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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 3, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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evan schwan and garrett sickels combining. it >> joel: i love the motor of garrett sickels. this guy plays 100% all the time, number 90 for penn state. junior from new jersey 6'4", only 260 pounds so he's a bit undersized. he makes up for it with effort and you saw on it's on the last snap. a >> gus: a second down and 11 at the 42. houston finds as man in the slot ogunbowale and he's close to a first down. we told you how dangerous he is catching the ball out of the backfield. >> joel: here's what i love about it. you're going to get a blitz here and a blitz here aunt ogunbowale is going to find at the seam. he gets there and turns right back to his quarterback and houston doesn't panic, delivers it up that seem for a great completion creating a short yardage opportunity right here. a >> gus: under 3 minutes to go. 38-31, penn state.
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3rd & 1 for wisconsin. bill handed off, ogunbowale. and he's close to the first dow first down. >> joel: brandon bell got in the backfield, i thought for a moment, he was going to stop hi him. made contact in the backfield, number 11. but ogunbowale was just able to get sideways enough to fall forward or a first down. >> gus: he had to come out of the game limping. >> referee: the ruling on the field as of the runner made the line to gain the play plea is r further review. >> joel: we'll see have you actually did to conversion. there's 11, brandon bell. see the contact in the backfield
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and be ogunbowale had no idea e the ball actually is unless there's some angle where we would see the ball, i guess they could try to piece together a couple different angles but even trying to do that from that angle would be very difficult. they have no idea with the ball is, there's nothing they're going to be able to do and replay. he almost never see a spot adjusted in replay. even that opposites camera, you have no idea where the ball actually is, no way to overturn this one. >> referee: after review, the play stands as is called, first down. >> gus: first down for the badgers.
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at the penn state 46. penn state has started to get more aggressive with their pressures and the blitzing of the linebackers, wisconsin's answer is going to be the backs out of the backfield catching the ball and the tight ends trying to fill that void at the second level of the defense. >> gus: it 2:at 24 counting. play fake, houston rolling, checks it down clements great catch and he'll pick up a first down and more. what a catch by corey clement. malik golden, finally dropping him. >> joel: you put a fake right in the face of a defense event, make you make a decision. he's got to on of the fake and take the quarterback or try to peel off and take the running back. houston reads it properly, clements with a great catch, move the chains again. >> gus: first down and ten at
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the 33. houston rolling, finds clements again and he stays on his feet and gets extra yardage. malik golden tried to throw him down, but clements too strong. >> joel: what to balance from claimant on the outside. we see him make the twirling catch and less play and then fight off malik golden >> gus: you said it, joel. for bart houston, the good plays are checking down to his backs, but you have to feeling that he has a bigger throw down field in him. second end 2nd & 6 at the 29. they headed off, he doesn't get much. manny bowen. >> joel: that backside, you have to cut off the defense event. if you're not able to do so,
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he's going to squeeze down and to make the play. true freshman, 194 pounds trying to block manny bowen, a 220 pond linebacker. that was a mismatch. a >> gus: 1:18 remaining, ogunbowale back end. third third and six, houston underneath caught but not enough for the first down. fumagalli about a half yard short. in in a timeout called. 1:04 remaining. 38-31 for the big tenn championship ♪ ♪ ♪
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feeling. take a deep breath. at 1:05 to go. 38-031, 4th down and one for wisconsin at the penn state's 2. corey clement in the backfield. claimant did he get it? no! he didn't get it! what a stop! one for the ages! >> referee: timeout for the met measurement. grant haley the corner is the one who came up with the tackle,
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what a player. here he is, he takes on the fullback. he dips under him and gets to the legs of clements, took him out. >> gus: penn state holds with 1:01 to go. grant haley once again a game changer! the same a man who ran the blocked field goal back for a touchdown to beat ohio state makes the championship tackle. what a play!
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so with 1:01 to go, wisconsin with two timeouts remaining. mcsorley hands it off, barkley. and i timeout called by the badgers, they have one remaining. 38-31.
