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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:54pm EST

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then it disappeared. she thinks she knows who has it. one problem the only clue she has about the person's department at the is and e-mail address. >> what is oprah going to do with first lady michelle obama. your news in 30 seconds. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. happening now at 10:00 a call for change. a lot of you have been there. you're in the city for work,
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maybe school or quick meeting. you come back out to your car and find its been towed. tonight there's a push to stop that from happening so much. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. also tonight the owner of one of the city's biggest towing companies is setting the reporter straight. >> our chris o'connell in spring garden tonight with the story. chris? >> reporter: guys, if you know if you drive anywhere in the city chances are you are very familiar with signs like these all over the place. park here you will be bet towed but some people call those people predators. some are calling them cheaters. well torque night, the philadelphia city council is trying to reign in what they call rogue tow truck drivers. mitchell kirschner watches where he park these days. you should. he remembers last month when his roommate's car was about to ghettoed. >> he had to pay like $250 for them to not tow it. >> to not tow it? >> yeah. they were like $250 or we're together it.
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>> remember back in august when fox 29 told you about a company that appeared to be towing cars from legal spots? >> these are bakely car pirates who go out and steal people' cars off the street and they've been doing it for while. >> after mounting complaints over rogue towing companies city council wants to crack down. legislation would require cars to be tickete ticketed before tg companies could move energy even on private properties. new law would also allow the city to revoke towing licenses if customers are gouged n a letter to city council, one of the biggest names in philly towing lou blum says he provides a valuable service and says his business is being unfairly targeted. he says quote, we move vehicles that are blocking other citizens and business owners from going to work or parking in their customers designated areas. he goes on to say it's easy to hate us and i understand that. for drivers it's a matter of fairness. in a city that's tough enough to
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park already, they could use any help they can get. >> besides being embarrassing you have to go down to the lot and then they check your information, try to make you pay all this money. i think my car was down there for about half an hour. i had to pay about $300. >> reporter: the issue goes to city council tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. i am told a huge contingent of tow truck drivers will be there fighting this legislation. of course, we'll be there as well. lucy? >> all right, thank you much, chris. in northeast philadelphia one person at einstein hospital after a house fire broke out shortly before 8:30 tonight. skyfox over the scene 1200 blog of cottman avenue. fire investigators are not saying what started the fire only that they got it under control win about 10 minutes. we don't know the injured person's condition. developing to night middle schooler is in the hospital a dog is dead and neighbors and police have a whole lot of questions 13-year-old family says the dog attack the him and police are trying to get to the bottom of the story.
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>> just who opened this dog. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in wilmington tonight with the story. dave? >> reporter: iain, family members tell us that teenaged victim is still in the hospital being treated for his injuries as authorities try to figure out what touched off this attack and exactly who owns this dog. it was right around 6:30 wednesday night when authorities say a pitbull viciously attacked a 13-year-old boy outside his home near 27th and washington in wilmington. >> it was just shocking. >> reporter: you worried about him? >> um-hmm. >> reporter: the boy's sister asked us not to department if i her. she says her brother was bitten repeatedly as he and his brother struggled to get the dog off h him. police and medics responded and took the victim to the hospital with multiple bites to his body. >> on his feet, his legs and his arms. i just -- i wish it never happened. >> reporter: family members told fox 29 they heard the eighth grader screaming and came
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out to see the dog's teeth lock on the child's legs. police tased the dog at first and then fired two shots killing the pitbull. >> i think it should have died. >> reporter: delaware state animal welfare experts arrived on the scene. they are investigating exactly where the dog came from and who owned it. although witnesses told them the dog was roaming the neighborhood just before the attacks. >> i just want my brother to be okay. >> reporter: now family members tell us the teenaged boy was in significant pain on his ways to the hospital. family members are at the hospital with him at this hour including his mother. authorities still trying to figure out what spark the atta attack. iain? >> dave, thank you. on your radar tonight, some cold weather. if you don't like this it's only going to get colder. here's meteorologist kathy orr. >> i know. it's damp out there. there's a bit of a chill, isn't there? even temperatures in the 40s feeling colder at this hour. looking good in old city philadelphia. the skies are partly cloudy. the temperatures are falling
