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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  December 6, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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touching solute, as fellow troopers solute. ape a powerful message to end gun violence. >> yes, that is what i do. >> the psa shows how easy it
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can be to miss warning signs, who is behind this video, and what parents can do to make sure that their parents, don't become victims. plus, a mistrial in the michael slager trial, the former police officer charged with k scott, is a freeman for right now. why scott's family says that they believe just advertise will soon be served. and he is in charge of our philadelphia 76ers, you know him ceo scott o'neill is in the studio. we have a special surprise for him. it involves a mop. do you know, she's out of there. philly tans you know this woman, pistachio girl, at phillies games. she's fired for her tweets. she has been tweeting up a storm overnight. what she has been hosting that has her out of the job apparently it turns out,
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pistachio girl is nuts. good day everybody. it is december the sixth. >> she has nuts and she just may be nuts. but if you go to the phillies games you see her all the time. >> i wonder why, phillies haven't played in i don't necessity how long. >> she has been tweeting. >> the election. >> got it. >> yeah. >> hi everybody. >> it is december 6th, it is tuesday. >> we are so happy to have you back. >> the gang's all here. >> we are reunited. >> and it feels owe good. i simply was off seven days. seven days. >> it rolled over a holiday. >> is that what it was. >> yes it seems longer. >> seven working days. >> good point. >> it was a longer period. >> no more time out. >> we were in so much pain. >> yes, okay. >> we love you so much.
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>> everybody calm down. >> i will take another day off. >> it is christmas week. >> we will see how sad we are in a couple of hours. >> exactly. >> let's go to our number of the day, i'm ready. >> it is a six. >> give it to me. >> it started off, early and started dry, and have the umbrella here, and buddy does off to a cold start with temperatures in the 20's and 30's. we are seeing snow and rain move from the mountains of west virginia. for us by the time this precipitation gets here it will be mild enough that it will only be rain, for most of us, unless you are in the mountains the cloud starting to role in. enjoy peaks of sunshine while they are here. 39 degrees right the now but feels like 36, and it is in the 20's in the pocono mountains and allentown and pottstown. we have got 37 degrees in millville and 38 in
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wilmington. high in the the 40's today, rainy ride home, later on. >> get that umbrella, first one out gets best umbrella. 7:04, a live look here at schuylkill expressway, schuylkill right here near girard avenue. this fellow off to the side there starting to see volume in and out of the city as rush hour unfolds. northbound on the freeway delays toward philadelphia, they have fire location, happened this morning around 4:00 frankford and sellers, right underneath market frankford line about a block from the margaret orthodox el stop. with the frankford avenue shut down use paul, griscom or penn street through the neighborhood. septa detouring bus routes three and five. south on the new jersey turnpike, an accident at number 7a, today is first day that they shut down martin luther king drive because of a project, they need to sure up retaining walls. they will close the drive from 9:00 to three. open it up for rush hour, close it again overnight, open it up for morning rush hour
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but on the off peak hours, kelly drive and schuylkill will take all that extra volume, mike and alex, back over to you. we have bad news to start off this morning. head on crash kills a new jersey state trooper and another hand. >> the officer just beginning his career in law enforcement, this morning he is being remembered with the special solute. steve has been on this story all morning. >> he just graduated in january. >> yeah, january. >> reporter: it is car accidents, traffic incidents that are biggest killer of new jersey state police in their history. here we go again, third in 12 months. look at this video just awful route 55 passing through millville. troop are frankie williams on his way responding to a call. we don't know a reason why a man in the toyota corolla was in the southbound lanes and for some reason crossed grass median and then went in the northbound lanes and then collided head on essentially with trooper williams patrol car. the man we don't have an age
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yet from the state police or a name or hometown pronounced dead right there on the scene. they did fly frankie williams the trooper here to cooper where he was pronounced dead after arriving here. state trooper's union put out a public condolence just after 9:00. state police confirmed the news, and just past one and then just before 3:00 here is the solemn solute as two unmark police cars escorted behind and in front of the unhashing van as it left cooper hospital just at 3:00 in the morning. eli mccarson killed last december 17th, just 30 years old and then sean cullen killed in another car reckon 295, march 8th, 31, same age as frankie williams. all south jersey natives, all killed in south jersey car accidents. troop are frank i williams from atlantic county but we have learned that he went to
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high school and graduated in the tampa area, back in 2001, and we will have a special segment later in the hour. >> that is for sure one of our fox reporters in tampa, florida apparently his best friend. that was their top story in tampa. we will take through in a bit. 7:07. fire fighters tackling 25 alarm fire in frankford. >> fire broke out in the 4500 block of frankford avenue itself. that is right here near sellers, right, is that right lauren. >> that is right, mike. looking behind he you cane street still block off as fire crews remain in this area. it is causing traffic tie ups as bob has mentioned all morning people trying to get around this area we have learn 20 people displaced as a result of the fire, nine suffered injuries, five adult and four children, some taken to temple university hospital by those emergency responders who showed up here. the others just trove themselves. lets look at video when we first arrived here at 4:20
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smoke billowing out of the building. the first call came in at 4:00 e here three short minutes later. people were crowding at these windows, some jumping from the second and third floor to safety. rescues and evacuations were the priority. fire fighters threw up ground ladders and sent up aerial ladders to pull people out. commissioner says proximity to the market frankford line somewhat problematic because it interferes with the area ladders but fire companies in that area are familiar with that challenge. we have asked if the fire started at leonard's pizza at frankford because that is on the ground floor here but they say they could not tell us that information yet. it could have started in the upstairs apartment where two dozen people were living. ladders have come down, heavy hoses back on the truck, fire fighters left the scene. some still remain here. fire marshall is on the scene conduct and investigation here as people get around this area and avoid traffic tie ups that has come as a result of all this, mike and alex.
