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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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fresh snow won't be a problem if hitting the slopes is on your list of things to do this weekend. it's certainly cold enough and area ski resorts are open and ready. i'll tell was you better bundle up if you plan on spenting any time outdoors this weekend. it is going to be a cold one. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. arctic air has feeling down right chilly and the wind isn't really helping any matters we have team coverage of this winter blast. we want to begin with meteorologist scott williams who is brave... >> it is certainly cold here in old city. take a look at the numbers. we're talking about the coldest air we've seen across the delaware valley since februar february 18th. today's high temperature only 38 degrees. what are we looking at right now if you're stepping outdoors? 36 currently in philadelphia. we're talking about 34 in millville. 32 freezing in pottstown. but those are the air temperatures.
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you have to factor in that wind how your body reacts. feels like temperatures right now in philadelphia 27 degrees. it feels like 24 in wilmington. and it feels like 29 in atlantic city. so ultimate doppler has been showing a couple of hit or miss flurries. not amounting to much and not expected to be a problem if you're stepping outdoors this evening. bundle up. the winter gear, grab a hat, 34 degrees at 9:00 o'clock. 32 freezing by 11:00 o'clock. the weekend headlines the coldest air of the season high temperatures struggle to make it to 40 degrees. winds are going to gust up to 30 miles an hour. wind chills in the 20s during the afternoon and when i come indoors, we'll talk about that wintery mix changing over to rain sunday afternoon and evening into monday morning. guys, back to you. >> all right, it's not officially winter but it sure starting to feel like it. we are getting ready for our first taste of this bitter cold. i'm cold just thinking about it. fox 29's brad sattin joining us live from dilworth park with more on how people are getting
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ready for old man winter. i guess they're out skating. >> reporter: i am not. i am not cold. i am not cold. you said this would warm me up, dawn. it's not doing the job. >> sorry. >> reporter: these folks are -- [ laughter ] it's all right. these folks are probably a little warmer than i am as they are on skates here at dilworth park having some fun. pretty nice crowd for friday night except for the one guy we did see a guy in shorts a little while ago and another guy in pj's in pajamas. everyone else seemed to be dressing fairly appropriately. officially the city of philadelphia now is in a code mew it start the at 6:00 o'clock last night. it is the first of the season. that happens when the wind chill falls below 20 degrees or 32 degrees with precipitation. so that is the case over the course of the weekend. last cold death in the city was back in early 2015. they obviously are hoping to avoid that. now code blue opens up the options for homeless folks. they're about 3400 beds in shelters across the city.
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about 300 more opening up this weekend at 30 locations. out reach crews are going to be catching up with them later tonight. they're going around checking on the welfare of homeless folks making sure they get out of the cold first responders doing the same thing. the code blue runs through monday morning. now this is kind of interesting head of the city's office of homeless services is asking people not to offer a homeless person a blanket or a sleeping bag. here's why. >> we don't recommend doing th that. we sometimes people in their heart of hearts they want to help they think taking blanket, sleeping bags, tents, is really going to make a difference and we think it just -- it encourages people to stay out and we really want people to come in. get the services we want them to get. we want them to be treated with dignity. we want them to be safe. >> reporter: good advice. obviously, find a heating source if you can. if you want to give, she says the best way to do that
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obviously is to give to a local charity. we do know there are about 700 unsheltered people who are in the city. those are folks who opt not to go to shelters who will be outside so again those crews are on the look out for them. we'll be catching up with them. we'll have more at 10:00 o'clo 10:00 o'clock. guys, back to you. >> all right. brad, thank you. if you haven't already taken the fox 29 weather authority team with you for the very latest changes in your forecastle and android devices. caught on camera, a young man peeping through a female college student's window. this happen just a few blocks from temple university. >> yeah and police are now releasing this video hoping that you can identify the north 15th street peeper. the victim told police she was in her bedroom changing when she saw a man in what appeared to be the flash of a camera through her window. this happened about 10:30 on monday night. she toll investigators she had a similar experience last month. police want this peeper caught
