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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this morning. >> and how about tomorrow. >> twenty years i have been waiting for this. >> do not take off seven days ago i cannot afford it. we're thrilled to have you back, so thrilled we're giving you a six out of ten today. it is opposite of yesterday when we started off with rain and it dried out? well, we started off try and then it will rain. temperatures cold right now. twenty's and 30's this morning but you can see on radar in rain, just not yet. here comes from the south and west that will move through this afternoon. we will have timing of that rain in a few moments but for right now you need to necessity it is 38 degrees. feels like 33 out there with sunrise at 7:08. twenty-two is temperature in the pocono mountains. twenty-nine in reading. forty this wildwood. headed to 48 degrees. it is warm enough that most of us will get just rain. in the mountains, it is a whole different story, we will talk about that and big chill this weekend coming up in just
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a few minutes, good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 6:01. live look downtown we will go vine street expressway stacked up, single file here exiting for 30th street station, live look at the platt bridge coming in towards philadelphia, coming in toward philadelphia international. this problems later on could be a situation, situation in frankford, fire location this morning, at frankford and sellers. fire fighters still on the scene. septa bus routes three and five are on a detour market frankford line is running and get ready for this one a big one martin lieutenant are king drive goes into shut down mode today. they will close from 9:00 to three, open it up for evening rush, close it overnight. it seems retaining wall that holds up the drive and that walkway for bicyclists and skateboarders has fallen into the river. so they have to sure up that retaining wall and that will take sometime to do it and that shut down goes into
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effect today at 9:00. north on i-95 watch for an accident near 896, otherwise, mass transit looking good, mike and alex, back over to you. 6:02. tragedy on a south jersey highway a state trooper is one of the two men kill in the head on crash. >> look at how horrible this crash is. police say driver was going the wrong way, this morning a rookie officer is being remembered, steve, horrible, third time in two months we have done a story like this. hi there steve. >> reporter: you remember my standing here talking to you at this very spot almost nine months to the day last time a trooper was killed and how coincidental both 31, both south jersey natives and both new on the job. growing up in south jersey patrolling, protecting the people of south jersey and then tying while to go it. so, this is first year trooper frankie williams, just married weeks ago in october to make it even sadder, going northbound on route 55, responding to a call for
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service, at 6:59 p.m. when guy in the toyota corolla going southbound in the southbound lanes for some unknown reason goes across grass median in the northbound lanes and collides head on where route 55 goes through millville and speed limit at least 65 miles an hour, trooper may have been going faster on a way to a call. we don't know other driver's age. nothing has been given out by state police. we know he was pronounced dead on the scene and trooper williams flown here to cooper and pronounced dead. we don't know exact time but state police trooper union sent out a public condolence, state the police confirmed trooper's death just past one. second video just past 3:00 a.m. two police cars slowly escort a small three vehicle procession in an unmarked van in between, slowly out of the hospital and you'll see that other police officers hoff been standing guard shutting the streets, stand by, silently, soluting, trooper williams graduate the with the state police class
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january 29th, just a little over ten months ago, he was from atlantic county and he was stationed in fort norris. for you people unfamiliar with south jersey that is on the way to wildwood where 55 end, it goes into delsea drive. so it goes close to the shore. he was heading up from that station on 55 going to help someone when he was killed. on august 8th they put out a story about him saving a dog. a loss of a good man. >> sorry about that. >> a lot of people's motional this morning about that. >> just the fact that he said it has been three times in 12 months. 6:04 on this tuesday. >> well, three people have been transported to the hospital following a two alarm fire at frankford. fire crews were able to get the flames under control. >> lauren, what are you seeing right now. >> reporter: here's an update, hike and alex. we have learn 20 people were displaced as a result, nine of them suffered injuries. five adults and four children.
