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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 6, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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♪ oh, yeah. and, alex, you are next. >> and oh, yeah. >> a little more tans i. >> more fun, more fun. >> here we go, okay. >> get over here by the camera, man. >> okay. it is like walking like a
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horse. bring that fan right in here. >> talk into it like that, yeah. >> that is not very sexy. >> so what do you think. did anybody watch that last night. >> it was so late at 10:00 p.m. >> they are showing some stuff, so they cannot air it earlier. >> victoria secret fashion show, good lord. >> oh, for the love. >> i will have an interesting opinion about this show from last night. >> okay. >> i'll give it to you in a bit. >> are you surprised. >> i'm a little bit surprised. >> hopefully. >> i to believe, this is first time and really last you will ever see make jerrick wearing a halo. >> hello. >> lets take a minute and look at it. it is a strange sight. >> absorb this. >> do you see that. >> yes. >> can you handle spent of wearing a halo for what that means. >> no. i'm trying to be a better person, turn over a new leaf.
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>> this is just perfect. >> yes. >> a halo. >> it is a perfect metaphor, for my new life. >> see, it has already tall even off. >> but i'm name after michael the arcangel. >> saint michael. >> max seen and francis eugene jerrick back in, a long time ago named me after saint hike will the arcangel, it has all come to fruition. >> i wish we could keep that fan going while we do that. >> can you bring the fan back over. >> in honor of beyonce, she's now most nominated grammy artist in history. >> jackie, could unplug that and bring it over here. >> also one of the times most interesting people. we will talk about that too. >> that is named to. >> oh, yeah. >> that is named tomorrow time magazine's person of the year. >> so we have 11 nominees for that. can we get a shot of this
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fan. this fan if anybody is an antique salesperson out there or whatever, how old is that fan. >> it looks like in the 50's, so retro. it is so old, it is cool, new, awesome. >> it could be even further back then that. >> maybe. >> twenty's, 30's, 40's, somewhere in there. >> antique people. this is only fan we have at fox 29. >> it is like that show on pbs. >> and, they tell you what they are working. >> my favorite thing, favorite statement is saying ahh, ahh, for 60, 70 years, it has been in their basement, attic. they bring it on, and they realize it is worth nothing. >> and it has been here for generations. >> winter storm this here. >> good lord,.
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>> how are you. >> i'm good. >> hi alex. >> you little angel. >> are we supposed to take our halos off. there is an age limit when it comes to women wearing their hair long and wearing skinny jeans. a lot of you you have been responding this morning and woman name barbara says that her children said, no, don't cut your hair because she was getting from co-workers you are over 60 now you should cut your long hair. crop it short and quit wearing skinny jeans. we asked the question, at what age should you stop wearing skinny jeans and cutting your hair. a lot of people said when you hit 60. according to a poll of 2,000 people, this happened to be in the uk. >> um-hmm. >> most of them were women. they think that women should hang up their skinny jeans when they reach the age of 47 and they should cut their hair
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right around the same age. cut their hair short at 46, 47, and quit wearing skinny jeans at 46, 47. >> i strongly disagree for many reasons. >> and up in our man suits and cut our hair, haircut and we look very serious and we look more like men. >> i feel like you lose your sexuality or your personhood. there is fabulous short. i have done short. i use the to cut it short every spring. there is no age limit on cutting off your hair. woman can look better for longer. >> i agree. >> it drains your face. >> twenty years ago i noticed a trend and i will be careful not to get in trouble here. as women age they start to look more like men. they would cut their hair shorter and shorter and then wear these glasses, back in the 90's, they would wear
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glasses that looked upside down, do you remember this at all. >> yes. >> and their hair was real short and they started to look more like men i don't think we need to do that. what is wrong with skin jeans on a older woman. >> ruth ann says skinny jeans are okay if you have a body for it in my late 40's. as long as you are happy with your decision, it should be cool. >> i have a question, i went out and visited high grandchildren and we stooped at someplace that had a christmas advertise play and snow flakes flying inside a building. really cool. they were fascinating about that. i call those skinny jeans. >> thaw you are wearing. >> oh, yeah. >> now, am i too old to wear skinny jeans because i wear them all the time. >> hi, how are you. >> it is fit, don't you think that is english styling. it is just a fit. >> i always wanted to ask men what is the allure of skinny
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jeans. for us, it is okay. is it really comfortable. i wanted to ask a guy that. >> please don't ask me that. >> it is tight on my thighs. >> is it comfortable. >> i know what you are saying. >> welshing it can get uncomfortable at certain times. >> yeah. >> but they must be comfortable to a degree. >> i find them to be very comfortable and nice. >> the mistake women make when you sweep yourself into some size, two sizes ago but if you are wearing jeans, they can be really slim fitting and skinny but if they are too tight and you are muffin top on top that is not good for everybody. make sure it fits you around middle the right size. >> i buy mine at charlie's jeans here on market street.
