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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  December 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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clothes on their back just weeks before christmas. the three alarm fire has nearly two dozen people in allentown without a home tonight. good evening, everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn tim feature the flames broke out about 8:00 o'clock last night. fortunately no one was hurt but now begins the process of picking up the pieces. fox 29's bruce gordon is in allentown tonight with more on the devastating fire and the effect it's had on so many. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, dawn, fire investigators believe they know where this blaze ignited. they're still trying to figure out why. what started it as the expert do's their work, those who lost nearly everything are indeed trying to pick up the pieces. on this day after renovation crews were hard at work safeguarding what was left of the 400 block of north fulton street, eight row homes seven of them badly scorched by fire. the only place spared, the home jason mellow shares with his roommate an pet bull python. mellow watched the fire rage
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throughout night. >> see like a scary like a fire move back draft or something. yo, i never in my 30 -- i'm 30. i never seen a fire like that in my life. >> reporter: blaze was mid block around 8:00 thursday night and spread quickly outward in both directions from the third floor and roof area. the only casualty was a pet dog but nearly two dozen people were left homeless. including a woman who asked that we not show her face. >> i didn't know what to do. i'm numb. i can sleep. i can't do nothing. i'm numb. i'm happy my kids are safe. but i'm numb. >> reporter: in the aftermath fire victims were spread out across allentown catching their breath and hotels courtesy of a local red cross. neighbors came by to look at the disaster scene with a mixture of curiosity and compassion. >> neighbors like kay pickle. >> it's a tragedy, but, um, you know, it does pull the community together. >> reporter: maybe it was fate but moments later, jessica rivera and stephanie so tow arrived on the block with
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gentleman's' kids in tow. they spent this day traveling all over allentown collecting donations on behalf of fire victims they never met. >> there's clothes and coats and sneakers, toiletries, soap, shampoo. >> they'll pick up the bigger stuff over the weekend, furniture television sets for distribution on monday. remember, these are strangers. so why get involved? >> it was just an urgency. i was heart broken. god says go and you get that nudge in your heart you feel s sad. sometimes you can feel that nudge and keep driving or you can stop don something. i want to help. >> reporter: that pet python we told you about, brand new pet for jason mellow. in fact he hasn't even name it yet. he's he's strongly considering smokey. chris. >> bruce, thanks. investigators are working oh find out what caused deadly fire in west philadelphia. fire officials say a 44-year-old man died in the home on north 64th street around 8:30 last night. first responders found him on the second floor of the burning home.
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no one else was injured. so far that victim has not yet been identified. tonight prosecutors have charged a kensington mother with her two-year-old son's death. 23-year-old andrea worrell charged with endangering the welfare of a child and obstructing justice. police say they responded to the 600 block of east clementine street on tuesday night. they found a little boy two-year-old zyair worrell they say was lethargic. they took him to saint christ fours hospital where he died a few hours later. police say the little boy had a laceration to his liver, chest bruising. abrasions on his body, and thc in his system which is found in marijuana. police say the motive in this toddler's death child abuse. developing right now, a shooting in broad daylight. force as local elementary school to go on lock down this afternoon. police say someone opened fire on a 31-year-old man in franklinville. >> the shooter is still out there tonight. let's get right out to fox 29's dave kinchen who's live at the 24th police district in hunting park.
