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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  December 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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a late night crash less than 24 hours ago took the life of one of their own ton night we're learning more about that trooper and one other person tragically killed in the cumberland county accident. good evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm yann page troopers around the state are remembering trooper frankie williams. investigators are still piecing together last night'se'sedly crh crash. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in millville, new jersey torque night not far from the scene of that accident. dave? >> reporter: iain and lucy, it's been a day of sadness a day of reflection and for many people who did not even know the fallen trooper, they've been spenting the day saying thank you for your service. procession carrying the body of fallen new jersey state trooper frankie williams leaves cooper university hospital in camden as law enforcement officers salute one of their colleagues. >> meantime flags fly at half staff at the port norris barracks where trooper williams was stationed as a periodic flow
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of mourners stopped by to pay their respects. >> it's terrible. it's tragic. i know other officers, they're young and just starting families and all and it's just terrible. >> it's kind of hitting the community little hard. these guys do a lot. we don't have in this area you know our own town cops so these guys -- they provide that. >> reporter: trooper williams was driving his mark cruiser northbound on state highway 55 in millville when investigators say a southbound toyota corolla driven by 61-year-old lloyd ruddily crossed the median and hit trooper head on. witnesses report add car matc matching his driving erratical erratically. trooper williams was en route to call when the crash happened. >> they're out there trying to hope us and protect us and something like this happens. >> reporter: state police say 31-year-old williams just join the force in january and was quick on his feet breaking a car window to save a dog locked inside on a hot summer day.
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>> to hear that, yeah, he was well respected and, you know, did a good job even kind of more hurtful knowing that, you know, he was a good one. >> reporter: friends say trooper williams went to high school in florida before moving back to atlantic county and leaves behind a bride he just married in september. >> just want them to know we're thinking of them, and praying and hope that with support they'll be able to get through this. >> reporter: meantime the cause of the crash is still under investigation at this hour. lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. as we learn more about this tragic crash, we'll have the information 24/7 on you'll also find a slide show of trooper william. breaking sports news now. left owls fans little surprised tonight. temple head foot batch coast coach matt ruhle is leaving for a new gig. he's agreed to coach at baylor university in waco, texas. fox 29's sean bell is here now.
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sean the news comes right after the big win for the owls over the weekend. >> yeah, iain, we knew this was a matter of time but it's still stings. temple doesn't have the money or championship opportunities to keep a great football coach i'm told this thing really just happened over the last 24 hours. baylor made an offer and obviously ruhle conrey fused. matt ruhle coming off the areatest season in program conference champion. at item this is as good as it's going to get. the director of athletics dr. patrick craft talked about how the owls can find a way to keep a great coach. >> matt had lot of opportunities last year and he stayed. and you know we have the commitment from the university, our administration, um, you know, i think that's what you can continue to do. i can't sit and say the next guy will be here forever but what i can say is we'll go out and get the best person for this job to couldn't this momentum.