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some of them were taken to temple university hospital by emergency responders. we understand that others showed up a little bit later. tire broke out right around 4:00 a.m. fire crews were on the scene three minutes later. deputy commissioner says his team were crowded at windows when they arrived some jumping from the second and third floors to safety. commissioner says apartment fires are always a challenge because of the number of people inside of the buildings, also problematic, the proximity to the market frankford line. when we arrived earlier water was shooting from inside the building. it looked like it was raining on sellers street. we asked if that fire started at leonard's pizza on frankford avenue but it is unclear at this hour. it could have started in the upstairs apartment where two dozen people were living. at this hour ladders have come down, heavy hoses dragged back to the truck and fire fighters are still on the scene because now an investigation continues to find out exactly how this fire started, mike and alex.
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>> all right. speaking of fires, look at this one a one person is in the hospital after a fire tears through a home this delaware county. it happened last night at lansdowne. fire fighters on the scene worked to clean up the deprice after dousing the flames. in word on the condition of the person taken to the hospital. double shooting claims a life in philadelphia's logan area, 22-year old man died on the scene at broad and wingohawking street at 12:30. a second man 39 years old was shot in the ankle. police say at least 17 bull wreath fired and so far no arrests. >> wow. teenager is in the hospital after being shot twice, once in the head last night. it happened around 8:30 near the 300 block of appsly street in germantown. the 17 year-old was hit in the hipps and back of his head in fern hill park. police rush the boy to temple university hospital where he is listed in critical condition. police say suspect took victim's phone and other valuables and they are still searching for that suspect. here's a story that broke while i was gone out in california visiting my
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children this heroin situation, in the streets of philadelphia. look at this, look at the this guy, nine people killed by heroin in the kensington area last week even. well, we have an update now, this bad batch of heroin, i guess bad heroin, bad batch of heroin has claimed another life we have found out, a 25 year-old man's body was found late last night in the 600 block of allegheny avenue in kensington again. police believe he died as a result of an overdose, more than a dozen people now, a dozen people in our area have died since the weekend, due to this drug. police were out in kensington last night confiscating heroin called power ball and another brand with a devil on it, on the packet. it is laced with something called pinky, pinky is a synthetic opioid that is easy to get on line. investigators won't know for sure this will the lab tests come back probably late this
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week. more than a dozen. >> unreal. coming up on 6:08. terrifying moments for a woman in berks county. she says she was attacked out for a run and police are looking for the man responsible. this is a sketch of the suspect we are looking at right now. victim said she was running saturday afternoon in amonte township when the man ran after her, grabbed her and sexually assaulted her. she hit him in the face with the rock to get away. terrifying attack inside a local laundromat what these violent thieves stole from a worker, as they threatened to take her life. another unexpected meeting with the former rival for president-elect donald trump who he welcomed to trump towers that may have him changing his stance on climate change? what?
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well, laundromat worker has survived a terrifying attack by, armed robbers, this happened in delaware county. >> security camera video right here shows 39 year-old woman cleaning dryers at k and w laundromat on the 7100 block of marshall street in upper darby this was around 4:00 yesterday morning when a has beinged man and woman walk in. they have her in a choke hold. he pulled out a gun. he then dragged her in the boiler room and then went to her pockets. his accomplish woman stole 600 in cash and quarters from the office, along with the workers coat. >> she is working 4:00 o'clock in the morning cleaning out l
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int and these two bums walk in and do what they did to her. she's very, very lucky. >> it looks and sound like it. >> worker was not hurt physically but understandably she's badly shaken up. $2,500 reward now stand for information that leads to the arrest and convictions of these robbers. 6:11 now. >> a mistrial declared in the shooting death of an unarmed black man at hand of the white police officers in south caroline, why walter scott's attorney is assuring his family that justice will still be served soon. watch out, security on high alert right now in los angeles, the threat made that has authorities not taking any chances.
