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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> and a very good morning, have you seen this video? it really is a cautionary tail this holiday season. it is surveillance video. it captures a man robbing a shop here just made it back to her car. a flash in my window. and i like screamed. >> someone taking a picture as she's in her own room. a college student, a peeping tom on the loose right now. >> flying high. the flyers have fans going fanatic. what last night's huge victory means for the team. grat to have you with us -- great to have you with us. i'm thomas drayton. >> i'm karen hepp.
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something to cheer for. now we can break out our orange, our orange crush, right? >> flyers on win streak. sixers on losing streak. at least we're balancing it out. >> doing something. and we have eagles somewhere there in the middle. >> ya, right. well, meantime, we have a little bit of rain left over this morning, so if you are leaving right now, you might want to have the waterproof jacket on. what did i -- did i change that number yet? no, i wanted to change it to a seven. really behind it. we have got the umbrellas, bus stop buddy, flyers cap. drippy start, mostly cloudy skies, some drizzle, little bit of shower activity around. see that thereon ultimate doppler radar. temperatures as you walk out the door are generally in the 30's, and 40's, we have avenue got 41 degrees, but width every windchill, feels like mid 30's, that's the case pretty much everywhere. could be little slippery in the higher elevations, winds aren't causing too many of a problem. are making it feel colder than actually s chilly, dry,
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throughout the day. mostly cloudy through lunchtime at least. but the sun will eventually come out. 50 degrees our high temperature, sunset time is 4:36, bob kelly, we work our way up to the first day every winter. these days are really getting short. >> getting shorter, exactly. but how about a long late night game of monopoly last night? 5:02, good morning, everybody, if we can take a picture of my computer. oops. what do we have here? that's steve's camera. here, check this out. the elf playing light night monopoly last night, sent to us, you know, the elf moves every night, runs on up to the north pole, then comes back. hopeful little your elf moved on the other night, hint hint for moms and dads watching. live look at the schuylkill expressway here. this is westbound. right at south street. leaving south philadelphia, one car, actually, i thought it was only one car accident. but, when they pants out, there is a tractor-trailer, and another vehicle here, in off to the shoulder. so the bottom line, east,
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westbound schuylkill, accident at south street. with only one lane, and this is right there, the university, south street onramp there. so watch for delays leaving south philadelphia, if you're coming over the bridge in toward philadelphia. again, only that one lane coming into philly, there, at south street. on the ground here, on the freeway, again, leftovers, still dealing with some showers in our area. the roads are wet. you got the spray coming up off the cars in front of you. coming back from the poconos, or headed up that way, they got 5 inches of snow yesterday. so, be ready for that as you head north up toward the pocono mountain interchange coming east on 422, no problems from royersford into king of prussia. karen, thomas, back to you. >> bob, thank you. >> so this is something that happened to one woman but could happen to any of us. simply goes shopping in the middle of the day on a sunday. and we have some video of what happens as someone tries to will be her. there she is being dragged away by the suspect's car. >> this guy steve new what he wanted, targeted the victim
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here. >> look, we've seen so many women get distract in the grocery stores, and thieves take their purses out of their cart while they're in the store. this woman did the right thing. she really protect her purse before she loads her groceries in her car. here are we are are, this south philly parking lot, right behind the famous and always parked oregon diner next to the toys "r" us, and this is the asian oregon market grocery store where she went shopping. because she is older, she gets one of the close parking spots. so she does everything right. this is thanksgiving weekend, it is sunday, at lunch hour, believe it or not. so, while many went out shopping "black friday" weekend, some low life made a highlight in police surveillance. here it is. they hope someone knows who is driving this gray toyota highlander. notice the side event, chrome tail pipes. looking for a victim, parks,
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pounces, this little old lady loading the groceries in the back of her suv. after she first thought she wisely loaded her purse into the passenger side and closed the door. but it didn't lock. that's the problem. so, he sees her in the back, and he goes into that passenger door, she watches him, as he goes in, grabs her purse, and runs to his vehicle. she doesn't just sit there and do nothing, she chases him, then tries to open his door, and go after him. and then as she is holding on to the handle, you see, she gets dragged, then tossed. dave schratwieser talked to her and her daughter last night who aids with the translation. >> two cars away from her, and then the guy just came, and my mom puts the purse in the car and he just opened the door and grabs the purse. and then he just started running. the car started driving. and then she almost got ran over by the car. >> scarry? >> yes, then she fell down on the floor and she got hurt