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but it's part of it. this is part of it. this doesn't surprise me. we tried and but this is what it is. too much money at baylor at temple you can't get to the college football playoffs and that's really what it's all about. long-time sift tan ed foal l coach the owls in the military bowl later in sports hear the places reaction to matt ruhle leaving for baylor. lucy? >> all right, thank you much, sean bell. new tonight police made an arrest in the murder of a 14-year-old boy in mayfair. they say the person who pull the trigger is a teen himself. he's now, 19-year-old now facing murder charges for the fatal shooting of the iain willsly last week. the accused gunman turned himself in to police today. investigators say robbery was the motive. fire investigators are trying to figure out what star started this massive fire in dover, delaware. a fox 29 viewer shared this video with us you can see flames shooting through the roof. firefighters rushed to the cedar
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chase apartments on the 1700 block of north dupont highway around 7:30 this morning. the building has significant damage. the top floor missing and we don't know right now how many people are without a home tonight. >> developmenting tonight in frankford. two dozen people are out of their homes after a fire ripped through their apartment buildi building. firefighters had to rescue some residents from the upper floors. >> several people are recovering from those injuries tonight. our bruce gordon is live in frankford. bruce, many of the victims lost everything. >> reporter: they sure did, and at the holidays no less. the investigation into the cause every this fire underway at this hour. the good news, in a burning building full of sleeping men, women and children in the me dawn darkness no one lost their life. wrapped in red cross blanket nursing burns to his head and hands, tyrone cole is lucky to be alive. >> all my stuff is gone. i don't have no clothes. sneakers, nothing. so -- >> reporter: cole among two
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dozen people inside this frankford apartment building when it went up in flames around 4:00 a.m. tuesday. cole says he was asleep in a third floor apartment when he heard screams and headed for the window to await rescue. questions raced through his mine. >> if i was going to die or not. if they was going to get there fast enough to help me. >> reporter: firefighters? >> yeah. >> reporter: you didn't think you were going get out thereof. >> no, i thought i was going to have to jump out the window. >> reporter: wait seemed like forever firefighters were actually on scene within minutes saving cole and nearly a dozen others. this woman asked her not to show her face. she says the fire began in her second floor apartment though she's not sure how. tuesday afternoon, she was allowed to briefly go inside to see what might be salvaged. >> tell me what's there. >> ashes, everything is gone. i don't know what else to say. severing gone. >> reporter: she got out with her boyfriend and her three sons. youngest of whom just two years old. >> i was worried about everybody else inside. i wanted to go back in, you know
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torque try to help but i couldn't. because i had my son in my arms. so the only thing i was able to do was scream there's a fire. >> reporter: despite the extensive damage to the building only nine people were injured. none of them seriously. that news brought a smile to the face of sue, lebanese pizza shop owner who's restaurant anchored this building for nearly half a century. >> they're your friends? >> yup. >> when you realized they got out safe what went through your mind. >> thank god. good thing. that's only think we was worried. everything inside can be replaced. when you get hurt, nothing can replace. >> reporter: the owner of this apartment building is listed as frankford holdings llc out of lakewood, new jersey. we were unable to reach them for comment today. the city's department of licenses and inspections says this on numerous occasions in the past several years for fire code violations. though it does appear that in each case, the problems were taken care of and those cases were closed. iain?
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all right, bruce. thank you. turning to your fox 29 weather authority now. here's live look at allentown. folks are seeing rain there tonight. but if you look up towards the poconos get ready for snow. >> yeah. >> um-hmm. >> oh, yeah. >> great for winter sports enthusiast. >> that's where we want it. >> exactly. >> that's where it's supposed to be and that's where it's going night. >> there you go. >> yeah. when we take look at ultimate doppler you'll see waves of rain moving through this is something really something. see those yellows and oranges. this is some heavy rain and it's moving right up that i-95 corridor, and i mean about half an inch an hour. thank goodness it's moving very quickly through philadelphia. so if you're waiting for anyone to 95, 295, the northeast extension, 76, it doesn't matter, everyone is going to be slowed down this evening because of visibility and this heavy rain. that's moving right up the i-95 corridor. take note through the poconos there's a little bit of white there. so some rain mixing with sleet and snow right now. as it gets colder, we will be seeing obviously all snow
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especially in that higher terrain there is a winter weather advisory in effect for the poconos for two to 4-inches of snow tonight right through tomorrow morning at 6am. for the rest of us, we're talking about wet roads as you see on mark street right now and just a real slow evening. temperatures are above freezing throughout most of region and that's the way it's going to stay these numbers not moving that much overnight tonight. it is 31 with that wintry mix in the poconos. as we go hour by hour, you'll see heavy rain on our future cast right through about nine, 10:00 o'clock, and then it begins to break up. tomorrow morning we will be seeing some spotty showers. then clouds then the huge story is going to be the cold. it will not have been this cold since last february. we'll talk about those numbers in the seven day forecast coming up when i see you later in the broadcast. for now we'll send it back to you guys. >> kathy, thanks. new information tonight on that shooting that left a teenager in critical condition in germantown. police say a gunman shot the 17-year-old boy over what appears to be a deal over some
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marijuana. the teenager was shot in the head but was still able to talk to police after the incident last night on the 4500 block of morris street. he was also robbed of his phone and wallet. police are looking for two men driving a white mini van. investigators are continuing the painstaking work of identifying the 36 victims of the california warehouse fire. meanwhile investigators are taking a look at the man accused of using that warehouse for illegal living spaces. >> building was being used an artist collective called the ghost ship. founder derek i couldn't al mean know was at the site before he apologized in an interview but he says he's not responsible for what happened. the da has said that she's considering criminal charges against the building's manager and police are promising a thorough investigation. officials say the building was virtually impossible to escape. >> metal security screens like almost like greats that are bowl flood the structure and so that would have prevented anyone from break out a window.
