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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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good morning, happening right new on fox 29 morning news president-elect donald trump, he is set to announce his topic for secretary of state, that pick though, creating some controversy. bill cosby is back in court today for his hearing, he is hoping to avoid prison time as his lawyers continue to battle it out, we have the very latest on the developments today in a live report. we are seeing it more and more packages being stolen from your front doorstep, this woman well, she wants to get even with those grinches, great to have you with us on this tuesday, thomas drayton with karen hepp.
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>> good morning everyone. >> good morning, everybody. >> good morning, everybody. >> morning, sue. >> we are trying this for stupid national cocoa day and while, apparently it was wrong , what i said yesterday was national cocoa day. >> okay. >> it is cold, cold outside this morning. >> it will warm you up. a nice cup of hot cocoa, wind chills in the 20's and 30 's. make sure you are dressed as warmly as buddy is hat, gloves , winter coat, you know the drill, it is december, it is eight out of ten in your wet ther by the numbers with those wind chills in the 20's and 30's this morning we will see sun and cloud throughout the afternoon and we will have a ease nal high of 43 degrees, with the sunset at 4:37. that is a look at your forecast for today, and things are changing, quite a bit actually in that seven day forecast and that is coming up , bob kelly. >> grab another cup of hot cocoa that means we finish off the bag of the little
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marshmallows on the traffic desk there. 5:03. we have the big old tonka crane still working penndot overnight out and about here on the schuylkill, between the boulevard and montgomery drive , intermittent stoppages taking down one of the overhead signs, they have just now started traffic, to squeeze through here, on the westbound side, eastbound, down to only the right shoulder, by bottom line, grid lock both directions on the schuylkill, between the boulevard, and montgomery. getting ready to leave the house take one of the drives, kelly drive, martin luther king drive, will move you in and out, get you outside of this delay in case they put another stoppage in play in the next ten minutes or so. ben franklin looking good, nice shot, much different then this time yesterday, hello to wilmington delaware in problems along route 273, we are looking good, off to a quiet start, areas that saw the snow yesterday land on the grass surface or maybe you had that slush and you didn't use
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the broom or the shovel up near poconos, lehigh valley, could have some black ice this morning. temperatures, freeze, anything that didn't evaporate yesterday. head up there coming up and down the extension we are looking good, no problems coming in from south jersey. as far as mass transit goes septa they have put the a new timetable in on regional rail lines so make sure you have the new schedule both market frankford and broad street subway starting running trains and we are ready for rush hour , karen and thomas being, back to you. our country's next top diplomate could face a pretty difficult confirmation battle as president-elect donald trump set to announce exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson is his pick for secretary of the state. >> president-elect donald trump is expect to announce his secretary of state pick today and sources say it will be exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson. while critics say tillerson has no government experience he has negotiated oil deals with foreign governments.
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>> if he looks at a business executive who has successfully negotiated deals for his company around the world, trump sees that as something that person can do for the united states. >> reporter: meantime wisconsin recount is now over, giving mr. trump a larger lead over hillary clinton, some democrats are making one last attempt to under mine trump's victory by suggesting russia rigged the u.s. election by hacking clinton's e-mails. >> now to say well, only if it had not been for vladamire putin hillary client of would have won, strikes me as sour grapes but i think this will get quite a ride in the media before elect or finally vote. democrats need to investigate foreign medaling based on evidence from the intelligence community. >> there is actual evidence from the cia that the republican leader of the senate and republican leader of the house say need to be investigated. >> even some republicans are splitting with the president-elect opinion on the issue. >> i think there is nothing wrong with an investigation that looks at all sides of
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what russia did and any other country. >> reporter: mr. trump's team say democrats just cannot accept a loss. >> they cannot accept that they had a flawed candidate. >> reporter: president-elect continue his thank you tour today, heading to wisconsin for a rally, in new york, kelly wright, "fox news". also expect to be nominated for cabinet former texas governor rick perry, likely pick for secretary of the energy, you may remember though back in 2012 he said he went to shut down the energy department. time right now 5:07. we are learning president-elect won't be answering questions from reporters this week as expected, trump had planned a news conference he announced several weeks to go over what he intend to do with his business while he is in office that news conference is now off, in fact, on twitter trump says he will hold one soon but didn't say when. top g.o.p. leaders haven't had much to say publicly about the pennsylvania recount battle but, that all changes today. head of the state republican party and its lawyer are
