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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:58pm EST

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local community and the crime spree doesn't end there. plus the coldest night of the season so far. temperatures below freezing and a chance for snow. your news is 30 seconds. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. first at 10, frigid night kicks off a weekend of cold weather like we haven't felt in a long time.
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things are getting dangerous out there. >> it's cold and it will only get colder and the wind will give this weekend an even sharper bite on top of that we're tracking a chance for snow. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. it feels like winter is already here. let's get straight to meteorologist scott williams. hey, scott. >> hi l chris and dawn. yes, bundle up, crank the heat, take look. temperatures literally freezing. right now in philadelphia 32 degrees but that's the air temperature. you really have to factor in the wind. how your body reacts, how you should dress it feels like 24 degrees right now and we only made it up to 38 degrees the afternoon high temperature. coldest high in 10 months. ultimate doppler pretty quiet. lake effect snow far north and west there had been a couple of pockets of some flurries we'll zoom in to berks county just south of the reading area moving into parts of chester county right now. maybe a flake or two but that won't amount to much. the bigger deal the cold.
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19 degrees right now mount pocono. 31 below freezing wilmington. 31 millville, atlantic city. 30 degrees in trenton. look at the feels like temperatures pretty much in the 20s area wide. single digits right now in the poconos. so overnight low temperatures well below freezing. 28 in philadelphia. 24 in pottstown. mid 20s in millville. and look at what it will feel like tomorrow morning. temperatures in the teens. not much recovery into the afternoon. and coming up we'll talk about the coldest air of the season and also new information on that wintry mix to rain sunday into monday. back over to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. for the first time today, many folks took out their serious winter gear they're gloves, scarves and heavy winter coats. a few people even spotted snowflakes in the delaware valley today. >> you heard from scott it's only going to get colder. what does that mean for those who don't have a place to get warm? let's get straight tout brad sattin live in center city tonight. brad, it's not just the
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temperatures. it's this wind going out there. >> reporter: yeah, the breezes are something else for sure. we can tell that you there are places to go that you can escape this cold. we know there are more than two dozen shelters across the city. they have about 3400 beds in fact they've added 300 more beds this weekend as a result of the cold, but still some people just won't use them. it's a code blue week mend philadelphia with wind chills expected to drop below 20 degrees. but an estimated 700 people in the city will be living like this. people who refuse to take up the offer of temporary shelter to get out of the cold. samuel vasquez is trying to get them to change their minds. he's been in their shoes. >> i was once homeless for 12 years. >> reporter: now with project home he's part of an out reach team that works 24/7 in a code blue responding to calls of people who may need help like three men living inside this tent. >> engage them and try to, you know, give them some help. try get them shelter.
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>> reporter: the men didn't want the help but samantha ron mow got them the tent. >> i live across the street, so i can't look out my window every day and see someone in need and not help them. it's not human. >> reporter: we found these young women who came to center city from norristown to pass out clothing they bought at the dollar store. >> we had tons of blankets and socks, gloves, um, hats, scarves. >> reporter: you may fine it interesting that the head of the city office of homeless services wants to dissuade people from doing this on bitter cold nigh nights. >> in the heart of hearts they want to help and they think taking blankets, sleeping bags, tents, is really going make a difference and we think it just -- it encourages people to stay out and we really want people to come in. >> reporter: these women know, some will refuse the assistance. >> i'd rather somebody get something, um, and be warm at the end of the day than not to. we have a society today that is very broken, and all we can do is our small part to help mend
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and fix it and this is my small part. >> reporter: and if you want to help head of homeless services says the best thing you can real dollar is give to local charities rather than giving directly to the homeless. we know there are code blues in other places as well. montgomery county and camden. they will run until monday. so obviously, chris, it is going to be a bitter cold weekend coming up. just the start of it. thanks, brad. stay prepared fort cold and the possible snow by downloading the fox 29 news app. you can look at live radar images and get weather alerts sent right to your phone it is free just download the app from the apple or google play stores. happening right now, the grinches are out in south jersey trying to disrupt christmas tree. residents are finding their hal holiday decorations yawned and in some cases stolen. police in evesham say that the thieves have hit more than a dozen homes so far. >> tonight cops have a warning for home openers in case these grinches strike again. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live outside the evesham police
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department with the details. shawnette. >> reporter: well, the most recent happened today and police say it was during daylight hou hours. this all has many residents especially young children concerned. >> three-year-old logan has no problem spotting what's missing from the christmas decorations his parents put up in the front yard of their evesham home film we dope have stan blow up any more. >> reporter: giroux family cement about two days putting up hot day display. logan and his sister olivia were excited about it. thursday of last week someone stole the santa they put out every year. >> we had santa claus airplane on the front lawn nice propeller that that moved around we had it for about 10 years. i came out and look aig round the something looks different. santa claus is gone. >> reporter: police say it's happening all around the township. people stealing or vandalizing holiday decorations it's happening so much that police posted a warning on their facebook page for neighbors to be on the look out.