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national weather service issued a winter weather advisory for carbon and monroe counties in the poconos because when we get rain they will get snow. they could get two to 4 inches throughout the afternoon and overnight hours. high pressuring ago way and low pressure from the south and west, bringing us since this is drawing some moisture from the gulf of mexico and little bit from the atlantic ocean, rain and possibly lots of it, mike. >> i know it, i have been waiting 20 years for this 20, sue to buy coffee in this
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morning, there is no one to go buy the coffee. >> really. >> so is that your game. >> i can't getaway, i have this to do. >> okay, all right. >> busted. >> let's see, we have a little bit of sun this morning. cloud take over by lunchtime. then rain rolls in. probably around three or 4:00 we will see first rain drops in philadelphia and southern and western suburbs. but watch this blue, here comes the snow in the mountains maybe even lehigh valley and part of the berks county, tricky travel for the ride home today and some heavy rain possible at night lingering into the early hours of wednesday. so that is what is in our immediate future. what happens after that mostly cloudy skies tomorrow maybe a little bit of sunshine, clouds, maybe a stray shower on thursday and then we will feel difference on friday because wind will pick up and we will only get to
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40 degrees. very blustery day. by saturday much colder as well, sunny, cold on sunday, chance of rain on monday. there is the next seven days, bob kelly, you'll get through it. >> 6:16 on a tuesday, jammo on i-95. time to make toe nuts southbound heavy from cottman into downtown through the construction zone we don't have rain, that we had to drive along with this time yesterday, live look at the vine street expressway, jammed up trying to get in there to 30th street station. we have an accident on the eastbound pennsy turnpike. we have a third accident this morning on the turnpike eastbound right at philadelphia/bensalem interchange. look out heading east. fire location that we heard from lauren, frankford and sellers. septa detouring buses three and five. new traffic pattern on the ben franklin parkway coming in the city right in front of the franklin institute you don't have to go all the way around that loopy loop and circle there. they have you going straight up the middle.
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just a change. something different from last week. schuylkill not bad, looking good coming in from new jersey. heading south on 295 you may see lights here thanks to the simpson's setting up their holiday lights display. they have a projection screens on the garage door. mike has this at his home here. >> yes, in my bedroom. >> we have to work on the pictures he has loaded in the projector there but we will get to that. >> sure. >> make sure you snap a picture at your home and post to it facebook, twitter, instagram and use that #fox 29 likes contest. we can show pictures on tv and pick a house to go visits. this week we are heading out to northeast philadelphia on thursday night to broadcast live we have details at fox 6:17. >> security has been increase add long los angeles metro system today after fbi was told that a terror attack was planned at universal city subway station.
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information came from a anonymous phone call. fbi, local police do not know if that threat is credible. murder charges are being considered in the deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. fire happened friday during a dance party at warehouse, that was being used as artist studios and illegal living spaces. emergency responders are still searching for ruble for remains. zero more victims were identified yesterday. all in their 20's and 30's and 36 people have been confirmed dead and that number could still increase. prosecutors have have not yet said who is criminally charged in this case. how about this yesterday a south carolina judge declaring a mistrial yesterday in the case of michael slager, former charleston police officer accused of fatally shooting a 55, 50 year-old black man named walter scott. you know this story by now. witness cell phone video we have seen hundreds of times captured the incident, slager, had pulled scott over for having a broken taillight in
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april have of 2015. scott's family spoke after the verdict was a announced and they said they are not giving up. >> today i'm not sad and i know that justice will be served. >> it isn't over. that was round one. we have got two more round to go, the solicitor is trying this case again as soon as she can. the d o.j. is trying this case as soon as they can. >> another criminal case, civil case, and deliberating more than 22 hours a jury was unable to unanimously agree on a verdict for slager. community leaders in the charleston area are calling for calm, including the governor of south carolina. man who fired an assault rifle in a washington tc pizza shop while investigating a fake news story will be held in jail until his first hearing on thursday. edward madison welch was arrested sunday. he went to the restaurant because he saw a story about
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hillary clinton running a child sex ring there. he fired a shot inside. once he realized there was no evidence he surrendered. in one was hurt. welch is charged with adult with deadly weapon. >> amaze have people will believe. local girl in a life threatening battle what she's doing to make this season a little brighter for other kids in the similar situation. but first
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good morning i'm sean bell. carson wentz starting to go through a lot of rookie growing pains, after bengals game, carson says it was not mechanics but doug pederson seems to agree. >> there is times when is there pressure in his face where balls will sail high. there are times when he is back on his back foot and ball sails high, it is a combination of both and something we have to continue to work on. to the sixers and nuggets, late the in the game, sixers only down by four until nuggets will barton nails a three, triple right there, that puts denver backup by seven. basically iced the game.
