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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  December 12, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EST

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happening right now on fox 29 morning news, frigid temperatures and slick streets , it could affect your morning commute. we will tell you what you need to know before you head out that door. and pretty somber start to this work on this monday, just sad news, we are all mourning together the community gathering to honor and remember a new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty. it was touching. >> also a federal judge is going to decide fate of chaka fattah, punishment that could be dulled out for the former u.s. congressman. good day it is a monday. we have weather on this day. here we go. >> that is a monday. >> we have to get together here. >> shoulder pads here.
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>> okay. >> what is that? >> okay. >> weather this morning, i i i can't worry about blouses and stuff. >> that shows you how hard sue works. >> it tells us, yes. >> wintry, mix to talk about this morning. >> right, but here's what is happening as we speak national weather service has lifted the winter weather advisory in our counties because we are seeing a change over, from the snow, the freezing rain, and to just rain, and so we got chester, montgomery, bucks, they have lifted just now the winter weather advisory from lancaster county. if we have mostly rain there, berks, lehigh, northampton, carbon monroe still have winter weather advisory till in effect. temperature, that is what is critical we are above freezing in lancaster right around freezing in reading, pottstown right in the freezing mark, 38 in philadelphia, nothing but rain here, 39 in wilmington.
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look at wildwood they are 52 degrees right now. now we will look at radar, pinkies the freezing rain, yellow is the heavy rain, and then white and blue that is snow and you can see it is all changeable here north and west of the city and that is where your travel will be most tricky, other issues this morning will be fog, and we have poor visibility in philadelphia international right now, just a mile and a half, even worse then that in pottstown, and reading, and trenton reduced visability as well because of all this moisture coming through, and snowfall as far as totals are concerned we may end up with 2 e an inch before the changeover in reading, and in allentown. so plan on the rain with us throughout the morning and then mostly cloudy skies and it is looking like when we get into 50, 52 degrees in the city we could see some sub shine later in the day but it is really tricky this morning,
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bob kelly especially north and west of the city because of those changeable temperatures and that changes the type of precipitation that we get. >> yes, certainly. of course, depending upon where you begin and end you can see a little bit of everything this morning. again, defensive driving. here's a great example a little bit of everything. we have heavy rain. you can see it in the road surface here. we have that spray coming up off the cars and trucks in front of you. this is construction zone, so again, the drainage grates are never located, we get that quick ponding, puddling on all of the major roadways. the look at this tractor trailer coming on by you can see how it is kicking water left and white and we're dealing with some fog, it is little will bit of everything from mother nature on the breakfast buffet. here's a live look at ben franklin bridge an example of the fog you cannot even make out the sky scrapers, i could not even make out the house the houses all lit up on boat house row on my way in this morning. speed, and the temperature, will be the two things that determine our rush hour right
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now, expect slower then normal speeds on the schuylkill and on i-95, hydroplaning was coming in quick put your coffee cup down both hand on the wheel as you are coming in the city this morning. now also with the septa regional rails they kick in a new timetable over the weekend so make sure before you leave the house you down load that new schedule that they are rolling with this morning. and market frankford and subway using shuttle buses until 5:00. karen and thomas, back to you. we will begin with a break ing news at 4:04 a teenager is now dead gunned down in cobbs creek. >> police are searching for one suspect, they say was wearing a mask. lets get out to sabina kuriakose, tank by at police headquarters with the very latest on the investigation, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, thomas and karen. this was an especially brutal slaying. the 17 year-old was shot in the face, and they say his killers left him to die in the the streets. the lets go to video that we have got for you from the scene where it happened around 60th and market, and cobbs
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creek section of the city, happened around half past midnight witnesses described a man wearing all black, and a mask, as one of the gunman police do not have a motive yet the in this case but they do say that they believe that this teenager was intended target in all, about 11 shots were fired from two different weapons. >> we found eight spent shell casings, of a small caliber, and we found three other spent shell casings, of a larger caliber. so we know two semiautomatic guns were fired. many of the shell casing is very close proximity to where the victim's body collapsed. that is an indication that the shooter was in close proximity to the victim. >> reporter: again, police do believe that there was more than one suspect here, and police do say they have a lucky break there was apparently a real time crime
