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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 7, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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judge. >> i just heard from tansania. hi, at any tansania, text me when you want to meet up, i'll give you your checkbook. have a wonderful day. >> that's lovely. >> she will come to fourth and market. >> you should have her come while the show is still on. >> come snow. >> sure, if you're still alive after the nose wax. >> can you text her quickly? >> of course, i knew that was coming. >> because they have to do. good day, it is wednesday, december the seventh, 2016. oh, time magazine's person. year was name. >> person of the year, donald trump. but we thought this question might be good. what local person would you choose to be person of the year? you know people like mayor kenney might come to mind, who would you nominate in the area, the delaware valley, as person of the year? >> alex? >> prince harry under fire, why his girlfriends is getting him into some trouble with the
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palace. oh, oh. jen? >> grandmom's ring at home, looks little dated or you don't love your engagement ring, wants new setting? >> what they're doing here showing you what to could look like, then they 3d print it, then they make it. we will show you the process. it is really cool. by the way, very good idea. >> i like the idea a lot. that way you don't screw up this engagement ring. oh, the pressure is on. >> we talk about this. >> yesterday. hi, karen by the way. >> good morning, guys. >> a lot of times you think you want one thing, you wear it, bang it into anything. would never know. >> sure, the diamond i've given over the years, so big, they bang into things, bang into -- knock cars off the road. >> jay-z says the ring that
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you can't put your hands in your purse. >> yesterday, if you watched the shop, you learned quite a bit about karen's husband. we love brian. matter of fact. we learned that brian, when he's driving, and get little drowsy, well, he does this. so if i ever get married, what i'm do is you just yank a nose hair. >> stop it. so you can cry. >> see him cry. >> that's horrible. >> brian to stay awake in the car. >> he plucks his nose? >> like pull the haste off his legs, and you can't stay awake? >> some weird owe pain. >> you don't just talk to him, play music, he has to inflict pain on himself? >> well, i am not always there, you snow. >> all right. >> this is the headline of this particular -- it is so great to be back. >> i never tried plucking.
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>> no, women wouldn't do, that our hair isn't long enough. men, they're hairier. >> have you seen the videos on stain gram, people get their nose hairs waxed? quite fast naturing. >> what? >> recently. take q tip, sit, and go -- >> all of it comes out. >> i like that. >> now you do these nose hairs. >> do you it yourself, nobody -- >> no, no, they do this -- >> there is somebody making a living sticking wax up people's noses? >> do you have try this. you got to try this. >> so we are going to try. >> this so what we've done, remember back when i got my legs waxed, i lost a belt? -- bet? >> oh. >> janaa came in from heads and tail. and they waxed my leg hair. making basically hair buy newed a shorts. >> i was holding your hand. >> well, later i ended upgoing to turks and caikos for week off. and so i went back to her privately, and she shortened
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the bermuda shorts up to my crotch area. >> i didn't know this. >> well, i didn't want to be seen on a beach with hair shorts. >> so you went back tore more? >> yes. >> she waxed me all over the place. >> no wonder your idea you wanted to do this again? >> okay, i'll do this, because i love having janaa come to the studio. with us, her birthday today. >> what a birthday. >> ♪ happy birthday ♪ >> could you cue her? get to pull all of the nose hairs out of mike jerrick ace nose. >> happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> good to see you again. >> good to see you, as well. >> so you have waxed almost every part of my body? >> well, let's not get crazy. but yes, we've done legs, done back, now we're going to venture. >> anything else i need to know about? >> where is your place again? >> on 19th street between locust and spruce. >> okay. and you do this?
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you do nose? >> oh, yes, very popular. men and women align love it. >> do you do it? >> myself. >> to yourself. >> yes. >> really? >> and other women do this? >> yes, yes. absolutely. >> i didn't know we had that much nose hair. >> i feel like everybody has a different situation. >> true. >> if you trim it sometimes you can have a car wash issue happening. you know? it can go in and out. >> what? >> you don't always see them from the front. sometimes you can see them from the side. trimming doesn't always do the trick, you can see it, breathe, like i notice information -- i notice everything, probably not the best person to ask. >> a person who doesn't have any hair on her bod. >> i let's take a lock. >> i'm not a good barometer for stuff like this. >> here is the deal. by the way if doctors are watching the show, like -- >> doctor mike. >> or ent, ear knows and throat, is this okay to do? because the hair on your nose is a filter isn't it? >> that's true. >> so i don't know if it is a
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good thing to do. >> my understanding the larger hairs filter bigger particles like dust and pollen. and the more important filler is actually in your respiratory system. >> oh? >> so you might snead a -- sneeze a lot more, might have to run for tissue if you have runny nose, because there is definitely nothing to catch it. >> what about do you have a better sense of snell. >> probably not. >> i haven't groomed boswell do this for about six weeks, traveling in the had a sarah dessert in the last few months. so ready snowing. >> red. >> i okay. so it is hot wax. >> yes. >> my gosh. >> it shouldn't be to the point of where you're uncomfortable with it, but it levelly has to be hot. >> tom beck, one of our best photographer. >> hi, tom. >> are you going to be getting in the tight shots of my nose? >> oh, get up in there, tom, i mean up in there. >> so go. grab your gloves on.
