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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  December 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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prosecutors want the judge to allow them to take the stand. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. bruce gordon was in court today in montgomery county. live there right now. bruce, a decision on whether these women will be allowed to testify, of course, is a big o one. >> reporter: absolutely. no question about it. look, with these witnesses, accusers all, the state gets to paint a picture of bill cosby as serial abuse sore tells the story of a man with a history of bad acts toward women. it sets the stage for the specific allegations at this trial without that testimony the case becomes one of he said versus she said. >> bill cosby waived supporters shouting encourage many as he entered court tuesday morning cosby may need more than just the help of fans. prosecutors want to bring to the witness stand at his trial 13 women who claim cosby drugged and sexually assaulterred them in a manner similar to claims in this the only criminal case brought against the legendary entertainer. cosby' as cued of drugging then
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groping andrea constand at his cheltenham mansion back in 2004. there were no witnesses and constand did not immediately tell her story authorities. cosby has claimed sexual contact with constand was consensual. if the 13 others are a loud to testify, it could refute any defense claim that cosby was simply mistaken in thinking constand was a willing partner. civil attorney gloria allred represents many of those other accusers. >> if in fact it's true, that someone has a pattern of drugging women, then -- then engage something sexual contact, then that person who drugs whomever that is is not mistaken about whether a victim is consenting because he knows they can't consent and that is in fact why he's drugging them. >> reporter: in court cosby's defense team argued none of the 13 should be allowed to testify suggesting some of their claims are not credible and that many
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stories are so old and vague they cannot be disproved. lead defender brian mcmonagle is holding his tongue for now. >> brian, what can you tell us about the view of these 13 others. >> we'll have a lot to say tomorrow. >> reporter: well, cosby was more animated today than we've seen him in past hearing joking with security guards not to tase him shouting out in court this afternoon his date of birth. when that issue arose. mentee firework between the two sides. prosecutors angrily are asking that the names of these 13 witnesses not be released to the public. they believe the id of the defense wants these names out there as attempt to stifle their testimony. to sort of chill them, if you will. the defense says, look, 11 of these 13 witnesses have already made their own names public by doing interviews with media outlets and staging new conferences. that issue again has been put on hold for now. but the big decision on whether these 13 or any combination of these witnesses will be a loud
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to testify, that hearing continues tomorrow. we do not yet know whether a decision will be made promptly or whether the judge will think on it a bit. >> lucy. >> thank you, bruce. your place for breaking details on this trial download our fox 29 app to get breaking news alerts sent right to your phone. >> in the city's fair hill section a man was shot and killed this afternoon. police say the 49-year-old man was shot twice along the 3,000 block of orkney street. he died at the hospital just before 1:00 o'clock. no one has been arrested. potter thomas school was put on lock down during the shooting as a precaution. >> string of violent robberies frayed the nerves of store owners in northeast philly much police are searching for at least one person who is not only flashing a gun during the robberies but firing it. >> so far two employees at local businesses have been shot. let's get right out to dave kinchen life tonight at east detectives. dave? >> reporter: corner stores are such an epicenter for local communities. it's something we go to all the
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time and so you can imagine how shaken up people are in feltonville. chaos unleashed along with a silver gun inside the double r deli in philadelphia's feltonville second this past weekend. the masked suspect holding up a 63-year-old clerk known as eric according to neighbors. he's even shot in the hip during the heist. >> terrible, man. >> my kids go to that store every day. they normally go by themselves. that day something told me not to send her like maybe 10 or 15 minutes before that happened. >> reporter: behind the counter you see the crook waving the gun over seriously injured victim while appearing to reach for cash. police say he also grabs lottery tickets before making a break for it. a key clue the shooter's royal clue blue sneakers eric the victim hospitalized in stable condition. >> i think it's terrible thing because he's like a family man. he's been there for years. he care about everybody. he knows everybody on name business. >> it's bad. i just heard the other store was robbed around the corner. >> reporter: guns blazing a
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man enters the san raphael market a few blocks away on grads back the next night on december 11th. wearing a mask, he orders employees to the floor. one shot is fired and a 56-year-old man hitting him in the leg. >> they feel like they can do whatever they want to do around here. >> reporter: suspect demands money from the register and runs off. the big clue police have here, a shiny silver colored hoodie similar gun, too. meantime neighbors say they need more protection. >> we never see police around here. every once in while you see a cop go by. but never patrol this area. >> reporter: we're told that second victim who was shot in the leg was treated at a hospital and released. as always call philadelphia police if you have any information or recognize anyone in that video. back to you, luce glee thank you very much, dave. a strip club is a crime scene tonight after a robbery ended in gunfire. police say a guy shot a man in the face at the jungle gentlemen's club on the north broad street early this morning.
