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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  December 13, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EST

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happening right now on fox 29 morning news president-elect donald trump set to announce his topic for secretary of the state, we will tell you why his choices raising some concerns. bill cosby back in court today for his pretrial hearing, comedian hoping to avoid prison time, as his lawyers continue to battle it out. we have very latest on that all in a live report. also during the holiday season packages stolen off of peoples door steps is becoming more frequent and how one woman is working to help those affected by grinches. and most popular comfort foods being pulled from store shelves, very likely it is in your pantry. >> what is this. >> yes, mack and choose, what are you supposed to do. >> favorite food of all time,
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mack and cheese, that is so good. good morning, great to have you with us. >> i'm karen hepp with thomas drayton. it is a tuesday. we have traffic issues to talk about, even though it is dark. >> always issues in the traffic department. >> which means, get ready, it is coming. bob, good morning to you. good morning, sue. >> is today mack and cheese day. >> it is cocoa day. we thought it was yesterday but there was a creptcy this my calendars i go to for all these important non-holiday holidays. so, weather will not cause us any problems, today, it is typical december weather. eight out of ten. it will be cold but it is december, it is supposed to be cold. temperature range from 35 in philadelphia, 28 mount pocono, 31 lancaster, 33 millville, 37 in wildwood. factor in the wind which are not too high but there are some breezes out there and this is what it feels like. the this is your wind chill map and it feels like 29. that is our favorite number around here but unless it is
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temperature that is pretty cold. twenty-one mount pocono. that is wind chill up there. it is a ease nal high of 43 degrees. quiet weather day to day, sunset time 4:37. the polar plunge is still on the way, we will time it the out for you coming up in the seven day forecast and good morning, bob kelly. >> sueby right back at you good morning everybody. we have big old tonka crane working here on the schuylkill expressway. this is a live look. schuylkill between the boulevard and montgomery drive , penndot doing some maintenance here on the pig sign that kind of goes across all of the lanes. owe bottom line coming into the city right now eastbound, only that far right shoulder is opened and through the overnight they have been blocking traffic, for maybe five or ten minutes or so. when they block traffic you get the a backup. i got stuck in on the way in a westbound they got a number, they have two lanes opened as opposed to one. so right now give yourself some extra time and pay attention. this early in the morning folks have a tendency to go
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faster on the the schuylkill because there is not the a lot of volume out there other closure is the vine street expressway, the vine street expressway blocked between the schuykill, and broad street, again, until about 5:00 o'clock. ben franklin looking good, we can at least see sky scrapers this morning unlike this time yesterday, they are also still working south on i-95, as you work your way in to northeast philadelphia, between academy and cottman avenue, they will be out there until about 5:00. philly international will have have a better day then yesterday, and i would still check with the flights, check with your airline were you head down there. some flights and some airlines are still on catch up mode from the storms over the weekend and into yesterday, otherwise, blue route, 295 looking good and both market frankford and subway using shuttle buses until 5:00. karen and thomas, back over to you. taking a look at latest news, in the trump transition the country's next top diplomate could face a difficult confirmation battle will as president-elect donald
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trump is set to announce exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson as his pick for secretary of the state. he started out as an engineer with exxon mobile in 1975 taking the helm of that even why i company is 11 years ago but it is his ties to russian president vladamire putin that has lawmakers on both side concerns. he has had a relationship with putin for more than two decade and back in 203 the russian president awarded him order of friendship medal. >> when he gets the friendship award from a butcher, frankly, it is an issue i think that needs to be examined and again that is not mean, we should prejudge mr. tillerson. obviously he likes russia, that is fairly concerning to the world and certainly concerning to americans, it is concerning to me. >> former presidential nominee mitt romney posted a message on facebook saying he was informed he didn't get the job also, expected to be nominated for trump's cabinet former
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texas governor rick perry. he is likely pick for secretary of the energy, in the 2012 presidential campaign , you may remember he wanted to shut down, the even why i department. we're learning the president-elect won't be answering questions from reporters this week as expected. trump had planned a news conference to go over what he intend to to with his business while in office but a news conference is now off. on twitter trump says he will hold one soon but didn't say when. top g.o.p. leaders haven't had much to say publicly about the pennsylvania recount battle but that all changes today. head of the state republican party and its lawyer are speaking out in philadelphia later this morning. pennsylvania has finally certified donald trump's narrow victory over hillary clinton. he won by less than 1 percent of the vote. federal judge in philadelphia jed rejected green party request for a recount calling the claim of potential hacking irrational. wisconsin has completed its recount confirm trump's slim victory there as well.