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>> worse day of tom's life. >> where do you get the wax by the way? >> wife special french wax, not very widely used. >> so different, stripless. what i will have you do. >> the green stuff up my nose? >> i need to you help me. i want you to keep your head up. i want you to give little bit. pressure. like resist little bit. >> okay, i'm resisting. >> oh. >> oh, for the love. >> that's warm. >> not uncomfortable? >> no. >> but it is warm. if it is not, too hot, then doesn't spread properly in the skin. >> oh. >> now my husband text in the might be safer and better because sometimes when trimming your knows with a trimmer you can cut your nose, that can lead to an infection. >> that's right, inch. >> absolutely.
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i follow up, mike, you have a little something. >> oh,. >> i follow up with oil. >> this way we will be treating the pores, not going to leave them wide open. >> sure. >> and i normally do this with someone lying down. so -- >> really? >> i could like down with you if you want. >> oh. >> i can't look. >> this will be my tinder photo. >> that will get the ladies. is it almost time? >> oh, there go. >> now what are you sticking up there? >> i'm going to rip it off. >> with your fingers? >> it hardens, then sling wraps on to the hair. >> this is different from the videos. >> it is better a lot less painful. ready? >> hold me for support. >> oh, for the love of conshohocken. >> oh!
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>> ahh. >> (screams). >> okay. one more to do. >> one more to do. >> just one time you don't have to do multiple? >> i'm pretty thorough. >> oh, god. >> eww. >> look at this one. this is really goodment look at that. >> oh, that's awesome. >> oh, that's something. >> wow. >> are you feeling okay, mike? >> that last one, though. >> i mean, there is more. there is like a little -- >> oh, there is more. >> yes, here is a look. >> are we doing more? >> wait. let me see the tip that far thing again? let me soot the tip, the tip that far thing again? >> oh, can you believe this was in your nose? >> what? >> yes, yes. >> seriously. oh, god. no. >> all right, ready, mike? >> ahh. >> what are we doing now? >> i'm finishing.
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>> go ahead. finish. >> i love the mind if we're doing it, we're doing it. >> oh, you didn't get it all? >> oh, there is a lot in there. >> ya, mike. >> i like that, you need that little bit underneath his nose, right inbetween the two nostrils? you can't get it shaving real well. >> oh, thanks, karen? yes, karen just want more pain. >> there is a list. there is a list. >> how many years do we have? no. >> remember that time i waxed you? >> what? >> that was another segment. okay. >> in this part, while you are waiting it is like the anticipation, i just can't take t like you know it is coming. >> whys do butte have i to be so painful? so many things you do, eyebrows waxed. >> men don't even know the half of it. >> seriously, mike, that's really green. >> pretty color. >> okay. >> we will make sure it is
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really -- >> like a jasmine green. >> are we ready? >> he is ready to get it ripped off. >> get it like two more seconds here. >> okay. >> all right? >> one mississippi ... >> ready? i think i see a tear. >> oh, there is a tear. >> oh, he's crying. >> oh. oh. uh-huh. >> ready? >> oh, mullica hill. >> oh, i can see the hair from here. >> i know, me too. >> oh, lord. >> -- oh, my god. look at that. oh, my god. avenue been looking for this. >> is that real? >> my mailbox key. >> that was up my nose? >> uh-huh. >> that's bizarre. >> amazing some of the other things that were in your nose. >> look at this. >> a fitter? >> a feather, yes. >> i'll be darn.