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speaking out in philadelphia later this morning. pennsylvania has finally certified donald trump's narrow victory over hillary clinton. he won by less than 1 percent of the vote. federal judge in philadelphia yesterday reject green party's request for a recount calling claim of potential hacking irrational. wisconsin has completed its recount confirming trump's slim victory there as well. happening today bill cosby will be back in court this morning in the sexual assault case, this is first of two days of more pretrial hearings the lawyers on both sides are set to battle over number of accusers who can testify. >> sabina is in norristown outside the courthouse, what can we expect. >> reporter: since day one prosecutors and defense have gone head to head over what evidence can eventually, be presented at trial and this latest battle is going to be key. now a judge will decide if prosecutors can call up to 13 of cosby's past accusers, at trial, testimony they will use
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to establish a pattern of sexual a boot. now the question the defense will hammer home is whether that testimony is relevant and credible during a trial, that centers on just one accuser andrea constand the former tu employee who said cosby drugged and assaulted her at the his home in elkins park back in 2004. now the judge earlier this month ruled the state can use cosby's statements there a deposition in constand's civil suit against him in which he admitted to giving women drugs , for sexual encounters. now that was a big blow to the the defense and they will fight hard today to limit the number of accusers, allowed to testify. now this pretrial hearing is expect to last today and tomorrow, coming up, in just a short while we will have more on what sources are telling "fox news", that they may want to avoid trial and looking into a plea deal, guys, back to you. >> we have been hearing this talk as well, we will break that down on good day. big moment in the chaka
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fattah case now attorneys will likely appeal his convictions, federal judge slapped the u.s. congressman with ten years in prison yesterday. that is one of the most harsh prison sentences ever handed out to a member of congress, he was found guilty on 18 counts of fraud, bribery and money laundering. the prosecutors say the sentencing send a message. >> for him to be sitting in prison is a significant signal to those thinking oven gauge nothing misconduct about what can happen if they do so. >> he will surrender to federal authorities at the end of january. time right now 5:10. philadelphia police are trying to track down gunman who put three people in the hospital. shooting happened right here in the 5800 block of delancey street, just before 7:00 o'clock last night. the trigger hand struck all three men in the leg, and medics rushed them to presbyterian hospital, they are all expect to be recovered philadelphia police and u.s. marshals service are investigating this shooting death of the suspect. it happened monday morning on
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the 1300 block of heller man street in oxford circle. investigators are looking for 28 year-old kenneth robleo, authorities say he pulled a gun on them and that is when u.s. marshals shot and killed him. robleo was wanted for aggravated assault after they claim they shot a man in july. that man survived. here's a story only on fox another video showing thieves stolen pack ables right off front steps but these had something pretty special inside. >> bold move, inside, clothes meant for children in need and now good samaritan who collected those donations, is, certainly hoping for a here california. >> we have put dave schratwieser on the case. >> we are doing things for kid in our community. >> reporter: danielle and her friend on social media are in a giving mood this holiday season, they have donated and collect dozens of coats, hats, gloves for kids at gw child school in south philadelphia. >> kids between the age of eight and 14 don't have enough money for basic essentials
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like winter coats, gloves, hats, scarves, et cetera the. >> reporter: people have been shipping items for weeks new but friday's ship. hit a snag on their front doorstep when a grinch like thief stole several packages from people who donated and it was all caught on tape. >> everybody loses out. >> all these people helping with you this project and there is some things stole then would have gone to kid. >> yeah. >> danielle's surveillance cameras outside her northern liberties home also caught the guy casing the place, several times before he struck. >> casing back and forth up high block and then it waited for a moment when no one was walking by and came, took the package. >> reporter: daniel reported to police and called fox 29 with the video she wants word out to her neighbors about the package theft and she's hoping more donations will come in for the kids that she and friends are trying to help. >> i hope that this person realizes what he has done. >> this person doesn't think about the people he is stealing. there he doesn't care about us or know where these things are
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going. >> dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> time is 5:12. concerning moments for passenger on a throughout diverted after a threat is made to the lane more coming up. also coming up, massive high rise fire, this thinks dubai, the frightening moments that sent people running out in the street. walked around the shelter, no intention of adopting. he was the very last kennel in the very last row. emaciated. he was skin and bones. usually what you see in neglected dogs. it was one of those complete, meant-to-be moments... i totally fell in love with him. (avo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped the aspca save nearly thirty thousand animals so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate another two hundred and fifty dollars to help those in need.