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4:05. happening bill cosby is heading back to court for pretrial hearing. lawyers battling over the number of accusers who can actually testify. in a source close to the trial says that the comedian may want a plea deal. "fox news" also reported cosby is hoping to avoid prison time and plans to ask his attorneys to try to avoid a trial. cosby says a aggravated indecent assault, stemming from an incident involving a former temple university staff member. more than 50 women have come forward publicly and accused cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. attorneys for chaka fattah are like liz ramping up to appeal his convictions. the federal judge monday slapping former u.s. congressman with ten years in prison. one of the most harsh sentences ever handed down to a member of congress. fattah was found guilty on 18 counts of fraud, bribery and money laundering. the prosecutors say they are sending a message. >> it is a significant signal
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to though thinking oven gauge nothing misconduct about what can happen if you do so. >> fattah will get to spend holidays at home. he has been ordered to surrendered to federal authorities january 25th. philadelphia police are trying to track down the gun man who put three people in the hospital. the shooting happened on the 5800 block of delancey street right here, just before 7:00 last night. now the trigger man struck all three men in the leg. they rushed the victims to presbyterian hospital and they are all expected to recover. philadelphia police this morning and u.s. marshals serve is are investigating shooting death of the suspect. the it happened monday morning on the 1300 block of heller man street in oxford circle. investigators were looking for 28 year-old kenneth rodleo. he pulled a gun on them and that is when u.s. marshals shot and killed him. rodleo was wanted for aggravated assault after they claim he shot a man in july and that man survived.
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changes could becoming, the problem is right there at front and market street, the the issue is drivers ignore the right turn lane and drive straight on to the ramp for i-95 south. we counted 72 illegal turns, and during a two hour period. the last week ramp had to be closed after a truck, lost its load. people there say this is all become part of the daily life. >> i would say at least three to four times a week, two to four where we are losing our stop sign so we can come out and help. >> after looking into these problems, both penndot and street department tell us they will be looking to work together to come up with the safeer solution. and now here's a story you will see only on fox another video showing thieves swiping packages right off of the front steps. but these are something precious inside. >> pretty low, inside clothes meant for children in need and now the good samaritan who collected those donations certainly hoping for a miracle
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>> and she reached out to us, we put dave schratwieser on this case. >> we're doing work in the community. >> reporter: danielle and her friend on social media are in a giving mood this holiday season. they have donated and collect dozens of coats, hats, gloves for kids, at the gw child school in south philadelphia. >> kid between the age of eight and four don't have enough money to get basic essentials like gloves, hats, scarves, et cetera. >> reporter: people have been shipping those items to danielle for weeks now but friday's ship. hit a snag on her front doorstep when some grinch-like thief stole several packages from people who donated. it was all caught on tape. >> everybody loses out except for the person who stole these items. >> reporter: their stuff gets stole then would have gone to kid. >> yeah. >> reporter: danielle's surveillance cameras outside her northern liberties home caught the guy casing the place several times before he struck. >> pacing back and forth up my block. he waited for a moment when no
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one was walking their dog and came and took packages. >> reporter: danielle reported the the theft to police and called fox 29 with the video. she wants to get the word out to her neighbors about the package thefts and she's hoping that more donations will come in for the kids, that she and friend are trying to help. >> i hope that this person realizes what he has done. i think this person doesn't think about the people he is stealing from. he doesn't care about us. he doesn't know where these things are going. >> reporter: dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. still ahead a transatlantic flight is diverted after a threat, made on a plane. also coming up, a massive fire, in a high rise, in dubai , a frightening moment that sent people, fleeing into the streets.
