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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:55pm EST

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something in her arm. she's holding the baby jesus stolen from bethlehem. you cannot make this up. what cops found when they finally recovered the jesus statue missing from a local nativity. >> kathy is tracking some snow.m gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. first at 10, rain, cold and even some snow. you heard right, some of you will see it fall tonight.
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if you live near blue mountain which you're seeing from our pocono mountain cameras we're talking to you. >> even after the rain and snow move on out this winter preview will become the main show we're about to feel temperature drop we haven't felt in really long time. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. busy night for the fox 29 weather authority. let's get over to meteorologist kathy orr. >> we still see the rain and the snow across the part of the region. ultimate doppler the heaviest rain is lifting to the north and east. but you still can see some showers along the i-95 corridor and in the poconos the light snow has been falling this entire evening and it will continue into the overnight period. ultimate doppler patches of rain, snow through north jersey and also through the poconos into the southern part of new york and northeastern pennsylvania. we still have that winter weather advisory for the poconos that continues overnight through 6:00 a.m. we're talking about two to 4-inches of snow couple of inches have already fallen. in center city philadelphia, there's some drizzle there's some mist somebody light rain
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and that will continue for the next couple of hours. 43 degrees in the city. that temperature will not fall all that much overnight tonight. it stays damp and dreary. 30 in the poconos with snow. 38 in pottstown. millville 44 degrees overnight. so we'll watch as the rain begins to taper. the snow will continue for the most part through the early morning hours and then just clouds and cold temperatures for your wednesday morning. coming up in the seven day lots to talk about. the sun will make a come back but then a wintry blast with blustery conditions and we're talking about the coldest air since last winter. yup, it's coming soon. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy, thanks. you can stay prepared for the weather headed our way by downloading our fox 29 news app. you can look at live radar images and get ready alerts sent right to your phone. it's free just download it from the apple or google play stores. >> only on fox, woman who wasn't about to let a thief get away with her purse without a fight is talk quite dramatic. a camera caught it in a south
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philadelphia shopping center l lot. the man snatched the woman's purse from her suv as she loaded her car. >> he makes it to his get away the car with the woman tracing behind she's dragged by his suv. there's a lesson in this for all of us police say. >> all right dave schratwieser live at philadelphia police headquarters with that warning. hello, dave. >> reporter: lucy, hello. the word from philadelphia police tonight to holiday shoppers is be on guard after this bizarre purse snatching incident at a south philadelphia parking lot. we spoke to the victim tonight and she is was a robbery that took place while she was simply putting packages in her car. tis the season to be jolly in south philadelphia, but the season of giving turned into the season of taking when this robber ripped off shopper's purse from her suv as she loaded packages in to the vehicle. >> all money, yeah. >> my mom puts the purse in the car and he just opened the door and grab the purse. >> reporter: victim and her
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daughter who asked them not to identify spoke to fox 29 from their home tuesday night rallied after the scary encounter. >> she hopes that the guy is going to be arrested. >> reporter: it happened around noon on november 27th at this shopping center parking lot off oregon avenue. moments before the robbery, surveillance cameras caught the suspect cruising the lot in his toyota highlander with distinctive tailpipes and side grill work. >> you can see this guy looks like he's scoping out the parking lot looking for victim. >> reporter: suspect parked right next to the 46-year-old mother as she started to load her packages the suspect pulled to the end of the aisle, walked back and took the purse. >> people are out there looking for an opportunity to strike if they can. you want to be aware of your surroundings the woman tried to catch up to the thief and grabbed hold of his car door. she was dragged a short distan distance. >> she almost got ran over by the car. >> reporter: scary? >> then she fell down on the floor and she got hurt. >> trying to grab on to the vehicle this lady is very lucky
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sean more severely injured. >> reporter: police used the incident to again warn the public this holiday season to be aware of suspicious cars a oundg center parking lots. >> trying and get a description of the vehicle. description of the individual if you can get a tag number from the vehicle, something like th that. >> reporter: now, there is some good news the thief dumped that purse witness victim's id and cell phone in it. two good samaritans found the purse and returned it to the victim. unfortunately, minus 200 bucks in cash. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. tonight a heart broken family in northeast philly may be closer to justice after police say they've made arrest in the murder of a 14-year-old boy. sources tell fox 29 the 19-year-old man will likely face murder charges for the fatal shooting of iain willsly last week in mayfair. accused gunman turned himself in to police today investigators say robbery was the motive. new clues tonight into what may have led a gunman to open
