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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> this morning following breaking news, one neighborhood, two shootings, hours apart, violent night in one section of philadelphia. and then bill cosby, what he says walking into court. >> he'll be back this morning, the fireworks happened during day one every his hearing. >> and while president trump continues to name his cabinet, the meeting with kanye west yesterday that has us talking this morning, but they reportedly discussed.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> not smiles but frowns this morning, with the news, that growing pains star, alan thicke, has died. >> yes, playing who can which his son. he loved to play hockey. good day everybody, it is wednesday, december the 14th. >> good morning, mike. >> would you like to see something preppy? >> sure. >> let's get a tight shot of you. >> no. >> no. look at the moon over center city. >> look at that. >> yes. (how long). >> i know what this means, you'll and wolf today? >> i'll be wild today. it is gorgeous though, sue. >> you know, another supermoon. one of those moons that's a little closer to the earth. when it is full, so, it is the december, in fact, quite a few of those this year, supermoon, and, well, if we could see it, there would be a meteor shower out there, as women. you can go out tonight, when it is really cold, at 2:00 a.m., check it out. i'll tell but that later, it is a seven out of ten today, little colder tonight.
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and then, we will start with the arctic air, tomorrow, so, with bus stop buddy, sixers game tonight, at the wells fargo center, so sixers has, stay bundle up, windchills in the 20's, 30's, like they were yesterday. in the city, it is 36 degrees, but we don't have that much of a wind. but it does make it feel like 30 out there. sunrise time, 7:15 this morning, winds make it feel like it is in the 20's, pottstown, lancaster, reading, windchill in the 20's, milville and wilmington. so, basically, whatever you wore yesterday, today, it will be just fine. really have to layer it up tomorrow. but today's high, 42 degrees. our sunset as we check, it is a week away from winter, bob kelly, sunset is 4:37. >> winter starts a week from today. >> 60:00 it, live look at 95 southbound, this is construction, wide load, looks like they got the left lane
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block here, at cottman avenue. >> already a problem on 95 headed down in toward center city there. forty-two, hell tow bellmawr, new jersey, live look at the freeway, not bad, starting to see volume pop. nothing out of the ordinary coming in toward the city. eastbound schuylkill looking good from conshy into downtown. freeway again about 12 minutes to make it from the expressway today, no problems getting out of the gate. stratford, white horse stone road, because bridge inspections today along i95 between broad street and enterprize avenue. mike and alex back to you. >> 6:03 this wednesday. >> two men dead. >> in frank forwards, that's right. one is being called an execution style murder, steve is on it, steve? >> you too, and everybody watching right now, if you think you have heard it all
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when it comes to murder and mayhem, listen to there is 27 year old man may have been shot as many as 28 times. >> large caliber gun fired 28 times, mostly, standing over him probably leg on each side of this man's body, on the grounds, residential area, adams avenue, right past midnight. just kept firing. >> you would think, this guy, had no fear, fired 28 times, hit him in the face multible times, in the head, chest, and legs stack erring violent scene. >> we know total of 28 shots were fired from large caliber semiautomatic weapon. we found 28 spent shell
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casings, around the victim's body. many of the shell casings were just inches away from the victim's body. so it, appears that this was clearly an execution-type homicide due to the fact that there were so many shots fired, the fact that the balistic evidence is so close to the victim, and the fact that the victim was struck numerous times. >> well, time and proximity may make the original murder in frankford in a that police were on possibly related. this one, almost just as brazen. two guys with two guns, right in the parking lot after well-lit, p-11, right next to the frankford market elevated train prime time, lots of cameras, lot of people, who cared, they were intent on killing these two guys, killed one of them, critically injured another, took off in a carp. hopefully police will find video and get the license plate off the video, because