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welcome back. you can hear what they are saying from the news from maine two people were dead after all of the weather that went through right there, there was an suv that lost control spun in the on coming lane and collided with a dump truck. >> we know that one person was killed, four others were injured right there. good portion of the country, sue, seeing these colder temperatures, snow coming in but ice also playing a major factor. >> yes, and places where it did snow yesterday, this morning temperatures are cold enough we could see some black ice so keep that in mind up towards mountains and maybe lehigh valley. there may be a few slippery spots up there but cold that we have had is nothing compared to what is coming, so lets talk about what will happen by the day after
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tomorrow, thursday, polar air, again, the actual polar vortex gets close to us and will be experiencing the coldest temperatures, of the season so far, coldest since the middle of february, all of our temperatures this week will be below average but only a degree or two today and tomorrow. by thursday and friday we will be 19, 20 degrees below average for this time in december. so, you have to layer it up, maybe get that christmas present of polar what do you call that fleece. >> yes. >> early, all that stuff you wear all over yourself. for 35 degrees, right now walking out the door in philadelphia but factor in the wind and it feels like 29. these are wind chills that you dress for generally 20's, lower 30's what it feels like outside. not a lot of wind to make it feel colder but kids need to be layered up at bus stop for sure. all precipitation from yesterday is out of here, cold front came through, after, the rain stopped yesterday, and
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cooled us off a little bit, and here's a look at temperatures as we had such a cold weekend, of course, you think last weekend was cold wait until you see what was coming up. thirty-eight was friday and saturday. thirty-five on sunday. we did make it to 50 yesterday but today will be chillier, were 43 degrees. tomorrow 42. there is your polar plunge with 27 degrees on thursday, friday it is really cold as well, waking up to temperatures in the teens and it will be in the 20's, again, so with that cold air in place when precipitation comes on saturday it does start out as snow but it is a warm front coming through so it will warm us and change over to rain but it looks like that rain could last into sunday, and then maybe into a little bit of monday morning. so while it is dry, bob kelly, we better enjoy it the because this weekend could be an adventure. >> get all that firewood, stacked up, ready to go, good morning, everybody. septa over weekend kicked in a new timetable so they are rolling on a new schedule. folks were flipped up by that
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yesterday. make sure you have new timetable for all regional rail lines, adjustments are minor but nonetheless standing out in 30-degree cold, minor adjustment is not a good adjustment and we have had minor delays on the regional rails because of the cold weather, over the last couple of days. northeast extension as sue mentioned, it is black ice potential, further north you go, you know the spots, if you woke up yesterday and had snow on the grassy surfaces, in the area that we're concerned about north and west, up along i78, i80 and portions of the northeast extension. coming from south jersey 42 freeway looking good. we have big tonka crane set up here penndot doing work on this big beam here that goes across all of the lanes. this is a live look at the schuylkill between the boulevard and montgomery drive you can see here they have everybody pushed over eastbound into that only one lane and throughout the night they have been stopping traffic for about ten or 15 minutes at a time. everything is moving right now
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, slowly but surely and that is probably not a bad thing keeping everybody down to a nice comfortable speed here on the morning hours, vine street expressway closed until 5:00 o'clock. no problems this morning yet. down at philly international. and, come on lets take a look at this set up here on the front lawn. we have every ornament imaginable on the trent lawn happy holidays, merry christmas and come on get your lights up, snap a picture and let's do it as another very kelly christmas is coming our way. we will hit the road tomorrow night going to the neighborhood. would i love to come to your house, just post a picture to facebook, twitter, instagram, use the #fox 29 lights contest where i can show pictures on tv and then put your house in the running for a visit, from the decorated news van. we are going out tomorrow night. we will have more details on that as we move through the rest of the morning karen and thomas back to you. bill cosby will be back in court this morning in the sexual assault case, first of two days of more pretrial
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hearings. the lawyers on both sides are set to battle over number of accusers who can testify. >> lets get the out to sabina kuriakose in norristown right outside the courthouse as we wait for hearings to get underway what can we expect today, sabina. >> reporter: well, thomas and karen this latest hearing could be make or break for cosby defense. the perhaps even the prosecution, the judge is expected to rule on whether prosecutors will be allowed to call up to 13 of cosby's past accusers to testify, in the sex assault case against him. the state needs to convince the court testimony from the 13 other woman is relevant to trial even though the case itself, not just one accuser, former temple university employee andrea constand. the prosecutors hope to show cosby had a pattern of drug ging and molesting woman, defense to, of course, will push back hard against the relevance and credibility of the additional testimony. now last year you'll remember cosby was indicted on charges that he assaulted constand
