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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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okay. here we go, a system that has dumped inches of snow across the midwest is slowly, creeping this way. really. really. plows are prepping the streets in our area, but will the weather be as bad as we think? i don't think so. and, after a disappointing loss for the eagles the sliver of hope philly fans can hold on to this morning. is there still a chance? >> no. >> the sentencing phase begins today for chaka fattah, what could be in store for the former u.s. congressman. a day, to to say, good bye , mourners gathering to honor new jersey trooper frankie williams killed in the line of duty. >> good day, it is monday, december 12th, 2016. it is my friend steve grant's birthday. >> are you sending him a note.
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>> i will text him later today >> you're great with remembering birth the days. >> on the tenth it was my brother tom's birthday. >> did he receive a note. >> he did, yes. >> now, sue all i did was text him, is that bad, should i have called. >> it is not as bad as not doing nothing so at least you communicated and showed were you thinking of him. >> my brother tom nuclear physics. >> truly a rocket scientists. >> yes. >> most of our area is getting rain we are seeing change over and it started out as snow in a lot of places last night including allentown. i think we have video we want to show you from last night when they were starting to get salt on the roadways, and got snowplows out there getting ready because we were so cold over the weekend, we all started out with some snow, they got a little bit of accumulation but now we're seeing a change over to rain, back to live radar, and where you see yellow, orange, that is where rain is heavy but we
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are focusing on the northern and western areas, including the mountains where we're seeing that change over to freezing rain, as still a little will dicey in other spots as well. rain and fog for bus stop buddy on that the cocoa day, boy, great the day for that. temperatures are in the 30's and 40's. fog could slow you down in addition to the precipitation. it is mostly rain at this point and it will be about 50 degrees by lunchtime. we will top off actually at 50 d front comes through and dries us out completely, but very cold air is on the way, and we will see when in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> hey there sue, good morning everybody. good morning. the it is 6:02, live look, county line road, an example of the heavier rain that we're dealing with this morning, depending upon where you begin and end up your trip front step, sidewalks, road are wet, further north and west we will go we have had that wintry mix sue just talk about. live look at ben franklin bridge here we're dealing with some fog this morning as well.
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here's a look from one of our poconos cameras where the snow , stuck to the grass. not to the road surface. crews are putting down the salt but heading north or when is the scenery will change as you roll through the morning here. septa began a new schedule over the weekend so expect delays, weather delays, across the board, on all of the regional rail lines, that kind of comes without saying especially with the rain, watch it, platforms could be slippery, boarding, exiting bus could be slippery as well, atlantic city expressway right here near pleasantville watch for a crash and watch for domino delays at the airport, combination of the weather and snow that came through chicago yesterday, cancelled flights so your plane may not be there this morning when you get there to take off. check with the airline to play it safe. mike and alex, back over to you. it is all over. it is done. >> over. >> another game, another lost for eagles. bird had a chance to steel a win but carson wentz fulled the ball with under 20 seconds remaining in the game. the birds driving on the 14-
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yard line and that turn over sealed the 27-22 win for the washington redskins. the other story line from yesterday's loss was long snapper situation. after jon dorenbos suffered a wrist injured we turned to brent celek but brent was also injured, same wrist and injured. so team eventually had, tray burton try out on the side. first michael kendricks was going out there and tray burton, who had a nice snap on the field goal later in the game. >> there is brent down on one knee his wrist injury. >> it shows how difficult the long snapper job is. >> i know. >> that is why they make money >> it is an intense thing. something needs to be done wright. >> throwing a pass upside down , backward, not easy to to but eagles really did put the out a lot of effort and eagles fans are trying to take this five-point loss in stride.