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>> big mess on a tuesday morning, thank you lauren. how about this big news out of south carolina after four days of deliberations mistrial declared against charleston police officer michael slager. >> slager was charged with murder in connect with the shooting death of 50 year-old walter scott in, april 2015, walter scott was pulled over for broken taillight and hot shot five times in the back as he ran from the officer. cell phone video taken by bystander and captured the shooting and led to protests around the country. scott's tamly spoke after the ruling. >> today i'm not sad. i want you to know why i'm not sad because jesus, he is on the inn side and i know that justice will be served because the god that i serve, he is able. >> the state says, they will retry the case, slager faces
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trial next year in federal court on federal civil rights charges ken rottweiler is here. >> good to see you. >> lets go back in the courtroom. they show video. you have seen this a hundred times the cell phone video where officer, he is, running away. >> walter scotties running away. he is 18 feet from the police officer when officer fires eight times hits him five times in the back. >> he goes down, killed. >> that is exactly right. >> jury sees that, 12 people the on the jury, 11 of them last friday as i was looking, 11 of them last friday said officer the officer should be quick but one person was holding out. what happened over weekend. >> over weekend there were other people that started to look at it the a little bit more closely and started to believe what that one hold out said because yesterday it has been report that had more people were undecided, as many as half of the jury. >> normally it works other way around. >> one person holds out and 11
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start talking to that one and one person caves. >> and that is what happened, this is a very unusual case. here's what i think was unusual about this case. michael slager took the stand and testified in his own defense. normally defendants don't take the stand. he was very emotional on the stand and said he wases in fear of his life. that got the to that one jury as of friday and they believed there was reasonable doubt did he this with malice of forethought. you have to have malice have fore thought when shooting that gun. and he believes that the officer, the officer when he testified that look i was in fear of my life. you didn't see all that tape. that is what he says. that cell phone video it didn't take into the whole experience it showed that one part. what the police officer said before the video came on there was an altercation between he and i and i was fearful of my life. >> i understand that but the final moment of his life he is running away. >> that is the problem here he was clearly running way, he
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was clearly in threat to the police officer, he was 18 feet away and going in the opposite direction and that point the officer from those is 11 was the officer wasn't in fear of his life. >> with this mistrial, where do things stand now you? is he still in custody or can he walk out. >> they are going to retry him . but prosecutor here will try this case as soon as they can. they feel lake they will get a conviction eventually. >> with the mistrial they can start all over again and wipe a new and say we will deal with the new jury and see what happens. >> he is on trial in federal court in february for civil rights violations for which he can serve 30 years in jail. here's the headline out of the paper. bill cosby got bad news. >> yes, that is true. >> sorry cos jury gets to hear those lewd and and lude remarks talking about pills. >> this is where he testified previously in a deposition he
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would give women trucks for sex. >> 2005 i thought he had a deal with the d.a. that if i tell what you really happens on those nights in my house, or her house i will never have that come back and haunt me that has been before the court before and judge said there was no quote unquote deal. so this evidence will come in. that issue has been resolved, in order, done issue. here's the case though next week and this is a huge reeling. next week they are having a two day hearing where they will decide if these 13 prior people complained about bill cosby whether they will be able to testify or not. i have already said mike, that is crucial ruling in the case. because if those 13 women are allowed to testify that bill cosby drugged them and had sex with them, it will be a very tough case for bill cosby. that is a crucial ruling. it will come next week in a two day hearing. we will see what happened. >> when will this ever happen. >> this trial is scheduled for june. that is why they are pretrial, rulings, and you know, bill
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cosby will wind up in a courtroom at some point. his lawyers have tried everything, everything in the world, it will not be delayed. we will have a trial with bill cosby in montgomery county thanks, ken. president-elect donald trump is on the road again today. >> and this is his thank you tour and his first stop north carolina. >> interviews for possible cabinet positions are continuing at trump to you inner new york city. we are keeping a watch on who is coming and going. as president-elect heads to north carolina did you notice former vice-president al gore at trump tower, doug luzader what that about. >> reporter: another day of coming and going at trump tower. on tap exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson, murial bowser, terry brandstayed, laura ingram and henry kissinger but no one has more attention then al gore. >> bulk of the time was with
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the president-elect donald trump. >> reporter: former vice-president and climate change activist met not only with the president-elect but with his daughter ivanka trump as well. choosing his word carefully in describing the meeting. >> i found it extremely interesting conversation and to be continued. i will leave it at that. >> reporter: still no word who will lead the state department under president trump. still the most high profile spot to fill. yesterday trump's team announced the selection of his former rival republican been carson to head housing and urban development. he ran into opposition from prominent democrats in congress for his lack of experience and in this process continues to play out at trump tower, all of items to some to really fit trump's style. >> one of the things we necessity about donald trump whether you think it goodies or bad, he he really has a sort of a intuitive sense for heightening drama and creating drama, suspense and all of the rest. the it seems to me that they like this story line of having all of these people come and
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visit the imperial court and cow tow to the next president. >> we will talk more about that. it seems like we keep talking about this one every day we are trying to figure out, to make it official, more than 45 days. >> it is 45 days after today. reading more about the appointment of ben carson yesterday, doctor ben carson. >> a lot of people reacting. >> hud secretary, yeah. >> we have partner with the kelly anne dolan fund and we are proud of that for the adopt a family program. >> we are trying to help put a smile on the faces of some kids in need. so jen freddie's live at wissohickon fire company in ambler where we are taking donations, how sit going, jen. >> reporter: we're doing well, the fox family they did okay as well. i shared with peggy, kelly anne's mom that i have a seven year-old, a little girl, so i know exactly what it feels like to have someone in your life that precious age.
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>> yes. >> around this time of the year. >> this is exciting period. they have the lights, they have music, they have santa. what more could they ask for. but of the kids that we serve, of course, want to be home for christmas. they want to be well. they want to be able to play just like everybody else. >> reporter: you had said a couple years ago and by a couple i mean like 20, there was a family because you got to know your hospital neighbors and your community. that they, the dad lost his job and two weeks before christmas and he wanted to help santa a little bit for his kids. >> yeah, well this program that has now served thousands of parents and children since 1993, wasn't a plan of ours. it was a frantic call from a social worker two weeks before christmas that came to the office and they had this family from upstate pennsylvania and their little boy had been hospitalized and
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in intensive care, for several weeks and in the process the dad lost his job and they are never realizing they were two weeks away from christmas had children to buy and to get gifts for, you know, and to help santa. >> yes. >> she called us, that day and said is there anything that you can do. >> reporter: that is what we're here for today at the wissohickon fire company in ambler. we will be here until ten and, of course, after if people want to bring items. there are families and organizations that told you what they need. families will see this, and show up, tell you what they need so we will be here all morning long, so guys, what a better thing to do, and then again, unwrapped, brand new toys. they don't have to be as billing as that giant teddy bear that we think jeff cole brought in from fox 29. >> that is cool. >> but every gift will be special for a child. >> what street are you on.
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>> what street am i on? >> race. >> i'm on race street. >> race. >> in ambler. >> yes, in ambler not filly hopefully more people coming your way, jen. >> come on good day viewers. i always say. that come through again. in basketball last night i was watching the game, sixers taking another loss last night against the denver nuggets. jahlil okafor did not play because of another stomach problem. george bayless and robert covington were dealing with injuries as well. late in the game sixers trying to close the gap, joel embiid nails three, drops nuggets lead to four but will barton and his deep three, anyway, sixers fall once again 106-98. their seventh straight loss. they have officially the worst record in the nba because i think dallas won. >> the mavericks. >> mavericks. >> they are really bad this year too. >> but at least the court was cleaned, dry and where they could play.
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>> now while i was gone what was the deal there the sixers had to cancelled, postpone a game because the ice from the flyers game or something from the night before. >> i don't know if they explained what it was. it was a substance that could not be easily cleaned up, they were trying to mop it up, wipe it up and they had to cancel the game. >> yes. >> all of the people came out and they had to go back home. >> i gotcha. >> mop it up. how about this, you go in the grocery store, you pick up stuff off the shelf like this dude here got himself a burrito. he just walks out. do you see this woman i will put that in my dog and leave and go to my car. >> i believe they call that stealing. is there a term for that. >> yet it is not shoplifting, it is not stealing, it is the future and few you tour is here at our growry stores and we will tell you about it. should high school fat ball be banned? doctors in the medical journal say it should, why they think it is just too dangerous for our kid. >> get on twit ber that should high school football be
7:21 am
banned? lottery numbers.
