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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  December 4, 2016 7:00am-8:58am EST

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this morning on good day, city of champions. penn state and temple both victorious. players and fans from both schools super soak. sean brace has the highlights. early flurries, no. it's a foam flood. a huge mess filled the streets of center city. what led to the mess and more on the cleanup. and a changing strategy.teiy now looking at new ways to get a recount of pennsylvania's votes. good day to you on this sunday, december 4th, 2016. ♪ is "good day philadelphia" weekend. ♪ hello on this sunday. good morning to everyone. thanks for joining us. >> city of champions. >> i know. >> it's got a ring to it. >> you its like that. >> penn state, temple. >> what a day.
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>> fun times in this city. >> great game last night. looking forward to talk later about that as well. we'll have the highlights in a couple of seconds. >> we'll check in sports in a second. >> first weather. >> yesterday was blustery and cold. today good news and bad news. not quite as blustery but still a chill in the air. yes, there could be some potential snow in that forecast. >> what? >> overnight tonight, not necessarily in philadelphia. we'll break it down but weather bite numbers. on your sunday scale of town 10, what about a seven? looking pretty g once again, not as blustery as it was yesterday. it's cold in millville 32 degrees right now. 33 atlantic city. 40 waking up to temperatures in pottstown its along with allentown. 31 right now in the pocono mountains. you factor in what little wind we have it feels like 27 degrees right now in atlantic city. it feels like 22 in the pocono mountains. it feels like 36 degrees right now in wilmington. ultimate doppler is dry and quite but take a look. off to the south, we're looking at a slug of moisture moving through the ohio river valley
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right now. parts of the tennessee river valley. mostly just rain but take look at some of that colder air narcoticking with that precipitation. we're look at snow. so some of that could move north and west overnight tonight. the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains. but as we take you hour by hour for your sunday, it's a cold start. 42 degrees. by noon, we're looking at 46. temperatures by this afternoon that will do it for the high temperature. but once again the average for this time of year is right around 49. so 49 down the shore. lehigh valley 45 for today but that overnight wintry mix is possible. we'll have much more on that mi it could impact that morning commute for our north and west. of course, fox 29 morning news starts at 4:00 a.m. sue serio, bob kelly will have you covered with traffic, speaking of traffic, here's bob with the latest. good morning, everybody. if you're come into the city for maybe taking the kids to seat
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jurassic park at the frank link institute or holiday shopping there's a new traffic pattern along the ben franklin parkway in that construction zone right in front of the cathedral actual physical you're going to mass this morning probably going to see -- you'll see that construction zone which they shuffle the barriers around the over the last couple of days. the tree lighting ceremony down on south street later on tonight at 5:00 o'clock. we'll see you down there. college avenue. bridge over the septa tracks at haverford avenue. watch for some delays. keep that in mind if you'll be doing hopping today and speaking of shopping for the gang in and out of king of prussia they'll be doing work with lane restrictions along 422. enjoy the rest of your day. i'll see you back here bright and early tomorrow morning for "good day philadelphia". we kick off at 4:00 a.m. and bob, how can we not enjoy today. ? we are interns. excitement across our area this morning. not one but two champs last night on fu watched penn state k and beat wisconsin to winter big 10 championship and earlier in the day temple beat navy making
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them the american athletic conference champions. sean brace here to recant an exciting saturday. >> what an amazing game it was. >> i know. >> penn state trailed -- overcame three double digit half time deficits already this season. so when they were down by 14 last night, no panic. no pap nick at all. let's head round to dine. fourth quarter penn state dow t. trace mc sorely finds barclay in the corner of the end zone. penn state takes a four-point lead. wisconsin one last drive left. this was a big one. fourth and one. defense holds them here they come away with the victory and penn state steps up and answers the call. they stuff wisconsin at the line right there. penn state takes over on downs. nittany lions within 38-31, penn state winners of nine straight and the big champions are knocking on the college play off door. more on that a little bit later. temple owls rolled down indianapolis maryland taking on navy. they were underdogs in the aac championship game and from kick off you could see head coach
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matt ruhle had his team ready to play. temple quarterback philip walker played hurt and shined. they win big 33-10. they are the acc champions. >> a lot of happy and tired people this morning. all over the area today. jennifer joyce live outside the melrose diner in south philly with that excitement. hi, jenny. >> reporter: hi, guys. so the owls, penn state, it was a great night for any local fans here. we know that penn state rallied big time to come up with a big win. 38-31 against the badgers overcoming a 21-point deficit to wip this game. it was the first conference title that they've won in eight years. local fans joined a well attended watch party. it took place at the field house bar in center city. they were committed to their team and didn't lose hope in a game that was an uphill battle from the get go. number eight penn state fought
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tilt end and finished strong again 38-up there within against the badgers ranged sixth in the conference. >> everyone should know first and for most penn state football we're back. >> cinderella story, so, you know, hopefully they can just continue the momentum. >> reporter: and in in another big win for local fans temple owls beat navy yesterday and clinched the aac conference title the first conference title in nearly five decades. so up next, a bowl game for the temple owls. we'll find out which one later today and also find out the fate of the 98 knee lions later today. are they going to the big four or are they going to a bowl game? sean brace, do you have any predictions on that? >> you know, actually, i do. i think they'll come up just a little bit short. >> oh. >> i would like to be wrong on this one and at the end of the day penn state will probably go to the rose bowl. take on usc. fun game. ultimately not the final four.
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>> gotcha. >> jenny, thank you. of course, it's sunday so people want to hear bout eagles. you'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> 8:30 sean bell coming in. >> can't wait for that. let's take look at top stories from today. police are looking for the person who shot a man in the wyssonoming section of philadelphia. they say it happened right around 1:00 a.m. this morning along the 4200 block of east cheltenham avenue. the 48-year-old was shot in the leg taken to aria hospital in torresdale. he's in stable condition. no word yet on a motive for that shooting. the power is back on for 2700 peco customers in center city after an underground fighter created that scene right there. yup, not snow, but foam. piling high on 400 block of south juniper street. police say a transformer blew up in an underground peco substation yesterday and as safety measure the system actually releases foam when there's any kind of fire. fire and hazmat crews responded to the emergency even though the foam is not hazardous. no word on what caused that transformer to blow. a community coming together
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in west philadelphia to remember a woman who lost her life in a crash. friends and family of carol ice psalm gathered outside her 53rd street home to pay tribute to the mother and grandmother. 55-year-old was killed wednesday when a car police were chasing smashed into her kia soul as she was driving 52nd and locust. her son calls his mother a role model. >> she lived too short. she was was only 55 years old going to be 56. she was going to get her. she was still learning, still -- still making goals for herself, bettering herself. >> right. >> she was just an awesome person. >> the group released balloons honoring isom police arrested te pursuing. they are facing a number of charges including vehicular homicide. meanwhile the man charged with killing a penn state professor is trying to have his confession thrown out. lawyers for george ischler, jr., claim he was coerced into a confession. he's charged with first degree murder, third degree murder,
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aggravated assault and other offenses. in the death of ron professor ronald bettig. prosecutors say ischler push the professor off an at foot cliff and alleged danielle guyer is charged in the case. the pair thought they would benefit from will the professor signed. the city of oakland, california joining together to pray for survivors and mourn the deaths of those killed in a warehouse fire on friday. overnight firefighters having a hard time getting to bodies in the rubble. a group was holding a party in the converted warehouse friday night when flames broke out. at least nine people have died. officials say the space was illegally converted into artist studios making it impossible for party goers to escape. unsafe for emergency crews to it good inside. one woman says she knew some of the people who attended the party. >> i know four people that are missing much it's really hard. i'm just -- i just -- it's just like my community has been ripped apart, and, you know, we
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can't afford to -- to live or do our art here any more, and people love the base for the creativity and we can't afford to be here any more without cu cutting corners and losing our spaces and losing our lives. >> police say at least two dozen other people are unaccounted for at this time. after uphill battle, green party presidential nominee jill stein says she's dropping her bid for a statewide election recount right here in pennsylvania. why she has a change of heart. and catering, are you kidding me. we take look at the brown bag lunches at one local school. why parents say they may have created a model or other schools and healthier options. ♪
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♪ oh, i love this song. i got shaded, though. scott says donny hathaway sing it better than chris brown and sean brace had something to same we'll see what their fairest picks are for their christmas song. catering school lunches. are you kidding me? parents at one school are dishing out dollars for healthier options inside their kid's brown bag
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lunches. ♪ kitchen usually opens around 7:00. >> jennifer mccaffery runs the kitchen at ardmore based catering company. >> a lot of weddings for us. a lot of parties in people's homes. a lot of corporate kind of things. >> i started when i was a kid. seven or eight. >> and kids that same age might not love cooking yet but they love eating. >> i love lunch. lunch is my favorite meal. >> when it comes to preparing lunch -- >> the challenge for me i'm a busy working mom. i work full time. my husband does, too. >> it means biting off more than some parents can chew. >> my mom's job she's a teacher and physical therapist and does lab work. >> kids are at the mercy of their busy parents. >> we run out of the things i know she wants. >> or the school lunch that comes from, well, who knows? >> i think it's always that balance of finding the things that your child will eat and the things that you want your child
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to eat. >> alicia walker heads up the pto at friends school haverford. walker other parents and school administrators wanted to change the way lunch looked. >> you want your kids to be exploited with food because that also teaches them to be explorative in life to try noewt cultures. >> but it mater a commitment provide healthy food that is socially conscious. >> it was really kind of a light bulb moment. >> they approached mccafferty and her husband joe. >> nothing something we thought we would get involved in on a daily basis. >> but they got cooking over the summer, coming up with the kid friendly menu was a first for them. by september, they were hand delivering the meals at lunch time every day. and three short months, parents and kids are eating. on the menu this day. >> egg fratatta. >> there you go. >> you get a bag. >> can you show me your egg fratatta. >> i finish. >> oh. did you like it?