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listen to this. >> what happened. >> they were saying i take this, defeat in stride. forget about this, let's talk about what happened -- am i back on. lets talk about what happened in detroit race night. both sixers and flyers went to detroit and the flyers band wagon has plenty of room on it , let's jump on. brayden schenn with yet another goal. is that four in two days? flyers win one to nothing, giving them their ninth straight win. they did this in overtime. the last time they won nine straight games was back in 1995. so, we do have something to cheer about. >> i love it. >> let's keep this going. >> let's go flyers. >> okay. >> by the way, the sixers won in detroit last night too. >> something about detroit. >> let's go. >> can we play detroit lions maybe that will help us out. >> they won yesterday, they already beat us. >> yes. >> you are right. >> he held public office for
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decades and now former congressman chaka fattah is facing serious prison time. >> and this morning fattah stand before a federal judge to learn his punishment for corruption. lets get to sabina live outside the federal courthouse right now. >> reporter: good morning. next time former u.s. congressman steps through the doors at u.s. district court, it is likely he will only be leaving in handcuffs. sixty year-old fattah fists two decades in federal prison after being quick of a long list of charges including conspiracy to commit racketeering, fraud, and money laundering. twenty-nine counts in all, prosecutors alleged that the u.s. representative set up a million-dollar illegal campaign loan that hid efforts to pay it all back. you will happening when he was running for mayor about nine years ago. four co-defendants were convicted on related charges. the government has signalled it plans to ask the judge to impose a hefty sentence, at least, 20 years. fattah's lawyer will no doubt ask for leniency based on his
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record of public service, and you will remember he was in office for about 21 years and also you will remember fattah 's sonnies already in federal prison convicted in the related case. he is serving five years. now back live sentencing happening here at 9:30 this morning. we will be here, and bring you very latest details, for now guys, back to you. >> thanks, sabina. we will have a camera there for sure. 6:07. final farewell to the new jersey state trooper kill in the line of duty. >> trooper frankie williams will be laid to rest in atlantic city just one week after that head on crash that took his life. jenny joyce is live outside boardwalk hall, jenny. >> reporter: prior to that 12:00 o'clock funeral here at boardwalk hall we will have two viewings, first for family and friend of the trooper frankie williams and second for law enforcement. the third one year-old trooper died one week ago today responding to a call of an eradic driver on route 55 in millville, while on the
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highway a car that matched the description of that driver crossed over a grass median and then slammed into trooper williams patrol car. the driver 61 year-old lloyd r udly died at the scene, trooper williams died later at trooper university hospital. according to those who knew trooper williams become a state trooper was a dream come true. he is remembered as a kind, caring person who put others first. apparently williams graduated from the academy in january of this year. he was a newlywed who leaves behind a wife of three months. while first visitation again is for family and friends, second viewing will be held here for members of the williams law enforcement family from 10:00 until noon today and then funeral, of course, will be beginning at 12:00 p.m. mike and alex. >> okay, jenny, we will have a camera there as well. there is a new movie out called fences, you have probably heard about it. >> directed by denzel washington. >> exactly. >> will it get golden globe
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nomination? we will find out. they are being announced in hollywood today.
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hey, 6:10, it feels like a monday, doesn't it. >> it sure does. >> it is monday. that is how it works. >> archdiocese have of philadelphia has announced more church closings. this is not good. >> so those churches are saint madeline sophie church and
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saint perez of child jesus. >> those are some of the churches that will be going in to philadelphia st. augustine church in bridgeport, montgomery county and assumption of the blessed virgin mary church in west grove, chester county. some of them had already merged with others and only handful of services are being held in the original building. >> always tough to hear that. >> coming up next, the winter wallup out west, snowstorm that is stranding nearly 2,000 flights, sueby. >> yeah, we will not get it that bad at least not this time it is mostly rain we are seeing change over happen as we speak what you you can expect for rest of the morning , and polar plunge for rest of the week we will talk about that coming up.