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>> my god. look at all of the stuff. >> rubik's cube, seriously? >> oh, avenue nose fettish. >> oh, okay. janaa, thank you. how much would that cost me? what's the name of your place? >> heads and tails, only $10. >> ten bucks for that? >> really amazing. >> now take a deep breath. >> ah. >> are you bran new? >> now, dow give you the $10, right? >> i mean typically that's how it would work. >> not the other way around? so if it is heads and tails, so you've done my head now watch would be involved with my tail? >> well, that's going to be for a different day. >> do you real dow that area too? >> no, not on men we don't. >> but on women? >> all day every day. that's all dow. >> so you look at that area of women all day long? >> ya. >> wow. >> mike. >> what? >> you, my gosh. >> thank you. >> i get off at 10:00. i can help. >> we're all set. good to go. >> you need an intern? >> nope. we're good to go. you're horrible.
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>> janaa, happy birthday. >> thank you so much. >> what a way to send it. >> mike? >> i don't think i have enough wax for that. >> like through your nose, i can see through your nose. >> through my nose? >> cleared up passage. i feel like i can see your brain. >> i can get my nail now. i wondered where that key went. >> you know, the boys, do you have do all of their, you know, cutting all of their fingernails have, to clean the ears, doctor seuss book, when you find a bird in the ear, like don't do that, mom, i'm like there is a bird in your ear. >> and key in your nose. >> who knows what else is in there? >> well, that's done. way in on twitter. >> oh, they're weighing in already. >> would you like to see anything else washings in the we've done everything else. >> karen says that was the funniest thing i've ever seen. not easy being green. >> nicely done. >> and then someone says what the hair is going on? >> dom on. >> all right, let's move on to the show here. we do have to mention real quickly once again, time magazine has a news dollars donald trump is the person of the year. no surprise at all. shocked everybody on november
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the eighth. by becoming the 45th president of the united states. will be inaugurated next month in washington dc. but, got us to thinking, international stage, level, stage. what i am looking for. see, i've lost my power. maybe my power was in my hair of my knows, like samson. >> yes? >> and i won't be able to communicate or something. >> wouldn't you have buggers and stuff? they get stuck up there in the hairs, so if they come out, would they just come flying down? >> oh,. >> these are things -- >> oh, that's good point. >> think about it. they're stuck in the hair, right? and iand like i said, i just cat get over this. >> i think they will be stuck to the side. >> there is no hair to be stuck to. >> i don't know what will happen. there may be snot coming out of moo face. >> talking and then drip drop all over the place. >> drip drop. so we decided let's choose somebody locally, if you had
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to choose someone on local level, delaware valley say, who would be your person of the year? now, a guy that i see every day is right out the window right behind you two. there is a food cart there. right next to the food cart is the news stand. and i go to that news stand every day, and there is a great over there my person of the year. >> oh! >> his name is bob. now, see the guy in the blue coat? he asked me for fox 29 hat every single day. and i've never done it. >> oh, mike? >> i have to do that today. hey, bob, good morning to you. >> good morning, bob! he's like anyone of our -- >> probably not used to having -- oh, okay. >> maybe can go over there, help him out. >> he has hearing budd in his ear. >> yes, i can hear. >> i've named you my person of the year.
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>> oh, i -- >> he's thrilled. >> he is speechless. >> yes. >> what does he get? he wants to know. >> now, i come over -- >> in -- person of the year? >> apparently nobody talked to him what we were doing. so bob sometimes will run across the street during the show, and you will let me buy things with no money, right? >> then that's not buying. >> oh, he can't hear. >> that's fantastic. anyway, bob, con collaborations. so sometimes i don't have carbon me. and he says that's good. i'll come see you in a bit. so, i don't have carbon me, he'll let me get minutes and stuff, and let me, he trusts me, to come back later with the money. sometimes i'll forget for a week but come back over there, ya. >> he's trusting. >> oh, i love bob.
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i go there every day. >> who is your person of the year then? >> hey being thank you, i told you, that's enough. there go. how many times can i -- so who is your person of the year? >> true. >> love up, mike. >> camera person over there, who is it? >> who is your person? >> still talking. >> okay, so, for my person of the year, oh, look, having great conversation. >> is that george? yes, george is over there talking. hey, george, good to see you. >> can you hear me? >> i can hear you now. >> we got you now. we got you now. >> no, i think we're good. thanks for that. so here is the carson wentz persons of the year? >> person of the year for me, i haven't said it yet. >> like they would get off that shot. >> so you throw me under the bus? >> exactly. >> who is your person of the year? >> so for my person of the year, i guess i have to do it, so i choose carson wentz, yes. because think about it, i mean, he came, he thought he would be the back up to the back up. we thought woe sit out for a year. no, no, no. someone got traded.