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>> kind of grin chi. ruin people's christmas over stupid decorations is kind of silly. >> reporter: police say they've had reports of christmas lights being cut and lawn projects and inflatable decorations being stolen. most recent happened during daylight today. someone stole a large inflatable from a lawn on knox street. >> caused more worry than it should have for the holiday season. >> reporter: we caught done fern fine unplugging her decorations on essex court mainly because of the wind but with thieves in mind, too. >> we like to -- the neighbors and all like to have little competition and be be friendly and come out and chat about it and we don't want to chat about people taking stuff. >> reporter: and to further protect the holiday cheer police have stepped up patrols in light of this of course they're asking residents to be on the look out ton report anything or anyone suspicious. chris? >> all right, shawnette, thank. a hit-and-run in west philadelphia has left six people in the hospital including three
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young children. police say it happened this afternoon on the 5700 block of walnut street. a cadillac according to police ran a red light. it hit a car at ejecting a six-year-old. the person driving the car ran away from the scene. that six-year-old is at chop tonight with internal bleeding and fractures. two, three year olds were also injured. all three kids are stable. two adults in the car with the children are in critical condition at lang ken gnaw hospital. a passenger in the cad lock broke her leg. solemn remembrance in northeast philadelphia tonight on the two-year anniversary of a firefighter's death. lieutenant joyce craig was the city's first female firefighter killed in the line of duty. >> we know that joyce made the supreme sacrifice. we want to remember how she lived and it's great to seat living legacy we have here and able to hahn 94 her that way. >> many coming out to engine 64 to honor and remember lieutenant craig. she was just 36 years old when she died fighting a fire at a
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two-story row home in west oak lane back in december of 2014. she's remembered as a hard worker who was devoted to her community. craig was an 11 year veteran of the fire department. meanwhile, funeral services were announced today for the new jersey state trooper who was killed in the line of duty this week. his name was trooper frankie william. funeral services being helder on monday in atlantic city. viewing for lamb will be held from 10 to noon followed by a public viewing siganid of boardwalk hall. trooper william died this past monday night responding to reports of erratic driver on route 55 in millville. a car crashed over the median and hit his cruiser head on. that driver was also killed. trooper williams was just 31 years old. he leaves behind a new wife of just three months. happening now, people on local college campus are waiting for some answers much students on high alert after police released surveillance video showing a peeping tom outside temple
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student's window. >> tonight police and students are hoping crystal clear images of this guy will help catch him. fox 29's jenn for joyce has the latest from temple university. >> reporter: look at this fac face. philadelphia police want to know if you recognize this man caught on tape or lurk aig round apartments near temple university's campus. police are releasing this video days after they say he peeped through at least one young woman's window. it was 10:30 monday night the victim says she had just gotten out of the shower. >> college kid. >> definitely a college kid report roar these students say they heard about the north 15th street peeper on faceboo facebook. seniors liz and courtney knew nothing about it. >> that's just really unsettling to hear, um, especially since we really -- we weren't notified about it. i had no idea until talking to you. >> i'm the first floor kind of like i keep my blinds down at all times. so no one is peeping into my room. but yeah that's definitely scary
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especial physical you're girl. >> reporter: victim shared a different surveillance clip with fox 29 earlier this week which appears to show the peeper and a flash. the woman told investigators she saw the man snap a photo of her. now, police are hoping you see this photo of the suspect and help them catch him before he peeps again. >> just be aware of your surrounding. we don't know if there's any type of connection here in a sense that, you know, maybe the complain nan notice this person. >> close the blinds and be more aware. like i would have never thought someone would be looking in on our street like that. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce did speak with the victim in this peeping tom case and she says she's study the the the surveillance video and she does not recognize the man at all. if you do, call police. a federal judge here in pennsylvania says he'll rule monday on a bid seeking recount from the presidential election. judge paul diamond heard argument today at the federal courthouse in old city. the green party wants to recount the ballots cast on novembe
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november 8th in pennsylvania. they claim it's possible that computer hacking occurred. state election officials say there is no evidence of enter appearance. president-elect trump's lead is shrinking in pennsylvania to below 50,000 out of 6 million votes cast. well, meanwhile president obama also has questions about the election and he's taking action. today he ordered a review of possible hacking in the presidential election. >> he's asking intelligence officials to look at election season cyber attacks including those e-mail hacks that made headlines. us intelligence officials accuse russia of hacking e-mails of democratic officials and the clinton campaign. kremlin denies those allegatio allegations. the white house says foreign interference in an american election cannot be taken lightly. some republicans are pushing back claiming this is damaging the credibility of the electoral process. well, it is an exploding epidemic and today we learn the opioid crisis has claimed even more lives in our area.