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if not, we have got three killers, roaming around the streets of frank forwards with three guns, who have no problem with killing people, in the most violent manner possible. what a night it was in just one section of town here. forty-one shots, three victims, two dead. >> twenty-eight into one guy, my god. all right, steve, 6:06. >> in cobbs creek, man is killed when a man cars evens out of control, slams into parked car and tree. emergency crews racing to the scene, 58th street and baltimore avenue, just after midnight. the 52 year old driver died at the hospital, short time later >> it was explosive day yesterday, pretrial hearing for bill cosby's sexual assault trial. >> now, attorneys were yelling at each other, of course cameras were not allowed in the courtroom, darn it. reporters were therefore the action. at one point, well, bill cosby was actually speaking to lauren quite a few times, including yelling out don't
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taze me, bro. >> announced before he was going into the courtroom? >> right. he said that to deputy. entering the courtroom. he was wanted here at montgomery county. yes, a lot of fires work here yesterday. the judge threatened to call more deputies into the courtroom, if the two sides couldn't maintain some sense of decor up. bill cosby little different, usually slow, quiet, vision and memory problems according to his lawyers, the 79 year old was yelling out in the courtroom several occasions even when the questions were not even directed at him. at this pretrial hearing, prosecutors trying to prove cosby had a history every drugging and molesting women. andrea constand filed a complaint against cosby once her friends and mentor over an encounter at his home in philadelphia. prosecutors say there are dozen more women who tell very similar stories and they should be allowed to testify in the spring trial, to show cosby's prior bad acts. celebrity lawyer gloria allred
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reps many of the women. >> if, in fact, there was a plan, a scheme, a design to incapacitate victims and then because they were unable to consent or not consent, having been incapacitated, they could then be sexually assaulted, because they were vulnerable, then that would be argued as relevant. that's what this -- that's why the testimony of these witnesses could be considered to be important. >> in an effort to intimidate the women, they ultimately ruled cosby lawyers could identify 11 of women by name since they had already shared their stories publicly and their names were out there.
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gloria allred saying cosby establish settlement fund for sexual assault victims in all of this, so day two of the hearing today, mike and alex, we will see how this day plays out. >> wow. had to bring in extra deputies, because they were yelling so much. moving tv screens around and everything. okay, thank you for that, lauren. later on good day by the way we will have a live interview with attorney gloria allred, of course, who is in the courtroom. 6:09. most talked about moment at trump tower yesterday. was this one. trump's one-on-one meeting with kanye west. now kanye tweeted that he wanted to discuss multicultural issues, bullying sporting teachers, head violence in chicago after one arrested on twitter and trying to figure out what's going on. trump told reporters that they talked about life. now, they not answer questions about whether the rapper would perform, though, at trump's inauguration. and of course we were just showing video the secretary of state, who trump was picked to be secretary of state, rex
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tillerson. >> rex tillerson was also there. one of mayor's favorite tv dads has died. >> this guy was so nice. allen thick -- alan thicke is remembered, this morning, he died yesterday at the age of 69. he was playing hockey, which he loves to do, played it almost every day, playing with his 19 year old son. "tmz" report the actor had a heart attack on the ice, one of the most famous roles was of course jason fever on growing pains. he was also quite the songwriter, who wrote the theme for his own show. and the different strokes show. he also wrote the original song for wheel-of-fortune. he did a lot of those songs with his first wife. she was a tv soap opera star, gloria luring. he then went onto divorce her and married i think miss world at one point. >> oh, okay. >> he hosed beauty pageants. >> he was only 69.
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>> yes, yes. >> and his wife, healthy. and we've seen him lately over the last couple of years doing those what tax commercials? >> and he's also made cameos on shows, like this is us, netflix shows, full house, cameo on that. >> and he started as a talk show holes. he lived in canada. talk show host in canada came here the late 80s to try to take on johnny carson's tonight show, a show called in the thicke of the night. we'll play some that far for you later in the show. but condolances certainly pouring in. ellen de jen renz tweeted this. america loved alan thicke, i'm so saddest's gone. >> and demi: i had the pleasure every meeting alan thicke. my authorities and players are with his family. rip. and then the nhl posted this tribute to alan, he is a big hockey fan. and so they said sad to learn of the passing of long time hockey fan, alan thicke. >> yes. >> all right, well, temple
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university new head football coach. who is he? and what outgoing coach matt rhule says about his successor.
