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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 3, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. football fans it won't be long now. right now penn state fans are gearing up for the big 10 conference championship game against wisconsin. many of those fans are on the road as we speak. very good evening. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. there's a lot at stake at this game including a chance to make playoffs and you can watch it all go down right here on fox 29. >> fox 29's brad sattin tonight with the excitement rising to fever pitch. >> reporter: guys, we're at sent city at the field house. this is going to be one of the watch parties tomorrow night. this is the home of the penn state philadelphia alumni chapter. there is also in manayunk a watch party at mad river of
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course you can watch the game at home on fox 29. there are some lucky fans, though, who will be in indy for the game. madd matt and bright garaged from penn state in maim both will be glued to the game tomorrow. matt from this very spot, but bray. >> i got to wake up 5:00 o'clock, take the train to the, um, terminal and get on the flight and go see the game. >> he's not taking you were it. >> he's not. >> quite the friend he is, right. >> penn state on the outside looking in it one it can comes to play off for the national championship as least for now. >> i've been listening to sports talk radio all day. all the different scenarios how penn state has a chance to get toot championship. >> eileen minor is charter business running three buss from pennsylvania with about 150 fa fans. >> hey, you guys, on the bus, you excited about penn state this year? >> yes! >> in fact somewhere in ohio, they broke out in song.
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♪ >> she says she'll do it again for penn state upcoming bowl game and this would take some real magic if the nittany lions were to play for national championship. >> demands for this was maze. >> reporter: many fans are already in indy including head of the a column night association touring the team's hotel. >> we're here. you can buy any kind of merchandise that you would like. approximately 30,000 penn staters out here indianapolis. >> reporter: back in fill bray headed to indy in the morning is plotting how if penn state wins tomorrow he'll get to the next game. >> i'll call my parents and just explain how important this is for me to go. >> reporter: there are about sew about 15 bus loads of penn state students arriving in indy for the game tomorrow. if by chance you don't have a tv this big, your tv is fine. we have you covered. the game can be seen 8:00 o'clock tomorrow here on fox 29. in sent city brad sattin fox 29 news. >> and as brad mentioned, you
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can join us tomorrow night for the big championship game happening right here on fox 29. it starts at 8:00 o'clock. wisconsin and penn state and what should be an amazing game. breaking news now in camden county. police just made a big arrest in a sexual assault investigation. >> officers say a man attacked a woman at random. on dre wes system behind bars tonight after a tense standoff with police at his willingboro home. police say the 29-year-old who's registered sex offender and has five prior felony convictions sexually assaulted a woman last saturday. he's accused of forcing her behind a vacant building on third street and assaulting her. and tonight police say wesley may be more dangerous than originally thought. >> well i think it's a relief for, um, for the residents of south jersey and the region to get this predator off the streets. he's an extremely dangerous individual. we did find evidence at the location which confirms what we
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suspect of him to be involved in in similar acts in other jurisdictions. >> tonight wesley is being held on $2 million bail. charged with aggravated sexual assault and attempted murder. sad news out of penn valley authorities say a 72-year-old man has died after he was hit by a car. police are still looking for that hit-and-run driver just kept on going. the victim was walking on the 600 block of riders mill rode this evening when he was run down. on your radar tonight, a calm december night but chilly weekend ahead. i was outside tonight getting cold out there, scott. >> cold. >> absolutely. winds of change are moving into the delaware valley. folk out and about for first friday in old city. but those temperatures are going to be dropping. however, it will be a seasonal upcoming weekend but the wind will make it feel colder. also, there's a cold blast in the seven day forecast with a pattern change that could hold for quite some time. but look at the numbers right now. 33 in the poconos. 41 in pottstown.