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before he acts again and students are definitely on edge over this. >> that's just really unsettling to hear. especially since we really -- we weren't notified about it. like i had no idea until talk to go. >> it's kind of surprising to me though because you always see the temple police out and stuff. the fact someone could climb in windows, just creepy. >> certainly disconcerting in you recognize this man here in the surveillance video philadelphia police want to hear from you. the search is on for a pair of robbers who stormed into a rite aid in hunting park. surveillance video captured the two men at the store on the 4500 block of north fifth street earlier this month. police say the men grabbed a bunch of items and then they walk out. they fought a loss prevention officer. one them pull out knife and pointed it at the officer. both men got away. no one was hurt. well it's one of philadelphia's biggest attractions and now it's become sort of an eye sore. the street right in front of independence hall is actually
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sinking. >> it's not only unpleasant to look at but for drivers it's unsafe. fox 29's bruce gordon live outside the historic building and bruce, you've been trying to get answers for drivers. >> reporter: i got to tell you the streets had been crumbling like this back in 1766 the rebel against the government might have kicked off a decade earli earlier. nothing says colonial charm like cobblestones but nothing charming about what's going on along chestnut street. tourists out front of independence hall were pointing their cameras skyward on this day. at the iconic bell tower that rank in a new nation. we pointed our eyes street ward at the sinking stretch of cobblestones right out front of the statue of diss approving george washington. the ditch has been growing deeper for days. forcing motorists to crawl through it or veer around it. >> bad road. >> bad road. >> reporter: list september closely to the words of the national parks security officer as we drive passed. he says he's been calling police about the hazard for while now.
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>> nobody seems to want to come out. >> magically once we started taking pictures, someone put traffic cones and a safety barricade up to help drivers avoid the depression. i then call the streets department for answers much they are aware of the sinking street and that the water department will go below ground to try and figure out the problem. then streets will replace the cobblestones. let's hope it looks better than the repair work done to the 100 block of chestnut where utility work and sing holes turned this stretch into a carnival ride. minus the laughs. >> it's been like this for whi while. >> yeah. i can't remember when it hasn't been like this actually. >> reporter: cobblestones that have been replaced are tossed around the street with little care. piles of yet to be install stones, they sit on the sidewalk for weeks at a time. >> only thing sometimes they don't fix it right away. >> reporter: they dig it up and they don't fix it. >> her son and daughter run the
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mtv vietnamese cafe. the cobblestones are a turn off for prospective customers. >> we worry about the business. >> reporter: not just the mess. you think it can cost you business. >> the business. not only ours but the business people on the block. >> reporter: the streets department tells us peco is actually responsible for restoring the 100 block of chestnut to its former glory. we'll keep an eye on both projects here and there to make sure they're done properly much this is not how things should look especially in a tourist area. dawn? >> not at all. thanks, bruce. developing to night, president obama orders a review of hacking in the presidential election. he repairs to leave the oval office, president obama just asked intelligence officials to conduct a review of election season cyber attacks including the e-mail hacks. us intelligence officials accuse russia of hackin hacking the e-f democratic officials and the clinton campaign. the crem blinn denying these accusations. the white house says foreign
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enter appearance in an american election cannot be taken ligh lightly. some republicans, however, are pushing back claiming this is damaging the credibility of the electoral process. >> i do think what they did by going to the public was a terrible move. i think it created a lot of panic. >> democratic lawmakers have been pushing for president obama to dee classify more information about russia's 11 role in the hacking. the leaders fear that president-elect donald trump will not prioritize this issue. well torque night the country continues to mourn the death of john glenn. >> the public will get a chance to pay respects to the american hero next week at a public viewing. ely in ohio's state capitol building in memorial service will follow. dates and times are still being work out. in addition to nass astronaut an senator john glenn is being remembered as a dedicated husband, father and u.s. military veteran. glenn will be buried at the arlington national cemetery. he died yesterday at age 95.
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ridley township woman disappeared earlier this week and now police and family are hoping that you can help find her. linda rose was last scene at her home in the hull many second of the township on wednesday. she does live with her parents. relatives say her parents noticed that rose was not acting look herself that day and then a little bit later she was just gone. if you have seen her, please let police know. a drug problem in delaware has got the attention of the state's top officials. health and law enforcement authorities say the state today overdose deaths involving fentanyl have doubled last year. minute people have died in delaware this year from the synthetic pain kehler. authorities say it is 50 times more potent than heroin and they want users to seek help immediately. >> meantime hatboro woman now charged with providing the drug fentanyl behind a deadly overdose. 27-year-old gwendolyn marie priebus charged with drug delivery resulting in death. investigators say she was the victim's dealer. if convicted she could face up to 40 years in prison.