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>> numbers being stop end off homes. the binary bandit has struck again. >> but this time, video shows a man returning a bag to one victim's door. and, inside the bag, the man returned, 83 stolen one's and zero's. the big question around the neighborhood, why someone has been swiping the numbers in the first place. and why the change of heart? >> i wonder if they had some remorse or it is a christmas miracle. we don't know why they were stole tone begin w we don't know why they were return. we have more questions than answers at this point. >> police also seem to be scratching their heads with this one. this looks like woman taking the numbers, but we know a man returned the numbers. >> i don't get this. get on twitter. help us out here. why would you steel one's and zero's? >> this is like an art installation or something? >> could be. >> they say, a clue here, police say the crimes are the work after group of people. >> what would you do with one's and --
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>> well, i would go with your thing, an art installation of some sort, so if you go to like first friday, next month. >> and go to one of the galleries? >> and a thing, just all covered in one's, zero's. >> it could be a pop up installation, though, so maybe for limited time maybe they were done, so returned everything? >> returned. >> now, who is going to sort through the big bag though, you know, dif i out the one's and zero's? >> match up the certain colors to different house. >> that will be a job. >> yes. >> making ten alleges, or o1? or ten? >> the questions that need answer. >> we have to look to the russians to figure this out. more about that after the break. mast past .
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>> 6:18, russia is behind the e-mail servers during the campaign they say. >> well, what is their intent, affect the election in they have to investigate this, thomas, what do you have? >> not that easy, talking various breaches here, of course, different intel, so getting everyone on the same page, not that simple. everyone is in agreement that russia responsible for the hacks, but lawmakers they want to know why. that's something that intel officials have been able to agree upon. government sources say james klapper, the director of
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national intelligence, doesn't doubt the ci eat's analysis of russian hacking but won't go as far as to say they intend today give trump boost on reelection day, he says there is just not enough evidence here. as far as the wikileaks connection, the evidence there is not as strong, don't have good inside into the sequence g of the releases. >> or when the data may have been provided. klapper's offers said there were different various hacks here including the dnc, various selection boards, and being wrongly lumped together. but those who support the cia analysis claim trump has been a pro russia candidate from the very start. by the way there is some encouraging news, white house says they'll be watching this one closely asking the republican chairman of the committee, you know, to get some answers hopefully by this friday.
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so, he'll have better understanding of the conflicting intel a sellsment by friday. >> this is going to go on and on. >> several layers. >> my god. okay. thank you, thomas. 6:20 now. >> let's get check on there weather because even though it feels cold this morning, sue, we should brace ourselves for tomorrow. >> yes. and friday, we will even be worse than tomorrow. >> i think it will be clearer tonight than it was last night, with the meteor shower. but that bright december supermoon we were just looking at, that could kind of dilute some of what you want to be looking at, so, polar vortex on the move, temperatures, will be 20 or more degrees below average, over the next two days, the windchills on friday morning, because that will be the worse of it, will be zero to four, 5 degrees in the morning.
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>> windchills in the teens all day friday. make sure you're prepared with lots and lot of layers. 36 degrees, in philadelphia, right now, 27 mount pocono, 37 dover. thirty-seven atlantic city, with the breeze, factored in, we have 30 degrees as our windchill in philadelphia. most of the wind chills in the 20's, so it is really not that different from yesterday. we don't have any more snow showers, couple of overnight. real quick the future cast. >> we could get snow squawl or two overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. next zest tim, rolls in late friday night, into saturday morning, we could start off with accumulating snow. then changes over to rain. rainy day sunday. but look at this roller coaster ride, bob kelly. we go from 55 on sunday, to 33 degrees for high on monday.
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>> speaking after ride, waiting for your bus ride? what if this bus showed up at the corner today? look at this all decorated for the cool, i was the guest judge at the septa bus decorating contest yesterday. they had eight buses, all decked out, wait until you see. we'll have the winning bus, here, on good day, at 8:30 later on this morning. a lot of fun yesterday down there at the septa depo at 59th street. outside we go, live look at the blue route. no problems or delays at all, headlights headed southbound, down toward the airport, starting to see some volume pop all around the board here, as we get ready for the rush hour, coming in from new jersey staple deal, schuylkill, little slow from conshy, into belmont. no problems on the regional rail. septa off to good start here, so far this morning, accident white horse pike stone road. bridge inspections today on 59 near broad street. and take a look at this house, picture taken with the drone, the trees, the spiral trees
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all set up, the colored lights on the house, we are getting ready for a very kelly christmas, and tonight, we are going to hit the road in my decorated news van, and we will head on out to levittown, pennsylvania, where they have the lights, and they bounce to the beat of the music, alex, we will be live tonight on there guy's front lawn, starting at 5:00. >> oh, i'm excited. can't wait to see what you will bewaring, bob. >> oh, yes. i have to think about. that will because it will be cold tonight, sue, right? >> yes. >> you can handle it for a little tv, what, couple of minutes, right? then run inside? >> then running back inside. back to you! >> thanks, bob, we will check you out tonight. >> you remember the ice bucket challenge? we sure do, the special honor, the creator of the social media sensation.