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he has the perfect skinny jean. tapered look on your legs but the waist is elastic, almost like. >> in one knows. >> yeah. >> exactly. >> so that is secret. as long as jeans still fit you, you don't want to be shoved into something you cannot stuff it all into. >> speaking of spanx. >> i was in center city looking for -- >> right down the street. >> new stockings, they have spanx stockings and i have no idea. i know they have slim but they have spanx tights. >> who would have thought. >> really. >> yes. >> now, so is what the difference between spanx stockings and tights, stronger >> i guess. i wanted to buy some but they should have. >> to get the thighs and legs together. >> yeah. >> there they are. >> see, and it helps in the,
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you know. >> it is control top, the control top. >> yes. >> from back in the day, commercial, control top pantihose. who invented pantihose. that person should be deported. can we look at who developed pantihose good what is wrong with pantihose. >> who invented pantihose, do you think it was a man or women. >> they make another legs look sleek, shiny. >> wendy williams, i went to see her in her show she wears what is it fishnet nude fishnet likes and they make your legs look smoother and all of the same. >> fishnets are over rated too. >> there are new, you cannot tell unless you are close. but far away it gives your legs a nice look. >> kitkat kline in the control room once again, kitkat, who invented the pantihose. >> allen gant. >> that is his name. >> that was revolutionary. you have to remember before that time women wore guarders. >> separate pieces with the guarders and watch them
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separately and first work would go man, they wash out. >> there is man who invented pantihose. >> revelry, in one piece. >> i bet he is wearing them right now. >> look at the that picture. >> i bet he put them over his head, the first pair. >> who wouldn't. >> because obviously you musty remember my mom and my sisters, they would hang their nylon stockings up on the line. so, we should, is he still alive. >> no, i can't imagine, could he be. >> i think pantihose were invented in the 60's. >> i would guess yes, 50's. >> 1959. >> nylon came from the du pont company here in our area. >> yes. >> and now, hold on see guys we liked the stockings and guarder belt. that is what the victoria
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secret show last night was all about. this is what we liked. then this dufuss, named alan gant screwed it up for all of us and now there are pantihose. there is nothing sexc about pantihose. >> they are sheer. i don't have an issue. it looks fine. >> you want to see the little fleshy part of the leg. >> they have nude colored legs. >> the real flesh. >> there is nude kind. >> everybody wins. >> it is cold in the wintertime who wants bear legs out in the wintertime. >> nothing worse then, you know, and then pantihose. >> we have gotten away from pantihose. we guest bear legs. even bear legs for at least ten years. people don't wear stockings. but we still wear tights on a cold day and reporting and doing things because your legs do get cold. you have to wear tights. >> you want us to be cold, mike?
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do you want us to suffer. >> for beauty and for fashion. >> well, thank you women out there. what do you have to do. all this stuff we have to do for fashion, beauty and everything else, what do you to have do. >> shave. >> stop it. >> do you think this just happens. >> stop it. >> somebody said on twitter, you have been, you were out for seven full days. >> yes. >> and it seems like i had a face lift. if i had a face lift they should fire and sue the doctor if this is it. >> you look good. >> no, i don't. >> great to have you back. >> people asked. >> seven days. >> that is it. >> seven days. >> one woman is showing her love, doesn't cost a thing. don't cost a thing. >> yes. >> that is a song. >> yes. >> our love don't cost a thing. >> ♪
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>> are you covering up for my singing. >> yes. >> so what do you do? >> so, she went in the the basement and started her engagement ring that happens to cost $130 after a jewelry store clerk made a negative comment about it. >> what is her name. >> aerial desiree. aerial desiree mcray and now it has gone viral. she posted this picture of her ring on facebook saying she was excited to be engaged to her boyfriend of almost two years but jewelry clerk rained on her parade. >> what happened. >> she said they heavier heard jewelry clerk saying ring her fiance pick out was quote pathetic. she took to facebook to defend her, and, pay bills and put food on the table, buying a pricey ring, and jewelry and love, and her best friend. >> what i need to do is find a woman like that, aerial. >> yes. >> they don't make them like that anymore. >> does she really mean it. >> i think she means it.