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fast. 37 in the city. 32 in pottstown only 31 in the poconos and 29 in millville. overnight 35 in the city. 29 in the suburbs. skies will be partly cloudy with a light wind. but it's going to be back to blustery in the forecast. one front moving through now. the secondary front means business. arctic air behind that. we're talking about the coldest air in 10 months coming from the north and that is going to be pushing into the region as early as tomorrow night and friday morning. so we're talking about cold gusty winds. wind chills in the teens over the weekend and even a chance of snow. scott and i will be back to talk about this as we get closer to the weekend. it will be a winter wardrobe change. we'll see you then. >> all right, kathy, thanks. well investigators say this guy walk into a local bank with a gun it wasn't for stamps or envelopes he was after. the u.s. postal inspection service is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to this man. police say he was armed with a
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gun when he walk into the post office along edgemont avenue in chester, delaware county, last month. investigators say he demanded money but took off empty handed. customers that we talked with were surprised anyone would target a post office for hold up. >> like a fortress in there. any way, i can't see why somebody would go into some place that heavy. >> i think it's despicable. i mean why would you want to hold up a federal building? >> investigators say don't approach the suspect if you see him and call police right away. thankfully no one was hurt in this incident. torments night prosecutors say they have got the person who shot and killed a teen in mayfair. 19-year-old zamir price now fa facing a list of charges including murder and rob breach police say he shot 14-year-old iain wilsey last week. while trying to rob him. price turned himself in to police yesterday. looks like the presidential recount in michigan is over. tonight federal judge lifted an order that allowed the recoun recounting to forward. it effectively means that green
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party candidate jill stein is not eligible to get a second look and count of november 8th election results. the ruling seals donald trump's narrow electoral win over clinton in michigan. to president-elect's tran zig the new head of the pea is not sold on the global morning. many pundants saying it's a >> environmental active visits worry that rue it a long time critic. epa chosen to run it. meanwhile president-elect trump today picked linda mcmahon to head the small business administration. she's the co-founder of wwe or world wrestling entertainment asked retire general john kelly to run the department of homeland security and also today time magazine named trump its person of the year. the cover photo shows trump next to banner calling him president
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of the divided states of america. one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the nation now sits on the desk of ohio governor john kasich. the bill would ban abortions once a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat meaning most abortions would be illegal as early as six weeks into a woman's pregnancy. the ban would make an exception if the mother's life is in danger but not in cases of rape or incest. governor kasich has not said whether he'll sign the bill into law. fire investigators rule at the fire that gut add block of row homes in allentown last week was accidental. it was caused by improperly discarded smoking materials. the women who lived in the home where the fire started broke their silence today. they spoke only to fox 29 our bruce gordon has their story. >> reporter: fire investigato investigators sifted through the black ken wreckage of 440 normal fulton street, cousins sherri bots and sarina shade arrived to the block for the first time since fire destroyed it. bots was overcome with emotion. isn't how? why? you know, why
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just how? >> flames erupted last thursday evening in a first floor back room of the row house bots and shade had just rented. with bots friend shade's boyfriend and the women's three children. bots says her friend was there eating pizza with her two kids when her six-year-old son noticed the names. within minutes a stretch of eight row homes was a blaze. no one was hurt. but half a dozen families lost most of what they owned. bots and shade lost everything. >> we can't even go back in the house. we can't see if there's anything salvageable. there's nothing left. >> reporter: almost immediately, friends and strangers reached out to help collecting donations, offering a place to stay. >> it was the next day somebody was handing me something. all we had was the clothes on our backs. so no one out -- people out there willing to help us and everything. it's amazing. >> reporter: just as quickly others in the neighborhood pointed fingers of blame some claimed bots' young children were home alone at the time of the fire.
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untrue and unfair she says. but the criticism has stunk. >> they point finger at us and say you did this. you're the one that started think much it's your fault we don't have anything. it's just really hurts because we don't -- we literally don't have anything. >> reporter: bots and shade are single mothers. bots says she works full time 4:00 to midnight and that shade work six days a week. they had just celebrated thanksgiving in a brand new house that was becoming a home. >> it's us. it's us. it's us. we work so hard for us. and to see it kind of just all go up in flames a few weeks before christmas is just -- it's just really hard. >> reporter: bots disputes the official finding. she says no one ever smoked inside their home. still that's the ruling an accident. one that's changed lives and forced two women to see the best of human nature and the worst. i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. it's a beautiful wedding dress part of a beautiful day
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the bride will remember forever. but to tonight it's gone. lost in a storage union. the mix up that has her heartbreaking. >> oprah winfrey is 11 nothing question but she scored big. what she's doing with first lady michelle obama. with they're teaming up and where that will have you talki talking. too many potential musical stars never get a shot at their dreams because rehearsal and studio time is just so expensive but we have found a group that can help you chase your dreams while helping your community.