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here in the file photo back in 2004. early this month the judge ruled to allow damaging testimony that cosby gave in constand's civil suit against him where he admitted to giving young women drugs and alcohol before sexual encounters. now coming up in a short while we will have more on what sources are telling "fox news" regarding cosby's possible desire for a plea deal to avoid prison time, guys, back to you. >> a lot to be hammered out, thank you. time right now 4:19. u.s. standing behind decision to send an additional 200 troops to syria. they will help thousands of kurdish and air fighters battling against islamic state >> there has been some movement there as fox knees kelly wright reports this comes as syrian government forces have gained some ground in that key city of aleppo. >> reporter: peace may be on the horizon for those returning to their homes in aleppo, but the the fighting, continues in the war torn syrian city, the syrian government now says that it has control of 99 percent of the city, but the united
4:20 am
states could not get russia to agree to an immediate cease-fire. >> we're deeply frustrated but we're not surprised by lack of rush and an regime commitment to what should be a humane solution to the current brutality and we remain gravely worried for safety and well-being of the people that are now remaining in east aleppo. >> reporter: turkey's government concerned a cease-fire won't happies calling on countries to send aid to help syrians in aleppo. >> organizing international aid convoy and we deliver this aid convoy as soon as possible to hundreds of thousands oz have people in need in aleppo. >> reporter: u.n. is worried about new reports coming out of syria and is asking syrian government to follow the norms of war including a respect for life. >> terrible, terrible reports that some young even as young as teenagers and even as old as their 40's are also being
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either subject to executions. >> reporter: aleppo resident returning to the city are hopeful and they are glad to be home. >> we are so happy, very glad to be back in our country. >> reporter: while u.s. government is still opened to negotiations with the russians they expect the siege to continue against remaining rebel for several days. in new york, kelly wright, "fox news". more fbi agents are expected to take the stand today in the case accused charleston church shooter dylann roof. on monday prosecutors showed jurors items retrieved from roof's car including a gun, ammunition, burnt american flag and handwritten list of the predominantly black churches which roof have intended to target. roof's being tried on several charges in the shooting deaths of nine parishioners at am the e church last year f quick he faces the death penalty. pretty scary moment when there was a bomb threat that forced a plane to make an emergency landing up in new york.
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someone phoned in the threat monday evening while it it was a lufthansa flight heading to frankford, german friday houston, texas. pilot was immediately notified and decided to divert to jfk as a precaution. officials searched the plane but they didn't find anything suspicious. 530 passengers and crew were evacuated, the flight was rescheduled. brazilian soccer player on that plane that crashed in columbia has no memory of ever being on that plane or the crash. the his has been in a coma and could not understand yes could not play soccer. seventy-one people died when that plane crashed on november . air traffic controllers say pilots reported they had a fuel problem. 4:22. dramatic fire rips right through a high rise building in dubai, you can see flames shooting out windows in several floors. this is a four story luxury apartment building, on dubai's palm island. fire fighters safely evacuated the building and that fire out investigators are trying to
4:23 am
determine what spark the fire. common drug that may have been added benefit, still ahead on fox 29 morning news we will tell you about the popular prescription that is proving valuable in the fight against alzheimer's. lets look at your winning lottery numbers as we start this tuesday, maybe you have them, maybe you'll wake up richer.
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good morning, i'm sean
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bell. at five-eight, eagles playoff hopes are officially over so now they have to figure out another reason to finish the season, strong. >> i have been on a couple teams where we have been out of it but we play our best football at the end of the game because for whatever reason the psyche of it is, you go out and you just enjoy playing and playing with your guys, so, that is kind of going to be the message these next couple weeks and, you know, we still got three left. >> the rams are the most confused team in sports just over a week ago they gave jeff fischer an extension, but yesterday they decided to fire the coach the rams are four- nine and after sunday's loss to the falcons fischer tied dan reeves for most losses by a head coach ever with 165, and it was time to go because they called him mr. . that is sports in a minute.