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we have some travel troubles at airports across the midwest, certainly. the snowstorm forcing airlines to ground nearly 1800 flights, nationwide the worst overall problems at chicago's o'hare airport where hundreds, thousands, of passengers were stranded because of the snow. it is expected to be several days before flights and schedules return to normal. detroit metro slick, snow and isis blamed for frightening moments aboard a delta plane. flight from buff lose was taxi ing in when it slid dozens of feet off tarmac and in the
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grass. all of the passengers happened to make it off safely. that is good news but look at that weather they were dealing with. >> with with that moving here. >> but at the same time we have a warm front that is heading in and that is bringing more warmer air. you can see precipitation that started out as snow because it is so cold over weekend has changed over to rain, in most of our area. i say most because it is still kind of, near freezing, to the north of us so we could still have some dicey conditions, especially on those back roads , lehigh valley, northern montgomery and bucks county western chester county but most of us have changed over to rain. there you can see pink around lehigh, bushkill falls where we visit often in the pocono mountains. we are up to 41 degrees in philadelphia nothing but rain. look at pottstown right at 32 just a key he grow above freezing in reading, allentown right at 32 in mount pocono. that is where it is tricky. phoenixville at 32. malvern up to 38. forty-one in walling forward
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delaware county. visibility an issue in many layses, fog in pottstown, allentown, reading, reduced visibility at airport but okay , right the now, future cast shows us, we will start to dry out, actually this morning, north and west of the city by eight or 9:00 o'clock we will probably see the rain end before ten here in olde city in our neighborhood and then, at the shore and southern delaware for a few more hours, by two or 3:00 in the afternoon we will see sunshine and then that early sunset as we get closer to the first day of winter. but, some very cold air rolling in, thursday, so we have got two pretty average days on tuesday, and wednesday , and it is dry, look at thursday's high, 26 degrees you thought last weekend was cold? by friday this will be the coldest day of the season so far, brisk, blustery with a high of 24, and we can get some snow on saturday morning, changing over.
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>> what is this. >> polar plunge, i think of running into the ocean down there for a polar plunge. 6:17. we have a accident north on 295 at black horse pike. on friday we showed our studio up. we named it bobby sue, traffic weather elf, real original, bobby sue but we have the coffee pod ready, cream, elf moves overnight, gang, comes and reports to santa. here's a live look 295 northbound an accident near the black horse pike, two separate accidents, north on the northeast extension. this is where we have seen the changeover from just wet roads to some snow, here's an example of the turnpike at pocono interchange where again snow sticking to the grass but obviously roads are still slippery, i know they put down some salt but on/off ramp and secondary road are still a mess. northbound at allentown and man honing valley getting word that the entire turnpike itself, both directions, shut
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down out west near carlisle, so traveling on the pikes could be a problem this morning. here we go south on i-95, we have grid lock which will be good. i hate to say it is good but keep accident count down and the speeds, of course, will take you longer to get there. septa has a new schedule for its regional rail lines. fatal accident west on the atlantic city expressway near pleasantville, and as mike mentioned earlier expect domino delays at airport because of the flights cancelled, out of chicago, yesterday, and good morning to cat any blackwood, new jersey, can't i kaine lane we have lights up, put your lights up, snap picture and lets go we will get ready for another very kelly christmas show this coming week. we will head out to somebody's front lawn and broadcast live during 59 and 6:00 o'clock news. if you want me to come to your house just snap a picture, post to it facebook, twitter, instagram use that #fox 29 lights contest so i can see your home and put you in the running. mike and alex, back to you.