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airlines are considering allowing passengers to make phone calls over wi-fi. but what if you don't want to hear someone else's conversation? post offices are busier than ever right now. there are a lot of letters going to santa and he's getting some help for the holidays. how you can pitch in. sean? chris, the red hot flyers are the talk of the town. now winners of seven straight. only that's not the reason why the great one wayne gretzky commenting on the orange and the black. more on the david manning feud coming up in sports. my family really needs to be wowed this year. standing rib roast! wow.
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everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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we can do it without biblowing our budget.s. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant. wouldn't you like to be able to use your phone freely on flights? well under new government proposal, that could happen. you just need to use wi-fi. but a lot of us airlines aren't on board and flight attendants think phone calls could be disruptive on flights. the feds will take comments on the plan for the next 60 days before making any decisions.
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cellular calls will still be off limits. well this time of year post offices are busier than ever delivering packages and letters to santa, but this year, santa claus is getting some help making holiday dreams come true and the very best part about this, you can be one of those helpers. >> all you have to do is make a trip to the local post office. fox 29 photojournalist bill rohrer has the story. >> reporter: if you have the time come to the post office at 30th and chestnut and read. >> it was eye opening for sure. >> reporter: that's what kathy mcallister did. >> they need so much and all i can give them rourke. >> reporter: she read about this mother in three in need. >> i don't know how to tell them santa might not visit them this year. when i'm alone i sit and cry because i feel like i'm failing as mother. >> reporter: this is part of the operation santa program at the us postal service where the public is invited to adopt letters to santa. isn't clothing, hats, gloves, things like that. that parents are asking for for
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their children. >> you take for granted those kinds of things you see people don't have them. >> reporter: this is the second year jenny coating is helping. >> instead of getting gifts for each other, we picked letters and got gifts for on the people much it's really row warring. it was very nice. >> you can read it and feel what some of these people are going through. it's sad because around this time of the year that these people don't have any hope. and they just asking for just a little bit. >> these are all tough. >> reporter: thee hundred letters in all. some too hard to read. >> people need help and it's not -- there's no shame in that. if we come together as a community, we can help take care of people. >> reporter: in philly, bill rohrer fox 29 news. christmas is all about, right. >> hearing those stories. >> i know. >> people purchasing packages
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they have until december 14th to get them to the post office so they arrive in time for christmas for those very needy families. >> speaking of christmas, it certainly feels like it back to your fox 29 weather authority. you better adjust your wardrobe if you have outdoor plans this weekend. >> meteorologist scott williams has all the cold details, scott? >> it's not even officially winter yet but i mean it really arrived in a hurry. high today only 38 degrees. look at ultimate doppler. for the most part we're quiet but north and west we're talking about some of that lake effect snow there have been a couple of flurries kind of dotting the map but it's not going to be problem or amount to much across the region. the main story is just the bitter cold air. as far as the weekend headlines we'll spell it out for you. thcoldest air of the season continues saturday and sunday. high temperatures likely stuck in the 30s. but feels like temperatures in the 20s during the afternoon. and then that wintry mix changes over to rain sunday night into monday morning. but look at the cold air.
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22 degrees right now in the poconos. freezing in pottstown and allentown. 34 wilmington, millville, atlantic city 34. 34 in dover. but those are the air temperatures. look at the actual feels like temperatures. it feel like 25 in trenton. it feels like 25 in millville and dover. it only feels like 7 degrees right now in the pocono mountains. so overnight low temperatures dipping to 17 mount pocono. 24 pottstown. allentown 24. 28 in philadelphia. and then for tomorrow, kind of similar to today. yeah, 39 for the high center city. 40 down the shore. blustery conditions. occasional flurries north and west. 36 that will just about do it for the lehigh valley. so sunday afternoon and evening, we're watching out mainly north and west for that snowfall chance. here's 5:00 o'clock. you can see we're looking at a coating maybe an inch or so before things change over to rainfall as we head toward your monday morning. so here's what we're thinking.