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welcome back. people have questions polar vortex, what is exactly the polar vortex, sue.
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>> well, you know what it means it is cold. >> yes. >> really, really cold, three or four really's on there and that is coming later on this week. we'll jet stream drop and we will get close to that thort pole air and early gift from santa isn't that sweet, so we will be below average, next couple of days, but thursday and friday, 19, 20 degrees below where we should be. the lets get to that seven day forecast, it is in the 30's, 20's right now dress for typical, december morning, and 43 degrees is our high. forty-two tomorrow. then our high are in the 20's but even that is deceiving for thursday and friday because the wind chills will probably be in the teens both days, and that is what it will feel like outside. with that cold air in place we will head to saturday with some snow in the morning, changing over to rain and then that is what the warm trent so with the warm air it is still with us on sunday and we will see a chance of rain and only rain. then comes a cold front and you know what that means
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colder air moves in and that rain could possibly change over to snow for monday. it is all, a few days away, but, we just wanted to give you, bob kelly, a preview of coming attractions. >> few days to make it go away too. good morning everybody. live look at the schuylkill expressway where crews have been working overnight taking down that overhead sign that stretched across all of the lanes. we're opened now westbound, only two lanes opened here, west of montgomery, coming into the city right now where most volleys, only one lane a far right shoulder, big old tonka crane set up here that has to be dismantled. this is running later, then they had expected. coming into the city right now grab your cough east, your keys and let's head for drives , kelly drive or martin luther king drive jump off at city avenue into downtown without a delay. keep that in mind too heading to the airport, that construction zone there is in your way. ben franklin bridge looking
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good, at the moment, big old sinkhole right the in front of the diner, route 130 and route 47, brooklawn diner there, so watch for construction there coming up and down the extension, near poconos, i80, allentown, if you had snow on the grass, line yesterday, there could be some black ice out there this morning. so just be ready for that. when you got to go, you got to go, check out out house all decorated here, in one of the construction zones. they have the lights up here in the poconos, so come on decorate whatever is not, whatever is standing still put some lights on it, snap a picture and send it to us, use the hash to go fox 29 lights contest as you post to it facebook, twitter, instagram so we can show pictures on tv and then tomorrow night i will hit road and go broadcast live from somebody's house and show you all of the lights, big old party on the trent lawn, karen and thomas back over to you. we have some important news about a bomb threat that
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forced a plane to make an emergency landing in, this, wasn't scheduled to go there because someone phoned in a threat on monday while this lufthansa flight was headed to frankford germany coming from texas. pilot was immediately notified flight dirt todd jfk as a re caution, officials search the lane but you they didn't find anything suspicious, 530 passengers and crew were evacuated and they have rescheduled the throughout. dramatic fire, rips through a high rise building, this is overseas in dubai. flames shooting out of windows on several of the floors. it is a 14 story luxury apartment building, on palm island, fire fighters safely got everybody out and put that fire out, they are trying to figure out what started that fire. coming up, how one grandmother's bad luck turned into good fortune after she was scammed, who showed up at her time of need. but first at 5:19 on this tuesday if you lay numbers, here they are, good luck.
