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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> i'm lucy noland. police are on the hunt for where these drugs are coming from. fox 29's dave kinchen has been speaking with investigators live now at east detectives. dave? >> reporter: philadelphia narcotics investigators tell us they are making progress in their investigation trying to determine exactly what type of mix we're dealing with in terms of the heroin that's been spotted in these cases. these officers also working to get this drug off the streets. >> stark reminder of the eventual will the that the consequences of what a decision to pick up means for me. >> reporter: steve car is in recovery for heroin addiction. the 31-year-old media native started his day learning about the nine sudden deaths linked to suspected heroin overdoses over the past weekend including this one a body found under i-95 this morning. investigators say most of the deaths happened within a few blocks of each other in philadelphia's kensington
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section an area well-phone for the drug with syringes littered across city streets. >> because i've been there, you know, i've been in that neighborhood. that's where i was, um, and i've lost a lot of friends to this disease and continue to. >> reporter: carr has been at the mvp recovery center in the in delaware county for past year and the overdoses tragically did not surprise him. >> i'm on facebook and it's more a memorial than a social media platform for me, you know. each week it seems like i see somebody else passing from this disease and it's tragic. report roar his recovery team is planning a trip kensington this week the same streets where we fop needles on the ground today. they will be reaching out to addicts in need of help. >> some of these individuals could have been clean for period of time, relapse, go up there and use a bag and die. >> it definitely has had an impact. >> reporter: philadelphia police continue to probe a bad batch of the drug found in the city in recent weeks to see if it's related to the deadly overdoses.
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>> trying to track down exactly what's happening. what narcotic brand in terms of types of narcotic as well as particular brand we're lookin lg at in that area. >> reporter: once again investigators may have identified what is being mixed in with this batch of heroin pending toxicology reports we can also tell you that the victims who died are between the ages of 20s and their 40s. back to you. lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. another legal blow for comedian bill cosby from montgomery county judge much the judge ruled today that prosecutors can use damaging testimony from a deposition in the sex assault trial against him. that deposition was 10 years o old. given in part as -- as part of a civil suit filed by his accuser andrea constand. the cosby admitted giving drugs and alcohol to women before sex. he also admitted to hosting constand in his home and fondling her. cosby says it was consensual.
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prosecutors say constand was only semi conscious after cosby gave her pills for stress. school will go on as scheduled tomorrow for students in the upper perkiomen school district. district canceled classes today after somebody posted an anonymous threat to students on instagram. by this afternoon, state troopers had identified the bern they say is behind the post and the district declared that threat as no longer credible. people in upper darby on high alert after someone shot a person and then got away. skyfox over the scene around 3:00 this afternoon. this is at clover lane and coply road. police say the victim is now in extremely critical condition at press remember and there's no word yet on a motive. septa police searching for at least two people who they say attacked a bus driver. it happened this morning around 6:30 on rising sun avenue in lawn crest. septa officials say at least two suspects through some kind of liquid on a route k driver and ran off. the driver was taken to the hospital for observation and she's been since released.
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tonight police are reviewing surveillance video from inside the bus. happening right now, the search is on for a pear of violent robbers who stormed into a laundromat in upper darby. an employee would you working early this morning during the terrifying encounter. >> and right now police are looking for a man and a woman they say are involved. fox 29's bruce gordon joins us live outside that laundromat in upper darby. bruce? >> reporter: this is scary stuff. if you or someone you know or love works late nights or very early hours, at a business that accepts cash, they could be become the targets of exactly what played out here at this marshall street laundromat in the pre-dawn hours today. by midday monday the t and w laundromat was back to business as usual. many customers hadn't even heard about the pete-dawn attack until reporters showed them video. >> you know her? >> i know the lady that work here, yeah. >> reporter: what goes through your mind when you think about what she may have gone through. >> that's very scar row.
