1st, so people are really getting into the gift mode. >> get them the apple. >> oh, all played out, flight jen, should do more than the apple. >> yes, i think they should do more than the apple. real leave teacher, also a mom, the question is do they want the gift cards, homemade stuff do, they want anything at all? we will find out. right after the break.
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>> 7:45, on your particular top. looking liver down in wilmington, southbound lanes of i59, jammo, all into exit number five. the accident right here, at route 141. involved two tractor-trailers, couple of vehicles, luckily, everybody walk away from the crash, but dealing with the clean up right now, going to the maps, this is all taking place again, south 95 south of wilmington also cause wag of a delay for folks to come over the delaware memorial bridge, right there, before that 95, 495 connection, to take you further south, into toward dover. >> 459 your beth. five minute to go, then opening at the burlington bristol, so be prepared for a back up there. >> sun glare, heavy academy down into center city. haven't seen this for couple
7:46 am
of days. >> look at all of the water all piped up here in the grassy mean yacht. not raining at the moment, all of the leftovers deal with from mother nature expect delays on the regional rails, scattered delays, from the slippery rales a december 1st, grab your monthly pass today, make sure to get your november credit from the strike coming in from new jersey, 55, heavy eastbound schuylkill, sun glare coming around your conshy curve. and 295, little bit of sun glare, as you head down into the freeway. look at this, all lit up here, good morning drexel hill. obviously reindeer didn't get knocked off from the win. snap a picture, pop it up. very kelly christmas this year. all do you have do. use the #fox29lights contest so i can pick out the pictures, show them on tv each week the best of the best, jump in our decorated news van and broadcast life from the front lawn tonight to west
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chester, corato family. live later tonight at 5:00 and sue, i hope we're having a nice forecast for this evening, you'll have that answer in 15 seconds. >> drying out this morning, much needed rain over the past two days, totals for wednesday, and tuesday inch and 3-quart nerve philadelphia, most we could finds is allentown, almost 2 inches and three quarters,. >> clogs to inch and a half in wilmington, atlantic city got little over half inch over the two days. so, some places fared better than other. still at deficit though for the year. more than 5 inches, is what we need to be at where we should be where we should be for this time of year.
7:48 am
dry weekend ahead, wind picking up as well. sustain winds between, say, ten and 15 mills per hour. twenty, 25-mile per hour wind gusts temperatures walking out the door specially south and east of us, still very much on the mild side. but starting to get a little chillier, north and west of the city. as temperatures have dropped into the 40's, and we will see a drop in temperatures throughout the day today. 52 degrees tomorrow. still on the breezy side. and then, a chilly, i guess could you say, appropriately chilly weekend for the first one of december. and then next chance of rain probably on tuesday. but at least it stays dry, thomas, alex, all weekends long. >> oh, i guess we'll take it. >> true, that's the bright side. fox 29 is proudly partnering with the kelly ann dolan memorial fund. this year to help as many families as possible and you can help by adopt ago family. dolan fund is looking for unwrapped toys for children up to 18 years old, or target or wal-mart gift cards, drop them
7:49 am
off on december 5th and 6th. jenn frederick will be live thereon december 6th from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. for more information, go to >> did you ever bring an apple for your teacher? >> i didn't bring an apple but i would make sure it bring her some kind of little gift. >> one of those student, good morning, miss -- >> well, during the holidays do you have do something. >> i might have brought home bake goods. >> oh, even better. >> so the time of year to get something for the teacher. should we be making home baked things? >> we will go to the force. leanne, who is a teacher on sebatical because of little baby. good morning. >> good morning. >> you also have two adorable kids making stuff for their teachers. so let's get right to t i told you over the phone yesterday i usually do 50-dollar gift car to wine and spirits, i find they're expecting first, and put it in homemade card like your kids are doing. good or bad?
7:50 am
>> yes. >> we love the get cards, the homemade, the time that goes into it, and $50. >> that's a lot. >> insane. >> you have some great ideas here. a movie theater gift card? >> love that, yes. >> i would say dent give gift cards to your spouse, but you say yes for the teacher? >> absolutely. the teachers that i have talked to love gift cards. we all love gift cards. >> okay. >> and if you're school has a policy that you are not supposed to gift a gift, you slide it in a card, no one knows? you don't want to answer that? that's fine. so the next thing you said you got this coffee from mexico? >> yes. our family went to mexico on trip and brought it back for me. it is great. they new i love coffee. knowing your teachers are important. if you go to meeting and see they're always drinking coffee or always drinking water, then -- >> you say this is casino every cute thing right here? cute water cup? >> exactly. >> now, the school in upper darby actually the pto does like a forum to find out what the teachers like?
