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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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plus cosby in court this guy spend a lot of time in court and in trial what is going on here? will a judge let three other women, allow them to testify? and the oil man is in, president east electric donald trump is expected to announce exxon mobile executive rex tillerson as secretary of state, why his latest cabinet pick is coming under fire. i hope this person realize s what he has done. >> man swipes packages off steps in broad daylight but it hoist the gifts are meant for that is causing holiday outrage. >> we do that every year and here we go again, good day, it is tuesday, december 13th, 2016. >> happy tuesday to you, mike. >> right back at you, happy tuesday. >> i'm loving the tie you have got going on there. >> i bought it yesterday. >> you did, brand new. >> does it look all right. >> is it green, go back and forth so we can see, it
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changes. >> what am i doing. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> all right. 6:01. here comes sue serio, look out >> it is eight out of ten, things have improved a lot since our messy monday. maybe a terrific tuesday as long as you are bundled up, like bus stop buddy. this is real national cocoa day, mix up yesterday, temperatures feel like the 20 's and 30's this morning. we do not have precipitation to show you on radar. thirty-seven in the city but feels like it is treeing, sunrise not this will 74:00. our forecast is for mix of cloud and sun. we will get to a seasonal high of 43. quiet weather day for us but we will be making some noise about the cold, and complaining a lot bob kelly by end of the week, burr. >> wish i had, maybe not had a hike phone complaining in the cars right now on the schuylkill eastbound only one lane coming into philadelphia,
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this big old crane still set up in the eastbound lanes. it was an overnight project that obviously ran later then expected. westbound side all lanes are opened that is starting to get back to normal but inbound into philadelphia we are bumper to bumper like pancakes here from city avenue all the way into montgomery drive with only one lane opened. getting ready to leave the house right now, grab your coffee, keys we will head for kelly drive, where martin luther king drive to get into downtown, coming from king of prussia and heading for airport use the blue route 476 until we can get lanes opened. look at the boulevard, bumper to bumper from broad street all the way down to the schuylkill, again all domino effect that construction that has been running an hour or so late on the schuylkill. waking up in allentown, poconos, lehigh valley, think where that had snow on the grass yesterday could have slippery conditions, black ice waking up here this morning.
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southbound i-95, 55 looking good and mass transit running so far so good with no delays, back over to you. breaking news, wild scene unfolded outside north philadelphia bar. >> yeah, really we will. bullet flying every where, some guy got shot in the face, lauren johnson over at the hospital, lauren. >> reporter: good morning mike and alex. we are at the hospital where car was driven here and still remains at the trent door of the hospital that new or white model bmw. you can see jared will show you a bullet hole in the front windshield, several philadelphia police officers keeping a close watch over the car while passenger who was hit in the carries being treated here at temple university hospital for a gunshot wound to his face. here's what we understand happened, two men left broad and germantown avenue shortly after getting inside this car a man approached the car, attempting to rob the pair. moments later he fired a shot inside the car that hit 28 year-old passenger in the
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taste. the driver a three three-year old man grabbed his friend's gun and shot back. suspect wearing a hoodie ran there that scene, right now police don't know if he was hit or able to dodge that bullet. at this point police are trying to get the their hand on surveillance video from the real time crime cameras in that area as well as nearby businesses and they are also trying to find out if the two people inside the car had a permit to carry. at this point we do know the 28 year-old passenger inside that car was hit in the face, driver got him here to temple university hospital, they are both inside here while police watched this car and continue to investigate shooting, mike and alex. >> all right, lauren. so bill cosby, back in court, again over and over gannon this sexual assault case of course. >> first of two days of more pretrial hearings. so lets get to sabina with the latest on than what we can expect this morning for this court appearance. >> reporter: good morning mike and alex. we are expecting bill cosby to