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just a little bit. >> people be aware of the surroundings. no fault of this lady, none of her own, quite naturally you don't think somebody will come back to your vehicle to unlock your door while you are loading groceries. unfortunately, we live in a time where we have people who do those type every things. so hopefully somebody can recognize either the vehicle, very distinguishing marks on the vehicle, markings, passenger side air event, as well as the tail pipe. >> so if you think you know the gray toyota highlander, and the low life driving it, police want a tip. don't worry about being a snitch. just imagine if somebody did that to your mom or grandmom. now, we already know of two good people who did the right thing in this case. the thief took 200 in cash, in the purse, and instead of stealing the rest, her cell phone, her identity with a drivers license and all of her other cards, it was us to dollars and they turned it over to police. now somebody hopes they turn this creep in. i was going say another word there. i held back. >> good catch on that one. you have to wonder about going
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after the suspect. i mean, pretty bold move what the guy did. but also bold move to go after the person who just took your purse. >> yes, i admire. that will but it is not the wise thing to do we know. it could have been worse, she could have fell under the wheels. but i life toughness in people. she showed t she's okay. >> you never know how you'll react. steve, thank you. >> time now 5:07. arrest has been made in the fatal shooting after 14 year old boy in mayfair. ian wellesley was killed last week while walking on the 66200 block of brouse avenue. nineteen year old in custody, likely will face murder charges. investigators say, robbery was the motive. but they're not naming him until prosecutors file those charges. >> a heroin overdose in this developing story has claimed the life of another person in bucks county. this is the fifth death from the drug in falls township in the past 11 days. two people found with the victim now being quid this morning by police. in two of the overdoses, the heroin appears to have come from the kensington neighborhood.
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the others from trenton. a bad batch of heroin has been linked to nine recent deaths in kensington. >> the death toll for this year close to 900 from heroin in philadelphia. funeral a rangments are pending for new jersey state trooper franky williams. some people came out, there were flowers, just sad hearts to the police barracks. they wanted to show their respect and honor williams. he was killed in a head-on collision on monday evening on route 55 in millville. that's the crash. the other driver, six of one year old lloyd ruddily, also died. police say ruddily was driving irradically and he matched the description of a person the trooper was actually looking for driving irradically. just a shock to everything that lives in that community. >> it is terrible. it is tragic. i know other officers so young, and just starting families and all, too, and just terrible. >> kind of hitting the community little hard. these guys do a lot. and we don't have in this area, you know, our own town
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cops. so these guys are, you know, they provide that. >> williams had just aunt year on the force, he had recently gotten married. all still under investigation. there is a pretty scary moment for a temple student. simply in her own room. all the sudden sees a light. flash goes off. did someone just take a picture? >> take a moment. look at the surveillance camera here. the peeper caught in action. of course, there are fears, lauren johnson there is could be repeat offender? >> that's right. that's the scariest part of all of this, this is not the first time it has happened here on 15th street in north philly. and now she is really worried that he's targetting a area of off campus housing, saturated by females. take a look at the surveillance video. victim tells us she got from a he'd being near her 15th street apartment, you see the man, creeping close to a window, and then in a flash from what looks like a cell phone. the female victim says this all happened moment after she took a shower, her boyfriends was with her, listen to her story. >> i was in my room, i just
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had my towel wrapped around. i just dropped it so coy get dressed. and i see a flash in my window. and i like screamed and freaked out, and we've had this problem before. where this peeping tom guy. so, i screamed. he ran outside to chase after him. >> i have no idea who he is. and it is weird, because both times we caught him, it was on a monday night. so i don't know if he's like going around to different houses, and then coming to us, and just kind of knows our routine, knows our schedule. i don't know how long, totally scary, yes, i'm petrified. >> reporter: she tells us similar incident happened about a month ago, and it was also a monday night. she wonders if the people tom knows the area where she lives, it is filled with women, so he's targeting them. at this point police are aware of bows incident, and now they're investigating, thomas, karen? >> thank you, lauren. time 5:10. we've been following this breaking news all morning, the death toll is rising after an earthquake strikes indonesia.
