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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bill cosby back in montgomery county courthouse today. what started a heated he can change inside the courtroom is just minutes away but first the search is on for an armed robber police are trying to see if in fact the same suspect is behind two separate violent robberies in both cases the guy had gun and both times investigators say he shot an and in man. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the surveillance video is terrifying. but police want to you see it so they can get this guy off the streets. fox 29's dave kinchen life now at east detectives. dave, these robberies happened just blocks from one another. >> reporter: they really did. they've terrified a neighborhood here in north philadelphia. while police are trying to piece this together. tense moments when a thief pulls out silver gun at the double r deli on rose hill in feltonville december 10th. the mask wearing suspect holds up a 63-year-old store clerk known to neighbors as eric. he gets shot in the hip during
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the robbery. >> terrible, man. >> my kids go to that store every day and they normally go by they self. that day something told me not to send her. like maybe like 10 or 15 minutes before that happened. >> reporter: the crook then goes behind the counter waving the gun over his injured victim while appearing to reach for the money. investigators tell us he also grabs lottery tickets before bolting. and notice the shooter's royal blue sneakers a key piece of evidence. eric the victim was hospitalized in stable condition. >> i think it's terrible thing because he's like a family man. he's been around here for years. he knows everybody on a first name basis. >> it's bad. i just heard the other store was robbed around the corner. >> reporter: next night a man enters the san raphael market a few blocks away. head covered he directs the store workers to the ground. a shot is fired at a 56-year-old man striking him in the leg. >> they feel like they can do whatever they want to do around here. >> reporter: bad guy demand money from the register and runs away. notice the shiny silver colored hoodie he's wearing, too.
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similar begun here as well. neighbors one want more protect. >> they have a lot of firecrackers going off around here and we don't know if it's gunshots or what. and we never see police around here. >> reporter: the second victim shot in the leg was treated at a hospital and released. give philadelphia police a call if you have any information on either of these cases. lucy? >> all right, dave. bill cosby walk back into montgomery county courtroom today where sparks flew between the two sides. lawyers are fighting over whether more than a dozen other cosby accusers should be able to testify in the criminal trial. >> allowing their testimony could make a big difference in the case. our bruce gordon is outside the montgomery county courthouse where he attended the hearing today. bruce? >> reporter: this is a huge call for judge steven o'neill who must decide whether there be all some or none of 13 witnesses to be allowed to testify against cosby. they are all cosby accusers in their own right. using them in the trial could
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paint bill cosby as a serial abuser a man with a history of bad acts against women. without those witnesses testimony this story becomes one of he said she said. fans shouted encourage many as bill cosby entered court tuesday morning for a hearing that will determine as many as 13 other accusers may testify at trial that they, too, were drugged and sexually assaulted by the legendary enter trainer. >> if they can, then miss con stan's testimony against mr mr. cosby it's one-on-one with no corroboration from other witnesses. so it's important that there be corroboration row. >> reporter: in this the only criminal case against cosby, he's charged with drugging and groping andrea couldn't can stand at his cheltenham mansion in 2004. there were no witnesses and miss constand did not immediately come forward with her accusations. at trial, prosecutors want to show that cosby often used drugs
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or alcohol to render women unable to person his advances. civil attorney gloria allred represents some of those 13 other accusers. >> these women could create a pattern that says he's done this before and so it's not just a mistake that he thought this was consensual with andrea couldn't can't stand. >> it's not for the sole purpose of proving that mr. cosby had a propensity to commit the act that he is alleged to have inflicted on miss constand but to show that he could not have been mistaken about miss constand having couldn't zenned. >> reporter: the defense says none of the 13 should be allowed to testify against cosby. they attack the credibility of some and argue many of the charges are so old and so vague they can't not be properly disprove. fireworks in court today between prosecutors and defense attorneys over the issue of
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whether the names of these extra it is witnesses should be revealed in public. prosecution saying naming these witnesses would be a form of intimidation against them. defense says, look, 11 of the 13 have already seen their names out in public because they've granted media interviews and conducted news conferences. this hearing wraps up tomorrow. a judge's decision expected soon. though not necessarily immediately. again, the judge could decide none, some or all 13 of these witnesses will be allowed to testify at trial against bill cosby. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. cosby trial continues your place for instant updates any time of day is, of course, you can also download our fox 29 app to get breaking news alerts sent right to your phone. one man, two banks, just about 25 minutes. tonight philadelphia police and the fbi are searching for the person who hit a citizens bank and police and fire federal credit union within that short amount of time. now police say this guy began by hitting federal credit union and ninth and arch about 2:20