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and nfl's 1 billion-dollar settlement over concussions is moving forward. some players and their families had asked u.s. supreme court to stop it the but high court has refused to hear the case. this settlement will cover more than 20,000 retired layers. beginning an average of $200,000 over the next, 65 years, so those against the settlement called that a drop in the bucket for very wealthy nfl. league estimates three in ten former players could develop alzheimer's or dementia. 4:27. there is a family frustrated this morning, their christmas decorations continue to be stolen, well, now, they are fighting back against the vandals. a little bit happy, pure joy, the news that had these
4:28 am
family members, and friend, erupting, in celebration.
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president-elect donald trump choosing his topic for secretary of state, why people are concerned about this choice. well, bill cosby back in
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court for his pretrial hearing , comedian hoping to avoid prison time as his lawyers continue to battle it out. we will have the lateness a live report. mack attack, popular comfort food being pulled from store shelves, which brand, what you need to nose before you make that for your family. great to have you with us on this tuesday thomas drayton with karen hepp. good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> it is tuesday. >> it is pretty good. tuscan be a struggle but it will be okay. >> it will be super cold tomorrow so we will even eye today. >> by the end of the week we will have a lot to talk about. >> every day is a struggle. >> at this hour we feel your pain. the lets get to the number, because we will go ahead with eight out of ten. we will see a few cloud today, but i think it is going to be more tranquil then yesterday was especially at this time. we have 35 degrees in philadelphia. twenty-eight mount pocono. thirty-one lancaster. thirty-three atlantic city. factor in the wind which are between five, seven, 3 miles
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an hour and it feels colder. so, we will say, what dress for wind chills in the 20's for the most part throughout the region. we should reach 40 by lunchtime with partly sunny skies and a seasonal temperature of 43 degrees for our high today. sunset time 4:37. we don't have our, we haven't had winter solstice just yet so, at times, bob kelly still getting earlier which is good for christmas lights. >> definitely good. >> s as long as they don't ask me to go out in the morning, in christmas lights, we will do that in the evening, tomorrow night. we have crane lights for you here work lights here's a live look at a shut down of the schuylkill expressway. here's the deal, both lanes closed both directions between the boulevard, and montgomery drive. all night long you can see big crane here, they have been putting in a new sign in place it looks like they are taking it down. to you see what they are doing now. this is that sign that kind of stretched across the schuylkill expressway, that is
4:33 am
actually being taken down here they just put out they were making repairs. bottom line both directions now in shut down mode, coming into, and out of the city. if you are getting ready to leave the house rights now grabbing your coffee and keys head for one of the drives, martin luther king drive or kelly drive will connect you from center city, out to city line. i got stuck in this, this morning on the way in, and, you know, you feel so stupid, you talk bit all day, yesterday, i tweet about it the at night and like in the fog with the coffee and i drove right in the brake lights this morning. it was a minor delay. they have been stopping traffic for about ten or 15 minutes at a time and obviously that is what we have here an early morning stoppage so in or out of the city, schuylkill closed, tell rarely from the boulevard to montgomery, use one of the drives. another closure, whose bright idea was to do this all on the aim night, we are shut down on the vine street expressway between schuylkill and broad street this stays in effect until 5:00 o'clock.