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all right. is it shoplifting. we will role footage with this guy with the burrito, i don't know what it is, he picks it up, and then walks out. he doesn't go through check outline this woman has her bag there, she walks out to her car, doesn't go through check outline. >> she's getting a five finger discount. >> is this legal? hillary vaughn, fox business, hi there hillary welcome back to philadelphia here. >> what is going on here, are they stealing. >> reporter: shoplifting epidemic or amazon just changing the game. we will see. amazon go, it is what it is called and they are trying out test grocery stores this seattle. it allows to you walk in, grab what you want and then just leave. they call it just walk out technology. you don't to have wait in line for check out. you don't have to open up your wallet. here's how it works, you walk in, scan your phone and it connects your amazon prime account to the in store
7:25 am
network and using sensors and artificial intelligence technology they track items that you pick off shelves and take home with you. when you leave, they add up everything that you take and charge it to your amazon rhyme account. it is that easy. you don't to have wait for delivery. great for people who want to sianni feel the produce or items that they are purchasing and take it home that same day. >> i like it. >> i like it a lot. here's down side i would see, i have a tendency to shop when i'm hungry which is a bad idea. if you didn't have to think about price or look at them and just toss them in the bag you might be spending more money, what do you think, hillary. >> reporter: this would be horrible for me. i need to pay with cash. i have a limit. >> reporter: what about returns, how difficult is it to return something. >> reporter: if you want to return an item chuck back in the store and put item back and they take the credit, they credit your account, they
7:26 am
don't charge you. >> in trying to find receipt. >> i like it. >> i like it, like it, like it. >> lets hope seattle treats it right so it can come over to philly because i think this would be good. >> exactly. >> they are opening them up as early as 2017. this could be a thing in your neighborhood by christmastime next year. we will see how it goes. >> no question this is future. >> change the grocery game. >> hillary, see you tomorrow, thank you. power foot message aimed in ending gun violence, it has, well, produced by parents of the sandy hook victims, and meant to she how easy it is to miss signs of somebody who may turn into a school shooter. what all parents should know to prevent tragedy at your school. we will show you this psa full thing it the is quite dramatic and i want your opinion on it.
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live look where we're collecting donations for families in need. kelly anne dolan fund is looking for toys for children up to 18 or target or wal-mart gift card. we will check with jen fred all morning. donations are piling up there. >> they will be there until ten or 10:30. jen likes to stay around for extra time there. here's the question, it is a shocker. should high school football be
7:30 am
banned? some doctors are pushing for that. why they say it is just too dangerous for our kids. it is a new study that came out this is last 24 hours. might get you wild up. it is exactly 7:30. >> we want to to know your thoughts. tweet us, facebook, instagram. do you think it should be banned? in thud i you might thinktive rently. >> it will in the happen. >> sue, we have a reverse of yesterday. >> that is right, opposite day, i suppose because we will start off dry and end up with rain by end of the day. bus stop buddy has, you'll need it later on, umbrella, a few peaks of sunshine this morning. temperatures in the 20's and 30's waiting at the bus stop today. here comes that rain edging into northern vein southern maryland. we will see it soon. probably by this afternoon. thirty-nine feels like 26. twenty's to the north of us
7:31 am
and 36 in atlantic city. forty-seven is our high with mostly cloudy skies and rain arriving later on. then it rains on and off all night long. we will tell you when it end in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> good morning everybody. couple accidents piling up here, this is a live look at route 309, southbound 309 right at susquehanna. you can see not only all of the travel lanes are blocked, pushing everybody, over to the right, again, it is southbound 309, at sus question hand a another accident this west chester, north bound lanes have of 202, right at high street, right where 202, high and 322 all come together on the campus of west chester university. power problems, wire problems, outbound service on septa's lansdale line, running with 30 minute delays, southbound i-95, 30 minute trip. eastbound on the schuylkill expressway put a half an hour and jelly doughnut because of an accident at girard avenue.
7:32 am
fire location in frankford at frankford and sellers with local detours and septa has bus routes three and five on the tea tore, hike and alex, back over to you. we have been four years since sandy hook school shooting. >> and the parents of some of those victims, 20 kid lost their lives, really young kid lost their lives, they have put together a public service announcement to prevent more gun violence in our schools. i want to you watchful thing, almost two minutes long, do you think it is effective. do you think it will prevent school shootings. here it is. >> ♪ >> ♪
7:33 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> no way .
7:34 am
>> wow. >> i mean when you see this, we have doctor alice here who says warning signs, that is the key. that is what this psa shows us. >> it does. it shows us the warning signs, that we all miss. we all get so caught up in the drama of our own lives. in the video we were caught up
7:35 am
in the drama of the love story and we missed right behind everybody else. >> yes. >> first of all, do you think it is effective. >> i do? >> i like it too. >> shocking. >> it shocks you and then makes you you look at everything differently. >> do you think, if we learn the warning signs this can be prevented. >> i do, i think suicide, i think homicide, gun violence can all be prevented. we have to learn warning signs, and we also need to take action. >> he was scrolling on his ipad the shooter, and it looked like he has assassination with guns is that a warning signs. as nation with guns when a student is obsessed with guns, thinking about them, looking on line to buy guns, talking about it, practicing about guns it is definitely a sign. >> even when he was walking down the hall way we are looking at kid here, you could see in the background getting bullied, pushing him and they took his book bag.
7:36 am
>> you will see students bullied frequently just isolate who had feel oz that sized by other peers and friend and they don't feel part of things. >> let go back to the gun thing. fast nation guns and maybe easy access to guns. >> definitely. >> a lot of times shooters have grown up in families where there are guns that are in the locked up, or they have friend and family members where they can get easy access. >> you saw on facebook and instagram there was a picture of child holding a gun there. >> he is putting it on his social media. >> alex mentioned long term bullying and pushed autopsy begins his locker. kid get more aggressive or a lot more aggressive. >> yes,. >> and act out. >> there are definitely the signs but we need to do something when we see them. instead of just being a bystander. if you see a child being bullied you need to step in and say something. you need to say hello.