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>> fire crews say 85% of the building has been cleared so f far. investigators still haven't determined how that fire start started. back here at home neighbors in ambler are helping families of critically ill children. how this tradition all started and how you can help. after serving our country at war, too many veterans face new battle when they get back on american soil. finding a home. but a local pastor is doing something amazing with a campground to help solve that problem. we have his inspiring story. >> police pulled over a mom because her child' cars seat wasn't cutting it but she got off without a ticket. what she got instead, oh, it will warm your heart. at 6:00 are you taking care of your christmas tree the right way? if you have a live tree in your house you'll need to hear this advice. what you can be doing wrong. >> or put up the artificial one like me. >> me, too. [ laughter ]
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♪ caught on camera one woman's trip to the grease row store ends in violent encounter. take look at this video from last sunday a woman loads up her car on the 300 block of oregon avenue in south philly. this guy runs and grabs her purse right out of the front seat. he takes off. gets to his car when the victim goes after him he drives off and you see him there just drags her along. just pathetic. >> house fire in lansdowne sent one person to the hospital. the home on, caught fire late last night. took firefighters about an hour to get it under control. you can see the scorch marks on the windows. we don't know the condition of the person at the hospital. no word yet on what started that fire. a lot of questions tonight about what led to a deadly shooting in the logan section of the city.
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police say the shooter killed a 22-year-old man and hurt a 39-year-old man much police found both victims on the 1400 block of west lee hock king street around 12:00 their this morning. they don't have motive yet. haven't made any arrests and have not yet released the names of the victims. >> nearly four week after that surprise win president-elect donald trump is making another stop on his thank you tour heading to north carolina tonight to greet voters but before leaving mr. trump met with another shrew of potential administration hires. >> he also blasted boeing for he says jacking up the price on production of the new air force one. fox's joel waldman picks things up from washington, d.c. report. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. >> reporter: making a surprise stop himself in the lobby of trump tower today, the president-elect taking issue with boeing criticizing the american company's plan to charge what he sewed was $4 billion for a new air force one. boeing responding with a statement saying in part "we are
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currently under contract for $170 million to help determine the capabilities of these complex military aircraft that serve the unique requirements of the president of the united states". while trading jabs over the jet, another stream of visitors met with the president-elect today. including former secretary of state henry kissinger and exxon mobil c rex tour son the in a latest to be floated as a possible pick for the future secretary of state. vice president-elect mike pence meanwhile meeting with republican leaders on capitol hill. >> i had the pleasure of having the vice president-elect at lunch today. i believe i'm safe in saying he intends to come to our lunches periodically when he's in town. >> reporter: current vice-president joe biden was also on the hill today after telling reporters last night that he's looking at a possible presidential run in 2020. today, he hedged although did
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not rule it out altogether. >> it's going to be a good year. >> what about the 2020 business again. >> i don't know about 2020. >> reporter: later in the week mr. trump heads to michigan to continue his thank you tour where statewide recount is underway prompted by former green party candidate jill stein. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. tonight in pennsylvania election officials say president-elect trump's lead in the keystone state is shrinking. latest count shows trump got only about 40,000 -- 47,000 more votes than clinton on novembe november 8th of the more more than 6 million votes cast. that makes trump's lead less than 1%. this comes as federal judge tonight announces he'll hold a hearing on friday on the suit filed by the green party seeking a statewide recount here in pennsylvania. the green party wants examination of evidence that hackers manipulated the electi election. tight security after a threat on the los angeles rail system. fbi got the warning last night