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fire on a teenaged boy in germantown. police say the shooting which left the 17-year-old boy in critical condition was all over a drug deal involving marijuana. the victim was hit multiple times in the shooting last night on the 4500 block of morris street. he was also robbed of his phone and wallet. police are now looking for two men last seen driving a white mini van. happening right now, someone is watching them. a pels at their rooms at temple university and at least one of the incidents the person took a photo of a student about to change clothes. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live at temple campus. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, surveillance video that the victim says she got from a nearby building shows a man outside her window. we've blurred the suspect because police have not confirmed that that is who they are looking for. meanwhile, this temple university student says she's frightened by what happened. >> it's right out here. where we saw it. >> reporter: this temple
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university student doesn't want to show her face after what she says happened to her. >> i see a flash in my window, and i like screamed and freaked out. >> reporter: victim says she had just gotten out of the shower around 10:30 last night. she was in the bedroom of her off campus apartment on north 15th street when she noticed a camera flash through her blinds. >> i had my shades down but there's a little space in between my, um, the bars the window and the blinds. so i guess he saw right in between. >> reporter: she says her boyfriend was there at the time and ran out to catch the guy but let him go because he wasn't sure if it was the suspect. until they got the surveillance video from the apartment building which shows the guy at her window. it captures what appears to be a camera flash like the victim described. he then hops the fence crossing over on to a different property and takes off. >> i just don't want this guy to be out there doing this to the people not knowing about it. >> reporter: she's now worried what the suspect saw and what he may do with whatever he captured
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on camera. >> he could have easily taken pictures of me with the lights on like without his flash. second easily scene inside my apartment. so who knows what he has like on his computer, phone. >> reporter: now, the victim also tells me that the same thing happened to her last month. she said she and her female roommate were home that time. she says they both saw him. police are investigating whether it's the same person. iain? >> shawnette, thank you. heavy hearts across the garden state mourning the new jersey state trooper killed in a crash on high wage some laid flowers outside a state police barracks even though they didn't know 31 year old trooper frankie william. williams died late last night when investigators say a driver hit him head on on 55 in millville. that driver 61-year-old lloyd ruddily also died. police say ruddily was driving erratically and managed the description of the person the trooper was after. the loss is a shock to people in cumberland county. >> it's terrible.
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it's tragic. i know other officers, they're young and just starting families and all, too, it's just terrib terrible. >> it's kind of hitting the community a little hard. these guys do a lot. we don't have in this area, um, you know, our own town cops so these guys are, you know, they provide that. >> williams had just under a year on the force and the crash is still under investigation. we will continue to follow the investigation into this tragic crash and also final arrangements for trooper williams. you'll find updates on our website green party will get to make its case in federal court for a statewide recount in pennsylvania. a us district judge in philadelphia has ordered a hearing for friday. lawyers for former presidential candidate jill stein claim hackers may have tampered with voting machines. meanwhile, pennsylvania election officials say president-elect trump's lead in the keystone state over hillary clinton is less than 1%.
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trump thank you tour continues tonight he hit the tar heel state for rally. president-elect is in north carolina and brought with him a special guest. >> he toll the crowd especial officially nominated general james mattis as second of defense. president-elect speaking fayet fayetteville tonight. row em if a it sized his commit tom bring jobs back to the united states investin investinl and over turning trade deal in the mid of three state effort to recount votes he says he's confidence in his wins and all the states being couldn't testified the president-elect even brought his brand new secretary defense nominee to the stage. >> i'm grateful for the opportunity to return to our troops, the matt families the civilians of the department of defense because i know how committed they are and devoted they are to the defense of our country. the defense of our couldn't stewing. >> trump also told the crowd he's going to repeal the affordable care act but did not say how he would replace it. coming up one huge high for temple football.