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arrive here at montgomery county courthouse later this morning. pretrial hearing is scheduled for 9:00. you can bet it is going to be a battle between prosecutors and the defense, now the state wants to have the judge allow 13 of cosby's past accusers to testify at the eventual trial. the defense will fight to keep those women off the stand. they will argue that the statements are in the relevant to the current case. you will remember cosby was indicted last year on charges he assaulted former temple university staff member andrea constand at his home in elkins park in 2004. early this month judge decided prosecutors can use cosby's own words against him through a deposition he gave during constand's civil suit against him which he admitted giving woman drugs and alcohol before sexual encounters. now sources tell "fox news" that cosby might be looking to cut a deal, they tell us he might be looking into whether he can get a plea deal to
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avoid jail time. he doesn't think he can get a fair trial with an impartial jury. the cosby may want to eventually cut a deal but again back here live we are expecting bill cosby arrive at the courthouse with his attorneys shortly before this pretrial hearing gets underway at 9:00. we are expecting the priest trial hearing to last today into tomorrow, mike and alex, back to you. we have been doing that story ten times a lot of pretrial hearings. nation's top diplomate could be an oil company ceo, with known ties to russia? president-elect donald trump is expect to nominate exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson as secretary of the state. tillerson has had a receipt i, well, pretty good relationship with russian president vladamire putin over the years actually almost 20 years. in 2013 the russian president awarded him, rex tillerson, the order of friendship medal.
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it is a big deal for them. also happening, we will hear for the first time today from the state g.o.p. about pennsylvania's recount battle. >> state republican chairperson and the party's top lawyer are speaking out in philadelphia later this morning. pennsylvania has finally certified its presidential election from november the eighth. the results are in, showing donald trump beats hillary clinton by less than one percentage point. meanwhile a federal judge has said no, to the green party's request for a recount, calling the parties concerns about potential hacking irrational. wisconsin by the way did a recount of its vote confirming that trump's narrow victory in that state will be upheld. 6:07. attorneys for chaka fattah will likely appeal his conviction. federal judge former u.s. congressman with ten years in prison. one of the most harsh prison
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sentences ever handed down to the one time congress member. fattah was found guilty of 18 counts of fraud, broad and money laundering. the prosecutors say the sentencing send a message. >> to signal to those thinking oven gauge nothing misconduct about what can happen if they do so. >> reporter: fattah has been ordered to surround tore federal authorities on january . 6:08. you have got your third and market. this is fourth and market. third and market. second and market. and then trent street. >> um-hmm. >> that is a mess. do you ever get on i-95 at that intersection there. >> it can be scary. drivers are calling it an accident waiting to happen. i have heard that said. >> so now after fox 29 started asking questions about this spot right here. >> yes. >> help could be on the way, front and market streets hey have been a hot bed for near misses and fender benders. problem is drivers ignore the right turn lanes and drive
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straight on the ramp to i-95 south and they merge, trying to bat who will will go first. we counted 72 illegal turns and many near misses during a one hour period. the last week this was the scene when a tractor trailer lost its load, trying to do that turn. >> yes. >> some say all of this has become part of the daily life traveling this way. >> i would say at least three to four times a week, to the point where we have lost our interest in stop signs so we can come out and help. >> reporter: after looking into the problem penndot and philadelphia streets department tell fox 29 that both agencies are working together to come up with some sort of a solution. >> a major security breach at a local medical laboratory has tens of thousands of people worried this morning, how the hack is leaving quest diagnostics patients exposeed.
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in your health news a major hack into one of the largest testing companies. >> i would say major. 34,000 people affect, this is at quest diagnostics, they say hackers have gained access to the personal health information of 34,000 people. >> in a statement monday the company says that there was an unauthorized third party data breach on november 26th, according to the company the hacked data included names, dates of birth, lab results and telephone numbers. the information to that
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includes social security numbers, credit card information and insurance or other financial information. quest diagnostics say they have notified those affected by this breach. >> they have? 34,000 people they have notified. >> that is what they say. >> they are busy over there. >> i will go straight to the tease. >> how about you do that because this is interesting, instagram have have you heard about their new feature? it is allowing you to keep up with your friend in real time could it be the what new paris cope, you this facebook live. >> that is exactly what it is.