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good morning to wilmington. you are opened for business and this closures here, a live look at 495. septa has a new timetable they have kick in over weekend for all regional rail lines so make sure you you grab that before you head to the platform and then again today we have hat scattered delays because of the cold weather, the trains not liking these will cooler temperatures in the morning. southbound left over work crew near academy road both market frankford and subway using shuttle buses until 5:00. karen and thomas back to you. came in this morning and said i didn't heed my own warnings, bob, thank you. 4:34. lets talk about the transition here. we're learning the nation's top diplomate could be an oil company ceo with known ties to russia. president-elect donald trump is expect to to nominate exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson as secretary of state. tillerson started out as an engineer with exxon mobile in 1975 taking helm of the energy giant 11 years later. tillerson has had a relationship with russian president vladamire putin for more than two decades and in
4:35 am
2013 the russian president awarded him order of friend ship medal something that really bothers lawmakers on both side of the aisle. >> when he gets the friendship award from a butcher, frankly it is an issue that i think needs to be examined. again, that is not mean we should prejudge mr. tillerson. >> obviously he likes russia and that is fairly concerning to the world and certainly concerning to americans, it is concerning to me. >> reporter: former presidential nominee mitt romney one of the names being floated around for secretary have of state posted a message on facebook last night saying he was informed he did not get the job. well, bill cosby back in the news, judge set to weigh damaging evidence the in the sexual assault case against him. >> that has lawyers than both side gearing up for a long two day battle. sabina kuriakose is in norristown right outside the courthouse with more, good morning, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, guys. the it is up to the judge to deciding whether bill cosby
4:36 am
will be forced to confront 13 of his other accusers in court , now prosecutors, need this testimony to establish that cosby allegedly had a pattern of drugging and sexual ly abuse would go man, some think that the prosecutors kasichs upon. now the defense will fight to exclude the statements from these 13 women by going after their credibility and their relevance to the case. now, remember the trial surround accusations from one woman who said cosby drugged and assaulted her at his home in 2004. that accuser, former temple university employee, andrea constand. now earlier this month a judge ruled to allow the state to use cosby's own word against him. from a deposition, the comedian gave during constand 's civil suit against him in which she admits to giving young woman drugs and alcohol, before sexual encounters. sources are telling "fox news" that cosby may hope to avoid trial with a plea deal. now sources say cosby does not believe he will receive a fair
4:37 am
and impartial jury and wants to avoid any prison time that may result from a conviction at trial. possible convictions at trial. now these pretrial hearings are expected to last today and tomorrow. we will have you very latest. we are expecting bill cosby to be here at montgomery county courthouse later this morning. for now guys, back to you. thanks very much. well, estate of the philadelphia fire fighter kill in the line of duty says equipment that was supposed to save her life, failed her. lawsuit claims that the joyce craig died inside of a west oak lane row home because of protective equipment that did not properly work. she had no air in her breathing tank and her personal alert safety system failed to alert other responders during that fire there. this was back in 2014. she lost her life. company's named this is suit has yet the to comment. she was a single mother of two and she was first female fire fighter to die in the line of duty. so many heavy hearts in atlantic city as mourner came out in mass to the boardwalk for a final good bye to the
4:38 am
new jersey state trooper. hundreds, grieving his death and remembering life of the trooper frankie williams. he died last week when car swerved over median hitting his patrol vehicle will head on in millville. driver also died, those who knew the trooper says he was an example to everybody around him. and he was a model recruit , and, to see somebody, cut down in the most productive wonderful time of their life, after being married just two months is just horrible. >> trooper williams was just 31 years old. so emotional to hear so many great stories. if you get the a chance take a look at this man you want to see. police want to hear if you recognize him. it is kind of difficult to see but investigators say's tack a 50 year-old woman two weeks ago on the 300 block of walnut street. he grabbed her from behind, punched her in the face, and then stole her purse. so take another look do you recognize the clothes, the way
4:39 am
he walks? he got away with a woman's cash and credit cards. street in wilmington gets a new name to honor a couple who really made a positive impact on the community. one of our fresco users derek chambers shows us city leaders there renaming a portion of the eighth street is now charles charles and niomi smith way they ran a dry cleaning business for 40 years , and were very well known and loved. they both passed away in recent years. whenever you have news happening in your community and you want to get it on tv, shoot it on your phone, use our fresco app and send it to our news room. a lot of your neighbors putting up holiday decorations and lights but there is one holiday display that is causing some controversy, how do you feel this one. some people want it removed? others say, no way. >> oh, deer.
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the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make: flaky, delicious, piping hot things. golden brown and sticky things. fresh out of the oven, why can't they cool things? new things, old things. and blink and they're gone, those went fast things. make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season. warm up the holidays with pillsbury.
