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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  December 14, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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for today. and attorney gloria allred joins us live. >> deadly violence overcomes one philadelphia neighborhood overnight. two shootings in five hours. the execution style murder investigation right now. >> and mr. west is in the building. kanye west meets with donald trump at trump tower. the rapper's reasons for the rendezvous as we continue to question will kanye run for president? 2024? >> growing pains. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> alan thicke, dead at 69. the hollywood heart break this morning, as celebrity tributes pour in overnight. >> and the trip of a lifetime. our joyce evans takes us to cuba from the people to the architecture to the music and the cars. why she says this trip was
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like stepping back in time. >> how many times you and i go over to cuba lane here second street in old city, we say to barry the guy who owns the place, will you take us to cuba. >> yes, we want to go. >> now we will go through the eyes of joyce evans in a little bit. >> awesome. well, we have non-cuba weather, that's for sure, on the way. it is going to be very cold. so enjoy this last day of normalcy for temperatures, seven out every ten, in your weather by the numbers, bus stop buddy off to a cold start. of course he's bundled up, sixers cap on today. they plant tonight at the wells fargo center. now, we have little bit of lake effect snow with cold air moving across lake erie, and ontario. but for us nothing as far as precipitation is concerned, in fact, it is pretty sunrise, 7:15 the official sunrise time. it is 35 degrees, but we have enough after wind that it feels like 29 out there. and wind chills are mostly in the 20's, out there there is morning.
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so, keep that in mine with the sunshine. could deceive you little bit. but it is at least going to be seasonable today at 42 degrees, down in the 20's, tonight, with few snow showers along with the cold air rolling in. now, we may see snow squawl or two overnight. but, we already have a problem on the roads this morning, bob kelly. where? >> good morning, 7:02, live look at the blue route, 476 southbound, look at the three cars all piled up here, one guy got t bone here, spun around, this is the southbound lanes at exit number five, which is lima springfield. see the tractor-trailer, only the far right shoulder is getting on bye. and this is impacting the southbound lanes so anyone leaving king of prussia saint david's area, headed south down toward philadelphia international airport, gridlock with only the far right shoulder getting on by. soap, that's going to cause delays for folks headed down to the airport this morning. crossing town on the vine street expressway, bumper to bumper to bumper from broad street all the way over into
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30th street. that fire location, we told you about earlier this morning, just off of route 47, which is the delsea drive at howard, with some local detours, otherwise mass transit looking good. mike and alex back to you. >> bob, 7:03 this wednesday. >> two men are dead and two separate shootings, just hours apart in frankford. >> one guy, somebody really wanted this guy dead, they shot him 28 times. at least 27 bullets hit his body. steve on the story over at the round house, steve? >> reporter: yes, mike, just when homicide detectives thought they had seen it all, something new crops up despite investigating maybe 3,000 murders in their career already. no one ever shot this many times, in anybody's memory here at the rounds house. let's go to the video. it happened just a few hours ago, just past midnight. right here adams avenue, a very nice residential street there. in fact, this man shot and killed this man, who was
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killed, had somebody standing over him, firing so many shot, the shells rolled alongside his body, lying next to his body almost like a chalk outline. >> we know total of 28 shots were fired, from a large caliber semiautomatic weapon. we found 28 spent shell casings around the victim's body. many of the shell casings were just inches away from the victim's body. so it appears that this was clearly an execution type homicide due to the fact there were so many shots fired, the fact that the balistic evidence is so close to the victim, and the fact that the victim was struck numerous times. >> well, if you thought if a that was brazen how about the murder just beforehand, just blocks away and just about four and a half hours before this, right in the parking lot
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of a busy 7-eleven, right in prime time at quarter after 7:00 last night, and as you see the 7-eleven, right outside the market frankford elevated train tax, surveillance cameras for septa, the store, and for surrounding businesses, no deterents at all, so two guys, two guns, who shot at two other guys, and then took off in a car, killed one of the guys, and critically wounded the other. police right on the scene within moments, driving both to nearby hospital, but only able to save one, who was critical at last check, and had no identification on the first guy, simply, because he had no wallet or id on him. what a violent night it was, in that one section every town in frankford within about a eight block square area. >> wild. all right, 7:05. new this morning, firefighters about the g out hot spots, home in gloucester county new jersey, skyfox over the scene on west howard street in clayton. we do not know about any
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injuries. but we will keep you updated as information becomes available. >> and cobbs creek, man killed when his car just, went out of control, slams noop a parked car, and a tree. emergency crews racing to the scene, at 58th street and baltimore avenue. just after midnight. the 52 year old died at the hospital, short time later. >> now, let's get back to this trial now. >> it was explosive day yesterday. pretrial hearing for bill cosby sexual assault trial. >> yes, cameras were not allowed in the courtroom, much to my shagrin, because i would like to have heard these attorneys actually screaming so loud at each other that the judge had to step in basically and say don't make me bring in more deputies. now, with a was the main argument about? i know the prosecution wants to have 11 former accusers, testify, and cosby's attorneys, no, no, no, this is about one case. >> exactly what the argument was over, shouting match inside the courtroom, not really what you expect from
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lawyers on both sides, so the judge says i'm going to call in more deputies if you cannot maintain some type of decor up in my courtroom. even bill cosby was a little different than we've seen him in the past. he's been very slow and quiet, suffering with vision and memory problems. well the 79 year old was yelling out in the courtroom yesterday, on several different occasions, even when the questions weren't directed at him, at this pretrial hearing prosecute remembers trying to prove cosby had history of drugging and molesting young women. all of this started when former temple employee andrea constand filed a complaint against cosby, once her friend and mentor, over encounter at his home near philadelphia. prosecutors say there are dozens of other women who have the exact same stories, and they should be allowed to testify in this spring trial, to prove that cosby has prior bad act. celebrity lawyer gloria allred represent many of those women. >> if, in fact, there was a plan, a scheme, a design, to
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incapacitate victims and then because they were unable to consent or not consent having been incapacitated, they could then be sexually assaulted because they were vulnerable. then that would be arced as relevant. that's what's important. that's why the testimony of these witnesses could be considered to be important. >> so to answer your question earlier, prosecutors were clashing with the defense lawyers very earl knit hearing, about using those women's names in an effort to intimidate the women. the judge ultimately ruled, cosby's lawyers could identify is one of those women by name -- 11 every those women by name since they already shared their stories publicly, few other have not quite come out yet. well, all red established cost bee established $100 million settlement funds for these
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sexual allegations, we'll see what happens today in court, it is day two, and pretty exciting yesterday, we'll see how today plays out. >> see if that ruling comes down today. i think it probably will. all right, lauren, thank you. well, allen thick died yesterday. yes, alan thicke, at the age of 69, he had a heart attack at an ice rink, playing hockey, i know his son, 19 year old son was playing who can which him at the time. >> thomas we know he was a big hockey began for sure. >> apparently his last words to his son according to his middle child's robin was, he told his son, great shot. then he suddenly collapsed. show me that smile again, goes back to 1987. tuesday night, certainly, the time to watch growing pains. he was known as the father. he played jason receiver, and sadly as we mentioned he died living to up his role life role as a father. tms reported he had a heart attack while playing who can which his son. we mentioned his son, middle
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child, robin thicke, very famous singer, he's pictured here, you're to see, with his dad and his brother, carter. we'll have that in a moment. meanwhile, tributes are pouring in, john legend tweeting i grew up watching him so sad to hear about his passing. also, in another tweet, broadway star, remembers alan thicke as a great songwriter. definitely defined by his childhood. i spoke with his son robin thicke several years ago, he said he remembered his father as being the perfect gentleman because he treated everyone with respect. in fact, he posted on instagram about his father saying my father passed away today. he was the best manny ever new, the best friends i ever had. let's all rejoice and celebrate the joy he brought to every room he was in. we love you, alan thicke. thank you for your love, love your grateful son, robin. and they were very close. >> very close. >> he post that overnight.
