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tv   Chasing News  FOX  December 10, 2016 12:30am-12:53am EST

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>> what you say about this? tey children. none one nobody told us. >> you have more for us on the wooung sisters. in their own apartment. >> i'm in the bronx atome point avenue part of a beautiful memorial for two sisters,
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2-year-old and 1-year-old who were killed on wednesday after a home. i spoke with the girl's father, peter ambrose one-on-one. >> do think it's the landlords fault here? >> i don't the landlord, i don't know.bout the radiator and my babies room the other people but nobody told. >> the family came from maine to new york city in hopes of pursuingt cp a gofundme site. te site. the goal listed was $10000, the latest update was that amily for the holidays.y so they
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according to the new york post, both parents are using methadone to treat drug addiction. i spoke to the bronx borough presidtight now that will most of us are buying gifts aon bear their two daughters. i don't want to comment right now. >> i talk to a local councilman who would like to introduce new legislation to prevent a similar tragedy. >> the first piece of legislations is my understanding that is not part of the inspection checklist. they o on the radiator needs to be checked. the second piece of legislation is requiring alsr they should have a barrier radiator covers. >>ha do?
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>> this is the worst week of wok week for michael whose 19-year-old daughterr has been missing a new jersey where she d with her father and afternoon just hours before her 1994 silver oldsmobile was found al theh the keys inside. >> what were concerned with is what she was with a few people. others have seen her. her. we just don't know what happened friday evening. >> that county crime stoppers is offering a $5000 reward for information in the case. several agencies included police have been searching for ribednds with long brown hair and hazel eyes. her father says she graduated from neptune high school last she is an inspiring artist. >> something happened with her.
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like an epiphany. she just started doing pencil sketches, absolutely amazing >> her family is holding a search party saturday to look toucover and they ask anyone who has a desire to help them to please come out. the. the search starts at 8:30 a.m., people are meeting at pavilion ocean grove at the intersection of ocean avenue and ocean if you have information call the mon stoppers. >> this has got to be a horrible ordeal forehowed not shut up, is he resigning himself to the possibility >> of course no parent wants to give up hope in a case like is also looking at the reality that it has been several daystes
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have been looking through the water. >> the weather and the circumstances really hinder search efforts. it is becoming bitterly cold. we are state. also getting people into the water near the bridge is verye t her credit cards, or cell phone has been used over the last week? that's a good indication as to whether or not someone is out it has not shed any light on the situation. they said the biggest goal right now is to find sarah. they're keeping there alive. >> only time will tell. thank you for bringing us u updg to. >> oh, i'm a this a hate crime.
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he said his home was burglarized with the words kkk and many thie walls. wi tndohe walls of hisfee neighborhood and was making plans to move. >> talk about being at the right place at the right time. look at this youtube video arst are going towardn there is an opportunity to pass highway. so there is a car coming right e lanes was behind the car he almost hit was anget in the
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ambulance. >> i have no mor we could be joking. >> excellent. >> i can't wait to see what comes out of this. >> we all know that you should n >> excellent intro. thank you. everyonee kn is arguably the most famous backside on instagram. with over 10 million followers. she has found fame i stay shape it. she uses the platform to spread fitness philosophy encouraging people to stay healthy. >> what motivates me i gym and be happy and motivated. if i can can help them with workouomething she teamed up with the liberty science center to strengthen the appeal the exhibit body
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repeal. so she peeledetal vascur system works. seejen have the same message of body see right in the middle jersey city. process before he got to work. >> i will palpate on the bod the muscles are ready. so when the person moves the mo. so a person can actually see how the muscles would be working real-time on the body. >> for three hours she went in >> check it out. beautiful. >> it was easy to get distracted she would like people to focus on the most serious asp on her shoulders and you have to
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loosen ur asure and the >> the bodies revealed exhibit now. if you want to go hurry up, it's only through january 16. for more for? in white jen and the liberty science center want to do this. we all hhveere? is it in our project are signs? >> the point of the take care or bodies you have to unde yow it once you understand >> i really love the project. going on and it's very cool. i think what she's doing is awesome. anatomy checkbook. >> alli tower where bigwigs of the republican party >> fight at trump tower peoples
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stop by to visi meeting. i enjoyed coming up in meeting with the president-elect. we talked about the transition. excited abouts weekend he is ho the army-navy game in baltimorey side and the other half on t president barack obama has there bush. >> michael. >> it might be snowing to alex. >> oh my goodness. >> guess what? temperatureome precipitation. you could be expecting snow in
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parts of the tri-statexpcting aw little we have the one and only, the bernie reno from bernie, it is coming down already where you are. howove te introduction. if we can do that all the time and i can get my bout the that would be >> we have plenty of cold this weekend. you need that before you talk about snow. for new jersey much of the snow proble w doemill be in the nortn part of theill be likely late sunday night into monday morning. i think think by a large this is going to be rain in central it jersey. it will be snow that goes to rain but keep in mind monday morning accordingly there will b of for every event
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with a nice lapels, are you wearing spats or no? >> no, i am not. >> they are not good in the snow. thank y's our choice, whee going to stay where we are or whether we'll push fo zone. >> these programs help people on prat
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>> check out the video from cleveland, tennessee. officer ws participating in the bate army. the police deparesound system os plea's car. they put it on facebook and right now it has over 800,000 views. the officers in total raised $1141 total raised $1141.6 for the salvation army that good for them. this is his first year and let's hope he does it every year. >> i will give him 6 cents to never do it again. >> you're such a grinch. it it has nothing to do with o to minnesota. temperatures in the minneapolis suburbs are already inshomewherf