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camera one of the cities cameras positioned right above the scene where they say that the gun man, shot down, this victim. now, they also have surveillance video from several businessness that area and they are hoping those clues lead to whoever did this , back here live here at homicide, detectives are right the now interviewing witnesses as well, as the victim's family members hoping to piece together exactly what led to the 17 year-old being shot in the face left to die in the street in cobbs creek. thomas and karen back to you. we now you though critical those can be, thank you. final farewell to a new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty, trooper frankie williams will be laid to rest today in atlantic city just one week after that head on crash that took his life. >> our jenny joyce is outside boardwalk hall where mourners will be gathering in just a few hours here, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, karen and thomas from 8:00 until 10:00 o'clock this morning, we do expect to see family and friend of fallen new jersey state trooper frankie williams arrive here at boardwalk hall for the
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first of two viewings. the 31 year-old trooper died one week ago today while responding to a call with ane rag you can driver on route 55 in millville, new jersey. while on the highway a car that matched description of that driver crossed over a grass median and then slammed into trooper williams patrol car. the driver, 61 year-old lloyd rudly died at the scene. trooper williams died later at coupe are university hospital. according to those that know trooper williams become a state trooper is a dream come true. he is remembered as a kind caring person who put others first. apparently williams graduated from the police academy in january of this year, he was a newlywed who leaves behind a wife obvious three months. while the first visitation is from family and friend, the second viewing will be held for members of the williams law enforcement family, that will be held from 10:00 a.m. until noon today and the at 12:00 p.m. trooper williams public funeral will be begin here at boardwalk hall, karen
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and thomas. >> jenny, of course we will be on ton on this all day long. sentencing begins for former u.s. congress manning chaka fattah. he will appear in federal court in center city. fattah was convicted in june on racketeering, fraud, money laundering charges. prosecutors say he illegally borrowed one million-dollar from his non-profit from his unsuccessful bid for mayor y could sentence fattah up to 21 years in prison. the proceedings could take a few days because several witnesses are scheduled to testify on his behalf. trump transition we have a one on one with the president-elect donald trump. >> he sat down with "fox news" to discuss his possible secretary of state pick in the cia's report that russia influenced the presidential election, to help his candidacy. brain yenis reports. >> what i'm doggies a calling. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump made his first appearance on a sunday morning political show since the election sitting down with chris wallace on "fox news"
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sunday, one of the biggest questions is his pick for secretary of state, exxon mobile ceo rex tillersonnies on the short list but mr. trump isn't ready to confirm anything. >> he does massive deals in russia. he does massive deals for the company, not just for himself but for the company. i have tremendous respect for him. >> reporter: mr. trump dismissing the cia report that russia influenced the election so he could win. >> i don't believe it. i don't know why and i think it is just, you know, they are talking about all sorts of things, every week it is another excuse. >> reporter: but that is in contrast to the reaction from other republicans. members of the senate arms services committee including senator john mccain calling for these claims to be fully investigated saying that the parties must work together. >> we would be working in the the bipartisan basis. you cannot make this issue partisan. the it is too important. fundamental of a democracy is a free and fair election. >> this is a form of warfare,
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for vladamire putin who is a thug and a bull i for him to be trying to impact our elections, we have to, there has to be, he has to be held accountable. >> reporter: president-elect made clear he is not interested in having daily intelligence briefings. >> i don't need to be told, chris the same thing, every day every morning, same words, sir, nothing has change, let's go over it again. i don't need that. >> reporter: trump's transition team says we could expect an announcement who will be trump's secretary of state as early as this week. in new york, brian llenas, "fox news". 4:10. archdiocese of philadelphia is closing doors of four churches for good sadly. they made this announcement on sunday but they will be shutting saint madeline sophie church and saint teresa of the child jesus church in philadelphia st. augustine church this bridgeport montgomery county and assumption of the blessed virgin mary church in west grove chester county. some churches have merged with others and people only using original building for a
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handful of services. in upper deerfield township, new jersey, investigators are trying to figure out why that tractor trailer plowed into a church, this happened last evening on the 1500 block of route 77, it is seriously damaged the cumberland county church. fortunately, no one was injured. eagles fans, not happy, not happy at all about yesterday's 27-22 loss to the redskins. but some fans we caught up without side the link were taking another defeat in stride. >> this year was, you know, rookie season. i'm not too bad, you know, but i thought we would be better this year. >> it was close. they tried. it is okay. i still bleed green. i don't care. it is almost. it is a game. >> they had it, they had the ability to come back in the long run, so, it was a tough loss in the end when we thought they had a chance to come back late. >> they were close. we will see if they can pull off the win next week against ravens in baltimore.