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>> yes. >> 20 lunches one day, 10 the next all depends on the weigh day. >> very few people are able to do it every day. most parents make that commit many once a week. sometimes two or three times week. >> tastes like bacon and eggs. >> some students though can't get enough of the home cooked meal. >> they're better than the one my mom makes. she wouldn't like it if i said that to her though. >> for other school lunches you probably don't get the quality and the variety that you get here. >> variety can actually be good. there's so many foods i've never tried before that i wound up really liking. >> give me an example. >> chicken and waffles. >> which is your favorite school lunch? >> hmm, probably barbequed tofu. >> i like all the flavors you get with it. >> but they also keep the classics. >> program it with the favorites things like mac and cheese, things like chicken at the present times and then supplement it with some things that will challenge their palates a little bit. >> white now they're looking how
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thou cut costs without cutting corners. >> it will also take corporate support, larger corporate sponsors. we're really looking for ways to try to perfect what we're doing here and then apply it to other communities. >> at the very least they believe they have a model in place. >> i just really hope n examplef how to be creative about standing by what you believe in and trying to make the world a better place. >> one nostalgic brown bag at a time. les bite. good girl. ♪ >> i had fun at lunch with them. jpm catering interested in part ships with other schools and corporate partners. call them203-2227 and if you have a great story that you'd like to share you can always e-mail me. highlight the kids it's laure lauren.johnson at fox scott, you remember your school lunch, don't you? >> i do. it was like basic chicken nuggets, app
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french fries and that little carton of milk. oh, how things have changed. >> i know. >> are you kidding me? >> i mean wow. >> all right. let's take live look right now around the region. allentown waking up to cold conditions but by tomorrow morning, there could be little west. we'll talk about it kiming up. 41 degrees currently philadelphia. winds are light. so the actual feels like temperature the same as thee a so that's some good news. not as windy for today. for week wendy direct outdoors getting that green light looking good. shopping, no problems. and what about ice skating? weekend wendy has her skates in hand getting ready for that later on today. so looking pretty good across the area for outdoor plans across the delaware valley. ultimate doppler right now we are dry, we are quiet. a mixture of sun and clouds, clouds will thicken later on tonight and then overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning. we're looking at some showers moving in to places like delaware, south jersey but the northern extent of our viewing area especially the lehigh
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valley, the pocono mountains will tap into colder air and that wintry mix overnight tonight. so for today, 48 degrees by tomorrow morning we're looking at some of those wet snowflakes maybe sleet pellets far north and west temperatures tomorrow top out in the upper 40s. dry, quiet by this afternoon mid to upper 40s and overnight tonight, we're still dry at about 11:00 o'clock. but watch what happens as we move toward 2:00 a.m. north and west looking at that wintry mix the pocono mountains north and west, 4am when you're watching sue and bob kelly tomorrow morning likely talking about some of that wintry precipitation. so here's the bottom line and the take away. poconos, lehigh valley the main timing. 2:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. minor grassy accumulations possible. that seven day forecast shows seasonal temperatures next several days. take a look at next friday into the upcoming weekend. highs struggle to make it to 40 degrees. back to you. >> man it sounds sold cold.
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from tickle me elmo to the fur bee to the hover boards every year there's always one toy one kid seems to want fort mom days. this year a hatchimals mall. tips to help you get this high demand toy and maybe some alternatives you're not able to get your hands on it. and call pennsylvania a state of champions. penn state, temple both taking home titles what it all means for their future. and fox 29 proudly partnered with the kellyanne dole man memorial fund to help as many families as possible. you can help by adopting a family. fund is looking for unwrapped toys for children up to 18 years old or target, wal*mart gift cards. drop them off at the wissahickon firehouse on december 5 and 6. jenn fred will be live on december 6th from 7 to 10am. for more information go to our website. here's your lottery numbers. good luck to you.
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keep singing. [ laughter ] >> ♪ >> and the hand shake. >> just so when you know i was coming up back in the day i was the fifth member ofo men men. >> you were. >> harmony. >> i love your hand shake. >> in fourth grade i had my mom, we got a blaze fourth grade kid to rock a blazer. >> you had some swag back if the day. >> because of boys two men. >> i love it. from music to sports, big day yesterday. >> huge day. speaking of swag let's talk a little bit about that penn state big 10 championship game last night. they had it rolling. and a lot rolling in penn state favor pig 10 championship game versus wisconsin. winners of eight straight. offensive player of the year in barclay. quarterback sledding defenses as of late in trace mcsorely. but even after all of that penn
7:25 am
state was still underdog which tells us how tough an and badges really were. to indy we go. wisconsin up 14. 7-yard touchdown run for the badgers. they're up 28-seven. but don't panic everything is going to be all right. [ laughter ] >> all right. fourth quarter penn state down three but trace mc corely finds barclay in the corner of the end zone. penn state takes four-point le lead. next possession wisconsin driving fourth and one and the penn state defense they step up and stop wisconsin at the line. penn state takes over on downs. nittany lions go on to win 38-31. head coach james franklin, do you think your team deserves a shot at the college playoffs? >> what i do know is we just won the toughest conference in college football. [ cheers and applause ] >> we've won nine straight. they say you're allowed to overcome early set backs. we've done that. it's on you now, the committee.
7:26 am
>> yeah, james franklin going macho man there. give the boys a shout. give the boys from north philly some shine. temple owls back in the aac championship taking on navy down at indianapolis, maryland. they weren't leaving empty handed. philip walker, two touchdowns on the day while playing on a bum ankle temple tough and the oils go on to win 34-10. aac champions here's head coach matt ruhle talking about his quarterback fill walker. >> he's an amazing kid. you know what, that kid for four years has never worried about statistics or anything he's worried about the team. he came out here today he was brilliant in the first half. i tried to mitts up on offense in the second half but he had my back. he's so wonderful. >> with the wife with the little kiss. happy wife, happy life. >> right. >> villanova wildcats looking to move on in the playoffs taking south dakota state last night. fourth and eight. quarterback villanova sack bednarik he's looking.
