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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. penn state fans across the city, state and for that matter even the country are getting fired up for the team's first big 10 championship appearance. we're just two hours from kick off at the lukoil stadium but fans have been gearing up for this game for hours. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. there are watch parties going on all over the place as penn state fans gather to watch game and cheer on their team and one of those watch parties at the field house in center city and that's where we find sabina kuriakose. lots of blue and white there, sabina. >> reporter: a lot of blue and white and we are still getting more and more coming in. people here are so excited for this game. i have my very own penn state
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alum and fan here cody i grabbed him earlier because i wanted to talk to him about why this game is so important. tell me why. >> you know this season itself has really been a huge testament to james franklin coaching ability and he's really rebuilt this program ever since the sanctions and we're finally ge getting to see his work and what he's done with it and what this team can be in the future. >> really well said. can we call eight come back. >> i wouldn't call eight come back a rebuilding and fundamental redoing of what penn state was but it's still the same old penn state that wins and pride full of itself. >> you sound like such a great fan. so well said. we'll let you go, can i get a we are chant. >> here we go. >> let's go. >> hey, everyone. we are -- >> penn state. >> we are -- >> penn state! >> , we are -- >> penn state! >> thank you. >> whoo! thank you guys so much. you're awesome. thank you so much. so much excitement. cody awesome. so glad he let do you say that
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chant. 8:00 o'clock on our air people here are so excite add big night. dawn. back to you. >> thank you is that correct, sir bean n as you can see the fans are delve pysched. nittany lions it's about focusing on the big 10 title title a prize no one thought penn state would be in reach of at the beginning of this season. sean brace joining to us talk more about the journey. pretty amazing. >> it is. the coach shoulders all the blame fair or unfair it comes with the position on september 24th when penn state was rocked by michigan, many penn state fans started speaking up about head coach james franklin and the direction of the penn state program. maybe it was the fuel the players needed because ever since that loss to the wolverines the nittany lions haven't lot of which brings to us tonight. franklin and company have a chance to within the big 10 championship out right for the first time since 1994. a journey that franklin takes pride in. >> it's been an exciting year. um, word i probably would use best to describe our team is
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we've persevered, um, and we've gotten better, you know, we've gotten better as the season has gone on. something we take great pride in. i've always taken great pride in as a coach your team playing hard, number one, and getting better each day and getting better each week and i think we've done that. >> do not touch that remote. penn state and wisconsin kicking off right here on fox 29 in a little under two hours. 8:10 to be exact. 2016 big 10 champion will be crowned on fox 29. let's talk temple football. gives the boys north philly some shine. temple owls rolled today versus navy. they were underdog today aac championship game and from kick off you could see the head coach matt ruhle had his team ready to play. phil walker played hurt and shining for 199, two touchdowns. temple wins gig 34-10 and the american act let tick conference champion. kisses forehead coach matt ruh
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ruhle. >> he's an mazing kid. you know what, that kid for four years has never worried about statistics. he's worried about the team. he came out here today he was brilliant in the first half. i messed up on offense in the second half he had my back. he's wonderful. >> i'm about to get married happy wife, happy life. we'll have more from this game and the big 10 championship later in sports. >> all right. thank you, sean. of course, temple's campus filled with excitement over the owls big within a watch party in morgan hall, lots of loyal fans watching their team to defy the odds and beat navy. students who didn't make it to annapolis, they had a message for their team. >> we got you your back. be there every game. support. keep going. >> we'll be there until the end. >> temple has now won seven straight and will find out which bowl they'll be playing in tomorrow at noon. we'll keep you posted. now to a developing story. a white christmas in center city
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a few weeks early but this wasn't snow. take a look at this scene. police say a transformer blew up in an underground peco substation on the 400 block of south juniper street. so as a safety measure the system actually released all that foam. that's what it does when there's any kind of fire. fire and hazmat crews responded to the emergency. peco says about 2700 customers in center city lost their power. but since been turned back on. still no word on what caused that transformer to below. and time now for the fox 29 weather authority. the clouds moved in quickly and the wind well it's picking up this evening at the camden waterfront. overall not a bad day if you were out and about. little chilly out there. look at the rest of the evening forecast let's check in with meteorologist monica cryan. >> hi. >> hi, dawn. we're in the 40s out there. throughout the delaware valley 48 degrees in philadelphia. we've got a 45-degree reading in millville. pottstown at 44. we actually reached low 50s for
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today. but it didn't feel all that warm. here's why. the wind was the culprit. we had really gusty winds throughout the entire region you can see some of these peak wind gusts in atlantic city 40 miles an hour. philadelphia 31 miles an hour. good thing is, winds have started to calm down. you can see anywhere from 20 to 15 miles per hour. it's going to continue to calm through the overnight. temperatures dropping into the mid 30s through the city. the suburbs nearing freezing. hey, we've got a big game 8:00 o'clock tonight. many of you are going to be heading out to watch the game penn state versus wisconsin. we are cold tonight. we are dry on sunday. we are --, getting rain chances as we head into the new work week. i've got the forecast coming up in just bit. dawn. >> we'll see you then, thank you monica. we are on top of breaking news out of california. at least nine people are dead and authorities fear the death toll could rise as high as 40 after a fire broke out during a party at a converted warehouse in oakland. fox's claudia cohen has the latest details.