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coming up next on the fox 29 morning news at the 4:11, temperatures in our area this morning, they are told. a warm up is on the the way, but it will not last long. wait until you see the forecast straight ahead. plus a little bit of movie magic, there is a new denzel movie fences getting a looked of wards buzz but no more fence sit to go day they are making the announcements on the golden globe nominees, who do you think, which movie do you think will be making that list? we will break that down.
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welcome back. we're talking about the weather, you can see departure screen because a lot of the airports affected across the midwest they have 6 inches in many places. snow forcing airlines to ground 1800 flights across this country. worst problems, of course in, chicago's o'hare where hundreds were stranded because of so much snow. and then it is expect to be several days before everything returns to normal. the slick snow and ice being blamed for frightening moment aboard a delta plane. and flight was coming from buffalo on the runway when it slid, dozens of feet off the tarmac and right in the grass. all passengers made it off that plane safely and of course had shaken nerves. i can't imagine. when i got up and looked outside window there was snow flakes, by the time i got in my car it was already raining. >> that is right, the warmer air is moving in, bye boy we didn't have any warm air over weekend. nine days until official start of winter but you wouldn't wouldn't have known it with the temperatures.
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with those temperatures in place we did start off with snow, wintry precipitation when this all started last night. look where we are with temperatures well above freezing in philadelphia. 38 degrees, we're right at freezing in pottstown, just a degree above in reading and lancaster. thirty-two in allentown. twenty-nine in mount pocono. again, critical parties northern and western suburbs, we have been talking about this ever since we talk about this event, phoenixville 32, well above freezing in malvern , 36 in newtown square right at 32 in doylestown. it is some of these places we have been seeing freezing rain , we have been seeing some snow falling as well, and now that line between the rain and freezing rain in the snow is moving northward because to this is a warm front coming south to north to the area. where we have the yellow and orange that is where it is raining heavily and that seems to be in montgomery county and parts of the bucks county, very changeable in allentown right now. tricky travel for sure, up there and even parts of the chester county you can see that pink around pottstown where we could have some
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tricky travel as well, it looks like up in the mountains , and, just to the south of the mountains, it is where we see the snow. future cast has, this continuing, through about 6:00 . even with heavier rain in philadelphia but change over is complete the by 7:00 o'clock. that is where everything starts to move out of here. by 8:00 we are seeing last gasp of the rain, by 9:00 it is just lingering at the shore , and then by ten or 11:00 most of this rain is out of here, by three we will see some sunshine. so we will wrap it you will all up in the seven day forecast and after we are finish with this this mess we have a couple regular wintry december days and look at polar plunge, on thursday, a high of only 26 degrees, and high of 24, on friday. then another mess but that one will probably happen on saturday. so bob kelly, it is not boring >> not at all. >> i got to get my fox 29 long johns out of the closet. good morning, everybody. here's what we're dealing with
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in south jersey along the 42 freeway. the here's right where the freeway end and atlantic city expressway begins right in this area police responding to an accident. so again, depending upon where you you begin and end your trip just a couple miles can make a difference. the road surface, karen and sue just mentioned from snow flakes to rain, ponding, one of those yucky starts to a morning rush hour but again atlantic city expressway east of the 42 freeway. here's a live look at 422 near 29, heavy, ponding, rain, we're also dealing with some really thick fog in some spots , here's a live look downtown on the vine a street expressway, crew did his not work last night so vine is opened, but what is also opened brand new e-z pass on ramp for gang in lansdale. expect weather delays on all of the septa's regional rail lines plus the slippery platforms, watch for slippery bus steps as you board and exit the bus and also new regional rail schedules went into effect today.
