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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. first at 11:00 a heartless vandal has hit again and again repeatedly vandalizing an a nativity in bensalem that is not nearly to ruin one familiar polls holiday season. good evening, i'm lucy noland. that family's spirit remains very bright. let's get straight to fox 29's brad sattin in bensalem. brad? >> reporter: lucy, woo not just talking about vandalism here. someone every year since 2012 has actually been stealing the nativity scene i'll step out of the way you see new one is there in place here outside the home of paul and lynn tarnowski. every year they're having to buy a new one because every year someone steals or vandalizes and it happened against this year a few days ago. not once, twice or even three times. five times in five years every
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year since 2012 someone has been stealing or vandalizing paul and lynn's nativity scene in the front of their home. >> i think my husband took it a lot harder than i did. okay. i hope that it's blessed somebody and somebody has it in their yard basically the way i look at it. >> over the years they tried locking it up, bolting it to the ground weighing it down with pieces of stone much this year they add add surveillance camera but it only recorded darkness last weekend when the thief came back again couldn't pry the pieces lose so turn to vandali vandalism. >> they pulled all the extension cords. they pull the timer. they pulled it all out and unplug everything. >> reporter: did what? >> through all the wires and everything over the fence. >> reporter: many other homes in the neighborhood are decorated non one else is reported any problems. >> never had problem with any destruction or theft anything like that. >> reporter: nice people nobody has problem with anybody. everybody gets along good together. >> reporter: who is behind this. >> i have no idea. >> reporter: whoever is behind it isn't returning the tarnowski christmas spirit.
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>> they'll keep on going if they have to get a big fortress they'll mut the manger scene on fortress film maybe one year what christmas means will actually be understood by the person that's doing this. that's all i can pray. >> reporter: they figure over years they probably spent about a thousand dollars replacing these nativity scenes. but again it's back up because lucy they say they're not going to let a grinch ruin christmas. >> absolutely. hope they get a camera and figure out who it is. thanks much, brad. a man is dead after the us marshals served a warrant for his arrest it happened on the 1300 block of hellerman street on oxford circle this morning. investigators were looking for 28-year-old kenneth robledo who went by alec. once the feds found him he pulled a gun and the us marshals shot and killed him. they were after him for aggravated assault he shot a man in july. that man survived. his heart broken mother says she some not seen her son since what happened in july.
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>> i didn't know he was here at all. i've been looking for him and trying to talk to him and everything but the phone number did he have he must have changed it right away. so i con tack him or anything. it was hard because i was washing clothe the other day and found a pair of his shorts and i started crying and i felt like something was going to happen because i've been crying all week and missing him. i didn't even know this happened. >> philadelphia police are investigating the death and so is the us marshall service. 11 term former philadelphia congressman chaka fattah will spend the next decade behind bars. federal judge today zen sentenced fattah to 10 years in prison after a jury found him guilty on 18 charges. prosecutor asked the judge for a sentence twice that long. but afterward the us attorney sounded confident the judge sent the right message. >> for him now to be sitting in prison that's a signal to those who are thinking about engaging in this conduct about what can happen if they do so. >> fattah doesn't have to report to prison until late july. the judge ored him to
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surveillance vendor to federal authorities on the 25th. on your ray door night the rain is gone but we're about to surrender the polar vortex. my goodness gracious here we go meteorologist kathy orr. >> yes, usually we wait until january or february. >> right. >> to talk about this much but it is coming little bit early this year. before christmas. temperatures right now are very comfortable. in the city of philadelphia 41 degrees. the high today 50. winds pretty much on the light side. when you look across the country in philadelphia we're in the 40s. elsewhere little bit cooler especially as head to the west chicago only 10. look at this rapid city five. international falls 9 degrees below zero and that is an air temperature. that's what's coming our way. high pressure builds in. very pleasant day with light w win. cold front moves that was tomorrow night. reinforces that cold air, and by thursday, high pressure builds in. and that high is going to bring very cold air. so the core of that polar air right now near had you had son bay, canada will move to the
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south and the east and just to the north of new england by thursday. close enough to impact our weather in a huge way. so as we look at the bitter cold friday will be the peak of it. the high temperature going for 23. the last time we saw that cold was on valentine's day last february. when we look at the wind chills that will be created with very cold temperatures and brisk winds, this is what it will feel like friday morning. 11 below in the poconos. two below in pottstown. five below in reading and temperatures ago the i name corridor to the south and east only in the single numbers. trenton at 1 degree below zero and these numbers are not going to improve all that much during the day on friday. as we go through the afternoon, single digit wind chills and by the evening, the poconos we're back below zero again f you're going out friday night make sure you layer up because it's going to be the coldest we felt in months and we really not used to this much it's been very warm around here. in the city 32. the suburbs 27. mainly clear, 44 tomorrow. just a seasonably pleasant day.