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>> reporter: at least nine people are dead and dozens more unaccounted for after a fire broke out in oakland. the blaze sparked during an electronic music party at a warehouse which is the home of an artist collective. >> make shift artist studio. it's like individuals came in and set up their own little partitions this is very tragic event. our hearts go out to not only the families but our community. >> reporter: firefighters arriving late friday night to find the small warehouse filled with heavy smoke and flames. it took roughly five hours to put out the blaze in a building which reportedly did not have sprinklers. officials say the roof collapsed making it difficult for crews to get inside the building. >> right now we're in a make the scene safe. let's make it secure. let us do our jobs. the roof has collapsed down on to the second floor. so we have to literally go in there piece by peace and move wood and timbers and debris to even get an assessment. >> reporter: authorities launched drones with thermal imaging capability to help
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officials find additional victims and hot spots. about 50 people are believed to have been inside the building at the time of the blaze. officials fear the death toll could rise. >> there's still a lot of the building that needs to be searched, and as we continue to search the building, i pray that our fatality count does not go up. but i believe that there's potential for it to. >> reporter: authorities have set up a family notification and assistance center. they're asking those who have concerns about missing people to contact the almeda county sheriff's department. in oakland, claudia company what happened, fox news. >> authorities in camden county arrest a man they say is so dangerous they're holding him on $2 million cash bail. 29-year-old andre wesley is facing a long list of charges including a tempted murder, kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault. police say he assaulted a woman a week on south third street in camden. police arrested wesley at his willingboro home after a tense
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standoff last night. in a statement camden county police chief scott thompson called wesley a quote dee ranged socio path. police are searching tonight for the person who shot a man in west philadelphia. it happened just before 6:00 in the morning on the 5500 block of chester avenue in spruce hill. police say they rolled up to the crime scene to find a trail of blood and bullet casings. someone had already driven the victim to the hospital. he had been shot once in the leg. no word tonight on his conditi condition. so what would christmas be without a beautifully decorated christmas tree in the living room? today in montgomery county, one police department teamed up with several local organizations to help make sure area families have that own very special christmas tree. fox 29's jennifer joyce has the story for us from norristown. >> reporter: for many people live christmas tree is the centerpiece of a joyful bright traditional family christmas. >> the smell, the cleaning, kids love to just, you know, decora
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decorate. >> the smell, the atmosphere. the feel just uniqueness of it. >> reporter: and this year the holiday staple is free for these families. surf pro of norristown and manayunk along with the police department work together to find local families and church who's can benefit most from this $3,000 give away. >> there's so many out there that can't buy a tree. the simple thing to be able to go out with your kid and pick a christmas tree. >> one by one parents and children pick out the perfect pine. >> pick a perfect one. >> reporter: serve pro crews pass fastened 100 trees to the roofs of cars, trucks and suvs. symbolizing of everybody getting together and being together as family again. >> reporter: lenay allen says her family was nominated for a free tree because her brother is an active member of the national guard. and this year they're hosting family members from across the country who want to be together this christmas. >> you like this one? >> yes, it's big. >> reporter: nicole henderson
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says her family was nominated by co-workers. it's the first year her daughter will experience a real christmas tree. >> the opportunity to be able to give her something different and to be able to enjoy that type of experience, you know what i mean, that's priceless to me. >> reporter: henderson showed her appreciation to the man behind the gift. >> merry christmas. >> real appreciate it. >> reporter: report perhaps brine and the serve pro team received the best gift of all seeing the smiles and excitement as these families make holiday memories that will last for. >> it gets me choked up. that's pretty amazing stuff. >> merry christmas! >> jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. fire investigators are trying to determine what started a fire in philadelphia's could bees creek neighborhood. this was the scene around 4:00 this morning on the 5500 block of walnut street. took firefighters about 40 minutes to get this row home fire under control. fortunately no one was hurt. police say three families have been displaced they are being helped tonight by the red cross.