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>> about 3:00 in the morning, matter of fact. >> said he look to up his father. he followed in his footsteps as far as his musical career. >> yes. >> in fact, alan, he was on instagram and twitter, he tweeted out something about 13 hours ago, matter of fact, before he started playing the game. >> all right, people in philadelphia pause today to remember one of the nation's worse school shootings. >> today marks four years since the sandy hook elementary school massacre. a gunman killed 20 student, and six teachers. so, leaders in chestnut hill will host prayer circle at the presbyterian church. on display will be 26 large and small t-shirts, each bearing victims names and ages. >> very young ages, most of them. meanwhile, newtown concetti plans moment of silence to mark the exact time the shooting began. city employees have been told not to do any work this morning, between 9:30 and 9:45. the 20 year old gunman
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responsible for that massacre, later killed himself, as you remember. >> 7:12. now to the latest on the trump transition. >> yes, more key decisions from president-elect donald trump. he's making some more big jobs available her, rick perry, will be what, doug lou saider? >> energy secretary. and perry announcement came down just about an hour ago. we new this was going to happen. there had been all kinds of leaks about this. but technically sent the press release just little while ago, they do intends to nominate him. still has to get through the senate and all. this was not a surprise watch is a surprise, sometimes, is how see walking through the doors at trump tower. >> donald trump continues what he calls his thank you tour in wisconsin last night. but he couldn't ignore say the unusual combination of people,
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who have been showing up at trump tower. headlined by performer kanye west. >> bill yates, anna winter, kanye, that's right. i like kanye. >> what was kanye west really doing at trump tower? he said on twitter that the topics ranged from bullying to violence in chicago. at the other end of the spectrum, there was bill gates. >> we had good conversation about innovation, how it can hepp education. >> and gates, as well as other tech leaders from apple, facebook, google among others, will meet with trump today to drill down on issues affecting that industry. and the overall domestic economy will loom large today as women. the federal reserve expected to hike interest rates, and the markets continuing to climb. the dow poised to set new record, possibly crossing the 20,000 threshold. trump returning to language from the campaign trail. >> my administration will be focused on three very
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important words: jobs, jobs, jobs. >> domocrats bracing forbath l over some of exxon mobile rex hiller son secretary every state. and there are more calls for investigations into russia's alleged involvement in the presidential campaign. >> we mention rick perry getting the nod this morning, you add him to the mix, here, this is how the cabinet is shaping up. veterans affairs, ago, and interior, although it seems as though trump folks are getting close to naming montana congressman, ryan cinco for interior secretary. so, they're moving it a pretty good clip here. but getting folks confirmed in the senate. >> i like the graphic you have up behind you, and then there were three spots left. >> like american idol.
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>> the mystery silhouette. >> so the confirmations come after the inauguration? >> what a cliffhanger. >> oh,. >> also, too, we need to mention there were activities from trump tower, food balance legend jim brown went there, and ray lewis, they had a meeting. >> i said he fell in love with trump, remember he voted for hillary clinton during the election and all of that. in love with trump, and he really respects the fact how he was treated, you know, campaign season, and the fact he's taken that, making it worse despite the fact in one believed in it, feels there is a connection there. >> one of the greatest football players that ever played in the game. jim brown. >> he talked about african-american issues, try to do so many programs to help african-americans, so we want to make sure trump has a focus on that, as well. >> we shall see. perfect transition.
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>> that's the new head coach. >> the man is a defensive coordinator, really good football school, florida, jeff collins is his name, jeff, has been a coach for 22 years and he's finally getting his head coaching job here in north philadelphia. he's with florida geathers for the last two years, and both years florida had a top ten defense in america. sean bryce had been studding this guy, sean, welcome back. >> defense for the last six years, has been tearing it up last two years, top ten defenses, for the university of florida. >> if you look at what recall has been known for, defense,
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guy knows how to recruit. there is in to the ballgame when it comes to being head coach in college, you have to go into the living room of the 16, 17, 18 year old gentleman, and i am press mom and dad. >> and you have to say to them i'm not from a school that is in a warm weather climate. i'm in a big city of philadelphia and we're not exactly real a big name in football. >> starting to be, though. >> starting to be. >> yes. >> convince him to come here. >> the best program's ever been in history, you know, back-to-back, ten win seasons, ya. and just tough. because a lot of temple fans are upset because matt rhule is leaving after four years, but the fact is he won the conference, like i said, ten win seasons back-to-back, what's he get? he gets no disrespect, military bull versus wake
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forest. so, you know, they had to make matt rhule, they got themselves a really good coach there. >> go to smaller school, football school like this, and you do well, you want to go onto a big football school. >> not in the pour five conference, just how it is, football chance to change it up, expand 18 playoffs, give some of the small conferences maybe one, two spots, you never know, but until that happens, nothing will change. >> so former coach matt rhule put out this statement. jeff collins, the new guy, is the perfect choice to be the head football coach at temple university. jeff is a pre mends us person with a brilliant defensive mind. he's relentless recruiter. he will always put the players first, i'm so excited that he and jennifer are coming to philadelphia, and know that he will lead temple into a brilliant and successful future as i have to be stuck
7:19 am
in wako texas. >> sprawling ran every, you know, travel to dallas. >> 7 million? >> well, i know he's getting paid, i didn't think there was a number throwing out just yet. >> getting paid. think about everything that baylor has been through. >> what should we give our jeff collins when he comes? i know we mention he's been coaching for 22 years, but it has mostly been in the south. maybe get him like a coat or something? >> cheese steak and tom collins. >> hey, temple, i thought temple would give villanova the number one team in the nation last night in basketball. >> they are good. >> pot point, yelling about there this, he disagreed with me, i think this team might be little better than last year. >> what? >> yes. obviously i know archie, on the squad last year. ya, i understand, but come on,
7:20 am
josh heart right now this kid right there? he is absolutely of the year player, triple double. josh heart. >> oh, my gosh. >> sorry, i get excited. >> it is exciting. >> flyers and wildcats. thanks, sean. just in time for the holidays. the new piece promising -- >> now apparently they're red. >> i are you talking to your buds? >> yes, talking about air buds. >> i need them. tell you where to get them.