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>> temple and villanova playing for the big five crown. coming, in november a won 17 street in big five play, and now you can make it 18. nova turning good defense, into even better offense. look at this, they get the steel, push it ahead, and eric
6:27 am
pasquale finishes with the dunk, 18 turnovers, to the second half, nova up by 19. temple tries to put on a little press, but that was broken easily. josh heart gets win. four straight big five title. temple may have lost that game, but yesterday they won their coaching search. florida defensive coordinator jeff collins, will be the owls new head coach. and even though he's leaving the gators, they still had nothing but great things to say about him. >> we're real excited about the opportunity for him and his family, at temple. you know, place that's really done great job. and he'll car that i on. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. temple's new coach looks like a football coach, doesn't he? yes, you can see him walking into your living room. i want your son to play for me. >> he means business, and that's what we need. >> that's exactly what we need. get ready to pay more at the pump.
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coming up why many in our area, you drivers will shell off more money to fill up. i'll tell you exactly which pump i'm talking about. my guest list just tripled.
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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>> we are following breaking news, two shootings in just matter of hours, and one philadelphia neighborhood. we'll have a live report. >> one guy was shot 28 times. and, day two, bill cosby returns to a montgomery county courtroom this morning. but, what happened during the
6:31 am
day one of the hearings that had attorneys screaming at each other? >> and, president-elect, donald trump, meets with kanye west. interesting history with presidents. what the two reportedly discussed. and we have breaking news right now. live, over a house fire, in gloucester county, new jersey. this is west howard street in clayton, we will continue to keep an eye on this story for you. firefighters on the scene trying to flock it down, good day, december the 14th, that means, 11 days. >> well, in the christmas eve. oh, until christmas. >> ten would be christmas eve. you can have your stuff by christmas eve. that will needs to be together. have you started? yesterday you complained you hadn't done anything. >> i admit, almost every year, i end up at a wallgreen's or rite aid, or a wawa, on christmas eve. >> really? >> because they have gift cards there. i'm in a panic.
6:32 am
>> you wait all of that time just to get some gift cards? >> about all they have there. >> here is the thing, you can do it in advance if you know that's what your plan is. >> i procrastinate. >> we love wawa, or dunkin' donuts. >> and you can get gum, min. it is and things. >> stocking stuffers basically. >> mints and gum! off to cold start this morning, with bus stop buddy, bundled up with 6ers cap on, playing toronto at the wells fargo centerment temperatures, windchills, 20's, 30's, no precipitation, few flurries overnight, and we may tonight as well with the cold air rolling n for right now 36 degrees feels like 30. 7:15 sunrise time, here are other windchills walking out the door in mount pocono. feels like 17. mid 20's, our windchills in lancaster. in wilmington, in trenton, feels like 23 degrees, in millville, this morning. so, we will get to high in the mid 40's, just take a tip from bus stop buddy.