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mstanding rib roast!ds to be wowed this year. wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. welcome back. unfortunately this happens far too often, great grandmother conned out of nearly a thousand dollars by a woman claiming to know her doctor but, pleasant surprise to this story. >> because there was a corvette club down in dallas who saw her story and wanted to to something special for her and as allison harris found out they brought her both money and prayers. >> a corvette turned the corner, then another, and
5:23 am
another, engine roared down mentor avenue in oak cliff saturday. drivers got out to greet donna allen, daughter in on the surprise. all of this, the cars, the crew. >> word up. >> reporter: and the catch. >> it is for the woman. >> it is just overwhelming. overwhelming. thank you so much. >> reporter: dallas police are looking for woman wearing medical scrubs who showed up to her home a week ago, saying that donaldson's doctors sent her to talk about a new walker , police say while woman was there she stole nearly a you this dollars, money that the 76 years old who lives off of social security and partial pension payment from her late husband, needed to pay rent. fox four brought you the
5:24 am
exclusive story this week. >> just could not get myself together. >> reporter: keith kaine of the unique corvette club. >> this could be my mother, my grandmother, i say this is just something we could not, let go by without doing something. >> even right the now thinking about it, it is wondering just thinking about it. i don't want to break down in front of the camera. >> we're here for you. you are our grandmother, you don't have to worry about anything. >> i want them to get help and wonderful long life. >> reporter: gift to donaldson's children too who says her mother wanted to give up but not anymore. >> i just can't believe it. unbelievable. >> i'm literally speechless. i cannot the belief that
5:25 am
people have come together for me like that. >> one, two, three. >> i just can this is the belief they have come together like this. >> community together as one big family. is there hope. 5:25 on this tuesday, in your health, statins used to lower cholesterol may help reduce risk of getting alzheimer's according to research public in the journal jama neurology. researchers say they are not sure why statins actually help but there is some indication that hypertension, smoking and diabetes are risk factors for dementia. more babies are born in this country with signs of heroin withdrawal, researchers say they know why, it is because number of people using heroin has jump dramatically. they are blaming rising use in rural area, university of michigan study that shows in 203, about 20 percent of new borns in rural communities have withdraw symptoms, up 13
5:26 am
percent, from a decade before that. researchers say these babies could develop breathing, sleeping problems and be at risk foresee showers. 5:25. lets go up to the poconos a beautiful site, good news, they have a coating of snow, several inches of snow, and a lot of resorts next week. >> this friday i'll do some checking right now and let the you know. >> we will be right back.
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president-elect donald trump choosing his topic for secretary of state, some saying not so fast, we will tell you about the controversy plus bill cosby will be back in court today for pretrial hearing, hoping to avoid prison time as lawyers for both side will figure out who will be testifying. we have a live report. we will tell you about the popular comfort food that is being pulled from store shelves, you see it right there not a big secret mack and cheese recall but we will tell you more coming up. >> it is what we call will written tease. >> so many different brand. >> which one it is? this is sold at wal-mart. so many of us shop. we will tell you specifically. >> good morning, great to have you with us on this tuesday. we are slowly getting through week. we are not waking up to rain. >> it was so messy monday morning, so at least it is dry
5:30 am
now and we can take a look what buddy is wearing this morning. the nice, bundled up, this is national cocoa day, with us yesterday, and it was also national cocoa day so shouldn't every day be national cocoa take, yes, exactly, preview day like hazy 's one day sale, thank you , bob. >> we are off to a cold start with eight out of ten, i think it will be a pretty decent day we have got some cloud coming later on but nothing around right now, so the temperature in philadelphia, 36 degrees but feels like below freezing. feeling like 30 with sunrise official at 7:14. shortest days of the year are basically the next week. we have 40 degrees by lunchtime with some sunshine around and 43 seasonal high temperature for today. talking more about the polar plunge, not jumping in cold water, bob kelly, but the temperatures, coming up. >> you got it, sue, here's what i walk out to my buddy
5:31 am
elf playing go fish on the kitchen count they are morning hopefully your elf moved overnight, and you know that is what he does moves overnight, goes up, reports to santa claus, 55 on 202 heading out of king of prussia, still a hot mess here on the the schuylkill expressway. this project was supposed to be done overnight, obviously taking longer then expected. this is a live look at schuylkill expressway between boulevard and montgomery drive they have got this big old crane in the eastbound lanes, coming into the city, only one lane is opened. it is actually the shoulder, westbound leaving center city, they have two lanes opened, gridlock right now at the scene where that crane took down one of those overhead signs. look at the speedometer reading coming into philadelphia, eastbound down to 4 miles an hour. so, this is obviously going to start impacting our rush hour so hold on, ready, grab your coffee, keys and head for the drives, within of the drives,
5:32 am
kelly drive or martin luther king drive jump off at city avenue and use the drives to get into downtown. leaving center city, west isn't that bad right now, but that could change, in the next half an hour, so we have a big sinkhole in new jersey, brooklawn circle, route 130 and 47 coming together right there in front of the diner, if if you traveling to or out of the pocono area any area that saw that snow land on the grass surface yesterday could have some black ice, waking up this morning. so be careful on the extension up in the pocono, lehigh valley interchange, no problems coming on the freeway and so far so good on mass transit, karen and thomas, bakhtiyor to you. bob, thank you. 5:32. we are learning that the nation's top diplomate could be an oil company ceo with known ties to russia. president-elect donald trump is expect to nominate exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson as secretary of state. here's a little background on tillerson.
