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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11.
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developing at 11, a community struggling just to maintain hope. >> i am sick and tired of being tired of seeing our young people dying for no reason. >> a teenager shot and killed on his front porch in burlington county. you can never wrap your head around tragedies like this. when you hear what may have set this whole thing, this becomes even sadder derr. good evening i'm lucy nola noland. vigil tonight had a big turn out. fox 29's dave schratwieser is in willingboro with the story. dave? >> reporter: lucy, family and friends of 16-year-old murder victim ibin perry are looking for answers they turned up at a vigil tonight to mourn the loss of young man gone way too soon. >> he was all around. he was just greatest joy that you can ever know. >> reporter: that's the way family members and remembered 16 year old ibin perry as more than 100 gathers in mill creek park tuesday night just 24 hours after he was gunned down on his
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own front porch in willingboro. >> it's just not fair. my sister never is going to be the same and what can we say to comfort her? >> i don't know how this can happen like that, like that. >> family members say the willingboro high school student loved clothes, sneakers and baseball. family and friends came to his plum tree lane home all day offering their condolences. >> i am sick and tired of being tired every seeing our young people dying for no reason. >> reporter: police say perry and two other teens were on the front porch here around 8:00 monday night when shots rang out from a across the street. peraea row was fatally wounded. a second teen was also shot. the third teenager was unharm. police do not have a motive. it was over a snap chat argument and then sneakers. but it was still no reason to take his life. >> it's time for change. it's time to lay guns to rest and not our children.
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>> reporter: now, again, police have not commented on a motive at this point. they have no suspects and no arrests at this hour. lucy? >> all right, dave. homicide detectives are checking local businesses in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood for any surveillance video that could give them leads in a double shooting. police say someone shot and killed a man in critically injured another on the 5,000 block of frankford avenue right around 7:30 tonight. police say they rush the men both in their 30s to the hospital. one of them died at torresdale. the others in critical condition at temple. no arrests. a fiery day in the bill cosby sex assault case. the lawyers are argued over whether the judge should allow another 13 witnesses cosby accusers to testify at this trial. prosecutors want to show a history of bad acts to bringing to the stand women who say cosby drug and assault them. prosecutors say the legendary entertainer drugged and groped
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andrea constand at chelten hasn't mansion in 2004. those 13 witnesses could be highly important to the prosecution. >> if they can't, then this co constand's testimony against mr. cosby it's one-on-one with no corroboration from other witnesses. >> the defense says most of the claims are so old and vague they cannot disprove them. hearing on all of this wraps up tomorrow. the judge could rule that none, some or all 13 of the extra witnesses might be able to testify against cosby. investigators are trying to figure out if the same person robbed two corner stores in north philadelphia and shot two men in the process. wearing a mask the gunman shot a 63-year-old employee of the double r deli in feltonville on saturday. he got away with cash and lottery tickets. the next night, a man walked into the san raphael marks a few
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blocks and fired off a shot at a 56 year old man. doctors treed and released that man from the hospital. a new jersey trooper faces charges he stopped female drivers to give out his number and get dates. troopers say actually investigators say that trooper marquise prater falsified documents to cover up the stops and they say that includes lying about his wireless microphone fa malfunctioning and the gender of drives he pull over in his reports. several women have come forward to file improper conduct complaints about that trooper and prater is now suspended without pay while that case moves forward. iconic sitcom star from the '80's has died. a publicist for alan thicke says the former star of growing pains had a heart attack. he was 69 years old. also musician. most recently thick could be seen on the netflix series fuller house. one of his three sons is singer robin thick. on your radar already cold but
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this is nothing compared to what is comin coming. >> meteorologist kathy orr is here with that first forecast at 11:00. >> think about it tomorrow lucy as appetizer and thursday and friday the main course that's pretty much the way it's going to go. ultimate doppler -- [ laughter ] we have cold air moving through with a few flurries maybe a few sprinkles that's just about it. skies will clear overnight. right now in physical the temperature is 40. in albany new york 32 that real cold air that arctic air is in the midwest. it's in the northern plains. international falls at two. desmoines at 14. chicago only 4 degrees above zero. so that polar vortex, that core of cold air from the poles and had you had don bay moving to the north of mape man for a couple -- 24 hours or so and that's by thursday. it gets close enough to provide us with a coldest weather we've seen since last february w we look at the wind chills for friday morning at seven am m we're in the single numbers and the poconos at zero possibly going below zero. and then during the day on friday, not a huge improve many.