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42 right now philadelphia and millville. low 40s in atlantic city. but you factor in that wind, this is how it feels. it feels like 35 in philadelphia. so overnight tonight temperatures dip into the 30s and that saturday forecast high temperatures stuck in the mid to upper 40s with blustery conditions. when the whipped will diminish and that cold shock to the system coming up with the seven day. back to you. >> okay, seal in a few minutes scott. scary moment for the family avenue little boy after he nearly drowned at a hotel pool in center city. police say the five-year-old was swimming at the marriott at 12th and market when his stepmother noticed he'd sung to the bottom and wasn't coming up. she pulled him out. once medic arrived on the scene, responded to cpr. young boy is now at the hospital in stable condition. developing to night in north philadelphia, a man is in critical condition aft a storm of gunfire in franklinville this afternoon. police tell us a 31-year-old man was shot three times at sixth and butler. once in the cheek, once in the
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neck and once in the left shoulder. investigators say mc lure elementary school was briefly placed on lock down as a result. and around the same time this was happening, neighbors reported hearing several gunshots nearby. police found two vehicles hit by bullets. it's unclear if the two shoot, related. well tonight police are hoping this chilling video of a robbery will lead them to a brazen criminal take a look. police say this guy walks up to two women on north third street in northern liberties, pulled out a gun and grabbed one of the women by the neck. this happened on tuesday just before 6:00 o'clock at night. the bad guy got away with the victim' purse. if you recognize him, police want to hear from you. happening now, a community is devastated ahead of the holiday season. a three alarm fire rips through an allentown block. it's left nearly two dozen people homeless and trying to figure out how in the world they're going to pick up the pieces. tonight fire investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what started the fire. >> but a mid all that
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devastation, some of the goodness of people is shining through. fox 29s toes bruce gordon reports from allentown. >> reporter: a distraught fire victim she asked we not show her face returned to the 400 block of north fulton street late friday afternoon to retrieve the personal belongings not consumed bite blaze. >> trying to grab some pictures from the first floor. some things for the my kids on the second floor. >> reporter: anything you can save. >> my third floor is gone. >> reporter: fire reported at 440 fulton 8:00 o'clock thursday night and quickly spread in both directions along the third floor and roof areas. keeping firefighters have all over allentown busy for more than four hours. >> these homes were built around turn of the century so the wood is dry for 100 years. once fire gets up into it it will start going left and right. >> reporter: only apparent casualty a pet dog. jason mellow returned on this day after to find his new pet python was alive and well. his home was the only one on this side of the block to be
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spared major damage but mellow has no plans to return here to live. >> after all this you don't want to come back. >> reporter: you don't want to come back. >> we don't want to come back report roar your house survived but you have no interest coming back. >> bad vibe all these houses on fire. >> reporter: the other fire victims nearly two dozen in all are spread out across allentown in hotels. courtesy of the local red cross. they have the sympathy of curious neighbors. >> feel sorry for the people that don't have anything to go to for the holidays. >> jessica rivera did more than feel sorry. she packed her young children in the car and joined her best friend stephanie so tow to scower the city for donations. >> clothes and coats and sneakers, toiletries, soap, shampoo. >> reporter: on behalf of fire victims they had never met until today. >> how they doing. >> you talked to few of them today. >> yeah. not good. a little devastated heart broken where do we go from here? these families have lost everything. they have absolutely nothing and that's what this season is about. giving back. i feel like you get more from christmas when you're giving something than receiving something. >> reporter: rivera and soto
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hope to fill a u-haul full of larger donations, furniture and television sets for distribution to the fire victims on monday. the season of giving has never felt so important. in allentown, bruce gordon fox 29 news. have you seen this man? he's wanted for three armed robberies in philadelphia in the last month. these surveillance photos are from the first incident at a grocery store on the 2,000 block of north gratz street. police say he shot a customer while stealing money. no one else was injured in the other incidents. the fbi has joined police in looking for this suspected serial robber. tonight prosecutors have charged a kensington mother with her two-year-old son's death. 23-year-old andrea worrell is charged with endangering the welfare of a child and obstructing justice. police responded to the 600 block of east clementine street tuesday night. they found two eighty three old zyair worrell who was lethargic. they took the child to st.