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6:19. it is expect to be announce today, this morning for john glenn, plans are being made for former astronaut and u.s. senator to lie in state at ohio state house on friday. mourners from across the nation gathered yesterday for a memorial service in john's home town of new concord. he died last week at the age of 95. president-elect donald trump's transition team said we could expect an announcement on who will be trump's secretary of state as early as this week. trump made his first appearance on the sunday morning political show since the eat lex sitting down with chris wallace on "fox news" sunday. one of the biggest questions is his pick for secretary of state, and exxon mobile ceo re x tillerson, apparently is on the the short list. >> he does massive deals in russia and massive deals for the company, and not himself he is secretary of the state. >> i have a tremendous respect for him. >> trump dismissing cia report that russia influenced election so trump could win
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but that is in contrast to the reaction from other republicans. members of the senate arms services committee including senator john mccain plan to fully investigate claims saying parties must work together. exactly 6:20. this time of the year, of course, for award season. we love this time. nominations will be announced this morning for seventh fourth annual golden globe award. >> it will be, they will stream to this thing live from beverly hills. we will take you their life as well. there is already a number of films creating quite a buzz, one film expected to take in a number of these nods is the musical lala land featuring rice an gosling and emma stone fences, directed by and starring in, denzel washington , is also expect to be recognized. then there is lear california coming of the age tail called moon light that could also be in for a big day. the award will be handed out in january but we will take
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you live to beverly hills later in the show. >> i have heard so much about moon light with you i have not seen it. as they await to see how many nominations they will pick up they have won big at 22nd annual critics choice awards last night. romantic comedy musical nabbed best picture and seven other award, including best director but it was vies yoel a dave hoist captured spotlight during her acceptance speech for best supporting actress. >> i am used to playing women who have to gain 40-pound and wear an apron, so i say, oh, god i got to lose weight, and walk like carrie washington in heels, i got to lose my belly and then i asked myself, well, why? why do i to have do all that. >> you don't to have. >> nicely done. >> she won for her role in fences, best actress went to natalie portman for jackie and best actor went todays i
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affleck foreman chester by the sea. >> that is just out now manchester by the sea. >> yeah, it is. >> another week, another loss for the eagles, what carson wentz says is the learning lesson from yesterday, coming up at his fourth straight loss he is still learning. lala land. ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪
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good morning i'm sean bell eagles continue to fall, quickly, coach doug pederson questions, the effort, last week and yesterday, they got the effort, they just didn't get the win. in the fourth quarter, eagles down 21-13. leodis mckelvin, great play right here jumps the route and that is a pick six. eagles would miss two-point conversion but get the a field goal to take the lead. and then redskins would strike back. look at this chris thompson with the sweep, find some room , daylight and that is a touchdown, washington takes back the lead 27-22. with just seconds left eagles with one last shot but ryan kerrigan with the strip/sack, washington recovers the ball, eagles lose their fourth straight 27-22. >> it is tough, obviously, in games like this, you just think of those couple plays,
6:26 am
had they gone differently outcome could be different. we have had a lot of games like that this season. the it is frustrating but at the same team wife to keep learning and growing as a team >> that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. we will talk about winners then, alex. >> baskets ball. >> let's do it. >> sixth are and pistons. nick stauskus, going to the rack and gets to it nerlens noel. with the reverse dunk in his first bucket of the ease on. >> yes he would later twist his left ankle. >> my goodness. >> first day back. >> he is okay but didn't return to this game. sixers get the win 97-79. >> think bit, every time, we have got ben simmons, then he gets hurt. nerlens noel he is back but then gets hurt. >> twisted his ankle. >> i need a drink. >> that time of the year to drink and be merry, beverage experts say, you should drink something before you drink. this is what the -- there are
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beverage experts out there. >> okay. >> you should drink something before you drink to prevent a hang over bob killie can we guess what that drink is. >> maybe milk or something to coat your stomach. >> that will not help. >> the coating. >> no. >> that will mix things up. >> good morning, live look at the blue route drinking your cough east before you head out the front door, roads are a mess, we will check jam cams, sueby has the forecast as we look live at philly international, stay right there we will be right back.