7:37 am
we teach our children to say hello, to be trendily to other kids so that nobody feels alone. >> it seems like when we have these shootings, that after the fact people say oh, you know, looking back i would have seen something. looking back there were some signs. it just seems like every time that there were some things that could have stopped it. do we have to tell our children hey when we see these things maybe tell your teacher. >> definitely, education is crucial. we need to educate our signs, and teach them to take action. >> you can recollect nice, all of the signs, how my own life is and don't want to get involved. it is a statistic, and school shootings, one other person had knowledge of the attackers but failed to report it. also, a lot of mass shootings have been planned for six months. >> six months and in that six
7:38 am
months the signs are evident. there are social media postings of a person with a gun, talking about it and if we choose to not get involved or not put our neck out. >> exactly. >> i don't know if you saw this, upper perkiomen school district was closed yesterday because, it it was closed yesterday because of this psa, that we were just talking about. police initially said they were investigating some sort of threat toward the school. it turns out on one posted this psa in a private group message to students and it was perceived to be as a threat. we will stay on that as well. there, always good to see you. >> great to be here. >> get on twitter, facebook tell us what you think about that psa. >> if you haven't had a chance to see it, take the time to watch the full two minutes. it is powerful, it really is. >> new jersey state trooper and another hand are dead after a crash trooper frankie
7:39 am
williams grew up in florida, we will hear how one of his best friends is remembering him next>[a5df]ww]
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7:42 am
head on crash on a highway, claims the life of one people, including new jersey state trooper, frank i williams who was just 31 years old. he is having a year filled with milestones. first trooper williams joined department less than a year ago graduate nothing january. he married his wife only two months ago, in september. trooper williams went to high school in florida, ken suarez is live in tampa. he is one of our reporters down there for our fox station in tampa. so this is would be of your stories. what can you tell us about frankie williams, trooper williams. >> reporter: a lot of people are grieving, for him. any unexpected death is a sad one but this one is tragic because of what you were saying before. number one this guy always wanted to be a cop. i was talking to some of his friends. he grew up in this neighborhood. he was a little kid and would
7:43 am
say i'm the popo, his goal of becoming a cop, came to pass a little while ago. just beginning of this this year. he was a new jersey state trooper but that long law enforcement career that was supposed to go on and on unfortunately ended abruptly. williams was well known, well like in lakeland just west of tampa. he played soccer in high school and known as a guy who would do just about anything for you. he was always smiling, joking. earlier this year he got what he was hoping and dreaming for he became that new jersey state trooper. last night he was in cumberland county on his way to the call when a man crossed median and hit him head on. both men were killed. a to hours ago williams best friend down here, got a call that his buddy was gone. as you said only 31 years old, whole life ahead of him and twist of the story he had just gotten married. the guy down here we have been talking to and talking to his
7:44 am
family was best man. he is talking about coming up to help family up there anyway he can. he goes far beyond that. this morning on our sheriff office, taste book they are talking about the same thing. very, very big emotional situation down here. >> do you know yes left florida and ended up in new jersey. >> reporter: i don't know i'm guessing he had a job there. he was down here and worked for lowes garden center kind of store for a number of years and went up there and work in new jersey and then finally, he waited it out but finally the go what he wanted and now this. >> such, and we will learn more about frankie williams and tell but his life, and how he went from florida, and went to serve us, as we get ready for funeral services. >> our thoughts are with his family and friend of people who knew him.
7:45 am
>> yes. >> all right. 7:44. 7:45. we will take a quick break coming right back.
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7:47 am
accident southbound, we have police on the scene, grassy median there is impacting everyone get together blue route as well.
7:48 am
here's a crash on the northbound side of route 202, right at high street. this is right at that interchange, for west chester university. so, the accident itself is on the northbound side, and as you can see it is also attracting some attention from this southbound side. thirty minute delays outbound, on the lansdale doylestown line, and 95, about a 40 minute trip in the city, eastbound schuylkill we are dealing with the an accident eastbound right here near girard avenue and still looking for delays around that fire location at frankford and sellers. we have your christmas lights up. come on if you do snap a picture. i want to you post it to facebook, twitter, instagram and use fox 29 lights contest to show pictures on our tv screen here all day, every day and then also visit one house a week. we will go live from northeast philadelphia the front lawn, this coming thursday night, what is the forecast looking like for today and rest of the week. sueby has got tonight 15 seconds.
7:49 am
it is not winter just yet, winter solstice is 15 days away the on the 21st, and then this year, hanukkah falls on is what known as christmas eve, and really complicated mess there, 19 days from christmas, ahh. that is all coming up. so is this. precipitation coming in and will get rid of the sunshine we have and start rolling in and rain on us, this afternoon, anytime after lunchtime, start looking for the rain, for us in philadelphia about three or 4:00 in the afternoon, messy drive home and the possibility of accumulating snow in the pocono mountains. it could be dicey around lehigh valley as well, continues raining throughout the night and maybe into the first part of the morning rush hour on wednesday. so there is a winter weather
7:50 am
advisory for this this afternoon and tonight carbon an monroe counties in the pocono mountains. they could get two to 4 inches of snow. for us we are well above freezing and will get milder before the rain gets here which is why we only have rain in the forecast. we will have mostly cloudy skies tomorrow, 50 degrees. that is okay, thursday, possible of a shower, as we transition into a much colder weather pattern for try and saturday barely making it to 40 on friday and very blustery. same story for saturday. very cold start to the weekend, mike and alex. >> thank you. >> you know, ceo of the innings isers scott o'neill is a friend of the show. we always like to have fun with him. he won't be happy with this but anyway, i was watching the game last night the because i love to watch sixers. i saw that they got the game, this is footage from last wednesday when i was still out of town. sixers postponed their game because there was moisture on the court, they kept mopping, mopping, mopping. they had to postpone the game
7:51 am
to make him feel at home, scott, welcome to good day philadelphia, of course. >> we have moisture over there? let's bring him in here right now. >> it still feels. >> the floor is moist. >> still feeling slick. >> come on over here. >> i need a walker. >> it is really quite a grand entrance. >> now get up in the eldest char are chair to sit on. >> good to be back. >> good to see you. >> good to see you, alex. >> it has been a little bit. >> so i was watching the game last night. i always like to watch. >> will we till to this, carrying it around. >> this is the hardest he has ever worked. >> listen. >> i used to work hard in high school and college, pushing mops around i feel right at home to go this i was watching the game last night the
7:52 am
because i like to watch joel embiid because he went to the university of kansas, my alma matter. do i get the fight song. >> ♪ >> bouncing around. >> so, i don't want to be negative but he did not have a good game last night. this well happen when new to the league. >> sure he was named rookie of the month leading all rookies in points, in rebound and blocked shots and three-point field goal percentage and 50 percent from three. >> isn't that amazing. >> you are destine to have a down game here and there but he is a monster. he has been the best rookie i have seen in a really long time. >> i love his sense of humor. i like following him on twitter. >> he is a character. >> he is a tweeter, all right. here's the thing, we are getting tired of the process. >> we're banged up, covington down, nerlens down, joel
7:53 am
okafor, ben simmons he will be coming back. it is walking wounded right now. >> do you think ben will play. >> yes. >> we're excited for that. >> can i tell you something i want to talk about? i used to work in new york. i'm mormon now. i was catholic. i was working overlooking st. patrick's cathedral which is spectacular. back in your office, blink of an eye. after september 11th, i heard bagpipes and funerals, and i thought if i could ever do anything, to help, i would. >> so what are we go to go to. >> we will run a basketball tournament at the prudential center never forget tribute classic which benefits the families of freedom. so this is an organization that raised 100 million-dollar, that kids who who their parents in 9/11 this gives them scholarships. we have number one team in the country villanova, let faux cats against notre dame and penn state pit. i would love for you to be there. we will sell the game out the
7:54 am
but there are still some tickets available. it is just an hour and a half from philadelphia it will be an incredible experience for players, coaches, and certainly the fans it thinks saturday. >> this saturday. >> i wanting to to this game. >> tournament. >> first game villanova/notre dame which is on national tv and then pit/penn state. >> thank you for doing this. >> it is a special cause, means a ton to me and anytime you get a chance to leverage sports entertainment to do a little bit of good and make a difference good is what your alma matter. >> villanova number one ranked wildcats. >> yes. >> we don't have the fight song but we do have the rank goes that are outville know of playing. they play lasalle tonight at palestra. >> big game, big five game, nothing better then the palestra? lets look at top five in america right now, villanova, eight and zero. number five, ucla jumped up to number two. >> how did they jump over
7:55 am
kansas. it is an outrage. >> it is an outrage. >> because they beat kentucky at kentucky that is how they did it. >> kansas number three, baylor and then duke. >> can you say enough for jay wright and job he has done. incredible coach and better guy. >> he spent time with two families recipients of past scholarships. the conversation he had with the kids and his team was like awe inspiring. wonderful guy and great coach and great team. >> scott, thanks for doing this tornment this saturday up in newark. >> thanks. >> good venue too. >> incredible venue. the fourth busiest venue in the country, in the past six months. >> plus you can take amtrak, get off amtrak station and walk. >> two blocks away. >> easy. >> easy, piecey lemon squeezey, let's do it. >> i believe in the tournament, the final four it will be my kansas jay hawks against your villanova wildcats. >> i hope you get us in the final game just for kansas
7:56 am
sake. >> would i like to see repeat. >> yes, i would. >> back to back. >> we can stan back to back now just as a little foreshadowing. >> here we go. >> do one of these. >> i don't have that tough look. >> i don't have it either. >> come on tough guys. >> good to see you my man. >> you guys are great. >> say hello to your family. >> quick break coming back at 8:00 o'clock hour. my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too! everything for the holidays. that's my giant. he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments.