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came from the out of country targeting a station near universal studios. authorities stepped up patrols with dogs and such and they're asking people to report anything suspicious. gun violence in philadelphia will be one of the most important fights for pennsylvania's attorney general elect josh shapiro and today he met with leaders from our local law enforcement and they told him what's happening in our communities. shapiro plans on dedicating resources to stopping it. >> i just want to make sure that we spend our resources wisely and coordinate with your leaders here in philadelphia in a way that makes our communities safer and that you all are part of this process. >> as part of shapiro's transition he's going around the state to learn about the biggest issues that communities are facing. his first meeting was in allentown last month on the heroin epidemic. united states tonight is remembering one of the deadliest attacks on america. empire of japan attacked pearl harbor 75 years ago tomorrow. >> fox's dan spring kerr shows us how the country is remembering those loft during
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the day that will live in infa infamy. >> reporter: wednesday december 7th marks 75 years since the attack on pearl harb harbor. the event that plunged the united states into world war ii. the surprise attack was a attempt bite japanese military to neutralize the us naval fleet in the pacific killing more than 2300 american soldiers and sailors wounding an additional 1,000. those who witnessed the bombing remember the moment vividly. >> we could see the bomb -- the, um, airplane flying and bombing, you know. >> the black smoke. >> and the black smoke, yeah and the fires. >> the woman came screaming out of her two-story. she said look. ooh looked down. we were on a hill. and there was smoke. you could see the smoke. >> reporter: survive the uss arizona recounts the horror of that day. 80% of those aboard perished during the attack. >> parts of the whole thing -- i
5:20 pm
can't talk about it. if i do talk about it, i cannot sleep. >> burned all over. they got hoops put their blankets over,. >> japanese prime minister plans to visit the site of the tragedy later this month. >> translator: i will visit pearl harbor and u. ss arizona museum to pray for the dead. never again should we repeat the devastation of war. >> reporter: week full of events remembering pearl harbor wraps up tomorrow with a number of events including a wreath laying and interment ceremony at the u.s. s arizona. in seattle, dan springer, fox news. classic holiday treat but there's new twist on the old-fashioned candy cane at one shop. here's a hint. they don't taste like peppermi peppermint. >> trouble in one shore area real estate market. atlantic county is in the middle avenue foreclosure crisis but is it any worse than anywhere else
5:21 pm
fox 29's hank flynn went to atlantic city to find out. >> reporter: fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beatifferently. the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly.
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scare in germantown tire shop when plea robbers stormed in this saturday it satisfied thanksgiving. one of the robbers forced an employee to the ground and hit him in the head with an office. the other ransack the office and get away with a cash and laptop. >> mlk drive is part of your commute you may have noticed it took longer today. part of that road along with the schuylkill river trail will have detours for the next seven weeks. people who use the trail by mlk drive and drivers will see closures from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and then again from 7:00 p.m. to 5am. during those times drivers cannot use the travel in the eastbound lane from sweet briar to eakins oval. crews are fixing a wall that fell into the schuylkill river. in delaware county a borough council ruled in favor of a home become temporary housing for cancer patients allowing a non-profit to buy the home for that purpose has residents concern. swarthmore borough back the sale unanimously last night. the head strong foundation leads
5:25 pm
seven bedroom home as temporary housing for cancer patients and caregivers while they get treatment in our area. critics of the home say they're concerned about traffic and parking and worry that this will set a precedence for on the group homes to move into the area which they say could reduce property values. well, a homecoming of sorts for some important pieces of american history. >> collection of items related to the american revolution are set to be displayed here in old city. fox 29 got a closer look at the things today that will go into the museum of american revolution dozens of boxes of archeologically artifacts delivered. they include bottles and tank cards from illegal tavern on carter's al. window glass with a message scratched into it as well as hand painted english punch bowl. the items were found on the site of the museum. >> but we're very excite exciteo have this because we have a record of sort of the whole history of philadelphia on this one find and that's a neat story
5:26 pm
to be able to tell. >> a total of 82,000 pieces found during digs were put back together for the display. you can see the artifacts in person when the museum opens in april. >> cannot wait for that. the good news a book lovers you really want to relax while diving into a new book. the chain now serving up booze with your book. and some caring and generous neighbors are helping families critically ill children. how their tradition started and how you can be a part of it. kathy? >> it is pouring rain across the delaware valley, and it's not going to stop through the evening rush. a slow go if you're heading out tonight to dinner, to the mall, even maybe to the movies. but it will be breaking up in a little bit and we'll talk about the cold that's to come in the seven day. my guest list just tripled.