7:27 am
nobody home. south dakota goes on to win 10-seven. tough loss for the wildcats. let's talk some pucks and sticks. don't look now the flyers are starting to catch groove after a sloppy and lucky 500 month of play in november. the flyers look to remain perfect in the month of december albeit only two games. taking on the blackhawks at the center. second period tied at one. michael raffle skates around the back of the net and finds ivan for the shot. that was his second goal in 31e. fourth straight victory in a road much that's a winning streak. let's talk sixers. nightcap at the falls fargo zen. no joel embiid. sixers down 316 seconds left. saric for the tie but he misses. rebounded by the celtics. sixers lose a tough one, 107-10 sick. >> busy day for us here fox 29. check this out. we got your eagles coverage starting early at 10:00 a.m. fox game dave live with sean bell, g. cobb, howard eskin and dave
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zach spadaro gets you ready for the main event at 1:00 p.m. eagles and bengals followed by the giants and steelers at 4:25. that's right the eagles play today. >> all right. can't wait for that. a changing strategy nearly a month after the presidential election with inauguration day just a few weeks away now. how jill stein and the green party are looking for new ways to get a recount of pennsylvania's votes. and new jersey's pine barrens are a stretch of quiet and solitude in a state you may not normally associate with those two words. fox 29 is take the road less traveled to show i was spooky part of our area you may not even know exists. where things come from?
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how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪
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♪ >> look at one of our cameras up in the pocono mountains. looks re but scott they can see snow tomorrow. more on the way but first let's take a look at this morning's top stories. green party dropped its case to force an election recount in pennsylvania the court had ordered them to put down a $1 million bond by tomorrow butt afford it. now, the green party says it will go to federal court to seek an order for awry come. the ef vote recount led by jill stein aims to explore whether voting machines and systems were hack. pennsylvania election officials say there was no evidence of cyber attacks in the trump's margin of victory here in the keystone state was less
7:32 am
than 1%. president obama wants americans to be sure to sign up for health insur affordable care act between now and the presidential inauguration president obama is doing everything he can to make sure over turning obama care is as politically difficult as possible. in a facebook video the pres sign up for health coverage under the aca a against republican efforts to overturn the law. final farewell in cuba for its former leader fidel castro. castro's ashes arrived last night in santiago after a four-day journey across the island nation. thousands of people gathered in a public square as his brother raul castro the current president of cuba led a tribute. fidel castro's ashes will be entombed today ending nine-day period of mourning in cuba. this is week on fox news sunday, president-elect trump takes a victory lap and previews what's in store when he take the oath of office next month.
7:33 am
and insults fly when top officials from the clinton and trump campaigns meet at a harvard forum. we'll get the latest on all of that from top adviser kellyanne conway. then green party presidential nominee jill stein who is pushing for recounts in three states donald trump won narrow narrowly. and our power player of the week this week on fox news sunday. ♪ time now is 7:33 on this sunday morning. waking up to 41 degrees right now in philadelphia. but the feels like temperature the same as the air temperature because the winds they have diminished. so today not as blustery as it was yesterday. it is a cold start right now. 32 degrees, freezing in millville. 33 atlantic city. 39 right now in wildwood. 40 in trenton. 40 degrees right now in allentown. waking up in cape may point to 41. 40 along the boardwalk upper 30s voorhees, cinnaminson, good morning, right now 39 for you. as we look at temperatures array
7:34 am
cross the area 48 for the high temperature in center city. sun giving way to clouds down the shore 49. sun increasing clouds later and then that overnight wintry mix possibly in the lehigh valley. so as we go hour by hour looking at that wardrobe weather for you, grab the winter gear, jacket, scarves, gloves we're looking at temperatures by 6:00 o'clock 45 degrees. by 9:00 we're looking at numbers around 40. much more on the timing of that snow coming up but of course good day starts at 4:00 a.m. sue serio, bob kelly will have are you covered with the latest potential impacts. over to you. >> all right, scott, thank you so much. new jersey pine barrens is a source of endless local folk lore. ghost stories never seem to end. fox 29 bosses hank flynn looking for an old mysterious gravestone not knowing what he would find or if he'd even make it back. ♪ >> reporter: hasn't seen a such it's amazing. i love it out here. i really do.
7:35 am
beautiful. the pine barrens were calling me again today as the d mysterious highway called inn wrapped cabin road. you should have called it cabin grown over path. wish me luck. i come through ma'am mon ton and driven east until the road ended and plunged into the pines. i was in search of a gravestone woman named named cybill shaler needle in haystack. aft miles overgrown trail and scared i was going to get the news mobile stuck, there was no sign of the grave i knew i'd need help. if i get out the other side i'll consider this a good idea f i meet somebody that's cool that would be amazing too. >> george and evelyn. >> thank you for talking to me. i'm still amazed i made it through the woods. [ laughter ] >> we're amazed too. >> their house had appeared out of the mist like a piney mirage and george and evelyn had answered the door. they have lived in the area their whole lives and they knew
7:36 am
about the shaler grave. >> you'll see a, washington they called an old graveyard on the left hand side and that was supposedly people that were killed way way back by indians. i have no way of knowing whether that's true or not, but that's what's been told. >> they were headed out any way and they led me in the right direction. next thing i knew -- >> it's gravestone. >> and it was the one i was looking for. sacred to the memory of ms ms. cybill shaler consort to the late timothy shaler who departed this life on the second day of april 1787. >> there are two legends one is the one george spoke of that miss shaler and her children were killed by lenape indians. the other more sinister that the family was slaughtered by a stranger that they had allowed to board. historians don't agree on it much and there's even folk lore of a murderous thing called the crook kerr. high take, any day spent in the beautiful pine barrens is worth it. make up your own mystery and share it with me at hank fox 29
7:37 am
or the house at fox 29 philly. ♪ tickle me elmo to the fur bees to hover boards every year there's a hot toy. this is it this year it's call the hatchimal. how much would it cost to get your true love all those gifts? we'll tell you about it. everyone wants this one right now. we'll talk to someone who is in line at toys r us our very own father here senior executive producer tom and president-elect drum many not too pleased with the writers and acts over saturday night live. what he tweeted moments after a sketch about him aired.
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>> trending now, late night television and the tweets that seem to follow. apparently president-elect drum is that not too happy with last night's episode of saturday night live. he was tweeting about a sketch before the show even ended and ironically, the sketch was about how trump uses twitter. here it is. >> i'm sorry, miss lehman i me. >> you're just some random kid in high school. who would retweet you? >> kellyanne, just retweeted the best tweet. i mean would you what great smart tweet. [ laughter ] >> mr. trump, we're in a security briefing.
7:41 am
>> i know but this could not wait. it was from a young man named seth he's 16 he's in high school and i really did retweet him seriously. this is real. >> minutes after the 67 aired there it is. the tweet just tried watching saturday night live unwatchable. totally biased, not funny and the baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse. sad. that brings us to this morning's reaction poll. is snl going too far with its impressions of president-elect donald trump? hit us up on social media using the #fox29goodday. can i just say my piece really quickly it's easy. >> if you don't like it, don't wah >> snl? >> yeah. >> yeah. i can see that. but he's bringing attention to it. >> right. >> rht >> they're almost proving his point. >> exactly. ay to me -- this is ridiculous. to get revenge is just to ignore someone. >> absolutely. >> you don't feed night they feel like okay i'm not going to do this any more because i'm being ignored.
7:42 am
.> silence is deadly. whatever. everybody he's our president of the united states so i'm for whatever he's going to dom a cht bottom line he does have an ego. he can't just let this stuff go. >> i know. >> put the phone down donald. >> let it go. we can learn from disney characters, right? >> exactly. >> online shopping can make life so easy season. no need to brave the crowds at the mall. you can end up paying for that convenience in the form of shipping fees. coming up we have tips to help you land free shipping and this year it's the toy we have it in our studio, a hatchimal. we'll help you get this high demand toy. we have someone in line at a toys r us right now. >> amazing. >> lots more people in line. >> don't feed it after midnight. don't get it wet. >> we'll learn all about and tell you how you can get y or ae gift if you can't.