7:51 am
>> exactly. >> pto asks the teachers to fill out a form thatly cents their favorites. so par kent access the form, ask the pto for the form and see where the teachers likes to go to eat and get a gift card. >> not exactly through the school but you can get the information. these things are amazing. mike the camera guy, what is this? teach remembers always looking for a way to decorate their room you like this identify me? >> great to get as a gift. >> okay. >> you said you love the idea of giving a teach area ornament? >> put it up on the tree, think of the student hasn't gave it to you. >> you like the identify me? >> dow. >> jewelry is here. and then were you going to tell us about really cool website. >> great website because it is teachers are posting materials, that they're creating and other teach kearse buy it. you can actually buy gift cards for your teacher on the
7:52 am
website. >> so sporting the teacher, because you say in a lot of district the teach verse to provide everything for their class. >> exactly. >> one of the things that you said in matter where your kids are in school, is that the indoor recess games? what are you talking about? >> so when it rains, and you can't take it outside, inside foreign door recess, teachers have to purchase those games. >> okay. >> so buying a teach area game for the indoor recess collection is a great idea. >> anything that you don't want? a lot of teachers i spoke to say candy. >> they don't want cannedy? >> really? >> yes. >> sometimes i give candy. okay, so no can i. and how do you get your kid, like there is a list, but how do i get my kid, brody or landry to get some information from the teacher. like i asked, landry new in hirst grade her teacher loved chocolate. so i gave her chocolate. >> that was good. >> what's your teacher like?
7:53 am
i don't know. >> how do you get your child to get that information snout. >> so you can ask, like, maybe is she always wearing a scarf, does she wear earrings,. >> stuff they would notice. >> and is she always drink ago coffee or caring a water bottle. those casino every questions. >> i have to say, your kids, you are so well behaved. so you have the best mommy and best teacher, in case they don't know, show them the jersey. carli lloyd. carly, jt? you did great too. you did great. i'm proud of you. okay? >> so, who is for the win? no can i. that's what we like. >> love it, love it. thank you, jen. >> i can't believe you didn't know this? i was like -- i asked if you brought an apple for your teacher? because in my younger days they used to carry hundred in a bag -- did you not know that song. >> look at hemorrhage. owning. dj tommy g in the billing. >> you're like that reminds me of joe.
7:54 am
>> yes, because joe sutter and his song, he sang that, too. >> ♪ >> this goes on. >> of course the music, just behave well in class. that's a way to give a gift to a teacher. time for those end of the yearlies cents, this morning, we ask, which songs are in your top five? see which hits were streamed the most on spotify this year.
7:55 am
7:56 am
this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's all of this, this, and this. and especially that. waaat? yep, add this and you've got strawesomeberry. "oohh!" honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. this. is. everything.
7:57 am
>> spotify releases naming the most streamed artist songs anal bumm of 2016. >> let's talk about the list of the top 25 artist of the year, of course, no surprise coming in at number five, kanye west. >> and that's because probably i released his latest albumn, life with pablo, that's been doing really well, and you can listen to it on tight. >> number four, 21 pilots, i know them. what's that song? good old days. >> good one, really popular, too, playing all the time.
7:58 am
>> jep, work, probably the biggest one. >> like number four, number five on twitter, as will. >> just rind justin westbounder. >> behind justin bieber again, he is two with this one. >> most stream artist songs. >> number one, drake because of all of the appearances did he on s&l. >> ♪ >> i love this song. >> do you think it is he's a good dancer. >> he's different. listen now when you go out they play hotline bling, everyone dances like he does in the video. he started his own thing, but i mean, we did a chat about the songs of the summer. he had every top song of the
7:59 am
summer. songs with rihanna to his own stuff, just goes on. >> gives you a beat. casino every like we all love lauryn hill. first albumn was great. but it didn't really have that beat. >> drake, have you listened? very good, very good. >> kanye has good one, too, never been a huge kanye fan, appreciated his work, but the latest albumn. >> life of pablo. one dance song they were just playing there the most strange song of the year. rihanna was the most streamed female artist of the year, drake the most streamed male artist of the year. maybe it was about the songs then, not the artist? >> the artist not necessarily the song, so top artist? okay, top five artist of the year and then these are the most streamed songs? ya. we'll figure it out. >> let me tell you, we are not radio people. good morning, everyone, 7:59. >> december 1st, 2016. >> from the fox 29 studio this is "good day philadelphia".
8:00 am
>> gunshots, police pursuit, how innocent woman ended up dead. hilt and run death of eight year old gianna powell who police have in custody right now. >> a wet floor leaves sixers fans soaked in danger. >> big disappoint, drying down here in traffic and everything. >> 76ers postponing their game, how the team trying to make things right. forget the glue, not talking about offers supplies, from long lashes, to full brouse, to very straight hair. the latest beauty tools you need to have for the holidays. >> ♪ >> meeting mama, we know meeting the parent is hard. cookie tries here best to impress angelo's mother. we're going to go over some of the big moments in last
8:01 am
night's empire episode. >> good morning, a lot of people still talking about the sixers game last night, or the lack thereof. been talking about it but more he can clues i have video when they were rowing to get the situation fixed. >> those who survived, have attempted to a new world. >> is the search for the miss call place called dry land.