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christopher's hospital where he died a few hours later. police say he had a laceration to his liver, chest bruising, abrasions on his body and thc in his system. investigators say the motive in this toddler's death child abuse. >> to the trump transition tonight. new jersey governor chris christie back in the headlines and possibly back in the follow. christie showed up at trump tower in new york city today accompanied by trump adviser kellyanne conway. some political pundants say the governor is trying to make one final push for a high-ranking job in the trump administration. the president-elect passed over christie for the position of vice-president despite being one of trump's most loyal supporte supporters. meantime president-elect trump is stepping in uncharted territory possibly endangering one of the united states most important diplomatic relationships. trump transition team confirms tonight that he spoke directly with the president of taiwan. the president-elect even tweeted "the president of taiwan called me to today to wish me
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congratulations on winning the presidency" us broke diplomatic ties with taiwan back in 1979 and is recognized china sovereignty over taiwan ever since. china's foreign minister says he hopes beijing's relations with the u.s. won't be damaged. military families who have given us so much just got early holiday gifts of their own. the big give away that just happened in center city that will warm your heart. a beaver, you heard right, a beaver goes shopping in maryland. we're not kidding. check out picture of it actually happening. and this furry guy did cause some trouble as you can ima
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ we are less than 24 hours until penn state takes on wisconsin in the big 10 championship right here on fox 29, and penn state leaders have an important message you'll remember this seen from rocket when students rioted aft the knit at a 19 lions won against ohio state. well today penn state safety and student affairs leaders say they have no tolerance for excessive or dangerous celebrations. in letter to students they wrote "let's not spoil the accomplishment by failing to respect our campus and the broader community". christmas came early for some very deserving children. dozens and dozens of kids in our
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region now have new bicycles to ride. the kind gesture from volunteers is all to honor our nation's heroes. >> fox 29's joanne pileggi was there as the children received the special presents in center city. >> reporter: the spirit of holidays lives on right here at the kimmel center. it was the night of tribute, thanks and gift giving. a salute to the military and first responders. it was an early christmas with a really nice surprise for nearly 200 children tonight in center city. >> made me cry. excited. i'm excited for him. their dad is gone right now. so things like this make the holidays easier. ♪ >> reporter: each year the philly pops puts on a special holiday concert to honor those in the military and first responders but this year it was more than that. ♪ > >> report this is our third year doing it. what makes it so special this year the partnership with amazon
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and the bike give away. >> reporter: philly pops collaborated with to give away 185 bikes to children of u.s. servicemen and women. >> this is amazon's way of saying thanks for the service of our soldiers, airmen and marines and their families the sacrifice they make for us we appreciate report roar over the past two days volunteers assemble all of the bikes dough fated by the giant online retailer. and everyone especially the kids was happy when they found out they were getting new bikes. >> you came here tonight and you're going home with what? >> a bike. >> reporter: is that pretty cool? >> yes. >> i appreciate all service that they provide to us, you know, knowing that we give and knowing that they are giving back to us. >> reporter: in the end everyone leaves with a warm and fond memory of this holiday season and the kids getting to home with a brand new bike. at the kimmel sent, i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. well, who says holiday shopping is just for humans?
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no, you're eyes aren't playing tricks on you, yes, that is a beaver inside dollar store in maryland. the local sheriff office tweeted photos of the beaver going down the holiday aisle and looking at christmas trees. he knock down shelves before animal control eventually came in and pick him up. the beaver is now enjoying the holidays at a wildlife rehab organization. >> he needed stocking stuffers. >> love is here to stay. fill l keep the am more statue here permanently you may know it the spanish and latin play on physical's famous love statue formally dedicat dedicated to te sisters city park. it was on loan to the city for the past year for the pope francis' visit. it was on the art museum steps there. its new home will be on the parkway right near the cathedral ba celica. on your radar tonight chilly december night. we were both out. it was kind of cold. >> little chilly out there, scott. >> for the first friday in december those temperatures certainly have been dropping.
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but the wind makes it feel even colder. so here's the bottom line for the upcoming weekend. kind of similar to today. high temperatures on saturday upper 40s. 47 on sunday. but the wind will make it feel colder so bum up it will stay dry. looking at ultimate doppler dry, quite around the delaware valley but look at all of the moisture right now around texas and parts of louisiana. that will stay to our south. we'll zoom in a little closer. the cloud cover is going to dissipate overnight so those temperatures will continue to drop. we've been lookin looking at lae effect snow binghamton a couple of flurries trying to move and sneak in toward the pocono mountains but that activity will diminish. temperatures pretty uniform right now. we're looking at 42 philadelphia and millville. 42 in the lehigh valley allentown checking in there. 41 right now in reading and lancaster. the wind that was a big issue for today. we still have those winds sustained generally out of the west 10 to 15 miles per hour.