6:24 am
sixers lose 106-98, their seventh straight looks of the season. flyers winger matt read will be out four weeks with the upper body injury, it is said to be an upper oblique, he suffered it on sunday four-two win over the predators. read has six goals and ten points, in 2016. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. i want to take time out just to say hi to tim, one of our directors, hi, tim. you know i want to be tim. he is tall, creative, he is handsome, good dresser, sharp. i do want to be him. tim, do knee a favor. >> anything, mike. >> could you get coffee. >> yes. >> don't go, camera is trying to catch you, come bob tim. >> stylish. >> plus he is able to walk down the street to the coffee shop. >> is that what it is. >> it is not as stressing as it looks. >> he is able to walk.
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>> what was it. >> handsome. >> strapping good looks. >> strapping good looks. >> thanks, tim. wildcats are number one, you know this, in college basketball, they play tonight as a matter of fact. villanova wildcats ranked number one by associated press and u.s.a. today. defending national champs are a perfect eight-zero on the season. they will play lasalle tonight at the palestra. in college football heisman trophy finalist have been announced. >> give them to me. >> we have louisville quarterback lemar jackson. oklahoma teammate baker mayfield and receiver deedee westbrook. >> we, deedee. >> and michigan linebacker, jabrill peppers and desean watson. >> two of them are favorites. >> right, two from the the same school is there that way split the vote. >> jackson and watson are considered the favorites. winner will be announced on saturday. >> and in new york city.
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>> there is a song called do the heisman. >> what is that. >> it is a dance too. >> yes. >> yes. >> it is, pretty hip. >> i got it. >> hand out or in. >> trying to remember what the statue looks like. it is more like this ball in one hand, stiff arm. >> where did my chair go. >> it used to be do the heisman on people. >> sometimes you have to do that. >> yes. >> i got that down. record setting night for clay thompson, clay thompson went off last night against pacers. look at this clay scored 40 of his teams 80 points. forty of the 801st half points on his way to 60 points for the night. he only played 29 minutes, that is a record. this game was such a blow out he didn't even play in the fourth quarter. clay's 60 points are most scored by a player in 29
6:27 am
minutes or less in an nba game. i think he blew away larry birds record by 13 points last night. he only played 29 minutes. >> golden state, they know how to break record, between him and steph curry. >> and then there are the sixers. making another run at oval office, the vp, joe biden. >> well, he may be ready by 2020 election. some people are wondering is he serious? could there be another presidential run? >> we will discuss. he would be 78 years old. donald trump will be oldest president we have ever had taking office. >> joe biden said 2020 he would be. >> buy a lot. >> by eight or nine years. >> plus some bad news for bill cosby, the evidence that a judge now says can be used against him during his sexual assault trial. he thought he had a deal in 2005.
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new jersey state troop are and another man are dead. what we're learning about the trooper who lost his life. three people are hospitalized and more than a dozen without a home after a two alarm fire rips through an apartment in frankford. how it is impacting traffic right now. and, move over, why people in swarthmore delaware county
6:31 am
are going to have to make room for some new neighbors. >> um-hmm. good day, it is tuesday, december 6th, 2016. you know, yesterday morning i got up, it was so glummy, then i took a nap, and when i woke up the sun was out. it changed my whole mood, sue. >> change your perspective on life. >> yes. >> because clear skies follow the rain. >> yes. >> it the is an old pro verb. >> beautiful. >> true. now, it is opposite today, bus stop buddy has save it for later umbrella because today we will start out dry and rain later on. temperatures in the 20's and 30's, make sure you have warm enough coat, and radar, and, that is what is coming. here comes rain from the southwest. we will have timing in just a few minutes. 38 degrees. feels like 33 with a breeze out of the north/north east only 22 in mount pocono. twenty-nine in reading. thirty-nine in millville.