8:02 am
(movie clip). >> yep, there you have it. post on the game, so,. >> great to see the sixers out there. >> hey guys, everybody, grab a mop. let's go. >> the guy who did that voice over, he does all of the trailers, out in l. a makes a killing. >> really? i bet. >> pretty cool. >> in the world. >> all right, let's check out numbers. it is a higher number than yesterday, going six out of ten. maybe seven, as things change, the sun is back out.
8:03 am
and we are drying out, as bus stop buddy does not have the umbrella any more. wearing nice warm hoodie, and he's drinking some eggnog today. of course, you know, no funny business with that eggnog. it is a school day after all. he is a child. 53 degrees, temperatures starting to go down, as colder air filters in. 39 degrees, in mount pocono. fifty-three atlantic city, 51 wilmington, earlier this morning, we were in the upper 50's most places so we will see the temperatures continue to drop. as the winds pick up throughout the day. and tonight, it is down to about 38 degrees. weekend forecast, coming up, bob kelly. >> sue, sounds good. 8:03, good morning, everybody, on a thursday, couple of accident on 95. this one here, southbound, 95, right near 476. also, some sun glare, out there this morning, but if you are headed south, even the school buses are tied up here. now, another accident we've been watching, south 95, south
8:04 am
of wilmington. let's go to the jam cam. live in wilmington, bumper to bumper to bumper all headed into route 141. >> two tractor tailors, couple of cars, back to the maps, causing delays for folks coming over the delaware memorial bridge. and connect with 95 speedometer reading it you are leaving wilmington right now. don't use 95, use 495 delays on both sides of the river because of opening at the burlington bristol bridge, minor delays because of the slippery rales. alex and thomas back over to you. >> thank you, bob. woman is dead after police chase comes to an end. it started with gunshots, that escalate into a pursuit. >> police say the victim in the wrong place at the wrong time. steve keeley joining us from police headquarters this morning, steve? >> sometimes the deadliest
8:05 am
thing, a gun, or his steering wheel. video one, the criminal's carp, black nissan maxima. police hear gunfire 48th and westminster with his car shooting with people in a white car. they see a guy, with what looks like mini machine gun, jump into this black nissan. it is a 9-millimeter gun with a extended clip. and they take off. well, police have no choice but to go after this car. and it doesn't take long before this car crashes into the kia sole that you see in vehicle two, which 56 year old woman just driving normally at 52nd and locust, before this car comes plowing into her killing her. we talked to police commissioner richard ross about the whole policy of police pursuits, why police had no choice in the case. >> you can't say you absolutely never chase anybody.
8:06 am
there may be departments like, that but imagine if you're young, woman harm buyer someone, police officer comes by, they absolutely couldn't chase the person so you can have salutes, but just not the real world. and again it doesn't neck ate the fact that someone lost their life, and absolute worse possibility, in terms of the scenario for us. >> absolute horrible tragedy in terms what precipitated, or why, and who is kimble, who is not. woman die, tragically in this. and that's what we have to remember first and for most, person who died, just, you know, before the holidays. so, heart goes out to that family, and if i can't stress anything, on i want to stress that first and for most in our mine. >> they've got gun, they've got video of the shoot-out. and sadly alex, thomas, criminal's guns not the only thing that kills on the street
8:07 am
of philadelphia. as we see here, there are cars, too. >> wrong move, steve, thank you. >> time now 8:06. >> and yes, coming up on 8:07. police have made arrest in the hit-and-run death of jayanna powell. authorities have 24 year old man in custody. are questioning him at the police department accident investigation division. eight year old girl killed two weeks ago when she and her brother were walking home from school, attempt to go cross lance towel -- lawns down avenue at 63rd street. yesterday we spoke to jayanna's parents, calling for the community help in getting justice for their daughter. now it looks like someone has come forward. police received a tip that the suspect's car was at auto body shop in chester county. the they impounded that car. it was silver nissan altima. at this point police have not announced any charges, but they've made arrest, as well. >> and we are following breaking news right now coming out of washington state. police have shot and kill the suspect accused of killing a police officer overnight into
8:08 am
tacoma. this is ending a hours long stand-off. police officer was responding to domestic violence call when the incident happened. authority say the officer was a 45 year old, 17 year veteran of the force. >> student at one school in new jersey, they are angry. >> they say the school, well, let's say, over reacted by suspending several of their fellow student, and karen hepp joining us in the news room. suspended because they record add music video? >> in the school. so that's the issue, they ordered in the school. and some of the imagery may be little controversial. but the student, that go to the school say these are good kids, this is too harsh punish: so 200 of them walked out of the school the other day. this is egg harbor township high school. we are talking about, they say ten day suspension is too harsh for these kids. let's show you some of the video. we won't play the sound. song al tow by meek mills of course from philadelphia. some of the lyrics, can be a little bit racey. so that's why we're not playing the sound, but shows the student, doesn't seem like any adult supervision there,
8:09 am