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dave? >> reporter: it also forced a lot of neighbors to take cover. one even telling me she was sure to stay away from the windows this happening in the franklinville section of north philadelphia. we can tell that you a 31-year-old man was shot three times here. we're told he was shot at sixth and butler once in the cheek, once in the neck and once in the left shoulder. he was taken to temple university hospital. meantime, investigators say mc lure elementary school was placed on lock down for five minutes. around the same time neighbors at nearby darien and luzerne heard gunshots. 11 shell casings found there. the back window of a mini van shot out and an suv also hit but police say there were no injuries to people at that particular scene. now the question is whether these two shootings are related. investigators have not yet said so far but people are telling us they're simply tired of all the violence in that area. back to you. all right. dave, thank you. >> and tying time now to check in with your fox 29 weather authority. it is a clear, dry night for
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your friday night commute home or if you're planning to hit the town later. not too bad for december. for more on the weekend forecast let's check in with meteorologist scott williams. scott yes. >> hi there, dawn. temperatures this afternoon made it up to 51 but they will be be dropping if you're stepping out for those friday evening plans. 47 right now in philadelphia. look at those winds. right now sustained out of the west at 23. but we're still gusting over and almost close to 30 miles an ho hour. philadelphia, winds right now gusting to 28 miles an hour. 28 miles an hour gusts right now in the poconos. and look at a time the temperatures with the sun having set. we're dropping already to 37 in the poconos. 44 in reading and pottstown. 47 right now in philadelphia. and we're looking at temperatures in millville down to 46 as we move along the boardwalk, 48. camden cinnaminson right now checking in at 46 degrees. so if you're stepping outdoors, bundle up, a lot of parades tree lighting ceremonies taking place. we're looking at 43 by 9:00. by 11:00 o'clock temperatures
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around 41 degrees. coming up we'll spell out that entire weekend forecast, talk about some of the coldest air headed this way of the season with the seven day forecast. back over to you. >> all right, scott, thanks. lots of heavy hearts in wilmington, delaware, tonight as we learn more about a senior firefighter who died in the line of duty. 23-year-old artis hope passed away yesterday more than a month after being injured in a september 24th fire. that fire on lake view road also took the lives of lieutenant jerry fickes and captain christopher leach. hope is the first woman in delaware's -- wilmington' delaware fire department to die in the line of duty. the single mother of three will be remembered as someone who defied the odds. >> she is a wonderful mother and woman. you have to be to be a female firefighter and in a male dominated world. you have to be that to be an african-american female
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firefighter and a predominantly caution fire service. >> prosecutors have already charged beatrice ruiz with the arson deaths of fickes and leach. today the fire captain says he will be in communication with prosecutors about hope's pas passing. so sad. president-elect donald trump takes a break from the trauma tour and proves he's still full of surprises. he shocked thousands of supporters during a campaign stop style victory rally in ohio thursday night where he dropped the nation name of his latest cabinet choice and he's back at it today. fox's lauren blanchard has the details from washington. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump making a surprise announcement during his thank you tour yesterday. telling thousands of his supporters he has picked retired marine corporal general james mattis as nominee for secretary of defense. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis. >> general mattis will need a congressional waiver to serve. since he's only been retired from active military duty for
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three of the required seven years. due to the large bipartisan support mattis is already getting, most don't for see it being an issue. however, there are some critics taking issue with the general's well-known intense demeanor. >> general mattis in the statements he's made is a colorful military general much in tradition of many of our very successful battlefield commanders. >> reporter: another headline to come from yesterday's victory tour, a comment made by the president-elect during his stop at a carrier plant in indianapolis. where he warned companies looking to move jobs offshore. >> companies are not going to leave the united states any more without consequences. >> reporter: those on both sides of the aisle were quick to weigh in on mr. trump's threats. questioning what impact it could have on how the us does busine business. >> one of the big questions as you raise, what does it mean, what are the consequences that
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he's contemplating? are we talking about tax penalties? are we talking about people being jailed. >> reporter: the president-elect is back in new york continuing to shape his cabinet. he is officially filled eight cabinet level positions leaving him and his team with eight more to go. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. in the bridge gate scandal a new jersey judge will not allow a special prosecutor to handle a complaint against governor chris christie. the criminal complaint comes from retired firefighter william brennan. he claims christie failed to order sub in order ants to reopen lanes on the george washington bridge back in 2013. the judge says brennan lacked legal standing. penn state fans are starting to get a little anxious. we're now just a little more than 24 hours from the nittany lions first big 10 championship game appearance. how fans are getting ready for that big game. and following september toss' deadly train crash in hoax bow ken officials making changes what their requiring all train
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drivers to be testified for. >> philadelphia has a new permanent piece of art. why this sculpture that was only supposed to be here for the pope's visit will actually be sticking around. and coming up all new at 6:00 investigator investigatorsy county still trying to solve a decade's old murder case. what they're offering for help tracking the cold case.