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>> if she's posting it, she's in love. >> you know what i have noticed in this day and age, women they necessity exactly what it want when it comes to the engagement ring and they will even send you pictures of it. >> um-hmm. >> you know, you don't want that you hate if you are stuck witt the rest have of your life. >> would i rather you show me exactly what you want. >> exactly. >> the pressure. >> yes. >> in the aidan gave her, her boyfriend a diamond ring because she saw it. she happened upon it and he was trying to hide it. she hated it. she did not like it. cut wasn't her. it just wasn't her. she was wondering should i get another kind of ring. >> oh, lord. >> i shouldn't marry you because you don't know what kind of ring to buy me. >> you can speak to this, you have been proposed too. if you have been dating and they are supposed to know everything about you. when they put together that moment when they pro toes to you, what if it is all wrong, not what you would want at
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all. does that mean they do not though your inner working. >> i guess, i guess. just send me the photo. in fact, just buy it and i'll pay you back. >> really. >> buy it, put it on your dang finger and i will pay you back. >> you can't do that. that is in the romantic. >> i took a picture, i had a couple and slid them to high boyfriend and he threw them out of the trash and he went and got the ring. >> he made you see him throw it this is trash, you saw him do that. >> he is that kind of a guy. >> yes. >> you know, wild, gruff, kind of thing and then he went back and dug it out. >> how upset were you when you gave him these pictures and he threw them in the trash. >> he is who he is. you have to necessity who the person is. that is who he is. take good with the bad. that is how he has got to be. >> he was offended that you owe owe. >> no, he will not figure it out. he cannot pick what kind of
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ring. he will never figure that out. >> can you imagine putting a pressure on karen hepp's, on karen, because you know it will be fancy,. >> it was not, mine was just very normal, classic, whatever. >> where is it now. >> no, i just have my wedding band. >> why don't you wear it anymore. >> too much to junk. >> is it even brian's thaw are talking about. >> she didn't answer. >> it is fine. >> it is fine. >> how did he do it. >> that is cute. >> how you did he do it. >> it was christmas eve, and we were in manhattan. i just started working up there. we were the in the st. patrick's cathedral this is back. he didn't have a mr. what willie do. he asked my tad a little bit before. my whole family was up. he went up for communion and he proposed. >> during the mass, mass wasn't over. >> no, touring the mass. it was different because it was tourist attraction, enormous cathedral. you are not in a normal church
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where it would be diversion. >> during mass people, tourist walk around in the mass. >> yes. >> not an official tour but you can walk around during the mass. >> that is kind of cool. >> it is. i could not talk. >> praise god. >> i started crying. >> here's the thing i didn't think he meant it. i was almost going to give him back to him. but next day i felt like he did it because he didn't have a gift and didn't know what else to do. i said if you don't mean it, i don't want it. >> there is always drama. >> relationships. >> he said were you speechless and started crying, do you guys when you propose do you pretty much expect us to cry, is that a thing, sorry. >> when you get on that knee and like hey i want you to be my women for the rest of your life. >> woman. >> be my wife, if she doesn't cry would you have a problem with that?
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on the flip side as women, women want their groom to cry, when he sees you walking down the aisle would you be upset if he doesn't get emotional at all a on your wedding day? >> i think i want to see some tears. >> yes. >> i love at weddings when i'm sitting there and as soon as bride is turning out, i like to look at the groom and when he sees her, i love it when they get emotional. because you can feel the love. >> if i ever get married, what i'll do is you just yank a nose hair. >> you can cry. >> so you can cry. >> that is horrible. >> he tried to stay awake in the car, he will pull the hair off his legs in the long drive and can't stay awake. >> why is he so weird. >> you don't just talk to him or play music like other people do, you have to inflict pain on himself.