7:43 am
that's coming up after the break. ♪
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>> 7:45 this morning. it is the biggest toy of the season. the hatchimals. the big speckled egg in seven weeks already 400,000 sold and now it's hard to get your hands on them. toys r us will have them back in stock today. this is video from outside the toys r us store in media,
7:46 am
delaware county. tom loudoun our senior executive producer staning in that long line. tom joins us on the phone right now. tom, describe the scene. >> lauren, it's nuts. i got here like 10 of 7:00. the store open 8:00. i figure i woke up let's take a shot. i'm at least 100, 120 deep and since i've gotten here there's at least 60 people who have gone behind me. now they're currently handing out tickets apparently at the top of the line. they have between 50 and 60 hatch malls and 20 o 20 there'so shot any of us at my point of the line getting a ticket nobody is leaving. >> oh, my goodness. >> i can't imagine. we'll check back in with before you the show ends at nine. good luck to you. >> actually i could give you update, lauren. the line is dispersing. >> ut-oh. >> people are leaving? >> we've all failed. we're all walking away rejected. yes, people are leaving. the people at the front. i can't imagine what time people got here for this -- for the tickets but just in case santa
7:47 am
can't make enough all the moms and dads are out here, and there's a lot of people just milling around now but they said they're not sure the -- i spoke to the manager briefly. he's not sure when they'll get another one. they didn't anticipate this nowment and they have no idea the line is dispersing. 50 or 60 lucky people and the rest of us will go home. >> you're a good father for standing in the line. i feel so bad for you thank you so much for talking to us. >> so as you know, the struggle is real. tom one of the many parents who cannot get his hand on hatchim hatchimal. joey fort man joey blogger you got your hands on one. >> i have three actually. >> lucky you. >> i know right. the perks of the job really. you get to test these out. now, he's not alone. >> okay. >> this is happening every single day. big box stores you have to call them earl full want to get your hands on, a, you have to pay for it or, b, work really hard to get it. >> as tom is and the on the people in line. what is the big craze? it's a big speckled egg.
7:48 am
>> my honest -- have i nod idea what the big craze is other than kids love it. >> what does it do. >> what happens you have to slowly take it out of the box. >> okay. >> because it triggers it once you pull it out of the box there's this egg which looks like the top of this right here. >> okay. >> and you have to love it for 30 minutes. you love it. >> love it. y >> it crack the egg open and then you get to play with it. now, i have a three-year-old. i have an eight-year-old. i'm going to tell you my truth. i think it's going to be one of those toys they play with and then they enjoy it around the holidays. >> right. >> then it goes back in the corner. >> because once it hatches the excitement is over? t then it becomes this character that you love and you kind of nurture so that you get to play with it longer. i don't know. i say either write an iou first tell your kid what the reason of the season is. >> gotcha. >> or write an iou or find an alternative. >> it looks like it will be really hard for parents to get their hands on these. >> dizzy frozen the number one
7:49 am
toy two years ago now it's not selling hardly at all. >> wow. >> if your kids are into frozen don't be afraid to get this. >> a lot of kids still. >> right, yes. i bought a couple of my favorites from this year baby alive is always a good one much this guy, this is the torch blaze and dragon by fur real. here's what i love about him. his character. look at that. his personal. isn't he cute? >> super adorable. >> what's fun about him i'll show you really quick you can feed him and he'll shoot out fire. >> should oy back up? >> no. i promise it will actually roast a marshmallow for you. >> it will turn brown. it's starting to turn brown. you can really tell. >> it's cute. it's fun. it will cost more than a hatchimal unless you buy the one on e bay. they're $80. >> talk about how old i have twin nieces that are 12. will like the hatchimal or no. i would go with ages -- it's
7:50 am
probable tool old. >> too old. probably five to seven. maybe i'm would like this. >> got it. >> how much is this? >> $60, right. >> about $60 at most of the stores. >> i think i look on e bay i saw one for like $300. >> that's what they're going f for. >> jeez. okay. full screen up with the tips you said. call it at 4am be there when the doors open call every single person including maybe the stock manager if you become friends with them. >> be prepared not to get one. >> yes. >> our poor tom lowden watch great dad. >> for sure. i wouldn't have done it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> scott arc lot of people stand, out in the cold at that toys r to us get in the line. >> yeah, unbelievable. way to go, tom, for his effort. let's talk about this weather. hey, i remember teddy russian opinion. do they still make those. >> yes, they do. >> they still make teddy russian pins. wow. live look not as blustery as yesterday across the area so that will be some good news but it is still cold. take a look at those temperatures you're waking up to this sunday morning. we're looking at 32 freezing
7:51 am
right now in millville. we have 41 in philadelphia. temperatures as you move toward trenton 40. 41 right now in the wilmington area. so by this afternoon we're looking at a high temperature right around 48 degrees. we'll hit that right around 3:00 o'clock. some sun will set this afternoon at 4:36. mostly cloudy by 7:00 o'clock with the cloud cover kind of rolling in and then some rainfall parts of philadelphia, south jersey, overnight into delaware but north and west, we will keep tabs on that moisture running into some of the colder air and the higher elevations. that system still off to our south. so no problems for today as we continue to watch the cloud cover move in by late tonight. we're dry but overnight tonight, watch that moisture kind of move in. temperatures too warm for wintry precipitation in philadelphia parts of south jersey but note north and west we're looking at some of that pink, some of that blue and purple that will be somen as well as freezing rain potential there.
7:52 am
so bottom line with the timing of that wintry mix the poconos lehigh valley two to 7am tomorrow morning. minor grassy accumulations are possible. of course, bob kelly, sue serio will have the latest on the fox 29 morning news that begins at 4:00 a.m. we'll be right back. ♪
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
♪ good morning, reading pa. 7:55. 41 degrees outside. it's time now for one of our fox 29 junior reporters this morning we bring you the story of two young dancers who have their sights set on becoming one day world champions much here's junior reporter. >> they may seem like ordinary kids. but -- >> get them on the dance floor and these two can jive. >> ♪ >> she's only seven years old and seymour is 10. they took second place in the biggest dance national championship. >> we were the youngest and the smallest. >> she has the challenge of dancing two age c and seymour was dancing one age cago. >> feels awesome and satisfying
7:56 am
when we win. >> seymour started dancing when he was six. and she was just three. it all started at the mall. >> i told my mom i wanted a mat and then i put it on and then i put on glasses and i just start randomly dancing like no one is watching. >> is he saw a plan playing guitar and started dancing and then people were flowing money to the guitarist it looked like they were throwing money to me. >> now, ribbons on durr desk, stylish costumes. >> they have enormous potential and who knows in five years they can rep us at the world championships but in 10 years they can represent us at olympic games. >> with all their hard work and hours of training this couple making progress to a bright future. >> i am report fog fox 29 news.