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it is 6:15. we don't have have rain like yesterday. lets talk about what is coming , later this week how polar vortex air coming down from santa's house at north pole will come our way by thursday and friday. it gets close, it could be colder then it will be but we will take it, 19 degrees below normal by thursday, 20 degrees below normal by friday, today, tomorrow will be a couple degrees below normal. the here's what we have for friday, wake up in the morning it will feel like four in philadelphia. some suburbs will have below zero wind chills and then head into lunchtime and 10 degrees wind chill. then we have an 18-degree wind
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chill later in the day and then by evening it will feel like 21 degrees. you get idea how cold it will be on friday. we will a this now you need to bundle up today even though it is not quite that cold. thirty-seven in philadelphia. twenty-four mount pocono. thirty atlantic city. thirty-four wilmington delaware. factor in the wind which isn't extreme but feels like freezing in philadelphia and other wind chills in the 20's. from there we will head up to 43 degrees today, 42 tomorrow. we have talk about how cold on thursday and friday and then things get interesting as we head in the weekend. we will start off with snow on saturday. >> what? >> and then it changes over to rain, saturday afternoon which could continue into sunday and may finish off with a few flurries on early monday morning, bob kelly but all this is happening over a weekend so traffic impacts will be completely different. >> wait until boss hears, we will have us all working this weekend. >> good morning, everybody. 6:16.
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we have good news for you, the schuylkill expressway, finally got that tonka crane out of there. they were working overnight. they took down overhead structure the sign and they had a big crane set up. it took longer then antis ated westbound leaving city is opened, eastbound look still only one lane we are jammo from a roaching city all the way into montgomery drive and that is having a domino effect on the on ramps as well as roosevelt boulevard. look at the boulevard bumper to bumper from broad down to the schuykill. if you are leaving right now grab your coffee head for drives, kelly drive or martin luther king drive hopefully they will get lanes opened but we are still going to have to get rid of the grid lock. if you woke up, excuse me, yesterday and had some snow on the grass, that same, those same areas could have slippery conditions this morning because of the black ice. the southbound i-95 a to minute trip in the city. new schedules on the regional rail lines. when you got to go, you got to
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go. i said tech rate your house. the out house. come on put your lights up, snap a picture and send to it me no matter how or where it is located we will put it on facebook, twit error instagram and use the #fox 29 lights contest so i can show all of the houses on tv and then visit one this week. we will go out tomorrow night visiting someone's front lawn broadcasting live during five and 6:00 o'clock news. we will have more throughout the day, mike and alex, back to you. country's top diplomate could face a difficult confirmation battle as president-elect donald trump is set to announce ceo of exxon mobile as his pick for secretary have of state. >> thomas drayton joining us live from the news room giving us more details about rex tillerson. >> not a well known name his name is rex, as you mentioned rex tillerson he started as an engineer in exxon in 1975 and taken the helm of the even why i giant 11 years ago.
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trump is expect to name mom nation official today. president-elect said tillerson is the best candidate for that job. >> in his case he is much more than a business executive. he is a world class player. he is in charge of i guess largest company in the world. >> so here's the controversy lawmakers on both sides are expressing concern over tillerson's ties to russian president vladamire putin. it comes as cia alleged russian hackers were trying to help trump win the election. so former republican presidential nominee mitt romney he was in the mix as well and said he learn last night he would not be secretary of state. in fact he posted a message in facebook basically saying it was an honor to be considered that he has high hopes for the new administration. president-elect won't be answering any questions from reporters this week as expect. he announced he had land a news conference to go over his business dealings while in
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office. that news conference is now office off and on twitter he said he will hold one soon but didn't say when, busy times. even though i'm not mandated by law to do so i will leave my businesses before january 20th, so that i can focus full-time on the presidency. two of my children don and eric, plus executives will manage them. no new deals will be done during my term in office. we have also learned this morning that pennsylvania has finally certified donald trump 's narrow victory over hillary clinton. he won by less than 1 percent of the vote. federal judge in philadelphia yesterday reject a green party 's request for a recount calling the claim of potential hacking, irrational. no official word on what is next for the green party, back to you, mike and alex. 6:20. there is more than crying not allowed in baseball, there is in crying left in baseball why this rookie hazing ritual is being banned. um-hmm.