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who is dodging a storm in our area coming from the midwest and how bad will it get or is the worst already over. certainly dealing with rain this morning. >> certainly a lot of rain, it is pouring, out there. you know, all comes down to this, it is sentencing day for chaka fattah, what could be in store for the former u.s. congressman. plus, where mourners will gather to honor new jersey trooper frankie williams killed in the line of duty. and, a kid, cold, wet and halfway buried in the mud, how he got the so, stuck in the fire department, had to get him out, where did this all happen? i will tell new a bit. it is monday, december 12th, 2016. >> we are learning that since we're talking about the weather that kutztown school district is on a two hour delay. >> cut town. >> we have an interesting wintry mix. it seems like here we're dealing with rain but in other
6:31 am
areas. >> it is pouring in olde city, sueby. >> most of the change over in our area happened overnight hours so by the time we all got up this morning it is rain in philadelphia northern and western suburbs but you can see they are drying out now, as the end of the precipitation, beginning of the end, it will take a few more hours for this to happen and we certainly should leave early, how yourself plenty of time this morning because even with rain it is a mess but you can see little pink showing up around allentown, mountains there where temperatures are colder. rain and fog, bus stop buddy has a nice cup of cocoa because it is national cocoa day and rain gear, oh, by the way, temperatures in the 30's and 40's. we have reduced winter weather advisory to the lehigh valleys , northampton and lehigh and cash object and monroe as change over that we keep talking about has occur. 41 degrees in philadelphia nothing but rain here. still tricky in pottstown where it three is two, 33 in allentown. well above freezing to the south of us, fog, that is an
6:32 am
issue in redsing, allentown, pottstown, looks like reduced visibility in trenton as well. down to 5 miles at philly international, could be worse. 41 degrees throughout the rest of the morning. forty-nine by lunchtime, evening out at 50 degrees but we might the see some sunshine , before the end of the the day. so there is what is going on right now with radar. now what effect is that having on traffic on this monday morning, bob kill i. >> right underneath all of those colors you have going on we have lots of accidents. first of all a new one westbound, 422, right near trooper road, route 23, you can see the headlights coming out of royersford, collegeville, look at this spray. we have a heavy downpour, rain just ponding on the road surface. if you can pull those covers backup over your head and stay right where you are, i thought about that this morning, but i'm here, thinks a live look at 295 northbound right here near black horse pike. one of the yucky starts and further north you go a little bit of the wintry mix.
6:33 am
we have two separate accident on the north east extension one in allentown, one in ma honing valley. heading out west both east and west turnpike is closed at carlisle because of a nasty accident. fatal accident on the atlantic city expressway westbound near pleasantville. septa over weekend kicked in a new schedule for all regional rail lines so make sure you have the new timetable, you don't want to be waiting outside any longer then you have to in this rain but expect weather delays, across the board on all of the regional rails, you know the old slippery rails there. here's travel times 22 on the schuykill and half an hour south on i-95, mike and alex, back to you. 6:33. >> sentencing begins for u.s. congressman chaka fattah. >> face ago lot of time, in prison, sabina is on the this story at federal courthouse, hi there sabina. >> reporter: yes, it seems like the end of the road for former u.s. congressman chaka fattah after he for the prosecutors every step of the way, during his corruption
6:34 am
trial. sixty year-old fattah facing sentencing today here at u.s. district court have after being convicted of charges in the 29 count indictment. federal climbs including conn supersize to commit racketeering, wire fraud, bank fraud and money laundering. many stemming from the loan fattah received during his failed bid for mayor about nine years ago. the government said he tried to pay that back with federal fund intended for his constituents. prosecutors appear likely to ask the judge for the at least two decade in federal prison. i read somewhere that appears to be the longest sentence, for a congressman, in a corruption trial. now fattah's lawyers signalled that they will likely ask for a maximum of 14 to 15 years, and they are likely appeal to the judge based on fattah's long history of public service n a statement fattah says outcome has been difficult for him and his family but he highlighted his achievements as a u.s. representative, a move appearing to shift his
6:35 am
focus to preserving his legacy as a long serving public servant, and that means, appears to be what he is pivot ing towards since being convicted back in june. back here live, again, at sentencing, it will happen, just about 9:30 this morning. crews, media crews including one of our own arriving on the scene as we prepare for this sentencing hearing. we will be here we will bring you details live, guys, back to you. >> nice job there get out of the rain. 6:35. funeral services will be held this morning to say good bye to new jersey state trooper, frankie williams. >> he was killed in the line of duty in millville, head on crash, thousands of police officers are expected to attend along with friend, family, and of frankie williams. >> jenny joyce is outside boardwalk hall where mourners will be gathering in a little bit, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, alex and mike. we are expect to see large crowds begin to gather at boardwalk hall around 8:00 this this morning for the first of two viewings for