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teens, possibly 20 in philadelphia as far as the wind chill by late in the afternoon. then we have to look at the possibility of snow. another front moves through and it will be cold enough to produce some snow showers. the best chance will be friday night into saturday morning. precipitation starts as snow. then during the overnight, it could change to some freezing rain and then finally rain. the best chance for seeing any accumulating snow would be in our northern and western suburbs and once again that would be overnight friday into saturday before that change over. we'll continues to fine tune that forecast as we get closer to the weekend. overnight 32 in the city. 27 in the suburbs. mostly cloudy. becoming sunny tomorrow high 42. the wind will put a chill in the air to show you what's to come. as you look at the seven day forecast, from your weather authority, thursday blustery, winds gusting to 45 miles an hour. any christmas decorations out make sure you secure them because it is going to be a blustery day. friday bitter chills in the teens.
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single numbers in the morning. some chills below zero. saturday snow to a mick. sunday some rain. and then monday and tuesday of next week high temperatures around 40 degrees. lows in the 20s. and that's actually below average for this time of year. threats a look at your seven day forecast. lucy, get out the winter gear. >> that's big forecast. thank you very much, kathy. president-elect trump transition moves on and he's still rejecting mounting evidence of russian hacking in the election. comes as both democratic and republican lawmakers ask for a deeper look in the findings by the intelligence community. those findings from the cia suggest that russia tried to inter fear with the presidential election and tried to help donald trump win. though notarial lawmakers think russians tried to boost trump. nearly everyone but the president-elect believes the russians were involved. meanwhile chairman of the house intelligence committee is demanding a classified briefing from the cia and fbi by no later than friday this week. back in trump tower the
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president-elect cleared his calendar this morning for kanye west. trump told reporters they talked about life. doctors released the rapper from the hospital less than month ago. tmz reported he had a mental break down. now just before his hospitalization, west said he did not vote for president but if he had, he would have cast a ballot for trump. happening right now, a battle between bicyclists and drivers in the streets of philadelphia. tonight some riders showed up to public meeting demanding changes to keep them safe on their wheels. brad sattin is live in center city where he her a whole lot about the tensions on the roads. brad. >> reporter: all kinds of opinions. we are on spruce street. this is one of the bike lanes here called unprotected bike lane because there's really no barrier between the bikers and the cars. bikers as you can imagine would like the barriers. others say, though, there is just not enough room on a street like this. >> i was hit by a car because there was not a protected bike lane. >> reporter: applause because most of the hundred people
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attending the meeting say they've had similar experiences. close calls while riding their bikes in the city. the city says protected bike lanes may be the answer physical barriers between the cars and the cyclists. a move most bikers favor right now it's easy to find delivery trucks and cars parked in bike lanes forcing cyclists into traffic. >> i felt safe when i'm on my little bike by myself i commute with my children on the back and stopping and starting -- [ applause ] >> -- stopping and starting is dangerous. >> reporter: the not welcome news to many homeowners and business owners who worry the barriers will cut parking spaces and eliminate loading zones. >> people have a right to load and unload because they have stores and they pay taxes. it's a disaster. i don't want to... >> reporter: there is no plan in place bite city. in fact funding hasn't even been work out yet, but city leaders say for now they're just seeking input. >> to come up way solution that is safe and efficient for all modes so that's our goal.