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the victim's friend fired back. then drove him to the hospital. doctors expect the man to survive. police are not sure if robber wounded and they're still searching for him. n burlington county police are looking for the person who shot two teens killing one of the victims. prosecutors say 16-year-old ivan perry was shot outside his home on plum tree lane in willingboro and then he died at the scene. someone fired from across the street around 8:00 o'clock last night. another 16-year-old boy was shot in the ankle while a third teen escaped injuries. fox 29 weather authority right now. taking a live look at blue mountain from our pocono mountains camera. that's beautiful. isn't it? that blue sky there. snow on the slopes. love it. meteorologist kathy orr is here. >> kathy, mother nature could be helping the snow machines out up there pretty soon. >> oh yeah not making it to the ground just yet n some areas of the poconos but there's snow on the doppler radar screen. you can see it going right across the poconos and a few flakes in the upper lehigh valley and even berks county.
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so a flake here or there a few sprinkles tonight as a front moves through. right now, we're looking live at market street. you can see penn's landing in the distance. it is dry, it is clear and it's quiet out there. with temperatures that are around seasonal levels. philadelphia 43. trenton, wrightstown, atlantic city sitting at 40. 30 in the poconos and 38 degrees in allentown. this evening, temperatures will be falling through the 30s. a sprinkle or flurry by the 11:00 o'clock hour. even in philadelphia. with a temperature of 38 degrees. we've been talking about it all week. the polar vortex is on the move. it's moving toward hudson bay, heading toward northern maine and that polar air is going to come close enough to bring us about 20 degrees below normal by the end of the week. so coming up. we'll talk more about the cold that's coming. temperatures falling into the teens. bitter wind chills and the next chance of snow. it's in the seven day and it could disrupt your weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> thank you very much, kathy. before you head out the door check in with your fox 29
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weather authority any time at all all in the palm of your hand if you download the fox 29 weather authority app. skyfox over a wild seen in hokessin, delaware. a porsche boxster floored dry cleaners store this morning around 8:30 on the 7400 block of lancaster pike. state police say porsche pulled into a parking space. the driver accelerated over the sidewalk and then continued through reynolds cleaners. the driver wasn't hurt but police did cite him for careless driving. past few weeks more than dozen candidates interviewed for one of the most coveted cabinet positions, secretary of state. today president-elect donald trump chose rex tillerson. >> the choice is triggered wide array of reaction from leaders on capitol hill. joel waldman in is in washington, d.c. president-elect donald trump like himself picking someone from the business world as his choice to be the next secretary of state. rex tillerson is ceo of exxon mobil a hundred
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70 billion-dollar company with more than 75,000 employees worldwide. >> we just couldn't be more grateful that someone of rex tillerson's proven leadership and accomplishments has been willing to step forward to serve our nation. >> reporter: senator bob core kerr senate the senate foreign relations committee seems on board with the businessman. mr. tillerson is very impressive individual and has an extraordinary working knowledge of the world. but tillerson close ties to russia's president vladimir putin still has many on capitol hill concerned. including democratic senator ben cardin also a member of the senate foreign relations committee. >> i am deeply troubled by mr. tillerson's vocal opposition to u.s. sanctions on russia following its illegal invasion occupation and annexation of crime mia ukraine and close personal relationship with vladimir putin. fox news also learning mr. trump is expected to name another to his cabinet former governor rick