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the controversy continues to mount for president-elect trump. why his phone calls to the leader of taiwan is stirring up trouble with other countries. and plenty of people still put up a live christmas tree, but they can be a serious haza hazard. how long it took for fire to spread from this tree to the entire room. where things come from?
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so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪
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president-elect trump is taking some diplomatic heat over his phone conversation with the president of taiwan. mr. trump has spoken with a variety of world leaders since the election on november 8th. yesterday trump took a congratulatory call from the president of taiwan something that stirred up problems with china. fox's bryan llenas at trump tower in new york city. >> reporter: concerns president-elect donald trump has rallied already complicated relationship with china after he spoke to taiwan leader over the phone friday. it's the first time a u.s. president or president-elect has spoken to taiwan leader since 1979 when u.s. formally broke diplomatic relations with taiwan china and taiwan relations is a bitterly contentious issue. china believes taiwan is part of china. taiwan declares itself a sovereign nation. on saturday china's foreign ministry filing a formal complaint after mr. trump's phone call warning the us to proceed with caution and care and avoid interfering "we have already made solemn represent
6:16 pm
stations about it to the relevant u.s. side. it must be pointed out that there is only one china in the world. taiwan is an inn alienable part of china's they are ". trump defended the phone call. the president of taiwan called me today to wish me congratulations on winning the presidency. thank you. interesting how the us sells taiwan billions of dollars military equipment but i should not accept a congratulatory call. the us has sold more than $45 billion in weapons defenses since 1990 to taiwan. white house reactioned quickly reassuring china a statement that nothing has changed. trump senior adviser kellyanne conway says mr. trump knew the ramifications of the call and that it was planned critics like the democratic national committee have called the phone call foolish and a threat to national security. in new york city, bryan llenas, fox news. wills eye hospital is celebrating the holidays a few weeks early. it's giving the gift of vision this weekend today 300 children
6:17 pm
picked up a pair of free eye glasses. they already had free eye exams about a month ago and today was the big reveal. organizers of today's event say for many children this is the first time they've experienced clear vision. >> we do this once a year. we have kid site day. wills is here every day of the year city institution happy to see any kid regardless of ability to pay. we're here to deliver care to the kids philadelphia. we'll get it done. >> fantastic. the seventh year by the way for this even. a day to remember for some area children with special nee needs. sane joe's university hosted a sensory friendly visit with santa claus. that's children who have autism could meet saint nick. organizers say sometimes the holidays can be really overwhelming for children on the autism spectrum especially waiting in those long lines crowded malls to meet santa. so today a chance to get that sought after photo in a much calmer environment.