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looking at shutdown of 476, blue route all southbound lanes a block, because of this multi vehicle crash right here. three cars, just south of exit number five, which is route one, the troopers have all of the main lanes block, but these guys are coming in from onramp here why they are passing, but pumper to bumper,
7:24 am
71 minutes from the schuylkill, to go south onto route one. that's only about 5 miles down the road. >> bumper to bumper, conshy all the way down to exit five, which is route one. the best way around, that's the most important, 252 or 320 go old school to get around the accident scene. back over to you. >> my daughter keeps asking me, what do you want for christmas. always difficult. >> you don't need anything. >> i don't much of anything. but i think i want these wireless ear buds. >> oh, the air buds? >> yes. >> if they're available. are they available, lauren? >> yes but won't get them in time for the holidays. finally apple said the air pods are ready, you can get them by christmas. well, you could, if you order them on line in the first hour. now, the shipping date has been pushed back, i just tried, january 13th.
7:25 am
that's the earliest i can get them. but i will tell you this. they cost $160. early next week might be in stores, so get if the stores early. get them off the store shelves. do you know what that is, a store this. >> you know what i would do, it comes after christmas, just printout picture, put it in a box, here, it is coming soon. >> good idea. >> yes. >> good idea. >> i'll predict that it will take one week for me to lose them. >> they do seem easy to lose, lauren. >> they seem very easy to lose, do you have charge them, that's annoying, the cool aspect, obviously, you don't have to wore bit wires, but if you double tap other one of the air pods, you can activate siri, never have to take your phone out of your pocket. so they're convenient, provided you keep them. >> the charging them is a big thing. i used to have a fit bitty would wear all the time but i had to remember to charge it and would forget to charge it.
7:26 am
>> i can't even remember to charge my phone. like we are charging our whole body these days, so annoying. >> i want one of those flat pads where you throw stuff on it and it charges. >> that looks cool. is that what you want for christmas? >> but do you have charge that. >> well, do you have charge that. >> or be plugged in somewhere, ya. >> i hate to bring up weirds stuff. >> you hate to bring up weird stuff? >> couple people said you need to bring lauren in to the studio live so we can take a look at her. >> i would love to come s this an official under have i takes. >> yes, 99 miles. >> it is not that far. >> 99 miles. >> i feel like i know you, but we've never actually physically met. craze. >> i we've never physically met. >> if your husband had those ear buds in and you start today get romantic, would you demands he take them snout. >> how does one think that far question? like where does that come
7:27 am
from? >> oh, because it is mike. >> let me think of my answer. well, no, i wouldn't, maybe he is listening to romantic music oring? >> it could be some barry white, love you love you. >> that's being selfish. >> pass another budd. >> that's a good point. >> yes. you each have one in on opposite sides. >> the things you think about and dream up, my gosh. >> lauren, see you tomorrow, if i'm still here. >> we all want to go to cuba, all of douse here at the studio. joyce evans did it. has anybody seen joyce? did she make it? she is here? okay, she will tell us about her trip. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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>> bill cosby heads back to court for second straight day. we have an attorney for the other side, gloria allred joins us liver on good day. if you have a question for her about this case. >> complaining about her in the courtroom. >> with christmas just over week away, we will help with you your shopping. >> really? >> hanukkah, of course. >> consider for the nun in your live? ladies, i know it can be hard, trying to find stuff, get it
7:31 am
together. you guys are hard to shop for sometimes. >> start thinking about what you're getting me, sue, alex, car glenn what are you getting us? >> exactly. same thing you're getting me. >> nothing. >> a lot of grief. i guess the candy bar from the store. >> wearing the same coat as yesterday, same coat on tomorrow, a lot more underneath. layer it up starting tomorrow. but today, just expect the same casino every day that we had yesterday. the sun is already up. it is 35 degrees. but it feels like 29. so, dress for those windchills that are in the 20's, most of them are this morning, of course, up in the mountains, little colder. it feels like 16 degrees in mount pocono. we will get to high of 42 degrees, with sunny skies all day. we call that de accepting sunshine bob whether it is cold. but today's cold is nothing compared to tomorrow and
7:32 am
friday. tempers hot on the blue route, because of the multi-vehicle accident. looks like three cars collided, two of the cars got t bone here. this is the southbound lanes of 476, just south of route one, which is exit number five. the firefighters left. they got the tow trucks here. only that right holder -- shoulder getting on by, looking at 74 minute trip from conshohocken, all the way down to route one. now, a lot of these folks stuck in this delay trying to get down toward the airport,, to catch the first flights out. so getting ready to leave the house right now, forget about the blue route. that's the jam, into route one there, from conshy through newtown square, you want to use 252, route 320. there are your two best alternates through the townships, not the easiest, but at least they're moving, a lot king err, than the blue route right now. mike and alex back over to you. >> thank you very much. 7:00 p two now, time to step back in time. that's how fox's joyce evans described her recent trip to cuba.
7:33 am
>> from the people she met to the architecture, the music, the cars, it was the trip after lifetime. >> oh,. >> take a look. >> ♪ >> the rhythm, intoxicating. music that gets you moving more than a molina. now that the way has been cleared, even more restrictions just lifted allowing more americans to travel back and forth, didn't take long, running into somebody from west philadelphia. mt. airy, new york, fellow americans everywhere. posing for pictures in quaint old towns and roaming the streets of old havock a -- havana. >> amazing. short amount of time here. >> restoration haves brought extraordinary colonial structures hundreds of years old back to near original splendor, thanks greatly to all of the tourist dollars pouring in in recent years.
7:34 am
>> churches, cathedral, breathtaking, mansions, the rich before of. the revolution, now swanky hotels, expensive, but the family run bed and breakfasts are incredibly affordable, and the food, delicious. the arts reflect bit of culture all over the globe, all with a twist every cuban flare, yep, an original piece may cost you less than 50 bucks. but nothing screams classic america more than cruising around in one of these grand old cars. nothing new err than 1959, of course. most of them have been meticulously maintained, or restored, many of them, taxi. >> well, welcome back. all colorful, like the cars. >> got a little tan.