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>> in south jersey a woman is desperate for your help. she can't find her wedding dress. it was in a storage unit but it went up for auction. >> she's turning to social media and you for help. >> every woman feels beautiful on her wedding day. >> reporter: rosalyn plum that whatever woman wants on her big day. >> it was perfect and it fit me per peckly. >> the dream dress. >> it's a cream color. it has like beading all on the front of it. >> she says what made it even more special is that her mother pictured in this photo from her wedding day helped her pick out and buy the dress. rows land's mother died a year later. >> she never got to do that with her mom. my mom was 16 almost 17 when my grant mother died. just to know how much my mom did to get it for me. >> this past summer she realized her dress was gone. she says it was in a unit her mom rented at the storage facility in west deptford. rows land took it over after her mother died she struggled to
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make the appointments p payments and found it went up for auction. she's been on mission to find her dress. >> i call the storage unit and they obviously couldn't tell me any particular -- about the person that bought it. >> reporter: she contacted the auction company which passed her contact information on to the person who bought the unit. rose got an e-mail from someone who admitted having the wedding dress and offered to a range to get to her. but after a series of e-mail he can changes she says she never heard from that mystery person again. >> nothing. >> nothing? >> nothing. >> reporter: she's posted on facebook about her missing dress hoping someone returns it. she feels it's the only chance she has left of finding the person who has it. >> i'm just like begging for mercy from somebody that they see this wedding dress. >> reporter: if you bought a storage unit with a wedding dress inside and believe it may long to rows land go to to find out how you can contact her. in west deptford, shawnette wilson fox 29 news. tonight a jury has cleared a
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former philadelphia l and i official. it's not guilty for dominic verde. federal prosecutors charged will him long list of corruption charges including extortion and conspiracy. the feds claim that he he can polited bar owners by having ownership in a alcohol distributor and then offered special protection to businesses that bought from that distributor. the jury deliberated for only few hours before returning a not guilty verdict. a local man is probably not too happen with keyless remote technology for his car. police believe two guys used device harnesses that technology to get into his car on the 2400 block of per rot street in fairmount. police just released this surveillance video from november 29th. the two men ransack the car but left with nothing. keyless technology works by unlocking your car's door when you're near it. the thieves may have had device that basically highjacked that signal from the owner's key.
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tonight music bringing light to darkness. neighborhoods across our area the dream of a music career offers hope but the cost of recording and rehearsing can sometimes snuff out that dream. now as he does each night, bill anderson found some light in a dark situation. >> and tonight the spotlight is on a group that is work together to support the dreams of future stars for goodness sake. >> reporter: even in the worst of circumstances, many people still believe in pursuing a better life through music and entertainment. unfortunately, those dreams are often shattered when they find out how expensive studio and rehearsal space can be. not here. >> one day danny, you know, came down. adam, like, there's a need for this. like, recording is so expensive. , and we should create a place that's affordable. >> right now this is our mixing area. >> reporter: danny ocean and adam monaco were friend, roommates and although they both hurt the time struggling
10:18 pm
musicians. they know the challenges of being a musician who just can't afford to focus on your dream so they decided to something. >> we're trying to get rid of this idea of the misnomer of starving artists. you don't have to be. so working while playing stands for the idea of like yeah, do you what you love and get good at it and do it affordabl affor. ♪ >> reporter: musicians get membership that ranges from $35 to $100 per month and includes rehearsal and studio time that can cost three times that per hour. in exchange they become a member of the community and agreed to community service each month. >> when you're given to other people they remember in. you have a show coming up. i'd like to see that. those people are giving back to you. >> it's just so important to give back to the community. >> reporter: adam showed me around the germantown facility and i got a chance to hear the impact that having a place to improve your skills really has.