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. tonight new jersey state troopers are mourning the loss of one of their own. 31-year-old frankie williams died last night when investigators say a driver crossed the median of route 55 in millville, new jersey and hit him head on. that driver 61-year-old lloyd ruddily also died. police say ruddily was driving erratically and matched the description of a person the trooper was after. that crash is still under investigation. fire investigators are combing through the rubble of an apartment fire in frankford.
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the fire forced nearly two dozen people from their homes in the early morning hours along frankford avenue. now, firefighters had to rescue some residents from top floors and amazing no one is seriously injured. tonight washington, d.c. and moscow are at odds. >> over syria and proposed cease fire. battering the hard hit city of aleppo tom night the russians say they oppose un backed cease fire blaming united states for failing to negotiate. secretary of state john kerry says the russians are dragging their feet as they target rebels who oppose as sad's government. kerry wants leaders to stand together against increased russian aggression. >> the real effort today is to reinforce with everybody how important nato is, the relationship of nato and how we need to come together. >> tomorrow secretary kerry a traveling to hamburg, germany
5:31 pm
for security meeting with european foreign hipsters. fox 29 weather authority now. live look at blue mount tone and the pocono mountains went saw some snowflakes falling earlier. isn't that pretty? i love it. no matter where you live you're either seeing rain or snow. kathy orr tells us who might be shoveling the most in just 15 seconds. >> in weather we're talking about rain. reports of some sleet as you move up the northeast extension and also some light snow in the poconos. those higher elevations will be seeing the most accumulation about two to 4-inches possible. waves of heavy rain moving right up the i-95 corridor where you see the yellow and the orange and the red this last batch moving right through the southern part of delaware, lifting toward new castle county at this point and even into
5:32 pm
cecil county, maryland. that's going to go right into chester county, delaware county and into our suburbs. some snow mixing with rain in the lower part of the poconos, but the higher elevations definitely seeing the snow and that advisory will continue right through the early morning hours. that winter weather advisory for the poconos for carbon, monroe and sussex county, in new jersey expected to last through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. 42 in the city. 36 in pottstown. 38 in allentown. a cold raw rain and the poconos it is 31 degrees. with temperatures not falling too much. we have a triple shot of cold air with three successive cold fronts moving through the region this week. so each day it will get progressively colder. by the end of the week, we will be experiencing the coldest air of the season. we're talking about temperatures that will only be in the 30s. wind chills in the 20s and in the morning, even feel like it's in the teens. now overnight tonight, temperatures staying pretty much steady in the city and the lower
5:33 pm
40s in the suburbs in the 30s. with rain some heavy for at least the next three to four hours. after that 10:00 o'clock hour, it begins to break up. we'll be seeing somewhat drier conditions. snow will continue in the poconos and winds will be out of the northeast at about 10 to 15 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow we do rebound into the lower 50s with morning clouds, maybe some lingering drizzle. skies becoming partly sunny, and we have a northwesterly wind, a cooler wind building in in the wake of this weather system. during the day tomorrow, temperatures will be rising through most of the region into the 50s but as you can see, tomorrow morning, into the afternoon, temperatures will be warming. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority look at these numbers. 51 for your wednesday. thursday cooler. then another front moves throu through. friday 39. the morning low 28. blustery for your saturday. chilly for sunday. and our next chance of rain will come on monday. right now it looks like it will be warm enough to just have plain old rain, and then by tuesday the high temperature
5:34 pm
46 degrees. morning lows in the 20s and the 30s. friday will be the coldest day since last february and then saturday we'll beat it with morning lows in the 20s and afternoon high of only 38 degrees. so there it is, guys. feeling a little bit more like december as we head toward the second week of the month. we'll zen it back to you lucy. >> it all makes sense much thank you very much, kathy torch night u pun penn students are little less stressed. they have dogs and cats to thank. animal shelter cat cafe which i still haven't visited. brought the adoptable pets to penn's lgbt center this afternoon. it was quite the stress reliever for the students in the midst of studying for finals. students also donated money to providence animal center a former delco spca to help safe animal. all those little guys, they need forever homes fyi. >> let's hope they find them. they are a classic holiday treat but one candy shop owner taking a crazy twist with an old-fashioned candy cane.