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>> that's how you make an entrance. >> as we get ready fort big penn state conference game right here on fox 29 tomorrow night, penn state leaders have an important message. you'll remember this seen from october when students rioted after the nittany lions won against ohio state. well today penn state's public safety and student affairs leaders say they have no tolerance for excessive or dangerous celebration. in letter to students they wrote in part "let's not spoil the accomplishment by failing to respect our cam puns the broader community". penn state fans gearing up for the big game tomorrow against wisconsin. thousands literally on the road right now to watch the game in indianapolis. >> it's an exciting time. there's whole lot of at stake including a chance to make the playoffs. fox 29's brad sattin joins us live in the studio with more on all the hoopla surrounding this big game brad. >> reporter: you think there's
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a little bit out there. >> just little. >> this game is indianapolis. you'd think it was across the street because they're expecting about 30,000 penn state fans to be there some of them, of course, are flying but we have talked to a lot who have been driving they're on the road right now. penn state playing for the big 10 championship against wisconsin lots of fans, though, are already there. now take look just a few minutes ago we had a chance to connect with the head of the penn state alumni association. this was via face time. he gave us kind of a torso it's a little shaky but he gave us a tour of the player's hotel where the team just arrived. fans starting to show up as we well. about 15 buses of students will be headed there arriving tomorrow. now, we talked about this. it's kind of a long shot but if penn state wins the game and a couple other teams lose, there is at least a chance that penn state could get into the 14 play off -- four team play off. it's not expected to happen and fans really aren't looking past the game tomorrow but for a program that was hit so hard after jerry sandusky and the scandal that came with it, it is a long time in coming and we face timed with a few who are
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very excited. >> every corner of the stadium buss from scranton and allentown and the philadelphia area. up in erie, down to pittsburgh. this team is really inspired and end captured the imagination of penn staters. >> there's been tough times for the penn state and the family and state college community. we're excited ton we're turning the page and happy to be back. >> a lot coming up tonight on late news. we'll be catching up with a busload of fans. they're doing all the cheers as the buses move along headed to indy staying overnight in columbus, ohio. but they're on the way and we'll talk to them later tonight. they're also a lot of watch parties tomorrow. tomorrow night the game starts 8:00 o'clock but the biggest is the field house in center city. so if you guys mentioned the game a little over 24 hours away but clear until some places like indy the party is well underway. guys. >> that is a 24 hour party there, brad, thanks you can catch all the action right here
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on fox 29 tomorrow night. the big 10 championship coverage begins at 8:00 o'clock. a win could help propel penn state into the college football playoffs. a big first for one county in new jersey in the fight to safe lives and prevent opioid overdoses. ocean county has become the first county to supply all of its high school nurses with narcan. narcan can be injected to reverse fatal opioid overdoses. nurses at county schools received training on administering the drug yesterd yesterday. ocean county has the most overdose deaths of all the counties in new jersey with 180 so far this year. if you live in cam county, and you're missing a bike, you may be in luck. police are looking for the owners of dozens of stolen bik bikes. officers recovered none stolen bicycles from the basement of a bow day go. police say you'll some sort of identification, proof to claim your bike whether it's a picture or receipt. they say they also found electronics along with the bik
5:17 pm
bikes. >> thus far we have no arrests. it's an on hiv going investigation. our objective is just to return these bicycles to their rightful owners as quickly as possible. >> if you think one of those bikes is yours, police say you can check them out at the lows amigos grocery south on 600 block of south broadway. we've created a website with all the pictures. the situation is finally improving in around gatlinburg tennessee. today authorities announced they have finally put out those devastating wildfires. >> those fires caused widespread destruction and forced thousands of evacuations. fox's julie banderas has more from new york. >> reporter: the fires are out but the damage has been done. 16,000 acres in and around gatlinburg, tennessee, scorched by a series of wildfires that prompted more than 14,000 evacuations. the town of gatlinburg is still closed. but residents and business owners are now being allowed back to assess the damage.