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>> reporter: nothing is net stone at this point not the locations, not the funding but we do know the mayor would like to see 30 miles of protected bike lanes in the next five years. 30 miles. right now we can tell you across the city, lucy, there are 2 miles. >> all right, big difference. thank you much, brad. we've all been there. you know waiting in line at the grocery check out. but one guy, just couldn't take it any more. he snapped. what sent him into violent rage is pretty disgusting. >> does the man in your life seem to complain a lot when he gets sick? he might have a good reason. why scientists think some germs are harder on men than women. i'll be interested to hear that one. american express is expanding its parental leave program. latest company offering more perks for parents. the credit card company had now provide paid maternal or paternal leave for 20 week. new policy will increase --
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. ♪ folks in new jersey probably not too happy with governor chris christie tonight. because today he said voters in a state made a quote dumb move. republican was referring to a recent referendum voters
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rejected that would have expanded casino gambling into north jersey. it was over two proposed casinos near new york city. christie speaking today on a new york radio station blamed lobbying efforts by casinos and unions which spent millions against the referendum. something surprising showed up on the doorstep of a philadelphia home. a bag filled with house numbers. the discovery came months after someone swiped the numbers off home in the fishtown and ken sipping ton neighborhoods. you might be familiar with the case of the binary bandit. now maybe someone is trying to clear their slate get in good with santa. chris o'connell is live in east ken sipping ton on top of this mysterious fine. of course you'll have to explain the whole binary thing for us, chris. >> reporter: well, first of all, lucy, one of the more stranger crimes in philadelphia recently just got a little bit more strange. big clue tonight but no new answers as to who is doing this.
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stealing address numbers and what they're doing with them? why it's happening? specifically, ones and zeros being taken from homes here in east kensington. >> shock. disbelief. >> reporter: two months after someone started swiping ones and zeros from homes in fishtown and kensington, the binary bandit struck again. >> i couldn't believe it. i thought homage a joke on me. >> reporter: this morning at the home of meghan and sean this video sean and his dogs finding a white bag on the doorstep. our earlier, you see this man place it there and walk away. inside that bag, dozens of stolen one ones and zero. 83 of them in all. >> i just stared up in the air and look at meghan, it's all the ones and zeros. >> meghan took these pictures and called police who are now processing evidence for potential clues. everyone wants to know why the crooks stole numbers in the first place and now they're asking why the change of heart? good i wonder if they had some
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remorse or it's a christmas miracle. we don't know why they were stolen to begin with so we don't know why they're return. we have more questions than answers at this point. >> reporter: and police saying the same thing. they have that new batch of evidence now they'll be pouring over that in hopes of more leads. but detectives right now think this is the work of a group of people, lucy. >> all right, thank you much chris. tennessee woman says she was tacked at a store for using coupons too slowly. surveillance video shows the assault caught at the register in memphis the woman was in line using coupons to pay for her groceries. when the man behind her, well, he got impatient. when she tried to leave he grabbed her by the back of her head and slammed her head into the grocery cart. really? then he took off. that woman is okay. aside from a small scratch on her forehead. that is just ridiculous. >> all right. >> not the keep on -- you see it
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you shoot it. our fresco users are helping us show what is happening in your neighbor. what's you got, iain? >> lucy our fresco user emma attend add ceremony at chop and university city all to kick off the hospital's annual celebration to light up the city skyline. caroling concert kick it off and chop is lighting philly skyline blue beginning tonight through the 15th. community wide show of love and support for hospital patients battling illness during the holiday season. in center city employees from the sueness today hotel gave back to the community our fresco user clifford sent in video hotel working makes sandwiches for those in need this holiday season they created a lunch cart and handed out the lunches themselves. nothing but puff bee love at west chester university. these therapy doing brought in as stress relievers for students because they're taking finals. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and use the fresco app to zen it to our newsroom f we use it you'll get paid.