7:57 am
with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. two words: it heals.e different? how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you.
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7:59 am
a tearful good bye to a local hero, a new jersey state trooper is killed in a head on crash, with a driver going the wrong way. what we are now learning about the rookie officer as police departments across the area, mourn this morning. and this pistachio girl gets canned. is this nuts? why you won't see her at think
8:00 am
home phillies game next year. tis the season for tipping, you may know the rules for your nanny and your mail carrier but should you be tipping your boss? the holiday do's and don't's when it comes to that extra cash. ♪ >> victoria secret fashion show, the top three moments you may have missed on one of the sexiest nights of the year. >> difficult not miss any of these three. there was a we are moment last night watching that show, the weekend was one of the performers. >> yes. >> his former girlfriend was one of the models, as he is performing his former girlfriend is walking right by him in lingerie. >> they look daggers at each other. >> darn it, what did i do. >> carrie doesn't like outfits
8:01 am
with the big wings. >> tough to get out of the door. >> yes, the wings, yeah, yeah. they get cumbersome. >> that is why i don't have one. >> okay. >> our number of the day is a six out of ten even though it is not too warm it is cold, dry but we will have a rainy day. bus stop buddy has his umbrella he is saving it for later. cold start with a little sunshine and clouds and temperatures in the 20's and 30's. here you see some of the precipitation edging toward washington d.c., out of northern virginia. a few more hours before it gets here but there is a lot of it once it does get here. expect a real helps for the ride home to take. right now, it is 39 degrees in philadelphia the it feels like 34. just enough of a breeze for that to happen and our high to take is 47 with mostly cloudy skies, rain arrives as we said later on and will rain on and
8:02 am
off throughout the that it, few heavy downpours and snow in the pocono mountains bob kelly. >> 8:02. good morning, on a tuesday, another accident here, on 202, this is second one this morning, right now live look at 202 southbound right here at matlock. kelly sport on the other side. so everybody leaving west chester, malvern trying to go south into wilmington only one lane and as soon as you pass that crash another one further south there, at high street, outbound service on the lansdale doylestown line running with 30 minute delays because of overhead wire issues. southbound i-95 northeast your normal crawl true work zone but just under a half an hour on the clock east bound on the schuykill and that fire location in the neighborhood, still some detours around frankford and sellers, mike anal he can, back over to you. lets get back to the top story. >> head on crash kills a new jersey state trooper and another man. >> officer just beginning his career in law enforcement, he
8:03 am
is being remembered, steve's been there all morning long. we have learn about him. what else do we know. >> reporter: hard to believe we are in the the same spot where we have been three times now since last december, last december 17th a 30 year-old trooper killed and crash on the south jersey highway, march 8th, another 31 year-old trooper killed on a crash, on a south jersey highway and here we go again a 31 year-old trooper again killed on a south jersey highway. here's pictures of 31 year-old frankie williams who just became a new jersey state trooper january 29th, latest graduation class and boy, we heard about him in august, saving a dog from a hot car. pulled him out of the car. giving him water, pouring water on him getting to a vet in critical condition and bring this dog back to life. kind of guy he was. he cared about every people, every kind of animal and here he is on his way to a response on call last night, route 55, one minute before 7:00 o'clock
8:04 am
precisely, he is going northbound, toyota corolla going southbound for still some unknown reason a man who state police have have not given age of just yet crosses grassy median and then start going out bound in the northbound lanes and they collide essentially head on. trooper cullen flown here as fast as possible to cooper where surgeons could not safe his life and he was pronounced dead here shortly after new jersey state trooper union put out a public condolence just past nine. at 1:00 a.m. state police confirmed his death and at 1:00 a.m. our video as we are here outside the hospital we see a very slow, very solemn procession, simple, just one car in front, one car in back of an unmarked van as the flashing police lights, led away from coupe are hospital. more pictures of trooper williams, from his best friend, down in florida where he went to high school and graduated in 2001 his best
8:05 am
friend, his best man, up here for trooper williams graduation ceremony in new jersey, last january and hard to believe that we have so many troopers getting killed in car accidents in such a short amount of time because when trooper cullen was killed state police were saying nearly 100 years in their existence they have never had so many troopers kill in the car wrecks. but it is car wrecks and traffic incidents that is biggest killer of new jersey state troopers and it has happened again and how about the coincidence, three troopers from south jersey, 30, 31 and 31, killed on south jersey roadways, that they were patrolling on duty. >> my god, three times in 12 months. steve, thank you for that. more about frankie williams coming up. >> we will certainly be covering this all day as we learn more about him and his life. we asked how this on twitter, do you think high school football in the delaware valley should be banned? there is a doctor, we saw this
8:06 am
report, doctors say. >> yes. he said it is should be stopped. we are finding out more and shore about concussions and the effect on kid and when you are in high school you are still growing. >> please. >> we are asking our doctor, doctor mike, to see what he thinks. do you think then that high school football should be banned. >> 1 million kid play high school football. >> that is right. >> one in 14 will have a concussion. i don't know the statistics, but how many of those 1 million kid will play in the nfl. i don't know that. >> less than 1 percent. >> so that means the rest of us are going to have to use their brains to make a living. they are not going to be playing in the nfl. my point and the fact that i have a son and a daughter, who are young and look, this is like talking about apple pie, all right. the problem is, that the way
8:07 am
things are right now concussions, even one, can be very, very damaging. if you get two, then you have the potential for long term sidee techs, problems, down the road. i'm telling you, i'm not for banning it the but i think we need to stop contact foot ball. >> what do that be like flag football then. >> unless you are someone that is in college and you are planning, someone has said you have potential to make nfl you sign a waiver saying that i'm willing to take the risks of multiple concussions because i will play professionally. my son nicholas is going to have to, i mean he has he as a dad, he picked me as a father so he will not be a big strapping linebacker and play football. he will to have use his brain. i love you nicholas you have a thinks brain. >> don't you have to play
8:08 am
football younger if it is a big deal you have to start young. >> look, i was in the band. i knew long ago i didn't want to get hurt. i stayed on the sidelines. but bottom line is i don't want little kid getting hurt. i can remember as a medical student learning about growth plates and bones. it is not the just concussions but little kid especially can get hurt and have long term effects. >> if we do this for football what about soccer, there is a lot of concussions when it comes to using their head. >> i don't think we should than living in the bubble but especially football. look, i'm a big hockey fan. i have been hanging out with ed snider in the past couple of decades, the thing is, his point, was that if you take away all of the equipment that they are wearing they will be less likely to stand in front of the net and take a publishing to the head. that was his thoughts. but concussions are a major problem. well be learning more and more
8:09 am
about it and it is long term effects. >> well, let us know what you think on twitter and facebook. i think there are lessons to be learned. by playing football, you don't have, the ultimate goal doesn't always have to be professional football, nfl. >> just working together, teamwork. >> you design the game so there is no, i think much lower, one in 14 kids get a concussion. forget it. >> soccer, well, they should be wearing helmets and lacrosse is number two. >> just common sense. >> thank you doctor mike. 8:09. she's out of here. woman known as pistachio girl at phillies games, she got fired. i hear she sells nuts but apparently she may be nuts. we will tell you her story. plus it is no secret that last night was one of the
8:10 am
sexiest nights of the year. the tomorrow performances from the vittoria secret fashion show. plus a can't miss moment between mela hadid and the weekend. what do you say, what do you do. >> especially if she's half naked. >> but first jen is putting smiles on the face today at wissohickon fire tenth. there you are, jen. >> it is adopt the family program with the kelly anne dolan fund. each family order stuff. you good it to help her. this is for families we do not know about yet. come down to the firehouse. they are helping out families in need we will talk more bit, yeah. thank you.