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>> gus: of 57 seconds remaining. penn state with the leads, faced with a second end 12. they stay on the ground. barkley, and wisconsin will use their final timeout. >> gus: our progressive performance of the game goes to the wizard, trace mcsorley. >> joel: he's been unbelievable tonight.
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224th 384 yards, he big ten championship game records and four touchdowns. also, a big ten championship game record. he hung in there too because early in this game with thompson, they were just pounding on a trace mcsorley in the pocket. hitting them on almost every single drop back he never flinched. he never blinked. >> gus: third down and 11. member at one time penn state trilled this game at 28-7 with 5:15 remaining in the second quarter. in the second half, they outscored wisconsin 24-3. mcsorley gives it up to barkley, he gets outside and stays inbounds. wisconsin cannot stop the clock with 44 seconds and counting. >> joel: there's only two seconds difference between the
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game clock and the play clock. >> gus: james franklin in only his third year. >> joel: no idea why they're discussing this right now. i think they're going to start the play clock a little sooner, it didn't start quite soon enough. that's what they're discussing right now is the difference. >> referee: please reset the game clock 243 seconds, the play clock to 40 seconds, will start on my wind. >> gus: a gust, play here is don't even try to get it off. receive the snap and sprinted toward the back of the end zone to end the game.
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you've only got three seconds because you don't have to snap the ball until there's three seconds left on the game clock. it takes about a second for the ball to get back to the punter or the quarterback or barkley and you have him run and turn back around and run it towards the goal post. that will take two seconds and then the game will be over. >> gus: is not something that you practice? >> joel: not often. if at all. but that's the strategy being talked about right now on the penn state huddle. there is no reason to have a michigan ask punt fiasco at the end of the game. and a franklin will likely take a timeout here right now. >> gus: there are rumors floating around that they may have wanted to get rid of him.
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>> joel: there on the precipice of winning a ninth straight game a big ten championship and putting themselves on the doorstep of the college football playoff. if there is no reason to even sent the punt team out here. i would put the offense back on the field. make a regular shotgun snap, wind up like you do on every single play the whole season and then have trace mcsorley receive the snap and run out of the back of the end zone. >> gus: with all that has happened with this program regarding the sexual abuse scandal, this is a reckoning, a revival, a regeneration. a milestone in the healing process. three seconds remaining in the game. trace mcsorley takes the snap
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heads back and that's it! penn state wins the big ten title! 38-31, welcome back to camelot! the greatest comeback victory in the history of the big ten championship, james franklin and the nittany lions, 38-31 over
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wisconsin. let's go down the to shannon for the taste of winning sponsored by coca-cola. >> shannon: another huge play from grant haley, oh, my goodness, there were so many emotions of this game particularly in the second half. what were the emotions in your defense on that fourth down pla play? speak of the team battled the whole year of the first game to last game, we didn't know we, we knew we had to come out and what we were going to do. physical and offense, everybody
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just hit their gaps hard, sugared well and stop them. >> shannon: all season long, you guys have watched barkley do his thing, what'd you think about what trace mcsorley did had tonight? >> he's a winner, he's been waiting since high school. he's a leader of our team, when things don't go well, he's good to be the one to talk of the locker room. he's a vocal leader, you can see it on the field. everyone respects him, the things he does it's truly tremendous. >> shannon: all season long it's been about focusing on your next opponent, no more left. the committee tomorrow what you think you should be ranked? >> we did what we had to do tonight, we got the w. whatever the committee puts us, we need to go back, watch the film and get better. >> shannon: huge fourth down stop congratulations. back to you guys. >> thank you very much, shannon. a final score at lucas oil stadium penn state 38, wisconsin 31. back with complete postgame
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coverage including the big ten championship trophy presentation right after these messages
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>> gus: what a game, what a comeback for penn state, the largest comeback in big ten champion ship game history, penn state big ten champs for the first time since 2008, knocking off wisconsin 38-31. welcome back to the studio here in l.a., with matt leinert and brady quinn. wow, we got the trophy presentation coming up in just a second. we knew penn state was a great second half team, but what about this explosion in second half, outscored them 24-3? >> matt: i want to say i couldn't believe it but you talk about a tale of two halves. wisconsin defensively completely dominated their offense, dominated the line of scrimmage we talked about it at halftime. i don't know if they made adjustments they just continued to fight. it starts with her quarterback. i was so impressed with trace mcsorley. he was beaten up in the first half, sacked, hit, he keeps standing there in the pockets. he just delivers those explosive plays we talk about all day long, they live and die by these plays. the receiver receivers made pln