6:32 am
forty in wildwood. by the time we will get rain for most of us it will be just rain because temperatures will be in the 40's, for us, high of only 47 but it will be a rainy, ride home, so you like to say it all the time bob kelly, pack your patients. >> first one out of the house gets best umbrella. good morning. don't need it now but will need it this afternoon, live look at schuylkill looking good here heading out of the town into belmont. we will see volume pop in and out of downtown philadelphia, same thing looking live at vine street expressway. accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, still shot from the turnpike it is eastbound right at the philadelphia bensalem off ramp and that is causing delays for everyone leaving say willow grove, heading east in towards that philadelphia interest change. that fire location frankford and sellers from the early morning hours. crews are wrapping up hoses but septa detoured bus routes three and five. later this morning this will hit you like a stale babe he
6:33 am
will, martin luther king drive will go in the closure mode. we have jump in the news van to give you an idea was happened here. this is us coming in the city on martin luther king drive. schuylkill off to the right. there is river off to the left. what happened was the least containing wall that holds up the bike patton to the martin luther king drive collapsed and fell in the water. and then dirt over last month is slowly trooped in the water as well, eroding right where those, do you see where lady in it or range right there that walking patties what has basically disappeared. crews need to shut it down, resure that retaining wall and they will do it touring midday. they will close it from 9:00 to 3:00 open it up for evening rush close it again overnight open it up for morning rush and get used to the kelly drive or schuylkill expressway this isn't a within day project but this will be with us for probably a month or two, mike and alex.
6:34 am
new jersey state trooper dies while on duty, his cruiser, hit head on by another car heading in the wrong direction. >> this morning rookie officer is being honored with a session solute, steve is on this story again, steve. >> reporter: well, mike big question is what made that other driver go out of the southbound lanes and into the northbound lanes across grass median did he have have a medical emergency? still unknown. i can tell you just in september almost at the same spot a driver fell asleep and did the same thing went in the opposite lanes. they had a fatal accident there on route 55, just a mile and a half from that scene in maurice river and this one in millville right next door. lets go to the video and driver of toyota corolla a man at 6:59 p.m., just before 7:00. there is a lot of deer as well. whole host of reasons. this has been worst year for faith also on 55 ever. it goes into the northbound
6:35 am
lanes where the trooper is on his way responding to a call. speed limit, very high down there 65, it is a highway like the ac expressway. they crashed head on. man is flown to trooper. we don't know what time he was pronounced dead but state trooper's union put out a condolence posting just after nine. state troopers on their facebook page put out the statement just after 1:00 a.m. that he was pronounced dead here at the hospital. just 31 years old just ten months on the job, same age 31 as the last trooper killed, almost at the same time of the day, 295, west deptford just in march. this is third trooper killed in the line of duty, in the last 12 months. last one december 17th almost a year to the day as trooper frankie williams, that what's lie mccarson and sean kill -- cullen, 30 and 31 years old.