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and then that wardrobe change comes on thursday. it continues into friday. saturday 42 degrees with a wintry mix it could be a morning mess with some rain, isn't sleet, some snow and then sunday it warms up. we'll see rain again the temperature 50 degrees. mostly sunny next monday. with a high of 42. but we have to focus on friday because that morning low is only 11. the afternoon high 23. little degrees. that's it. >> watch your neighbors and am the pets bring them inside quickly forecast christmas white. what do you think? >> 30% chance. >> 30% chance. you came out with an actual number. >> yes. >> all right. kathy, thanks. >> a thief in northern liberties is go. somebody swiped for donations for local children in need right off the front stoop. the woman had collected clothing is turning to fox 29 for help much she's hoping someone can help her track down the bad guy on the streets of northern
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liberties. dave schratwieser is live tonight at police headquarters. dave. >> reporter: lucy, this is a real shame. these folks were donating and collecting coats, hats and scarves and gloves as well for school kids in south philadelphia until this crook, thief decided to collect a few of his own. danielle and her friends on social media were trying to do a good thing this holiday season. they donated and collected dozens of coats, hats and gloves for kids at the gw child school in south philadelphia. >> a lot of the kids between the ages of eight and 14 don't have enough money get basic searches like winter coats, scarves, hats, gloves, et cetera. >> reporter: folks have been shipping those coats, hats and gloves to danielle for weeks n now. but friday's delivery hit a snag right on her front doorstep in northern liberties when some grinch like thief stole the packages. >> i hope that this person realizes what he's done. >> reporter: danielle surveillance camera caught the guy casing the place before he
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struck. >> he had been casing back and forth up my block. then finally i think waited for moment when no one was walking their dog by and just came and took the packages. the thefts were report roared to police and danielle called fox 29 with the video. she's getting the word out her neighbors about the package thefts and she's hoping more donations will come in for the kids. >> i really hope he gets caught. >> reporter: now that thief has been seen around the northern liberties area in the last few days. he's wearing a very distinctive backpack with police and fire credit union on the back. if you see him, you can call police. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. no going back now to today pennsylvania secretary of state certified that donald trump won the election in the keystone state after federal judge rejected the green party's request to recount ballots. he call the green party suspicion of hacked election systems quote irrational. but lawyers for former
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presidential candidate jill stein who led the recount efforts say that it is possible computer hackers changed the election out come. certified count in pennsylvania shows president-elect donald trump won by less than 1% of the vote. meanwhile a recount ordered in wisconsin has just wrapped up and trump also remains the winner there. not that this is a big shocker president-elect trump on twitter tonight tweeting that he's nominating america's top diplomat tomorrow morning. he said he'll announce his pick for secretary of state and the associated press is now reporting that trump is said to choose exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson. lawmakers are concerned about his relationship with russian president vladimir putin. definitely doesn't look like mitt romney. romney just posted on facebook that it was honor to have been considered. also the news conference to go over what the president-elect plans to do with his businesses while he's in office is off. it was supposed to be this week but bloomberg now says it will happen sometime in january.