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one bigelow. head coach matt ruhle is out of here. the news broke earlier today that rule is heading to texas and he's the new head coach for the baylor bail. sean bell is in the studio with more on this. sean? >> yeah, lucy, you know the saying, money talks and everything else walks. we don't know how much matt ruhle will make yet but it will be at least double what temple could pay him plus now matt ruhle can compete for national championships with a school that's in the big 12. so sorry, temple, this was really a no brainer. matt ruhle informed the players and the university this morning about the decision to go to baylor. he told the guys to just focus on what they can control and keep working hard. matt ruhle was there for four years wept from two and 10 to conference champions. the university has done dealt with this sort of that ink before. coaches getting big and leaving for bigger jobs. basketball coach fran dunphy has seen it all and he had a message for the temple football players. >> the message would be, it's going to be okay. i'm sure that's the message that
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matt gave them today. that he appreciated everything they did for him and for temple and all will be okay. they'll get a very good football coach here shortly. >> assistant ed foley will be the interim head coach for the military bowl on december 27th against wake forest. the school said there's no timetable for hiring a new coach. later in sports the players talk about their reaction to hearing about the news. lucy. >> all right. thank you very much, sean. attack on atm a woman just trying to get some cash found herself in a terrifying strugg struggle. how she fought off her attacker and what he managed to take from her. nearly two dozen people out of their homes after a fire ripped through their apartment building. >> i was worried about everybody else inside. i wanted to go back in, you know torque try to help but i couldn't. >> but there's plenty to be thankful for tonight. no one was hurt. tonight heart pounding escapes and rescues when every second counted. are you ready for a complete economic collapse? what about perhaps a zombie apocalypse.
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>> these may sound like movie plots but people near you are preparing just in case. what they're doing that you're not. he gets a lot of compliments.
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he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. ♪ a trip to the atm turned into a nightmare for one woman in south jersey. police say this is the man behind it. and more and more of these types of crimes are happening right about now. >> it all happened near the cherry hill mall during the peak holiday shopping season. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live
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in cherry hill where they're looking for the guy as atm users look over their shoulder. >> reporter: they are iain we've been seeing people stop by this atm all night long. it is a pop lore time of year for shopping and spending and unfortunately a time for thieves after easy targets. it's a very clear surveillance picture. do you recognize this man? cherry hill police say he robbed a woman at navy federal credit union on route 38 near the cherry hill mall monday night it happened around 8:45. police say the suspect approached the victim from behind while she was hitting the outdoor atm. >> i think it's terrible. >> i don't think i would go to atm at night. >> you watch everything do you all the time. be aware of all your surrounding always. >> reporter: tis the season the holidays are here. shoppers are out spending while bad guys are looking to cash in. jim who's of tabernacle says he's aware. >> watch if you have packages in the back of your car they'll try to, um, they'll watch and
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they'll break in. >> with shopping, i don't carry a purse. i keep everything in my pockets. >> reporter: cherry hill police say monday night's victim fought back. robber eventually took off. but not before stealing some of the cash. >> police say that robber took off on foot headed towards route 38. if you have any information on who the man might be or the robbery itself, you are asked to call cherry hill police. you can even summit an anonymous tip via e-mail just send it to tips at cherry hill >> iain. >> den per, let's hope they catch him. thank you the woman scene here wanted for staying the baby jesus from bethlehem of all places. bethlehem police say she stole the baby jesus statue from the nativity scene at the city hall plaza. the good news is, they found jesus and now they're looking for this woman. police found a note along with the statue but say it made quote no sense. nurses at delaware county
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memorial hospital braced the rain for this protest in front of the hospital in direct drexel hill tonight. prospect medical holding bought the hospital in july. they say the new owner is holding out n statement to fox 29 hospital spokesperson says prospect is engaged in quote sincere negotiating process and that it's committed to resolving the contract dispute to the benefit all parties. nearly two dozen people forced out of their apartments when a fire ripped through several units early this morning. some people lost everything they had. >> but everyone did make it out alive. our bruce gordon spoke to fire victims about what they endured and what they now face. >> reporter: we found tyrone cole suffering aunt red cross blanket. nursing burns to his head and hands. he lost most of what he owns. but he's thankful. >> we all alive. so that's the most important thing. >> reporter: cole and 19 others were inside this frankford apartment building when it went up in flames around 4:00 o'clock tuesday morning.