8:11 am
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good morning, everybody. we have a left over of one of two accidents on 202, southbound in west chester, right here near, one accident at mattlack and another one here at high street, tying us up in both directions for the gang trying to get through west chester pennsylvania. outbound service 30 minute delays on the lansdale doylestown line for the gang in coatsville a crash at route ten and route 41, tying us up,
8:14 am
closed for most of the morning and martin luther king drive is closed at 9:00 they have to sure up the retaining wall that suddenly collapsed and fell this is schuylkill river. so after 9:00, 9:00 to 3:00 closed opening up for evening rush and shut it down again overnight. best bet kelly or schuylkill expressway, for next month or so. so we are looking for your best of the best, christmas lights, this one, from vicky, celebrating christmas. she haslam seven post all lit up, come on, snap a picture if you are lit up, post to it facebook, twitter, instagram, use that #fox 29 lights to continue to show lights on the air and one night each week we will hit the road and go to somebody's front lawn. we're heading out on thursday night, is what forecast like for rest of the week, leading up to information cast, and sueby has tonight 15 seconds.
8:15 am
may smell like nut meg but it also smells like rain and heading our way from the south and west. moisture come from the gulf of mexico and more from the atlantic ocean which means once we get rain it will be heavier at times. starts later this afternoon but up in the mountains it is not rain but cold enough for snow in the poconos, two to 4 inches possible and winter weather advisory up there. so by, already above freezing here in philadelphia. by the time rain gets here these other temperatures will be well above freezing, even though it is cold in pottstown and allentown, could get dicey later this afternoon in the lehigh rally, wind chills are in the lower 30's for the most part, upper 30's down the shore. make sure you have warm enough coat and rain gear for later on because it rains this afternoon and in the overnight hours. mostly cloudy tomorrow and on thursday, slight chance have of a shower on thursday, we
8:16 am
will see what happens with that and then very cold temperatures as we head in the weekend, friday's high 40 degrees but wind make it feel colder and saturday a blustery cold day, it is not technically winter yet but it will feel like it. >> you got it. >> now get your nuts here. get your nuts here. >> well, she would say those words, right? is that how she would sell them. >> exactly right. >> if you have been at citizens bank park you have heard of this woman before. >> nuts. >> i think she is selling cracker jacks there but she sells pistachio nuts. her name is emily yousef, aka piss stash ohio girl is making national headlines this morning. was first to break this open. check out these headlines philly voice,, new york daily news all sharing news of emily's firing there
8:17 am
aramark, people that run the stadium at the food people at stadium and if you have been a phillies fan you have seen this women, yelling, singing and throwing nuts at people. >> it is somebody you know who she is. i would never think this. she's pretty public. very out spoken. aramark is saying that she was let go due to her social media not matching up with that company's core values. the last in was will emily got in the fight outside a conference outside washington. she was interviewing some protesters accusing another group of white supremacy. she said she was standing up for white america and she has been a supporter of the alt right movement for just a matter of months, ten whose. she had retweeted david duke who is a former imperial wizard for kkk. here's snip it from the interview. >> after you went back home to philly, after this footage got around and, of course, after atlantic video of five guys
8:18 am
making a solute at conference seen by 100 million people. >> well, the flood gates opened up. >> what is that stupid show. >> you tube for people like that kind of thing. >> red ice live. >> for people that like that. >> for dopes. >> she goes on to say that she's thinking of getting a civil rights attorney. if she wins any money, it would go toward that cause. she has described herself very publicly as a well known personality figure. we know her from the phillies and everything. she has quite a sense of self and her own importance. she said she owned the stadium. she's out there. >> so popular throwing nuts and selling nuts that she owns the bank. >> she knew how to work it. >> yes. >> she said what is happening on the field, because they know who she is looking at the her but no, so here's what she had been put ought there on twitter confirming in fact yes, she has been fired from ara mack. the yeah last monday was
8:19 am
waiting for right time to break it to the internet. she said what is more, important selling nuts for a couple year or saving the white race from stinks? aramark. >> aramark. >> thank, i have been saying it for decade. they own food concessions. they put this statement on confirming this dismissal. a core value is treating everyone with integrity and respect always. that includes respecting our associates, right to private thecy and personnel matters confidentially. we can only confirm this individual asked about is no longer employed after publicly connecting our company to views that contradict our values. >> um-hmm. you never necessity really who somebody is, do you. >> in their private life. >> i assume she had been doing this for a long time but she only supported the movement for ten months. i wonder what had happened where now she's out spoke been that movement. >> maybe the election and things, people thought it was
8:20 am
a publicity stunt, she was doing this whole thing. i'm all in. this is he. >> okay. >> thanks, karen. >> it is certainly her first amendment right. >> nuts. >> thanks, karen. >> i'm not talking about you. >> i know, i love you. >> am i too old for skinny jeans? that is a question. according to one survey that talk about woman, start guessing, a new survey, at what age should a woman stop wearing skinny jeans and at what age should she cut her long hair. i will tell you what the survey says and see if you agree up next. use the #fox 29 what is it. >> fox 29 good day. >> yes, you have the not been gone that way. >> fox 29 good day is the #. so moms, dads, listen up, are you constantly telling your kids to put away the ipad. >> yes. >> you may want to listen tour own advice, next. >> what is this. >> your own medicine, right.
8:21 am
>> netflix.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
we have a new study that is looking at how parents habits affect their children's use of technology. >> the report from chon sense, says that, that is the name of the report. >> common >> says parents of teens and tweens spend nine hours a take using their screens. >> okay. >> majority of those parent see themselves as modeling good behavior for their kid. report also says that most parent, view technology as good for their children. >> um-hmm, but they look at us as parent and they see we are constantly on our screens, i cannot believe though that these kids are sending nine and ten hours a hideo owe do i believe that. because i think i spend nine or ten hours a day looking at this thing. >> i'm not kidding. >> when they are coming home from school too, until bedtime. >> mom and dad, why wouldn't they do the same thing. >> and whenever i'm out with my cousins they are like can i see your phone is this is let me see your phone. after that i don't get to talk
8:25 am
to them. >> when somebody says can i see your phone, don't let them see your phone. >> yeah. >> 8:25. target shoppers in central pennsylvania are in for a quiet, relaxing shopping experience this weekend. >> the holiday hustle and bustle is taking a pause to help families on the autism spectrum. >> cool thing. the two hour event is being held this saturday from 6:00 in the morning until 8:00 e in lancaster. as part of the event, lights will be dimmed, music will be turned down, and off in some cases, and the store staff will be reduced, star bucks coffee will also be available for parents, target is partnering with well span phil haven for the event, it refs behavioral health care for adults and children in central pennsylvania. way to go, target.