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what happened tonight to try to turn things around and one man's story that you really need to hear. one of physical's biggest attractions and now it's become, well, sort of an eye sore. we are talking about a spot right in front of independence hall. >> you've been through it before. >> yes, i hope it don't sing. >> it's already sipping. >> might as well be back to colonial times to the street. tonight we're trying to get answers and results for drivers.
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>> opioid epidemic is hitting our area hard and tonight many are coming together in a big
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effort to try to safe lives. health professionals want addicts to know that there is help out there. >> tonight they are beggin beggg addicts to reach out. their plea comes after a couple dozen people from our area died from suspected overdose in just a week's time. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in port richmond where at least one of those overdoses happened. dave? >> reporter: that's right. many of the recent overdose deaths have happened within blocks of where we are right n now. and we can tell you one of the biggest resources to combat this epidemic is also in our area. >> this epidemic has touch so much lives report rt regional response to regional crisis. cop recovery centers of america meeting with health professionals and drug addicts in bin mauer after 35 people died in five days in philadelphia. all from suspected heroin rela related overdoses. bucks county with similar handful of deaths, too. >> it's sad. honestly, it hasn't gotten any better. >> reporter: nick is 21 and
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says he's been clean for about a year after struggling with heroin addiction for two years. >> people have been dying all along but to have it so close together and all these people in such a close radius of each other, um, it's the drugs too. the drugs aren't getting any better. they're getting stronger. >> reporter: with much of the latest heroin mixed with sin threat thee opie i don't do called pinky making it much deadlier. narcotics cops finding it in ground zero for the crisis in our area kensington. >> lived down in kensington for stretches, a week, a couple weeks, and it's a jungle. it's a zoo down there. people are living like animals. >> reporter: nick started work fog the recovery centers of america because it worked for him and tonight they announced the start of the heroin owe opioid institute. >> the first teaching hospital devoted entirely to treating heroin and opioids. we think we need that. we have cancer institutes across the united states. we have hospitals that are devoted to heart and lung and
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we've yet to open up a facility devoted entirely to treating heroin and opioid. >> another way heppest way for those looking to get clean. >> i'm doing very well. you know, i like live today, and i just want people to know there's hope. like they don't have to -- they don't have to live like that any more. >> reporter: for more information you can call rca the 800-recovery. back to you. >> dave kinchen from port richmond tonight. thanks dave. disturb story out of buck county a man is charged with killing his own mother. he's 30-year-old zachary cope. police found the body of 52-year-old rebecca cope inside the home on the unit block of lower hilltop road in lower makefield township yesterday afternoon. police say she had been stabbed and beaten. investigators are still trying to figure out a motive. a federal judge has approved a settlement between real housewives of new jersey cast member theresa guidice and her creditors.
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today the deal allowed her to pursue her legal malpractice suit against her former bankruptcy lawyer. guidice finish 15 month prison sentence last december after she and her husband admitted that they had hidden assets from bankruptcy creditors. she sued against her former lawyer blames the fraud charges on his mistakes. that lawyer, however, is calling the lawsuit quote absurd. as we've been telling you it will get cold this weekend. really. some of you might even see some snow but whatever happen nothing compared to what's happening elsewhere around the country. places like upstate new york getting tons of snow. north dakota. but winter won't officially start for another 12 days. it already feel like it started. >> the snow is piling up. the roads are incredibly dangerous. >> winter is in full swing with heavy snowfall throughout the north. in north dakota some streets disappeared under several feet
10:19 pm
of snow. crews are just beginning to get streets clear there. a similar scene in ohio where residents are trying to keep up with quickly accumulating snow. >> it snows. it's wintertime. you deal with it, right. >> just coming to play pickle ball but the roads are very slippery. >> reporter: slippery conditions in northern ohio caused a major traffic jam late last night. where more than 50 vehicles were involved in crash on interstate 90. snow-clearing crews were out in michigan trying to keep roads safe for drivers. the area got hit with four to 8-inches. blanketing streets, driveways and sidewalks. in ellicott, new york, residents are actually excited for the lake effect snow. hoping for a boost in winter tourism. >> we pray for the lake effect snow to hit us and not anybody in buffalo. so it's great. >> snow is beautiful. we're all most of us are skiers and i have been all my life. so i enjoy it here.