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frightening scene captured on neighbor's smart phone. cole says he was asleep in a third floor apartment and was awakened by screams. unable to escape down the stairs he race to do window to await rescue by firefighters. they arrived within minutes. it felt like hours. >> what's going through your mine at that point as you're getting out there going down that ladder from three stories. >> hurry up and get me down because i'm trying to get away from the fire and this place is as fast as. >> reporter: he was among a dozen people rescued. this woman asked we not show her face. she says the fire began in her second floor apartment where she was sleeping with her boyfriend and three young sons. they were awakened by a fire alarm to find the place a blaze. >> the whole living room is glowing, you know, orange. >> reporter: they would escape down the stairs unhurt. >> i was worried about everybody else inside. i wanted to go back in, you know, to try to help but i couldn't. because i had my son in my arms so the only thing i was able to
10:19 pm
apartments, no one was seriously injured. good news to sue the lebanese pizza shop owner who's restaurant anchored this building for nearly 50 years. >> do you know some of the people. >> we know everybody. thank god everybody make it safe. nobody got injured. nobody got hurt. thank god that's the only thing more important. >> reporter: the owner is lis listed as frankford holdings llc out of lakewood and new jersey. we cannot reach them fortune. l and i cited this building for fire code violations on numerous occasions over the past several years. in each case, it appears the violations were fixed and t who is under arrest mistakes there for goodness sak that's going to cause right befe luther king drive.meanwhile, dun and out of the city the
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ honking car in mcdonald's drive through got a man shot. police in south florida say couple waiting in the drive through line got into an argument with a guy parked behind them after he honked the horn. the couple through punches. he pull out his pistol and shot one of them. authorities call eight self-defense case and the shooter will not be facing charges. prosecutors are charging the couple with batterily investigators are zeroing in on what started a deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. they say it does not appear that anyone set it intentionally and they think refrigerator or another electrical appliance may have started it.
10:22 pm
now earlier today, the founder of the art collective at that warehouse did apologize. >> he stopped short of taking responsibilities for the fire. in an interview derek, said he signed a lease to the building end thought it was up to city standards. the warehouse had been converted into art studios and illegal living spaces. officials say it was virtually impossible to escape. 36 people are now confirm dead and officials say they've removed debris from 90% of the building. >> we have completely searched the area directly below where we are knocking these par are fits down. we are going to -- not only have run visually people through there. we've run the cadaver dogs through there and the other search dogs and at this point we declared the area where this debris will fall searched. >> crews say they hope to have all the debris moved by midnight local time. meanwhile a criminal investigation continues and the da says she hasn't ruled out filing murder charges. the rain did not dampen the
10:23 pm
holiday spirit on capitol hill tonight. a large crowd showed up for the annual lighting of the capitol christmas tree. house speaker paul ryan and fifth grader isabella girard counseled down. it comes from isabella's home statstate of idaho. after lighting the united states brand band played christmas classics. >> are you ready for the zombie apocalypse. people near you are preparing for the real thing what they're doing that you're not. >> we'll say goodbye to the rain and snow eventually then a winter blast of cold, the coldest in 10 months. wow! we'll have those numbers coming up. >> here we go. >> here's look what's comin comt 11:00. it's hank. i got me a often mall. the holy grail of 2016 toy treasures. yeah, there's a q show hook up. see how it all ties together in just a minute.>[a]
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♪ you thought about what you would do if it happens.