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>> i was able to get a signal and call our pastor and say you have to pray for us. we don't know if we're getting out of this. >> authorities are following up on dozens of missing person's reports. they say most have been accounted for. but some people are still searching hospitals and shelters for their loved ones. >> she called me about 8:15 and said that there were flames across the street from our house and she didn't know what to do. so i told her to call 911 and that was the last time i talked to her. >> reporter: inside great smokey mountains national park some 15 square miles burned leaving parts of america's most visited national park a scorched landscape and officials warn with the area experiencing extreme drought conditions the wildfires could easily be rekindled. >> when you have such strong winds and dry conditions, there is not a fire line wide enough
5:19 pm
that can possibly stop it. >> reporter: federal officials say the fires were likely started by humans but it's still too early to tell whether they were started intentionally or by accident. in new york, julie banderas, fox news. a gun goes off inside a school. a student threatening to hurt himself and possibly others. how his parents were able to avert the crisis. and you might drive by it every day without even noticing. construction debris, supplies, heavy equipment, lining a city street. neighbors call it dangerous and disgusting. guess who we found? the contractor who put it there. fox 29 goes undercover. ♪
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in the wake of the deadly new jersey transit train crash, the federal railroad administration is now calling on mandatory sleep apnea screening and treatment for all passenger train operators. the move comes after the engineer in the hoax ken crash was found to have the dangerous disorder. one woman was killed. more than 100 people were injured. two months ago when the train slammed into the hoax ken terminal. a somber after today marks one year sin the massacre is san bernardino, california. the husband and wife attackers killed 14 people and injured 22 more. >> well today a heart broken community gathered to remember those victims. a memorial service today at the inland regional center there is where the mass shooting took place. staff gathered for a moment of silence and words from local leaders. employees nearby businesses who sheltered workers during the chaos also attended. the memorial bringing out emotions from one year ago.
5:24 pm
>> we will never forget that day or the victims of this senseless act of violence. we strive to move forward and search for the good that in us all. >> the city of san bernardino will hold a public memorial later on tonight. in utah, an extremely close call at one junior high school that could have resulted in a horrible tragedy. a teenaged boy opened fire in classroom. the bullet hit the ceiling. he then put the gun to his neck. fortunately no more shots were fired and no one was hurt. because the boy's parents apparently followed him into school and pulled the shotgun from his hand. police say the parents quickly jumped into action after they noticed their guns were missing from their home. still other parents at school are extremely shaken by this. >> this is not a drill. >> you hear about all the other stories of these other schools. you have no idea. you just don't know.
5:25 pm
this became a reality today. >> very scary. that teenager has been booked into juvenile detention facility on multiple charges. police are still trying to determine a motive. it is one of the most famous homes in television history and it just sold for pretty penny. how the new owner has special connection to this full house. plus -- >> wasn't just a wrapper this guy they call bobby dimes who was shot earlier to this here in wilmington. he was father an son much the truth from all the people closest to him in just a minute. ♪ >> right now we're dealing with seasonal temperatures. get ready for some of the coldest air so far this season with that seven day forecast next.
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♪ it certainly is a beautiful december night to head downtown and check out christmas village. not too bad out there considering it is december. meteorologist scott williams has your forecast coming up in moments. tonight police in bethlehem city want to talk to this guy. they have calling him a person of interest in the theft at sands casino. someone took knife hun dollars worth of game, chips from roulette table back in october when dealer got distracted. if you know this man, contact police. well, unfortunately, it seems like every day we have stories in our area of lives cut
5:29 pm
short by gun violence but very rarely do we get a glimpse deeper into the lives of those that were left behind. delaware man hoping to make it big as rapper is now among the victims of gun violence. >> fox 29's hank flynn spent some time with his family who still can't believe he's gone. >> some people didn't know how big his heart was. >> okay. >> how much he loved, loved, loved his family. his children and his mother. >> ♪ >> reporter: this is wilmington delaware rapper bobby dimes. the song is his 2013 hit out delaware. bobby was regardrd as arising star in rap until monday night when he was shot to death near jefferson street in wilmington. his mother trudy says jealousy is to blame. >> he wanted to go to the street terms they're haters and that's what it was haters on my son, because he did exactly what he said he was going to do. he told them, when i come out of here, i'm going to put delaware on the map.