9:19 am
who? then boom. put him in the game. in the beginning, he was so excited. we have the wednesday wagon going. remained humble. you know what even though pretty much lost our hopes, he is still out there. he is fighting for t and think it is great to see he's come in, as a rookie, signing away, get the eagles together, do what he can. making those tackles plus in a committed relationship with a woman there from the beginning. and they have such a lovely life together. and i just think you know what, can you imagine being put in a game like that being chosen to lead? >> man, so you stick with that college sweetheart? and then's pro making millions. >> he's in the winning right now. he's still sticking, they will bit thin. >> and then i just got text from carson wentz. he said thanks for my worse gamy pro career, the bengals game. >> we did do that. >> i didn't know what they would pick. please, carson, don't be mad at me, okay? >> what you've done lately, that's the problem. >> interception. good point. we could have shown the moment when he first got pick.
9:20 am
bumm, you know, number one pick. >> the first threw games of the year when he was three and zero. >> when we were really riding high. >> and the person that came out on top, i go archie. >> arch arch. >> player of the year, we won championship, we had parade. that will was the highlight to our sit. seems like lifetime ago. >> you're chosen where he made a decision, as he brought the ball down on the final second of the ncaa championship, he throws the ball off to his friend, josh. >> who is the show, archie chose not to take the final shot, unselfishly passes it off which we're about to see here. to well, no. >> a lot of women would rather look at his face. >> he's cute. >> ya. >> keep breathing through that knows, you have lot of air going through. >> we're not serious.
9:21 am
>> i know a lot of people were weighing in, had a lot of good choices on that one. >> still fiddling with that ear piece? that's bob. >> he can certainly hear you talking about him. >> i know, bob's a good guy. >> yes. >> he's trusting of me. >> yes, i am red. >> i are you ready? bob's ready now. >> yes. >> bob, see you after the show at 10:00 like i always do, okay? >> it is time directing. >> just twisting the knife in my back. >> you know why he is doing this. >> out the moore three weeks. >> not sure why trump's up there, but why not. >> look at this. >> yes, left and right now. >> laughing. >> all right, bob. >> all right, yes, i justnt -- u money. >> do i owe you any money.
9:22 am
>> no, no, no, you don't owe me nothing. you already paid. >> i already paid. >> okay, that's sweet. >> do i like the green minutes over the blue minutes, bob? >> green mint. i love green, yes. >> yes, well, no, i actually get the blue, but that's fine. >> all right, when we come back, can we talk about some other stuff? we've done nose hairs, bob on the street. can we get to some other things? >> prince harry, let's do his knows hair. >> his girlfriend getting into some trouble with the palace. >> i'm prince harry-less.
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my cmine too!hange is super competitive. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. >> top seller on itunes, and
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the most popular single, debuted on apple music back in the spring. have you heard any of it, karen? oh, you don't like drake, that's right. you pick it as one of your worse songs. >> i felt like that's all we heard all summer, the dance, little hand going. i felt look the same thing over and over. he's very talented. like every number one song was him. >> i'm kind of glad you brought that up t gives me excuse to bring up your dancing. can i just say i've been watching that on repeat since you danced on good day. people are saying oh, you got some moves. >> totally horrifying, thank you for your patience, yes, especially when you get to watch it again and not on t. v. >> you were committed. now i just picture you out in the club, doing your thing, getting all of the attention, working it, girl. >> it's been a minute. >> what a shame. 9:00. oh, yes. we will will be right back. beast past
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well, there are items that make the perfect gift for anyone on your holiday shopping list. >> so many need things just so unique, we have clothing, all kind of individual bargains all found at sable collective a new store that has amazing things. it actually caught eyes o o in philadelphia we know jasmine sullivan. she has been on the show. >> and kendrick the family soul who has been on the show. we love them. so they both were on hand for the recent grand opening but now we're there lauren, and you are showing us amazing stuff this place has to offer. >> reporter: super cool. when you walk in alex and karen your eye, wonders because is there so much here and you don't know what you want to look at first. are cool concept, business partner cherita and a
9:31 am
sanitity, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> lets start here in this corner, something for the men. >> yes. so the shoes are from south africa, designer by maureen mccloud and then of course bow ties are from amazoolu and cuff links from arena and this fabulous simon right above it all. >> yes. >> even album covers are for sale. when i was young in college and could not afford art that was my art. so what a fabulous small little idea to, you know, for your home decoration. >> tell me about these because i asked you when you came in the slave bill of sale. >> slave bill of sales are actually from our third partner celeste bryant, and they are just a little token of memorabilia of the screens of being black in america. for some people it is very difficult to look at these but for others, they collect them and it is a reminder for them of the black experience.