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as we go for a ride northbound lanes, no problems at all, say good morning to dusty and gale 's house, hello atco, new jersey they are all decorated. they have lights up, tied them down nice and good. keep those pictures coming. the as we will kick off another very kelly christmas week here. we are looking for the best home to go visit this week to snap a picture to facebook, twitter, instagram, use the # fox 29 lights contest so i can show the lights here on tv and then one night this week, we will visit somebody's home and broadcast live during the five and 6:00 o'clock newscast , karen and thomas, back to you. taking a look at other top stories right now guilty verdict for person accused of fatally shooting a retired new orleans saint football player. cardel heyes learned his fate sunday evening in the former shooting of the defense i have leader will smith. heyes faces 40 years behind bars. he will be sentenced early next year. he claims he shot the football player because he was drunk, violent and grabbed a gun following a traffic crash in
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april. time right now 4:20. lets go overseas. dozens dead and more injured after terror attacks in egypt and turkey over the weekend. here's the latest details a bomb tore through saint marks cathedral in egypt sunday morning killing 25 people and wounding 49. while on saturday night, kurd ish separatist attacked a soccer stadium in downtown is tanbul. thirty-eight people died. 150 were injured. turkish bombing is a latest in the string of violence that targeted police forces in the past 18 months. horrific sunday in africa where rescuers are continuing to search for survivors in the ruble, after a church collapse s in southern nigeria, at least 160 worshipers were killed, many others trapped, and the iron roof and metal girder caved in on them during the services on sunday this church had been just built but officials say that the construction, was rushed. time right now 4:21. we know eagles didn't pull through but how about those fly guys?
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nine in a roast. >> all right. speaking of numbers whether it is on the ice or grid iron how you about numbers for your lottery here are winning ones. we hope you you have them.
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eagles fall, couch doug pederson questioned their effort and yesterday they got effort but they didn't get the win. in the fourth quarter eagles down 21-13, leodis mckelvin
4:24 am
great play jumps the route and that is a pick six. eagles will will miss two-point conversion but get a field goal to take the lead. then the redskins were striking back. look at this chris thompson with the sweep, find some room , daylight, and that is a touchdown, washington takes, back the lead, 27-22, now with just seconds left eagles with one last the shot but ryan kerrigan with the strip, sack, watch this, recovers the ball, eagles lose their fourth straight, 27-22. >> it is tough, there is obviously in games like this you just think of those couple plays, those couple lays, differently, outcome could be different, we have had a lot of games like that this season and frustrating and at the same time we have to keep learning, keep growing as a team. >> that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. and, of course, the flyers band wagon has plenty of room. in overtime did you see this one.
4:25 am
brayden schenn coming up clutch, flyers win one to nothing, giving them their ninth straight win, this is their first nine game winning streak since 1995. >> reason to celebrate here. >> basketball sixers and pistons, with the nerlens noel he had the reverse dunk in his first bucket of the season. he would later twist his left ankle and he is fine but didn't return to that game. sixers getting a win 97-79. of course, we are not just talking about football and eagles lets talk about them and little kid because they can bring home big success in west oak lane a joyful home coming for a team that has won it all, northwest raiders unloaded on sunday, they won their warner national championship, in florida, over weekend. great job, you hoist up that trophy right there. third straight win they have taken title. football players have tremendous dedication, they maintain their grades in school, and practiced so hard to get to this point. they don't have their own home
4:26 am
field to bring it home. >> coming up at 4:30 it is a sad morning we are saying good bye to the hero. >> live at boardwalk to the final farewell to new jersey state trooper who died in the line of duty. also ahead this morning, hanukkah helpers paying it forward, boxing up a little holiday cheer for folks who can certainly use it. we have a lot of weather that is happening on this monday morning, sue serio, bob kelly will be staying on top of it all to get where you need to go on this wet, rainy, freezing rainy monday morning.