7:35 am
>> yes. >> so? >> so it was fantastic. the people were great. things were fairly inexpensive. once you find out, you know, of course when you first go somewhere, you get the top shelf everything you really don't need that, but it was great. we had good time. everybody was very, very friendly. >> well it was an interesting time to be there, because fidel castro, just died. >> he had died, and these are americans taking pictures with the huge cuban flag, and it was like the end of the morning period, so we were there the last three days. >> what do they do during the mourning period? >> not much. no music. no drinking. there was no horn honking in the streets. so things were pretty quiet? unusual. >> did everyone seem melon collie? what was it like? >> well, no, no, they not. some people, they respected the morning period. some people were losing money
7:36 am
because it was nine days if you were a musician and you worked at a hotel, nine days of no work. so, ya. >> so since were you there once it ended, what happened? people just running throughout the streets? >> use your imagination. it was nice, the music returned. very mellow, people, yes. i've had more folks walking through the streets like that. no problem whatsoever. never felt in any kind of danger, even walking through some of the areas that clearly have not been restored yet. >> happy he was gone. >> they didn't talk a lot about him. i know not to talk politics. i'm on vacation. so, you know? >> i know you mention were you in some of the areas that hadn't been restored yet. i hear there is still a lot of it that's still -- i mean what was that like. >> look at this building right here, just off the old square. and they're working on that one, the architecture is phenominal a lot of these buildings are four, five and down in trinidad, cuba, 700
7:37 am
years old. so, you know, they need to restore them. the churches inside the cathedral where pope john paul visited and president obama, unbelievable. this is one of the forts, plaza. >> they have any beaches there good. >> well, in havana, no, because there is the big they call it the malcone, wall, the sea, but down in trinodal, yes, beautiful. >> can we talk about the cars? because a lot of people, they on zest over the cars, feel like going back in time when you see them. >> the carriages, i don't believe. now, this, havana, must have, in particular, must have more of these old 50's cars than any place else in the world. >> yes? >> they keep them running. we need these mechanics here in the united state. they keep them running. one that we road in had a toyota engine in it. >> i'll be darn. >> we road in one of those things back from twin dan, four hours.
7:38 am
i brought some gift. everybody asks for these. >> cigars. >> i don't smoke. >> he snatched that out of your hands. >> alex, just style with it. >> wow. >> i've heard a lot about them. >> so we can just kind of -- >> how much do these up? >> you don't want to know. that's why you're giving them back. >> a hundred? >> no, no, no. they range in price, these are about the mid level, one is for my brother-in-law. >> okay. >> and, ya, and my photographer shane mc akron, that's the only thing he asked for. >> interesting, too, because philadelphia soon will have a direct flight. >> yes, yes, the rooms are easing as we go along, but they talk about two things while we were there. wet whether it would continue into the new administration and baseball. >> and baseball. >> what a great trip. thank you. >> thank you for sharing. >> and you ran into some people from filly? >> oh, my goodness people from fill bring down in trinidad. and to my left, there from
7:39 am
west philadelphia, i believe, born and raised, and the guy to my right, is glenn ellis, he's a health and medical expert who has been going back and forth to cuba. it's from philadelphia for a decade or so. so he's really seen how things have changed. epp was sitting, good thing i was on good behavior, because folks walk up, oh, you're joyce evans from fox 29. so can't go anywhere. >> nice trip. >> thanks for sharing. >> taking a break, when we come back we will remember alan thicke with another song.
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>> ♪ >> we are remembering alan thicke, who passed away yesterday afternoon, playing who can which his son, he's 59 years old, but he was songwriter, too. he sang few songs, and he wrote this song, the theme song for the fact of life. all right, avenue question for you. >> growing pains ... did you ever get a cup you will of days ago i got a letter from a
7:43 am
woman who lives in south jersey. apparently i met her at is a shoot. and she asked me out on a date. >> oh, well, and what did you say? >> well, i, i -- >> you didn't write a response. >> i didn't write a response. >> well this is awkward if she is watching. but then sometimes you get videos in, too. let's get a cup of coffee, get a drink, something like, that and i've only did that one time. it was in san francisco, years ago, i was in my 30's. >> how did it work out? >> didn't work out. no. i pledged never to do that again. >> not even for little bit? >> no. >> first time were you like -- >> no. when she pull up she said i got here fairly quickly, because i have the ability to stare at a back after car and it will move out of the way. she had mental power to do that. she was a feng shue expert. >> that's what she said to you? >> she said i need to come over to your apartment and rearrange your furniture so you have better life. >> did you say i have to go to the bathroom and never come back. >> pretty much. so i never did it again.
7:44 am
so i didn't think it worked. well, this time, apparently it has. you know, olympic gymnast, alley reisman? >> yes. >> she has been secretly dating this professional football player, what he did. they're trying to keep the relationship is a secret. >> they have. this is the first we're hearing about. >> going on for life fining months. see, he put a tape together saying he wanted to date her. okay? >> uh-huh. >> okay, here you go. >> okay, san mow say, i want to go on adel date with me and andrew and sean let me know. >> actually toll me about him before. he is very cute. >> cute. >> yep. so they showed her the tape that he made. that's colton underwood who is currently a free agent. he's out of work right now. >> at the time he was with the riders in. >> so has a lot of time to date. he asked alley out in that video that she saw. >> oh, cute. >> so they went out. they have been together now
7:45 am
five months. >> even met his family? >> yes, and planning to spend the holidays together. see what she was impressed with, she said, he lives 90 miles away. so he drove -- no, 90 minutes. an hour and a half to see her, hour and a half back. did it again. and back. did it a third time, and back. >> that is sweet. that's how you know he really likes you. he is willing to drive all that i with a. girl, and also paid the bill. >> and paid the bill, and five months in, they're going to spends christmas with family. >> that's so cute. i'm happy for them, that's cute. >> stop in philly began over to macy's, i always like to hit macy's during the christmas time. jen? >> are you ready? they taught me thousand do something. you are not playing it, right? here you go. see what this is. >> ♪ >> play ball! >> okay, come on back, we are talking about this amazing display. how many years has this been
7:46 am
in working order? you'll be surprise today learnment okay, one more time. >> ♪ >> play ball!
7:47 am
7:48 am
>> whoever an hour and a half sound bound, i would forget about it, stay home, plug in the laptop.