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we have talk about this right before the break, lot of people putting up holiday displays. >> absolutely. >> one new york city man that simply cannot stand one he put up so he is suing. lets take a look. >> ♪ jingle bell rock the ♪ >> well, manhattan resident nick wilder says this display is just too much. it feast tour reindeer rocking out to christmas music. family that owns several of the brown stones on the block, he set it up. but not everyone mind the music. >> i think it is great. i enjoy it when people take time to do decorations, it is
4:43 am
great for the kid. i enjoyed it when i was a kid and add to the festive season. >> blasting throughout the neighborhood 800 times in a row any sane person will find that outrageous and that is what people are telling me. >> what do you think, little too much. neighbor being sued by the way hasn't commented about that lawsuit. it is not clear if a judge will move this case forward. bahumbug. >> what a grin. another case of a grinch in our neck of the woods bensalem , vandals hitting the same house again and again and that is the nativity scene right here and they keep defacing it. it is, you know, puts a damper on the holiday season but they say they will not give in. their spirit remains in place. >> not once, twice or even three times, five times, in five years, every year since 2012, someone has been stealing or vandal icing paul and lynn tarnowsky's nativity scene in front of their home. >> my husband took it a looked harder then i d i was like
4:44 am
okay, i hope it is, less and somebody has it in their yard is how i looked at it. >> reporter: they have tried locking it up, bolting it to the ground and laying it down with pieces of stone. this year they added a surveillance camera but only recorded darkness last weekend when thief came back again, could not pry pieces lose but turned to vandalism. >> they pulled all of the extension cord, they took the timer, they pulled it all out and unplugged everything and then just threw all of the wires over the fence. >> reporter: many other homes are decorated and in one else has reported any problems. >> never had a problem with any destruction or theft, anything like that. >> nobody has a problem with everybody. everybody gets along good together. >> reporter: how do you you think is behind this. >> i have no idea. >> reporter: whoever is behind it isn't ruining the christmas spirit. >> we will keep on doing it. if they have to give a big fortress around here they will put it on a fortress. >> maybe one year, we will actually be understood by the
4:45 am
person that is doing this, that is all i can pray. >> reporter: brat sattan fox 29 news. yeah how about that. this is very important information for everybody out there. there has been a major data breach. >> this is a company a lot of you are required to use. so, did you fall victim? we will tell you more about this coming up after the break stay with us. whenever i try to grow out my hair, strands always break off.
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welcome back. your money news lets look at your health enthusiasms, there has been a major hack into one of the largest testing companies. quest diagnostics said hacker gained access to 34,000 people , personal health information. in a statement they say there was an unauthorized third party data breach on november 26th. according to that company the hacked data included names, dates of birth, lab result and your telephone numbers. this did not include social security numbers, credit card information, insurance or other financial information. quest says they have notified those who were affected by the breach. time is 4:48. good morning. in your health statins used to lower cholesterol and reduce risk of getting alzheimer's according to research published in the jama neurology. researchers say they are not the sure why statins help but there is on some indication that hypertension, smoking, diabetes are risk factors for dementia. troubling news this morning more babies are being born in the u.s. with signs of heroin withdraw. in researchers, they believe
4:49 am
they know why. new study blames rising opioids drug use among women in rural area. university of michigan study shows that in 2013, about 20 percent of you this borns in rural areas had withdraw symptoms up 13 percent since 2004. these babies could develop breathing and sleeping problems and being at risk foresee showers. check your pantries, if you have any mack and cheese recently and most families do, because it is an important recall. this includes ones that were sold at wal-mart. tree house foods say the milk powder used in the seasoning could have salmonella in it. company that makes instant mack and cheese cup under big win, cheese club express and great value. do not eat them. we have information right there on our web site and how to return these products, fox listen up here before you dim the lights, light the can also double-check whiz canned dal you have. yankee candle collection candles are being recalled because of a laceration hazard
4:50 am
the glass jar, it can actually crack when you light it. you can return the candle and get a full refund. if you are heading out the door here at 4:49 on this tuesday lets get a check on traffic. >> i have to give back my yankee candle and my mack and cheese? 4:50. good morning everybody. live look at a tuesday we have a shut down of the schuylkill expressway, westbound lane all temporarily blocked here because montgomery and the boulevard all because of penndot out here working. they have the big tonka crane they are taking down that overhead sign that has been all overnight they have been blocking traffic for ten or 15 minutes or so, it looks like again all westbound traffic, stopped, eastbound just now letting one lane squeeze on through. fuzz are getting ready to leave the house right now head for the drives, kelly drive or martin luther king drive. it looks like they are getting ready to open up the vine street vest waste here in center city. that has been closed overnight delaware, wilmington looking good, no problems or delays