6:18 pm
>> we give families the opportunity to schedule a 20 minute time block. we find out what they like in advance. whether motivates them a i-pad or special toy maybe train and we have our staff on hand to be able to create the perfect family picture with santa, and for many of our families this is the first time they're able to capture this moment. >> such a great idea. st. joe's has been hosting this event for five years and counting. looks like it was huge success. well, sporting events see their ferreted share of weather delays. weather related issue inside the wells fargo center? bruce gordon explains, that's something that could happen only in philly. >> reporter: i'm bruce gordon. the saying in sports when older players start to lose their skills that father time is undefeated. if that's true then mother nature must be second in the standings. when ice and temperatures combine in just the right way, chaos ensues. every time. long tie flyers fans no doubt
6:19 pm
remember game three of the 1975 stanley cup finals at buffalo. warm air in unair-conditioned building met the ice on the ring, created a thick blanket of fog. yup, somewhere in that cloud is a puck and a bunch of players. this week we got brand new chance to see the science of ice and warm air in act. once again, the result was not pretty. >> yes i know you expected to see basketball. >> reporter: 76ers basketball game against sacramento at the wells fargo center was postponed due to moisture. moisture that seeped upwards from the flyers ice ring below through the sixers floor boards and on to the basketball court. apparently the temperature in the building got too warm for the ice to stay, you know, icy and the result was a court too slippery to play on. it should go without saying that this bizarre postponement took place on a night when the sixers had big plans. namely, major playing time for their two big stars jahlil
6:20 pm
okafor and joel embiid together on the court at the same time. sixers fans have for sometime now and frustrated with the team's ultra cautious approach to playing time for their fragile young as far as you might say they've been turning up the heat on management. well, then someone turned up the heat in the building and the whole game went kaput. the sixers credit they quickly offered a refund the kings game plus money back for parking that night and tickets to yet another game later in december. all well and good, but it will still be hard to mop away the embarrassment of this moist mess. look basketball fans have been saying for the past several years the laughing stock sixers are all wet. this week's events would appear to prove them right. they can't beat anyone in the nba or mother nature? only in philly. ♪ historians in atlantic city want to open new museum in ac dedicated to none other than
6:21 pm
donald trump. why they say it will have more than just historical value. and it happens too often on our streets. gun violence cuts another young life short. tonight a deeply personal look at a life after this type of tragedy. >> i couldn't even identify him. i went but i wasn't able to do it. >> tonight how one mom is making it day to day in her own words. ♪
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>> you decide still uphill battle for pennsylvania's vote recount. the green party is getting some push back in pennsylvania. in its efforts to force a statewide recount of the presidential election. some county officials say they have already done an audit of voting security and that granting access to election systems would violate state law. state judge has yet to hear the green party's case. meantime president obama wants americans to be sure to sign up for health care under the affordable care act. between now and the presidential inauguration president obama is doing everything he can to make sure over turning obama care is as politically difficult as possible. in a facebook video posted yesterday the president urged americans to sign up for health
6:25 pm
coverage under the aca and to mobilize against republican efforts to overturn the law. >> repealing the aca would take away the protections that millions of americans rely on. it would also raise premiums and stop our progress towards better quality care. so don't let republicans in congress take us back to the days when you could be denied insurance for having a pre-existing condition. >> the administration is also towing the 20 million americans who received health insurance under the law and warning they could be impacted by any chang changes. well, if you want to see the inside of the washington monument, you're going to have to wait. the legendary landmark will remain closed for at least two and a half years. there have been significant safety concerns about the monument's elevate system since august. right now the hope is to have the monument open to the public during cherry blossom season in 2019. it's a march or a waddle of pep begins in one pennsylvania
6:26 pm
city. what these flight less birds are getting ready for. and how does a -- how does shopping tabu teak sound where everything is free? it's possible at one spot in center city. but there's a higher purpose here. the special day this store is helping women prepare for. monica? >> clouds are clearing out. we can see that on your weather authority. ultimate doppler radar. this clearing is going to be brief. i'll let you know when they return and even some rain chances return coming up. ♪ where should you start when you're
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told you have cancer?
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start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. it's not one thing we do. it's they thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of ameca in philadelphia. the evolutioof cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. ♪ we are less than two hours from the big kickoff of the big 10 championship game right here on fox 29 and penn state leaders they have an important message
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for students. you'll remember this seen from october when students rioted after they won against ohio state. penn state's public safety and student affairs leaders say they have no tolerance for excessive or dangerous celebration. in a letter to students they wrote in part "let's not spoil the accomplish many by failing to respect our campus and the broader community". ♪ tonight we are shining a light on a different kind of shopping experience. the center city resale boutique believes that it can provide a high-end shopping experience while also serving a higher purpose. our bill anderson shows us how wardrobe boutique is giving away clothes for goodness sake. >> reporter: if you're unemployed, under employed, even homeless, the job search can be like a vicious cycle. if you're lucky enough to get a job or even a job interview, you may not have the clothes that you need to feel anything other than embarrassed. but this place can help and