5:35 pm
the flavors that might make you say, no thanks. >> good news for good lovers who really want to relax while diving into a new book. the chain is now serving up booze with that book of yours. coming up at 6:00 cops say this is video of a man inside a philadelphia gas works company vehicle. few problems here though he's not a pgw worker and he made off with expensive stuff that's not his. where things come from? how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪
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develop 12-year-old boy in the hospital from a hit-and-run in new castle, delaware. tonight police are asking for your help to find the driver. they are looking for a chrysler 300 very similar to the one you see right there. the driver'ed side mirror should be missing. happened last night as the boy was trying to cross memorial drive in the community of overview gardens much he's now stable. in your money tonight a twist or maybe a fresh spin on holiday classic. one candy shop in manhattan is creating some interesting candy canes. economy candy sold the canes for the last 75 years. but now, they're stepping things up and more options than just
5:39 pm
pepper minute. the company makes bacon, wasabi, coffee and pickle flavored canes. >> if those don't suit your fancy there's a gravy flavored one as well. last year the bacon ones sold out. >> i don't get it. bacon candy canes. >> i agree. i don't either. >> i don't know. >> hey, whatever you like. how about this? you might like this. barnes & noble turning a new chapter. >> it is offering some booze with books i'm actually more into that bacon flavored candy cane. dining menu bookstore chain is tapping into a new concept. the concept is all about comfort. you'll find a wine and beer list plus a food menu if you're hungry. >> we're delivering a real state of the art beautiful big store but we want to do it in very comfortable pleasing environment. people that are investing in great reading material like to do that in a moment of relaxation, sometimes that's with a great cappucino sometimes that's with a nice local glass
5:40 pm
of wine. >> so far these comfort concept stores are only open in new york, minnesota and now california. but if it takes off who knows one could come to our neck of the woods. if you plan on heading to times square this season look up. way up. look at this. the world's tallest digitally animated christmas tree. 204-foot digital tree covering four digital signs standing 400 feet above street level. it will shine christmas cheer until january 6th. >> police pulled over a mom because her child's car seat wasn't cutting it. she got off with a ticket. she got something else instead i'm thinking will warm your heart. neighbors in ambler helping families with critically ill children how this generous tradition started and how you can be a part of it. ♪
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>> astronauts to mars in 2030s but orion spacecraft taking them. scientists are simulating what living and working older red planet would be like and they made the perfect space suit for those months long missions here on earth. america space agency working with nation's top design schools. the students and staff of the rhode island school of design come up with an juddable suit for the mars simulation missions. all practice runs be the real deal in couple of decades the technology the designers used included everything from milling machines from the 1920s to state of the art 3d printer. >> this morning fox 29 watched
5:45 pm
as community members in ambler helped families with critically ill children. the nice people bought things on family wish list. >> decades old tradition started by a family who watched their six-year-old girl battle critical illnesses during the holiday season. our jenn frederick takes us there. >> very nice. >> thank you. >> reporter: peggy dolan knows kids love christmas. >> they have the lights, they have music, they have santa. >> after battling several critical illnesses in the '70's including leukemia, her daughter kellyanne passed away before she turned seven. >> peggy knows how it feels to have a sick child this time of year. >> the kids that we serve, of course, want to be home for christmas. you know they want to be well. they want to be able to play just like everybody else. >> reporter: that's why she makes sure her foundation helps families of critically ill kiddos. it started decades wagon she heard about a family who had a
5:46 pm
child in the icu for several months. >> the dad lost his job and never even realizing they were two weeks away from christmas, had children to buy, torque get gifts for, you know, and to help santa, and, um, she called us that day and said, is there anything you can do? >> reporter: now, hospital social workers find families in need. they all have adopted families. 22 families from this company alone. >> nice people buy and deliver the gifts on those family's li lists. >> why was it important for to you come here. >> i grew up with a tough time here in the states and we had a lot of support throughout the years and so it's good to pay it forward. >> we're very fortunate to be healthy and we are able to provide nice holidays for our kids and we really want to be able to help those that aren't as fortunate as us. >> reporter: in ambler, jennaphr frederick, fox 29 news.