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>> i'm not always there. >> all right. >> this is the headline of this particular show. it is so great to be back. your husband pulls nose hair out, to stay awake in the car. >> wow. >> does he have ear hair. >> you have to get rid of it somehow, you know. >> there are simpler ways to get the job done, turn the music up. >> well, pull over. >> you could do that. >> nice rest. >> yes. >> i never tried plucking. >> women wouldn't do that. our hair is not long enough. they are hairier. >> have you seen videos where people get their nose hairs wacked. >> fascinating. >> he is taking with the q tip and you put it and they go, and it all comes out. >> i like that. >> you do need nose hair though. >> thanks for that. >> you do it yourself.
9:20 am
>> no, they do this. >> there is somebody making a living sticking wax up peoples nose. >> you have to try this. >> yes. >> just sits there and they go down. you cannot just pull it. you have to do it in the angle to get it out. >> it is a filter for your hair. >> it the is true. >> we should probably check back with jen at wissohickon fire company, how sit going? >> it is going awesome, great people from a censure is here. you have a car, car, give, gift, they all have adopted families. twenty-two families from this company alone to help santa out. it is kelly ann dolan foundation, we will talk about it in a few minutes. >> bring it in. >> thanks, alan gant, the inventor of pantihose.
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oh, alan. you dope.
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what did i miss on friday? you attempted to make little cups, out of buttons. do we have what the finish products looks like. >> it was for make a gift day, and yeah, we thought we would make this. i found this on pinterest. basically you blow up a balloon and glue button on it and when it dries it makes a dish you can put on your drawer or put your jewelry in or something. >> do you have what it is supposed to look like. >> that is what we were going for. >> after you bust the balloons it leaves buttons answer a bowl. >> the problem on friday we didn't he take enough time to let the glue dry. so here's bell, biv, devo doing some honors for us because they were very excited plus we were inhaling fumes of
9:25 am
glue. >> so, if you butt them what happens does it collapse. >> if the glue doesn't dry that is what happens. >> yes. >> it was just a mess of buttons. >> and, there we go, right there. >> yes. >> so, i tried it again over weekend. i started it during eagles game on the counties was so depending, i needed something to do. i let the glue dry thoroughly in between. i will give you a pin. i will give you a pin. >> just watch in fascination because believe me it was riveting television to watch that glue dry. >> if i turn it up identify down. >> there should be a dish. >> sorry. >> that is okay. you didn't break it. >> good sign. >> lets take a shot. >> how cute. >> it should come out, be careful, mike. >> how do i get bat loon.
9:26 am
>> he is headaching me nervous. >> it comes out. >> there is a little extra glue you have to trim that off. >> go ahead. >> there is a goal. >> bing. >> i put a big button on the bottom owe we would have a little anchor. take off your balloon and you have a beautiful dish that you made yourself. >> good job, sue. >> just a matter of letting glue dry but it was kind of fun. >> i like that. >> i like to have the bottom to give it balance. >> that is something you can do with the kid at home. but now i need another challenge. >> okay. >> can't i just buy a bowl at the store. >> i need a christmas challenge, find something you want me to try, put it on my facebook page at sue serio fox 29. sue serio fox 29 put picture
9:27 am
on something you would you like me to try and even if it is not easy, i will give it a go. >> it is fun to watch you perform. now we know we can try. >> yes. >> merry christmas. >> thank you you. >> merry christmas to you. >> karen, i'll blow up another balloon for you. >> thank you. >> these are great for jewelry, change, rings in it, earrings. >> nice. >> i could be like thomas drayton with a little flower. >> no, you shouldn't be doing that, that is horrible. >> you ever see that movie blue velvet. >> i did. >> you ever watch the show, i see this all the time, it is called say yes to the dress. i noticed a lot of women are watching this reliving their dream. what is wrong with my hair? anyway, this woman name mallery canned me to pick out
9:28 am
her wedding gown as if we were saying yes to the dress. she agreed to whatever i pick out she would wear to the wedding. i'll show you the tape, we put this on tape, it is almost horrifying. >> beautiful. >> we will see. >> and we're still going through grammy nominees, this is rihanna, mike you did write part of this song. >> i wrote the part, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work. >> okay. >> that is part you wrote. >> yes. >> come back and we will show you this dress thing.