and the fighting scenes, school not too happy about it. other part standing on desks, playing dice in one of the bathrooms of the school. there is the kids. on facebook the district writes, the egg harbor township high school and district administration are aware of the video posted on multiple media sites, depict the dollars high school, it is our understanding that the video has since been pulled from social media. the prosecutor's office knows about the video currently the district will continue to monitor the situation and conduct its own investigation. after all of this sort of happened, the reaction, the backlash, now there will be big meeting after school today. and so we will stay on top of this one, see what develops next, what people are saying about it. >> so 200 kids once again walked out of school because of this? >> yes. i remember school protests where i forget, would be upset about whatever. probably not as big an issue as this, have walks out, all go out. that's the way that kids can demonstrate and show something. so they walk out for little bit and come back in. >> see what happens this
8:10 am
afternoon. >> oh, thank you, karen. welcoming up on 8:10, the sixers had to post pain their game against the kings because the court was little too slick. >> floor gate. what happened? about an hour before the game when the kings players came out on to the court and said, well, it was just too slippery and wet. so the stadium crow then brought out some mops and towels and tried to dry it up. we see several of the players from the sixers and the kings trying to help out there. >> nothing seemed to work. the game was eventually postponed for concern for player safety. >> frustration is that, you know, i think we have the most incredible loyal fan base in the world. and to have them come down on rainy night, put their trust and fate in this organization to come, here on a team like no fans cheer on a team, then to send them home is disappointing. >> so the fans will be refunded, given complimentary tickets to another game, no word on whether the sixers-kings game will be replayed. you would think they would know if they put little too much wax on the floor in still
8:11 am
mystery this morning, no one seems to know. >> people want to know what's going on. >> it is going to cost you this holiday. how much are two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree? hard to say. >> yes, but first, jenny joyce, i don't even know the song -- >> and a partridge in a pear tree. >> jenny joyce checking out an amazing program happening today in philly. hi, jen. >> reporter: hey, good morning, thomas anal innings, we are are live here at the bellevue, former run has turned into assembly bike shop here. 185 bikes to be donated to children of military families by amazon. really cool stuff happening.
8:12 am
8:13 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local ed jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year.
8:14 am
cable can't offer that. only fios can. >> taking a live look at tennessee. this is drone footage right now. this is of course after so many wild fires that have hit eastern tennessee, local officials have now gun turning to clean up and recovery efforts. so you are looking at gatlinburg.
8:15 am
see people standing up there probably taking a look for themselves as well, amazing building or home we are looking at. nothing but ashes. three people have died in these wild fires, reporting on it all week. now taking a look at some of the damage. this is amazing drone video that we're seeing live. >> okay, bob? >> wow, that's a beautiful view. just such a shame for that home there. thoughts and prayers with the family. 8: 15. good morning, everybody, on a thursday. south on 95, an accident. right near the blue route. 476. seeing some sun glare for the first time in, i don't know when is the last time we saw the sun? south on 95. south of wilmington, jammed solid from 202, all the way down to route 141. all because after accident that involved two tractor-trailers, and a couple of cars. >> this happened before daylight, when the roads were still damp and wet. if you are leaving wilmington, right now, do not use 95, i would use 495, and that will scoot you around that accident
8:16 am
delay. downtown we go. live look at the vine street expressway. jammed up here, trying to get over toward 30th street station. just a rush hour delay there. and expect some minor delays on the regional rails with the slippery rales. and, it is december 1st. so if you get ready to grab your monthly transpass, make sure to get your strike credit due to you from last month. fifty-five north is heavy, the even schuylkill, some sun glare coming around your conshy curve into downtown. and then as we go for a ride south on 295, you'll find delays heading into the black horse pike. hello south philadelphia. this is a live look, actually not live look, picture sent to us from the gang in south philadelphia. got the whole porch decorated. come on, you got your lights up? i hope so. snap a picture, post it to facebook, twitter, or stain gram. use that hashtag fox 29 light contest. so that we can show the pictures on tv, all the way up through the hole date -- holiday, then we pick the best of the best, broadcast live from somebody's front lounge
8:17 am
lawn. we're doing it tonight. i'm going to west chester, the carato family home. wait until you see their lit. i have a special outfit tonight. sue, i have give you a hint, it involves yellow pants. that's all i'm going to say, and you'll give us the forecast in 15 seconds, right? >> we had two days every rain now it is all out of here. there goes the coal front. here comes high pressure. we are right inbetween right now, which means, that the winds will be picking up, we call this a pressure gradient, rid there, so chilly air moving in. and the winds, 16 miles an hour, out of the northwest in mount pocono, westerlies at 12 miles an hour in wildwood. win gusts up to 29 miles an hour, in the higher elevations. and we've been watching
8:18 am
temperatures go down all morning, instead of up. which is what usually happens. probably have already seen our high temperatures for the day. it is now 39 degrees in mount pocono. 53 degrees in philadelphia, 54 in wildwood, with the sun, we will get back to the mid 50's, but generally dropping temperatures with higher wind, makes it feel a lot chillier out there. speaking of chilly. check out the weekend with saturday, sunday, temperatures in the 40's. next chance of rain will not be until tuesday of next week. >> br. sue, thank you. twenty-four days left until the big one. christmas coming early for local military families. and it is all thanks to the philly pops and amazon. along with support from folks like lore yell cosmetics and the philadelphia police department. our jenny joyce live in center city with more. are you there, my dear? where are you? >> reporter: hello, here i am. having fun on these bikes. 185 bikes have been moved into the palm restaurant, now bike