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figure out another reason to finish this season, strong. >> i have been on a couple teams where we have been out of it but we actually play our best football at end of the game because for whatever reason psyche of it is, you go out and you just energy playing and playing with your guys. that is kind of going to be the message these next couple of weeks and we still got three left. >> rams are the most confused team in sports. just over a week ago they gave jeff fischer an extension, but yesterday they decided to fire the coach, the rams are four- nine and after sunday's loss to the falcons, he tied dan reeves for the most losses , by a head coach, ever, with 165 and it was time to go because they called him mr. seven and nine. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. 6:24. >> major accomplishment sports
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illustrated said one athlete surpasses all of the others. >> they do this every year, magazine has name lebron james its 2016 sports person of the year. of course lebron led cleveland cavilers to their first ever nba championship but he also is very active off the court, sports illustrated notes how lebron has been speaking out on social issues lately, he has had a lot to say about controversial police shootings , and this is lebron 's 26th time on the sports illustrated cover, 26, he is the third most featured athlete behind michael jordan and muhammad ali. that is a nice cover too. >> yeah. >> so for an athlete like that who do you think introduces, they have an award show who do you think introduced him. >> do you know. >> i do know that is why i'm asking. >> man or woman. >> i didn't think you would take it this seriously. >> lay it on me.
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>> jay-z. >> is that right. >> yeah, he went out and they thought he was funny because he made a comment remember when lebron talk about his pos e in position and started to listing these things but supposed to bring jay-z out so it was at barclay center in brooklyn. >> yes. >> nicely done. 6:26. if you are trying to figure out whether you are naughty or nice this year, consider the city thaw are living in. where do you think philadelphia ranks on a list of the most sin full cities in america. >> and sabina back live at montgomery county courthouse where bill cosby is expect again this morning, sabina. >> reporter: latest twist in bill cosby's assault case, coming up why he may have to face more than a dozen of his accusers in court, that is coming up after the break.
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shot in the face break are breaking right not a man shot in the face, lauren johnson is over at the hospital. legal battle is brewing today in the bill cosby sexual assault case, what his lawyers
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are doing right now that they are hoping will keep them out of jail. and a real grinch, steals packages off a step, wow, look at that, but it is who the gifts were meant for that is causing holiday out rage. >> ♪ >> it is hottest ticket in the country really. >> true. >> it sold out what through 2017? you may still have access to the hottest musical in the country, without having to go to nyc. >> how is that possible. >> we will discuss. >> holograms. good day, it is tuesday kes 13th, 2016. oh, man i have not done one bit of christmas shopping. >> you better get it together. >> i have done one or two. sue, how are you doing. >> mike, it is not christmas eve. >> that is true, why would i bother. >> i'm about three-quarters, i
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think, thank goodness for on line shopping and for hot cocoa. yes, we have a hot cocoa national cocoa day part two, to kay temperatures in the 20 's and 30's. that it what it feels like outside. no more precipitation. we had rainy start yesterday but dry, cold, 37 degrees with the wind chill of 32. sunrise time 7:14. it is shortened day, as we get closer to the first day of winter, 43 degrees, very seasonal high temperature quiet weather day all and all but what about thursday and friday, is it still that cold? we will answer that question coming up, bob kelly, what is going on. >> baby alert, we all know sarah our intern that runs and gets us coffee. she has been missing. she said my sister had a baby. >> 4-pound, 13-ounces our new fox intern, congratulations to aunt sarah over there. she's back and she will get us cough east in a couple minutes seventy-one minutes on the