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at least 97 people have been killed in the quake. it was a 6.5 magnitude, it damaged more than 200 buildings, you see the video coming in there, including 14 mosks in a hospital. simply devastating this morning. there are fears that more, more may be trapped in that rubble. but so far the death toll is at 97. want to talk about separate earthquake that has rocked trinidad. 6.2 quake could be felt in many parts of the country last night, still unclear because all of the information still coming in, if anyone was injured, as soon as we get more details and video, we will shea that with you: >> your next secretary every defense, general mad doing mathis. >> even though they ponds is, several days ago, it is official. president-elect, donald trump, formally declares general james mattis his nomination for secretary of defense.
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the men appears together on stage in north carolina, taking place last night. mattis earned his nickname mad dog for his attention to military tactic in blunt talk. >> fire officials zero in on the possible cause behind that deadly california warehouse fire. and of course this morning, the search continues for the missing. >> and also, are you taking care of your christmas tree in the right way? mine was totally dry. likes oh, needs more water. we have some important information if you have a live tree in your house. what you need to do to stay safe. and have a wonderful holiday season. >> plus, what lady gaga is calling her deepest, darkest struggle. we'll share it with you straight ahead.
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>> yesterday, trace of ice, but mostly rain that fell, sort every inbetween the area where we got snow, the higher elevation of the pocono mountains, then the rest every us as predicted did get rain. so, it was little over three quarters of an inch, in philadelphia, about half inch in allentown, and under an inch but pretty close to it just about everywhere else, trenton, wilmington, atlantic city so the totals put us by the month of september where
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we should be for precipitation, we've been very low with precipitation for most of the year. so it, helps, every little bit helps. so left over showers this morning. and even lingering into maybe 9:00, 10:00 but clouds hack around for awhile as well, then eventually sunshine breaks through probably after lunchtime should be decent rest of the day cold from counting through in the wake of the rain we had yesterday. still, winter weather city are in the poconos mountains until 6:00 tricky travel with several inches of snow falling, 41 degrees in philadelphia, 32 in mount pocono, trenton 39, 45 in wild wide, 41 degrees in wilmington, delaware most windchills, feels like 32 mount pocono after we get rid
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of the rain today which is going to be out of here soon, going to be partly cloudy tomorrow. sunny, blustery, friday, saturday colds he is day of the season so far moderate four # two sunday, by the time that happens could get few showers late in the day. >> might see couple of flakes in chester county. >> couple of flakes on the roadway, too, believe it or not. live look here, the westbound schuylkill expressway. accident right near south street, it is westbound south street onramp involving couple of vehicles, medical squad moving away, one car spun around, you got philly firefighters, with the hook and ladder on the scene, so leaving south philadelphia coming over the walt whitman bridge, and using the schuylkill in toward the city, or 30th street, watch for a slow-down with only that one lane, again, dealing with some rain, some drizzle, spray
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coming up off the cars mentioned, all depends upon your location where you are rolling out of the driveway. amtrak track work delay, could bring us delays, accident in the neighborhood, rock hill conshy state road. transformer fire with local detours around lincoln and jackson no problems on 95. look out if you're coming back from the poconos, we've got snow up there as sue mentioned. looking good as you roll up and down 495 through wilmington, rolling south on 295 again some wet roads. and hello and good morning to tammy from blackwood, new jersey, she sent us this picture of her home, candy cane lane we call that as you roll on up to the front door. come on, snap a picture of your home, and rolling out, put it up on facebook, twitter, instagram. and use that #fox29lights contest, so we can show the pictures on tv and then one house we pick each week, we go and broadcast live from the front lawn tomorrow night, hitting the road, going to