10:19 pm
♪ >> reporter:. although having a supportive and affordable community for developing musicians is key, the community service component is something the musicians seem to embrace. >> community service isn't a burden. it's a pleasure. >> yeah. yeah. i mean the way it sold me and the way i know that it can sell others i enjoy it. >> reporter: all the musicians made it clear music is therapeutic and play as roll in their growth and because of that fact it's important that the person with huge hope who may not have huge bank account understands that working while playing is best. >> those kids who have those dreams we'll be there for them and create a space for them. as musicians they recognize the need to support people's
10:20 pm
dreams and as community members they understand if they desire to do well there's always responsibility to do good. pay it forward, for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ >> this adorable kitten is happy and healthy now, but he has been through an unbelievable ordeal. authorities found him shrink wrapped sent through the male but incredibly somehow this is not a caves animal cruelty. >> empire fans, get ready for your premier next obsession star also from creator lee daniels. star of his new show is white. why he says that could help america. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. martin luther king drive closures continue during the midday and then after the evening rush hour into the early morning. alternate would be kelly drive or schuylkill expressway. heads up for this weekend.
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they'll be working on the ramps from center city to head east on the schuylkill expressway. and tomorrow night we're going to hit the rotor and head to northeast philadelphia checking out the christmas lights. if you haven't center me your picture of your house all decked out make sure do you it post it to your instagram and use that hash tag fox 29 lights contest. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning and check the jam cams. sue has the forecast. we kick it off at 4:00.
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now your winning lottery numbe numbers. >> incredible story of survival tonight. check this out. this adorable kitten joey eight weeks old ups driver in memphis tennessee heard a cry coming from the back of his truck last week. so little joey had somehow been shrink wrapped to a package. as you can imagine he was in pretty rough shape but doing much better now. thanks to vet that's been caring for him. they think he was just accidentally wrapped to the box. >> he was stuck outside the box and somehow he got delivered? oh, my -- how do you not notice this? all right. our nation tonight remembering the attack op, op pearl harbor on this 75th anniversary. >> at the camden waterfront the anniversary coincided with a local event of significance much 73 years ago on the second anniversary of pearl harbor the uss new jersey launched and today veterans and the community
10:25 pm
joined together to talk about the battleship and also reflect on pearl harbor. the group remembered and honored those who lost their lives in the attack and one veteran says we can still learn today from what happened three quarters of a century ago. >> the lesson is we need to avoid war by being politically and diplomatically engaged with everybody. we're a global economy, we're a global world. everybody has to work together, and i think, you know, by being isolate after all we're one we left ourselves vulnerable. >> more than 2400 people lost their lives in the attack on pearl harbor. tonight we're introducing to a group of local girls. they're trying to cope with big struggles and many traditional solutions just don't work. >> this is like the darkness and depression inside and there's like a black barricade around it. blocking out the happy.
10:26 pm
>> they're healing and thriving thanks to creative techniques you have never seen before. the impressive program and the even more amazing results. coming up at 11:00 sometimes looking on the bright side is easier said than done, right? you still may want to try a little harder to see that glass half full. how a brighter outlook could actually help you live longer. w]
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joyce evans. >> -- it is priceless. >> reporter: -- fox 29 news. >> it's like bill anderson's for goodness sake fining that light in the darkness that you just keep heading towards. >> absolutely. pulling for them. oprah winfrey has built a legendary career out of getting the interviews nobody else can. you know what, she just scored another. it could top them all. who she'll soon talk to and why the time and place of the interview makes this one an even bigger deal. >> kathy orr tracking that cold forecast. >> yes, iain and lucy, talking about a bitter blast, a wintry wardrobe change for the weekend much this cold is going to come in just like that. are you ready? we'll take look at the seven day when we come back.
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♪ first lady michelle obama will sit down with oprah for her final interview before she leaves the white house. the one-on-one will air later this month. meanwhile oprah's blunt words for her best pal gale getting attention. king posed this picture yesterday. she said that oprah reached out to her assistant while she was on tv yesterday saying quotums tell gale i'm on treadmill and it's hard to focus with the circus around your neck. of course, viewers aren't shy
10:33 pm
about sharing their opinions, aren't they, iain. >> not with you though i usual get although things about what i wear. anyhow, even if those viewers are oprah. it goes with the territory. >> it does. got to have a thick skip. in your money a warning tonight for college football fans. pennsylvania's attorney general wants people to be on the look out for any potential scams because tickets for those ballgames have gone on state. penn state going to the rose bowl and temple headed to the military bowl. people who buy tickets should make sure you're buying them from reputable seller and don't wire money to someone you don't know or never heard of. goldy locks made herself at home in the three bears house. we all know that story. in california that bear turned that upside down. >> a bear found a house he thought was just right. look at that. big old bear making himself comfortable under the porch of this home northeast of bakers feel. i'm thinking he's denting in for the wept homeowner is eric barnes and he says he was
10:34 pm
filling up outdoor fountain when he her the bear. turned to see the big guy 10 feet away. he looks comfortable i got to say. the bear is very well known to loble they will call him ditka,. [ laughter ] >> legendary coach of the bears, of course. a perfect name. barnes says he doesn't mind having ditka around maybe not this close. >> we really don't want him dead or nothing like that. just want him out. i don't want to see no harm come to him. i just him to leave. >> he does sound nervous in that laugh. >> he's just waiting for ditka to maybe move along. >> empire fans get ready for the premier of your next obsession. star also from creator lee daniels the star of this new show is white and dan gel says it will help america. ♪
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♪ if you're a fan of empire you know lee danielle the show's creator is about to did he by another show on fox 29 called star and tonight he's opening up about why the lead character of the new show is white. daniels who of course is from philadelphia says that he thinks the us is in the middle of a civil war and that having a white lead will start to address race relations in america.