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schuylkill expressway eastbound jammo from conshohocken to downtown, they finally got that big crane out of there, penndot working overnight they said bobby, it will only last until three, didn't get out until 6:00. look at the jam already from approaching conshohocken all the way in downtown, down to 2 e schuylkill, if you are leaving the house right now go for jumbo coffee or jump off at drive, kelly drive, heart inn luther king drive but already a mess ahead of you here at 6:32 on tuesday morning. north on the freeway, volume popping as you work your way toward city, southbound i-95 just under half an hour, 55 we have any to deptford. if you woke up yesterday morning with snow on the grass you could have slippery conditions this morning, first sign of black ice up here in the poconos, lehigh valley, portions of i80 and i78 but mass transit looking good. mike and alex, back to you. well, a judge is set to wave potentially damaging
6:33 am
evidence the in the sexual assault trial of bill cosby. >> bill cosby back in the courtroom again. his attorneys are trying to get him out of jail to cut some kind of a deal. sabina is at the courthouse in norristown. >> we are expecting cosby here montgomery county courthouse just before 9:00 this morning when his pretrial hearing will begin. the since day one you guys, prosecutors and bill cosby's defense has been going head to head over what kind of evidence can be presented at trial. now this latest battle is key, a judge will decide if prosecutors can call up to 13 of cosby's top accusers at trial, this testimony, they will use to establish a pattern. the question the defense will hammer home to the judge is whether that testimony is relevant and credible during a trial that will center on one accuser andrea constand, the former tu employee who says cosby drugged and assaulted her at his home in elkins park in 2004. the judge early this month
6:34 am
ruled that the state can use cosby's statements from a deposition in constand's civil suit against him where she admits to giving drugs and alcohol before sexual encounters. that was a big blow to the defense. they will fight hard today. they are expect to go limit number of accusers allowed to testify, in this eventual trial. pretrial hearings are expect to go into tomorrow. coming up in a half an hour we will have more on what mike mentioned about why cosby might be trying to cut a deal now with prosecutors and sources are telling us about why he might be looking to avoid some possible prison time, because he believes he may be convicted if this goes to trial. again this pretrial hearing at 9:00 when we are expecting bill cosby to be here. we will be here when it happens. for now, back to you you. we will look forward to that. 6:34. we are following breaking news out of north philadelphia. >> this is a shooting outside of a bar there, one man in the hospital after being the shot in the face. >> wow, lauren's over at the
6:35 am
hospital right now at temple university. >> hi mike and alex. this is where we are because police are holding this car as part of the crime scene. this is where the 28 year-old was shot in the face inside that car. he is recovering here. the here's what we understand happened. two men left a bar near broad and germantown just after 4:00 r getting inside this car. man approached them attempting to rob them, moments later he fired a shot in the car that hit the 28 year-old passenger right in the face. the driver a three three-year old man shot back, suspect ran from the scene and right now police don't know if he was hit or able to dodge that bullet. he is being described as a male in his late 20's wearing a blue hooded sweat shirt and at this point police are trying to get their hand on surveillance video from the the real time crime cameras and nearby businesses, they did tell us they found a massive bullet hole that went through the front of the deli, owner of that deli lives upstairs and they confirmed what the deli owner that was not there before so they think
6:36 am
this is a result of the shooting. they are continuing to investigate to find out shore about how this all happened and why, mike and alex. >> wild scene in north philadelphia. 6:36. philadelphia police and u.s. marshals service investigating a shooting death of the suspect yesterday. it happened yesterday morning on the 1300 block of hellerman street in oxford circle. investigators were looking for 28 year-old kenneth robleo, authority say he pulled a gun on them and that is when one of the u is s marshals shot and killed him. he was wanted for, aggravated assault for allegedly shooting a man in july. that man did survive over the summer. state of the philadelphia fire fighter says that the equipment that was supposed to save her life failed her. lawsuit claims joyce craig died in a 2014 fire because her protective equipment did not work properly. it says she had no air in her breathing tank and personal alert safety system failed to
6:37 am