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>> this is awesome. just what we've been hoping for. >> reporter: drivers in town were more concerned about road conditions. and yet others accept the snowy weather as a fact of live. >> it's buffalo of this is what it does. >> reporter: various lake effect snow warnings. winter storm warnings and advisories remain in effect in areas that are prone to lake effect snow. in new york, kara mchugh, fox news. >> well it's never the off season for the philly phanatic actual daal he went by santa claus. today the philly spread holiday cheer at the people's emergency center in west philadelphia. they hosted a party for folks staying there complete with presents, good fun and good fo food. hate crime against an nfl player with racist messages scrawled on his new jersey home. why this isn't the reason this has been a tough holiday season for his family. >> if you ever need add flashlight that could survive a deep friar, the wait is over.
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it's call the atomic nash light but does it live up to these crazy claims? we're putting it to the deal or dud test when we come back. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for work through the weekend. working on the vine expressway. the ramps from the vine expressway west to head east on the schuylkill which give you to 30th street station down tour the airport will be closed intermittently through the weekend. folks will be push going west on the schuylkill and have to make that u-turn laverne at montgomery drive. so that's going to be a hot mess, and then if you use the regional rails, make sure you grab a new timetable over the weekend, because the schedule change on monday morning and through the weekend. septa will be using shuttle buses on the airport line. have yours self a great night. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning for "good day philadelphia" weekend.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ well if you're complaining about the chilly weather in our region, nothing compared to folks up the upper midwest. in north dakota, winter is in full swing. parts of the state continuing to dig out after this week's blizzard, of course, they're used to it up there but some streets are still impossible to drive. thanks to heavy snow drifts. well, a hate crime against an nfl player.
10:25 pm
>> new york giants fullback in a kit at a when it lock walked into north jersey home and found disturbing message. when itlock and his family down the street at a party when someone broke into their home. when they got back, they found their walls were spray painted with swastikas, the letters kkk the name trump and the words go back to africa. intrudersly made off with some jewelry and electronic. when itlock immediately covered it up so his children couldn't see what happened. >> our main concern was safety, upping, always. like i said i have a young boy, six years odd and i have a four month old. what they did obviously there's something mass amount of hatred going on. >> this is not the first time someone has targeted when itlock. over thanksgiving a crook broke into and stole packages. so far no arrests have been made. >> one of philadelphia's biggest attractions and now it's become an eye sore. we're talking the spot right in
10:26 pm
front of independence hall that's becoming a gully. to night we're trying to get answers and results for drivers. our scott williams tracking your very winter like forecast. scott? >> absolutely, dawn. get ready to bundle up. will the cold air stick around long enough to produce some wintry precipitation? new information next. >> and coming up at 11:00-f you're looking for a way to beat this weekend our hank flynn has you covered. >> reporter: it's freezing cold. where you going to find a good auto race? the season is over. oh, i know. right here at the sun national bank center in trenton. they've got midget racing indoors tonight and saturday. >> hank takes us on the track coming up.