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>> for the last couple of years i've name jessica kline our executive producer, who is in the control room today, we had can i bar segment. somehow she got the nickname
9:32 am
kit kat kline because she likes kit kat candybars. her own mother now calls her kit kat. >> yes, kit kat. so, few month ago, a woman named mallary was on her bachelorette party down the shore, even had her little vale on, bridesmaids running around. when she walk to up kathy orr, doing an orr down the shore, and asked kathy this question about, well, kit kat. >> hi, kit kat kline my name is mallary, and i'm getting married november 26. and i would love it if mike jerrick came and helped me plan some stuff. >> so, kathy orr showed that to me. kit kat did, as well. so i agreed to go help her pick out her dress. so again her name is mallary richardi. she is from the northeast, i decided to help her pick out this wedding dress. now, she agreed that she would wear what i chose.
9:33 am
so we went to bridal, old bustleton avenue. so i'm calling this say yes to the dress good day philadelphia style. >> ♪ >> (cheers). >> surprise! >> oh! >> don't start without me! >> hey! >> i finally get to meet mike jerrick. >> ahh so let's do this. i'm going to help you pick out the wedding dress, is that okay? i like that message. >> what message? >> the one you sent. >> the one i sent you. hi, kit kat decline, i'm getting married november 26. i would love it if mike jerrick came and helped me plan some stuff. >> was there some partying going on? >> no. >> no? >> maybe a little. >> maybe a touch? >> all right, let's pick out address. >> she never should trust me to do anything. >> today we are going to help
9:34 am
mallary pick out her wedding dress. >> we're going to try on couple of dress frost three different designers. dress number one is a silk chiffon dress, it is a trumpet skirt with a ruffle bottom. that dress runs 3200. >> well, as a father myself, i would like to see more up here. more material. right, dad? we need more material. it is kind of, kind of bird-like here. >> ostrich. >> next? >> yes, next. >> i don't know, i like that bottom even though it is feathery. maybe you'll fly. >> dress two is a kenneth winston lays sheet off the shoulder with illusion bar. fit and flare that is 1500. >> very lazy. >> yes. >> very doyley. >> very doyley. >> there is more fabric up top, which i like. >> look how sexy it is in the back. >> the dad sitting right here.
9:35 am
look how sexy it is in the back. >> but it is pretty. >> i do like all of the buttons all the way down. >> they're real buttons. >> i'm not touching anything. oh! >> are you married? don't do it. >> dress number three is even melee i ball gown, embroidered flowers, light pink champagne color. that's 6,000. >> 6,000? >> look at number three! that is a lot of dress! >> that's a lot. >> wow. too much showing, and too much back showing. >> a lot of back. >> plus do you have holdup your hand. i don't know. it is pretty. there is a lot of material. i mean, a family of four could camp in there. so kind of shiny, sequiny. you can see through it. >> see through it. >> all right, gang.
9:36 am
it is time to decide. dress one, two or three. let's just go down the line. >> number two. >> two? >> two. >> two. >> number two. >> dad, number two. >> number two. >> it is unanimous. but you know what i'm going to do? >> okay, well, mallary i think this is a beautiful dress. but i think looking at the bottom of the dress, because of all of the ruffles and everything. i think that takes away from your beauty. so i'm going to say no to dress number one. three, i thought was a nice for pretty garden wedding, it didn't show off your curves as well. dress number two was absolutely gorgeous. it was romantic. it was lays. had a beautiful back. it fit your body beautifully. gorgeous figure you have. and guess what? work it, show it off. thumbs-up to dress number two. >> have you made your decision? >> two!
9:37 am
>> yes! (applause). >> wow. do you like this dress? >> i love this dress. >> do you say yes to the dress? >> i say yes to this dress. >> mallary? >> mike. >> it was an honor to help pick out your dress. >> thank you so much. >> have a great life and a great wedding. >> thank you. >> so she did get married. she got married last weekend. let's take a look at some of the pictures from the wedding. oh, it looks good. doesn't it? >> it does. >> she adubado belt on t oh, they look so happy. what a wonderful -- how cute? >> thank you, over at the manor house at commonwealth in horsham. she is now on her honeymoon in costa rica. her new last name is duffy. so she's mallary duffy. >> look at how stunning. the flowers are beautiful. yeah. >> love the colors. >> yes. >> so how did it feel?