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yesterday. he handed the teller a demand note but ran it way empty han handed. 25 minutes later they say he went to the citizens bank on 12th and spring garden and handed over another demand note. the second time he got away with cash. police say he's armed and he is dangerous. >> your fox 29 weather authority right now. live look at reading on very cold night. even colder temperatures on the horizon talking about danger and i tell was, kathy, you'll be tracking dangerous weather here. in we're talking about brutally cold wind chills that's going to come on friday but the winds will be pretty gusty by thursday. so each day getting progressively colder. we have a front moving through now it's not making it the the found ground appears as snow on doppler radar to the north in the poconos a few flurries. you can see a passing flurry or sprinkle this evening and as a cold front moves through, so notably more windy during the day tomorrow. right now the temperature 41 in the city. wilmington 40. already down to 38 in dover. 37 in millville and at the airport in atlantic city 38 in
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lancaster and also in reading. temperatures falling through the 30s to night. but not much wind. a chance of a shower by about the 11:00 o'clock hour in philadelphia. the core of the cold air over hudson bay canada moving just to the north of maine by thursday. the polar vortex comes close enough to have temperatures fall about 20 degrees below normal by the end of the week. so coming up we'll talk about when the temperatures fall into the 20s and the teens those brutally cold wind chills and the neck chance of snow accumulating snow in the delaware valley. we'll take look at that as we head toward the weekend. for now we'll zen it back to you. isn't thanks much kathy. before you head out the door check in with your fox 29 weather authority any time at all it's in the pal and of your hands if you just download the fox 29 weather authority app. police arrest add new york man in connect to some anti donald trump graffiti spray painted on chestnut hill grocery store last month. evan brown charged with criminal mischief and related offenses. meanwhile assistant city solicitor duncan lloyd has been
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cleared in the case. the torn was seen in this surveillance video taking pictures of the graffiti. he's been put on leave from the city for two weeks. looks like president-elect donald trump wants to settle businessman to represent america a broad. today he officially nominated exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson for secretary of state. tillerson has to first be confirmed by the senate and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle expressed some concern over the pick especially over tillerson's close ties to russ russia's president vladimir putin. meantime this picture from tmz shows kanye west visited the trump tour. he's posing with the president-elect and ivanka telling reporters that he and kanye talked about quote live. a new jersey state trooper on the other side of the law tonight accused of stopping women drivers to ask them out on a date. investigators say trooper marquise, tried to cover it up sever times. he's colonelly suspended faces
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charge if's convicted he faces as long as five years in prison and a $15,000 fine. philadelphia police are looking for a woman who held up a wawa in the rhawnhurst section on saturday. a clerk says the woman threatened to shoot him if he didn't give her the money. clerk handed over some cash and got away. thankfully without hurting anyone. we now know the name of a burlington county teen shot and killed in front of his home last night. prosecutors say 16-year-old evan perry died at the scene on plum tree lane in willingboro. someone fired from across the street around 8:00 last night. another 16-year-old boy was shot in the ankle while a third teen escaped injury. mel lab a big one trying to reassure patients following a large data breach the company announced yesterday that hackers got access to names, birthdays, phone numbers and lab results for about 34,000 people. the data breach happened three weeks ago. the stolen data does not include social security numbers or financial information. so says the company. quest diagnostics says it
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has notified those who were affected by the breach. also released a statement that reads in part "quest is taking steps to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future s work wig a lead be sire cyber security firm to assist in investigating and further evaluating the company's systems. >> it was a crime that did not add up for police. who would steal address numbers off homes much the big break in the case tonight. >> i can in the wait to see this. i've been wondering about that. south jersey cops wound up on chase in the middle of a feel. they were laughing up a storm. we'll tell you why. sean? >> lucy, temple has their guy they think will take them to the very next level. find out who it is wouldn't it this is such a great higher later in sports. my guest list just tripled.