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♪ tonight police are looking for this man they say he stole thousands of dollars from a south philadelphia supermarket. surveillance cameras captured the thief as he stormed into the acme along the 900 block of johnson street last sunday. you can see him. he went behind the customer service counter when no one was around and police say he got away with about $3,000. there's still no word on
10:30 pm
official cause of an early morning fire inside a kensington beauty parlor. this was the scene around 4:30 this morning on the 1800 block of east somerset street. there are occupied apartments bup martha's beauty salon. medic took one person to the hospital. still no word how they're doing tonight. well, sentencing day today for two convicted men of an insurance scam that ripped off money from city of philadelphia. >> ronald gill lot tee, jr. and sr. handed down sentence today's from a philadelphia judge. ronald gill lot tee, jr. sentenced to 10 years parole with 23 months of that under house arrest. gill lot tee, sr., given 14 to 28 years but he's already in prison serving time in a murder for higher plot. they're both convicted for their involvement in a $400,000 fraud scam against philadelphia's office of fleet management and 18 other insurance companies. sr.'s lawyers said he was portrayed as prosecutors as someone who doesn't care about others and that simply is not
10:31 pm
true. well tonight people across the country continue to mourn american who are region glenn. the public will be able to pay their respects to glenn late next week at a public viewing. he will also line the ohio state capital before memorial service celebrating his life of military and government service along with his two history making journeys into space. date and times are still being work out. glenn died yesterday at the age of 95. one of philadelphia's most famous and historic streets needs a lot of help. the street right in front of independence hall is singing. it's not only unpleasant sight for tourists and residents but it's actually unsafe for drivers didn't night we're working to get answers from the city about just what they're doing about this problem. >> fox 29's bruce gordon reports from old city. >> reporter: don't look now. but the 500 block of chestnut street is singing. part of it any way.
10:32 pm
five by 10-foot stretch of cobblestones right in front of independence hall is slowly becoming a gully through which cars and trucks bounce all day long. drivers have noticed. >> yeah. yeah, every day we go passed up and down. >> reporter: you've been through it before. >> yes, i hope it don't sing. >> it's already singing. [ laughter ] >> we going to be in trouble. >> reporter: i'll say. the ditch has been deepening for days. listen to this national park security officer as we drive by. >> he says he's been calling police for while. >> nobody seems to want to come. >> if you missed it he said nobody seems to want to come o out. magically once we start taking pictures of the mess someone traffic cones and a saw horse out in the street to keep unsuspecting drivers from damaging their rides. i reach out to the streets department. they tell me they're monitoring the situation along with the water department. once water figures out what's going on below ground, they'll fix it and streets will replace the stretch. we can only hope they do better job than the work done on the 100 block of chestnut. where utility work and sink
10:33 pm
holes turn this street into a third world goat path that frankly should embarrass the city. newly placed cobblestones seem to be tossed into the street with no sense of order. and piles of replacement stones sit on the sidewalk for weeks on end. >> they don't fix it. >> reporter: they don't fix it right. >> they didn't do it well. yeah. >> reporter: that's the mess you wind up with? >> yes. >> this woman it's' son and daughter won this cafe on this block. the screwed up street is not helping business in this tourist district. >> it doesn't look pretty and i really think it stops them from passing by. >> reporter: the tourists, they're not going to come in re restoring the 100 block of chestnut street. we'll keep an eye on both project. this one and that one. to make sure they're done properly. this is not how things should look especially when you're showing yourself off to visitors. at independence hall, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. dozens of children got into the holiday spirit today thanks to some philadelphia police officers. the 18th police district
10:34 pm
hosted children from the global leadership academy in cobbs creek for very special christmas party. you can see the district was all deck out for the children to enjoy themselves. there was music and musicians, a magician and of course presents from the men and women in blue. seems to happen more and more every year. holiday packages stolen from doorsteps before the victims even know what happened. police say this guy had a technique other thieves may be using, too. and dating someone knew? well, listen up. why the most common date to break up is, well, right around the corner. my guest list just tripled.