6:36 am
here is solemn solute you were talking about mike, just before 3:00. you see two unmark patrol cars escorting an unmarked van slowly out of cooper hospital and notice on the side of the road as those three vehicles go by very slowly, police here on guard shutting down the roads stand and give a solemn solute to their fallen brother. the story i was trying to tell earlier was from august 6th is, one of the hottest at days of the year at 2:00 o'clock, troop are frank i williams gets a call that the doggies left in the hot car with only an inch on the mercedes benz windows, within of the windows was down on the inch. dog on the side in the create. he sees it thinks distress. gets the dog out, takes him over to the shade, pours water on the toy poodle, gives the dog water and vet says it is critical and they save the life of the dog. he saved that owner's dog life. one great thing that this trooper did that we know of that the state police talk b i
6:37 am
failed telling that story last time but what a wonderful story, it is. >> it is, thank you steve for that. >> 6:37. >> early morning apartment fire leaves several tenants without a home. >> yeah, fire breaking out at a three story apartment building, on frankford avenue. it is affecting traffic. lauren what are you seeing right now. >> a lot of people are trying to take different routes to get around frankford avenue because scene is active here. red cross on the scene letting us know how they are helping five families. twenty people displaced as a result, nine suffered injuries, five adults and four children but they are in stable condition, some driving themselves to temple university hospital. lets look at video from when we first arrived around 4:20 smoke was billowing out of the building at this hour. first call came in at 4:00 a.m. fire crews on the scene three minutes later, deputy commissioner tells us that the team says people were crowding windows when they arrived, some jumping from the second
6:38 am
and third floored to safety, rescues and evacuation were the priority. so fire fighters quickly threw up ground ladders and area lad tours pull people from the burning building. proximity to the market frankford line, somewhat problematic because it interferes with how those ladders can go up but fire company in this area pretty tam with that challenge. we asked if the fire started at leonard's pizza on frankford avenue. it is unclear, it could have started inside one of those upstairs apartments where nearly two dozen people were living. >> fire is always a challenge because we have multiple people living in confined area and we know at this time of the evening there will be a lot of people needing to be rescued. companies were aggressive and made a difference tonight. >> reporter: again, traffic currently being rerouted at this time to avoid frankford avenue in this area if you can at all. at this hour ladders have come down for the most part heavy
6:39 am
hoses dragged back to the truck. many fire crews left the scene here their work is done. fire marshall has taken over and investigating to find out how this all started, mike and alex. >> nice job there. in the bill cosby trial in montgomery county a judge is allowing prosecutors to use damaging testimony that cosby gave in a lawsuit ten years ago. that deposition was given as part of the civil suit filed by his accuser andrea constand. the cosby admitted giving drugs and chill to woman before sex. he also admitted to hosting constand in his home and fondling her, cosby says it was consensual, prosecutors say constand was only semi conscious after cosby gave her pills for stress. trial is planned for june. attorneys from the green party have filed a lawsuit at federal courthouse, here in olde city. they are asking a judge to order a recount of pennsylvania's november election, november 8th vote. the attorneys who filed the
6:40 am
suit against state's lex officials say that the state's barriers to a recount violate voter's constitutional rights. so state's lex officials say there is no evidence of a cyber attack or any other irregularities on that election day. recounts already underway in the state of michigan and state of wisconsin. he is known for cracking jokes at times but interesting comment from vice-president joe biden is now raising some eyebrows, and some people are getting excited about this. >> this announcement about the future is stirring up some curiosity i would say. here's the deal, is he serious? thomas drayton where did this happen? when did it happen? why did it happen. >> what did he say? >> we have not started trump administration and was he joking. joe biden running for president in 2020. perhaps. that is what he told a crowd of reporters yesterday with the slight grin on his face. little confused reporters asked him if he was joking.
6:41 am
vice-president said quote i'm not committing to anything. i learn a long time ago fate has a strange way of intervening. so in four years biden, if he runs, will be 78 years old, to he won the election it would make him nation's oldest president but reagan was 78 when he left office in 1989. >> when he left, when he put his hand up, at 69 years old, when he took the oath of office, and donald trump was 70. listening to the audio, and radio and they keep coming back but didn't give us an answer. >> but he said he will get back, and he said, president of the office and. >> a lot of people say. >> and maybe he would be president-elect right now you. >> he got out because of his son beau. >> well, 70's is the new 40 they say. >> yes.