6:31 pm
maybe able to help for free. >> we are upscale resale boutique open to the public. >> we are also a service site for career wardrobe where we provide professional clothing at no cost to women that are going back to work. >> reporter: the career wardrobe is a long-time no non-profit that provides job readiness training but the wardrobe boutique is special. they have style consultants that treat you like a high you have end store. they help people pick appropriate clothes, shoes, accessories they're ready for their job or their job intervi interview. >> if you're referred then it's free. >> it's free and once you get a job you can come back and get three more outfits too at no cost as well. so we want to se set up for su success. >> reporter: you have to be referred by an agency, caseworker or non-life profit for it to be completely free, but even if you're not referred and you are in need, their service is low as $20. >> it's definitely a difference. >> maury wasn't a previous
6:32 pm
client of the wardrobe boutique who came back aft getting back on her feet and now works there. she showed me around and shared how her own experiences made her appreciate even more what others go through. >> it's very satisfying. the women come in here all the time they leave out feeling fantastic. smiles on their faces. >> reporter: and the confidence they get from being proud rather than embarrassed by their clothes makes a huge difference. >> when you go into an interview you have to have that confiden confidence. the employer seize that and that's when they want to hire on top of your qualifying skills. >> reporter: $0. boutique doesn't sell men's clothes but they do have men's clothes for those in need. >> if we can make you feel really good about what you're wearing and you don't have to worry about that, then you are worry about everything else. you can worry about acing the interview. >> reporter: wardrobe boutique is on spring garden state street in philadelphia but the services have expanded into bucks, delaware, chester and montgomery counties recognizing that tough economic times mean more people
6:33 pm
in more areas need this support. but haven't been on the other side, maureen still hopes one day we as a society learn to look a little deeper. >> when it's always about who you are in your heart and in your mind in your spirit. so you know take people for who they are and don't judge them by the clothes that they have on. report roar shopping here supports their ability to donate clothes to those who currently need help. >> you're helping by shopping and the boutique is helping by making people feel like a million i don't know bucks even without having to spend it. and it's all being done nor goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ now your fox 29 weather authority. bit of a chill in the air on this december night. though pretty typical i guess for this time of year. everyone want to know how sunday will shape up. >> i think sunday we've got more sunshine in store. you can actually see that on the doppler radar. notice these clouds are starting to break apart and so as we head into tonight and through tomorrow morning, we'll actually
6:34 pm
seeing clearing out there that will be nice. let's take look at our current temperatures in philadelphia. 48 degrees. your high 52. that's actually above average for this time of the year just a few degrees. but again many people saying it was really chilly out that that's all because of that wind. we had gusts up to 30, 40 miles per hour. now it's starting to drop back down. we're at 9 miles per hour in philly those winds out of the northwest that's that cold wind coming in from canada so that's why we were looking at some chilly conditions out there today. here's the reason winds are beginning to calm down. high pressure system is moving east. that's sell link into the region and that's going to help clear out and those winds will be calming through the overnight. so that by tomorrow morning, it is going to be chilly out that we're talking temperatures in the 30s. but at least that wind chill isn't much of a factor. notice where this high pressure system is. right over indianapolis where we've got the big game. wisconsin versus penn state the big 10 championship game. indianapolis at lucas oil
6:35 pm
stadium retract al roof. 36 degrees and winds because of that high pressure system are going to be light out of the north. let's take look back here at the delaware valley where we've got those clearing skies into tomorrow morning. here's what we're looking at early sunday morning. mostly sunny conditions. but again it doesn't last for very long. we've got clouds moving in. a system is going to be bringing rain chances as we head into later sunday all the way through early monday. first you can see it leads off as possibly a mix. maybe even some snow into the very northern parts of the suburbs through allentown and into the poconos. that's where we're looking at the potential for a mix. we've got ways to go this forecast could definitely chan change. for philadelphia, wilmington, trenton into early monday morning, the big impact is going to be that rain for the early morning commute. but this is all out of here as we head into monday afternoon. we're just left with a lot of cloud cover. so here's a look at monday's mix. you can see some of these locations like allentown berks county all the way up into
6:36 pm
monroe, carbon county, picking up on some snow. maybe a mix as well. mix of snow and some ice. 35 degrees is your overnight low for tonight. the suburbs near freezing. now we're talking cold and clearing skies. a lot of times when we see clear skies mixing in with those winds that are calming, those temperatures are able to drop. now for tomorrow we're at 47 degrees. partly sunny for our sunday. it's dry through sunday then monday wednesday again we've got ah sprinkles monday afternoon into tuesday morning things are pretty quiet. it's really not until late tuesday that we're picking up another chance for some rain. high of 49 degrees. 50s wednesday. 40s thursday. friday, 30s overnight temperatures into the 20s. so over the horizon into the seven day it's getting cold, dawn. >> all right. thank you monica. historians in atlantic city want to open a new museum in ac dedicated to donald trump. why they say they will have more than just historical value to show off. and lots of people still put up a live tree for christmas but
6:37 pm
experts warn they can be a serious hazard and they have a message for people. how long it took for a fire to spread from this christmas tree to an entire room. ♪ fios is not cable.