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>> minnesota family is really glad they signed their son up for the boy scouts. 18-year-old john hiller learned first aid skills in the group and used them to save his father's life. his dad started choking and almost mildly lost consciousne consciousness. he start the chest compressions and cleared his honor until the paramedic arrived. they honored john with the medal of merit. >> seeing him laying and starting to turn gray you think it's only in movies. >> he knew what to do. he started doing it by the time the dispatcher on the 911
10:38 pm
dispatcher was telling me, okay dork this, do this, john was two steps ahead of us. >> there about 2.4 million scouts in this country. about 100 get the medal of merit each year. in your money tonight, wouldn't you like to be able to use your phone freely on fligh flights. under new government proposal that could happen. you just need to use wi-fi. well a lot of us airlines are not on board and flight attendants think phone calls could be disruptive. however, government officials suggest the airlines warn customers first that way passengers could make other travel plans if they don't want to sit next to a chatty passenger. the feds will take0 days before making any decisions. and just in time for the holidays, some bad news for some big retailers. >> los angeles city attorney taking legal action against ma macy's sears, j.c. penney and kohl's. he filed a lawsuit claiming the companies posted fake discounts. the suit accuses the retailers
10:39 pm
of falsely advertising higher regular prices so shoppers then think they're getting bigger bargains. the attorney says this miss leads consumers into thinking they're saving a hole lot of money. shoppers aren't happy about this at all. >> people see it as like oh wow it used to be thee hundred now it's if 50. in reality it was 298. >> it's disgraceful rea discount if you think about it and obviously they got caught. >> los angeles city attorney lawsuit seeks civil penn tease and laws to stop such pricing. things are rocky right now with you and other you may want to prepare yourself for this weekend. >> that's because all of the days in the year it turns out you're most likely to get dumped this sunday. data from facebook posts found december 11th is the busiest for break ups. the most important reason people break up in early december they don't want to waste that money on holiday gifts for people
10:40 pm
they're not interested in. many also want to start fresh for the new year. >> makes sense, right. >> i think so if you ever need add flashlight that would survive a wait is over. it's call the atomic flashlight plus does it live up to the claims? we're putting it to the deal or dud test. and our scott williams >> hi there, chris.y weeke already 32 degrees freezing in philadelphia. the colder air continues to funnel in. but will we see some snow? new information on the timing and changing even warming temperatures next. ♪ [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models. sales event ends january 3rd.
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male vo: comcast. [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models. sales event ends january 3rd. ♪ this time of year there's all kinds of grinches trying to ruin christmas joy. in salt lake city, a thief here caught on camera stealing packages from doorsteps. but he didn't just stumble upon them he actually followed ups truck and hit several homes. police are warning residents to be on the s thieves hyped the wheel. >> in the city it's pretty -- in the video it's pretty clear that was their plan. want they located ups truck it's not hard to just you know keep your distance and follow behind and pay attention to where they're going. >> ups says it's aware their trucks can be targets especially
10:44 pm
during the holidays. they say their drivers receive security training but said the details are kept confidentially. >> imagine a nash light so tough it can with stan the heat of a deep fryer. it's reality. and you can own it it's call the atomic beam usa flashlight. >> tonight consumer reporter steve noviello puts it to the deal or dud test.ter: when it cs to -- >> fried jump lie ya. >> reporter: fried finds. >> fried cookie dough. >> reporter: there are a few more famous. >> we have fried under our belt. >> reporter: we are the creators of fried butter, fried jump lay ya. fried peanut butter and jelly and ba nan nan san wishes fried cookie dough. fried everything. >> reporter: whoa. wait just a minute my fried fair friend. everything? >> introducing atomic beam. >> reporter: makers atomic beam flashlight say while not meant to be tasty or tried at
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home their flashlight is so tough it can be deep frie fake. it can't be. >> volunteered to put that claim to the deal or dud test. >> we even got french fries just like t >> reporter: fresh for the fryer brand now batteries. the flashlight fully functional. >> it is bright. before we dish up what could be disastrous, the rest of the products claim atomic beach flashlight does pack plenty of light much tha question but tough? that we'd like to test. in the ad it's tough enough to withstand the weight of a fire truck. >> this particular truck itself weighs about 34 and a half tons. our test no trouble. >> looks like it passes the te test. >> come over here and give me a try. >> reporter: back at the fire.
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the flashlight defied a direct hit. >> awesome. that's pretty hard. >> just like at the , a daring drop. >> and while it also with stood our submersion test, thatly waterproof when we froze it in a block of ice water got inside which caused its components to freeze and stop working. until we dried it out replaced the batteries and powered it on again. which brin -- fried peanut butter and jelly i never fried this before. >> to able gonzales his deep fryer an >> okay. it's still going. >> which faired just fine not once -- >> one, two, three, four, five. >> but twice. >> it survived. check it outm usa flashlight. deal or dud.