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>> reporter: upper police superintendent michael chitwood after 4am a masked man and woman walked on 39-year-old female laundromat cleaning lint from dryers at the laundromat. the it's opened 24/7. >> the man drew a gun and tossed her floor. >> keep quite or we'll kell you. that was the covering. report roar armed man wrestle the worker into a boiler room where he rivaled through her pockets while his female accomplice cleaned out the cash drawer in the office. snatching more than $200 in cash and another 400 bucks in quarters. at one point the coins spilled out on to the floor and the desperate they have tried her best to scoop them up. on her way out the door she added insult to injury swiping the workers coat. chitwood call the robbers urban terrorists. >> urban terrorists. somebody that puts the fear of death or bodily harm to a vict victim. that particular case armed with a gun. >> reporter: victim was
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physical unharmed but is said to be in hiding scared to death. laundromat owner did not want to talk on camera for fear of his safety. though he said his father opened this business a dozen years ago and that there had never been a violent crime here till now. regular customers toll us the robbery has them rethinking their clothes washing routine. >> that's terrible. that is my favorite laundromat. >> reporter: you don't like hearing that stuff going on. >> get me scared now to come here. >> reporter: chitwood believes these robbers are from around here and that they may have stalked the employee for awhile before making their move. $2,500 reward is now being offered for information that leads to arrest and convict. these folks are considered armed and dangerous, iain. >> let's hope they get them soon, bruce. thank you let's check back in with your fox 29 weather authority. kathy orr live in moorestown tonight. >> kathy, you're very busy. big crowd. >> oh, my gosh. santa just appeared in the window, you guys.
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>> oh my goodness. right behind us santa is the in window! >> that doesn't happen every day. we are here at moorestown for the fourth annual tree lighting and we're having a great time. aren't we? >> yes! >> so we're going to light the christmas tree but first i want to ask some of the kids what are you thankful for? >> my family and friends. >> your family and friend. what are you thankful for? >> my family and my friends and my dog. >> and your dog. i'm thankful for my dog too. we got a guy over here. wait, hold on excuse me i have to fine this little guy. shaemus. >> today is shaemus' birthday. happy birthday. >> all right. >> how old are you? >> nine. >> nine and celebrating here at the tree lighting let's talk little bit about weather before santa comes out. temperatures are in the 40s right now across part of the region and this evening for our tree lighting chem temperatures following through the 40s. not much wind here we're really really lucky. so we're just going to enjoy this beautiful evening at 6:00 15 we will light a 30-foot tree here in moorestown, new jersey.
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are you guys going to be ready? >> yes! >> okay. we'll zen it back to the studio but we'll leave you with the view of santa. he's going to stick around as well. we'll see in you a few minutes. >> thank you very much, kathy. developing to night, a nightmare for familiar unless oakland, california. to night the death toll from friday's warehouse fire has climbed to 36 and emergency responders say they have expect it to keep on rising. fire ripped through the building known as the ghost ship on friday during a dance party. officials say the cluttered warehouse was also illegal living space and it was very difficult for those inside to get out. the medical examiner has identified 11 of the bodies recovered so far. and tonight emergency crews are continuing the emotionally and physically intensive task of digging through the rubble for others. investigators say they're still not sure what started the fire but prosecutors say murder charges are possible. trump transition continues we got a better vision today of who will be part of the trump
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administration. today the president-elect officially announced that neurosurgeon and former presidential candidate dr. ben carson his nominee for the head of housing and human development. carson's nomination was expected and now the real intrigue remains over president-elect trump's pick for secretary of state. tonight number of candidates has ballooned to 10. including california congressman dane at a roboch kerr. trump's daughter ivanka met with former vice-president al gore to discuss climate change issues. >> as did president-elect trump. meanwhile the green party challenging the election out come in pennsylvania. today jill stein's lawyers filed a suit in old city. they're asking the judge to order recount of the novembe november 8th votes here in pennsylvania. in a lawsuit filed against state election officials lawyers claim the state's barriers to a recount violate voters constitutional rights. president-elect trump won the vote here in pennsylvania by less than 1%. tonight prosecutors in south carolina say they intend to
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retry the murder case against a former police officer. today the judge announced a mistrial for the case against michael slager. he was charged with the death of walter scott. unarmed black man who allegedly was shot during a traffic stop. the jurors could not reach a verdict in the case. slager will also go to federal court next year on charges of depriving walter scott of his civil rights. he's a world champion boxer and a native of philadelphia. how the city of brotherly love is honoring bernard hopkins. >> he it used to be a bank saul. it no longer holds cold hard cash. why local college students are hanging out there in there. >> hello sean. >> the eagle on a downward spiral and so is the quarterback play. head coach doug pederson and carson wentz talk about why they seem to be struggling much that's coming up later in sports.