5:30 pm
and he wrote out of delaware which was a hit. put delaware on the map. and he did it in less than year after serving three years in gander hill. >> reporter: trudy admits her son was no saint. the rapper whose real name was robert had done time many rappers and have out on bail facing weapons charges were he died. i met sean bell near jefferson street memorial. >> how are you all? >> i question so hard. >> sean bell sent us these pictures. she's the mother one of bobby's seven children. he loved them all and was doing right by them she said for them she's outrage. >> they think the world of him. this was so hard. my daughter -- to take him from his family. it was hard for him to take him from his kids. like this has to stop. like the violence has to stop. >> reporter: according to the wilmington shootings delaware
5:31 pm
online database there have been something like 122 shooting incidents in wilmington so far this year. 21 fatalities klein you hadding bobby's and something like 140 victims overall. it's a smidge down from last year's five-year high but still, we got to get through december. those who loved the recently departed try to remember the good. >> i just want everyone to pray for his family, for his kids, number one, for his mom. ♪ >> reporter: for bobby that was family and talent as a rapper and as a witness to the world. >> all that stuff he saw on the streets and he talk about. >> reporter: maybe you knew him as rapper bobby dimes but there was more there there usually is. no arrests have been made. if you know anything contact wilmington police. hank flynn, fox 29 news. ♪ back to your fox 29 weather authority now. the calendar says december. but take walk outside it was not a bad day outside.
5:32 pm
>> not at all. but can we expect more of the same for the weekend. it would be nice. scott williams has your forecast in 15 seconds. yeah not that bad for today. the high made it up to 51 degrees. for the upcoming weekend it will stay pretty similar. the average high for this time of year around until philadelphia is 49 for the up coming weekend saturday a high of 50. temperatures on sunday right around 48 degrees and the wind it will kind of stay up both days anywhere from 10 to 15 miles per hour with higher gusts across the area but we will stay dry. take look at the water vapor imagery all the moisture right now down around texas and the gulf coast. we remain dry for the up coming weekend our next best chance for rain won't come until tuesday and then thursday of next week.
5:33 pm
so dry, quiet across much of the eastern seaboard but take look around houston, dallas, parts of the gulf coast getting some of that rainfall. a couple of lake effect snow showers well to the north and west of us. we'll zoom in closer. we saw some sun. we saw some cloud cover. the clouds will diminish across the area but take look the binghamton, syracuse, buffalo, erie looking at some of those light snow flurries and that activity will stay well to the west of us for tonight. but take look at those sustain winds right now at 23 miles per hour in philadelphia. 18 miles per hour westerly wind in wilmington. gusting over 20 even up to 30 miles an hour so still pretty blustery if you're stepping outdoors. so definitely bundle up. a lot of christmas tree lighting ceremonies and parades taking place across the region. 46 degrees right now in millville. 45 wilmington. 30s already in the pocono mountains so some of that colder air will continue to funnel in down from the north and west upper 30s pittsburgh along with
5:34 pm
buffalo right now. forecast for tonight fair skies, temperatures bottom out right around 34 in the suburbs on average. we're looking at 37 degrees in the city. what about that forecast across the area for your saturday? it stays chilly only 30s in the poconos. 48 in reading. 47 the high temperature in pottstown and allentown. we'll go right around 50 for philadelphia. upper 40s in millville. down the shore we're looking at 50 in atlantic city along with wildwood. but get ready for pattern change. the latter part of next week. look at the purple and pink. that is arctic air that will move right toward our area by next friday high temperatures could be hard pressed to make it out of the 30s. so as we take a look at that weather authority seven day forecast, a seasonal weekend. temperatures top out upper 40 toss right around 50 degrees. maybe a sprinkle as we move toward sunday night and monday morning. monday's high 51. 49 on tuesday with that rainfall chance.