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perry as his choice for secretary of energy. >> he's managed one of the biggest states in the country but not just that, but one of the biggest economies in the world. >> reporter: more announcements and visitors are expected with both bill gates and kanye west visiting trump tower today. >> we've been friends for a long time. >> reporter: and speaking of mr. trump's business live, he says even before officially becoming president, he's going to hand over his business empire to his two sons so there's no conflict of interest. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. are you a procrastinator? waiting until the last minute to buy christmas gifts? retail chain that's offering something you really like. maybe one year. >> what christmas means be understood by the person doing this. >> it's becoming a christmas tra big one local family hopes it will end. what's been happening outside their home year after year after year. >> ahead at 6:00 south jersey police wound up on a chase in
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the middle of a field. what gave officers quite the laugh over the weekend. sean bell. >> lucy, temple has its guy. who he is and where he's coming from coming up next. ♪
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♪ big announcement out of temple university today. they have got new head football coach fox 29's sean bell joins us now. all right. sean who is the guy. >> that's right. they have their man and that mandi fence seive coordinator jeff cole lince from in order. this comes just a week after matt ruhle left for bail lore and the reason it was important to get a head coach so quickly because rowing the next month is prime time to sign recruits and this is the perfect guy because now temple has a direct pipeline to all of that talent that comes out of florida. collins has been the defensive coordinate at florida for the last two years and both years he's had a top 10 defense. so the d that temple has is a perfect fit for what he wants to do. he's been a coaching profession for 22 years.
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he says he's humbled and honored to be chosen to build on great foundation to success. collins will be introduced as temple's head coach tomorrow and nice little coincidence collins was head coach defensive coordinator coach for fletcher cox back when they were both at mississippi state. just a great higher, lucy. >> all right. thank you very much, sean bell. west oak lane homeowner got a cleaning up to do after a police crash. it started as a chase, though. it began in whitpain township montgomery county police respo responded to report of the stolen vehicle last night. nearby officer actually spotted the car driving down route 309. that officer chased it. now ultimately that ended at this house. >> i heard these cars screeching and i was upstairs. i had just gone upstairs. so when i heard the car screeching, i heard this loud impact. it sounded like bomb or something. so when i look out the window, there was a bmw into the big tree back here and there was
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undercover police car ford car in back of that one. >> police rounded up two people inside that stolen car. no word on charges. it's damage control time for the medical lab quest diagnostics. the company announced yesterday that hackers got access to names birthdays, phone numbers and lab results for about 34,000 people. data breach happened three weeks ago. stolen data does not include social security numbers or any financial information according to the company. quest diagnostics says it has notified those who were affected by the breach and they issued a statement which reads in part "quest is taking steps to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future and is working with a leading cyber security firm to assist in investigating and further eye evaluating the company's systems". >> in washington, d.c., president obama has signed into law a piece of legislation that pours more money into cancer research and also the battle against drug abuse. president obama signed 21st
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century cures act in la today it gives $2 billion to cancer research and vice-president biden was at the signing. big supporter of the new law. vice-president's son beau died of brain cancer last year and that part of the bill is actually named for beau. the bill also gives states big money for drug abuse prevention and treatment programs. new jersey governor chris christie blasting his own constituents today saying voters in his state made a quote dumb move. the republican was referring to a recent referendum that voters overwhelmingly rejected that would have expanded casino gambling to north jersey. it was over two proposed casinos near new york city. christie speaking today on a new york radio station blamed lobbying et cetera by casinos and unions which spent millions against the referendum. >> bucks county family had it with someone messing with their christmas decorations. it keeps happening year after year. in fact somebody has been stealing or ruining their displays for five years rupping now. >> incredible. the thief pick the wrong family to mess with as fox 29's brad