5:33 am
started out as an engineer in exxon in 1975 taking helm of the energy giant 11 years ago. tillerson we're learning has had a relationship with russian president vladamire putin for more than two decades and in 2013 the russian president awarded him order of friend ship medal something that bothers lawmakers on both side of the aisle. >> when he gets the friendship award from a butcher, frankly, it is an issue that i think needs to be examined and again that is not mean we should prejudge mr. tillerson. >> obvious i likes rush and that is fairly concerning to the world and certainly concerning to americans, concerning to me. >> former presidential nominee mitt romney who has been in the running for secretary of state posted a message saying he was informed he did not get the job. who will be testifying, how many women, judge is set to weigh potentially damaging evidence the in the sexual assault trial for bill cosby. >> lawyers gearing up for a
5:34 am
long two day battle. lets get out to sabina in norristown outside courthouse. hearing set to take place in a couple hours here, sabina. we will be learning obviously sabina is gathering latest details as she mentioned in a couple hours, both side will be battling this out. cosby his defense saying this should not go to trial. we will have more on the allegations and what to second actually, lets go out to sabina, good morning. >> reporter: this latest hearing could be make or break for cosby's defense, perhaps even the prosecution a judge is expect to rule on whether prosecutors will be allowed to call up to 13 of cosby's past accusers to testify in the sex assault case against him. state need to convince court that the testimony from the 13 other women is relevant to trial even though case is now focusing on just one accuser, andrea constant. prosecutors hope to show cosby had a pattern of drugging and molesting women.
5:35 am
defense, of course will push back hard and the testimony, new last year you will recall he was indicted on charges he assaulted constand at his elkins park home in 2004. earlier this month the judge, ruled to allow tam aging testimony that cosby gave in constand's civil suit against him where he admitted to giving young woman drugs and alcohol before sexual encounters, that was a big blow to the defense, you can bet they will fight hard today at this pretrial hearing this court here today. sources are telling "fox news" that cosby may be looking into a possible plea deal we're told he wants to avoid any possible prison time, he doesn't think he would get a fair trial, that is very latest, we are expecting bill cosby to show up here in a couple hours, guys, back to you. we will have latest on the fox 29 news today, throughout the morning and at 5:00, sabina, thank you. the estate of the philadelphia fire fighter kill
5:36 am
in the line of duty says the equipment that was supposed to save her life, failed her. lawsuit claims that the joyce craig died inside that west oak lane row home because of protective equipment did not work properly. they say she did not have air in her breathing tank and her personal alert safety system failed to notify responders during that fire in 2014. the companies named have not commented. she was a single mother of two , cities first fee hail fire tighter to die in the line of tooth i. also so many heavy hearts in atlantic city as mourner came in mass to the boardwalk for final good bye to a new jersey state trooper, hundreds grieving his death and also remembering his life, troop are frankie williams who died last week when a car swerved in the median striking him head on in millville, that other driver also died. those who knew trooper says he is just an example to everybody around him. >> frankie williams was the on the job just 11 months, to see
5:37 am
somebody cut down, really in the most productive wonderful time of his life have after being married just two months is horrible. >> trooper williams was just 31 years old. >> so many great stories. time is 5:37. take a good look at this man, police want to hear if you recognize him. investigators say's tack a 50 year-old woman two weeks ago on the 300 block of walnut street. police say he grabbed her from behind, punched her and then stole her purse. we will zoom in here in just a moment. take another look recognize his clothing, way he walks give police a call. he got the away with the woman 's cash and credit cards. street in wilmington gets a new name all to honor a couple who made a positive impact on the community. fresco user derek chambers shows us leaders renaming eighth street to charles and niomi smith way. the smith's ran a dry cleaning business for 40 years, they were well known and loved by residents.
5:38 am
they both passed away in recent years. we appreciate you you for sharing it. the once again if you see news happening make sure to take out your phone, shoot it and then use fresco app to send that video to our news room. when we come back we will talk about sports because we usually do so we know eagles, pretty stinky they have some more games to play but do you know what i want to tell but? cammal back ski season is starting. for some, starting this thursday, how about that. and birthday shout out, your mom denise, happy birthday. happy birth the day.