5:35 pm
it stays cloudy for much of next week. another rainfall chance thursday with that front that will bring some arctic air friday high temperature in philadelphia only 41 degrees. there could even be a few flurries far north and west. what about the eagles game in cincinnati let's look at the kick off forecast. cloudy skies, maybe a shower as the birds take on the bengals. guys, back over to you. >> all right. thank you, scott. philadelphia has new permanent piece of art why this sculpture that was only supposed to be here for the pope's visit will be sticking around. >> and is the zika crisis over in the united states? how soon the entire country could be deemed free of the virus. coming up all new at 6:00 o'clock, it was time to break out the razor for several local police officers. they didn't shave for the whole month of november. all for good cause, though. how much their beards raised.
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♪ love is here to stay. i don't think it went anywhere, but philadelphia is going to keep the am more statue here permanently. the spanish and latin play on philadelphia's love statue was formally dedicated at the sister cities park today. the sculpture was initially on loan to the city last year for pope francis' visit. it was up on the art museum steps. well, its new home will be right near the cathedral basilica on the parkway. >> i like it. >> nice addition. in your health tonight, progress in the fight against zika. florida governor rick scott says the little river neighborhood in miami is now zika free. >> it was one of the last remaining zika zones in south beach. one zika hot zone still remains, however, one and a half square mile area right in the heart of south beach. the target date for that zone to be lived is december 9th.
5:40 pm
governor scott says the state still needs funding from the federal government in the fight against zika and he's also le letting residents know this should not end their concerns over zika as mosquitoes will return next year he says residents really need to remain vigilant. >> now, this is not past. we'll have mosquitoes next year. so we're all going to work together. hopefully the federal government will become a good partner and we'll get a vaccine which is long-term what we need. but everybody here is going to work hard. >> it's been 45 days since the last confirmed zika transmission in the little river area. the famous tanner family owned featured in the sitcom full house has been sold and the owner couldn't be more fitting. it is jeff franklin the man who created the show. he says he paid about 4 million bucks for the victorian home in san francisco located on broderick street in lower pacific heights region. franklin says at least a couple hundred fans take pictures in
5:41 pm
front of that house every single day. >> i believe it. >> famous his. physical police are looking for the vandal who's hit a local car dealership. what they say they did to those cars. you may drive by it every single day without even notici noticing. construction debris, supplies, heavy equipment lining a city street. neighbors call it dangerous and disgusting. well, we found the contractor who put it there. an undercover investigation you won't want to miss. ♪ >> penn state and wisconsin for the big 10 championship. that's happening tomorrow night right here on fox 29. coming up later in sports, hear from head coach james franklin and if he feels tomorrow night's winner should make college football's final four later in sports.
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♪ tonight police are looking for the vandal who's hit a southwest philadelphia car dealership. it happened early this morning at the family dodge on the 6700 block of essington avenue. the damage appears to be on the front gate and the window of the dealership and the side mirror on one of the cars. no word on any arrests yet. construction debris, supplies and heavy equipment line a city street. a contractor who admitted to p putting it there calls it a staging area. neighbors call it a safety hazard and down right disgusti disgusting. >> city councilman calls it illegal dumping. fox 29's dave schratwieser has our undercover investigation. ♪ >> to used to be my aunt's house. >> reporter: theresa price has lived at 25th and carpenter in south philadelphia for 56 years. hers is a neighborhood in transformation. new homes are being built, others are being renovated. >> it's turning into really nice neighborhood.
5:46 pm
>> yes, it's turning into a nice neighbor, yes. >> reporter: theresa loves her neighborhood but one thing is bothering her. this seen at 25th and washington a block from her home. >> disgusting. it brings down the neighbor. >> reporter: the subject of her disgust was this huge half block long pile of construction debris that sat here for weeks. there was a pile of broken up wood pallets arc pile of sand, cold patch asphalt and lots of broken up concrete and pavement. piled five to 6 feet high. it looked more like construction yard than a city street. >> it shouldn't be there really. i mean because this is a respectable neighbor. we all get along. report. >> total disregard for the people who live in that neighb neighbor. i many i'm sure they wouldn't want anyone coming in the community they live in and dump material there. >> reporter: the debris covered the street and the sidewalk here forcing children to walk out into the street near traffic to get around the piles.