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whether it is a complete economic collapse. hurricane or psalm apocalypse. these people have and they're prepared. a growing number of so-called prep pers or survival lifts are way ahead of you gearing up for whatever may happen. >> zombie apocalypse. fox 29's chris o'connell introduces us to those who think you can never be too prepared. ♪ take five minutes to fill your gas tank up on the way home. the power might be out tomorrow now you can't get gas. >> reporter: don't call them paranoid. call them prepared. meet mark and his wife sue for privacy they asked us not to reveal their last names. >> you need to be prepared for a lot of different circumstances report roar you can call them the prep pers next door. what are we preparing for? >> you're preparing for any kind of crisis situation. it could be from a car accident to zombie apocalypse, who knows what. >> reporter: yes a zombie apocalypse. more on in a minute. just an hour outside of
10:28 pm
philadelphia, in rural burlington county, we drove down a private very private quarter mile gravel road. arriving at the family's heavily wooded compound. >> sue and i have a little debate there's a line. one side is paranoid the other side is prepared. i walk on both sides. the couple showed us what life as prepper is all about including growing much of their own food. >> i read a l i got chicken magazines and chicken books. >> from the the family chicken coop from eggs. >> you're watching in our greenhouse. >> where citrus plants are now in bloom. >> this doesn't look like your typical bunker. >> i don't have a bunker yet. >> reporter: his kitchen straight out of better homes a gardens. a stone pizza oven powered by just fire. >> you just put in layers. >> they use foodie hydrators for fruits, meats and spices. >> we do vegetables.
10:29 pm
here's some spicy cauliflower. >> much of his food canned and caught by mark himself. >> this is canned venison. >> i'm assuming venison you got out of the backyard. >> yeah. >> that's farm to table. >> eat local, right. >> you may not be a prepper but mark says every family should have one of these tucked away. >> i recommend people go to a dollar store and make their own kits. so this is a 2-gallon food great bucket with dehydrated beans he fills it with rice, beans, tanned tuna, chicken, instant coffee and matches. >> for about $15, you get about a 60 serving bucket of food. it might get a little boring eat beans and rice for several days in a row, but this had keep you alive. >> reporter: being prepared is quickly becoming book booming business one person one year 4 will laste
10:30 pm
pers f eoond. we just want to h career. she wor insurance company assessing po hurricane sandy. beat. >> when th 100% rea not silly what we scenarioigr ve doesn't use electronicattery pa
10:31 pm
suivome people think lot of things were and horrible things thatuld have been easier to survive not to mention f systems. >> still o than anything is the result we bought it 20 years agoy, pro] >> esche. it's ae true crisis, you sawur e prepping himself, he's teachingi firearms skills, advanced firste to be a zombie apocalypse? and.
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>> pine barrens. chris o'connell fox 29 news. >> that's groovy stuff. all righty then. it's the season for nativity also the season for towns to get sued over them. yet another fight right now could santa save the day and keep one nativity standing strong? >> your kid you live in philly eagle are pretty buying deal. meeting one of them is a dream actually hitting a store with a player once in lifetime that wasn't the biggest surprise. ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on!
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what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that makes it all worthwhile. but hurry, these offers end soon. thank you santa!!!
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♪ in ohio one town nativity scene is causing some drama. a group says it violates the constitution. >> the freedom from religion foundation fired you have a letter to saint bernard city officials regarding the manger. it's on government property. that's against the law but the
10:36 pm
city says because it puts santa claus near the nativity scene it's not religious. >> christianity is not our religion the whole community brings the -- >> western civilization has been brought about persons free religion. >> good news for ikea employees. furniture retailer is offering longer parental leave to american employees. the chain will offer its 13,000 salaried and hourly employees up to four months of paid parental leave. the policy effective january 1st will apply to new mom and fathers who birth adoptive or foster parents with unemployment at nine year low many companies are trying to retain workers. >> that's great. >> it is great. more people do it. book seller barnes & noble is turning a new chapter. >> it's offering booze with its books plus a full dining menu
10:37 pm
it's tapping into a new concept. it's california store is one of three across the nation that is offers the extra comfort of wine and beer list. plus menu to order from if you're hungry. i just caught the whole tapped into thing. whole beer reference. okay. >> kind of cute. >> it was. cute. go to new york or wisconsin for the other two barnes & noble's for the extra libations. tonight we're finding light in the darkness. a local man is out of prison and determined to keep others from making the same mistakes. >> we all start off as naturally good people -- the choice that is we make. >> how this man is using t-shirts to get his message out there for goodness sake. our kathy orr is tracking that forecast of yours. >> we sure are. we still have rain and some snow winter weather advisory for the poconos but the big story that's coming for the rest of the week is the cold air. we're talking about the coldest air since last winter. get the winter coats.