notify other first responders. in word from the companies named in the suit. single mother of two was first female fire fight tore die in the line of duty. breaking news, this is according to "fox news" president-elect donald trump has just nominated officially rex tillerson as secretary of state. tillerson started out as an engineer with exxon mobile in 1975 taking helm of the energy giant 11 years ago. but if his ties to russian president to vladamire putin had lawmakers concern. in 2013 the russian president awarded him order of friendship medal. we will have much more on this coming up with doug luzader, and about 7:15. frightening moments in the air for passengers on a flight out of state of texas. >> bomb threat forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in new york. someone phoned in the threat monday night, while the flight was headed to frankford germany from houston. pilot was immediately notified
6:38 am
and flight was divert todd jfk as a precaution. officials searched but found nothing suspicious, 530 passengers and crew were all evacuated, the flight was rescheduled. 6:38. >> unfortunately this story we hear far too often this time of the year thieves swiping packages off the front step. >> in this case boxes had something truly precious inside, this happened at the northern liberties, the ship ments, being sent to danielle jeffery in northern liberties, contain coats, hats , gloves, for children at the gw child school in south philadelphia. surveillance video shows right here, outside of danielle's house show that the thief, checking the place out a few times before he finally took packages. she says that she hopes more donations will come in for the kids that she has been trying to help. >> i hope that this person realizes what he has done. i think this person doesn't
6:39 am
think about the people he is stealing from. he doesn't care about us or where these things were going. >> reporter: danielle says she has reported the thefts to the police department, and is warned her neighbors they better be careful too. you may have noticed a new feature on instagram yesterday there is a little live sign, live. now users in the united states can keep up with their friends in real time. >> people who are friend in your lives, yes, you think they are friend with them. that is how that works. >> sure. >> company lets you live stream video to facebook owned company says this feature is different than facebook live because you can start your live streaming, do your little thing, people can comment. that is just like facebook live. you can post comments on the page. as soon as you are finished, it disappears and you won't be able to find it. get on facebook live you can post it and people can come look at it. no no, once you are done, it is gone.
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>> what? >> really. >> yes. >> do you like the fact that it is gone so people might like that. >> yeah. >> so i'm going to go live now are you ready. >> i'm ready. >> checking, three, two, one. >> what does it say. >> we're live, hi. >> something impressive, since you are live here. >> what do you mean. >> so is what my name on instagram, just mike jerrick. >> yes. >> one person is watching, two , three,. >> i'm wondering you are on facebook live they send you a notification so people can, get on, but i wonder if it does the same thing too. >> get a picture of myself in the monitor over there. >> they ripped off facebook live little hearts. >> facebook owns them so can you rip off yourself. >> oh, okay. >> facebook owns instagram. >> i don't know if we can show
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this on my phone when you pull up, if you want to east mike do you see at the top of the screen there is a live string right there and that is how you though mike is doing on stuff live there. >> do you see how many people are looking at mine now. >> how many. >> can you look. >> 250, wow. >> 251 people. >> it is 6:41 are you brushing your teeth, my gosh. >> maybe i'm jealous that he is getting all these new followers. >> wonder if i should go live. >> you can never have too much live, man. >> is this your new thing, you love facebook live, mike. >> i will be all over this today. >> i think he likes the fact that it disappears. >> i do like that a lot. >> okay. >> what am i up to. >> making coffee, one says we can see up your nose. you cannot have it too close to you. >> look at that, how many to 379. >> 400 people. >> i have something to do i'm
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heading to work. >> hey, alex. >> hi someone said hi, that is nice. i'm watching. someone said alex, go live. >> boy, we're easily entertained. >> we are. >> i wonder, now isn't everything becoming the same? you have one difference that it disappears but perriesscope , facebook. >> i have periscope in months. >> this is fun, it is a live camera in your hand. >> can you flip it on facebook you can flip it, let me see. not like that. >> flip it so it is in selfie mode. >> there you go. >> hi. >> hi everybody. >> good to see you. >> i'll go live too i'm alex holley tv so if you want to follow me too. >> i don't though where to put this. >> there is more than crying, not allowed in baseball that tom hanks, there is no crying in baseball, well, you cannot dress up like a woman either. what? he gets a lot of compliments.