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♪ big cleanup tonight for business owner in hose kess sin delaware. take look at this scene over reynolds cleaners. porsche boxster crash into the building this morning around 8:30 on the 7400 block of lancaster pike. state police say the porsche pulled into a parking space the driver hit the gas instead of the brake driving right into the dry cleaners that driver thankfully was not hurt but police did cite him for careless driving. in georgia police are trying to fine the thieves who smashed through a pawn shop yesterday check out the surveillance vid video. i shows a pick up ramming into the lucky pawn. half a dozen masked men run inside and grab everything they can get their hands on including tv's and video games. police are surprised at how fast the group pull the whole thing off. >> side of a building large hole can be crashed into the wall. six individuals can enter a store and flee the scene in approximately one minute.
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and create, you know, tens of thousands of dollars of damage. >> police tell us high value items like guns and jewelry thankfully were locked up and were not taken. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. a live look at blue mountain from our pocono mountain camera. it looks like crews turn on the snow machines over the weekend feels like it's cold enough for snow out there. >> all right. >> meteorologist kathy orr is here. oh, yeah. >> kathy, we do understand that we have a chance for some snow in our near future. >> come on lucy. >> i'm excited. >> okay. >> i'm excited i want to go to the poconos and i wanting to skiing. i want to do that during my little vacation coming up. >> i want to go to florida. >> lay on the beach. >> two couldn't be more polar opposite when it comes to the weather. >> take a look outside market street. we're looking at dry conditions. a nice night to be outside and you can see the buildings deck out those holiday colors right now in philadelphia our temperature 41. the high today 44. winds out of the south that's a mild wind for us so it's not going to get bitterly cold
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tonight. that's the good news. right now in philadelphia the temperature 41. pittsburgh 32. chicago 10. minute miss five. should i go on? international falls only two. it's not going get that cold it will feel that cold. the worst of the wind undoubtedly will be coming on thursday with gusts to 45 miles an hour. that's a tropical storm force gusts to put that perspective. the cold the worst of that will be friday morning with wind chills between zero and as high i should say as low as 10 below when you head toward the pocon poconos. the worst of the snow accumula accumulating snow late friday night into saturday. but if we get that, it would be a light accumulation. polar vortex returns of course that is been the headline for the past couple of days. the core of the cold air really settles thursday into friday. friday morning the coldest day we have seen in 10 months since last february valentine's day. it will be feeling like it's much colder thursday afternoon than thursday morning as we go from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. as the winds increase.
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look at these wind chills. 15 thursday morning at 7:00 a.m. by noon it will feel like 12. by 4:00, it will feel like 10. and by 7:00 it will feel like 9 degrees. that's not all. it gets worse by friday. monica has been looking alt those numbers and the chance of snow. hey, monica in exactly. what's going happen those temperatures are going to be dropping overnight. thursday night and into friday morning. temperatures are going to be dropping. that wind chill is going to be at its worst as we are waking up early friday morning. be ready for this. we are talking feels like temperatures well into the single digits some areas like lancaster and reading near zero. then what we're going see our temperatures and that wind chill still remain very low even as we head into friday night. which is why we are talking about temperatures conducive enough to actually create a snow event here in the delaware valley. we could see light accumulations all the way as far southeast as philadelphia. so the highest accumulations expected possibly towards the northwestern suburbs.