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big honor for real life rocky in north philly today. mayor jim kenney presented iconic boxer bernard hopkins with an honorary ceremonial liberty bell at the athletic rec center on north 26th street. hopkins is a philly native and getting ready for his last fight on december 17th. hopkins and the mayor also talking about rebuild physical which sports boxings jims for the city's young people. hopkins had a special message for the young women watching. >> to the young ladies here, you must understand that just because it's bocking we're not excluding you out of your dreams in fulfilling anything you want to do. recreation center and everybody can tell you it's for everyone. of one.
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>> oscar della hoya joined hopkins the two are partners behind golden boy promotions ink the first hispanic owned national boxing promotional company in the country. 40 local families have brand new car seats tonight. kohl's gave away those seats at the please touch museum in west philadelphia. the department store also donated more than $300,000 to chop for injury prevention programs. you know what, chop staff says those programs help the hospital educate families about car seats and how to properly use them to keep children safe. a fake news article prompted the man to open fire in our nation's capitol. so says police and they say that north carolina man armed with a rival kind of stormed into a popular pizza spot yesterday as customers ran he fired a shot. police say 28-year-old edgar madison welch went there to investigate a conspiracy theory. the fake news said hillary clinton was running a child sex ring from the d.c. restaurant. prosecutors charged welch with assault with a dangerous weapon.
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some college students in new jersey are going to be spending -- studying time inside a bank vault. check this out. fresco user joe hall zen us this video rowan university dedicated its camden academic building today. it's a restored 1920s bang the former first camden national bang and trust building is now home to student lounges and one in the bank's old vault. building renovation was paid for with a $17 million grant from the state. very nice. when you take fresco videos nice steady shot is also good. back ting 229 wet authority. meteorologist kathy orr is in moorestown, new jersey. it's time to light that tree. >> guess who is with me? come here. the big guy himself. >> nice. >> he's gained a few pounds. >> just a few. >> cookies. >> santa when you say hi to lucy and iain they've been very good. >> lucy and iain have been very good and i just want to say hi and i'll be there soon, all right? >> that's so nice.
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>> let's light the tree, an santa. okay, guys, we'll countdown from five. we have hundreds of people here. ready, santa? >> let's founder from five. ready, five, four, three, two, one! merry christmas! >> merry christmas! >> ho, ho, ho. >> nothing more beautiful than that, santa. we have a 34-foot blue spruce the kids said there's millions of lights on that tree. >> i would bet there's million of lights. that looks like a tree from the north pole. >> i'll bet it is. well, we thank you so much for being here. >> all right. >> we'll zen it back to the studio to mon any can merry christmas everyone. >> it is so great to see santa and here that ho, ho, ho. gets me so in the spirit. hi, kathy. back in the studio, we're actually taking a look on mark street the bustling market street and we've got a temperature of 48 degrees. the high earlier today 51. those winds continuing out of the west northwest about 6 miles per hour. so we've got a high pressure
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system and a settled into the region. this when we see high pressure system in control, subsiding air helps clear thing out that really helped to clear those skies out. we had nice sunshine through the afternoon today. but look what's behind it. a local pressure system moving in from the gulf and you know what that means. carrying a lot of moisture with it. it continue to move towards the north and east. as it does it will be moving into some rain chances. notice how far away it is. yes that really means it will take awhile to get here. we've got mostly tonight and early tomorrow morning to keep it dry and then that rain does move in as we head into the afternoon. let's time it out for you on your future cast. clouds move out ahead of it for your early morning commute. the rain starts to push in. notice this mainly all rain event here in the delaware valley. some snow off to the west of us. but in philadelphia, wilmington, trenton, atlantic city, we're talking scattered rain showers through the afternoon and even into the evening at times. we could see heavier rainfall this does continue over night
6:19 pm
and into early wednesday morning but by the commute it becomes much much more isolated and then we're kind of done with this system as we head into wednesday afternoon. but we have to talk about a cold blast of air on its way from canada. this is going to be moving through the great lakes region and into pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, all really cooling things down as we head into thursday and friday. so be ready for that. be ready with a jacket, your scarfs and your sweaters, as we head into thursday through friday we're talking temperatures into the 30s. tomorrow we're at 47 degrees with that cloudy and theft rain chances. and then we head into wednesday. 51 degrees so that's not all that bad, guys. but we're looking at that rain chance returning or excuse me those temperatures dropping friday, 39. that's as high as we go on friday and we're factoring in wind as well, guys. >> it's like it's december or something. >> yeah. >> at least the sun will be out.