8:19 am
assembly shop for giving. and you're with amazon. tell us a little bit about this. all every these bikes will be donated given as early christmas gift to children of military families? >> yes, exactly, yes, that's going to happen tomorrow night. just before the philly pops annual concert. all of these bikes, 185 in total, and bike helmet, will be donate today children of active military families. >> so, right now, tell us what we have going on? we have assembly team back here. putting the wheels on, putting the gears in place, i hope really i didn't break that bike i just sat on. >> no, that's great. yes, really been outpouring every community support, local community support. we have probably about 50 people that are going to be helping us today, everything from hard work that goes into assembling these bikes, then also parade them down broad street, take them to the kimmel center and set them up in the lob it. if we weren't pros to putting bike together before. by the end of today we certainly will be. >> we know several people are
8:20 am
involved in making this possible. first of all the bellevue for donating the spares. we know the philly police will be helping with this escort getting the bikes in place at the kimmel center. and of course the philly pops, donating all of the tickets to military families as well as emergency responders for tomorrow night kicking off their christmas concert series. >> yes. it has been tremendous outpouring of local community support. we have lots of partners involved. you know, as you can see here, everybody's really working hard. >> and lastly this is one of several events that amazon is doing for holiday giving events. we also know that you guys are committed military in giving back to military. >> we really support the military, and earlier this year, we pledged to hire 25,000 veterans and military spouses over the next five years. this is part of our holiday giving, and also part of our support showing our support to the military. >> awesome. so i hope we are going to be there tomorrow night, releasing 18 a children, get to ride on these brand new
8:21 am
bikes, all of the families, are from fort dix, lake hers base in new jersey. so we look forward to. that will that's what the holiday season is all about, seeing the smiles on the kids faces and really giving back. >> absolutely is. down here, in philadelphia, the city is really coming a live with the holiday spirit. lot of decorating going on. just really feel it in the atmosphere into the downtown, so tomorrow night it is going to be fan that is took see the faces on the kids. >> awesome. thank you so much. thomas, alex, we send it back to you. hopefully you weren't too jealous of my bike? >> i was, but do you have remember the helmet next time when ride that bike. >> this is my helmet for now, you're right, safety first. >> we'll check back in with you. much respect for the military personnel. you know he dressed michelle obama, but will he dress melania trump? why designer tom ford is fight off controversial comment this morning. and, fast-food secrets. do you know these shapes have a particular meaning?
8:22 am
we'll reveal them next. my cancer started as ovarian cancer and
8:23 am
it kept coming back in different places. cancer treatment centers of america gave me treatment options i didn't know about before. i want to be around just to be a grandma. learn more at
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8:25 am
>> live look at pipeline protest happening now at thomas payne plaza outside of city hall. demonstrators are gathering for day of action, so be cautious of traffic in the area, of course, all comes north dakota back away from previous plan, actually happening there. >> yes, seen protests all cross the country, they don't want this pipeline for the lan obviously for the water, as well, a loft indigenous people getting involved saying we need to protect our land. >> because it is a reservation, they believe it is their land. and so it has been an ongoing thing, now seeing protests here in center city. so bob, where is this affecting traffic then? >> right around city hall. i want to point out, they are not blocking traffic right here but what's happening, police and onlooker certainly slowing traffic down around city hall. as long as they stay on the
8:26 am
sidewalk, that will be okay. but, the last time they did this, they did take the streets. so, in and around center city, city hall, could be little tight, as we get through the rest of the morning rush hour. >> okay, thank you, bob. we don't know, mr. del gatti, we don't know about his chicken motorcycle dug et cetera, but now revealing their nuggets come in specific shapes. i mention delgate i, of course the creator of the big mac from pennsylvania, unfortunately he died recently. a lot of people are remembering him, talking about big mac, and his i svennson people -- >> passed away at the age of 98. his son said he actually had a big mac every single week. that's the key to life. talk about the chicken nuggets, did you know they come in different shapes as you mention, four to be exact, each have their own name. >> so we look at a plate. they are called the bone, the boot, the bell, or the ball. >> really? >> i think the little one,
8:27 am
dinosaur, sponge bob, really? the snowball? >> mcdonald's said they're made for dipping. i guess i can kind of see the bell now, the ball could be little more round, couldn't it? >> i guarantee the next time go to motorcycle done 'd eights look at your chicken mcnuggets differently for sure. ready, steady shall lashes. my friend, jason, always says want to look lash i, right? you want the long lashes and full brouse and straight hair. but the latest beauty tools that make it easier, especially when it comes to lashes, right? it can get difficult with the blew? >> prefer guys with long lashes, too? >> we love a plan with a big long lucious lashes, right? so we will show you the latest beauty tools, get your christmas list ready. >> making the eyes pop.