6:42 am
>> thanks, thomas. people in swarthmore delaware county are going to have to make room for some new neighbors. >> so the boro manager says council voted to let head strong foundation buy one of the town's homes, foundation asked families for free place to stay during cancer treatment. you may remember when you first did this story we were told resident were opposed to the sale of the home saying they are worried about the traffic, parking and change to the zoning rules that could let more group homes move in. they say they are discussing an appeal to the vote. >> we will stay on that. >> little girl recovering from cancer is choosing giving over receiving for this holiday season. what she's doing for the friend that she made during her stay in the hospital. adorable. he gets a lot of compliments.
6:43 am
he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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6:45. ab accident on the pennsylvania turnpike ease pound right before the philly bensalem, interchange. so from willow grove over to philadelphia bensalem. that is route one interchange, watch for a crash, also that fire location, frankford and sellers, right there in the old neighborhood. used to have the mens store, pat's music center right there on frankford avenue w that stretch closed you can use paul, griscom or penn and that is just a block away from frankford and orthodox which is a big margaret and orthodox
6:46 am
el stop for frankford line. we have detours on the septa routes both three and five. here's blue route 476 getting up and getting out. no accidents. just a lot of volume this morning. folks heading to or from the airport. jammed up here across town on that vine street expressway. schuylkill eastbound about 24 minutes into town, delays north on 42, typical for this hour. martin luther king drive goes into a shut down mode. the let's roll video, we hit the bricks yesterday driving along the martin luther king drive where retaining wall fell in the schuykill river last month and every day more of the dirt and concrete has fallen in. so much so they have finally got contractor to approve to resure up the martin luther king drive. let's come back to the maps. here's had will happen 9:00 to 3:00 they will shut down the derive, open it up for rush hour and close it tonight into tomorrow morning. they will continue that routine, until it the is repair. you will want to get used to the kelly drive or schuylkill
6:47 am
especially coming in during the off peak hours, and into, and out of downtown. here's what they call the peco power play. imagine this guy electric bill, electrical meters spinning here, and he has candy kaine lane here all line up. snap a picture and post to it facebook, twit error instagram using the #fox 29 lights contest so we can continue to show lights, all day, every day and then pick the best of the best each week, we will pick a home and we will broad cat live from your front lawn during five and 6:00 o'clock newscast, this week we will get out on thursday night? what is forecast looking like for thursday and today? sueby has got tonight 15 seconds.
6:48 am
stock up on the hot chocolate now because here's what will happen to our temperatures by the time weekend gets here. coldest air of the season will be blowing in, pretty seasonal today and tomorrow, which is why today is only expecting rain. but by friday and sat take, temperatures will plunge into below average and by saturday we will have highs in the 30's. high pressure is in control right now but rain is starting to roll in from the south and west. the timing on the rain is not until later this afternoon. we will get cloudy before that happens around lunchtime here's 2:00 o'clock we will see rain in delaware and western suburbs, by 4:00 o'clock it is here and what a messy ride home it will be. of course in the higher elevations where it is colder it is not rain but probably accumulating snow in the pocono mountains as we head up in the overnight hours and still raining a little bit not as heavily and we could have a few left over showers in the morning for the commute on wednesday let's put that
6:49 am
together in the seven day forecast because today is afternoon rain, yesterday rain in the morning. the mostly cloudy skies tomorrow, cloud, possibility of the stray shower on thursday and then here's our plunge a high of around 40 degrees but feeling colder on friday with the winds. 38 degrees on sat take, and 44 on sunday. a chance of rain on monday. big chill, guys this weekend. >> big chill. >> big chill. >> one of my favorite movies. >> yes. >> 6:49. >> family of the local girl with a big legacy is helping thousands of others during their hose difficult times, and jen tread has her story. >> reporter: kelly ann dolan was diagnosed with a plastic anemia as a toddler in 1972. kelly ann's diagnosis introduced her family to a world of trauma, emergency trips, hospitalizations, physical, emotional and financial exhaustion. as their little girl received treatment dolan's met their