8:26 am
nice to expand that from 6:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the morning until further in the day. >> or full day. >> yes. >> because two hours such a short window but good they are doing this and they are trying it out. >> it is a start. i have this dilemma every year, i live this is building that has door people. well, i used to but i moved to a place. welshing they still do have door people. if you live in an apartment building, do you have to tip the door people. i always do. but then you start, the mail carrier, the trash collector, the hair stylist, do i have to tip eddie over the at salon vanity. really. for the holidays. lets do a little quiz here. lets take out about seven or eight different people in our lives, who we have to tip them. schoolteachers, another one.
8:27 am
8:28 am
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i like that song. >> ♪ well, could you blame it on this? are you too old for skinny jeans. >> she's not. >> according to one survey women should throw away their skinnies and chop their long hair, at a certain age. that is a age, you let them go, do you agree? why don't you tell us using #fox 29 good day, cut your hair. >> but here's the thing why don't you put it on twitter at what age should you stop wearing skinny jeans. see if you agree with this survey and chop your hair. i noticed that women when they get older they will cut their licensing hair. >> yeah, when it comes to the jeans, sometimes people make fun have of certain women when they wear mom jeans. they can't wear skinny jeans. >> just go naked. >> that is one way. >> probably showing up in the
8:31 am
shot, i probably should have taken one more day off because they have plan a skit, "good day philadelphia" players, sue's probably involved in this at some point in the meeting and it involved these halos. so my first day back i got a halo on. >> yes. >> this never happened to you before you with a halo. >> no. >> listen to this. >> hi kitkat kline my name is mallry and i'm getting married november 26th and would i love if mike jerrick came and planned some stuff. >> so this woman who watches this show every day, hi mallry, believe it or not asked me on this video, i don't know if she has been drinking if i would help her pick out her wedding dreads are dress like the show say yes to the dress. so, i agreed to do it. >> so you have given you've fish eighthing weddings and now you you are a wedding planner. >> you ever watch that that he so yes to the dress.
8:32 am
>> i'm so i'm that guy, randy. i'm becoming with the guy. >> getting and helping things together. >> we have done it, put it on videotape. watch for that coming up in the 9:00 o'clock hour. >> aim exited to see that. >> that is a big moment when you say yes to your dress. >> why would you pick me to pick out your wedding dress. >> if i had president heard it out of her mouth just now. >> i wouldn't have believed it. >> here's a quick lot at seven day forecast and we will let you get on with your day. don't forget rain gear today, 47 degrees, tomorrow 50 and mostly cloudy and then we will head in the weekend, cold, cold, cold with friday's high around 40 degrees. it will feel colder with the wind and same story for saturday. bob kelly, no umbrella now but you will later. >> you got it. 8:32. grab the best umbrella this morning. here's a live look at i-95 stack up from academy through betsy ross bridge into downtown philadelphia 40 minute trip. sixty minute delays outbound
8:33 am
on the lansdale doylestown line, some overhead wire problems, for gang in coatsville early morning crash on route ten at route 41. here's travel times, pennsylvania turnpike from philly to valley forge, and 20 minute trip on the 42 freeway. mike and alex, back over to you. tis season forgiving, when it comes to tipping and during the holidays it can get tricky. >> i never know what to do. i go through this every single year. some companies say don't give a tip. so who do you tip in your life. dan is here our financial guy, you should know this lets do a quiz. do you want to be quiz master. >> i will be quiz master. >> let's have some funny i will be contestant. just respond yes or into these. you have seven questions. ready for first one. >> who to tip and who not the to death. >> should you or should you not tip your mail carrier? should you tip your mail carrier. >> mike? >> i say yes.
8:34 am
>> it is illegal you cannot give your mail carrier, federal ethics code say you cannot give your mail carrier more than $20 worth of a present. you are not allowed to give him or her cash at all but small token, hand warmers, a box of cookies or something like that. as long as value is less than 20 bucks. >> okay. next one. should you tip your nanny or baby-sitter. >> if they are taking care of my kids i'm tipping them. >> how about this according to emily post institute up to one weeks worth of pay for your nanny's appropriate and if you have a good baby-sitter and if you have got one, you want to keep him or her, give that person a tip of up to one night's normal pay. if you give your baby-sitter 50 bucks, 50-dollar tip. >> it is more than that. >> okay. >> three, should you tip your hair stylist. mike, your hair is looking great. >> eddie did this at salon
8:35 am
vanity, thank you. i tip him every single time he cuts my hair. >> not applicable in this case but according to doug kelly, owner of the the blues salon, good friend of the show, he told me it is appropriate to give the cost of one service. if your service was 50 bucks, that is tip you should give for christmas. >> for christmas. >> yes. >> number four, should you tip your child's teacher, only if they give you an a. >> schoolteacher, i normally my kids normally gave a little gift to the teacher. >> little gift ace pope eighth but most schools actually have policies a against giving gifts to the teacher because it can be kind of dicey. something less than 20 bucks a homemade gift, you know, token of appreciation is fine. never give cash or gift card. >> number five, dan, you would really know this one because we don't have these but should you tip your secretary. >> i have an assistant who has
8:36 am
been worth her weight in gold. >> geese. >> do you have a secretary, mike. >> but you used to. >> an assistant sometimes. >> yes. >> you mean me when you asked me to do stuff. >> should i tip her. >> i would say yes. >> the answer is, cash is probably tacky, you don't want to do cash but it is appropriate to give your assistant nice gift or token, a no to cash but gift card would be nice or some other sort of gift or token of arrears. >> visa gift card it might as well be cash. >> according to the emily post institute and that is who we will go by here, it is kind of tacky to give cash unless you know your assistant with like a cash gift. >> number six should you tip your sanitation workers. >> i would say yes. >> well, in fact you shouldn't because most of them are city workers and again it is a violation of city code to give a city worker a cash gift.
8:37 am
forget cash. if you want your trash cans back with the lids on them it is a good idea to give them a box of cookies or something like that or box of candy. >> final question, should you tip your boss or co-workers. >> first boss and co-workers. >> i will say boss, yes, co-workers, no. >> how about no on both. in fact, many companies i'm in the sure about fox but many companies have a policy that explicitly states you cannot give gifts to superiors. of times is there a pool in the office or secret santa and that is fine but you generally speaking you don't want to give your boss or subordinants cash. >> or shadowy figures just no to shadowy figures. >> what else do you got. >> that is the answer. >> how about anchors?