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>> like ma'am over and over and over again. >> your health now the health of our babies. chubby babies and toddlers on the decline and government food program serving millions of children. researchers discovered that trend as part of a study of children enrolled in the wic nutrition assistance program for low income women and children. cdc reports the portion of youngsters at risk for obesity fell during the study from almost 15% to 12%. the study came out today in journal pediatric. okay. so great news tonight in the battle to keep teens off drug. drug among us teens at an all time low so says a new survey by the us national institute of drug abuse. researchers found fewer teenagers are using illegal and prescription drugs than ever before even better fewer teens are drinking alcohol and showing tobacco so there you have it that and if you think the man in your life is complaining a little too much when he's sick, you may not be actually exaggerating all that much. new research from the royal
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university in britain suggests some pathogens have evolved to make men sicker than women. why would that be? well, answer is a little scary. pathogens on some level understand that it benefits them to go easy on women since women are more likely to past diseases on to other people including their own children. so i guess they can kill off the men, right? is that what we're saying here. weird stuff. sean bell, don't get sick. >> walk it off. that's my answer. >> walk off the sickness. >> whatever it is, walk it off. lucy, i love the nfl but i hate it at the same time. i've gone off about the league and thursday night games before, but i'm happy to do it again. richard sherman speaks out about this week's game. hear what he had to say and i have the coach night all of it in my sports commentator.
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♪ sean bell takes on thursday night football games and he's not holding back like he ever does. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ we played. frigging got home 1:00 o'clock in the morning something like that on monday and play again. i mean congratulations nfl. did it again. they've been doing it all season i guess we're the last ones to get the middle finger. >> yup. nfl is willing to screw anyone as long as they get that paper. the players hate this game the coaches hate this game. everyone hates this game but the nfl refuses to do away with it. i said it before. i'll say it again. nfl doesn't give two you know what's about their players. thursday night games are always awful. and players, well, they hate it.
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it's flat out dangerous for them. every player is bruised, hurt and struggling and now you're give gig their bodies no time to recover the. nfl continues to be hypocritical when it comes to players safety. they want to appear like they care. you're trying your best to protect players you force them to play with shorter rest you send them out of the country and you're trying to make the nfl season even longer. nfl is dropping the ball but what's new? lucy? >> all right, thank you very much sean bell. special treat for military families in san diego. actor chris pratt we can't get enough of him visited a station for special screening of new movie passengers. families lined up all day for the chance to greet the act who says he's grateful so many people showed up. passengers also stars oscar winner jennifer lawrence who is not water recently about some talk about nike. attention empire fans your next
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obsession about to debut right her on fox 29. empire co creator lee daniels new show star starts tomorrow. features three talented singers desperate for new start with ambitions of stardom and just like empire star will bring music legends into your living rooms including queen latifah and gladys knight begins tomorrow with fall finale of empire at 8:00, premier of star at 9:00 followed by fox 29 news at 10 and 11. the excitement it's palpable. it's palpable. isn't it? >> what night. >> i'm excited already. >> he loves it just for taraji. that's the whole thing right here. >> he'll be like this tomorrow. >> not bad. >> beautiful. >> hey, cookie. >> back here at 4:00 a.m. for your fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". we're not so cool. you notice that. sue serio and bob kelly they're they got your weather and traffic cover.
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harvey: so donald trump couldn't pass up the meeting, and he accepted kanye west's request. however, there were security concerns. >> ultimately it was up to trump's immediate staff. >> people are saying like he's officially gone. it's done. no more kanye. >> i'm past outrage. >> are you over him now? >> i'm beyond over him. i wish he never would have come about now. [laughter] >> william m. macy at the grove. his co-star emmy rossum is in a contract dispute. >> she wants the same pay as you. >> she works as hard as i do. she deserves everything. >> she should get 100% of what she can get. >> it's not as simple as go in and give me what i'm worth. >> of course, he's a hugely powerful actress with giant representation. and she shows her boobs! [laughter] >> chrissy


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