7:49 am
south lounge lanes. blue route jammed from conshy all the way down to exit number five, which is route one, all because after multi-vehicle accident, that was taking out the left lane. your best bet this morning, using 252, or route 320, the linc con drive northbound, there is an accident at rittenhouse, delays on both the paoli and the lansdale regional rail line. and here is the house we go to tonight. all lit up, in levittown. getting down in levittown. not only does very all of the light, but they're synchronized to the music. snap picture of iron home, post it to facebook, twitter, instagram, use the #fox29lights contest so i can show you pictures and come to your house. what's it light in levittown? sue has it in 15 seconds. judge don't won be at colds as
7:50 am
tomorrow night will. the next few days wheeling with three things: cold, winds, and eventually snow. so, the cold settles in tomorrow. but, friday morning, will be the worst of it, with wind chills between zero and ten below. some of them in the morning. winds gust to go 45 miles an hour in the afternoon, and the snow arrives late friday night, into saturday morning, so we have 42 degrees today, in the 20's on thursday, and friday, and then that snow eventually changes over to rain, we zoom up to 55 degrees, on sunday, and then lose alex about 20 degrees on monday, so, ups and downs, lots of them, with these temperatures. >> there are lot of them. you know what this means, sue? it means when you want to do something festive, you want to be inside, right? great to see the lights, but how about having them inside? do you have bring the kids to check out the holiday staples, one right at macy's for the lights show, i was there last weekends, jen? >> you know, ways hearing this weekend, as well alex, my kids
7:51 am
were here, i'm embarrass today say my children didn't know there was a real person here. they thought it was because there is so much going on. kirk, good morning. >> good morning. >> okay, so this is the lights show, 60th anniversary, correct? >> correct. >> this gorgeous organ has been around since -- >> 1903. >> so i did a little bit of playing. see if you can match my challenge. so did i a little bit of take me out to the ballgame. see what he has in him. >> ♪ >> all right. so, clearly, he's a show off. he knows what he's doing, all right? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and you also -- see your gorgeous face, i don't appreciate it when you show off with the music and show off with the fingers and everything, been doing this for quite some time. >> quite some time. >> what is your favorite thing about playing this here at macy's? >> huge orchestra, like three in one really. so it is incredible, the variety every sounds you can get. >> i love it. so play some more for us, we talk to kirk, so this is a major operation to keep all of this up and running, yes?
7:52 am
>> what's the hardest part? >> i think anticipating what's going to break next. >> yes. >> when you have 28,600 some pipes and all of the leather and wood that goes with it, to make music, we try took through, and restore parts of the instrument, but like hanging the brooklyn bridge, you get at the end, you start over again. >> yes, to see the little people, and a lot of kids, but obviously older people as well, come, in get so excited, seen it before many of them yet thrilled to see it again. >> i think more than many other cities, philadelphia, city of tradition, because of our incredible history here. and the light show started in the 50's, and still has every character it had from the beginning, because we wouldn't dare change it. and, you know, the public loves it, i've seen four generations at a time, which is amazing, all sitting together watching. >> thank you. thank you. we opportunity know on twitter what your favorite tradition
7:53 am
is. as he plays this out. >> hey jen real quickly, i do have a question. when i went over the weekend, i know they do the show how often, every hour? but how often is the organ player playing. >> every two hours. live organ player is every? >> usually around 12:00, around 5:00. >> okay. >> 12:00 and 5:00. >> i missed oh, man, so i have to go back. thank you. >> come over what i have in my apartment, whole holiday display. >> really? >> yes. >> welshing you always had ornaments in there, the balls. >> on than the light up whether it gets dark automatically, a lot of candles this year, a lot of pine, pine cones. >> you are having trouble coming one your own decorations. >> just trying, a lot of white lighting and it involves a big org and, as well. >> lovely. have you seen upstairs. >> danny.
7:54 am
>> so, i walked in, oh, my goodness, it is christmas. >> yes. >> pretty. >> we're going to take a big break. >> something over my head again? >> well, it hit the reindeer. as the year comes to an end, we're looking at your search history, google, different search engines. what do you think we do more than anything else over the last 12 month? it will surprise you.
7:55 am
discover card. i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. ve it. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! i'm so proud of you. well thank you. free at at, en if you're not a customer.
7:56 am
7:57 am
>> favorite body parts, so let's start with men, straight men, most often, likes curvey women, straight women preferred average men. but the women like the like after man's arms, whereas the men not surprisingly we like
7:58 am
breasts and butts. >> ya. that's not some earth shaking news there. what, what do you folk in on a woman first, mike? >> well, her face, and then i'm trying not to be weird here, because people on twit remember upset with me already. >> let's be honest? true. legs. >> legs. >> for me it is kind of weird, her mobility scooter. >> she is moving quickly? >> i just like the way they kind of slouch over. >> you know what? so, the questions that i have about this are is this upon first glance that we are talking about? and if so is it from a distance, and which way are they facing? >> oh, my gosh. >> no, because here is the deal, you walk, say you're gooing convenience store, you open up the door, bang, somebody right there. i might notice a face or eyes first, if they happen to be about 15, 20 yards away, if she has a nice hiney, might notice that, or couple every major league yabos, i might
7:59 am
notice those. so, i think it is subjective. >> being honest. >> once you know someone, then you can, you know, kind of figure out you what like, grow to hate them. >> grow to hate them. >> what but, al next. >> me? i think it is interesting they say we like average guys. what's an average guy? >> looking at three of them. >> ya. >> i'm sub, sub, sub average. >> oh, please, please. i look at personality and sense of humor. >> do you not. you cannot see a personality. >> you can see it, oh -- >> do you look at a man's face first? >> ya, fist. >> kate what i do you look at. >> i would say face, i agree with the arms shall i also look at their butt, dow. >> katie is a big teeth person. and manicuring. >> steve you're right, dow. ill notice their teeth. it is probably not one of the first things, but i will notice if they have nice teeth or not.