7:57 am
powerful messages through poetry. how one man from philadelphia is inspiring women to find love and he says no more boyfriends. he join us in studio in the next hour. and the holiday season means more online shopping, tips to score free shipping when you are ready to check out. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> champions in college footba football. temple and penn state winning big to capture two championship titles. how fans in our area are reactioning. we'll have more in a live repo report. >> no more boyfriends? how can you find love? a local author and social media star is talking to the ladies this morning. what lessons he says we can learn about dating. and crews continue to sift through the rubble of a deadly warehouse fire in oakland after
8:00 am
nine people were killed. why emergency responders say it was so difficult to get inside the building to make rescues. ♪ from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. i asked for song right here so we could jam out. you know we're jamming. come on, aaron. come through. >> ♪ >> bring the confetti down, balloons. >> i know. >> hatchimals fall from the ceiling. >> right. >> hatchimal. you can't get your hands on those thing. >> i want to say could you -- she got good job. >> of course she does. >> it reminds me of tom hangs from big when he got to try out all the toys. how do you get that job. >> a toy tester. >> i want that job. >> all the kids at home santa i want hatchimal and moms are dads we're trying to help santa. but it's a tough job this year. >> it really is. a lot of football yesterday. pretty good, right? >> oh yeah. >> big wins. and then we saw people standing
8:01 am
in line at toys r us it's chilly outside early. yeah. it's not as blustery as it was yesterday so that's a little bit of good news for today. but overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, we could be talking about little bit of a wintry mix depending on your locate. live look right now on the parkway. showing dry, quiet conditions so weather by the numbers on a scale of one to 10, today we'll give 87. across the region for today, temperatures stuck in the 40s. upper 40s center city. a mixture of sun giving way to clouds. sun to clouds down the shore. 49 degrees. mid 40s in the lehigh valley with that overnight wintry mix. a life, who'll adds were lee act ultimate doppler we're try and quiet sunshine will give way to cloud cover. where is the moisture? off to the south and west. moving through tennessee moving through the carolinas around the ohio river valley around the great lakes we're looking at that moisture tapping into that colder air. far north and west tonight we have that threat for wintry mix. so that is a possibility. tonight we'll talk about a big pattern change and an arctic
8:02 am
blast in that seven day forecast all comin coming up. of course i'll have much more on the timing of that potential wintry mick later on, but fox 29 morning news starts at 4:00 a.m. sue sr. yo, bob kelly will have the latest potential impacts with that system. speaking of bob kelly, here he is now with look at today's traffic. good sunday morning, everybody. if you're coming into the city for maybe taking the kids to see the jurassic park at the franklin institute or just some holiday shopping, keep in mind, there's new traffic pattern here along the ben franklin parkway. in that construction zone. right in front of the cathedral actual physical you're going to mass this morning you're probably going to to see that construction zone which they shuffled the barriers around over the last couple of days. the tree lighting ceremony down on south street later on tonight at 5:00 o'clock, we'll see you down there, college avenue the bridge over the septa tracks at haverford of a watch for some delays keep that in mind if you'll be doing some shopping today and speaking of shopping, for the gang in and out of king
8:03 am
of purchase they'll be doing some work with lane restrictions along 422. enjoy the rest of your day. i'll see you back here bright and errly tomorrow morning for "good day philadelphia". we kick it off at 4:00 a.m. bob, we're enjoying today because we're all excited across the area this morning. we've got not one champion here but two. last night on fox 29 you watched penn state beat wisconsin to win the big 10 championship and earlier in the day, temple beat navy making them the american athletic conference champions. the big game it was on our air. forgot about temple. no way. >> we got nothing but love for temple. penn state was the big game. we'll fine out at noon if they make the playoffs. but let's go ahead and show the highlights for the people who might have missed the game. to indy we go penn state down three. mcsorely finds barclay in the corner of the end zone. penn state takes four-point le lead. wisconsin one last drive. here it comes down to fourth and one. penn state you stop them here
8:04 am
and you're big 10 champions and that's exactly what they did. they hold wisconsin short. penn state takes over on downs. 38-31 penn state is your winner. nine straight victories for the nittany lions and of course big 10 champions knocking on that college play off door. >> how about the temple owls? rolled on down to annapolis maryland taking on navy. they were an underdog and in aac championship. head matt ruhle had his team ready to play. quarterback philip walker played hurt but shine. he through for 199 and two touchdown. temple wins big and they are the aac champions. good stuff all the way aroundmae maker he is been for temple and hopefully he sticks around, too. >> let's hope so. obviously a lot of excited people. a little tired because the game went on late last night. jenny joyce live outside the melrose diner in south philly with all that excitement. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lots of excitement with penn state and the temple owls now both conference champs. a little while ago we did talk
8:05 am
with a couple of temple graduates they told us they were just so excited. it has been so much fun watching the team come so far i was over the last several years and last night the owls crushed it with a 34-10 win over the midshipmen to clinch the aac conference title. the first conference championship win in nearly five decades. >> very exciting. >> to see the team come from so far from, you know, with a small crowd over in eagles stadium just cheering them on to winning the conference this is just he can treatmently exciting and... >> reporter: and penn state fans fired up at field house bar in center city despite uphill battle from the get go. they were committed to their team and they didn't lose hope. penn state was down 21 points. they rallied and produced big time. winning the game and the conference title for the first
8:06 am
time in eight years. so what's next for these teams? well likely it's bowl games for both. i know there is a chance that penn state could go to the big four. sean brace says he doesn't really think that will happen so we're expecting bowl games which is still very very exciting for these teams. lauren? >> he's giving a look now. >> you might as well paint me green like i'm the grinch over here. >> keep it real. >> i could be wrong. >> yes. >> you hope you are. >> yeah, of course. but i think that the college football play off committee showed us how they want this to play out washington did not lose two nights ago on our air waves. so i think that was the one spot penn state could have slipped in but it didn't happen. >> all right. covered college football. sean sean will be on in just moment to talk eagles. >> he's going to yell. >> i'm yell at him as well. >> put your headphones on. let's take look at some of today's top stories. police looking for the person who shot a man in wyssonoming section of philadelphia. it happened right around 1am this morning along the 4200 block of east cheltenham avenue. the 48-year-old was shot in the leg taken to aria hospital in
8:07 am
torresdale. he's in stable condition. no word yet on a motive for that shooting. the power is back on for 2700 peco customers in center city after this hammed yesterd yesterday. underground fire created that scene y, it is foam piling high the 400 block of south juniper street. transformer blew up in underground peco substation yesterday. and safety measures the system actually releases foam when there's any kind of fire. fire and hazmat crews respond to the emergency. even though the foam is not hazardous no word op what caused the transformer to blow. a community coming together in west philadelphia to remember a woman who lost her life in a crash. friends and camly of carol isom gather outside her home to pay grandmother. the 55-year-old was killed wednesday when a car police were chasing smashed right into her kia soul as she was driving at 52nd and low cuff. his mother ae model. >> she lived too short. she was already -- only 55 years
8:08 am
old going to be 56. she was master's. she was still learning, still -- still making goals for herself. bettering herself. >> right. person. rrested the two peopleballoons in the car they were pursuing. they're facing a number of charges including vehicular homicide. the city of oakland, california, joining together to pray for survivors and mourn the deaths of th a warehouse fire on friday. overnight firef tough time getting to bodies in the rubble. a group was holding a party in the converted warehouse friday when flames broke out. at least nine peoe was illegallt flood artists studios making it many poll for party goers to escape and unsafe for emergency crews to get inside. one woman says she knew some of the party. >> i know for possible who are missing. it's really hard. i just -- it's just like my community has been ripped apart.
8:09 am
and, you know, we can't afford to livee any more and people love the base for the creativity and we can't afford to be here any more without cutting corners and losing our spaces and losing our lives. >> police say at least two dozen people are unaccounted for at this time. powerful messages through how one man from philadelphia is in right way. and actress betty white is feeling a little bit lonely these days. coming up why she saysouble fine to cuddle up with on december nights. ♪ >> and you are talking on twitter. good morning, john johnson thanks for swesley hoping the el follow the big wins yesterday. go birds. >> people are commenting about donald trump's tweet linda says guess snl was only funny when he was point. too much ego. yeah.
8:10 am
with no sense of humor or humb humbleness. she says it's sad. pj says snl didn't go too far it wouldn't be snl. they're just like ya'll, the g >> hey, hey. >> that's right. pj we go there and check this one out john says snl absolutely didn't go too far. trump needs to get a life and maybe some thicker skin. >> um-hmm. ♪
8:11 am
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♪ >> online shopping it's great, right avoid the crowds, long lines. what about those dreaded shipping fees? can you get them for free? our financial expert dan, shows us how to cash in. hold on a second. hold on. i just have to hit submit, there we go, oh, sorry. if you're anything like me, when you're shopping online, most important thing you're looking for free shipping. it can be kind of confusing let me give you a few tips on how every time you visit the cyber mall, you can check out for free. first, join the club. for example, amazon prime will cost you 99 bucks a year but you'll get free delivery on thousands of different teams or with some other perks. you can also check out shop for 79 bucks a year you'll have free delivery and free returns for over a hundred different merchants. i like that. next, for up to the minute deals, check out
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>> thank you no more boyfriends. >> look at grandma jamming too from the young hearts to the young at heart philadelphia's michael reid, jr., is inspiring women to find love the right way. mike the poet has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media through his creative wri writing, quotes, letterings, short short stories, poems. he has one word of advice this morning, no more boyfriends. he joins us live in our studio to talk more about this. >> hi. >> how are you yes. >> i'm great. how are you? >> i'm good. no more boyfriends. tell me the concept. >> well the concept is really an alternative method from going from single to married. these days we've had more of a crutch towards having a boyfriend first but now i'm trying to offer women an alternative. no more boyfriends. >> i got your first work dear woman this is great. my guy was thumbing through it. >> i'm trying to learn, too. >> sure. >> guys can learn. >> absolutely.