10:38 pm
he made those comments on the real. now star will premier on fox 29 on december 14th right after the fall finale of empire. chances you've seen passed by or shop deangelo specialty meats. it has been i couldn't of the italian market and the city for more than 100 years that century plus of history is coming to an epp. >> they're about to close its doors forever. but not before our hank flynn went to bid a final farewell. ♪ >> reporter: wait a minute. just walk into the store and didn't say a word. >> he was here earlier. >> okay. >> came back because i had to make another batch of italian. >> they always come back. master butcher sonny deangelo has his ways of making sure of it. >> i used prime mal cuts for making sausage. >> cut up the pork butt put it through the grinder like clockwise sonny make the sausage batch of sweet, batch of hot just like his father did and his grandfather the man who opened
10:39 pm
deangelo's specialty meats in the italian market 10 sick years ago. a few days ago word got out that sonny is shutting down after christmas. he says it's true. he's done. >> my business is the best it's ever been. i'm not retiring on the down slide. i'm retiring at the top. but i can't physically do it any more. this business is beyond one person. >> reporter: not from lack of love. sonny tells me it's just time. the building will be sold he says that's for certain and he's looking to sell the shop but that's tricky with a business that's beloved to generations of customers. >> i look forward to coming to work, and i'm really surprised and honored that the people have such a high pin of me. all that work paid off. i wouldn't say there's secrets but there are methods that, you know, i wouldn't want to give to the wrong person. >> someone takes it over i'll be he wasn'ting them for the rest of their life. [ laughter ] >> i care about the business.
10:40 pm
>> reporter: sonny has had plenty of conversations about the future of deangelo's but no deal has been struck. if there isn't people who love season knee's will be singing the blues. and so will henry. >> that's his choice. personally i don't like it. that's what he wants to do, you know. >> sure. >> and the neighborhood lose a little bit of flavor here. but you know that's progress. that's way wants to do, that's what he wants to do. >> we all got to live our lives. >> absolutely. >> reporter: my fake take if they're grumpy that you're leaving you must have done something like you were there. like make hot italian sausage. i bought a pound on the way out. as for the italian people. >> tell people to come down ninth street and shop. >> you bet. you'll never go hungrier hit us up on twitter at hank fox 29 and the house at fox 29 philly. ♪ all righty. so going to be cold. >> yeah. >> it is december. >> um-hmm.