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as of this point, kathy it's still very early to tell exactly how much snow but we are talking in the accumulation possible. >> right now looking on the light side and also looking at a mixing possibility as well. so as we get closer to the weekend we'll fine tune your forecast. we want to give up early heads up friday night into saturday we'll be seeing snow, rain, a mix. during the overnight it's going to be mainly dry with a passing shower or a flurry. 32 in the city. 27 in the suburbs. the high tomorrow 42 with sun but the wind will make it feel colder on your seven day forecast from the weather authority the bitter weather thursday and friday. a snow to mix on saturday. some rain sunday and then dry again next monday and tuesday as we head back to work and head back to school. that's the latest on your seven day forecast. let's zen it back over to the news desk. >> all right, kathy, thanks. good news stolen house numbers are back where they belong. >> the woman says mysterious man dropped off the numbers at her home. we showed you surveillance video in september someone going around homes in philadelphia
6:19 pm
fishtown and kensington neighborhoods swiping the numbers one and zero from the front of homes. now, dozens of those numbers are back. a woman tells fox 29 surveillance video shows a man pulling off a bagful of numbers that are actually dropping them off last night. the thief dubbed binary bandit because of the ones and zeros is still out there roaming free. someone in wilmington brighten holiday season for the entire community. staff stubs elementary school says anonymous donor just gave them $1,200 to pay off all the outstanding meal balances. the school says a lot of families who live in that district struggle to pay their bills and this act of generosity means more than this person notice. >> tonight we're seeing new video of a police chase in mt. laurel, n, that involved no humans, well, exempt the people doing the chasing. >> where you going, wrong way. ice are not deceiving you. that's a donkey chase. kind of a slow donkey chase. police say the guys were loitering behind house on the 200 block of mt. laurel road
6:20 pm
over the weekend the chase was on. law enforcement eventually did coral them. got them back home no idea how far they wandered but they're in the hurt at he'll. sean, how do you top that? >> i top it with temple doing big thing, announcing their new head coach and interim head coach talks about how the kids are handling all the craziness itsness. jim schwartz has explaining to do. his defense has been sun par at best the last couple of games. he talks about all the problems next in sports.
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♪ temple going to sign big big-time recruits they need to move fast with their head coach and they did. florida defensive coordinator jeff cole lince will be the owls new head coach just a great higher. guy coach fog 22 years who finally gets a shot to be the head coach. collins has been the defensive coordinator for florida for the last two years. and both years they've been a top 10 defense. just a great higher. but not just because of the xs and os, because this guy has a direct pipeline to all that talent in florida. so huge when it comes to recruiting, but right now ed foley is the man in charge. foley has been with this team through three head coaches since 2008 and today his passion for this school was clear. check out what he had to say when talking about how the kids are dealing with all the chang
6:25 pm
changes. >> you can see it day to day like i'm seeing it now, it's gotten a little better today. i mean the kids were out there at practice today cheering like literal on the side line knowing something is going on out there doing our cheer because we're just trying to get each other through it. >> that's who i want to be the head coach. that's just funny. i want to see interviews like that. that's who i want to talk to. let's go to the eagles. they have a bunch of glaring problems on defense that showed in washington's first touchdown on sunday. jim schwartz talked about the play which really shows the problems this team has had for while. >> we had too many guys trying to make the play rather than do their job in the defense. and that's one of the things we talk about guarding against when you're struggling and pressing. too many guys tried to make the play rather than just trusting their technique and trusting their job and, um, as a result we paid for it with a touchdown. >> well, this is not doing your job right here. look at this. i couldn't let this slide.
6:26 pm
ryan tanner hill that's the worst scene in while. knuckle ball to the ground. luckily it goes out of bounds. look at this one more time. are you kidding me. you're quarterback much knuckle ball. what is that? >> what is that? >> it slipped. >> oh, that's the excuse you going give. you can't even say that seriously. [ laughter ] >> i was very serious. >> really? >> he's lucky he didn't take tear his acl in that game. he got lucky. >> don't do that. >> gentlemen and ladies tonight at 10:00 fox 29 viewer turns heartbreak in if powerful mission. he lost his daughter to childhood cancer. what he's doing to change that you'll find inspirational you can get involved. that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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only from fios. kanye west-donald trump sit down. >> a good man. >> the meeting that is shocking the nation. >> we have been friends a long time. >> then, what was she thing? >> what we have learned about the passenger who was dragged off an airplane. >> oh, my god. >> and, save my mom. >> mom, you need to come back to the shore. >> her plunge into the ice. she was trying to rescue her dogment now who is going to rescue her. plus, would you know what to do if you found a little guy that stopped breathing. >> push hard and fast. >> how to save a toddler's life. then controversy over this gas station stand off. weapons are drawn. can you believe it's a dd


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