8:16 am
>> what's your biggest message to women in these stories? >> my biggest message to women is, if your ultimate goal is marriage, upping, marriage has been around since the beginning of time. boyfriendboyfriends, 194, 1950. everybody who says you must have a boyfriend, you must kind of set this table before marriage, maybe not so much. because if marriage is going on for 1900 years before boyfriend then maybe you don't necessarily have to have one. >> is there one bit of advice that you might be going back to every single time you want to share fort ladies out that? >> um, the request that is a woman's work should be her witnessing multiple men put in work until one has enough heart to put her in a church. >> okay. >> nice. >> nice. >> i always love -- i think in this one you were talking about like don't take your crown off, ladies, because it's too heavy foreman to carry. >> absolutely. >> ooh. >> he gets deep. i fell like i said in the book, one of the biggest mistakes a woman can make is removing these
8:17 am
jewels from her err crown to make it easier foreman to cary. sometimes women try torque you know what, maybe i'm too much this or not enough that, maybe i need to change myself in order to fit this guy who doesn't necessarily make the investment. you know what i'm saying. >> do you ever get backlash for the message. >> i'm sitting over here. i got to be honest f i treat a woman right isn't, well that's the minimum respect is just the minimum. >> sure film we're trying to get guys to pay it forward and level up. if i'm going to do this and try to monopolize her time and her lifestyle i need to make sure i'm trying to take her home instead of someone else. >> do the guys call you hater? >> they do. >> well, you know, i have to actually say some guys who agree witness message who understand the importance of taking care of our women, they're with me 100%. but you know these days we kind of -- we kind of veered away from that. i'm just trying to bring it back home. >> do you think -- let me ask you this. i was going down the road of obviously apps are tender, is
8:18 am
that the down fall. >> no. maybe not necessarily. i mean because, upping, you have single too an amazing thing. not enough people fall in love with the idea of single. so tender and all of those kind of things they're great. but then there's another zest women who actually know what they want and this is the lifestyle i want to live. so i need to go, upping, make the decisions to do that. >> you've been going around the country all over the world. >> yes. >> doing this. spreading this message. are you doing anything in philadelphia coming up. >> yes, yes. starting in march, the spring, i have whole new concept because i believe that i can't just drop a book and fall into the darkness. >> okay. >> i'm going start doing weekly and monthly events just to give women like refreshers on, you know, how to stay positive and stay strong. >> where do people find you. just mike the and my instagram at just mike under score and then rest of my social media just mike the poet. >> love it. thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you very much. >> you can hear the passion. >> i love it. i love it.
8:19 am
>> he does. scott, let's check in on the weather at this hour. 8:18. >> thanks so much lauren. live look in the lehigh valley we're talking about the potential for an overnight wintry mix headed into early monday morning. we'll spell all out for you coming up. right now beautiful conditions much it is still chilly stepping outdoors in philadelphia. we're talking about 41 degrees but look at the winds not as blustery as yesterday. so the air temperature and feels like temperature the same. so not much of a wind chill on this sunday morning. 39 in trenton. we're looking at mid 30s atlantic city. 31 right now in the pocono mountains. weekend wendy a busy schedule decorating not as windy so looking pretty good. shopping no problems. what about ice skating across the area looking good for that. so hour by hour, we're talking about high temperatures maxing out in the upper 40s. that's typical for this time of year. sun sets this afternoon at 4:36. mostly cloudy though by this evening with that overnight rainfall chance in center city. parts of south jersey and delaware but that wintry mix far
8:20 am
north and west the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains as we go hour by hour, dry, quiet for today but the cloud cover really starts to move in this evening into the overnight and watch what happens north and west by, say, 2am moving toward early tomorrow morning for that rush. we're talking parts of lehigh county, northampton, moving into berks, also, the poconos. watching those critical temperatures it will be cold enough there to support a little bit of that wintry mix. but the green elsewhere that includes philadelphia, parts of south jersey, mainly just rainfall for us. the weather authority seven day forecast will show temperatures today top out right around the mid to upper 40s. as we move toward tomorrow 49 for the high temperature and then it gets a little unsettled as we move toward tuesday, wednesday, thursday we keep some rain. we keep some cloud cover, damp kind of drizzly and then take look at that arctic blast friday into saturday. we're talking high temperatures
8:21 am
only in the upper 30s so the weekend comparison this weekend we're talking those high temperatures upper 40s near 50. next weekend those high temperatures only right around 40 with that defendant air of the season look at the clock moving in friday into next weekend. oh, yeah. >> okay. actress betty white says she is single and ready to mingle. we just talk about relationship with mike. >> we'll get him in on this see what he thinks. no one will ask her out she says. white says the problem no one wants to ask a 94-year-old woman out. betty white has been married three times. her last husband died of cancer in 1981. it's 2016. >> 35 years? >> i know. that's the year i was born, they've years ago. white says the key to great relationship is kindsness. my man mike the poet was dropping notch on us about relationships. why can't get betty white find love? >> love is such a beautiful thing. it's such, you know, particular
8:22 am
thing. you know, i mean -- >> she's funny much she's great. >> she's 94 years old. >> old people need love too. >> i think she has a great personality. i'm she's funny. >> there's probably a dating website for 90-year-olds. >> there has to be there's one for everything else, right? >> what can she do? where do you go to type -- she's on movie sets and in the world n she's still pretty active, too. >> i'm not trying to come off cold here. 95 years old. >> if you're 95 and you still want love -- >> you want to be alone? >> yeah. >> all right. i feel you on that one, okay. >> mike says no more boyfriends. she needs a husband. >> she needs a husband. or just a bunch of friends. a lot of times women just need a little more options. >> i agree. options. keep your options open. >> ♪ >> betty white is calling us right now actually. >> she is. >> she's calling mike. >> all right. speaking of acting, amy schumer gearing up for new movie role she hopes will give little
8:23 am
girls important lessons. who the comedian is slated to pay. >> all wins for penn state and temple. we need an eagles win tonight. the game airs right here on fox 29 this afternoon. we break down what needs to happen in cincinnati. first your wipin wiping lotteryy numbers.
8:24 am
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>> i'm jenn frederick and this is mon oh log. as working mom i'm always a mess, right? i think it's partly because -- >> i don't think you're ever a mess but continue. >> i never know how to get the day started. am i starting with my shirt. am i starting with my makeup. where am i supposed to start g most people start with clothes. what am i going to wear today? my philosophy start from the ground up. start with the footwear. for instance, check the weather. is it going to be raining that day, do you want to wear your rain boots? if that's the case, start from the ground up put on your rain boots. maybe put on pair of comfortable leggings something with hood. you can still maybe do like a bright lip or a little bit of jewelry. so it doesn't have to be super casual. you can kind of turn off the look with a little bit of pizzazz. >> what if i need to work out but have i to go meeting at the kids school. the solution. >> i actually do. you don't have to like have a huge gym bag and change at the gym and shower. here's the deal. he is special physical you're not going to be sweating a lot. this will be non -- not soul
8:27 am
cycle. some sort of bar class let's say. >> yes. >> what i've actually done i will wear like lulu lemon leggings and over the knee boots and then a big oversized sweater and jewelry so that all you're seeing at the meeting you're not realizing this is work out pants sort of looks like leggings. get to the gym take off the earrings put up the hair, take off the oversized sweater big boots you're wearing your parts bra and leggings and ready to work out. it can be done. >> this is the mother of all fashion. >> can i say that. >> please. that's awesome. >> it's my segment. i can say whatever i want much this momologue again where you're cute under your stuff and you'll be cute. ♪ where things come from?
8:28 am
how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year.
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turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪
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♪ hi, everyone. >> bob seeger. >> i was jamming, right? >> that was our stroudsburg camera. i just love christmas music so much. here's what santa needs to bring us a little early. how about, oh, i always do this. i was going to talk sports. >> did you it yesterday, too. >> i did. >> i learn my lesson. called me out. scott, it's your turn, not my turn to talk. >> let's talk about the cold but it's not as blustery for today.