9:32 am
>> the handbags right next to them. you were telling me about those. from social media right here to philadelphia. >> yes. >> you can touch them, in the like them. so, they are a great brand, amazing earrings, a hazing bags and i think she will start doing some clothes soon there what she told us. >> it is so cool because people see it on social media. can't get their hand on it. they want to see it. they come and they can find it. what a cool apron here. >> yes, we designed it. that was also our business partner, celeste brian, and we wanted to have something, for the ladies hyle you are cooking your fabulous things, you can also look sexy. >> you have taken some materials, and made socks, you guys have done some cool things here. >> yes. >> we sell african fabric. little bit of everything. once you come in it is one of the things you do have to absorb it because it is so many fabulous things to be able to grab, touch and buy. >> now you were talking to me
9:33 am
earlier you feel empowered and excited about this store being opened. what experience do you want people to walk away from once they come in. >> i want people to walk in and feel like they have been seen, recognized, and that they are the forethought rather than afterthought which is often the experience on being a minority and being a woman in the retail world. you come in and you are just kind of an extra thought but here you are the first person that we're thinking about, all of these things are cure rated for your enjoyment and your beauty and happy this is, enjoy. >> that is why we call it intentional retail. >> intentional retail. i love it. it was all deliberate when you made choice to what to bring in the store. >> we had to cure rate it. >> tell us where to find you because people are doing holiday shopping. >> yeah, we are located at 313 north 22nd street. you can also check us out on instagram at the sable collective. >> got it. ladies, thanks very much for opening up this store for us.
9:34 am
>> thank you. >> it is a very cool experience. you should come check it out when you get a chance, because it has very cool unique pieces that you can give as gifts that you won't get anywhere else. >> i like it a lot. >> i like it too. >> we have a special weather guest, you'll meet her in 152nd. it is 9:34. i want everybody to meet rachel adams, ten years old, from indian wayne elementary school from media, pennsylvania. rachel, welcome to good day philadelphia can you tell us what you got here what your mom did that got you here today. >> she bid in a uso event. >> she bid on a auction, won the auction, for a chance for her daughter, her precious
9:35 am
daughter to do the weather on "good day philadelphia". are you excited. >> um-hmm. >> you are in the broadcast club at your school, right. >> yes. >> what does that mean what do you have to to in the broadcast club. >> every week we have a different job. >> sometimes you do announcements in the morning, let kid know what the lunch is that day and things like that do you enjoy that part the best or sometimes you do camera work. >> yes. >> so now you get a chance to tt feel. >> good. >> you can see yourself in there. >> yes. >> we will walk over here a little bit and tell everybody what the weather will beso takee high temperature. >> 50 degrees. >> what about tomorrow. >> forty-six. >> now it will get colder on friday and at day. >> yeah. >> but rachel how cold. >> 39 degrees and 38. >> yes. >> and what is saturdadest day e year so far? rachel, do you have a war >> yes. >> we will be okay. it is great. so listen, we help uso because
9:36 am
mom bid on the auction and you just started your professional tv feel. >> good. >> now i have one more thing to do because bob kelly, went back to school and we have to make sure that we toss to bob kelly, that is what we call it in the business, we toss can you say here's bob kelly. >> here's bob kelly. >> hey, everybody it is kelly's classroom and today we are at villa maria academy. look at the this crowd. >> we are running this is hallways. and we were never allowed in the hallways in grade school. we are in chester county. look at that, look at the that, wow. they have been the seven habits and we will talk all about it when we come right back from villa maria academy.