6:50 am
hospital neighbors, other families, experiencing hardship, and tough choices. in 1976, kelly ann developed a rare form of leukemia. >> my husband and i had to sit in the conference room, to hear them tell us that this rare form of leukemia was going to take her life within a matter of three months. >> kelly ann died three months before her seventh birthday. from that day on the dolan family vowed to help other families. >> what we try to do is help them to focus on the child, and speaking about the child and caring about the child so they are not worried, and, help them help her. >> for 40 years, they changed peoples lives. more than 27,000 families with
6:51 am
seriously ill children with a fund in their little girls name. >> fox 29 has proudly part a nerd with the kelly ann dolan memorial fund to help as many families as possible and you can help by adopting a family. dolan fund is looking for unwrapped toys for children up to 18 years old or target and wal-mart gift cards. drop them off this morning at wissohickon firehouse. our jen fred will be their life in a few minutes. she will be live there at that firehouse until 10:00 o'clock. >> until 10:00 o'clock. come on "good day philadelphia" viewers you always come through for us, come to us today. maybe take a little extra time drop by wissohickon firehouse and meet jen and make this donation. >> wonderful cause. >> beautiful story. >> i like idea of wal-mart and different gift card they could use those. hoe us out good day viewers. a four year-old in lehigh county is making christmas brighter for her friends of children's hospital of
6:52 am
philadelphia chop. >> her name is jillian massey recovering there brain cancer and she's now strong enough to leave the hospital and spend the holidays at home. but jillian just can't stop worrying about the friend that she left behind. she and her mom are organizing a toy drive for all of the children who cannot be at home this year. jillian's house is filled with toys that she plans to hand deliver in a few weeks. >> it is really unfortunate that these kids, families aren't going to have the kind of christmas that we're all used to. so i think this toy drive will actually help sort of ease that burden of not being able to be home with their own families. >> so sweet that she's doing this. >> she getting donations through her face book page and we have a lincoln our web site fox what a sweet little girl to do that. >> adorable. good day viewers, one shore time come through for her too. you always do. >> you cannot make it to the wissohickon firehouse, donate this way through the link.
6:53 am
>> again, fox a grocery store without lines, can you imaging in a a grocery store pick up a can of peas or whatever this guy just bought a burrito and you just walk out? you do have to pay for it but don't have to go through the lines. you pick up what you want put tonight your bag and leave. >> how is that possible in that is just stealing. >> it is not stealing it is automatically charging you and it is the future.
6:54 am
what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat.
6:55 am
unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you.
6:56 am
and, the oscar goes to... >> jimmy kimmel. >> hey. >> or maybe he will give out oscars. he will be name host of the 2017 academy awards. >> um-hmm. >> and no stranger to award ceremonies because he has been a mc twice. >> i remember that. >> with the espn and american muse ache ward. he knows what he is doing here. this will be his first time hosting oscars or some might say. >> hollywood's biggest night, to use the cliche. by the way, hollywood's biggest night oscars academy award will be on a sunday, as always, february the 29th. >> so mark your calendars. >> wait a minute. >> i'm sure we will remind you. >> it is leap year next year. >> yes, february 29th, leap year next year, i'll be darned. >> it has to be fit is on
6:57 am
february 29th. >> i didn't think we were in a leap year, 2016. >> it is the 26th, turn that nine upside down, february 26th. >> maybe that it was. >> i knew it wasn't leap yeary may be back after seven days off but you cannot get it past me. i'm like a goalie. i'm like bernie parent. i'm about as old as bernie parent. >> he is good with the ladies too. >> thank you, alex. >> i'm talking about bernie okay. >> three minutes before 7:00, we have a bad story to tell but, steve's on it, steve. >> reporter: it about 12 hours ago that for the third time in 12 months, a young new jersey state trooper has been killed in the line of duty patrolling a new jersey road and 31 year-old trooper pronounced dead here at cooper hospital, late last night. mystery beauty treatment.
6:58 am
what made their skin more radiant? what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin.
6:59 am
7:00 am
touching solute, as fellow troopers solute. ape a powerful message to end gun violence. >> yes, that is what i do. >> the psa shows h


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