8:00 am
>> ya. >> nice smile. >> yes. >> one last question, guys. what is your technique when a woman passes you on the street, you know you're not supposed to turn around and look. >> oh, gosh. >> i do the fake i'm looking for a building, you know, where you stop and -- >> yes. >> you got to do the head swivel, as if you were looking else. you have to have a peripheral look. look the other way first, then back over at them, and then another direction. >> minus fake heart attack. >> yes. >> because you start screaming and they come running over. >> they come over. >> oh, that's good one. at least they come over you. >> look up at them. >> yes. >> very touching. >> i can't with you guys. >> cpr. >> ya. >> basically. >> you know, you have done it, obviously. >> just ask for directions, you know, looking for building, okay? >> do you know where city hall is? >> where do i live? >> here's my address, help me find my way home. >> ya. >> my address is sewn into my
8:01 am
shirt. can you see back there? >> in the waist bands of my hands. >> see you guys next week. >> oh, no we won't. happy new year. >> see you next year. >> merry christmas, happy new year. >> and 2017. >> it's been a good year. so much love. >> roll the man taj of all of our hits over 2016. >> sure. we have some good once. >> good day everybody it is wednesday, december 14, 2016. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". >> courtroom clash, bill cosby and attorneys get into shouting match in court. gloria allred joins us live, to explain why tempers were flaring yesterday. >> kanye for president. the rapper sit down with president-elect trump. why can ya called the meeting and is he getting ready for his own political future? >> ♪
8:02 am
>> heart break-in hollywood. beloved tv dad alan thicke dead at the age of just 69. how he's being remembered this morning for his contributions to television. you may not know about some of these. >> gift for your guy. from a smoker he can control from his phone to a device to keep him looking sharp. plus ladies, how you can benefit from his presence. >> hating on hillary, big debate after hillary duff posted this photo, kissing her four year old son. how do you feel about that? okay? >> oh. >> i didn't see anything wrong with it. >> no, me either. >> really? >> a bunch of people did, though. we'll explain why there was a misconception there. >> okay. you have a theory? >> i believe avenue their. >> i okay. >> in fact, i do have a their.
8:03 am
>> i oh, do you. >> we'll see if you believe in it. >> sounds good. >> all right, we have to get to the weather. this is our last normal-ish december day before the extreme cold comes in tomorrow, seven out of ten, bus stop buddy, off to cold start. with temperatures, and/or windchills, that are in the 20's and 30's, in precipitation to show you on raid air. let's get right to it, it is sunny, it is 36 degrees, but it feels like 31 thanks to the breezes out there. we have windchills that are all of them below freezing, this morning, dress accordingly. well, there is windchill of 33 in trenton. you know, you get the idea. 42 degrees the high today. seasonable. tonight as the cold air rushes in, we could touch off couple of snow squawls or snow showers, but that's not going to be as big a deal as what's happening friday night, bob kelly. more on that coming up. how is the blue route doing? >> still jammo on the blue route. lots of red lights on the blue route. 8:03, sue, southbound lanes of the blue, 83 minute, ouch, a hour and a half to make it
8:04 am
from king of prussia all the way in to exit number five, because of an earlier accident. folks are going to be late for their flights at the airport, not only late for work, so if you are the boss cut some slack. a lot of folks also using alternates like 252, or 320, working your way through the townships, an accident northbound lincoln drive, right at rittenhouse, and also, a crash along route 73. >> thank you very much. 8:04, cameras were not allowed in the courtroom there norristown, montgomery county courthouse today. >> reporters told us what they heard in there, shouting match, that really started right at the beginning of the pretrial. >> lauren with a recap of what happened in that courtroom. >> instead of boys behaving badly, lawyers yelling loudly inside the courtroom here in montgomery county. all of the bing erring over
8:05 am
publicizing the name of the dozen of women accusing cosby every sexual assault. his lawyers do not want the women to be allowed to testify at his spring trial. the high steaks hearing, was very eventful yesterday, from the very start, lawyers from both sides were heated, over accusations from the other side, about the women's names, cosby's defense team says many of those women have already gone public with their accusations, the lead lawyer in the case saying their witness that is trial, not children. so all of the back and forth, over whether they should testify in the trial against cost bee, which started over an incident a decade ago. then, temple university employee, andrea constand, filed a complaint against her friend, and mentor, over an encounter at his home. authorities reopened the case, late last year, when a lot more women came forward, many of them represented by celebrity attorney all red. last week she said her client have a duty to testify if the court wants to hear from them. and she says dismissal out every context and really just plane wrong. cosby again yesterday in rare form, both in and out of the
8:06 am
courtroom. you heard them joking with the deputy coming in saying don't taze me bro. very different from what we've seen in the past, find out today in day two of the hearing what the judge thinks about all of this. mike and alex. >> good set up there. let's get to gloria allred right now representing some of these accusers and gloria, were do you think it is there -- first welcome back, why do you think these women have a duty to testify? >> thanks, mike, great to be home in philadelphia where i grew up. they do have a duty to testify if in fact they are subpoenaed to testify. >> this is hotly contested theory. the defense under stands how difficult it would be, the prosecution case, if, in fact, all or some are permitted to testify, because, the whole issue in this case did andrea constand consent to sexual contact with mr. cost bee?
8:07 am
shy said she don't consent because she was incapacitated, gave her three pills. and of course it is important to the prosecution. >> to prove absence of mistake, now she couldn't consent because there is a pattern, common scheme, a design, to incapacitate other accusers to drugs, through alcohol, through combination of drugs, and alcohol in some cases. and of course if someone is doing that to women, they know they can't consent to sexual activity. >> and tree a constant's case, this is her versus cosby, don't bring in all of the other women because this is her specific situation? >> yes, to show there is a pattern what we call signature, because other
8:08 am
accusers would testify, to remarkably similar conduct, and switch in on them by mr. cosby, and that's why the defense does not want them to be able to testify. >> is this common thing to do, to go back to other cases and bring them forward years late near specific case. >> call prior bad act by the accused, and in california, where i live now, we also allow prior bad acts to come in if they are what we call a signature, in other words another way of saying it, lotus apperandi, mo, same, similar, remarkably similar to what's alleged. always within the discretion of the court, what's in the discretion of the judge to decide if those act, prior alleged prior bad act, may be
8:09 am
in fact testified to by other. in other words, the defense will say well that's more prejudicial than probative. the prosecution would argue it is more probative, more likely, to help the jury, know the truth, as the prosecution attempts to prove it, and so it is important to allow it in. >> okay, women, gloria, we have a question, hearing all of these reports about the climate of the courtroom yesterday. there was a screaming match. what was it like sitting in that courtroom and hearing all of that back and forth? >> well, there was quite a bit of tension, and you're right, there was a lot of shouting going on. and that is a sign that the prosecution feels very strongly about what they were saying, they were saying that the defense has tried to put the names of the prior bad act witnesses up on the screen, and the prosecution says it is
8:10 am
unnecessary to provide the names of the accusers that in their motion, they didn't provide the names of other alleged -- >> so what did he rule? >> and mr. cosby's attorneys saying, look being some of them went public, why can't we give their names at this point? >> some of them never went public. >> okay, but if you are going to accuse me, i think i kind of want to know your name. >> that's right. if, in fact, they testify at trial, yes. >> they will. >> then their names will be given. >> at this point, mr. cosby's lawyers do know the names of all 13. the issue should they be made public? he has a right to know them. >> how do you know if the judge rules it is okay? >> of course anyone subpoenaed has duty to testify.