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oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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good morning i'm sean bell eagles have no shot at making playoffs so yesterday, doug pederson talked about what the guys, need to do to finish the year strong. >> i have been on a couple teams where we have been out of it but we play our best football at the end of the game because for whatever reason psyche is you go out and you just enjoy playing and playing with your guys, so that is the message, these next couple of weeks. we still got three left. college hoops another big five match up tonight nova/ temple boat teams looking for the coaches talking about how special these match ups really are. >> they are awesome. you know, they are easy to get to which is cool, you don't to have travel, easy to get home
5:42 am
from and they are competitive with great electricity in the building. >> that is sports in a minute i'm sean bell. the nfl's 1 billion-dollar settlement over concussions is moving forward, some players and their families had asked u.s. supreme court to stop it but you high court has now refused to hear the case. settlement covers more than 20,000 retired players, they will get an average of $190,000 over next 65 years. those against the settlement called that a drop in the bucket for the wealthy nfl. league estimate that three in ten former players could develop alzheimer's or dementia. golden globes were announced yesterday did they get it right? lots of stars are celebrating, for one man that was snub, robbed there the both big and stahl screen.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
we are looking live, philadelphia international airport you are not only one looking to escape this cold weather, folks, lining up, getting ready to take first flights out of philly interest that the. good news this morning we have no delays down at the airport unlike yesterday, so lucky you , happy trails if you are flying out of philadelphia today. trying to get to the airport today is a problem right now. here's a live look at this big crane, this project, running longer than expect this morning, penndot took down the
5:46 am
overhead signs, that stretched across all of the roadways, wasn't supposed to take this long? they still got this big tonka crane sitting smack dab in the middle of the roadway. that has to be dismantled they have wood blocks underneath and there is what is left of the sign to be put up on the flatbed and pulled out of here westbound schuylkill has two lanes opened, eastbound only has one coming into philadelphia. hot mess. look at the this 2 miles an hour on the schuylkill, coming into philadelphia here's what you want to to jump off at city line avenue take either kelly drive or martin luther king drive-in to downtown. keep that in mind heading to the airport trying to get into center city or conshohocken use blue route 476. having a domino effect here on the roosevelt boulevard, bumper to bumper to bumper from broad street all the way down to the ramps for the schuylkill expressway. so again one example of what can go wrong is we are in the
5:47 am
height of the rush hour or start of it, and that crane hasn't even been dismantled yet. that will be a mess for rest of the morning. over here in new jersey at brooklawn diner of the circle closed, at route 130 at 47, we are all seeing it come together there, huge sinkhole developed overnight. i say we throw french toast sticks in there fill it up and open it backup coming up and down the extension in the area that had some snow on the grass yesterday, there is potential for some black ice this morning. keep that in mind. septaes a regional rail line they kicked in a new timetable yesterday and hello, yardley look at this home all decked out for the holidays this guy has a circle that actually runs around the trent of his house so folks can drive-in, circle around and take net of the christmas. i remember my dad used to throw us all in the car, come on, lets drive up and down streets in the neighborhood checking out christmas lights. that is what we are doing but we are doing all of the work,
5:48 am
all you have to does snap a picture and post it to facebook, twitter, instagram so i can show pictures on tv and then each week we will visit different home all decorated, hitting road tomorrow night, we will broadcast live from somebody's front lawn during five and 6:00 o'clock newscast, what is forecast looking like today and for tomorrow's light segment? sueby has got tonight 15 seconds. it is still technically autumn, eight days until winter solstice a week from tomorrow, and as far as the years so far, the coldest day we have had was february 14th, valentines day when it was only 28 degrees, remember we talk about cuddling with your sweety, 26 is our forecast high for friday, that would be the coldest day of the season,
5:49 am
so far, and as we look ahead at wind chills, single digits in the the morning, friday thousand, 10 degrees is what it will feel like by lunchtime and by 4:00 in the afternoon it will feel like 18 to 21 degrees, that is what it will feel like on friday, the coldest take of the season. that we're projecting. the right now, 36 degrees, 25 mount pocono, wildwood has 38, feels a little bit chillier then that. it feels like 30 in philadelphia right now. we will head to a high of 43. eighty-three we have to wait six months. forty-two tomorrow. highs in the 20's on thursday and friday and potentially helps i weekend with snow changing over to rain on saturday, all rain on sunday, we will to see what happens if we have lingering snow flakes into monday morning. it will be quite an adventure guys, this weekend first snow day. >> we will keep track of that