8:28 am
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8:31 am
>> were you watching empire last night? best to impress angelo's mother, wait for the entrance when she comes in. you know it could be hard to do this. how did cookie did? could she have done something differently. wasn't she amazing, have her empire rap this morning. plus, bradley cooper is adding a new role to his personal resume. why this may be his most challenging role yet. and this one is going to last a while, at least 18 years, right, sue? >> that's right. we've got sunglasses on bus stop buddy today, we dry out, anticipate more sunshine all day long on the first day of national eggnog month. nothing on radar to show you right now, temperatures are starting to drop though, now have 52 degrees in philadelphia. we started off at 4:00 with 59. just so you know.
8:32 am
winnie, chillier all day. and wind could gust up to 30 miles an hour, the wind calm down bit tonight. down to 38 degrees. so, bob kelly, much colder tonight. >> oh, my christmas long johns when i head out tonight for my kelly christmasment jammo, hope you got a jumbo coffee here. this is live look, at i95 southbound, a hot mess, heading into exit five, route 141, here is the deal. early this morning, before we even saw daylight, tractor-trailers collided, now dealing with a fuel spill, and mop up, south on 95, jammed from, say, middle of wilmington, all the way down to the scene. let's go to the maps, to give you idea. 6 miles an hour, a crawl on 95. here's what you want to do. leaving wilmington right now, don't use 95. use 495, will athlete get you around the accident delay, and anyone coming over the delaware memorial bridge, traffic starting to back up on the delaware side, all because of that crash. so either way, it is going to be rough go.
8:33 am
live look downtown, center city, we got some sun glare, haven't seen the sun in a wheel, we will take it, december 1st, so if you go to buy your monthly septa transpass, make sure you grab that credit that you're doing from law month's stick. right alex, get that credit. >> true. you have to have the credit. >> and i love beauty supplies. specially when it comes to lashes. and you know what they say? eyes are the window to the soul? well there is morning, we are going to show you ways to make your eyes really stand out. this was big deal, because i love lashes. i think lashes are amazing, can really elevate your look. so we have we have showing us great beauty tools this morning to help us out. >> this will be on my christmas list, i know this. >> i feel like judy jetson already. really futuristic stuff. first one here, our model. >> i have my hand up, i want to do this. you can make me prep. >> i we both wanted to. >> such a good one. okay, the first one called one-two lash. let's file this under the ideas that i wish i had come up with. because this is pretty genius.
8:34 am
basically, these are lashes that are mag advertised. so you apply one on top. >> wait. magnets? >> right. so when you -- i don't know if we can get close up here. they actually -- >> keep talking. >> they clamp together. >> oh, my gosh, look at that. one more time, do it again! >> oh, so cool. >> so if you fumble with glue, and you fumble trying to get the lashes on, all right, so closure eyes, great option for you. so you put one over, one on top of your lashes, then go in with the one underneath. so it takes a little bit of practice. >> okay? >> okay? so we got it. >> there go. >> so there go. >> row veal. compare. so this is the other. >> isn't that great? i love that. and these are reuseable, you can use them time and time again. they come in four different flavors if you want, get bold,
8:35 am
accent little flutters, depend on the type of style. >> i love this. so many people complain about oh, the glue, did it dry enough it, gets everywhere. how much is this and where can i get it? >> $69. at one-two lash. com. >> $69. how many come with the 69? >> so you get four, two per eye. and you can keep using them. >> keep using them. >> what's their live span? >> well you can use them for probably up to six month or mow. just dent want to lose them. so when you remove them actually remove one magnent from the other. so the thing about glue as well sometimes when you take off -- >> it pulls off your lashes. >> i'll keep these on then. >> basically a conveyor belt for your lashes. i don't know if we can see that. >> oh, there comes. >> all right? so you push it out. you clamp it at the end. oops, i waited too long. let's do one more time. >> okay. >> you push it out.