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earlier on your friday those winds were gusting 30 miles an hour. so for tonight, with the decrease in clouds the diminishing winds temperatures dipping into the mid to upper 30s out there. so a cold start for your saturday morning. saturday seasonal high temperatures topping out in the upper 40s philadelphia. 49 in millville. upper 40s down the shore in while wood also atlantic city. only in the 30s for the pocono mountains. get ready for the latter part of next week. we're talking about an arctic blast some of the coldest air yet by next friday with high temperatures stuck likely in the upper 30 toss low 40s. the bottom line for the weekend it's seasonal but it will be blustery with those winds. best chances for rain next week tuesday also into thursday. maybe a flurry by next friday. hey, folks headed to indianapolis it's going to be cold outside of the stadium but thankfully it's climate controlled inside temperatures by kickoff right around 36 degrees and then what about the game on sunday? we're
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talking about the bengals versus the birds. cloudy maybe a shower in cincinnati. guys, back over to you. >> all right, scott. you just mentioned it right there. it's all about penn state and big 10 championship game coming up here from coach james franklin on the eve of his biggest game as a head coach and whether or not penn state star running back barclay will be ready to play. all that and more coming up ne next. now with tomorrow's classic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. watch for a new traffic pattern downtown if you're coming in for the festivities this weekend bringing the kids down for jurassic park exhibit at the franklin institute. brand new traffic pattern on the parkway between cathedral and art museum steps. tomorrow i'll see you in cape may. we got the big christmas parade that we kick off at 5:00 o'clock down there in beautiful cape may. and through the weekend if you'll be doing some shopping, construction crews will be out along 422 between kop and oaks.
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have yourself a great evening. i'll see you bright and e e e e
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♪ welcome back. penn state wisconsin facing off in big big 10 championship title game. >> hear what the coaches are saying about the impact of this game with sports sean brace in just 15 seconds. ♪ to say the penn state fan hasn't had lot to cheer for over the years is an under statement. in fact the last time penn state football won a big 10 title out right was all the way back in 1994. now all that can change tomorrow night when penn state takes on wisconsin for the big 10 championship. penn state has been impressive this season winners of eight straight but head coach james franklin knows there's nothing
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quite like winning a championship. ♪ >> big 10 championships are huge. we talk to our players they put the way they understand it in our stadium they put the years on the stadium wall of the big 10 championship seasons. big 10 championships are hard to get. championships in general are hard to get. >> penn state fans are talking national championship but without a win tomorrow night, and all of that talk is for nothing. challenge for both coaches keeping the focus on the big 10 prize. >> obviously our players and our fans are aware of it. the coach are aware of it, but for us not really. we're really excited about being here. we're really excited about having the opportunity to play for a big 10 championship. >> this is big deal that we're here, and i think one quality of this team that i've appreciated a ton this year is their ability
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to make the most of the moment. >> one player hoping to get more than moment is the big 10 offensive player of the year penn state running back barclay. >> barclay who injured his ankle last week against michigan state is ready to go according to franklin. >> yes, sir he's been drinking a lot of milk all week and/or ranch juice and vitamin c and we flew in mr. miagi hit him on the ankle witness hands. >> barclay is a heck of a football player. really talented and can make things happen. when you add the fact of what they're doing, you know, the receivers and him running the ball or pushing down the field, our defense will be tested. >> oh yeah be sure to join us later tonight for the big 10 championship game featuring penn state/wisconsin. evenly matched team should be a fun game for sure. all big 10 eyes on this pact championship game hoping for a washington slip up.
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instead they stepped on colora colorado. huskies up 14-seven. interception he take it to the house. washington wins 41-10. they cement their spot in the playoffs. >> sixers pack in act after water gate this wednesday night. they should have postponed this game as well. magic take advantage. augustine finds gordon for the three. good. pig game for joel embiid 25 and 10 but the sixers lose unfortunately 105-88. penn state football and of course temple tomorrow and that penn state game 8:00 p.m. tomorrow nightly, torque night. >> temple going for aac championship tomorrow. >> that is correct. >> big deal. >> we are back here at 7:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia" weekend. we'll have your news, weather and track covered all morning long. >> and of course, don't forget the penn state game tomorrow night big 10 championship against wisconsin right here on fox 29. go penn state! have a great
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night. ♪
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