9:37 am
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one of my favorite times of the week, time for kelly's classroom our bob kelly having some fun with the teachers and students, so, are you ready for this? there is a lot have of kids ready to scream at bob kelly. let's listen. >> hey, good morning everybody welcome back i'm here with the villa maria academy girls, kindergarten first and second graders where they have been learning about the seven habits, for happy kids. is everybody happy here. >> yeah. >> wow. welshing tell me about the goal here. >> our goal, it is to instill leadership habits in our goals, seven habits are leadership, life skills that the girls will always carry with them and by combining first grade, kindergarten and second grade we hope to establish a community of leaders in our school. >> we have put villa twist on it right. >> absolutely we get girls
9:41 am
together twice a month and this is beginning we will introduce habits and then girls go back in their every day lives and apply habit and then we come back and introduce a female role mod that he will exemplifies the habit. >> come down the line. they have been studying. page what is pro active mean. >> being in charge of you. >> perfect. >> how about a hand for age, good job, right. >> how about mia, what does it mean to begin with the end in mind. >> it means if you have a belief, just have to stick together to make the goal. >> i like your head band. >> how about for mia, good job here. >> margo what is something you have done to put things first at school. >> study before i go out to recess. >> i never did that. that is probably why i was than the really good. who wants to go out to recess, right? we're all ready for recess. chris, let's go back. there is seven all together, and we will learn, we're up to three. so habit number four is think win/win. habit number five is seek
9:42 am
first to understand and then be understood. habit number six is sinner guys. habit number seven is sharpen the saw. so i guess by the time we get to seven, it will be the end of the year and school will be over, right. >> yes. >> wow. >> everybody give a wave to the camera, wish you best of the luck, villa maria academy thanks for inviting us out. if you would like me to come tour school to celebrate your good deeds in the neighborhood just hit me up on taste book and twitter on fox 29. there villa a maria academy i'm bob kelly, back to you in the studio. >> great day. >> villa maria my niece went there. great school. great job. >> i think it is a great school. >> for years. >> and weren't they big in basketball way back in the day. >> mighty max. >> national champions. >> you got it. >> i think so. >> who wants diamond for a christmas gift. >> me, me, me, me. >> jen has diamond with a
9:43 am
twist. >> jen. >> hey guys, this is a unique setting, how do i know it will be what i really want it to be. this is ridiculous. they will make it into a thing like this, we're here in montgomeryville, it will be amazing. they even do this, we will talk about that. planning blank .
9:44 am
9:45 am
look at that snow falling in the pocono mountains.
9:46 am
you know kitkat kline is producing this show when you hear justin timberlake coming back into break. some way, somehow she's a big fan. >> so technology is helping in so many ways, now jewelers are using 3-d cameras to make sure that the jewelry you order will be just like you imagined it. >> jen has been given us a sneak peak and now she will show us how it all happens. it is kind of amazing, jen. >> it is cool. they are using this for a couple things. maybe grand mom gave you a ring but you don't love the setting. maybe your husband gave you a ring and you didn't love the setting, you have been married 20 years and didn't want to do it. >> maybe if you get the a divorce maybe you want to wear your diamond on your right hand, empower yourself, girl. >> i love it. what you do here is where it all starts, right. >> the ideas are brought alive in the computer, we can do anything. >> kate i can do anything. >> we can make pendants, earrings, rings, we are showing you one of our most popular white insurance collections stylist you say
9:47 am
wife insurance. >> if you hand someone this ring they will say yes. >> yes. >> so then what happens is you say you see it but would i like to see it in a mock up. >> this is where you'll be able to try this particular ring on, make sure that the scale of it fits your finger, fits your imagination, there is no getting it wrong when you put that on your finger and see what it can do. >> it turns into that. >> then our jewelers and craftsman will take time, and then they will headache your ring come alive in whatever metal, whatever shape, diamond, quality that you like. >> you said sometimes people they get engagement ring but they don't have thing that goes with it. >> a lot oven gauge. rings are sold with gapping in between the wedding band and the center ring. so we can actually make you the matching ring if you did not purchase it with us. >> here's what i thought when you first said you have to make sure it fits your finger,
9:48 am
i didn't know what you were talking about. this is the ring of all of the rings you showed me that i love. here's the situation, it doesn't tit me because it is too wide. >> that is right. >> is that what you are talking about. >> that is what i'm talking about. >> wait a minute, go ahead. >> then you would have tried prototype on and put it on your finger, you know what i'm too big in the diamond area and i need to scale down because that finger is no the that big. >> never a problem. >> never. >> so that is the thing that people come in. you say there are two kinds. >> in problem, you actually dropped this and you weren't worried about it because. >> it is real. >> it is a diamond. it is gold. >> so women that come in with the divorce situation, it can be any kind of film they want it out of that thing. you can put that in a pen don't as well. we do pendants. a lot of times we will take that ring fit is marquis for example we will put it on its side. >> that is what we were