8:36 am
>> okay, pushed it out. >> you clamp it. then you put a little bit of glue on the end. >> okay? >> so let's do that. >> yes, hole it. >> little bit of glue. so the trick here, i've done this so many times, it has work out perfectly. do you have let it dry for 20 to 30 seconds. >> okay? >> so we will have little conversation now. so, again, a conveyor belt pushes it out. great for if you have a hard time applying the lashes. >> are these like individuals where it is not the whole lashes all the time just couple? >> exactly. >> and it looks more natural too when you do it that way? >> you can determine if you want one, or four, to do the full flutter. so let's apply. put this right on the lash line, what you want to do hold it for about five seconds, so it can stick to your eye. you remove it, and there but. >> wow look at that. >> love it. >> first time is a charm. >> staple gun the lashes there. >> little stable gun with lashes. >> so how much is it? >> so this one is $28. and you get 44 little lashes.
8:37 am
>> so downing that from a while. now do i have to get a refill pack or something of the lashes? looks like you need specific once that fit inside this gun? >> to actually invest in whole new one. >> so do you have buy it as a package together. package deal folks but i like it. >> and you need the glue. >> where can we get from? >> flirt cosmetics. com. >> the glue you can get anywhere, target, wal-mart, sephora. >> oh, absolutely pick it up anywhere, drugstores. next one i'm obsessed with, and i know you are too. because some women love to just put mascara and lipstick. i don't leave the house without my brouse. and i have spars brouse. and this next product was a game changer. because it is called wonder brow. it has little tiny hair-like sort of pieces at here to your brow. >> in the liquid? >> inside the gel. best part it lasts for 72 hours. so you'll be able to wash your face at the end of the day,
8:38 am
and still have amazing brow. >> i love it. i take so much time trying to get my eyebrows together if i can make it last longer than a day, yes please. >> exactly, even the next day, if you want to add little bit more, you already have the architecture of your brow already there. so, again, i love that it leaves little stain behind, almost like the stain that would you use for your cheeks, right? so it leaves a hint of color, that you can go swimming, you can do anything. >> waterproof? >> for the beach, this is -- they frame your eyes, eyebrow. >> important to see. oh, i love there is makes difference. >> it will dry, you want to manipulate it while still wet. tiny little hairs are adhering to your hair, and making them plump and thicker and little bit longer. but then that gel is going to stay put for 72 hours. >> look at karen, so excited about this. >> oh, such a good one. >> such a good one. where do we get it? >> you get it at wonder two. com. >> that's wunder.
8:39 am
>> twenty-two bucks. >> twenty-two bucks, thank you so much. now that we've done lashes and eyebrows, can we talk hair? >> yes. >> so i will bring you back in probably the next hour, let's do some hair tools that i think we'll love. >> thank you. >> yes, yes, yes. 8:39. well, he dressed michelle obama. but will he dress melania trump? we are talking about tom ford, and he made an interesting comment the other day, but towelly empire, we'll have our empire rap soon. what do you think about taraji, cookie, had she met angelo's mama? how did she do?
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> help as many families as
8:43 am
possible, you know what too, help out by adopt g a family, dolan fund looking for unwrapped toys for children up to 18 years old, bring the wall mat, target gift cards, as well, drop them off at the wissahickon firehouse december 5th and 6th. our jenn fred look out there from 7:00 to ten. for more information go to call (215)643-0763 all for a great cause. did you know, alex, you can come in. today is free flowing here. >> yes. >> weren't they amazing? >> like guys with long eyelashes. >> yes, i think it is nice. what's wrong with long eyelashes. >> i don't know. >> looks good to me. so today is very important day, world aids day, also known as day without arts, and right now, fate leaders here in philadelphia holding eighth annual prayer breakfast. >> event meant to bring the community together to offer hope and healing those living with hiv or aids. at the event, over 250 people will remember those who have passed, and those who are still with us.
8:44 am
>> also recommits to stands withing our sister and brothers in fate and activism and reducing stigma and enduring love. the event, at the double tree by hilton on broad street philadelphia, and it will end at 7:30. we mention, you know, it to break it down, we are appreciate everyone out there this morning, very important day. a loft times we don't talk about it here in the media, to talk about just how far we've dom, how far we need to go. very important come back, hi, everyone, great to have you with us, a lot of people asking asking why wearing red today, in honor of hiv, research, very critical and opinion have to have a conversation with your children and loved once about hiv testing and moving forward. we have come a long way. we have made great strides with medication and everything. but we don't have an end to this disease, and it is 100% preventable if we take the proper measures. go on my facebook page. there is a lot of work.