6:33 am
andres warm. i think we have to double everything he's wearing for the next two mornings, bob kelly, with the extreme cold rolling in. >> wait. all bundled up? >> christmas story, randy, little brother, yes. >> all bands you will up, can't move, can't get up on the bus. good morning, everybody. 6:33. we got an accident, south on the freeway here. just south of creek road. it looks like off to the right shoulder. only good thing most volume comes the opposite way this time of the hour on wednesday, live look at the schuylkill that fire location we showed you moment ago here in clayton, new jersey, howard offer the north delsea drive. watch for some local detours, otherwise looking good, no problems coming into the city on the freeway, mass transit, off to good start, warminster trenton regional rails, buses, trains, trolleys all looking good. white horse pike route 30 at
6:34 am
stone road. we had earlier crash. and then throughout the day, bridge inspections, both directions, on i-95 here, between broad and enterprize avenue. >> the frankford neighborhood, two shootings claim the lyft of two men, they happened just hours apart. police say, one every them was even execution style. steve keeley live at police headquarters with the latest on these two shootings. steve? >> well, the obvious time and proximity makes many homicide detective here at the round house wonder if the two murder scenes are somehow linked, but for what sure does link them is both are just blocks apart hours away in the same section frankford last night between 7:20 and midnight. >> seem likely ultraviolet twist on the candles on birthday cake, one for each year thing. because, this 27 year old latest murder victim in philadelphia, may have been
6:35 am
shot, 27 times. police found most of the 28 bullet shells just inches from the man's body indicating the killer just stood over him blasting away repeatedly over and over and maybe out of anger, maybe to send a message, but defer throw have even veteran homicide detective shake their heads. >> we're snot sure of the motive. all we know the fact that there are 28 spent shell casing, many of them in such close proximity to the bod at this appears the shooter was standing over the body, or very close to the body, and fired, multiple shots, and the fact that he sits so many times, clearly execution type homicide. >> right near his family house, because the family was there distraut, just moments afterward, the man shot in the face, in the head, in the chest, and in the legs.
6:36 am
>> they could careless what cameras were close by, because right in the spot blasted, killing one, critically wounding the second, police saved that one man by rushing him to the closest hospital in the patrol car. police had no identity on the man killed, who they also rush to the hospital, but, shots so close range, so many times, that doctors could not save him. thirteen bullets by the way fired in the 7-eleven parking lot right in prime time at 7:20, lucky, no one else was killed. >> pennsylvania drivers should prepare to see gas prices go up in a few weeks, gas tax will increase about 8 cents per gallon january 1st. it is the third and final step in the gradual gas tax increase to raise money to improve bridges, highways, public transportation. pennsylvania now has the
6:37 am
nation's highest gas tax. motorists pay about 76 cents a gallon, in state and federal taxes. >> we're number one. well, bill cosby will be back in that courtroom in montgomery county again this morning. >> and day one of his pretrial hearing was filled with shouting matches, by attorneys, on both sides, so much so they had to be rained in by the judge, lauren. >> that's right. alex, lawyers, yelling loudly inside a courtroom, the judge did not like their behavior, threatening to bring more deputies in the courtroom, calling their behavior simply uncivil. all of the bickers over publicizing the names of the dozens of women accusing cosby of sexual assault. his lawyers don't want the women to be allowed to testify at his spring trial. the high steaks hearing was as eventful as ever, from the very start, lawyers from both sides got heated over accusations from the other side about the women's names. cosby's defense team says many of those women have already gone public with their accusations, so their names are already out there. his lead lawyer saying they're
6:38 am
witnesses in a trial, they're not children. all of the back and forth over whether they should testify in the trial against cost bee, which started over an incident a decade ago. then, temple university employee, andrea con stands, filed a complaint against her friend and mentor over an encounter at his home, authorities reopened the case late last year, when a lot more come came forward. many of them represented by celebrity lawyer, gloria allred. >> whether these alleged prior witnesses will be permitted to testify at the trial, that's very important. if they can't, then it is ms. constant's testimony against mr. cosby, it is one-on-one with no corroboration from other witnesses. so it is important that there be cooperation, as to lack of consent, if in fact that's what the accuse letter testify to by other witnesses.