6:36 am
trooper frankie williams. the 31 year-old trooper died one week ago today while responding to a call of an eradic driver on route 55 in millville. while on the highway, a car that matched the description of that driver, crossed over a grassy median and then slammed into trooper williams patrol car. the driver 61 year-old lloyd r udly died at the scene, trooper williams died later at cooper university hospital according to those who knew trooper williams becoming a state trooper was a dream come true, and he is remembered as a kind, caring person, who put others first, and then apparently williams graduated from the police academy in january of this year, and he was a newlywed who leaves behind a wife of just three months. well, first visitation is for family and friend, second viewing will be held for members of the williams law enforcement family, that viewing will be held from ten until noon time, with funeral services, to follow, those began at 12:00 p.m. mike and alex. >> all right, thanks, jenny. well at 6:36, let me tell you this, a teenager is dead,
6:37 am
gunned down in cobbs creek, now police are searching for an gunman. they say he was wearing a mask the shooting happened at market and north 60th streets around 12:15 this morning. medics rushed a 17 year-old to the hospital but he died, a short time later. the teen had been shot in the chest, and his face. witnesses say shooter sped away in a white suv. card he will heyes learning his fate sunday evening in the fatal shooting of former saints defensive leader will smith. heyes faces 40 years behind bars, he will be sentenced early next year. heyes shot smith the because the football star was drunk, violent and had grabbed a gun, following their traffic crash, in april. road rage, yeah. well, the beach, puddles, mosquitoes, that is recipe for lawsuit in one new jersey shore town. >> let me explain. six homeowners in margate are suing the state's department of environmental protection,
6:38 am
the epa, as well as the united states army core of engineers hoping to kill a proposed sand dune project, the homeowners claims that the dunes will create puddles along the beach , and it could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes , and could lead to the spread of the zika virus. experts say that the chances of this are extremely slim. we will keep following that for you. do you ever wonder you why get headaches after drinking wine? >> yes, i do, as a matter on have fact. the experts are revealing the reason and what you you can do to avoid the headache. >> they say, tanon, sugar, histamines are the cause of the pain and tanon are antioxidants, naturally occurring, compound in grape seeds and skin. you should avoid rid wine and sugary dessert wines. they say avoid a hang over by drinking two cups of coffee before you take that that first sip of wine. i love dessert wines. that is all i drink.
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>> because it is so sweet. >> i love the sweetness. >> nice, pour of a big dinner. >> it is really bad. it is not right but i like to have dessert with my stake, salads, any kind. >> you are so uncuth. >> i say i amistad almost embarrassed to order it. i acknowledge it is not right. do i want this with me meal, not for dessert but can i have a wine or something. >> am i hung over or is there a deer moving behind your head >> there is a deer. >> oh, dear. another disappointing loss for eagles but is there a silver lining. the sliver of hope, philly fans could hold on to this morning. plus we will talk about the flyers and sixers because they won their games. my guest list just tripled.
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great!
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my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. two georgia police officers have been shot while serving a search warrant. we are told that a drug task force went to a home. officers knocked on the door three times and even announce themselves but no one answered that is when officers went inside the house and someone just started shooting. >> the officers returned fire apparently. the condition of the suspect is not been released. more in just a little bit. 6:42. here's bob. >> good morning, everybody. stepping out the front door just ayuky starts to the
6:43 am
morning, slow go every where all around the board as we go for a ride on 202. hey thanks to the howard boys, dean, luke, vince, for end is ing as you a picture of their elf does fishing in the bathroom sink overnight with the little gold fish. you remember, they go back to the north pole, move every night, to report to santa, here's a live look at 422, westbound an accident right here near route 23 coming out of king of prussia hello to the shaders, main he had shade , route 37 with the cumberland farms there in the background but we have heavy rain, we're dealing with fog, dealing with delays at philly international, check with the airline before you head down there this morning. heading north, up the northeast extension, two separate accidents, one in allentown, one in mahoning valley interchange and then heading west, the turnpike, both directions, closed at carlisle, because of the crash , ac expressway, we had an accident at exit number four and then lights are up here, they still got everything all lit up here.