5:18 pm
sattin tells us, this family's christmas spirit remains strong. >> lynn tar gnaw ski loves christmas and isn't afraid to show it. >> we put up manger that's what we're celebrating much we're celebrating the birth of our christ. >> reporter: back in 2012 she and her husband created a 3-foot high nativity scene like this one in the front of their house. >> we were proud. yeah, we even got little stars that twin tell in the trees. mary, joe jesus it look good until -- >> one day we come out and the manger is gone. >> reporter: someone had actually stolen it. but hardly discourage next year they went bigger. >> after two days, we came out and our manger was gone. >> reporter: again? >> again. probably didn't know somebody had a vendetta against us f somebody had just a vendetta against christmas. >> reporter: no one was getting ripped off. but it cep happening to the tar gnaw skis the following year 2014 despite weighing down the pieces with stones -- >> they lasted five days but disappear. >> reporter: third time in a row? >> yes. >> reporter: last year stolen within hours during setup they had to run to the store and when
5:19 pm
they came back -- >> it was gone. they left the box. so my husband filled the box with stones and put the box where the manger would be. >> reporter: your display last year was a box that the stuff came in? >> yes. >> reporter: that bring us to this year. >> he put video security in. he has, um, heavy chains, locks. >> reporter: but the thief struck again last week. not able to break the locks, instead just vandalized the cords and timers. this story could you faux cuff on the bad in people but look closer and see the good. a thief strikes five years in a row but the tarnowskis have no intention of giving up on christmas. >> are you amazed at their persistence and perseverance. >> love it. i'm sure if they have to get a big fortress around they're put the manger scene on fortress. >> maybe one year what christmas means will actually be understood by the person doing this. that's all i can pray. >> that's right. if you add up the cost of those stolen nativity scenes and the new surveillance camera, the
5:20 pm
family says they're out nearly a thousand bucks. >> they say the camera was running last week but it was just too dark to find out whoever did it. >> you know they've got those ones like the bush nel ones just a recommendation they can take it at night. >> first responders doing good even off the clock. today members of the philadelphia firefighters and paramedic union local 22 gave out more than 100 coats in north philadelphia. it's all part of operation warm which donates brand new winter gear to local kindergarteners and first graders as you can see. they're so cute. children super excited to get their brand new jacks. >> you'll see people dropping change in these this time of year. what one person left inside a salvation army red kettle worth a lot more than than a couple of bucks. >> love stories like that. cargo ship docked at the international space station but carrying a lot more than just supplies. what else was on the delivery that should bring big smiles to those on board. the iss. it was a chilling crime that rocked the jersey shore.
5:21 pm
four women found dead. 10 years later, and their tiller still hasn't been brought to justice the eerily similarities to a string murders in another state and one man's theory about who police should track down. ♪
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♪ details about an oakland warehouse fire that killed dozens earlier this month. oakland fire department says it was unaware of any safety concerns at the property. the fire chief says there were no city records showing the property got complaints but neighbors and residents say they made numerous calls to 911 about that property that had been illegally converted into living spaces. 36 people died in the fire. tepp 10 police officer is expected to make full recovery after getting shot at a nas nashville motel. >> the officer was looking for a man wanted on some warrants. police went to room where the suspect was and they say a woman inside denied he was there. but then shots were fired from the bathroom. an officer terrence mcbride was hit in the shoulder. he'll need surgery. the shooter 43-year-old paul hard steen found dead in the motel room. police say he shot himself. overseas marine corps osprey crashed roughly 6 miles off the coast of okinawa japan. five crew members were on board. two are injured.