5:47 pm
>> you can't use a public street as a staging area. i mean particularly when you have kids and people, pedestrians that are trying to walk through that neighborhood to go to school, work. >> reporter: theresa explained that in addition to the piles of debris, being a safety concern and an eye sore, they made a short supply of local parking spaces even shorter. >> they can't find parking spot right here in front of their door they going all the way to maybe south street, 20th street just to find a parking spot. >> reporter: so fox 29 vet gates began to look into the problems. we found construction equipment with the name general asphalt paving right across the street along with pipes, metal plates and other construction supplies along with a shipping container. within hours, we found a general as fall paving backhoe operator dumping more debris on the piles. so we followed him. >> that was bold. he's just dumping it as if this is part of his project.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: we showed south philadelphia city councilman kenyata johnson our undercover video of the backhoe operator as he drove five blocks up washington avenue to 20th street. then 10 blocks north to 20th and lombard where a general asphalt paving crew was digging a hole in a sidewalk. the crew loaded the backhoe and back it went to 25th and washington. >> that's disturbing. you know obviously these guys illegally dumping debris material inside a neighborhood inside my district, and it's illegal totally unacceptable. >> reporter: we also showed the video to philadelphia police who investigate dumping on city streets. >> there they go. >> reporter: they watched as the backhoe made the round trip it went on all morning. >> disturbing. disgusting that somebody a contracting company would be doing work in one location and dumping that in somebodi' else's
5:49 pm
backyard. >> reporter: we contacted the department licenses and inspections to find out if general as fall paving was allowed to store construction equipment and debris on a public street. we were told there are no permits or licenses to place debris on a city street. >> make sure our neighborhood services unit is investigating this as they are and looking into this and making sure that we're work wig l and i regarding their license. >> trying to rebuild that neighbor. try to rebuild that community. we don't need a private company dumping illegal material because they want to save a few dollars. >> reporter: finally we called austin meehan the owner of general asphalt admitted the material and equipment had been there for almost five weeks and the company was using the city street as temporary quote staging area for various complex construction projects around the city. >> even go with the theory they were just using that block for a
5:50 pm
staging area. >> unacceptable. unacceptable. >> reporter: meehan did not dispute that he had no permit or permission from the city. he said the construction debris came from his projects at 12th and sansom and somewhere near the university of pennsylvania. i'm not denying it meehan told us. nobody complained to us. if they had, we would have removed it. we always clean up. >> what should they be doing with that stuff? >> taking it to the proper dump site, and getting rid of the material as they're supposed to. >> reporter: our investigation also revealed that since 1995, general asphalt paving is received more than $67 million in city contracts with the streets department, the water department, recreations schools even philadelphia gas works. meehan admitted he wouldn't dare store construction debris and equipment in the neighborhoods where he was doing the work. >> you wouldn't do it in center city. don't come do it in point
5:51 pm
breeze, south philadelphia. >> reporter: meehan went on to say it was standard industry practice to store construction debris on a city street somewhere and clean it up later when he finish his projects. he said in a statement that it saves time, minimizes the cost of the project and reduces the amount of disruption caused by construction. >> they're doing work like this they shouldn't be doing work with the city of philadelphia at all. report. >> is this something that we won't tolerate and we'll investigate and work with l and i to make sure these people are held accountable for their actions. >> reporter: a week after fox 29 investigators started asking questions and video taping the growing piles of debris, work crews suddenly appears and began cleaning up. on monday october 31st, half the material was removed. a day later, the remainder was carted away. >> thursday november 3rd. >> reporter: few days later they carted away their equipment.