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northeast philadelphia, all of the details are on our website at karen, and thomas, back to you. >> looking sweet, bob, thank you. new reward that took place in camden, camden county authorities offering $5,000 for information that helps find and convict the killer of 28 year old brett moss. moss was fatally shot in august, at 27th and saunders. these right here are new photos that police say is a person of interest, we'll have the photos again on >> 5:19. some sad news. the football world mourning the death after former heisman trophy winner, are shown salom. he was found dead monday night in boulder, colorado, police say they don't suspect foul play in the 42 year old's death. his mother says flies heff son took his own life. beating out other players like steve mcnair, warren zap, carry column inch. >> luis anna man facing charges this morning, in a
5:20 am
road rage incident that ended with a former nfl player dead. joe mcknight shot and killed last week. the latest developments on this deadly case. >> ten fate ago shooting case, as former nfl player joe mcknight was shot and killed on thursday, in a road rage dispute. initially 54 year old ronald gas err was taken into custody but released without being charged. that sparked public outcry and criticism of police. but today was charged with manslaughter in mcknight's death, investigating sheriff holding tends news conference blasting his critics? we had to make demands. we want justice now, not about the right thing, not about justice. >> he says authorities waited so they could find and interview independent witnesses. >> we started thursday afternoon with a witness who lied. >> the sheriff annie is this is case is not about race, but rather, bad behavior by both
5:21 am
men. he said the pair were shouting at each other, drive irradically, before they stopped their vehicles, mcknight got out. arguing continued and gaser shot mcknight three times. >> so for those who have criticized the men and women of this organization and the strategy, decisions that we made relative to that tough. i don't care. because what i know is i can put my head-on the pillow every night knowing that we've done the right thing for the right reasons. >> meantime officials confirm that a decade ago, ronald gas err was involved in another road rage incident at that very same intersection. >> investigators are zeroing in on what start that deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california, they think now may have been a refrigerator or
5:22 am
another electrical appliance that started it. early tuesday, the founder that far art collective there at the warehouse apologized, but he stopped short of taking responsibility. in a interview, his name derrick ian el nina signed lease to the building and thought it was up to code. the warehouse had been converted into art studios and i will legal living spaces. officials say it was virtually impossible to escape. thirty-six people are confirmed dead officials say they've removed debris from 90% of the building. >> we have completely searched the area directly below where we are knocking these down. we have run the kad add err dogs, and at this point, we have declared the area where this debris will fall searched. >> the criminal investigation continues, and the district attorney has not ruled out filing murder charges.
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time going on 5:23. still looking for the perfect gift? guess what, really is a gift out there for everyone. >> so we will show you something, looks like that is rock. >> it is a rock. >> why the price of this rock has people scratching their heads. >> a rock you can find anywhere wrapped in leather. you're right, the price, unbelievable. you will need to win the lotto. not really, but good luck.
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>> supreme court has ruled samsung violation of apple smart phone design patents may involve only a component, rather, than the entire product. this means, samsung will not be forced to pay $400 million in damages, that apple was originally awarded. so it is a win for samsung. now this case will come back to this country, the court of appeals for the federal circuit to determine what portion of its profits, that samsung must pay. >> oh, you're going to love this one. book seller barges and nobles turning new chapter, it is folsome california store is one of three across the nation, that offers the extra comfort of a wine and beer list. of course, you'll have to go to new york or wisconsin for the other two barges and nobles with the extra. i can understanded new york. wisconsin? little unusual to start. >> beer country. >> true. you have your beer. you have your wine. sit back, relax, call a book, call uber or lyft. perfect day. more coming up at 5:30 on fox
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29 morning news, the coveted short list. >> talking about time magazine, people on the list, so who do you think should get it? mo was the person biggest of the year? is it somebody like a politician, like our donald trump. is it simone biles who we all cheered for, so exciting or is it beyonce? we can all rally together and listen to her cup of lemonade. let us know who you think should be the person of the year. my guest list just tripled.