5:25 pm
military officials have not said yet how serious those injuries are. this is the second crash marine aircraft off japan in less than week eighth crash involving marine corps aircraft this year. all happened during training flights. when you've got to deliver christmas presents in a space even santa needs a little help. today old saint nick got from it japan and a cargo ship called white stork it docked today with the iss. loaded down with tons of necessities, yes, but also presents for the holidays. capturing the cargo ship was an international effort. nassau astronaut shane, tweet add european space agency astronaut used canadian robotic arm to grab the japanese cargo ship while flying a couple hundred miles above chile. this suss says full mission comes two weeks after unmanned russian spacecraft caught fire on its way to deliver supplies to the iss. someone is feeling the holiday spirit anonymous pennsylvania lottery player dropped $1,000 winning instant
5:26 pm
ticket into a salvation army read kettle at a wal*mart in erie. the officer says they've gotten donations of winning lottery tickets before usually 10 or 20 bucks. never a thousand dollars. so happy holidays. >> that is fantastic. your next ride on septa or a trolley, bus, just got a whole lot cooler today. septa bus and trolley operators decorated their vehicles. not just for fun it's competition. fun competition. fox 29's bob kelly along with septa management actually judged these deck out buses and trollies. but you're going to have to wait until tomorrow to fine out who won. now it's going to come to our station at fourth and market during "good day philadelphia". that will be fun. >> coming up owe austererred feeling rumbling under his feet but it wasn't an earthquake. what this man says was lurking just inches below. it's a trouble spot for drivers in one of the most popular spots in the city. locals say this is an accident waiting to happen. we're getting to the root of the
5:27 pm
problem. >> kathy? >> all right. are you ready? >> no. >> iain? >> you know i'm not. >> we're talking about bitter cold. it really begins tomorrow when the winds begin to kick up a few flurries sprinkles tonight. we'll track the cold and show you when the worst of the snow, yes, snow, wind and cold will be moving in.
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some call it an accident waiting to happen. actually you know what, accidents have happened an loft them have happened. drivers breaking the law and putting others at risk at one of the busiest intersections in the city. >> front and mark streets in old city. chris o'connell is trying to get results for some frustrated drivers and pedestrians. >> usually an accident at least couple times a week. >> reporter: in one marcus walks his dog these days he grabs a german shepherd more tightly. >> dangerous, yeah. i got to keep him extra tight and extra close. >> his worry front and mark streets near the on ramp to i-95 south. >> it causes such a big commotion. >> reporter: anyone who has driven or tried to navigate this old city intersection knows the problem. >> sometimes i'm on that lane and i between get on 95. >> reporter: drivers in the right lane on market are supposed to turn on to front street. instead many ignore the signs and drive straight into the other lane. this is the result. >> people in the right lane think that they're turning right when they're going on 95 in reality that's straight they
5:31 pm
should be in the left lane. >> we started counting car after car. another cab breaking the rules. we saw taxis to peco trucks, all making illegal turns and we witnessed many near misses. there are signs and arrows but many think more needs to be done. here's the second problem. large trucks and buses have trouble navigating the tight turn. this was the result last week when a concrete truck lost its load. shutting down the on-ramp to 95 for the entire evening rush. jeff is used to walking around accident scene. >> i would say at least three to four times a week. to the point where we, um, we bought orange vests and stop signs so we can come out and help. >> reporter: 58. wrong lady, buddy n just two hours during the evening rush, we counted 72 drivers who made an illegal merge. people like cal kin say until changes are made, they'll be watching their step. >> both penndot and the philadelphia streets department
5:32 pm
tell our chris o'connell they're work together to try to come up with solution. we'll let you know when they do. >> fox 29 weather authority right now. live look at allentown. it is cold out there. about to get a lot colder. who may see some snow flying in the coming days. your fox 29 weather authority has that answer in just 15 seconds much >> pleasant day today with sunshine and mile temperatures and light winds. we are going to be seeing rapid changes over the next 24 to 48 even 60 hours. so here's bottom line. i just want to cut to the chase here. when is the worst of the cold of the wind of the snow. the worse of the wind definitely will be thursday. winds gusting to 45 miles an hour. so that is going to be a blustery day. the worst of cold is going to come friday morning for your
5:33 pm
morning rush. wind chills between zero and 10 below. heading toward 10 below as you go up the northeast extension through the lehigh valley and into the poconos. the worst of the snow accumula accumulating snow not expecting a lot, but still it could accumulate it will be late friday night into saturday morning. that would be the timeline we're still quite aways away want to give you a heads up. market street is quite and comfortable the temperature 43. the high today 44 degrees with a south southwesterly wind which is obvious mild wind for us right now it's pretty decent in the east. through the midwest on the cold side chicago only 12. that's the afternoon high. international falls three. minneapolis five. unbelievable rapid city sitting at 22 degrees. so that cold air, that polar air is moving our way, and by thursday, it will be right over new england close enough to give us coldest air we've seen in 10 months. almost to the date. as we look at the wind chills for friday morning, two below in the poconos.