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put it up on facebook, twitter , instagram to have another very kelly christmas, snap pictures, and use that # fox 29 lights contest when you post your pictures, we will continue to show pictures on tv and then this week we will visit somebody's home and broadcast live during our evening newscast. what is the forecast like for the rest of the day and rest of the the week? sueby has got tonight 15 seconds. festive, it is not. it is messy, no the matter what you are getting. some of this rain in delaware and dark green is pretty heavy we're still seeing rain and maybe a little bit of the mix out identify to the west of us , berks county, and around allentown, little further north in the higher elevations , there could be, some iciness mixed in with
6:45 am
your rain, all they, temperatures are continuing to rise, i would really allow a lot of extra time even with the rain, this morning. 41 degrees in philadelphia but right in pottstown and allentown just a degree a would have freezing, same for reading, in mount pocono and checking more temperatures, way above freezing in west chester 39, malvern good, 38, 33 phoenixville, 33 in bethlehem as well. visibility has been a issue. fog shifting northward. reading, pottstown, trenton, allentown getting fog that could slow you down this morning. over next couple of hours we will see some drying, from northwest, to south east, although that heavy rain will move down to the shore areas by about 9:00 o'clock and get you there, and that will continue for the next couple of hours. i think by nine or 10:00 here in the city, we should be finish with the rain and that should be it for that. at least, for phase one of that we will have the rest of the week. in fact we'll sunshine before
6:46 am
the end of the day. as we head in the seven day forecast, we have 50 degrees for a high temperature today. what a difference from the weekend, 42, tomorrow, and wednesday, and then cold front coming through after this rain is finished, and then another one comes through, wednesday night, giving us a polar plunge, in temperatures. dramatic about this. 26 degrees for our high on thursday and then friday, brisk and blustery only 24. that is for a high temperature that is the high. did i mention guys, this is the high. >> high, 9:24. >> and the golden globe goes to sues serio. >> we need dramatic. >> no joke. so, it is the monday after an eagles game, so let's roll some highlights, what do you say. heck with that, lets talk with the flyers. how about this brayden schenn again, ninth straight win this time over the red wings, this is after brayden had a hat trick on saturday against the
6:47 am
dallas stars. all of the hats were flying on to the the ice. this is ninth straight win. they have not done that since 1995. how about that. lets put that in perspective flyers rookie, rookies, they are 19 years old , they were not even born the last time the flyers won the nine straight. >> wow. >> how you about that eytan. >> it is definitely exciting, not boring the way they are extending these streaks. coming down to the last second and in the last case overtime here, goal tending has been huge. the it doesn't matter who is between the pipes, they put the rook any there he gets the shut out and you see this team is able to stop penalties as well. they are doing it on all cylinders, that is a sign of the great team right now. >> we decided to roll these highlights instead of talking about the eagles but we have to talk about them because it is monday after the game. >> to we have to. >> yes. >> when do flyers play again.
6:48 am
>> roll the flyers again. we're on a 14-yard line. there is carson wentz. so they're on the 14-yard line , all right, i have no hope. i had no hope not 1 ounce of my flesh thought they would score. >> even after he leads team down the field in what could have been a major moment for him. there is good and bad after a loss. you never want to focus on so many positives because they did lose the football game but remember what we were talking about last couple weeks with carson. he looked different then first start of the season. he looked like he had regressed. yesterday, there was no regression. >> he was good. >> total command, back to form that was not his fault. >> that was not something i blame number 11 on of all of the things to blame, it was first pick he through. he bounced back in great form but this is not a good football team. >> in that moment we were building momentum. they were throwing passes. i had confessed, i had hope, i
6:49 am
thought maybe, just maybe we could do it. >> you didn't believe at all. >> not for one second. >> i'm with you, alex, he had me believing on that side line >> yes. >> and the pace, command he had in the huddle was great. >> we have no lineman. >> we have no lineman on offense and we have a defense that is routinely under achieving. why they lose that football game look no further then defense. once again d let them down. >> how about a stop. >> it is impossible it seems. >> how about that long snapper thing, i have never seen that where they had to go to the third, they didn't have one. so jon dorenbos gets hurt and brent celek gets hurt. same injury, the wrist, and then looked at michael kendricks. >> basically holding a try out on the side line. >> who can do this. >> kendricks said let me see if i can do it. apparently it is a very difficult art the long snap