8:31 am
but look at ultimate doppler. a lot going on to the south. we're talking some moisture and that moisture will head in our direction overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. we're talking about a wintry mix far north and west. not philadelphia, not south jersey or delaware. so watch that clock as we go hour by hour. by this afternoon temperatures top out mid to upper 40s philadelphia. low 40s north and west. we're dry during the day but the cloud cover it rollsin iand we't temperatures tonight not cold enough for snowfall philadelphia parts of south jersey and delaware but watch what happens far north and west. two, 3am we're watching the lehigh valley the pocono mountains for that linder wintry mix so that could impact the early morning commute far north and west with those temperatures hovering in the low to mid 30s bottom line for today, that wintery mix overnight poconos lehigh valley the main timing 2:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. minor accumulations possibly on those grassy surfaces. big game taking mace in
8:32 am
cincinnati this afternoon. cloud cover maybe a spotty shower there. kickoff temperatures right around 40 degrees. as we head into late next week and next weekend, an arctic blast. some of the coldest air of the season will be moving in. so high temperatures today made to upper 40s overnight wintry mix north and west staying unsettled for much of next week but then look at friday and saturday. high temperatures struggle to hit 40 degrees. of course sue sr. yo bob kell the latest on potential impacts from that wintry mix far north and west kicks off at 4am. back over to you. >> eagles back in action so we have to talk sports. last week was not pretty with the birds falling to the packers at home. can we get their mojo back on the road when they take on the bengals in sinks net? sean brace, sean bell, both here at the deck to. deep breath sean already like -- >> what's that mean, sean. >> um-hmm. the way they play on the road, 00 and five. >> yikes!
8:33 am
>> lost their last five. it maybe a problem even though they're take on the bengals. they stink. they're horrible much this one team you should beat on the ro road. it should be the cincinnati bengals. >> it's tough i want to argue with him, but -- >> he's right. >> yeah. look at what the effort that they put out there in that second half and the monday night football game just the packers. they only scored 13 total points in that game. right now, eagles are struggling at the wide receiver position they have no play makers at the running back position. they only got carson wentz out there. i feel bad for my man. it will be ugly today. >> they're playing the bengals. i'm sorry, listen, as bad as eagles -- saw the eagles play last week the bengals are that much worse. okay. they're a terrible team. they have no aj green. they have injuries everywhere. marvin lewis should have been fired years ago. because he can't get it done in a big situation ever. the bengals just realize they're not going to play make the playoffs for sixth time in row. you know what they're going to do, they're going to give up. they're done, okay. they don't want to play any
8:34 am
more. that's the one thing i give for the eagles they want to play. they still have som they'll play hard. bengals, again, the bungals i don't want to say their real name because they're that bad. they've given up. >> the only read the bengals will step up all they have left to play for this year is home's. the only reason while they'll get up because they're playing in front of their home fans even that i kind of side with -- ugly game either way. >> i don't even think that. i think they're so bad i don't think they'll play for their home crowd. these cats are thinking about january, vacation right now. >> really? >> we're going to hawaii. >> are you saying eagles are going to win today? >> absolutely. >> you are crazy. >> you're playing the bengals. with no aj green. >> all right. >> who will threaten the eagles today? >> okay. >> they'll march up and down the field. they're going to win this game. it's going to be easy. >> this is unusual sean. >> i never do. but any time -- anyone plays the bengals at this point, when they've given up, it's over. >> the eagles do neither this
8:35 am
game that's for sure if they have any chance at making the second wild card spot the only spot that they can possibly make the playoffs which is highly doubtful at this point they have to win. >> they need to win out. >> they need to win out because you have detroit, green bay, they have washington. >> they'll lose every tie breaker. they have zero tie breakers they've been that bad this season with nfc teams and nfc east teams so they need 10 wins out right to get in. they need to win out. >> somewhat positive sean bell. i like that. >> out right. i didn't say they would get it. i'm just saying -- >> that's what they need. >> that's what they need and they'll beat the bengals much that's positive there. all right. half full. >> aaron are we done talking sports or can we talk college really quickly. >> what do you mean -- we are -- my school, penn state we're not done. forget about eagles/bengals game and giants steelers game. we are big 10 champions! >> okay. >> what's that get you. >> my school, okay. it should give me a play off.
8:36 am
listen committee i will come here and fight everyone of you. okay? if you don't put the best team in the best conference in the country in the playoffs. ohio state didn't win the big 10. the pac12 joke. acc joke. >> wait, wait, wait. >> big 10 champions. >> washington is not a joke. you have to be honest and fair about that. they're not joke. pac12 was a decent conference. >> sent harrison to the big 10. four oft out of the top seven. two loss team in the big 10 is better than a one team in the pac12 they're making the decision at noon today. >> do you think penn state will get in the final. >> no, i think we'll get screwed and i'm going to have a problem with it. >> ut-oh. we're excited they won yesterday. you can forget about temple. we have temple fans. >> temple they won. good job. historic season. >> give them love, sean. >> historic season. >> matt ruhle pretty darn good coach. >> great coach. great coach. respect item he will but penn state put them in the playoffs.
8:37 am
i'm sorry. >> we'll go to break. >> it's all about the nittany lion. >> we are -- >> don't say it like that. don't disrespect.
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ call it your personal cone of silence. new device let's you have a quiet conversation in a loud restaurant or bar even those they're noise around you. we show you how it works in the tech tank. ♪
8:40 am
i'm anthony mongeluzo and this is your tech bite from the tech tank. if you're back here with me driving around, this a tunnel of sound. there's nothing to really protect me from when rick puts on the music up there. i got to put my music to lock his down. but, there's new technology out there called m u.s.o. it's been crowned funded by 2900 people they raised over basically what you do with this device you stick it on a surfa surface. it has the technology that creates sound vibrations that will actually make the room noise canceling other great uses for this product are let's say you're sittiit i's very noisy an that first date. maybe a little awkward to bring it but you put that device down at the table. it creates your own private sound bubble so eliminate the background noise while keeping your conversations private. so great technology out there and what's even more cool you can stick it on the wall and just hit a button with your iphone and turn it on. we'll see this thing come to the market thanks to crowned funding
8:41 am
a lot of people pitched and maybe like me they hate background noise. you want talk more about technology reach out to us #techtank and we'll continue the conversation online. ♪ this is how... [ inaudible ] >> what did you say. >> want an appletini. this the most annoying thing ever. good for the person for bringing that up. >> i can't hear you. >> let me call you back. >> too loud in here. >> what did you think about that the device. >> i don't know. gosh, you got to take device with you just to have lunch? >> in this anyone is buying it. >> make it a no phone zone for like 15 minutes. >> i don't think anyone -- the cone of silence. >> i don't think you or i would buy that, that device, but how about this. restaurant managers maybe restaurant owners.
8:42 am
you install that at the table now you can pitch that. >> oh. >> bring your first date here. all you tinder freaks come to our house. >> people talking on the phone though. >> they're not on the phone. it's creating a cone of silence in that area. >> okay. >> i think your phone is used to do something. but you're right. >> from a business standpoint it could be a marketing ploy. >> yeah. >> i can see that happening. i don't know. >> i don't think it's good place to meet people. a lot of people have met in bars and restaurantks. >> there are places that are loud. you need to accept that. there are place that is you can onversation conversation. >> yeah. >> all you men out there just be conscious when you're trying to talk to women and it's loud. >> to all the men just rent hitch. that's all you got to do. will smith tells you everything you need to know and making the pizza, making the pizza, yes. rent tlaughter ] >> you're so good. >> we'll be right back. ♪
8:43 am
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♪ have you heard about this. comedian amy schumer will have new gig playing everyone's plastic pal barbie upcoming movie. schumer will live in barbie land but unfortunately she gets kick out of the plastic world because she's not perfect enough. she ventures off into the real world and learns about self discovery. schumer will reportedly help co write the script with her sist sister. no word yet on who will be
8:46 am
directing. fox bringing back show time at apollo and new names added to the show. emmy award winning tv host steve harvey will host the two hour event. he'll be joined by some of the biggest stars in comedy and music including asante, j rule helpless from the hamilton mix tape. joe joe bust the lines, ti, chaka can set to perform. the official will air monday night at 8:00 right here on fox 29. steve harvey got to make sure he says what's on those cards right this time, scott. >> that is right. i love apollo by the way as well. let's take live look at the trenton area. looking pretty good. mixture of sun and clouds. nos as blustery today. that will be the good news. let's talk a little bit about those current temperatures much it's chilly. 41 degrees right now but the feels like temperature the same as the air temperature due to those winds relaxing a bit tod today. it's cold though millville 37. 35 atlantic city. north and west waking up to 40 newtown square west chester 40 downingtown a chilly 37 degrees.