9:38 am
>> i feel like i've gained a son. >> just saying, now you helped say yes to the dress. kind of wedding plan near way. >> what a great family, too, i had so much fun with the little girl there, her name was mckenna. >> she was fun. >> i yes. >> no! >> no, i'm not married, mike. >> she is nine, nine years old. i couldn't get the look at the back of my head. why didn't somebody say the back of my hair was all screwed up. >> don't look at me, i wasn't there. >> i must have slept in the news van on the way up there. >> you might have take answer nap, it is all good. >> 9:38. should we check in with jen one more time? look like people were pulling up at the firehouse. >> they totally are. these guys, what do they have? they have play dough for us? >> yes, play dough. >> you have play dough for us? >> merry christmas. all right, we're still here. by the way, mike jerrick there is one is for you. does this guy look familiar to
9:39 am
you at all? at all? we're with the kelly ann dolan memorial fund. we're taking gifts, even play dough. everything count. come on, dudes, over here.
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
>> adopt a family program, trying to help put smile on the faces of kids in need. >> jenn fred at the fire company right now where so many people have already come. what's going on, jen? >> i want to tell everyone we're so happy people have been here, but you can give year around certainly now, this is where you go to give, trying to help families that have critically ill children, right? >> exactly.
9:43 am
like us on facebook. because that's where we put a lot of our information, as well. >> all right, the kelly ann dolan memorial fund. you work with children's hospital in chestnut hill. >> yes. >> so families of all kinds have given you your -- their list and people like behind us have delivered. >> yes. we have families that are homeland, that have mental health issues, children with mental health issues, physical disability, the gamut. so we have so many families that if it wasn't for kelly ann dolan, they wouldn't get anything in the holidays. >> yes. >> if you miss some of the other stories, kelly ann was a couple of months shy of her seventh birthday when she passed away. so you got to know the hospital community, and you got to find out that there is families focused on helping their kids, they can't focus on this. all right, you guys are already awesome, because you've hazing organization, but, you do not stop there. you guys came from center city, gift of life? >> yes. >> you adopted how many families? >> eighteen families. >> that's amazing. because people think about you guys being the do-gooders.
9:44 am
but you want to help this organization why? >> it is about giving back to the community, community so generous, as donors, and we wanted to thank the community and help the families in our community with these gifts. >> i love it. look around, guys, i want you to see this, look, saint chris, devereaux, them ores, chop, chop germantown, chestnut hill, these, all of these organizations they get these gifts, and they help santa out. again, you want to help, gift cards, money, unwrapped toys, bring them here or bring them right here. i know tori made it pretty graphic, but common! good one. >> way better. thank you, jen. >> writing it all down, and so great what the family does and to see people come and donate, what it is about, right? so glad to see it. 9:44, it is no secret. that last night was one of the sexiest night of the year.
9:45 am
but, what about this moment? you know sometimes you have those awkward run in's with your ex? can you imagine having a run in on the runway? in london? oh, it happened last night between bella and the weekend, we'll show it to you, ya, we have video of it next.
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>> one this rain hits, raw and rainy day, for most of us just rain, we zoom in little closer. we see it starting to edge into southern delaware, still, a few more hours away from visiting us. but it will be a rainy afternoon, 47 degrees, 50 tomorrow, as things dry out, 46 degrees, and a slight chance after shower on thursday. then we get ready for the big chill over the weekends, friday and saturday, both very windy and cold days probably the code he is days since february of this year. brr. >> hey, sue, you smell like nutmeg. is that a good thing? >> yes, it is. >> i like nutmeg. >> yes! >> thanks, sue. okay, so, last night, this dopy show, victoria secret fashion show is on. >> why are you calling it dopey? >> i think it really is dope. >> i if it didn't air at
9:49 am
10:00 you know you would have watched. >> i was up. >> i was watching the end of the sixers game. >> oh, okay. >> so, bradley cooper has this fiancee, and her name is irenea. and she's a model. and she's pregnant. thirty years old, and there she is, victoria secret fashion show last night. >> she looks darn good. >> second try messier. she looks amazing. >> i think it is cool they had a pregnant woman as one of the models. >> and looks great. >> super. >> she looks really good. >> just an hour long commercial. is that bruno mars? >> that's him right there, yes. >> 24k magician. >> hour long commercial for victoria secret basically. >> one every these shows they put on tv. i've been to a taping of it. back in the day. >> yes? was it in london then? >> new york.