6:39 am
>> reporter: last weaning gloria allred said her clients have a duty to testify, she called the defense dismissal of their accounts out of context, just plane wrong. cosby also in rare form yesterday, both in and out of the courtroom. he was overheard telling a dispute when he entered the court don't taze me bro when he was getting wanted. very different from the very fragile cosby we've seen over the last few weeks, mike and alex. >> just walking in, smiling, waiving. >> he actually was laughing when he was on the elevator. later on in our shop, liver interview with one of the attorneys, gloria allred that you just heard there in lauren's piece. >> i believe she represents about four of the women, four of the 12. >> she wants to show up in court with them. all right, 6:39. >> breaking news. president-elect donald trump officially select former texas governor rick perry to be secretary of energy. and spoke about this yesterday, i think now made it official, so, that's going to be his stick. meanwhile bick tech ceo's will
6:40 am
meet with the president-elect at trump tower today. >> but the most talked about moment yesterday at trump tower one-on-one interview between donald trump and kanye west, and karen hepp got words of. >> this she knows what they talk about. >> we were actually sitting hereof course during the 9:00 hour of goo day, alex said would you look at this, we stopped, the blonde hair, there is kanye, right there. so the two of them did meet and trump told reporters they talked about life. didn't answer any real questions whether west would be performing -- performing at the inauguration, but kanye always putting stuff out there on twitter. he did after this might. he said i wanted to fleet with trump today to discuss multi multicultural issues, including bullying supporting teachers, modernizing our curriculums, violence in chicago. i feel it is important to have the direct line of communication with our future president if we truly want change. then last one, got people's attention, speculation, hashtag 2024. because before of course he
6:41 am
said woe run for president in 2020. now pushing it back for four years after that meeting with trump. >> and of course remember he's made a lot of controversial comments over the years about stars and certainly presidents, there was one moment that stands out in particular because we were all watching this huge telethon they had about 11 years ac for hurricane katrina. here's what he said. >> george bush doesn't care about black people. please call -- >> remember that moment. like mike myers, was so uncomfortable. >> look like chris tucker, was, too. >> then all of these things to is he about taylor swift in the past, like talking about he interrupted her, then president obama commented on that incident, and he used choice words. so we have to believe it. >> the young lady seems like perfectly nice person. she is getting her award. what's he doing? he is a jack beep. no, no. this -- all this stuff --
6:42 am
>> so, anyway, that was kanye, now meeting with our president-elect. he has expressed many, many strong opinions, and views on all kind of different issues, and he's always wanted to get it out there and say whatever is on his mind. >> well, there go. >> i think also the reason why this shocks a lot of people, especially big topic, we've been reporting on the fact that kanye has been in the hospital and being treated because he had, you know, an episode. paranoia and everything. so we thought he was recovering, next thing you know he is backing into trump tower getting a meeting and he receipts questions that meeting. so a lot of people what's going on here? but he says he want to be close and have direct line with the president. >> and apparently he has it now. >> hopefully next time you talk about this, people talking about the fact afterward, holding up their hands, you know, bogging match or something? so hopefully we can play that part. >> but didn't commit to playing at the inauguration? >> to be continued on this one, guys. >> and olympic gymnast opens up about a secret she has been
6:43 am
keeping for several months. what she was doing that was originally sparked by a tweet. >> look at the size of the moon now. >> that's a big old moon. >> yes. beautiful.
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>> now why would we be playing this particular song? because it relates to the next story. we are remembering alan thicke this morning, he wrote the theme song for different strokes and many different programs. that you have watched for years on tv. >> including his own. he died yesterday, playing who can which his 19 year old son, a heart attack on the ice. >> how unexpected, just 69 years old. >> all right, 6:46. here is one bob kelly. >> yes, good morning, you know, yesterday i went to saint john the beloved, the nuns gave me jelly donuts. >> yes? >> look who got into my jelly donuts last night at my house. >> oh, the elf? >> my traffic elf got into my jelly donut playing with the cars, what i came down it this morning. >> what a miss behaving elf. might have to write something to santa? >> ex angry. i'll write a l because the elf goes back to the north pole every night and reports. 202, no problems as you head on down into malvern. hello to 422, working your way
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out of phoenixville, collegeville, in toward king of prussia. jammo, on the vine expressway, here, all stacked up trying to get into the ramps therefore 30th street station. looks like something going on here on the ramp right in the background behind the atlantic city there. the fire location we told you about, in clayton, where chopper was hovering over howard and the delsea drive, a lot of police and fire activity on the scene there. so just watch for some local detours, right off route 55 and route 47 which is the delsea drive there in south jersey. about 22 minute inbound on the schuylkill, 20 coming in on 42, no problems on septa, the regional rails, buses, trains and trolleys, are looking good. come on, snap your picture if you haven't already done so, make sure you post it to facebook, twitter, instagram. we get ready for another chilly christmas tonight, post picture, use the #fox29lights contest so i can show the homes here on tv. then tonight i'll jump noop my decorated news van, and we are
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headed to levittown, pennsylvania, with this fellow has his lights all set up, and it is choreograph to music. you don't even have to get out of your car. he has his own little radio station going on. you pull up, you got the car going. the music is going. some hot chocolate. tonight, live, at the 5:00 news. now how should i dress for this evening's festivities? sue, she has the answer in 15 seconds. half hour until sunrise, take a look at the super ma'am, our december full moon. so we can see the craters and everything on. that will that's skyfox? that's the skyfox live shot. >> oh, man. >> of the december supermoon. >> that's cool. >> little closer to earth than a regular full moon. quite a few of those this year, in fact, last three months we've had supermoon.