8:11 am
i remember some of the accused accusers, mr. cosby, and all that i represent sent, i'm not saying how many, but the defense says ten out of the 13, i'm not commenting but all that i represent sent will be willing to testify, that is their duty. if they are subpoenaed, and they under stands they will be grilled by mr. cosby's attorneys. but, you know, they have duty to cooperate in the process. >> yes. >> and it could be public, depending on what the judge rules. >> do you think the judge will rule on this today? >> that's authorities say. in the past for all of the motions he has not ruled at that time, he's given written opinion, finding of fact, conclusions of law, in other words, the reasons why he reaches the decision that he has so it may be he won't rule today, on the other hand mable. it is a cliffhanger a and
8:12 am
maybe the most significant decision in this case except for his motion to dismiss which of course was denied. >> gloria, always good to see you. >> you too, mike, thank youment. >> so if the judge decides that he'll let these 11 women, at least 11 women testify against him, a lot of people are thinking cosby will cut a deal then. >> will do plea deal? >> just too much evidence against him, cut a deal where i admit did i it, don't make me go to jail. >> be interesting to see what it will be like in a courtroom today, hey, do i need to bring in more people in here because you guys are getting out of control yelling, screaming how the move will be this morning. >> 'd bunch of deputies ready to go and throw everybody down. people are hating on hillary. not hillary clinton, hillary duff thee is kissing her four year old son. looks like they're at an amusement park. a lot of people on twitter
8:13 am
saying it won't appropriate to kiss a four year old on the lips like. that will get on our twitter machine, tell us what you think. >> we will do a pole here. tweet or comment on facebook and instagram using the hashtag fox 29 yes kills, if you think is cool, it is okay, and do you it, or, if you don't think it is okay. fox 29 no kiss. hashtag fox 29 yes kiss, hashtag fox 29 no kiss. >> and i want that thing right there. you agree that is? i can smoke my meat from remote. it is a remote control smoker. how about that?
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> we are ten days out until christmas, we know great gift ideas for guys well that can be a little tough. so steve, you're open has never been more true. i need to you save me. i'm getting ready for christmas eve. i haven't bought anything. help me out. >> what? if you have great guys on your gift list, i have got some great gift for them. variety of price points this morning, of doors the tip of the iceberg from full guide, bus right here, for the guy
8:17 am
who loves to grow that meat, smart chef technology. which allows you to perfectly smoke meat without it being time consuming. so you use this, with the accompanying app on your smart phone. it let you stay connected from anywhere. that way updates, meat smoked to perfection. >> wow. >> next up, talk p this, whether celebrating christmas or ringing in the new year, how about custom tobacco cigar? these start at about 7.99. you choose everything, the blends, the wrap, even the banding on it. really great way to customize something for that favorite guy on your list. all right, next up, the spiral man box. see a lot of these subscription for folks, what i like about the man box, buy just one if you want, will cost but $34, full year subscription, it is about $22 per box. but what we are talking about between 85 and $100 worth of product in every sickle box. the thing that makes this one
8:18 am
really quite unique, each one comes, with a little black pouch, just for her. so, not only does he get a gift every month, but there is always a little something in it for the lady in his life. >> oh, we get a gift, too. >> pretty good deal. ya, absolutely. next stop, if your guy is wrinkle, frumpy, hates too iron, especially when he's traveling, take a look at this, color perfect, $35 buys it. the adjustable wings on here means that this can do creases or flat iron, too, we have some video i want to show you. real a great way to keep the shirt collar, the crease in the pant, looking beautiful, the best part here, no water needed. he's going to love it. all area going to love looking at him. finally over to here, this is the quick draw tape measure. take a look at this video, what makes it so special, they have built in graphite marker, no worries about having to fumble for a pen or pencil while doing your measuring.
8:19 am
they actually have graphite drawing system inside each one of these, you can even draw 360 degrees perfect circles, with the build in marking system. all these great group ideas right now part of my fall holiday gift guide, 170 items ten different categories finds a link on your station website of course when you follow me on social media at facebook. com/save me steve. >> those all lodge great, steve. how much was the tape measure? >> how much is that one? >> the tape measure is 20 bucks. >> twenty bucks. and then that's pretty good, i like, that and the charbroiler, wifi one, i don't know if i want to hear it, i am aim sure it ain't cheap, but how much? >> it is not too bad on sale $199. >> oh, not horrible. great idea! you really have saved me, steve. >> that's what we're here for. you have a merry christmas. >> you too, thanks so much. go on your website and start getting my list together right now. 8:19. kevin hart did you know he's
8:20 am
also a minister? what? the special reason why he recently got ordaned. >> but first, kanye to president. the rapper sits down with president-elect donald trump, why kanye called the meeting. and is he getting ready for his own political future? what's urinary bye what went on here? let me know. my guest list just tripled.