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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>> so there is a man walking around the front of the car while the woman was in the back. something all every us do all the time, what happens next, it is dramatic, and all caught on video. >> we have information you're going to want to hear this morning. there is a peeping tom watching young college women in their rooms. he got away, so we will give you the information and tell you what you need to know. so you know the grammys came out, you know beyonce would be nominate add million times. also local people on that list we'll be watching. the connections to the big show. >> lots to get to this morning. great to have you with us on this wednesday, good morning, sue, good morning, bob. >> good morning, everybody. >> now the day can begin. this center mitt end windshield wiper kind of
5:31 am
morning. because it is just misty enough that you'll need the wipers every once in a while. that's what bus stop buddy has, the umbrella for the next couple of hours, woe may just see left over showers, call it a drippy start but hey the flyers won last night, good thing, temperatures in the three's, 40's, little showing up on radar a just some of the drizzle doesn't even show up on radar. but you can see, still damp in our neighborhood here in old city, 41 degrees, still some puddles around 36 our windchill this morning, it is 32 degrees in mount pocono where they got five and a half inches of snow yesterday. in the mount poconos. 41 degrees in wilmington, 38 in lancaster, 45 wiped wood. plan on some sunshine, chilly, dry, for the most part, with the nice short days temperature about 50 degrees, and we will talk about the bigger chill coming in just in
5:32 am
time for the weekends, bob kelly? >> remind me of the old coffee machine, drip, drip, drip. 5:32 we call it. another accident for us this morning. this is the onramp from woodhaven road to go south on 95, this is that stretch where they don't have the overhead street lamps fell off looks like down the grass ill embankment there. police and fire crews on the way. another accident just being taken care of the westbound schuylkill at south street. this guy got spun around, you know, never good start when facing the wrong way on the schuylkill, but westbound, coming into the city, expect delays, and here's that drippy example that sue has mentioned. wipers on intermittently at times and you got the spray. so still dealing with this precipitation, this morning, folks up in the poconos, you woke up at 5 inches of snow yesterday. so things could be a little slippery, from the poconos, coming down, that northeast extension, amtrak did some track work today, will lever us with possible delays on the
5:33 am
pail old i thorndale line. rock hill and conshy state, and transformer fire, here in upper providence, at lincoln and jackson. otherwise, the bridges looking fine, no delays yet at the airport. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> looking good so far, bob, thank you. very concerning this morning. someone is watching them. a peeping tom lurking in the windows. at off campus amounts, all taken place at temple university. >> that's where lauren johnson is right now, so scary for women up there, lauren, because that guy is still on the loose. >> i know. so you're inside your apartment. then you know someone's out here on the sidewalk, looking inside. violating your privacy. then you in the flash outside the window. that's what happened to one girl. she said it is not the first time. the victim who does not want to be identified shared surveillance video she obtained near her 15th street off campus apartment. woman tells us she just stepped out of the shower, 10:30 monday night. she walks into her bedroom, draped in her towel, the moment she dropped the towel is when she noticed something strange at heroin dough, a
5:34 am
ball of light. the girl's boyfriend ran outside. chased the man, tackled him, the man seemed to be confused why he was being head down, unsure if he was the man who snapped the picture, boyfriends let him go. once they got their hands on the surveillance video they new he was their guy, and now, the victim says she has no idea who he is, but she is worried. i see a flash. i had my shades down, but there is a little space inbetween my bars, the window, and the blind. so i guess saw right inbetween. >> he could have easily taken pictures of me with the light on like without his flash corks have seen inside the apartment. who knows what he has on his computer, phone. >> i just don't want this guy to be out there doing this to other people and not knowing about it. >> scary part is that the victim said something similar happened about month ago also on monday might when she and her roommate were home. they're not sure if this is
5:35 am
the same person or if the two incidents are connected. now police are involved and they're investigating, karen, thomas? >> lauren, thankfully, hopefully get the person offer the streets. also right now, federal prosecutors seeking pretty long sentence ian wisely killed walking on 6200 block of brouse avenue. nineteen year old suspect will likely face murder charges, investigators say robbery was the motive. >> and developing this morning, police have warning for holiday shoppers, after a woman purse snatched from her car all taking place in south philadelphia, how to avoid ac
5:36 am
victim, two, if you are a victim, don't become a victim a second time by fighting back after you get ripped off. here's where we are. the asian oregon market, it is right behind. >> it is not the middle of the night, not dark like it is right now there is was the sunday lunch hour thanksgiving weekends november 27th. this poor old woman goes grocery shopping busy time, she parks close to the door, she does everything right meantime it is not her car, toyota highlander, cops circled two things on it cuss testimony air event and custom chrome tail pipe, because they think that he think that's the one way to recognize, catch