10:38 pm
a wardrobe change is in order in the seven day. we'll be right back. he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around
10:39 pm
with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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>> each night bill anderson looks for the brighter side even among some of our area' darker
10:41 pm
experiences tonight bill finds a man showing the light at the end of the life sad choices that include tragedy and prisons. >> that man's amazing t-shirts are helping others for goodness sake. ♪ >> reporter: how did you get in trouble. >> i was in the drug trade. i was selling drugs. this one particular time we were at a skating ring. went skating and there was an argument that broke out. skating was over we go out and hang out. then the shooting started. >> on most accounts including his own will little was more a part of the community's problems than he was solutions. >> my friends got shot i started shooting back. >> reporter: at 19 years old, his life choices led to some very serious consequences. >> that person that you shot back at they died? >> yeah. >> okay. you were convicted of that crime? >> um-hmm. >> and did what? >> tepp years. 10 to 20 years in prison. >> reporter: significant jail
10:42 pm
time. guilt of a life taken and a newborn child and will swore he wasn't going back and his life would have value. today in his t-shirt studio he showed me one of the many ways he's kept that promise now for 20 years. >> i lost the movement called. the tough guy on the corner everybody wants piece. >> will visits schools and prisons to share his experiences mentors young people in the neighborhood and uses his teach peace t shirts to further discussion of responsibility we must have. >> we all start off as naturally good people. but environment and the choice that we make. >> reporter: i went with will as he delivered shirts to peop people. >> and saw his message of piece and redemption is resonated with people and the shirts inspire them to spread the word. >> we need more people like this
10:43 pm
in our society especially in the inner city. doing a good thing. a lot of us -- >> everybody getting shirts. >> i got my shirt to show my support for the peace message and his live turn around and as our deliveries ended my final question for will showed that even 20 years later, he realizes his past choices led to responsibility to help people that he embraces. >> it's a part of you and you said it helps shapes you. >> right. >> there are people like will who take their individual experiences and just decide they can do more to serve their community. if you know these types of people let me know you can tweet me or message me. i want to share how people are doing their small part to make things better for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> by the way i saw those t-shirts they are phenomenal. just great. early holiday treat for some lucky little ones in the area. the philadelphia eagles took 30
10:44 pm
children shopping at dick's sporting goods in cherry hill today. exciting stuff. but a special extra surprise each child had $200 gift card to burn through. dick's teamed up with the leprechaun sports association and the harmins foundation to sponsor the shopping spree. >> great for them. >> wow! >> good stuff. >> hopefully some snow shoes. that would be good. >> maybe. >> boots, skis, gloves. we're going to need it. tis the season for shore. we have rain in philadelphia. lifting out so some drizzle, some fog, some mist associated with the remnants of this heavier rain and we do still have few flurries through the poconos with potential for additional snow showers overnight. but not quite as intense as it was during the evening rush. that winter weather advisory does continue for the poconos. carbon and monroe counties and even into north jersey where they saw a couple inches of snow that goes through tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. 31 in the poconos. 36 in atlantic city -- allento allentown.