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fox 29 getting results at independence hall. our city crews were out on the 500 block of chef nut street digging up a stretch of singing cobblestones some people i think call them built in bricks that has made life tough for drivers. water department inspected the site over the weekend and found a leak that led to soil erosion be 19 the street. on friday we reported other singing stones and started asking questions why drivers could be using that stretch of road even as it becomes more dangerous. well now city crews are fixing the leak and replacing the stones. across country it's getting easier to get and smoke marijuana. it could be affecting your babies. what researchers just found out. and -- ♪ >> christmas tune has one man in such a foul mood he's suing his neighbor. why he's taking his gripe to the courthouse. and google and cuban government struck dole today allowing the internet giant to provide faster access to its
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data it let's google install servers on the island that will store of the much company's most popular content. some analysts say about 5% of cuba's citizens have access to the internet. ♪
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♪ in atlantic city the gloomy weather was only fitting for a day so sad. hundreds gathered on the boardwalk to say goodbye young new jersey state trooper kill in the line of duty. the funeral for trooper frankie williams brought together law enforcement and community members alike. friends and co-workers say the 31-year-old just had that special glow. fox 29's joyce evans has the story. >> reporter: the sound of rain and footsteps on a cold, gray, drearier day. the back drop as law enforcement officers predominantly state police from all over made their way down the boardwalk in atlantic city. >> i've already seen officers from colorado and virginia and a lot of different places. officers that come from around the country representing the
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state police depths. >> reporter: they've come to say goodbye to yet another fallen brother. new jersey state trooper frankie williams. 31 years old. killed responding to an erratic driver and erratic driver who police say ended up crossing median on route 55 in millville slamming head on into trooper williams' police cruiser. both trooper williams and 61-year-old lloyd ruddily died. >> he was a go getter. he worked hard to get to where he was. >> reporter: sarah snelling work with frankie williams at lose when he first moved to the area from florida. determined she says to join the new jersey state police. >> the type of person had left a lasting impression on you, you know, you couldn't help not like frankie. his smile just take your breath away. >> we were lucky enough that we were going to be both stayinged at the same station together. >> reporter: trooper kara spin
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knows is a looked um to williams from the time they were both cadets. she was looking forward to working with him again just assign to his squad. but she didn't get the chance. >> every time i saw him, he never talked to me or called me my name. it was always sis. >> frankie williams was on the job just 11 months. he was a model trooper. he was a model recruit. always wanted to be trooper and to see somebody cut down really in the most pree productive wonderful time of their life, after being married two months, is just horrible. report roar the solemn sights and sounds of bagpipes preceding the hearse and the encased flag to be presented to the family at a private burial. trooper williams' faith in a line of monitors along the boardwalk respected by so many who's lives he touched in his short time on earth. >> as difficult as it is right now we're holding up. we still have to push through. we have a job to do. >> reporter: joyce evans fox
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29 news. colonel rick fuentes says trooper williams is the fourth state trooper kill in the line of duty over the past 18 months. drivers say it is an accident waiting to happen and that actually quite a few accidents have happened. but now after fox 29 started asking questions help could finally be on the way for a dangerous old city intersection. front and mark streets has back hot bed for fender benders and near misses. here's the problem. drivers ignore the right turn lanes and drive straight instead of right on to the ramp i-95 south. we counseled 72 illegal turns and so many near misses during the two-hour period. last week, this was the scene when a tractor trailer lost its load. some say all of this has become part of daily life. >> i would say at least three to four times a week. to the point where we, um, we bought orange vests and stop signs we can come out and help. >> wow! after looking into the problems penndot and the philadelphia streets department
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tell fox 29 both agencies are working together to come up with a solution. you see it you shoot it, our fresco users are helping us show what's going on in your neighbor. iain? >> lucy, in center city it's a hard rock cafe fresco user shaina sent us this video from musicians on call performance this jam put on the by the same organization non-profit that brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients and local health care facilities tonight's event which featured 15 performances also raised money for the cause. street in wilmington gets new name and it's all to honor a couple who made a positive impact on the community. fresco user derek chambers shows city leaders renaming part of the street to charles and naomi smith way. the smith smiths ran a dry cleag business called septa cleaners for 40 years. they were well-known and loved by residents. they are both passed away in recent years. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it make sure to use