5:37 am
police, and catch this guy. so he cruises around the parking lot looking for victim kinds of like eagle flying around in the sky, stalking for pray on the ground. he sees this poor old woman, put her purse into vehicle first, takes it out of the cart. see so many women get their purses stolen out after cart. smartly puts it in her passenger seat, shuts the door. then loads her groceries. so you think it would be safe. loading not tailgate. >> this guy parks, gets out, opens the passenger door, grabs her purse, runs back to his vehicle probably left running and tries to speed away. but she sees him. she may be older, and she may be a lot smaller, but she runs after the guy and tries to open his door and get him and get her purse back. and, unfortunately, as she is holding on to the handle, this guy speeds off, dragging this poor old woman until she finally lets go. she gets thrown across the
5:38 am
asphalt. not hurt bad, her daughter hemmed with the tanks lakes were you worried about getting hurt? were you afraid to get hurt? >> little bit. >> what did he take? money. >> did you see him at all? >> i don't see him. >> when were you loading the packages did you see him at all? >> he was right next to you at some point? >> i see him in the car. i don't see the -- >> try to get description of the vehicle, description of the vehicle, try to get a tag number from the vehicle, something like, that but trying to grab on to the vehicle this lady is very lucky she wasn't more severely injured look, her instincts took over. sure i bet right now she wishes she just stood there
5:39 am
but react the way you react. you don't think this will happen to you. shock and surprise what's taking control of you your adjust trying to get your stuff back. luckily doesn't fall under the vehicle not get run over, not hurt too bad thief grabs 200 bucks in cash out of the purse and tosses everything else with the it. for thely, thomas, we don't look at men too good in this story because the guy saw the purse, but two women finds the purse with everything but the cash in it. and they do do the right thing, so the fairer sex is the nicer sex in this case gets phone back, drivers license, credit cards, you name it, she get all of her other stuff back thanks to two nice women. now we need one more nice person, maybe guy can help us out out there. recognize the toyota highlander with the custom events and tail pipe and phone in a tip and get the highlands err and the low life driving
5:40 am
it off the street and out of the parking lot and away from any more energy old lady shopping for groceries. >> hopefully everyone, someone will come forward. won't get argument from me this morning. >> thank you, steve. how about this? our fly guys. man oh, man. how about this? six in a row. going strong, last night's huge victory, what it means for the team and for the fans.
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5:43 am
>> platt mat rule taking the money and the chance to compete for national championship. matt rhule leaving temple and going to baylor university. he went ten and three and won the american athletic conference, but at temple, that's as good as it will get, as baylor will have a chance to compete with the best, and make a lot of money while doing so. it is rumored that oregon was off also after the coach. sixers with no okafor, and no embiid. still had a chance to win the game. down by three, second left, goes for the tie, but can't get it to go down. the sixers go onto lose 96-91, their eighth straight lost, longest of the season. >> sixth straight, longest winning streak since 2011. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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, rack up here like the bagels, live look, the eastbound schuylkill at montgomery drive. i come through the stretch every morning, and this morning, definately light rain, and the ponds l.
5:47 am
>> serving up roads here this morning, accident north on the 42 freeway approaching route 130, coming in toward philadelphia, amtrak doing track work today. so expect some delays on the paoli thorndale line because of the track work, but then i think across the board, expect some possible delays on all of the regional rail lines, because of the slippery rales. accident rock hill and conshy state. here is the accident i told you about on the freeway, it the in the construction zone, so look out on all of the work zones specially the five -- 95 there at cottman avenue. who is ready for the holidays? come on, we zoom on into this home here. >> i'm looking for a house to visit. post the textures, use the hashtag fox 29 lights contest. then this thursday i'm going
5:48 am
to northeast philadelphia. big old house decorated. we will have all of the details up on our website at fox 29 does come -- when is this rain going to ends? sue has the answer in 15 seconds. >> little drizzle, triple shot of cold air, cold front comes through this morning, another one comes through tomorrow, and another one on friday, and that one will really have the coldest air of the season, so far, behind it cool cooler today, do have left over shower or two, around the area right now, you might even see a flurry flying around, but, it is not as much rain as we had yesterday, with some of the heavy downpours, but it is still just makes things a
5:49 am
little drippy out there. so you may need few extra moments, as we look at the future cast, and most of the rain is out of here, then the sun finally comes out around 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon, not out for long, the days are very short. but that's what we can use it after the rainy day, winter weather advisory continues in the pocono mountains until 6:00 a.m. temperatures in the 40's, 30's, but the wind chills mostly in the 30's, so another winter coat kind of day blustery day friday highs in the 30's, won't feel like it, then by saturday we start off with temperatures in the 20's, get little better by sunday, there is your seven day forecast, thomas and karen.