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>> thank you. >> eagles season real cold. like dead cold. >> oh yeah. we're in the deep freeze on that one. >> it's a problem. another monday where it's like this, right? >> all right. >> third in a row. >> band wagon over. >> especially on the road. >> i've fallen off. >> wheels have fallen off. eagles struggling in bunch of different ways. shock yesterday plus carson wentz and doug pederson have different opinions on what's going on. hear the conflictings stories next in sports. where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. it's not one thing we do. it's they thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of ameca in philadelphia.
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♪ eagles are just bad right now. sorry but there's no way around it many they lost seven out of their last nine and sick straight on the road. plus the games went from being competitive in the first half of the season to blow outs over the last two. yesterday was the worst. the bengals came out and stomped eagles 13-14. our rookie quarterback is regressing. carson wentz is staring down receivers. not going through his progressions and just making bad decisions. he had three interceptions yesterday and the worst part is him and doug pederson have totally different views on what's going wrong. >> i don't think it's the mechanic. i mean i think it's -- there's just -- teams -- you make mistake. things happen. that's just the bottom line. >> looking at the film there's times when there's pressure in his face the ball will tend so to sale high. there's times he's still back on his back foot and the ball sales high. so it's a combination of both.
6:25 pm
um, it's just something we got to continue to work on. >> that's a rookie being a rookie. you should expect that. we didn't expect the eagles defense being this bad. supposed to be the best part of this team especially that front seven. but yesterday they gave up over 400 yards of offense to the bengals and cincinnati didn't even have their best wide receiver. even during the game the defense couldn't believe what was happening. >> i believe, um, you know, that we was going to get it done. even during that game i never, you know, wavered even when things weren't going our way. i just believed we was going to come out of this with a win. i mean, tell you, man, we couldn't have practiced no matter. just going tran late to the field. >> we'll move on to something that might be blasphemy to some people. i think a punter might be one of my favorite players in the league right now. oakland raider punter marquette king is one of the funniest guys in the game right now. take look at this. yesterday's game he gets a roughing the punter call, right so look what he does.
6:26 pm
he decides to pick up the flag and do a little dance with it and spike it. he gets a flag and look what happened earlier in the season. great punt is made on the side lines and he's on the field dancing. doing everything he do. riding the horse. that's what i want to see from a punter. i'm sorry i know the punter is the -- no one cares about him on the team. but if punter do's this every game, i'm goining to buy a punter's jersey. i'm going to celebrate with the punter. that's what i want to see in the game. >> i thought this was the no fun league. he's having fun. >> exactly. then you get a -- didn't get a fine for it either. at least i don't think he will. >> germs are everywhere right in our schools, our offices, kitchen sinks. so how long are you what washing your hands? how a matter of five seconds could make a big difference and the crucial area you're probably not washing that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you at 10:00.
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save energy and money. peco. the future is on. ♪[ music ] fire fury. >> the bizarre rant from the leader of the artist colony where so many young people lost their lives. and imagine being trapped in a fire. >> what you can do to try to make it out alive. >> then, trump with supergirl? and his new war of words with alec baldwin. ♪ oops i did it again >> and baby onboard. >> cries of joy after a baby is born on a plane. >> then, why jessica chastain is so upset about the classic movie, last tango in paris. >> and shocking


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