5:34 pm
at 7:00 a.m. look at philadelphia. only seven in millville nine and in trenton it will feel like it's only 7 degrees. by the afternoon, it will feel like it's in the teens. now, monica has been looking at the probability of snow and it looks like it could accumulate especially north and west. right, monica? >> exactly. it's kind of a one-two punch starting off with the cold ending with the snow. this actually originating in the pacific northwest they're bracing for a prolonged period of heavy rain and snow all because of this low pressure system. now, as this low pressure system heads out of the planes and into the northeast, what's going to happen, it's going to quicken its peso less accumulations here for the middle atlantic region. but still there is that possibility to see some accumulation. so let me break it down for you. a lot could change. this is still far out. friday night into saturday morning it starts off as snow with the best chance for accumulation in the northwest suburbs. and then as we head into saturday afternoon, changing
5:35 pm
from a mix into rain and then this had head out and once again we'll be dealing with more rain as we head into sunday. kathy. >> wow! could be the first snow for some. once again looks like it would be a light accumulation if anything but we'll keep you posted. 32 in the city. in the suburbs 27. a front moving through a passing shower or flurry. during the day tomorrow 42 but look at the wind. northwest at 10 to 15. so that will begin to put a chill in the air but the big big-time cold weights until thursday. gusts to 45. friday morning the low 13 in the city. single numbers in the suburbs. wind chills below zero. saturday there's your snowy mix. sunday some rain. and monday and tuesday, on our way up with high temperatures in the 40s. it is a big chill early in the season when you see those types of numbers. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, kathy, thanks. a battle brewing local brewer do you go fish head heads to court. who they claim is trying to use their name. >> are you a procrastinator perhaps? wait until the last minute to buy your christmas
5:36 pm
gifts the retail chain that's offering something you'll probably really loo glick it was a crime that didn't seem to add up for police. who would steal address numbers off homes. the big break in the case tonight. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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>> in your money good thing santa claus sleigh doesn't use gasoline. gas prices are well above the $2 mark. gas says the average price is $2.22. prices are up 6 cents from this time last month. up 20 cents from this time last year. hawaii has the highest gas prices in the nation, $2.93 a gallon. oklahoma has the lowest price must be nice 1.95 a gallon. remember those days in jersey not so long jag i remember them. wal*mart is helping out holiday procrastinators the retailer unveiled plans today offer free christmas eve store pick up for some orders placed online by 6:00 p.m. on decembe december 23rd. that's late. christmas less than two weeks away nearly 90% of customers still have shopping to do according to wal*mart's internal research. it's the new some iphone seven owners have been waiting
5:40 pm
to hear. >> you can buy the new wireless ear buds the air pods. apple delayed releas releasing m months ago. never said why. you can get your hands on them at apple's website. cost not bad actually in this day and age. 15 bucks? does that sound right. >> i think it's more than that. >> you would think so. >> any way. >> that's a good deal. >> wait, $150. >> there you go. >> see the zero make a big difference there. >> okay. battle is brewing between delaware base beer maker dog fish head and new york city business dog far head brewery created in 1995. dog fish accelerate that finance films came to the brewer asking for a sponsorship a couple of years back. the brewer says they declined and asked the company to stop using the dog fish name. new york city company did not comment to fox news. a chilling crime rock the jersey shore. four women found dead 10 years has passed and their killer still has not faced justice.
5:41 pm
>> something tells me we might be sitting here 10 years from now, 20 year anniversary, and it will still remain unsolved. >> the erie similarities to string of murders in another state and one man's theory about who police should track down. guy started feeling rumbling under his feet but it wasn't an earthquake. yeah, that's right. what this guy says was lurking just inches blow at his mailbox. >> carol king. there you go.