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a somber start this week, in atlantic city. the whole community is gathering to honor and remember a new jersey state trooper, killed in the line of duty. also ahead on this monday a federal judge is going to decide fate of chaka fattah today what could be in store for the former u.s. congressman. and pretty darn cold out there and pretty darn wet out there, we have a lot of different precipitation falling on our heads right now , so bob and sue will track down what we need to know before we head out the door. >> we need a bright spot. great to have you with us, cold, raining, eagles lost, it the is monday. >> flyers and sixers both won.
4:30 am
>> flyers winning streak up to nine. >> hi guys, so many, and. and, all this rain. >> and, then we have got another polar plunge later this week to tell you about. >> it is cold. >> we have to get you through monday morning and we can promise you a mess right now, just depend where you are what kind of a mess it is, is it rain, freezing rain or is it snow? winter weather advisory has shrubbing a little bit half of chester county and montgomery county and bucks county, the western half, or northwestern and then berks, lehigh, northampton, carbon, monroe where we expect more winter weather at least over next hour or so. temperature critical here. we are a degree above freezing in lancaster and reading, right at freezing in allentown and pottstown but well above in philadelphia which is why we're only seeing rain here. thirty-nine in wilmington. fifty-one atlantic city. the types of precipitation is
4:31 am
all color coded on that radar map, pink freezing rain, white , blue are snow, and then the green and also the orange and reds that is rain, and some of this rain is heavier at times, we will talk more about where that is happening? other issue we have to deal with this morning is fog, we have reduced visibility of a mile and a half at philly international. things get better later on today with a high temperature bob kelly, of 50 degrees. >> we will take it. we have the whole kay beyond box full of colors on that map good morning. 4:31. it is monday, i know you feel like pulling those covers back over your head and staying right where you are. i did think bit. live look at the blue route, 476, roads are just wet. we have spray. depending upon where you begin and end your trip, roads will be wet, they will be slippery, they could also be snow covered, here's a picture from the poconos, the northeast extension, at the pocono interchange, good news here, it is that the snow is
4:32 am
sticking to the grass surface and not so much the road surface but the road crews, north of lansdale have been outputting down that layer of salt, no plow trucks, salt trucks, only just to keep things opened. so again as we roll out, for 38, further north you go, temperatures are lower, so again, the first ones out of the gate, things could be slippery here this morning. atlantic city expressway heading east in towards new jersey, east of the freeway an accident and newtown, route 332 which is newtown richboro road in that stretch, right at rocky way, all lanes are blocked, because of an accident. again, hydroplaning this morning, possibility of all situations. major roadways even your on and off ramps we have a new e-z pass on ramp opening up and septa has a new schedule this morning for regional rail lines. so make sure you grab that new timetable and expect weather delays, not only on the rails, but also down at philly international. karen and thomas, back over to
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you. thanks, bob. 4:32. barrage of bull nets cobbs creek this morning and a teenager is dead. >> right now is there a search for one mask gunman who opened fire in the streets. the lets get out to sabina kuriakose at the police headquarters with what we know at at this early hour, sabina. >> reporter: last moments must have been absolutely terrifying. police say he was show the in the the face at close range, by a mask gunman. here's video that we got from the scene, just after it happened, around 60th and market in the cobbs creek section of the city. it happened around 12:30 emergency crews found the young man dying on the sidewalk. luckily police believed they do have some major pieces of evidence, that they hope will lead to the suspected killers. police say young man had been shot several times with at least two separate weapons. they don't yet have a motive but they do believe that the 17 year-old was targeted. here's chief inspector scott the small talking about the
4:34 am