4:51 am
down there. septa, they kicked in a new timetable over weekend but regional rail line, make sure you have the new schedule and some cold weather delays, expected again, past couple days we have seen that happen with the first couple of trains out of the gate. south on i-95 they are working right here near academy road and check out this light show up here in levittown, it is hooked up to the very own radio station, you pull up, sit in the nice comfort after your warm car, flip the radio to the certain frequency and light go to the beat with the radio station just one cool example of the holiday lights. keep then coming. snap a picture, post it to facebook, twitter, instagram and use that #fox 29 lights contest to continue to show lights here on tv and maybe come visit the you, when we broadcast live from the front lawn of somebody's house. we will head out tomorrow night, before we get into that arctic cold on thursday. i only wanted to wear one pair of long johns. so we will do that tomorrow. we will have more details throughout the rest of the
4:52 am
morning. is what the forecast going to be like for tonight and tomorrow night? sueby has got tonight 152nd winter isn't here yet, we are eight days from the winter solstice which is a week from tomorrow 5:44 in the morning. it came back quickly was coldest day of the year so far , february 14th, when it was a high of 20 degrees. we are going to rival that on friday, do you remember that? friday's wind chills check this out we will start the day on friday with single digit wind chills, and feel like ten in philadelphia by lunchtime, by 4:00 o'clock it will feel about 17 degrees. so this is what we're facing for the end of the week. so, for right now doesn't that seem baum which a 35-degree temperature in philadelphia
4:53 am
and a wind chill in the upper 20's, and that is where most of our wind chills are this morning either around 30 or upper 20's. seven day forecast has 43 degrees today, 42 for tomorrow and a high, on thursday and friday will be in the 20's but it is especially both of these days we have to pay attention to the win hills in the teens and single digits and messy wet's head for weekend, snow change to go rain on saturday, rain on sunday but with a cold trent it looks like we might go back to snow on monday, how about that. >> good news, warming up just a little bit in time to change the snow to rain. >> that is right. >> sue, thanks. >> instagram user this may be good news to you, instagram users where to get a big update, the company has announced you you can live stream video, company which owned by facebook says this new feature is different then facebook live because video will disappear once you end that live stream. >> snap facebook, combination. do you remember when you
4:54 am
were so excited because awe replied to college and said i have had that big encore, is there a moment one student learned he is going to his dream school and making so many millions smile. yeah, buddy, hand up in the the air. lots of excitement as high school senior his name is brand an and his family and friend learned he is going to cornell university. he made it to the ivy league right there he is from the school in lieu san, they have posted this video that has gone viral. cornell daily sun which was the newspaper up there for cornell says the school was his first choice, on twitter, he said everything is great. >> do you remember when you opened up the envelope. >> i didn't get into that within, i didn't get into cornell. >> it sound like my parents.
4:55 am
good for you. she didn't want me to leave. congratulations. time right now, what time is it? >> 4:54. >> i need eye glasses. donald trump set to make his announcement for secretary of state, why he says he chose the controversial executive, straight ahead, stay with us. does your child need help with digestive balance? try align junior probiotic. so she can have a fraction dominating... status updating... hello-yellow-belt kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support with align junior. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand, now for kids.
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it is 4:57. we hope you are in the mood for the holidays, lets look at your top headlines that are buzzing right thousand before we're talking about, an expect announcement from president-elect donald trump. >> he is expect to nominate exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson as secretary have of state. tillerson started out as an engineer with exxon mobile in 1975 taking helm of the energy giant 11 years ago. tillerson has had a relationship with russian president vladamire putin for more than two decade and in 2013 russian president awarded him order of friendship medal and that is something that bothers, and, at the aisle. >> president-elect won't be answering questions from reporters this week as expected, and, and, in office, but that news conference is now off. on twitter trump says he hold one soon but didn't say when. attorneys for chaka fattah are ram pink up to appeal his
4:59 am
conviction, federal judge slapping former congressman with ten years in prison. one of the most harsh sentence s ever handed out to a member of congress. he was found guilty on 18 counts of fraud, bribery and money laundering. more fbi agents are expect to take the stand in the case of accused charleston church shooter dylann roof on monday prosecutors showed jurors items that they found in his car including a gun, ammunition, a burn american flag and handwritten list of predominantly black churches which roof may have intended to attack. coming up next on morning news. >> bill cosby set to before a judge in the pretrial hearing. we will have more in that in a live report coming up. stay with us.
5:00 am
just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of.


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