10:45 pm
atlantic city 46. you can see in philadelphia still holding on to 43 degrees. temperatures have not changed that much throughout the day. we have a triple shot of cold air with three consecutive fronts each day one front moving through making it colder as the week progresses cold shot of air is going to be really deep into the delaware valley by thursday night into friday. you see this dip in the jet stream and that means temperatures will be falling into the 30s for highs. 20s for lows and some of those wind chills will even be down into the teens over the course of the weekend. so that winter chill that blast is definitely coming. in the city overnight 42. in the suburbs 35. drizzle and mist in the city and our suburbs some flurries expected in the poconos and during afternoon tomorrow, lower 50s in the city with increasing sun. you can see in the poconos cloudy, 39. so above freezing so any snow on the roads will be melting. wilmington 50. dover 53. millville 53. and atlantic city it will be 53 degrees. so a pleasant day. in the afternoon we'll have
10:46 pm
increasing sunshine. after those morning clouds winds out of the northwest. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, cooler still for thursday this is the cool down i was talking about friday the morning low 28. the afternoon high 39. then it even gets colder saturday with blustery conditions and gusty winds. the high only 38. the coldest air sin last february. sunday 42. monday some showers and mid 40s for your tuesday with partly sunny skies but notice that trend, no more 50s or 60s it's more like 40s and 30s as we get deeper into the month of december. that's a look at your seven day forecast. wardrobe change is in order, sean bell. >> of course. and some changes going on at temple right now i talk to some of the football players about their initial reaction about matt ruhle leaving. plus the flyers back on the ice looking to do something they haven't done since 2011. see if they can get it done late next in sports.
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♪ we knew matt ruhle would leave at some point soon. we didn't know exactly when. last year, matt ruhle had several offers to leave temple but stayed but today he finally decided to cash in. he's headed to the big 12 to coach the baylor bears. after having back to back 10 win seasons he became one of the most sought after head coaches in college. oregon was also trying to get to him. this morning he n his players he would be leaving and caught -- we caught up with some of the guys to talk about their reaction to all of this. >> as long as we win games then coaches get better like opportunities in their life foyer that are families. we knew since he won 10 games last year and now we are doing even more like this year, something was bound to happen so i'm just truly happy for him and his family. >> i'm not surprised. the man is going on to better his career and i won't fault any man for doing that i'm truly
10:51 pm
happy for him. >> surprisingly a lot of players happy for him. some devastated but still happy for the guy. to the flyers they're finally starting to catch a groove they won their last five games they're back at home against the panthers looking to make it six. second period tied at one. flyers on a power play claude giroux with the shot on goal. claude giroux wayne simmons there for the goal. second of the night. the panthers tight game at two and send this thing no overtime and in ot, jake vorachek loses the puck but giroux right there to steal it back and vorachek gets another shot. cashes in the flyers within three-two. six great within the first winning streak this long since 2011. to the sixers okafor out with an illness and joel embiid sitting out they still don't want him to play in back to backs. so not much to desire in tonig tonight's game but the sixers somehow in it late. in the fourth quart the sixers with the lead tony allen drives to the rack.
10:52 pm
can't get it to go but zac randolph to clean up the boards tied the game up and then memphis hit a couple thee throws to get ahead. under 10 to go, nick, trying to tie the game up. no good can't get it to go. sixers lose once again 96-91. they're eighth straight loss. college hoops big five matchup at the palestra. villanova against l la-la sal. bridges get gets the steal. nova wins 89-79. big three, look-zero in big five match match up. it's not really a matchup. i don't know why they play them because villanova will destroy them all. >> they're tough. defensing champions. they're good. >> they're legit everywhere and the rest of the big five teams just not that good. >> no. >> exactly. >> all right. how about our weather? we're looking at snow in some places. >> we have snow in the poconos and visibility is poor there only a quarter mile now a half mile.
10:53 pm
so take it slow if you'll be heading up that way. temperatures tonight will fall in the 20s in the poconos. 30s to the north and west 40s from philadelphia south and east. temperatures not moving that much overnight or into the early morning hours because of that cloud cover. better days ahead. tomorrow's high in the lower 50. >> thanks very much. lucy what's coming up at 11:00. >> better days ahead like april. >> you guys like going to the dentist. you love the dentist? >> there was nothing there. very few of us like going to the dentist. the drying, the noise, looking at those instruments but there's another big reason that has nothing to do with the anxiety. why some just don't go. your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. it will be a lot brighter if perhaps you win the mega millions lottery which is coming up next the drawing so good luck to you. see in you just a few. ♪
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news
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