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he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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this is live, right here down the steps in my sketch then morning, my elf at home buddy, playing go fish on the overnight. austin says dad, you can see where was he this morning? i said lights are out when i come down this morning i put lights on, caught him and i hope buddy elf was on the move last night. you know the drill, 55 miles an hour on 202, rolling out of king of prussia and here's a
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live look hello northeast philadelphia, southbound, i-95 , stacked up from cottman avenue in through construction zone down at girard, these guys out, 24/7 operation here, cottman avenue work zone, here all lanes are opened on the schuylkill expressway, and, down to one lane and closed it , gone, lanes are opened, but damage is done. we're jammed solid both directions, schuylkill right here near montgomery drive. put an hour on the clock already getting into philadelphia on the schuylkill expressway. crystal clear shot better than yesterday on the bennie here you can see sky line working up and over been any to downtown. here's your readings on i-95 and route 55, slicker conditions up in the poconos and lehigh valley and check out lights that keep on coming this one from port richmond here he has santa on the front lawn, christmas tree even mang er scene. snap a picture, post it to twitter, facebook or instagram
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so i can show you are on tv. use that #fox 29 lights contest. i'm showing picks all day every day all the way up to christmas and then, tomorrow that it, i'm yum inning in the decorated news van and surprise somebody, and broadcast live there the front lawn. would you like to come with me >> i'll come. >> where are we going. >> i'm not sure yet. >> it is tomorrow night? i thought to you it thursday. >> tomorrow night we will do it. >> we will work on. that more details on our web site at fox, what is forecast like for tonight and tomorrow? sueby has got tonight 15 seconds. quick note, geminid meet the your shower tonight and tomorrow night, supposedly the best one of the year but we will have poor viewing conditions because of cloud cover and a bright december
6:48 am
super moon that could wash out meteors but if you wanting to outside, during the morning it is tonight or tomorrow night, it is wetter idea tomorrow night just so you know, 37 degrees in philadelphia. twenty-four in mount pocono. thirty-eight in wildwood. 30 degrees in lancaster. so wind chill, 32, in philadelphia, that is what it feels like, let's just say dress for wind chill on is where around freezing. so no precipitation like we had all the rain yesterday. average high 35 degrees, we were below average. we managed to hit 50 before cold front came through yesterday, high temperature of 43 degrees, 42 tomorrow. temperatures in the the 20's on thursday and friday. by saturday, it is so cold, that we will start off with some snow which changes over to rain and then by sunday, highs in the 50's, look at the difference between sunday and monday, much colder air rolls in and a few snow flurries and monday's high mike and alex,
6:49 am
you know you are live on another media right now but i'm finished, you can resume paying attention to the program. >> we always pay attention to you. >> i know what you said, it will be four, friday morning. i swear. 6:49. forcing, rookie players to dress in drag, like this picture jimmy rollins posted in 2014 is now banned by major league baseball. you cannot to this anymore. the league says it violates an anti hazing and anti bullying policy. so give me more details on this. >> because pros aren't doing it, kid aren't doing it. this new policy specifically prohibits requiring coercing or encouraging players to dress up as woman or wear costumes offensive or based on race, sex, nationality, gender or anything else. vice-president says these new rules resulted partly because of social media, again back to the j roll picture from 2014.