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♪ atlantic city historians want to open museum dedicated to president-elect donald trump. they say the role trump played in ac will be historical interest. trump owned three casinos in the city at one time. temple doctoral student who runs a trump walking tour believes it could help bring tourists to the area. many of you have put up christmas trees already or you're getting ready to but if you're planning to use a live tree an important warning tonight. researchers in massachusetts set up a mock living room to show just how quickly a fire can spread with a christmas tree. this is a freshly harvested one. the researchers set a small fire started on a tree and showed it could ignite an entire room in less than one minute. so how exactly can you keep your family safe? >> what makes these trees so dangerous is that it is a significant fire load that we're adding into our houses and then we're not properly caring for them. so in terms of care we're talking about daily watering to
6:41 pm
make sure that we have water in the basin that the tree is well hydrate but we're also talking about not overloading the tree with electrical appliances such as lights. or not keeping heaters or open flames near these trees. >> i've been at demonstrations just like this it's amazing how fast these fires spread. national fire protection association says on average christmas trees are to blame for more than 200,000 -- i should say 200 house fires each year. well, expect to see more flight less birds waddling through pittsburgh. check out these macaroni and jenn two penguins in act at the pittsburgh zoo. they're taking their first walk of the season. the birds are getting ready for the annual 2016 penguins on parade event which runs through the winter. so cute. >> something different. the sights, the sounds, the leaves rustling around them especially if we do get some snow, you know it's something
6:42 pm
new to them even though we've been doing this for of the past five years, they really enjoy it and so do the people. >> they do have acute test little waddles. the penguins will be on parade for the public each weekend as long as the weather is cold enough. it happens too often on our streets. gun violence cuts another young life short. tonight a deeply personal look at life after this type of tragedy and how one mom is making it day to day in her own words.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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♪ how do you move on? no parent should ever have to bury a child. no parent should ever have to search for a killer. tonight photojournalist kenyata henderson introduces us to a mother force flood a world of confusion, pain and anger not by choice but by gun violence on our streets. >> all right. ready. ♪ >> hakeem was my son. he was my second born son. the darkest one of us all.
6:46 pm
that was my chocolate drop. he always joked around asking me if i was adopted because he was darker than us. ♪ >> no doubt in my mind that he didn't love his family. he was trying to start a clothing line called never settle. he had been working on that for while. even when he was younger he had tried to do another clothing line called damage inc where he was making shirts and stuff so, you know, that's the type of person he was. ♪ >> he just -- just want to do live his life. >> ♪ >> i'm still in denial.
6:47 pm
i still think he going to come through my door. >> 21st of december around 7:00 o'clock what was you doing at that time. >> i was at work. >> what type of day was it? >> the normal monday. ♪ >> i had to go to work early. it was peak season. so i was working a lot of overtime. had headache never like i had before. i cep telling my supervisor, i wasn't going to stay my whole shift. then around 7:30, 8:00 o'clock they was telling me that i had a family emergency. they was telling me i had to get to the hospital --,. >> what was going through your mine at that point.
6:48 pm
>> everything was going through my mine. i wasn't trying to believe that it was anything serious. i knew it was something bad for them to come and get me, but i was just praying that, you know, everything was going to be okay. >> and when you found out what happened? ♪ >> i was devastated. still to this day. i want justice for my son. he didn't deserve this. he was walking his dog. >> can you just explain some of the emotion? does i couldn't even identify him. i went but i wasn't able to do it. i just couldn't. i never in a million years would have thought this would have
6:49 pm
happened to me, but what makes me different? >> ♪ >> nobody should -- a parent should ever feel the way i feel. i would never on my worst enemy wish this feeling even for the person that did it. i wouldn't want their family to go through this. >> what are you feeling inside? >> hurt and angry, confused. i feel lost. >> you said you wouldn't want to wear this time on pain on them. >> i want justice but i wouldn't want his mother to feel the type of pain that i feel. >> i saw the gravestone. ! mission? >> yes, i will never settle until i seek justice for my son.