8:45 am
>> and you have been doing some work to help this out. >> i work with the cdc over the summer and we re dined their brand new campaign called doing it. which you can take however you want from the meaning, but basically doing it, going out, getting tested, talking with your loved one, getting past the stigma. we need to get past the stigma of actually having that conversation. met a lot of people who are positive, who are very open about it. and you know they say once you get past that stigma you can help to educate other people. >> and you even talk to couple, telling me about this, where the mail in it, he was orest h iv-positive and he is dating someone. >> he has been positive for the past 17 years, and actually, no, he was positive from birth. and he met his girlfriends common law wife if you want to call it now 17 years ago. and she new. you know, that he was positive. so we are seeing a lot of these relationships now. it is about taking the proper steps, getting tested, having that conversation with your loved one. and preventing. >> we have to go to your
8:46 am
facebook page. i you showed me videos. >> yes, work with jamie presley, a lot of celebrities, volunteers, hopefully share that later this morning. coming right back. >> thank up, thomas of the we'll take a break. >> ♪ >> ♪
8:47 am
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8:49 am
all right, oh, we don't have the music this time. all right, we will make our music then. empire rap. here we go. so, first we start off on kind of serious note. this is something that we're kind of seeing a theme here, with jamal, hug instruments well addiction, seems like it is getting pretty serious. and the people around him, very important, that they do something, but they don't seem to be helping. >> drugs are a big deal. relaxed. he's passed out, not dead. that doesn't make it okay. >> hook on crack? >> i'm a producer. same pills as jamal. hell everyone does. >> are you that ignorant? everyone does it is not an excuse when you got -- >> wait, wait, wait.
8:50 am
>> let me tell you something. >> hey. >> what do you think is going on here? does he not care? does he not know how bad it is? is he in denial? >> in denial. i'm not going to say a lot of people go through this situation in music, but yes, you have the unable letter, and you need this, you know, kind of pull. it is not that bad. so you push down deeper, you know, deeper hole. ya. i think, you know? character wise, he's needed. >> he's needed this. >> you can't just have everyone saying this is okay. you need help. common. >> yes. >> you need that. you need that friend. we've seen it. >> oh, the therapist guy saying no? >> hopefully speak out moran actually do something about it little later. let's talk about cookie though and her past. we learned a lot about her relationship with her father. we learned she doesn't like to talk about her father. so here's what happened with her relationship with him. this is a big moment. >> the girls kept me out longer -- >> no, i can't do this no more. you got to go. you got to go.
8:51 am
>> no, please, i'm sorry. >> drug money i know this is. i know this is lucious. >> i'm sorry. i promise, i won't see him again. >> you got to go. i got two other girls to think of. i ain't got time for this. >> i'm sorry. >> powerful scene. >> i know. >> i'm convinced now lucious is really the source of all of cookie's problems. i mean, he seems to at this point, i mean, let head her down a path, as farther had big dreams. and she has father issues, she looks at lucious as, you know, one of the last things that she is holding front her past. >> why she keeps going back to lucious. i mean, last night's episode, you know, emotional hi, emotional low. but, ya, i like that. i like that, so you can understand why she is always combating or fighting lucious.
8:52 am
>> and she was kick out of the house, she had no where to go, she had to be with him, and grow up together because her father was like i don't want any part of this. you mention highs, lows, this episode. so one of the highs. and cookie, well, back together. round of applause. i love them together. i love it. that's why. >> won't last. >> don't say that. okay? meeting the mama. you know that's a big step right? high saluting mama. uh-huh. so you know do you have get your act together when felicia richaud comes in. >> i haven't seen your mother yet dear. >> she is about to make her entrance. >> everyone knows, so, i'm going to thank you all in advance for your very generous contributions, to angelo's mayoral campaign. please, fill out the cards. place them in a little velvet bag, being passed around by my staff. and enjoy.
8:53 am
>> you got fire in you. definitely share the fire. my only child. >> (movie clip). >> busted. >> busted. >> well, well. i think i've been saying champagne? and her eyebrows, felicia richaud, any time i seen her, like the black meryl streep. >> this is great because cookie has finally met her match. it is somebody that. >> i think the first time on the show, somebody she fears, somebody she respects and somebody she want the remembers of. last night the scene where, you know, jamal is high, you know? >> i know, we want to show
8:54 am
that, but i guess we don't have any more time. lucious comes in? puts everything out there? >> like the best part. >> well, maybe we will be able to talk about it another time. or maybe on "the q"? >> yes. >> i know you do q fire. >> we'll do q fire today at noon, watch here on fox 29 and we have a special re-enactment of some scene from empire. >> alex holley tv, quincy, appreciate it. watching at noon. 8:54. is this inch appropriate for day care? that's what one mother said she was toll. why her toddler ' preschool is bang these pant. are they inch appropriate? what do you think?
8:55 am
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>> we shields you how to style your lashes, next, more of the hottest beauty tools you need to have for the holidays. >> did you help the -- hear the scoop? soon taking on new role. the news from bradley cooper and his girlfriend. coming up. emerge restored. fortified. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see. it's just a cough.our cough, sfx: woman coughing you'd see how often you cough all day. and so would everyone else. robitussin 12 hour delivers fast, powerful cough relief that lasts up to 12 hours. robitussin 12 hour cough relief, because it's never just a cough.
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