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♪ surveillance video caught three teenagers attacking a man on the street in nicetown. now police want to find him. the victim was walking on the 3,000 block of stokely street earlier this month when he says the boys asked him for some money when the victim said no, one of the boys punch the the man several times and the other two just watched. they ran off with the victim's cell phone. a murder mystery that still haunts the jersey shore. someone killed four atlantic city prostitutes and dumped their bodies in a ravine just outside the gambling resort 10 years have come and they have gone. police have never arrested anyone. >> there are still plenty of questions about these murders in nearly a dozen more like them in new york state. so will the case ever be solved dave schratwieser has tonight's fox 29 investigates report. >> reporter: it was a crime that rattled the jersey shore. >> hopefully we can catch this guy real soon. >> reporter: a crime that brought family members and friends to their knees.
5:46 pm
>> she deserves a better life than this death. >> reporter: it made headlines nationwide. >> how, why, and who? >> report roar 10 years ago investigators descended upon this drainage ditch behind a $15 a night motel off the black horse pike in egg harbor township. that's where two women out for a walk made a gruesome discovery the bodies of four women spaced several feet apart in a span of just over 300 feet. they were all strangled or asphyxiated. all four were found face down and bare foot. >> they were positioned with their heads facing east. >> reporter: investigators said the victims 20-year-old molly, 42-year-old barbara, 35-year-old kim, 23-year-old tracy roberts were all prostitutes working in the atlantic city area. this man was rafo's estranged husband.
5:47 pm
>> wish i can trade my live for her. >> i believe person that got these girls out here was a person they trust. >> reporter: task force of detectives spent months then years investigating the murders here along with any possible connection to the murders of 10 women found in gill go beach on long island. the only local person who drew investigators attention was 35-year-old hand man terry olson of al a way township he spent a month at the golden key motel just a few feet from where the bodies were found. employees searched his room and his home and removed evidence. they questioned him extensively but olson was never named a suspect and he was never charg charged. >> this is an innocent guy, um, we've maintained that all along. >> reporter: atlantic city attorney james leonard was olson's attorney. >> where the bodies were found. >> reporter: he told police and reporters olson didn't know the women. he didn't know anything about how they died he claimed olson water subject of a fishing expedition.
5:48 pm
>> he and i in the atlantic county superior court -- olson volunteered to supply a dna sample in 2008. >> to me thyrocele helps speaks volumes regarding his involvement in this case and that is that he has none. >> reporter: as the years passed investigators continued to search for the serial killer they believe murdered the four women here. there has not been any significant news on the case in the last three or four years. on the tenth anniversary of the crime, the atlantic city prosecutor's office said the case remains open and will remain under active investigation until the case is solved and the perpetrator is identified, charged and convicted in court. >> nothing that seems to point to the identity of the person or persons responsible just some more information regarding the incident. >> reporter: leonard has a theory he believes is worth pursuing. stacks of cards sent to local
5:49 pm
prostitute who spent time with a man who called himself the river man on several occasions at an atlantic city motel. the two watched a cd of the documentary on the murders. he asked the woman to send him a copy of the cd. >> i told her i think you need to call the police. call the prosecutor' office. >> reporter: the card thanked the woman for the cd and at some point the man returned to atlantic city and met with the woman again. >> he took particular admiration with respect to her shoes and actually asked for a pair of shoes the irony of that being that all four of these women when they were found behind the motel they had no shoes. >> reporter: leonard says the man who we are not identifying because he was never called a suspect or charged in this case moved from place to place over the years. his fascination with murders and his use of the name river man and apparent reference to the green river serial killer from the west coast leads attorney leonard to believe the man is
5:50 pm
worthy of a closer look. >> i found this extremely erie and the fact that he's calling himself river man of all the nicknames that one could come up with i figured that was somewhat erie. i took the letter, put it in a bag, turn it over to the prosecutor's office. they came out. they pick it up. that was that. >> reporter: leonard says he never heard another word from investigators. he says the case still draws national attention. a multi part documentary on the murders here and on long island is rekindle link interest in the case. will it ever get solved? leonard says only time will te tell. >> something tells me we might be be sitting here 10 years from now the 20 year anniversary and it will still remain unsolved report roar police never found the crime scene where the women were murdered. their pocketbooks, shoes, id and cell phones never turned up. and dna taken from one of the
5:51 pm
women failed to provide a match to anyone known to law enforcement. dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. later on the fox 29 news at 6:00 police are trying to track down the woman who robbed a local wawa. what investigators say she told the cashier so she can get her hands on some cash. also bran new at 6:00 south jersey cop wound up on a chase through the middle avenue field. what gave officers one big laugh over the weekend. first, though, one of santa's helpers in tears. he visited a very sick little boy over the weekend to offer holiday cheer. what he toll the young boy and the little guy's final moments.