clues detectives have gathered so far. >> fortunately at intersection of 60th and market streets there are numerous, philadelphia police, real time crime cameras, and one of the cameras is directly over where the victim collapsed. at 60th and market. we also found several businesses, at the intersection of 60th and market that also have exterior surveillance cameras. so we're pretty confident with that, some of these cameras recorded this shooting, that led to a homicide of the 17 year-old victim. >> reporter: police do believe that there was more than one shooter involved, in all of this, back here live, homicide detectives right now interviewing witnesses who were at the scene as well as family members of the victims who arrived and a short time later, again, this morning, a 17 year-old shot in the face, in cobbs creek, he has died, guys, back to you. >> another difficult scene out there this morning, sabina,
4:35 am
thank you. we know funeral services will be held this morning to say good bye to a new jersey state trooper, frankie williams. >> he was killed last week in the head on collision in millville. our jenny joyce is outside boardwalk hall where mourners are gathering in just a few hours here, jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. from 8:00 to 10:00 o'clock this morning we know family and friend will be arriving here for a viewing at boardwalk hall in atlantic city. that is the first of two viewings this morning. the 31 year-old trooper died one week ago today while responding to a call about eradic driver on route 55, in millville. while on the highway a car that matched description of the that driver crossed over a grass median and slammed into trooper williams patrol car, the driver 61 year-old lloyd r udly died at the scene, trooper williams died later at cooper university hospital, according to those who knew trooper williams, becoming a state trooper was a dream come true, remembered as a kind, caring person who put others
4:36 am
first, apparently williams graduated from the police academy in january of this year. he was a newlywed who leaves behind a wife obvious three months on the first variety tation in for family and friend a second viewing will be held for members of the williams law enforcement family. that would be held from 10:00 a.m. until noon time to take with the public funeral to begin at 12:00 p.m. karen and thomas. >> all right, jenny, thank you so much. other news from new jersey detectives in clementon are asking for your help, they are hoping that somebody knows whereabouts of lance james, this is a 29 year-old veteran had been missing since december 2nd. as our joann pillegi reports, his family is extremely worried. >> it has been nine days now and we have no idea where he is at. we called morgues, we called hospitals, every where, the jails, nobody has had a john doe. >> reporter: twenty-nine year-old marine lance james was last seen at the this bar in clementon last week.
4:37 am
according to people at the bar he was escorted out and struggled with other bar patrons. police showed up and james left. >> our biggest concern is what happened to him on his walk home because he never made it home friday. he would have went home. he is not the type of person to not contact his family. >> reporter: lance james and brittany married while he served in the marines, they had a daughter together five years ago, and then separated, two years ago. before it the any says that lance suffered from ptsd and had a difficult time interest greating in civilian life after his discharge. >> he was a good person. he was just suffering, a lot, mentally and everybody was trying to get him help. we just want to find him. >> that was joann pillegi reporting f anyone has seen james call the clementon police. the sergeant is sergeant boyle we have the number that we will put on our facebook page
4:38 am
fox 29 to the come. love to see community coming together here. more than 6,000 boxes full of food for families in need are ready in our area. this is ahead of hon contact jewish relief agency hosted a day full of packing and sorting at its warehouse in northeast philadelphia group of more than 400 volunteers, from all background spent their sunday preparing those boxes. >> volunteers that come out are really an inspiration for me, for the staff and for each other, seeing the whole community to come together around service, and it is something that i think we can all get behind at this time of the year, and i think every month throughout the year. >> jewish relief agency distributed food for more than ... >> all right, so once again jewish relief agency distributes food to more than 3200 low income families in the greater philadelphia area. 4:38. did you see this over the
4:39 am
weekend? i can't wait to see the clip. walter white breaking bad on s nl. look who is being selected to run the dea? yeah, we will play more of this when we come back. the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make: flaky, delicious, piping hot things.
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golden brown and sticky things. fresh out of the oven, why can't they cool things? new things, old things. and blink and they're gone, those went fast things. make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season. warm up the holidays with pillsbury.