8:47 am
across the region for today, we're looking at high temperatures upper 40s center city. upper 40s down the shore. not as blustery, sun giving way to clouds. mid 40s in the lehigh valley with that overnight wintry mix a light wintry mix north and west. 40 in the city tonight. low to mid 30s elsewhere across the area. so ultimate doppler dry but off to the south we're tapping into some of that moisture overnight tonight north and west so watch the temperatures many locations above freezing during the day and then overnight tonight we'll stay above freezing so watch the clock 11:00 p.m. it's mostly cloudy many temperatures once again bottom out in the upper 30 toss right around 40 philadelphia points age south and we have as we talk about the temperatures by 2:00 a.m., you can see north and west just cold enough for little bit of a wintry mix lehigh valley pocono mountains early tomorrow morni morning. so bob kelly, sue serio will be talking about that on good day. the main timing will be 2:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. minor grassy accumulatio accumue
8:48 am
in the pocono mountains and that is lehigh valley. as we head into the latter part of next week and next weekend some of the coldest air of the season will move toward delaware valley with temperatures by next weekend are pressed to make it above 40 degrees. so we're looking at sun to clouds today. overnight that rain philadelphia parts of south jersey and delaware. but north and west that light wintry mix. upper 40s for high temperatures tomorrow. and then as we move toward the middle and latter part of next week we keep things kind of cloudy, damp, some drizzle and then look at friday and saturday. high temperatures only in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. back over to you. ♪ c is for cookie it's good enough for me. c is for cookie, it's good enough for me. c is cookie is good enough for me. >> december 4th adds to the cookie monster's favorite dawn. do you know why. >> it's national cookie day and we certainly know who to celebrate here on good day.
8:49 am
we don't have cookie monster joining us but think may be better. adrianna at barclay prime. how are you. >> good. >> we're going to celebrate cookie day. we're not going grocery store cookies. >> homemade. >> no hydroxy on this table. that's bottom shelf. down here. >> all the way off the table. what are we looking at and we can start making some. >> i decided i would bring assortment of differ things i would do if i was going to celebrate on my own. >> okay. so here i have the classic toll house chocolate chip cookie. you can't go wrong with that. >> not ever. >> seasonal favorites ginger snaps, spicy mow lass all the cinnamon and cloves. >> those are always good. >> we have some tra dig al christmas sugar cookies that are just my mom's recipe for her biscuit cookies. >> i enjoy these. gets everybody together. they're easy to make. >> owes see the cookie cutters are fun. when i was a kid my mom rolled
8:50 am
them and i wanted to cut them out. >> i did teddy bears because that's my favorite. not christmas see. >> they're cute. >> we have bird nests which are thumb print and black rasp perry that's from my hometown i pick up at the local farmer's mark. >> i never thought about that jam in a cookie. that's cool. i was thinking yesterday i should have done peanut and butter jelly. peanut butter cookie and jelly that would be really fun. >> that's a good idea. i' put down the cookie. >> barclay prime we have a warm deep dish c doing just one kind people do chocolate chip we do three different kinds. i'm going to have you make some dough. of course is the classic ones. >> what do we do. >> no lick licking the spoon. im i won't. e time. people know how to make cookies. control butter and shook sugar and add eggs and then flour and any spices that you want. little bit of cinnamon in ours like extraavsome chocolate chips here these are semi sweet, and we use cocoa chips.
8:51 am
>> can i dump them in. >> stir away. >> do we do all of these. >> come on. i like a lot of chips. >> stir. >> i got to stir. mix them n i'm in. okay. >> get to the bottom there, sean. don't forget about that. >> see i feel like i can bake. is that wrong. but i can bake. >> a lot of people can't cook but they can bake very well. >> most people can bake cookies that's why people love them so much because you definitely feel that it's something you can do easily. and the recipes are not too hard to follow. >> i definitely think ev taste. >> i can't lick the spoon. i know the rules. >> we have to show. this is the finish product. >> it's sugar cookie oatmeal raisin and chocolate chips. >> it turns into that. >> that's the chocolate chip part. >> we have ice cream to put on top. >> sean, why don't you scoop that on top. >> we have chocolate sauce you pour all over it. >> right here. >> okay. get up in there like
8:52 am
chocolate. can you believe that? >> i am with you that's why we put it on the sauce on the side. >> on the side. >> if you're a purchase rift like we are you don't have to have it. >> i'm a purist. >> the breakfast of the champions right here. >> you taste it. i'm in. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. thank you for having me. >> not warm. dig deep. >> i'm in. >> i'm in. >>. >> that is breakfast. >> come to the restaurant you'll have it warm there. ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ it's time for your fox food bite this morning. we're upping your game for holiday party with a couple of cocktails. we have our master mixologist hudson austin he's got a mock tale for the kids they can't join in the adult fun and cocktail for the adults. we'll have sean and scott make them we'll be the taste tester. >> perfect. >> kick us off. >> start with the kids. >> quick. soces very very easy. put them all right in here. what are we talking? club soda. >> this is little bit of lemon lime soda pine al pep juice and white grape juice. >> pineapple juice. same amount there. that's three easy ingredients. all we do is tear up a little mint. you can crush this if you want. tearing it up makes it then add a couple of raspberric. let's see how good you are. >> sean start with you. >> i'm in the bartending hall of fame just so you know. >> i believe it.
8:56 am
>> squeeze that lemon in there. juicing the lemon. >> rolled the sleeves up. >> exactly this is a clear chocolate vodka >> 3-ounces of that. this is a drink that my friend erin reading at of a kitchen made up. i want the cocktail style. old school. >> get fancy. >> waa lot. >> that's a heavy pour. we'll have problem. about the same amount here the white cream demint. ice is our lastbecause we don'tk to be watered down. add that in there. put your top on. now what we're going to do is i love it. little chocolate here. that's fancy. >> let's hope he gets the lid off. >> just a taste. nor in there. >> look at that what's the name of sean's drink. >> merry mint martini. that looks good.
8:57 am
>> i just want to point out the pore. >> my manager would not fire me. >> what's that. >> little peppermint stick. >> peppermint bark. >> this is a jack frost punch. >> i'm going to have to sample scott's because i don't like chocolate. i went heavy with the fran gel will he casm might have threw it off. >> yeah. this is really good. >> i don't know i think you'll love this. >> all right. i think did he a good job. >> like i said bartender hall of fame. >> no. i didn't taste it. >> you can't chicken out. >> let me get a little taste of that. >> let me get a sip of that. >> you did a nice job. >> i won't touch that. that is strong. this is good we have have the kids happy you're in on the festivities and adults are happy. three simple ingredients. >> very very very easy both drinks you want them to be quick. >> that's what you want much that's what the party is all about. >> who is the winner? >> i'm voting for sean.
8:58 am
>> enjoy your day. go, eagles! ♪
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. president-elect trump takes a victory lap and previews what's in store when he takes the oath of office next month. >> i'm going to discuss our action planning to make america great again. >> and trump is already acting, intervening to keep jobs in the u.s. and naming a retired marine general to lead the pentagon. >> we are going to appoint "mad dog" mattis as our secretary of defense. >> then, insults fly when top officials from the clinton and trump campaigns meet at a harvard forum. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> no, you wouldn't. >> yes. >> we'll get the latest on that and the trump transition live from top adviser


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