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a florida man couldn't believe his eyes when he spotted an alligator peeking out from a storm drain near orlando. despite the surprise lewis camacho pull out his cell phone and caught the site for all to see. he says he was going to his mailbox he felt a weird vibration and then he saw the
5:56 pm
gator. >> it was just hanging there, and hissing at me. some type of like a growl. i guess it was warning me. i was shocked. i couldn't believe it. i said to my self like wow now i've seen everything. >> besides the gator he ran into another wild animal right in the other side of his fence. a 300-pound bear. he also got video of that. but he says this encounter with the gator was a little scarier because it appeared to be more excitable at the time. >> there was a sasquatch he saw. this video shows officers dra dragging a woman off delta flight before take off. it happened yesterday morning at the detroit metropolitan airpo airport. authorities say the passenger did not comply with proper boarding and baggage check procedures then say despite repeated requests the woman refused to leave the plane so officers drag her off and then arrested her. it's oh a story going viral around the world tonight. and we're hearing from one of santa's helpers who visited a very sick terminally ill boy at
5:57 pm
a tennessee hospital. >> the dying boy asked for one last christmas wish. fox's becca, has the story. >> oops. hang on. elves are after me. [ laughter ] >> reporter: with that ring tone and this award winning beard -- >> back in july mustache and natural beard. >> reporter: no blending over this lunch hour for old santa claus. who sometimes tries to go undercover as eric schmidt watson of jax worry. >> what do you want for christmas. >> reporter: but kids always know. >> and santa never minds the attention. >> night% of it is fun. >> reporter: but those other times can be hard. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: like when a few weeks ago santa was called to the hospital bedside of a terminally ill five-year-old east tennessee boy. how do you even begin? >> start with that jolly voice n kind of stuff. what's this i hear you'll be missing christmas this year?
5:58 pm
yeah. they tell me i'm dying. >> really? >> well you're not going to miss christmas. the elves already have your present made. we know you wanted this for a long time. >> santa gave the boy a toy and these words. >> you get up to those pearly gates you tell them you're santa's number one elf. i am? >> you sure are. i'm sure they'll let you right in. >> he goes, they will? i know it. he gave me a big hug. he look up at me. santa, can you help me? >> that's when he passed. >> he gave the one gift he can. >> when i got there my job was to make sure that he got christmas. >> and he says the smiles on kids faces are what keep him
5:59 pm
going. joy goes both ways. the thing about this that he had told the family in that hospital room that you can be in here with me because if one of you guys cry i'll be gone and i can't be gone in front of him. when the mom realized what had happen the little boy was screamed out not yet. she ran in there. >> really sad story. all right. your news at 6:00 starts now. >> ♪ right now at 6:00, unusual police chase in south jersey. >> where you going, wrong way? >> wrong way. what had officers combing through a wide open field. >> they said it was just another day on the job. ♪ two violent gun point robberies just blocks from each other. two innocent men shot. the video police want to you see to help them track down the gunmen. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00.
6:00 pm
bill cosby back in montgomery county courthouse today. what started a heated he can change inside the courtroom is just minutes away but first the search is on for an armed robber police are trying to see if in fact the same suspect is behind two separate violent robberies in both cases the guy had gun and both times investigators say he shot an and in man. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the surveillance video is terrifying. but police want to you see it so they can get this guy off the streets. fox 29's dave kinchen life now at east detectives. dave, these robberies happened just blocks from one another. >> reporter: they really did. they've terrified a neighborhood here in north philadelphia. while police are trying to piece this together. tense moments when a thief pulls out silver gun at the double r deli on rose hill in feltonville december 10th. the mask wearing suspect holds up a 63-year-old store clerk known to neighbors as eric. he gets shot in the hip during


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