6:50 am
league says social media publicized what so many believe to be insensitive or just offensive behavior. the players union agreed not to contest this new policy. there is another player, ross strictland from the dodgers who tweeted this and himself dressed as cheerleaders with the comment honored to be one of the last players ever to be dressed up as a woman. there are some rookie rituals that are still allowed whenever new guys come in they can make new guys pay for all of the meals, specifically coffee or snacks but they get out to expensive stake dinners and let rookies pay for all of the bigger people. i think it is good. if the pros aren't doing it younger high school kid went do it and we can getaway from that. >> i'll be darned. so what do you think? get on twitter. >> would they be doing it had it not been out there to see on social media. >> many people look at something that is when people ghetto fended. if you have a whole group of people same way and not that same way and you know, you may in the realize is what wrong
6:51 am
until you put it on social media. that made an american get up, that is offensive to a lot of people. >> yes. >> i guess it goodies then so people can know it is wrong. you should know that it is wrong without being called out first for it being wrong. >> well, should i be banned there dressing as a woman on halloween which i have done nearly five times. >> you said you are ton with that. >> that is your prerogative. we don't for to you dress as a woman. >> no, i just like it. >> that is another story. >> we don't know anything about that. that is weekend. >> big broadway play hamilton. >> everyone is so excited. >> everybody has seen it except you and me. >> you cannot get tickets, it is sold out. >> guess what i have some info that will make you happy after the break. >> i don't want to travel to n yc though. >> you won't have to. >> you won't.
6:52 am
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6:54. so let me bring you up to dayton this hamilton thing, okay. what did you say hamilton the broadway play is sold out through next year. >> i don't know fit is all next year but sold out for a while. trying to get a ticket for
6:55 am
next week ape next month it is not happening, no. >> guess what? they are taking it, and going out on the road? many are hoping that philadelphia is one of the stops on the list for hamilton why not 99 miles away. kimmel center says it is in talks to bring this hip-hop musical to the city of philadelphia, hamilton has already announced stops in many other big cities, so, it is grossed millions of dollars , of course, won numerous tony awards and best selling cast, cd, mix tape. it begins its national tour next spring heading first to san francisco, then they will fly all the way back to washington d.c., and that would be in june and then they go back to the west coast, los angeles, in august. we shall see, the kimmel center is talking to them wouldn't that be great. >> that would be great. it will be sold out within
6:56 am
seconds too. >> no question. >> you will be waiting by your lap top refresh, refresh trying to get your tickets. >> just sleep outside kimmel center. if you are trying to figure out if you are naughty or nice it depend on what city you live in. philadelphia made it to the list of the most sinful cities in america, where do you think we ranked. i'll tell you. and shot the in the face lauren johnson is following breaking news out of north philadelphia, lauren in. good morning to you, alex, that is right car becomes a crime scene this morning, now it is park outside temple university hospital, we will slain what happens just after 4:00 a.m. coming up after the break. ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around...
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back, in court, bill cosby 's trial is still months away, but the comedian will face a judge, again today. what may be decided that could determine his fate. trump transition a major announcement from the president-elect donald trump has picked rex tillerson to be secretary of state. what we're learning about the exxon mobile ceo, plus what mitt romney posted on line last night. plus we have a can will, scandal, listen up before you light up, they make your home smell merry and bright, during the holidays, but in the the so fast, why this thousands, of yankee candles
7:00 am
are being recalled right now. and fake it, until you make it. >> one year membership in the jelly of the month club. >> oh, good. >> clark, the gift that keeps on giving the whole year. >> what should you do if you get a gift you just hate this holiday season. just how many of us, fake those reactions, on christmas morning. whenever that movie is on, turf watch it. i love that hoff i. >> you laugh and laugh at the same parts. >> yes. >> when the brother comes to visit. >> good morning, everybody it is tuesday december 13th 2016. weather traffic and then we will do the news. >> we will start with the number of the the day which is , well, no we're not. we will start with the wind chills. we are walking out the door and this is what it feels like and that is actually not a real number but more significant number because it helps you decide wh


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