5:52 pm
>> business privilege license need to be revoke. >> reporter: as you can see the street has now been cleaned up, but councilman johnson the police department and l and i continue to look into this matter as for austin meehan he says he takes his responsibility to the community, his clients and the environment very serio seriously. he also says, he regrets any negative impact to the communi community. but he would not consent to an on camera interview. in south philadelphia, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. it is that time of year many of us look for ways to help those in need most. one local organization doesn't wait for the holidays to help and they've been doing it for 20 years.
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from now until the end of the year, shopping at small businesses could be even more rewarding. because, when you shop small with your eligible american express card, you could get two times the rewards. so support the businesses that make your town a community. the people who make your community, home those insiders, with the inside knowledge, those friends with a welcome smile. and you could get twice the rewards. learn more and enroll online today at get out... get together and shop small.
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♪ there is light out there in a mid our daily struggles and bill anderson finding it every night. he's doing it for goodness sake. >> he is tonight bill finds that light and he found that the christmas spirit is alive for more than just one month a year. >> reporter: unfortunately, kensington isn't often in the news for a lot of positive reasons but like in most neighborhoods there are people who are doing good thing. their stories just never get told. beth is one of those people. >> i have a friend who was living here who got sick and died unfortunately, and i was living in philadelphia, and there was nobody else doing the work of this house. >> reporter: the work of the house was to feed those in need and for 20 years beth and a
5:57 pm
small group of volunteers have made sure that work continues. >> we can give 65 or 70 at the end of the month. because people have run out of money and food stamps. they're hungry. >> reporter: monday through thursday, they do this winter, spring, summer, fall and i was there as they prepared today. as they got the meals ready i asked about the effort it takes to do this nearly every day. i was as surprised by the answer as they seemed by the question. >> it's a lot of work and it's a lot of evident. why are you doing this every d day? >> helping to provide food and clothing to people that need it. >> reporter: that simple. >> yes, if you need help, and i can provide it, you got it. >> reporter: people started lining up at around 11:30. there are no signs or any indication that food will be served but the neighborhood around fifth and jefferson
5:58 pm
knows. that's simply -- beth simply opens her kitchen window and lunch begins. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: it's a neighborhood that's had its fair share of problems but at lunch time it's a welcoming group of people happy to take a moment to laugh among friends and strangers. >> i'm out here with santa cla claus. [ laughter ] >> reporter: grateful for meal meal and 20 years of selfless service. >> clothing and stuff like you need. sweaters. you name it. >> reporter: what would happen if sean here. >> oh, man, problem. be a problem. >> reporter: non heist profit purchase the house beth doesn't have that expense but she still seeks donations of food or money so that this daily meal the only meal for some can continue. beth and her team are unusual, but they're not unique. there are hundreds of people throughout our area doing all sorts of positive things and i want to tell their stories. so tweet me at bill a. fox 29.
5:59 pm
you can message me on facebook, e-mail me, tell me about the people that you know of who are doing good things just for goodness sake. i'm bill ant son. ♪ it's amazing how just one person can make a difference. >> yeah. so many times we get -- we're out in the field, we need to hear more good news stories. too much bad in the world. we're doing it every night right there and beth and her team, good job. ♪ right now at 6:00, terrifying moments for a woman walking down the street in northern liberties. a man walks up, pulls out a gun, and points it at her head. coming up, what happens next. ♪ now that december is upon us, local police officers are breaking out the razors and shaving off their beards. >> it's really important to give back and make sure you're helping your fellow man. >> how much they raised for a good cause during no shave november. ♪
6:00 pm
live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. a violent afternoon in one philadelphia neighborhood causes an elementary school to go on lock down. more than 10 shots were fired in franklinville. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. i'm chris o'connell. at least one person was shot as well as several vehicles. let's get right tout fox 29's dave kinchen live at the 24th police district in hunting park for us tonight. dave? >> reporter: it was a quiet, beautiful friday until gunshots rang out in the franklinville second of north philadelphia. we'll show you video now and we can tell i was 31-year-old man was wounded after being shot. not once, not twice, but three times. shot at sixth and butler streets. once in the cheek shot in the left -- in the neck and also in the left shoulder. he was taken to temple university hospital. meantime investigators say mcclure elementary school was placed on lock down for five minutes. this was just before school was


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