6:49 am
>> right over the city if you want to run outside and look. >> do now. seven rise official 7:15, you know what's happening week from today? oh, there is another shot of the supermoon. >> that's awesome. >> can you make it bigger? >> do you have believe, mike. >> i want to see it grow likens panned. >> specially, my favorite shot of the moon, see santa and reindeer going across, the silhouette. i wonder if he still has one on christmas eve. >> we have to step out of the shot. then they'll reconfigure, and let's know when it is ready. >> we're reconfiguring. not in there yet.
6:50 am
>> reindeer. >> santa! >> is thatting in like it? >> you know what? you smell like nutmeg. >> i smell like nutmeg? >> we can look at this all day, but you need to be prepared for what's coming, first a week away from the winter so it is, 5:44 next wednesday december the 21st, so it is about as cold out there today as it was yesterday at this time. let's get right to the seven day forecast and show you what's coming up. today, 42 degrees, mostly sunny skies, pretty much like yesterday. but tonight, cold front comes through, that cold extreme cold air comes in, bitter, blustery, wind gust to go 40, 45 miles an hour tomorrow, frigid friday, with a high of 27, but it feels like it is in the teens at the max all day long.
6:51 am
so cold air in place friday night, into saturday morning, we get some snow, but it is with a warmfront, so with warmer air moving in, it changes over to rain, look at sunday's hi, five, a we go from the 20's to the 50's on sunday, but we don't stay there either. 33 degrees is our high on monday, and tuesday, of next week. this is what we call a temperature roller coaster ride. ladies and gentlemen? >> oh, strap ourselves in and get red. >> i temple university hired new head coach yesterday. did you see that? who is he? and what matt rhule has to say about his successor. he's quite successful in florida.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> looks like you have a booing err. pretty good placement. >> i've been called facey, that's for sure. no doubt remember the ice bucket challenge, we did it to ourselves here on the show. and then remember facebook,
6:55 am
your feeds were just flooded with people doing this, you know, buck of cold water dump on their head. >> okay, i have to do this. before dow it i challenge our new co-host alex hole toy do this. >> are you ready for this? >> oh, ya. >> oh, my gosh. that was on air here. >> well, listen to this. the ncaa is honoring the man who inspired the ice bucket challenge in the first place. >> pete, former boston college baseball captain was supposed to except the 2017 inspiration awards next year, in nashville. but he won't be able to make the trip because his diseases
6:56 am
progressing. >> to inspire so many people for this calls, it is monumental. in fact inspirational. we couldn't be more proud to come here and present you and your family with this award. so -- >> good for them, this ice bucket challenge has raised more than $115 million for als research. wow. >> wow. and it took off just two years ago. they raised that much monday any two years. >> you came to the show two years ago. first thing did you on the air. >> i hadn't even been on the air yet. we had to do that multiple times. so the first time mike said i didn't do it right. so i had to go up and over. >> yes, just hit the back of my shoulders, so would had to do it again, i think she did that on purpose actually. as you know, guck to cuba now, open to visitors, one of our own here at fox, joyce evans,
6:57 am
went there. and she came back with a beautiful story. and guess who she ran into on the streets of havana?
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". >> boiling point. bill cosby's lawyers return to court this morning, after a day of shouting matches. the fireworks errupting inside of that courtroom. plus, what the comedian's lawyers will continue fighting
7:00 am
for today. and attorney gloria allred joins us live. >> deadly violence overcomes one philadelphia neighborhood overnight. two shootings in five hours. the execution style murder investigation right now. >> and mr. west is in the building. kanye west meets with donald trump at trump tower. the rapper's reasons for the rendezvous as we continue to question will kanye run for president? 2024? >> growing pains. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> alan thicke, dead at 69. the hollywood heart break this morning, as celebrity tributes pour in overnight. >> and the trip of a lifetime. our joyce evans takes us to cuba from the people to the architecture to the music and the cars. why she says


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