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welcome back. it is 4:41. happening right now must have toy of the season i waited outside. >> i was about to call you on it. >> how long. >> yesterday. >> not the that long but i didn't get 1f you know someone who heard of this hatchim ales
4:42 am
, all of the kids and parents want, people have been lining up for hours to get the their hand on one. >> see that is roof when people say you can make a call and get one? we have to wait in line get the number and we still don't get it but hopefully your kids will get it for holiday season that is the big toy and with the holidays creeping closer and closer, some folks in new jersey lined up on sunday to do just that hoping to get one our sabina kuriakose has that story. >> reporter: thrill of victory >> two hatchimals. >> reporter: agony of defeat. >> i'm heart broken at this moment. >> reporter: it was drama playing out in the target store line, as dozens of parent, waited through saturday night, in the bitter cold, with the chance to buy a hatchimal, toy topping many a child's christmas wish list. >> she wants it there santa i said we will go do it. >> reporter: uncle darren dit. camping out first in line, he got here at 11:30 saturday
4:43 am
night, nine hours, during the coldest weather we have seen all season. target employees, handing out tickets to the early birds, just before doors opened, sunday morning. if getting even one hatchimal was an impossible feat. >> number one toy for christmas. >> reporter: three, nine year-old little girls she cannot disappoint come christmas morning. mom's buzzer beating play, it work. uncle darren, he got one too. >> it was definitely worth it. >> they need to you hatch. >> reporter: hatchimals hatch from a egg, its crazies produce by canadian company, big master but these are more than a toy they tell us about the memories they hepp to give their kids come christmas morning. >> i'm looking at her christmas morning as she opens this up, so i know, it was definitely worth it.
4:44 am
keep christmas magic. >> reporter: target here in cherry hill is now all sold out of hatchimal was one weeks left until christmas and not sure when they will get restocked so race is on for any parents who are still, on the hunt for this hot toy. in cherry hill, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news.
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good morning, this is your captain speaking, put your tray in the upright position or we're about to go sit on the tarmac for a half an hour before we take off. 4:47. live look at philly international, combination of the rain, fog, impacting flights here, not only here in philadelphia but also in some of the other cities, around the country. we heard chicago got snow big delays, yesterday, we will have domino delays today. we're not talking pizza. check with your airline before you head town to the airport this morning. here's a live look what it looks like out there, i-95 near cottman avenue we have the spray, we have ponding, especially so in the work zones because drainage grates if there is only three lanes, the drainage grates is located in one of those three lanes and therefore you are driving through the big puddles and here's a live look south jersey, same deal. 295 heading in the work zone at the 42 freeway. so we're trailblazers, first ones out so there is a
4:48 am
tendency to go faster and that is when we will see those accidents pop. further north you go, rain changed over to snow, we have snow up in the poconos. again, depending upon where you begin and end your trip road conditions will change, lower speeds then normal expected and therefore longer to get there today then it did on friday, up in knew town route 332 at rocky way an accident. there is a new schedule for all regional rail lines so expect weather delays as you role and grab your transpass today. here's a live look from anthony's front lawn all decorated, santa has snow up in the poconos for a nice smooth landing, coming in on the rooftop or grass surface, come on snap a picture of your home all decorated for holidays, it is very kelly christmas and we are looking to head out and visit somebody 's house this week but i need a picture, post it to facebook, twitter, instant fram and use that #fox 29 lights contest so i can show the homes here on television all day, every day and then pick a home to broadcast live
4:49 am
from their front lawn this week during the five and the 6:00 o'clock news. i got to decide what night i will go out in and to help me make that decision, sueby will do tonight 15 seconds. appropriate to that before this mess it is national cocoa day. the nice cup of hot cocoa would be perfect on this yucky morning because it is messy no matter what kind of precipitation you are getting. for many in the metro area it is just rain and heavy rain at times but where you see pink there is where we are seeing the changeover, to freezing rain, and then the snow has moved to northern pennsylvania , and in upstate, new york so it is still dicey north and west and parts of the chester county as well as montgomery and bucks you just
4:50 am