10:41 pm
>> yeah. i don't want to hear polar vortex, though. >> we haven't mentioned that. >> yet. >> it's all coming from the same place. >> okay. >> you can call it the polar vortex an arctic outbreak. it's all the same. whatever you want to call it it's coming it's going to be coming in like a freight train over the next of the 24 hours. on ultimate doppler we have a clear sky and snow showers towards williamsport. the temperature in the poconos 31 degrees. 37 in allentown. trenton 34. look at millville with a light wind only 29 degrees. so we have another front moving on through tomorrow. and behind it that arctic blast. we're talking about temperatures below zero and even in wyoming. casper is 15 blow that is not the wind chill. that is the temperature in calgary eight below cut back 11 below. unbelievable temperatures ept national falls only 22. minneapolis scene's in chicago it's 23 degrees. we're to the going to get that
10:42 pm
cold during the day but we will get that cold during the nighttime hours coming up this weekend. so take look at the wind chills come friday morning with wind and cold in place mainly in the teens during the day friday wind chills will only be in the 20s. with those gusty winds and even saturday morning most of the area philadelphia north and west the suburbs of new jersey your wind chills will be in the teens again much as we look at the high temperature for saturday, only 38 degrees. that will be the coldest temperature of the season. the last time it was that cold was 2,018th, 10 months ago. almost to the date. pretty close. with the cold there's a chance of some snow over the course of the weekend. it would be the first snow for some and for more on that we'll zen it over to scott. he's been logging at all the models. scott it's looking like a possibility. >> it really is. we've been coping tabs on the european model gfs and several others it look like the track and also the moisture will be there but what about the temperatures? as far as what's been happening a real typical la
10:43 pm
nina winter. active jet well to the north with that pacific slamming into the west and moving across the great lakes. so we'll watch self computer models take look at future cast snow on saturday it's dry but it is going to be cold across the area. some snow in the pocono mountains during the day on saturday. but watch the clock as we header toward sunday. most of the area still dry. still pretty good snow making weather toward the pocono mountains. but watch what happens as we move toward sunday night into monday. we're talking about a wintry mix moving toward parts of the lehigh valley more snow in the poconos. so sunday night, that's the key timing to watch. blustery and cold in philadelphia. maybe a late evening sprinkle or flurry. sunday night into monday morning, some wet snow giving way to rain and in around philadelphia but farther north and west sunday at 5:00 o'clock cloudy, cold by 10:00 o'clock some rain or some wet snow and then overnight into early monday
10:44 pm
snow showers a possible coating of snow there. so it will all come down to the track, the timing and temperatures kathy we have several days to kind of iron things out. >> all right. winter is almost here. wilmington tonight we have cool temperatures and clear skies. but looking ahead to a cold weekend as well. let's take look temperature for tomorrow, 46. a mix of sun and clouds and breezy but windy as you head into the weekend on friday. saturday the defendant yet. sunday cold fort birds. monday a chance of rain or mix. tuesday and wednesday staying chilly 40s and upper 30s. that's a look at your seven day forecast. it's going to be a chilly day for the birds. sean bell. i hope it means good luck. >> i hope so, too. but i don't know if it will look to great. doug pederson questioned whether or not some players were giving full evident and one of those guys didn't like that statement at all. plus a little college hoops. temple was down by double digit in the second half but they still had chance to win it at the end. see if they can pull off the
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♪ after bad offensive perform man the eagles get a couple of their weapons back. jordan and ryan matthews practiced today. both should be good to go for sunday. eagles still have shot making the playoffs but two games back with only four games to go. but in order to have any chance carson wentz needs to get back to what he was the first month
10:48 pm
of the season. the losing might be getting to him a little bit and doug pederson using his experience to get him through this. >> i a part of two teams, you know, in cleveland we were three and 13 and in philadelphia my first year, you know, being five and 11 and just kind of leaning back on those experiences and how we fought through. how we thought threated verse is the. eileen back on those experiences kind of just relay to carson how we went about our business. another thing that needs to happen is guys just need to may harder. on monday pederson said some guys weren't giving enough evident bull malcolm jenkins doesn't locate what that um mize and doesn't like the spot that statement puts the team in. >> i think it puts us in little bit of a tough position as players because now everybody wants to know who are you talking about? but that's not something that we're worried about. >> of course howard eskin, gary cobb, dave spadaro and myself will break it all down on "game day live". sunday at 10:00 a.m. then starting one great double
10:49 pm
header eagles and redskins followed by the seahawks and the packers. the flyers and the sixers all tonight both will play tomorrow. the sixers will take on the pelicans trying to avoid n hoopy three late to george washington. josh brown misses an opportunity to get and one but passes it off no goodbye dan dangle. temple owls lose 60-63. on the football side of things temple still in shock yesterday coach matt ruhle settlement add job at baylor and left town immediately. dat university introduced matt ruhle before he talk baylor football he had a message for the former players. >> it was one of the hard definite things oy did yesterday to say goodbye. but i knew our job was done there. our time was over. those kids went from two and 10 to six and six to the winning yesterday two year stretch at temple and i say that because i know they're watching i want them to know how proud i am of that. >> he took out a full page ad thanking the university and the city and the guys really cheered
10:50 pm
for him because all the messages i got were they were disappointed but really happy. >> all right. thanks, sean. class act. lucy what's coming up up at 11:00. >> you take your children to see santa to celebrate the joy of christmas. one family is seeing red after what that guy in a santa suit said to their boy. i think he'll be on the naughty list. your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. powerball drawing is neck. good luck. ♪ where things come from?
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