5:50 am
>> this thing has been going on since 1927, the publication, choosing who, or what, it believes has been the most influencial in the news, and around the worlds in the past year. so, who will be chosen for the coveted spot this year? >> so, a lot of them are well known. so we will go through some of those, as well, let us know who you think should be the person they pick. so, a face that we all know, our friends on facebook, mark zuckerberg, he's one every them. >> hillary clinton, and the flip side, vladmeere putin, also on the list, and the whistle blowers of flint, michigan, with the whole water issue, olympic gold medalist simone biles. we'll finds out here during the 7:00 hour. then we will talk about it here on "good day". >> you got t also, the grammy nominations are in. coming in yesterday morning, playing some of the songs. >> that's right. amongst the talented names,.
5:51 am
>> her r the the most nominated award, also first artist to be recognize in the four different genre categories in the same year, how about that? >> also making headlines because she's, i think, the oldest, right olds age of 35. >> can you imagine? >> so we talked about beyonce, she released her albumn there. also, visual albumn. chance the rapper, going down in grammy history, the first streaming only artist to be nominated for his albumn, the coloring book, meaning, he actually didn't release a physical albumn. >> get this, there are artist frost philadelphia, also, in the running. r&b singer sole child up for the song i do. >> live on earth. >> also, we have a choir director from haverford college, how proud would that
5:52 am
school be right now? up for the best choral performance, got to have them come on down, what makes it a grammy choir? >> i want to know how he reacted when he found out. what a honor, local honor, that's great. hopefully will get him on the show. and lady gaga. >> well, she pretty open about almost everything. when she is talking out there with her monsters. but big reveal, in a interview that she just gave. >> that's right. she talked about she suffers from post-traumatic stress disordinately viced, she said her ptsd a result of being sexually assaulted, she said she was raped when she was 19. gaga said she struggles with mental illness every single day, and she uses medication to cope. very strong, very brave to come forward and talk about it. >> i think for stars makes it easier for people struggling with the different issues, depression. >> it normalizes i'm not the only 1t happens to anybody. no matter what you have on the planet. >> a 52:00. still trying to find a gift for someone special this holiday season?
5:53 am
>> on the line every coal in your stocking? nordstrom's, going high end, they have rock in a sock for you. they have a medium leather wrap stone. guess the price? you see it on the screen. eight a dollars for a rock? in a sock? but here's how they describe it, a los angeles area known wrapped in rich american leather. >> you sold me. >> well, they sold out. apparently a lot of people fell for this. >> one woman posted why on earth would you buy a rock wrapped in letter? she said well because i don't have a rock wrapped in leather >> remember when nordstrom did this with the collard greens, was it $656? >> were they like hair loom collard greens? >> sold out. so, maybe onto something here with the marketing. >> more like nordstrom rack kinds of person as opposed to the rock. but there you go. stocking stuffer. >> so, a loft us right now, we have our christmas trees in our home. >> sure. >> i got mine at produce junction, which i love. just means all of the needles
5:54 am
are already falling off. i know it is a hazard. >> just don't light it. >> so, we have important tips for what you need to do to keep your tree safe, and your house, and your family members, you know the casts are -- the cats are going craze. >> i and what you're doing wrong like karen over here. we'll tell you coming up. z test1
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> welcome back, tis the season, if you haven't already, may be picking out your fresh christmas tree this weekend bringing it inside. the city fire officials want you to make sure that your tree is actually safe this
5:57 am
holiday season, so fire leaders handing out tags it christmas tree lots around the city, the tags have very important information about tree safety, fire maintenance, officials recommend getting fresh cut off the bottom, so it can soak up water. >> this say to constantly check if there is enough water in your tree base. >> there is a cautionary tail this holiday season, look at this, this is surveillance video. it captures man robbing a shop here had just made it back to her car, he grabbed her purse, opens the door there, and then runs off, which she did next, in heart pounding moments. peeping tom is watching young college women in their rooms. how he was able to get away, good day start right after this.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
quake a big one, the death toll continues to rise after a large earthquake, why crews are battling the clock right now as they search for survivors. >> a creeper and a peeper. a disturbing case on temple's campus. what one woman says this man did while he lurked outside of her apartment window. >> he scores!


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