5:47 pm
it's not too late to help. if you'd like to make donation drop it off to the kellyanne dolan memorial fund office in fort washington during business hours or also drop off gifts at the wissahickon fire company until 7:00 tonight. you can find all the information on fox29.c a texas mom calls her his angel aft police police officer helped make sure her kids will be safe every time they get into her car. officer brandon gilbert pull over alexis jones last month in arlington, texas. it's not far from dallas. noticed her kids ages three and nine months were in some unsafe and broken car seats. so instead of riding jones a ticket, gilbert bought her new car seats with his own money. >> lord willing i would if i was to get in car accident they would be safe, and i just feel so much better every time i drive my car. >> this is why i became a police officer. because ultimately i wanted to help people. >> that's great. >> officer gilbert made sure to show jones how to install the
5:48 pm
car seats the right way. he also gave her kids some stuffed animals just a great story. ♪ from that great story out of arlington to our bill anderson finding some of the light shining in our world for goodness sake tom night he focusing on the many veterans who lack housing and support services they desperately need. a new jersey pastor and air force veteran saw the need and also saw a way to help and he's now raising money to provide micro homes to more than 60 veterans free of charge. >> bill anderson went to an old campground to see the first house built for goodness sake. >> reporter: community service is asking people to do small things and together those small things can make a big difference. of course that's one school of thought but pastor air force vet don know davis decided to just get right to it and do it big. >> 277 acres with a 65-acre la
5:49 pm
lake. they are dreams 60 micro houses where vets can stay here for free every morning this is what they wake up to. >> reporter: veteran himself davis saw that housing and other services for veterans were lacking and along with his no non-profit amazing grace ministries they thought helping one vet is a step, but helping 60, 70, a hundred could make major impact. >> how do you sit back and decide i'm going to buy it and then give it away? >> multiple phone conversations and meetings. they heard our heart. we're not here to develop it. we're not here to make money off of it. they drastically reducing the price something our church could afford. >> reporter: first step was raising fund to buy the old campground in franklinville, new jersey. they began working with donors and volunteers for the planned micro houses after relatively short amount of time the first house is nearly complete and pastor donny says he's just moving forward in faith. >> we raised almost $83,000 in just a few short months on gofundme.
5:50 pm
that's how we're funding the whole thing just through donations. >> reporter: so far faith is paying off. the first house will have someone in it by the first of the year. the houses are being built at cost for about 10 grand. and social services, job training, unions have all donated their services simply because they share the vision and want to see this facility for veterans complete. >> there's no way they can be done without the help of the community. that's the fun part. just having faith and trust, i don't have to worry about it. just let god be god. let the community help out and that's what's happening. >> reporter: the map will allow vet toss live there for two years while receiving training, could you say link and has been vetted by several banks, non profits, donors and volunteers but i had to ask the question that many have. >> because people don't do this immediate response will be what's the angle? >> everybody has always asked that. what's the catch watch do you want out of this. >> i want to be able to have an opportunity to serve others much that's it. for me that's my therapy. >> reporter: dozens of houses,
5:51 pm
hours of volunteer services donated and the ability to make a lasting impact on the lives of those who risk their lives in service to us. that's often the case it all happened because someone decided to make a difference for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> make a difference one by one. we all like to be prepared just in case. you stock the cabinet with canned goods maybe polled water. >> a couple of flashlights handy for whatever reason. maybe a swiss army knife. well, one family in new jersey is going way behind that. tonight on the fox 29 news at 10:00, our own chris o'connell will introduce to you mark and sue but you can call them the prep pers next door. they prepared for everything from a collapse of society to zombie apocalypse. they got years of food stocked up. an armory for protect. prepared pour paranoid. the full story tonight at 10. >> atlantic county is the midst of foreclosure crisis is it any worse than any elsewhere? fox
5:52 pm