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enterprise folks and partaking. the crew in the area is making castle entirely out of bicycles fd ice it as you be ready the new year. guess it stays really cold in minnesota for a long time. people canlan a trip to minneso. >> what you can do right nowot e your life but change the generation. you stay firm and use yourinowg to win. >> chef inspired the culinary
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instructor at the culinary arts breaking the cycle of reentry andased on patterson these programs help welfare recipients has walls people on probation and parole develop the skills they need to reenter the workplace. welso teach them other different components like life skills.e, how to deal with problems, how to work through situations because a lot of them are coming through difficult times in their life. >> everyday the culinary arts students are picked up from months they come together as a team events. after the shelf explains the many for the day he the prep ans get to work. >> i have a decent, tablespoon, that's it. >> this program is so much more than a culinary arts culinary school. it's a life skills pr
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that's helping people get a new start at life with new skills and great friends. the program has a 50% job entry rate with no matter what their angle it's clear the students are passionate about being in the program. >> every d whether were going to stay whereeoing to push forwardn for for me getting out of our z. >> oh my gosh, that is flavorful. that is so >> it is getting hot in here. >> it is so >> they create a working together seamlessly, communicating and supporting each other. >> we work like a well oiled machine. >> if you want the culinary's to cater your next event you can
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reach out to the st. paul community development corporation. tweet m the event. >> they are not suppoi >> 123, their flakes above endless summer they played flag footballurament. they di't they are -- new.
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these i don't want to miss. but when i'm it's hard to live in the moment. health plan through for financial help, most don't pay full price. most can f$100 dollars.h monthly premms having a health plan means less worry and more great moments. visit enroll by december 15 for coverage starting january 1.
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that was funny. >> yes. >> not>[a5df]
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>> a new york giant player.
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>> new york giant >> check out this it has to be the most elro christmas lights. an incredible incredible video that just broke a guinness world record. the e-commerce company creates n christmas lights. if you don't know who he is they had been watch this and benson invention. this 112412 individual mechanics involved in this. it's pretty nuts. >> opener christie and the atlantic city mayor had an epic battle this year over the crashing visions over how to save atlantic city. tons of accusations, governor christie called the mayor of atlantic city and a lot higher.
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what he was trying to do was have a takeover of the citygern. the state did take over atlantic city but it doesn't bode well for the city? i will break it down for you, tune in tune in sunday at noon on my nine. >> we are deep to them introducing you guys these players are awesome, their local, local, and their age 11, 12, 13 their flag football team based in new jersey they played a flag football tournament tournament sponsored by new york jets. there they got trained and the
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first female coach in the nfl. back in their home in blairstown new jersey where the scrimmages against like football teams full the time. it is not hard to see why. these ladies know how to keep their eyes on the ball. >> literally every ten minutes they can see them growing in the sport they had no bad habits. >> i was a female college athlete these bright young ladies reminded me that it's not about gender. >> i think boys underestimate girls a little bit.hem. but we don't really care it's just a game. there's no difference between girls and boys when it comes to sports. >> it's a sport of where his thinking and teamwork. you have to listen any have to know what's happening around you. >> under the brigh pouring rains looked awesome. meanwhile the boys his style
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needs a little workup. today .. on the chase and what the future holds for these ladies and determined athletes.heimit. >> have to say these girls went from knowing nothing about football to becoming a team and being excellent football athletes. not just athletes, but football athletes. >> was her competition question her, and the other girls, preteen plague for ball teams are they around the state or country? >> they come from different schools because they're not a lot like them. this one flaked football tournament is the only one they can actually plan in the country right now. >> i think of how girls good they're going to be when they hit high school and they're going to have to do the junior no competition. >> was like 9:00 o'cclock at night and it started pouring rain. they didn't miss a beat. they did not want to stop or go home. french, bad
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-- >> chasing news, chasing news, chasing news. >> trend politicians at again, this time what they want to do, now that they've secured their ability to borrow up to $12 billion and of course the revenue coming from the new gas tax. they wanted transportation trust want to borrow more than 1,000,000,000 dollars strictly from the pensions and then when their parent back the interest that will go to shore up the pension system. here's the problem, the unfunded future liabilities are projected to be somewhere near $80 billion. interest on the still come about 50 million. it's not even a drop in the bucket. the worst part is it dedicates this tax money 11 cents which is already going to old that is just going to go to new debts. as we told you, the bard money doesn' all. it's a trenton shell game with your money. what you think happens when they fall short year after year? they come back forre. you can stop them on
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november 2017 we have an election coming up. the entire legislature is up for reelection and will have a new governor. the time to change is coming in november. think about it, we'll keep talking about it. thank. >> another day chasing news, will continue my investigation into the ocean county gop. if you have information you want to take a look at hot up us on twitter a chasing news. things were chasing news. thanks for watching. see you monday, have a good weekend. >> have a story we should know about? >> have a story we should know about? help us chase it down by
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