6:50 am
and it is one even a center, who is in the shotgun they cannot do it. very difficult good sign is they will have a whole week to get somebody in there. >> they were saying is there a backup to the back. >> you don't really practice that. >> this might be only time first time in a long. >> why wouldn't jason kelce, do it, because he snaps a shotgun snap but that is not same for snapping for a field goal or punt. >> different technique, ball comes out different and speed is different as well, it is a different target. >> is that a patriots football >> yes you are throwing a pass, upside down and backwards. >> correct, and you have got both hand on it and you are complete thely leveraging your body, forward as the ball comes out behind you. >> weird. >> complete thelitive rent. >> this might be the most
6:51 am
difficult thing there is in the nfl is long snapping. >> how about the hit on sproles. >> cheap, unnecessary and lets hope nfl comes down and does something here. >> you never want to see that in a league preaching layer safety. i understand it is bang, bang, difficult to prevent it, it happens but roger goodell comes down on the skins, this needs to be a fine at very least. >> layers really rallied around him. >> to be fair they showed effort before that hit and they responded in kind. >> that was the thing, they talked about it in the paper, the headline is, it went that way. it went that way. but there was effort. effort returning but another trying loss. >> is that the positive at least we were trying. >> positive is the effort, positive is the quarterback, negative is the defense again, mike. >> is there a mathematical chance of playoff.
6:52 am
>> my goodness just stop. >> we heard that 1 percent, there is a 1 percent chance they can make it to the playoffs. >> kiddies marching down the field and there is no hope here but you have a 1 percent shot of the playoffs and you are building that up. >> they will win out and everybody else will lose. >> someone just tweeted we are happy cowboys lost but is that really good for us or did we want giants to win that one. >> if the eagles had won you would want giants to lose. if the eagles were technically , 1 percent alive, then would you want cowboys to continue to win but now it is just sour grapes we want cowboys to lose. >> i hate everything, everybody. except i love you. >> you too. >> feelings mutual. >> cold, wet, halfway buried in the mud, what happened here how did he get so stuck. how did the fire department get him out of there. planning blank .
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
actual, it does. okay. 6:55. a couple of curious boys, find themselves, stuck, and i mean stuck in trouble, to be the fire department to if the them out of the big puddle of mud
6:56 am
this was in maryland outside d.c. prince georges county fire department rush to the rescue and shared pictures on twitter because they got stuck in mud. look at that. so you can see, the boys stuck up to his chest, one of the boys says he stayed calm although he felt panicked. fire fighters got them out. they are pretty dirty. interesting to go wipe all that off but they are okay. it looks like is that near a creek. >> it looks like a creek there they walk in there and then got stuck, chest deep in mud. >> sound like quick sand or something. >> yes. >> last friday we told but there is new rules for uber, right. >> yes, you can get banned from uber, who knew. >> they can kick you out of the car. listen to this why you can no longer flirt in the car. >> you mean like uber pool with strangers. >> yes. >> no flirting. i'll explain.
6:57 am
♪ with advil, you'll ask what sinus headache? what stiff joints? what time of the month cramps? what nighttime pain? make all your pains a distant memory with advil the world's #1 choice
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what pain? advil.
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it is icy and ties i, ace system that dumped inches across the northern part of the country is slowly creeping our way. it is a take to say, good bye where mourners will gather to honor new jersey troop are frankie williams, who was killed in the line of duty. what will happen? a federal judge is going to decide the fate of chaka fattah today. it is that time of the
7:00 am
year, to drink and be merry what the beverage experts say you should have before that first glass of wine to prevent a holiday hang over. hey, good day, everybody. it is monday, december 12th. so, eagles lost yesterday. it was, i don't know, i have never seen this before, john dorenbos their long snapper, hurt his wrist, right? right. >> so then, there he is, trying, no, i cannot do this. >> my wrist hurts. i can't do it. so backup is brent celek and he tried to snap it with his gloves on and that didn't go well. watch this. >> oops. no good. >> then he hurts his wrist. >> so now we're down to nobody if you are looking for a job, this is it. the philadelphia eagles need a long snapper before they play baltimore. >> let's do it. >> it is


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