got to be careful and allow of extra time. what is happening 234 pottstown, yeah, that is an area where you could get slippery, allentown, lehigh, bushkill falls in the pocono mountains but for all of us we will see change over to rain eventually by 6:00. it looks like just about everybody has only rain by then and then it starts to clear out from northwest to south east, by 7:00 o'clock it has gone from the northern and western suburbs by 9:00 it is gone there here and then by ten it is still lingering but only at the shore. that is the morning, then afternoon we will see sunshine and check it the out 50 degrees, 42 on tuesday, and wednesday, and that is not bad for december, but look at the polar plunge on thursday and friday, daytime highs, in the 20's. >> you think maybe wednesday night the for bob to go out. >> rather than thursday, yeah. >> there you go, bob. >> smile, you are on candid
4:51 am
smile. time right now 4:50. it that is time of the the year, where award season and nominations will be announced for seventh fourth annual golden globe awards. one film expected to take a number of nods is musical lala land featuring ryan gosling and apple a stone. the fences movie right here expected to be recognized. it is directed by and stars denzel washington. by the way the awards will be handed out in january. so many laughs over weekend on saturday night live >> brian cranston revives one of his popular characters to poke fun at donald trump's controversial cabinet picks. >> mr. white, how can you be considered for this job do you know donald trump. >> nope, no but i'm a big fan, i like his style. he acts first and asks questions later. i also like that wall he wants to build, nothing comes in from mexico meaning a lot less competition for the rest of us
4:52 am
>> you mean jobs. >> sure. >> cranston's breaking bad character walter white who was a drug dealers, at least on the skit, white had been picked to head the drug enforcement agency no tweets from donald this week about sn l. >> i think he was saying something that he still doesn't think it is funny but still watching. 4:52. when we come back we will look at some kids stuck in the mud, and we will be breaking down the latter, we will be right back.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
♪ the. welcome back. that is a winter wonder land. they have been busy at blue mountain, we saw lots of grass come last week and then look at that transformation. we will be ready to go by the end of this week. >> it makes you get the out there, bundle up, go down the hill whether you tumble or you ski. great to have you with us on this monday morning. stuck in the mud and they needed to be rescued. >> clearly needed help this played out in maryland right outside d.c. and prince george s county fire department rushed to their rescue. of course, sharing these pictures on twitter. you can see a boy stuck up to his chest. one of the boys says he stayed calm but he felt panicked, i can't imagine why, fire fighters got them out a little dirty but otherwise they are doing just fine this morning. of course, they have certainly learned in the lesson do not play in the swamp. >> my goodness. if not for faint hearted a
4:56 am
teenager passes on a popular ride, passes out and post it on social media for all to see take a look here, 15 year-old, seeing this for first time too , 15 year-old daniel baron, braves the ride at six flags in mexico. i love when they pass out and then they wake up and pass out again. the ride was just a little too much for him. he tarts to cream and lights out, loses consciousness for three seconds, several times during that ride. >> that is so scary, i did that sling shot ride on the boardwalk but i don't think that is a good healthy sign to be passing out like that. >> you do see that, it is just the adrenaline and too much for body to take but we will talk about it, just fine, body 's natural reaction. >> good to know, because i would think that is not good. person next to them always laughs, wait until we post this one on social media. poor little guy.
4:57 am
time 4:57. it has been a busy weekend and busy day on this day. we will get to those developing news stories. >> we are also saying good bye this morning to a new jersey state trooper, we will have more on that coming up in a live report, stay with us. manolo! you're so cold, come in! what's wrong? it's dry... your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care it nourishes the scalp and... ...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care
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4:59 am
here we go, happening right now on the fox 29 morning news, frigid temperatures and slick streets across our area could affect your morning commute. we will tell you what you need to know before you head out
5:00 am
the door. and also, we have a sad good bye on this day, we're saying good bye to the state troop shore lost his life a week ago. there will be so many hundreds gathering we have a live report from down the shore by the boardwalk. also looking ahead on this monday a federal judge is going to decide the fate of chaka fattah today, what could be in store for the u.s. congressman. good monday morning to you , we promised to bring you good news on this is what your good news from your weekend. >> good news is i did absolutely nothing, i just hung around, ate some cookies, chocolate, and watched a little bit of the game but glad i did not invest a whole entire afternoon in the game. >> that is the secret, dip in and out a bit. >> difficult get my hatchimal, and when we get out there and celebrate and dance too


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