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barkley had a good game. if this was an all-around performance. second half they averaged 11.5 yards per play. congratulations to penn state what a performance. >> brady: you see some of those highlights, they got to isolate to their wide receiverd running backs. they got a feel for the defensive coordinator, he continued to bring pressure. trace mcsorley sets tough in the pockets took all those hits in the first half and then delivered accurate footballs and the second half and capitalize, he was fantastic. >> mike: 22 of 31, 384 yards for the redshirt sophomore. we can talk about the offense, but that defense stepped up especially on that fourth down play to seal the game. >> matt: led the team in tackles, one pass breakup, one forced fumble. he was all over the field, defensive front getting penetration. they held wisconsin 1 for 6 in third down, critical situations they were able to step up. in particular, 3.3 yards per
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carry. wisconsin averaging six yards per carry in the first half. they stepped it up up front, making him feel uncomfortable. they had to roll him out a number of times just to get him away from all of the pressure. the offense stepped up with the defense did in a big way. >> mike: standby commits time now for penn state big ten champs for the first time since 2008. you back out to indy for the trophy presentation. >> joel: congratulations to the penn state nittany lions, the 2016 big ten champions. what an amazing game we just witnessed here, and to help present at the championship trophy, the commissioner of the big ten, mr. jim delaney. [booing] >> what a championship effort,
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let me present the 2016 big ten championship trophy to coach james franklin, he'll have a few ute words for you with and introduce a player. [cheering and applauding] >> joel: coach franklin, what an epic story, this story has been over redemption and a resurgence back to the top of the mountain top. what can you say about this group of kids and what they've accomplished here tonight. >> first of all, i want to thank the penn state nation that has been with us in the beginning to the end, there is nothing like
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our penn state fans, alumni, and a lettermen. are the best. >> take us through that last defensive stand. for event one, what did you tell your defense when you were huddled up on the sideline? >> our defensive coordinator has done an unbelievable job all year long, but it always comes down to our players. our players believe, they worked together, they love each other, they have faith in what they're doing. when you have that, you're able to do special things. >> joel: coach in just your third year, you're standing here is a champion. when you are 2-2, did you think this was possible? >> lets stop talking about the 2-2 and let's talk about the last nine games. [cheering and applauding]
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>> joel: nine a straight victories. coach, you have a win over ohio state, you're the east division champions, the big ten champions, you have the 13th data point as they say, you're playing as well as anybody in the conference or the country. do you deserve inclusion into the college football playoff? >> could you rattle those things off again, please. >> joel: nine straight wins, 13th data point, your conference champion, eastern division champion, you beat ohio state, you just took care of wisconsin. do you deserve a spot in the college football playoff. >> what i do know is we just one the toughest conference in college football. [cheering and applauding] >> we won at nine straight, they say you're allowed to overcome early setbacks we've done that.
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it's on that you now, the committee. >> joel: coach, congratulations, well done. we now move towards present at our mvp for two nights ball gam ball game, the grange griffin mvp and to help present the mvp, one of the trophies namesakes. two-time heisman trophy winner, archie griffin. >> and now, the mvp big ten football championship game. number nine, your quarterback, trace mcsorley. [cheering and applauding]
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congratulations, man. >> thank you, we had penn state want to say thank you for everything you do, we love you, and it's such an honor for me and my teammates to be here right now. just want to say thank you, think our penn state fans, our penn state nation, we love you guys. thank you. >> joel: you had a remarkable season, there's no question about it. set a penn state record for touchdown passes tonight. set the big ten championship game record for yards and again, touchdown passes and a game. take me through what was going through your mind in particular in the second quarter when you started finding those receivers deep open for touchdowns. >> just trying to take with the defense was giving me, not force anything. he told me trust the system and trust the game plan. our receivers came to me and said just keep trusting us. if they were feeling confident they were happy with wha


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