10:47 pm
>> that's a deal, man. we fried the sucker. it's still living. it's still bright. >> deal. >> it goes without saying these tests are extreme it's not co any of them. the atomic beach flashlight retails for about 20 buck a link to the manufacturers website on my facebook fan page and our station website. i'm steve november november. that's my 2 cents, spen wisely. >> and there you have it. and let's turn it over now to scott williams to see what we have for the weekend. i know cold scott. >> more cold. i mean today's high temperature look at this, dawn, only 38 degrees. the last time it was this cold you have to head all the way back to february the 18th. so it's been 10 months semperaty topped out in the upper 30s. look at ultimate doppler right now. dry, quiet for most. some lake effect snow still on going around parts of great valley for today. much. zooming in little closer right now sections of berks county,
10:48 pm
northern chester county also moving into parts of montgomery county there might be a tonight is just going to be the down right cold condition 32 degrees right now. but it feels like 24 degrees when you factor in thosen millvc city. we're looking at currently in pottstown. 19 in the pocono mountains. still kind of breezy right now on average. we have sustain winds anywhere from about 10 to 15 miles per hour. like temperatures. this is how your body reacts. how you should dress it feels like 7 degrees in the poconos. it feels like 21 in 19 is what it feels like right now in lancaster. so cold for the overnight. we're looking at those numbers dipping down to upper 20s in philadel 26 in wilmington. 24 degrees when you wake up saturday morning in reading. what about saturday across the
10:49 pm
region? upper 30s center city. 40 degrees that should just about do it down the shore. it stays kind of blustery as well a couple of passing flurries can't be ruled out in the 36 degrees. let's go hour by hour on sunday. because it will stay cold. it will be cloudy and north and west during afternoon we're watching out around berks county, the lehigh v some lightd it will likely accumulate the onset of tha so a couple of inches not out of the question for north and west and then as we go toward overnight sunday into monday, note those temperatures starting to warm up into the upper 30s even 40s by early on monday. so north and west we're watching that change over maybe a brief period of some freezing rain but then watch what 7am. we're talking rain in allentown. rain in the poconos. so anything that accumulates is just going to be washed away by the warming temperatures and that rainfall.before that chango
10:50 pm
rain washing things away? you can see places like reading, allentown, maybe a brief one to. higher expects oncove towards parts of the poconos rain elsewhere across the area. showing i was cold weekend cold at the linc as well. another wintry mix on wednesday. friday, sean, only right around freezing. >> cold at the linc that might be how you want to describe the season for the eagles this year. that's right. n especially for a struggling rookie quarterback on losing tht times and how about this a little friday light statep woods taking on harrisburg for the title. we have your highlights next.
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
after starting the season off three and zero and those were good times eagles have struggled to say the least now sitting at five and seven and
10:54 pm
basically he will limb nated post season play it's now about the small thing as the birds close out the season. one, not so small thing to focus on is the play of rookie quarterback carson wentz. wentz had his moments this schedule has an extra five gama. wentz was part of four straight national championship teams. not only playing quarterback at the professional level knew to wentz, so is losing. >> it's frustrating. no one likes losing especially in this business as quarterback, upping, i'm wired to be a winner. but you know at the same time it doesn't affect us going forward. i know it doesn't affect me. i can probably say the same thing for the guys in that locker room. we'll come in and prepare and be the same win or lose.peing of le seen few times over the past few years. players quit on andy reid and just last year players quit on chip kelly. so it's important for doug pederson so not allow that to happen over the next four games
10:55 pm
and safety malcolm j that's more on the players in the locker room rather than doug pederson. >> although i love doug, doug is not the reason i get up and play and go to work every day. it's about the guys in the room. i don't think our effort or how we play, how we perform is a direct reflection of dug. you know it is his job obviously to lead us and get us prepared to play, but a lot of that onus is on us as players. >> the temple owls are looking for new head coach. recent names that have surfaced to take over for the now bound matt ruhle is former texas long horn coach charlie strong. if you were to poll the players it seems they want snow, not talking about the weather here. as in the current defensivew. how about this? check this out. social media action here. former temple star pleaded i'm all for phil snow as your head coach. this guy has taught me more about the same of football than anyone i know hash tag tufb.
10:56 pm
check the forecast expecting a lot of snow in philadelphia. hash tag let it snow. that one s about. finally we end with high school football 5a state championship featuring archbishop wood and harrisburg all wood in this one running back sean thomas with a 35-yard touchdown run. archbishop wood went 37-10. wood started the season 11 straight. their third straight title in four seasons. st. joe's prep plays tomorrow. congratulations. >> good job. . >> thank you guys. that does it for us at 10:00 o'clock. dawn timmeney standing by with what's coming up at 11:00. dawn? >> he will were, chris, if you have a pad it's probably hard to imagine live without them for your furry friend you could be providing you with lot more than company. new information about the invisible battles pets are helping us win. plus your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. remember your mega million
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lottery drawing is next.
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