6:50 pm
>> where do you find your strength now? >> god. ♪ >> how do you move on? trying to figure that out now. i can't get passed the day it happened. now i'm so scared for my boys to be outside. i don't even want to be away from them for a minute. hakeem loved his neighborhood so much and nobody in the neighborhood has anything to say. >> so that the neighborhood that he loved -- >> is the neighborhood that killed him. ♪ >> very sad story. well fox 29 has proudly partnered with the kellyanne dolan memorial fund this year to help as families as possible and you can help by adopting a family this holiday season. dolan fund is looking for
6:51 pm
unwrapped toys for children up to 18 years old or target or wal*mart gift cards. you can drop them off at wissahickon firehouse on december 5th and december 6th. "good day philadelphia" will be there live on december 6th until 10:00 in the morning jenn fred will be there. you can head to for all of the details. and sean brace here now. we are getting ready for big football game. >> yeah. there's a big game that's right the big 10 championship game kicks off right here at 8:00 p.m. we're getting you ready. hear from penn state head coach james franklin on whether or not he feels a win tonight means final four and temple owls played that their conference championship game this afternoon. ba, to back appearances for the owls a little different out come this year. we have the highlights next in sports.
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♪ most fans have a way of
6:54 pm
dreaming big and for the most part i'm sure that most penn state players are right there with them. when it comes to having the chance to play for a national championship. now all of those dreams will be busted if the nittany lions to not handle business tonight. head coach james franklin knows the focus needs to be on one game and one game only. >> the only thing that exists for us is wisconsin and the big 10 champion shim game. if we take care of our business and play the way we're capable of playing, you know, we'll be happy with the result and then after the game, whatever people tell us that we'll have an opportunity to do after that we'll be excited about it. >> once again, penn state/wisconsin the big 10 championshi10championship happee on fox 29. kickoff at 8:00 p.m. no need to touch that dial. after a solid season last year by temple football one that led them to the aac championship game, a game that the owls lost to houston 24-13, the odds were
6:55 pm
stacked up against temple to repeat their performance this season. the owls heard the noise and raised the stakes by getting back to the aac championship game and this time they were not leaving without the prize. temple underdogs versus navy down in annapolis, maryland. first quarter temple up seven to nothing. phil walker finds bryant miss tackled bryant easily gets into the end zone. temple up 14 to nothing. second quarter same score philip walker finds a wide open keith kirkwood for the touchdown. huge day for philip walker. he threw for 199 and two touch towns. tell pell wins 34-10. their first american conference title. congratulations to the owls. i know chris o'connell will be loving that one. pucks and sticks don't look now the flyers are zoo starting to catch groove after a 500 month play in november the flyers look to remain perfect in the month of december albeit only two games. taking on the blackhawks at the center second period, tied at
6:56 pm
one. michael skates around the back of the net. and a goal. the flyers up two-one. same score, brayden schenn for the goal. nice games by the flyers. they win three hiv one. their fourth straight victory. hey, now. >> that's right. we got a big one tomorrow. big nfl day for us right here on fox 29. we kick off eagles coverage at 10:00 a.m. with fox "game day live". sean bell, howard eskin, dave spadaro and g. cobb get you ready. goals and penn gallons at one. we're playing ernie banks style giants and steeler at 4:25. local college hoops we talk about that. we know we got to talk about villanova. all they've done this year followed up last season's national championship by opening this perfect with a perfect 70 rhee zero record. nova now into the big five chunk of the schedule and the holy war hosting st. joe's this afterno afternoon. to the pavilion early in the first half, and player of the year candidate this guy is a
6:57 pm
amazing josh hart always around the rim with the put back dunk. hart got a triple double. second half, nova up big. bridges with the steel. take it all the way for the lay in. this was sleep for nova. nova wins 88-57. all right. let's head down to broad street. temple and penn. temple jumped out to and early lead over penn but the quakers trying to make a come back you can't miss those easy layups. temple the other way and watch this oops austin finds obie, say name three times fast, temple wins, 70-62. 200 victory at the liacouras center a mazing. but we are all fired up, penn state football 8:00 p.m. can't wait. >> we'll be watching much that's our news on this saturday night. your life lottery drawing is neck followed by the big 10 championship pre-game show and then the game. we'll see you back here after the game.
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