5:50 am
one, mack and cheese is great on a cold day but if you have some in your pantry check out label because there is a very big recall on these especially some sold at wal-mart stores. tree house food say that milk powder in the seasoning, it could have salmonella in it. company ace that the ones with the mack and cheese cups under the names big win, cheese club express and great value don't eat them we have information on how to return them take them back to the terror come to fox golden globes, lah lah land got a lot and moon light scores the most golden globe nomination force this year. >> catch up on my movie watching. john than hunt shows us who is celebrating in the top fox star who is not. >> welcome to the nominations announce. for golden globe award. >> reporter: big morning for many top actors, tv shows, and films, as the seventh fourth annual golden globe nominations were announced in
5:51 am
beverly hills. >> we keep running into each other. >> reporter: ninety plus members of the hollywood foreign press was singing praises of lala land including one for best comedy or musical >> ♪ >> reporter: also there was a viced in for the marvel film dead pool. along with 20th century women, florence foster jenkins and sin street. moon light earned six, including one for best drama along with hacksaw ridge, hell or high water, lion and manchester by the sea. >> everyone talks about the golden globes being lead in for oscars and right now, it started this season early and everyone is talking about lah lah land, manchester by the see, jackie, certain things that got mentioned today but white end the field. it is confirmation that yes, you you are invited, you are
5:52 am
on the list, you do have a shot. >> reporter: actors earning nominations including natalie port man in jackie, casey affleck in manchester by the seat and ryan gosling in lah lah land. haley stein felt in the edge of 17, amy adams in a arrival, any amy harris in moon light and denzel washington and viola davis in fences. >> i want him to help me with this fence. >> role of the lifetime, role that is so complete. >> reporter: in the tr drama category hbo games of thrones, netflix the crown and stranger things, hbo's west world and nbc's freshman hit, this is us >> this is the biggest moment of your life. >> we're so proud of the work, again, i sound like a broken record but it is most incredible writers, cast, crew
5:53 am
>> i cannot the sit through another one of these. >> reporter: small screen comedy black fish is going up against fx atlanta, transparent, and hbo's beat. >> protocol, yes. >> reporter: some notable snubs include hidden figures and empire star taraji p henson. tom hanks last years best drama winner mr. robot, movie fences and matthew mcconaughey performance in gold. >> the ride has begun. >> reporter: in hollywood jonathan hunt fox news. we're taking a live look outside, they are making snow, and they are ready for the season, they will be opening up in days in the the pocono mountains up there and bob kelly, we have a charlie mckey an says hello to you. we will spread that shout out and shout out to you that are still watching because "good day philadelphia". >> good morning stay with us. time is 5:53. bundle up
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do you love the holidays? there is one grinch in new york who just can't stand his neighbors decorations so he is suing. so this is in manhattan, nick wilder says it is too much, he has reindeer, rocking out to christmas music, can't stand jingle bells over and over again. family that owns several brown stones on that block set it up for people to enjoy. they are not talking about the lawsuit. it is in the clear if the judge is going to move this
5:57 am
case forward. also bill cosby back in court to fight his legal team is tasting, who will be testifying and how many woman, "good day philadelphia" is coming up next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
shot in the face, breaking right now a man shot in the car moments after leaving a north philadelphia bar, lauren johnson is live at the scene.
6:00 am
plus cosby in court this guy spend a lot of time in court and in trial what is going on here? will a judge let three other women, allow them to testify? and the oil man is in, president east electric donald trump is expected to announce exxon mobile executive rex tillerson as secretary of state, why his latest cabinet pick is coming under fire. i hope this person realize s what he has done. >> man swipes packages off steps in broad daylight but it hoist the gifts are meant for that is causing holiday outrage. >> we do that every year and here we go again, good day, it is tuesday, december 13th, 2016. >> happy tuesday to you, mike. >> right back at you, happy tuesday. >> i'm loving the tie you have got going on there. >> i bought it yesterday. >> you did, brand new. >> does it look all right. >> is it green, go back and forth so we can see, it


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