9:49 am
talking about over here, a lot have people they don't love all of the settings. they can turn it around. these are some of the things you have ton with other rings, right. >> correct, these are just samples of styles that we put together over the years. we have been doing this for about 15 years and we were one of the first jewelers in philadelphia to start digitally manufacturing and prototyping and doing everything in-house. >> these 3d printers. why was it so important to have d interesting is it because you want to put it on your finger. >> i am old fashion model maker and i can make wax models to try on but i always found they were asymmetrical, hand made is only as good as the person making it and i was always, you know, um, so i studied. i taught myself the technology. you know, now we have a full made in montgomeryville basically division called jewel vision. >> okay. >> has anyone ever said that diamond are too big for their
9:50 am
hands? that never happens. >> never happened, it can never be too big. >> well, how do we fix this for me. >> well, for you we just need to size it. >> it is cool. i love it. i like that we were able to show something. it is really pretty. thanks for letting us be here this place is insane. they said it was big, and i have heard there friends that this place was giant, i had no idea it was this big of a store. amazing. guys, back to you. karen, alex, i don't know if i can bring one back for you may be you have bigger hands. >> we can only dream, seriously. >> we know jen will be coming back with new bling. >> something looks different. >> prince harry under fire why his girlfriend is getting into some trouble with the pilot, um-hmm.
9:51 am
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>> ♪ >> kitkat kline says she sings this to her husband before they go to bed every night, what is the name of this song, kitkat, i ain't your momma. >> what a lovely thing to sing to your husband. >> i ain't your momma. >> what is her husband's name, dan? is he kind of a momma's boy, a little bit. >> a little bit. >> a momma's boy. >> um-hmm. >> i guess she doesn't call him. >> daddy. >> do you call your husband daddy, daddy. >> her mother watches this show. >> her mother has been texting her all show are you in trouble, jessica? >> now i am lip read that one. >> oh, dan, daddy daddy dan. >> alliteration there. >> prince harry is extending
9:55 am
his little impromptu vacation in toronto, canada. name of his girlfriend is megan markel. >> she's on that show suit. >> she's a good looking hugh hand. >> i'm sure she's a wonderful person too. >> british taxpayers could be flipping the bill for this extension to the vacation, alex. >> he took a last minute detour on the way home from the official caribbean tour. >> yes. >> he was originally supposed to fly directly home but he said i will drop in on megan while she's chilling this canada. he added an that day to his stay. what is she doing to him, got him in the spell, honey. i'm just saying, going for a quick trip and staying for a while she has got some magic. maybe they just really love each other and can't leave her. >> i'm sure that is what it is. >> just conversation, no, you hang up first, in you hang up first. >> yes. >> the trip is being criticized because it could reportedly cost british taxpayers and it is royal roth
9:56 am
call, official working trips are not to be mixed with personal travel. the couple has been together since june and first trip. >> it will get new trouble you get caught up, look at you. >> look at that. >> official business and trying to have some fun. do you think they are in cabin somewhere. >> no, what does he have to get back to do. >> he has a whole schedule full of royal events. >> thank you, karen. >> kissing babies, signing things, ribbon cuttings and all that kind of stuff. >> they have to postpone a whole bunch of that. >> oh, wow. >> maybe it was her birthday. >> it was a surprise visit, sitting at home, dusting the doors and say baby i'm hure. >> what does he say. >> you love the access. >> baby, i'm here. >> i'm here. >> i'm here. >> no tea going on between
9:57 am
those two. >> it doesn't look good. >> years most followed celebrity on twitter who could it be? you think it would be kim kardashian but it is not kim, it is most followed person on twit inner 2016 is... >> ♪ >> katie perry has 94.5 million followers. >> 16 million more than last year in one year she got 6 million extra followers. >> yep. >> you know who was right after her, the tool, beiber. taylor swift. also up to three. >> must be nice. >> how much do i have on twitter. >> get more trolls if you have more people following you that is true. >> it is not all positive things coming at you. >> how much do i have have. >> you have a lot. >> you used to have in the 60's. >> i'm about 07,000. >> look at you. >> my god. >> you're a celebrity. >> pretty much. >> uber lady said she will
9:58 am
come here at 10:00 o'clock. >> show is over, have a good day.
9:59 am
10:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. [ cheers and applause ] >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: yes. the party continues. uh-huh. thank you so much for watching today. happy


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