8:38 am
>> yes. >> should you tip and danny would like to give you you an answer for that. >> should you tip your anchor people. >> maybe a new career. >> the answer of course is a enjoy the morning show why not come on down and help us out. >> what you are saying if we run into viewers on the street which we dove day, we stop, take selfies if you want to slip something into my pants, in my pocket, that would be fine is that what you are saying. >> i'm not going to argue against that in the least. you are in line there is a cop, fire fighter, military person it is absolutely appropriate to buy them a cup of coffee or doughnut. >> if you win to be part of the victoria secret spoof. >> other way around. >> put that on. >> okay. >> our victoria secret spoof is coming up at 9:00 so stay tune for that, dan. >> yes. >> he has never worn a halo. >> no. >> it is 8:38, jen's putting
8:39 am
smiles on faces. >> and kid in need. >> here's how it works. they are adopting families here. we have a family. someone adopted them. these are all of the things that they ordered. we will talk about what offices and how you can help out, kelly ann dolan memorial fun. looking good. ♪ [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models. sales event ends january 3rd.
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[vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models. sales event ends january 3rd. 8:42 on this tuesday. sky fox live over breaking news in dover, delaware. we are told this went to two alarms this fire. this thing is destroyed. we believe one person, probably one of the fire tighters was taken to the hospital, we do not think the injuries are serious we're checking on. that we will have more information on our web site and on fox 29 news at five, six, ten and 11. of course, here on "good day philadelphia" if we get more information.
8:43 am
what a helps. i'm not sure exactly what that was but it looked like a home. >> or apartment building we will find out her about that. quick break. we will be right back.
8:44 am
8:45 am
it is quarter of nine here
8:46 am
on your tuesday morning, starting off with sunshine in the poconos mountains. i told you rain, whatever he else you get is coming from the south. this is wayne county which could be a little whiter by the end of the day to day because of snow fall, we do have, a look at the rain, as it edges into perhaps the southern part of the delaware, within the hour. but, more hours will have to pass before we get it here. and there will be snow as we mentioned. winter weather advisory for carbon, monroe for possibility of two to 4 inches of snow before all is said and done. 39 degrees in philadelphia we are well above freezing already. by the time rain gets here it the will be nothing but rain but it could be dicey up to the north. other than that rain lasts all night long and we will get to a high in the upper 40's by the end of the day, today, tomorrow, it should be dry, and thursday, should be dry, despite the a slight chance of the shower then. then weather drama is a temperature drop friday and saturday. by saturday we have a high
8:47 am
temperature of only 38 degrees. this will be the coldest air mike and alex around here since since february. let's set this up again. we have partnered with the kelly anne dolan fund for adopt a family program. >> we are trying to put a smile on the faces of kids in need. kelly anne dolan was diagnosed with a plastic anemia as a toddler in 1962, and they met their hospital neighbors, and tam list experiencing hardships and tough choices. so in 1976, kelly anne developed a rare form of leukemia and she died three months before her seventh birthday. from that day on they vowed to help other families. >> jen fred has been a big part of this at wissohickon fire company in ambler, hi there jen. >> this is just one of the things you do. you shared with us earlier that when you met these hospital families they, you know, with the working, and sadly they would lose their
8:48 am
jobs. >> right. >> reporter: christmas would creep up and say wow, how do we get this to happen. >> exactly. i say first year we started it, we didn't have a plan for holiday programs. i got a frantic call from a social worker two weeks before christmas with a family and their intensive caver unit. they had been there six weeks when the tad loss his job. they had no money. then they realized it was christmas. they had no money, very little kid to take care of. they asked if we could get a hold of santa and i say i think we can. >> we have met one of your neighbors church friend from 20 years ago there from the beginning. you are a social worker. you are one of the people who will fine families that need help. how it works we are covering the name but a tamly will have a western he wish list and you will tell this organization what you need from each family. >> exactly. they have been very helpful.
8:49 am
we're santa's helpers. we find low income family who might need assistance and get their wish list, for their children and we give to santa, as in taking donation is you have five families that your organization in particular needed help with. >> yes. >> reporter: i said each one get matched up. you said. >> absolutely. they always make sure every year, some years it is ten families, some years it is 15 families and they always make sure there is a wonderful sponsor. all of the families come through for christmas. >> i see chop germantown, i seed ready, all these different organizations. saint chris. these are different organizations where social workers have said we need some help here delivering these gifts. so you reach out to the community and then they full till the wish list. >> exactly, our colleagues and we work with hospitals, and social service agencies throughout the state of pennsylvania, and new jersey, and delaware.
8:50 am
the holiday adopt a tamly program works particularly well for the delaware valley but for those families that are referred to us from say pittsburgh area we can send them a gift card. >> that is message if people still want to help you will need gift card until december 24th. i shared with you earlier i have a seven year old daughter and kelly ann did not get seven. seven is a big deal. >> magical number. >> it is. she passed away two months before her seventh birthday. when i hear a child is having a seventh birthday, it is two thumbs up. it is really great. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we have been talking off camera. we will be friend for a while. >> thank you. >> reporter: we will keep talking and talking. gift card are the things you can do today to help out because lists are kind of going. >> okay, good. it is on race street in ambler, wissohickon fire company. >> that is right, beautiful.
8:51 am
>> this just in grammy nominees are in and so lets go through some of the best cd's of the year. she got a nominee adele, um-hmm. >> we will go over other big nominees next, i'm sure you can guess though. >> work, work, work. ♪ ♪ ♪ (engine roars) how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end soon.
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♪ why are we playing merry christmas. >> it is christmastime, holidays. >> okay. >> i think we will play a little bit of the grammy nominees once we start talking about the grammys, i think. >> let's do it right now. grammy nominations just announce, beyonce has nine nominations, drake, rihanna, kanye west have each scored eight nominations for album of
8:55 am
the year but beyonce, adele, justin beiber, drake, and stirgill simpson, the grammys held february 12th in los angeles. >> and beyonce, yes, i'm a fan but she was nominated for record of the year, song of the year anal bum of the year. >> wow. >> nine nominations total. >> record of the year, song of the year, aren't they the same thing. >> what is song of the year. >> song of the year goes to the song writer. >> okay. >> while, record of the year reward person who records it, the song, singer and song writer together. >> okay. >> and production. >> then we have album of the year ape that is pretty obvious. >> even though there are albums anymore, we don't even have cd's anymore, it should be streaming of the year. >> that also goes to the recording engineer too. >> technical people. >> it is everybody. >> yes. >> nine nominations for
8:56 am
beyonce for formation. >> and lemonade her visual album. formation was one of the songs. >> i helped rihanna write her song. >> did you. >> it is call work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work. >> how long did it the take to you come up with a concept. >> it was work. >> a lot of work. >> w-e-r-k, work. >> including work. >> yes, yes. hey, say yes to the dress every now and then i see this on television. interesting show, lot of woman like to watch it. so i turn into the guy. this woman mallry asked me to help her pick out her wedding gown. so i do it. >> you helped pick out her dress for the biggest day of her life. >> yes. >> what was she thinking. she agreed to go, what is wrong with my hair, she agreed to go with what i chose. >> was. >> i'll show you dress i pick for her. did brad pitt invite jennifer aniston to dinner? what he reportedly asked his x
8:57 am
while they were in london together. >> what?
8:58 am
8:59 am
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♪ oh, yeah. and, alex, you are next. >> and oh, yeah. >> a little more tans i. >> more fun, more fun. >> here we go, okay. >> get over here by the camera, man. >> okay. it is like


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