29's hank flynn went to atlantic city to find out. and ahead at 6:00 police are on the hunt for this man they say the video shows him inside a philadelphia gas works company vehicle. what he got away with that has police trying to track him down. you may have one right near your tv right now. if you have a live tree in your house, we've got some words of wisdom. jazzy music. i like it. what you very possibly could be doing wrong. ♪
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over the past few years we've talked a lot about the challenges facing atlantic city. tonight we're looking at the foreclosure crisis. you can get shore property cheap here. so why are so few people buying our hank flynn went to try to get some answers and he may have found reason for optimism. ♪ >> reporter: atlantic city has a lot of foreclosures on the market. so does atlantic county. overall one in 300 homes in foreclosure as of october. tops in a state that has the second highest foreclosure rate in the nation according to realty track. new jersey realtor realtors pret says garden state foreclosure laws work slowly which delays the inevitable. >> that's why, you know, you see a lot of reports that new jersey is lagging in that foreclosure issue and that's the reason. just because we started it later so we're coming out of it later. >> reporter: triple play realtors convention is the atlantic city cop vince center this week so it seems like a good time to go through some local foreclosures.
5:57 pm
number 16, south windsor avenue. $30,600. cheap for a house. 1012 north michigan avenue. some of them are a little worse for the wear and tear but still dirt cheap. atlantic city total tax rate risen nearly one hadn't dread% since 2010 and state mandated increase may send it higher. make ac foreclosures harder to sell. mary lou, says there's a tool challenge but beatable one. >> it's definitely not something advantageous, but the fact of the matter is now that we have stockton university in the city as an economic catalyst and these properties are going to be bought at very reasonable prices so it will develop, um, you know, the investor which is come back in. the properties will reconditioned. um, tenants will move in. familiars will move in. and it will create well new effect on the city.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: fair enough. any time a town loses so much of its tax income as ac did with five massive casino closures it will take time to recover but the taxes, what do people on fixed incomes do if trenton jax them up again? my take is that trenton fumbled its way to near bankruptcy through well do you meaned decades of shade patronage and self-serving piggishness. should you trenton going to fix atlantic city again. you tell me on twitter at hang fox 29 or the house at fox 29 philly. ♪ in your entertainment news, beyonce' leads the nominations for the 59th grammy awards. queen b with nine nomination for lemonade an album that explores race and infidelity. she has more nominations than any other artist and the top three categories beyonce' will compete against adele whose album 25 was one of the music industry's biggest success stories in years. behind beyonce' are drake, rihanna and kanye west with
5:59 pm
eight nominations each. they'll battle it out for the grammys. i think drake will wayne few. >> you think so. >> all right. we shall see. your news at 6:00 is next. ♪ flags are flying at half staff throughout new jersey a state trooper one of two people who died last night in a cumberland county crash. what we're learning about that trooper tragically killed in the line of duty and about the other driver. ♪ i'm meteorologist kathy orr it's a word we haven't been saying much this season, snow. and it's working its way into part of our region. coming up i'll show you who will see the most and when it will be moving out. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. and right now at 6:00 wet weather has moved over the delaware valley. looking live at the radar tonight depending on where you live you can see some drenching
6:00 pm
rain or even some snow. as we look live at reading right now. where you'll feel the chilly temperatures. snow will be falling not far from there at philadelphia international airport right now we've got drenching rain. good tuesday evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. we have made it this long without saying that wintry s word. looks like that time has come and gone. we're going to say it it. fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr is here. kathy, we're not just talking about dusting in some places. notice how i still didn't say it. >> you didn't say it yet. snow, snow, snow. we have waves of rain moving through philadelphia. see that yellow and/or ranch really on either side of the i-95 corridor. pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware impacted with heavy rain that's going to slow down the evening commute or if you're going out this evening, this is going to keep going for at least the next couple of hours. you're seeing the white through the poconos and also edging into the northern lehigh valley and the northern part of berks county but that is more of a wintry mix. main threat of snow will be in the poconos where we do have a winter w


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