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fresco app to zen it to our newsroom. you might get paid g lucy. >> thank you very much, iain. >> the health and the health of your little one if you think showing weed around your babies won't affect them think again. new study found babies exposed exposed to second hand marijuana smoke absorb the chemical in pot. researchers also found children exposed to marijuana smoke more likely to be exposed to tobacco smoke. researchers are now trying to figure out how second hand marijuana affects babies the development of their brains. the finding appear in the journal pediatric research. many love holiday displace but one new york city man cannot stan the one his neighbor put up. so he's suing. ♪ jingle bell rock >> upper east side resident nick wilder this display is just too much. it features as you can tell reindeer rocking out to christmas music. family that owns several brown
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stones on the block set it up but not everyone minds the mus music. >> i think it's great. i really enjoy it when people take the time to do some decorations. it's great for the kids. i always enjoyed it when i was a kid. it adds to the festive season. >> blasting throughout the neighborhood of jungle bells 800 times in a row any sane person will find that outrageous and that's what people are telling me. >> it's actually jingle bell rock. neighbor getting sued not commented about the lawsuit it's not clear yet if a judge will move that case forward. all right. sean bell what's up today? >> i'm sorry, that would annoy me. >> would it. >> a hundred times in a row. i don't want to hear any song that many times. >> if you're inside can't you just put earmuffs on. >> brett celek and dish rain sproles left sunday games by cheap shots by washington's everett. i'm going to tell you why he needs to be gone want they need to do to him the neck time the two teams play coming up next in my sports commentary.
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♪ sean bell takes on the cheap
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shots from yesterday's game. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ cheap shots cheap shots and more cheap shots. yesterday's game washington deshazor everett had one that was debatable and another one down right flagrant in the fact he was allowed to stay in the game is absolutely ridiculous. the first one wasn't that bad he tried to block brent celek led with his helmet hit him high. a personal foul but you can argue it was not intentional. it happens in a bank bank type of play but the second one on darrin sproles is absolutely out of bounds. i mean look at this. the ball wasn't even there yet. that should have been not only a
11:25 pm
personal foul but he should have been thrown out of the game. you have to protect these players. the nfl can continue to claim to care about these guys if they don't take the appropriate action to do so. not only should he get a heavy fine but he should be suspended one game i'm not forehead hunting but the neck time these two teams play i'm sending a message to everett. giving him a vicious hit or getting into fight this team has to send a message that, hey, this isn't okay. lucy. >> not that you're advocating violence or anything. >> it's football. it is what it is. >> okay, sean bell. award show begin announcement nominees for the 74th annual golden globes happened this morning beverly hills. la-la land earned seven nods while moonlight pick up six. people versus oj simpson american crime story top tv with five. mel gibson hack saw ridge pick up nomination for the best motion picture in the drama category and for best director golden globes are january 8th. 2017 looking very good for guns
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and roses. the band sold more than a million ticks in less than 24 hours for the uk european and canadian legs of not in this lifetime tour. no word yet on whether the band will drop an album go along with the tour but for the fans waiting to see them live that probably doesn't matter. incredible tour this summer that sold out and made them huge money. >> cool. >> guns and roses. >> name a song. >> sweet child of mine. >> thank you very much. this is '80s, '90's. >> he's too young. >> big flash, act sell road. >> i know biggy. >> that's all i know. >> it's all good. we're back here at 4:00 with. sue and bob have you covered. >> enjoy your commute tomorrow.
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he gets a lot of compliments.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: as kanye west deals with a his troubles, justin bieber is absolutely mimicking him. >> quiet. we can't say anything. harvey: something is wrong. >> he might need a little bit of a break, man. harvey: what functioning adult has to have a break? everybody has issues but you function. >> why is this video the straw that broke the camel's back from you? harvey: i have a new perspective. i just got back from vacation. >> tarek and christina from "flip or flop," they're splitting and the story is nuts. there were reports there was a who was tarek possibly, with a gun. harvey: what are the two things that make couples split up the most? >> money. harvey: and renovations. >> i thought it was gun play. >> kylie jenner. she and christina aguilera and they were sitting on each other's laps and


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