9:50 am
>> that was top moment. >> you know. >> the hair blowing back, that's how it has been, but for the first time, some of the models got to wear their natural hair. >> that's good. >> one of the most talk about moment of the night. pretty cool. to see them column out, can be beautiful with any style, able to rock your natural hair, rock that runway, i think it is great. i think it is wonderful. >> here's something i noticed. >> this gee gee, i follow her on stain gram, super model. gee gee. she has a younger sister, named bella. >> i thought she was older. >> is bell err older? >> yes, bella is younger. >> gigi what 20 years old? >> i know this stuff. bella is younger, casey motorcycle mcdonald has a sister bell, a she is younger, too, that's
9:51 am
how i remember this. so, bella hadid was there used to date the weekend, right? so, bruno mars performed, then the weekend a song, too, out there on the runway. and here comes bella. walking right by her exboyfriend. >> oh, that look. >> she looked right at him. daggers. >> look at those wings. >> that's like every woman like the perfect revenge thing, like you couldn't look better, on the runway for show like that, that's like you missed this. >> so does little shoulder thing. look at that, like -- >> oh, when she walks past him just kind of like a quick shoulder back. >> oh, ya. >> slow-mo, is that what this is? oh, reverse. >> he will be fine. the weaken will be fine. >> karen, you're right, can i just say that whenever you break up with someone, you know you've been dreaming that far moment, right? i want to have that moment when you walk, i don't need
9:52 am
you. listen, i'm bert off without you. and usually for us regular folks, it happens in the grocery store when you're running out, have your pimple cream, and oh, my god, and hide behind one of the aisles. but for her, she walking in the victoria secret fashion show in london wearing this, you know, gorgeous strapy things with her wings, yes, honey, take a good look. >> well done. >> so if you ever run into an ex would you have to have big wings on? >> yes, i would, and a fan, beyonce fan blowing my hair back. for me it always hams at the most inch opportune moment, running out, oh, i forgot something, look a mess, then you run into your ex. >> i can see you over at the acme grocery store with your wings on banking into stuff. oh, hi, good to see you again. >> oh, is that you? oh? oh, i had forgotten. this is how i walk out of the house on a regular day. no big deal. >> what's with this brad pitt guy?
9:53 am
been in the news a lot. did brad pitt invite jennifer aniston to dinner with him when they were both in london? oh, we have some inside scoop on this. and is that avenue good idea? should she except a dinner date with brad pitt even though she is now, married to this guy, isn't she? this new guy? well, we will tell you what she decided to do. >> then we are playing a little bit of drake, hotline bling, also one of the big nominees, one of the most nominated artists, but, ya. >> karen, dance to this again. >> oh, did you see that video? oh, my gosh! mike, you missed it. >> i saw it on instagram. >> oh, it was something. >> karen, shows us a little fun.
9:54 am
9:55 am
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> justin bieber. >> i listen to the radio during the summertime, sure. >> i think, i think i listen to it. >> it's been out for a minute. >> i feel like -- maybe i missed that track. >> let me love you. just let me love you. >> okay, mike. so, jennifer aniston is married to this guy. >> she used to be married to this guy brad pitt. so, brad pitt, oh, brad pitt is, i believe -- >> what's going on here? >> was over in london. and he realizes that his ex, jennifer aniston; also in the city, so he invite her out to dinner, what she said was no because she thought it would be an insult to her husband. i agree, i don't think she should have gone out to dinner with brad pitt. >> i wonder what he wanted to say though? >> you always think of your ex
9:58 am
when -- i should have stayed with them, you snow. >> and there is the guy with the pantyhose. import him. he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> how you doin'. >> it's the hot topics show. >> we won't judge, but we're judging. >> it's going to be juicy! ♪ ♪ ♪ now here's wendy! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wendy: it looks good! >> wow! ♪ ♪ >> wendy: welcome to the show. thank you so much for watching. say hello to my co-host. my studio audience.


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