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a brief coating north and west and then as we move toward places like the lehigh valley maybe a quick inch or two. higher elevations 3-inches in the poconos. those are the totals before it changes over to rain and once again mostly rain philadelphia south jersey and parts of delaware because those temperatures will be above freezing and then we're talking about winds more out of the south. so watch what happens as we head toward the overnight sunday into monday. you can see those temperatures warming with winds out of the south and we're talking about things changing over to rain in the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains for early monday morning as well. but we'll have to watch those temperatures and also there could be some icy patches but it looks like mainly changing over to rain. cloudy and kick off 1:00 o'clock temperatures in the 30s. but wind chills are going to be in the 20s. so bundle up if you're headed to that game. the seven day forecast shows 51 the high temperature on monday. another wintery mix by the middle of next week and then another arctic blast even colder
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than what we're getting for this weekend highs not even above freezing. back over to you. >> all right, scott. thanks. sean brace here now with a preview of what's coming up in sports. >> going to be cold one on sunday. >> it is. >> talk about the eagles playing the role of spoilers taking on the skins this sunday. hear what has coach doug pederson's attention as they close out the final four gales. the flyers are the talk of the league. wipness of seven straight. most is about a of the last season. more on the david manning feud next in>[]
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♪ this sunday's goals skins game is a must win for the redskins. yes, although head coach doug pederson is still holding out hope the chances of making the playoffs for the birds paper thin. so with all that being said essentially the eagles are playing the role of spoiler wolf players back from injury who will assist in the role are running back ryan matthews and number one receiver jordan matthews. both players are play makers on offense and with the majority of at as we close out the 2016 season on quarterback carson wentz it's important for pederson to see the rookie quarterback has success leadin g the offense. >> biggest thing and probably how well he continues to lead this football team going down the stretch. there's obviously tough times right now and see how he manages that and see how he rallies from a quarterback's leadership standpoint. if the post season is not, um, not going to happen this year, definitely want to put a good taste in his mouth going into the off season. >> be sure to join us all day
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long on sunday for the best eagles coverage around fox "game day live" at 10:00 a.m. get you ready for the main event at 1:00 eagles and the skins followed by the seahawks and packers right her on fox 29. the flyers they're red hot now winners of seven straight after last night's amazin amazie from behind win over the edmonton oilers one story line that won't go away between these two teams dates back to last season when flyers defenseman brandon manning shrew in connor mc david. a collision mc david broke his collarbone on. throughout the game he couldn't to do tell manning how he felt about the hit and voiced had displeasure with the media after the game. >> i try one of the class less things i've ever seen on the ice. he said some things and, um, i responded accordingly. i guess we can put the whole did it on purpose thing to rest. what he said out there confirmed that. >> that kid is really good. quit your whining.
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>> temple owls are looking for a new head coach recent names surfaced to take for the baylor bound matt ruhle is former texas long horn coach charlie strong. however if you were to poll the players it seems they want snow as in the current defensive coordinator phil snow. former temple star tyler tweeted out i'm all for snow as your head coach this guy has taught me about the game of football than anyone i know. hash tag temple football and current defensive lineman hassan reddick tweeted check the forecast expecting a lot of snow in philadelphia. hash tag let it snow. i know the weather is changing. but phil snow not a bad name. >> who do you think they want. >> i fro want from win. you have good movement. i would be all right with phil snow. >> good deal. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. have a great night. inside edition is up next. stay warm out there. ♪
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haunting video. the church massacre killer moments before he opened fire. and the killer's mother collapses in court. >> she had some kind of a heart attack. then, bill o'reilly boycott. >> i'm never going on "the view" again, ever. >> never. >> over what she said about trump. >> he's not right in the head. and airport freak-out. the famous actor hauled away in handcuffs. >> thanks for the exposure, guys. then, how your cell phone can keep you safe. >> there's the alert. you're safe. >> this is great. >> the new phone device that sends cops to the rescue when you're in danger. >> is everything okay? plus, shamed. >> for buying his fiancee an inexpensive engagement ring.


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