8:21 am
my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> busy day today on trump tower. >> yesterday we saw a lot of people going through there, jim brown, reyes met with donald trump, but the most talk about moment in new york from yesterday was trump's one-on-one meeting with kanye west. >> oh, social media went crazy since the video of the rapper the soon to be commander in chief. trump told reporters, they simply talked about live, life itself. >> all the press asking what was the meeting about, what
8:24 am
happened? they didn't ask questions about whether kanye west would perform at the inauguration, a lot of people wondering about that, kanye said look, i want to take a picture right now. donald trump is like he is a good man, real good man. we've been friends for a long time. i don't think we new that, but donald trump said they've been friends for awhile. >> they shook hands for the picture taking. >> handshake really a lot of people are commenting too, once they took the photos, leaving, donald trump -- ya, see it. >> do we have footage that far? >> look at that. >> oh, okay. >> even with the pat. look at that. >> ya. >> i mean that's how you know someone for real. maybe they do. maybe they've known each other for awhile. nice form and everything, donald trump knows what he's doing. >> okay. well, then, kanye got on twitter when he left the billing. >> this is because so many people are freaking out about this, this is number one trending thing. so, he explained himself. which is rare for kanye. a lot of times he won't say anything. but he said that i wanted to meet with trump today to discuss multicultural issues,
8:25 am
these issues included bullying supporting teachers, modernizing curriculum and violence in chicago, i feel it is very important to have a direct line every communication with our future president, if we truely want change. >> but it is the last post that he did that people also like okay what's going on, simply says hashtag 2024. and you remember, when he went on stage one of the awards show i'm running for president, he goes on rants, you know? and he said i'm going to run in 2020, so maybe now that he met with donald trump, now oh, i want it give him eight years and then i'm going to run. what do you think about that? >> president west. >> president west. so, a lot of people were talking about that. when i say he doesn't explain himself, we know he goes on twitter and does the rant. sometimes kanye like to figure out what he is doing. >> any time something like this happens, memes pop up, right? >> of course. >> there is one that says kanye came back to stop himself from talking to trump. he was too late. >> oh, they were saying that's the guy who was with him. i think that's chris jenner's
8:26 am
boyfriend. >> he does, doesn't he? >> yes. >> it is, okay. >> and then there was this one, kanye, 2016, versus kanye at the end of the 2016. that's interesting, too. and then also, when i was on twitter yesterday, i was looking through the reactions, meteor man was trend g, you remember the robert townsend movie, saying he looked like one of the golden lords, everyone talking about kanye's new hairstyle. yes, casino of the villains of -- have you seen meteor man mike? >> i have not. >> used to be a big fan of robert townsend. >> oh, hollywood shuffle. i love that movie. i've watched this so many times. it is so good. have you seen hollywood shuffle? >> i have not. >> can you guys google the front cover of the dvd? i love that. you have to see it. >> the reason why meteor man so big, we had black superhero, i remember when i was younger i wanted to watch it. >> robert townsend. >> do we have that. >> he became pretty good director, too, the five,
8:27 am
sorry, like the story about the jackson five. >> the five heartbeats. >> yep. >> yes. that's different than the one i had. but hollywood shuffle, i would recommend it, pretty good. >> bob kelly shuffled over to septa yesterday. they had a contest where you would decorate a septa bus. he was one of the judges. look at that thing. >> these are intense. >> trolleys, too. >> and he was a judge, right, so he voted, helped deep side? >> yes. >> this is bob kelly. i love it, i love it. so we have the winner of the festive bus contest. outside. so we will reveal it when we come back. >> oh, that's the one, that's the hollywood shuffle one i remember, pretty funny. one of the williams brother is in it. it is for adults. >> who is the actress? >> oh, i'm not sure. hole on, let me google. ♪
8:28 am
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8:31 am
he's going to join us to talk about in you show on fox called star. rupp ready to watch this tonight? it comes on right after empire >> about three girls come together, what they do to get started. >> what do you think, actress, hillary duff is her name, taking her son to amusement park, could be disneyland, something like that. he's four years old, kissing him on the mouth. i don't know, defending herself. kind of got attack on twitter yesterday. >> so we asked your opinion, got little pole going. oh, it is 50-50. >> maybe it just started some people are saying yes they are okay with this kiss, others no. now, received some tweets where people are using the hear tag, if you want to be part of the pole which is important, use the hashtag, have to put it on there fox 29 yes kiss. i know kind of long, or if your disagree, that's wrong,
8:32 am
then do hashtag fox 29 no kiss. important to get all every those in there to be part of the toll. it is tie. i believe i know why there is a torn. >> and you have a there bye it? will you give the theory snow. >> if i kissed you on the lips would that be appropriate? >> that would be inapropriate. >> so sue if i kissed you on the lips that would be inch appropriate? >> i think so. >> show is a married woman. she taken. >> yes, i guess so. >> so you will give us the theory? bring it together? >> but that was her child. >> her child, yes. not random child. >> so you will tell us how you kissing us applies to this situation. >> yes. >> all right. just making sure. >> because i don't get it. >> all right. well, lucky seven is our number of the day. dressed for cold temperature, 20's, 30's, nothing on radar, we have sunshine, for the day, and high of 42 degrees very much like yesterday, we got to 44. seasonable temperatures today,
8:33 am
tonight, though, the coal air rolls in. we get town to 26 degrees in the city and there may and snow squawl or two along with that cold air. but we will talk about snow friday night into saturday coming up in a few minute, bob kelly i think with the blizzard situation, public transportation might be a good idea? >> definitely a lot of folks using alternate means, live look at the schuylkill expressway, right now, we got some sun glare coming into town. the travel times. the blue route heist been hot mess all morning long, because of that crash next happen shows downed tree along the lincoln drive at rittenhouse, let's roll video from yesterday's festive event. i had a chance to be the guest judge at septa's on all bus decorating contest. down thereon 59th street. unbelievable the buses decorated. weep had the yoked a bus. one decorated when star wars theme. another train, another bus decorated like the polar express. even had live train at the back of the bus.
8:34 am
>> even the frozen bus, blue lights, they had he will a, everything, but the winning bus if you are ready we are live, the winning bus, the snoopy bus. by the front tear district, common, in let's go on the bus, these guys, decorated the bus all by themselves. all of the co-workers good morning, everybody. the champions, derrick the bus driver, tell me the process here. >> the process first we had a sign, everybody to sign to up decorate the bus. >> take a lock. >> we all participate in the decorating the bus, we have amy, we have tony, sharon, crystal, we have rob. >> all done on your own time, too, by the way. >> own time. >> have fun doing it? >> we did. >> who picked the theme? we came up with the theme last year at the beginning of the competition of last year. always a year ahead of time.
8:35 am
>> this is one of the best, they were all great. i hated being the judge, how do you pick the best of the best? over here with me, first of all as i mention all done on their own time. what's this do for march al? >> a lot of times. great for team spirit, comradery, competition, they love the competition, and this group from frontier won, knocked it out of the park. >> you will get a chance to see all of the buses decorate in the. >> not only did they do this for themselves, they this for the public. >> this bus will be out on the route 93 on monday, we have got decorated trolleys on the routes ten, 11, 15, 36. this saturday between noon and 4:00 p.m., weather permitting, we will be at dilworth park, with a lot of the bus that is were decorated. >> that's great. getting in the holiday spirit, of course the peanuts, bus here, take a look, jared, real quick. right herement pschiatric
8:36 am
help. the doctor is in. of course with the decorated buses, also comes the holiday spirit, with the elf. right? well, i had a little problem at my house yesterday. the elf got knock over. take a look. >> hey people, the elf has real magic, my time to see. we're trying see if he has real live magician. >> so we're hiding, staking out and watching to see if the elf moves up on the shelf. >> yes, but we ned to be quiet. >> we got to be quiet. got to be quiet. so we will be here and keep looking. i hope -- what time do you have to go to bed? is this going to go past our bed time? >> i don't know. >> okay. >> so, we will keep looking. >> i usually go to bed at 8:00. >> so hopefully have this done by 8:00 watch do you have to say to everybody then?
8:37 am
>> what do we do when we toss back to the studio, what do we philadelphia international airport. >> back to you, mike and alex. >> nice job, austin. you through it back just in time. we have to get to up norristown montgomery county courthouse where bill cosby is just walking in here. >> and this is for day two of the pretrial hearing. and we are speaking with attorney gloria allred little earlier this morning, there she is, there and this is live look at her coming up to the montgomery county courthouse. already inside, going to the courtroom there. and we talked to her about there is a screaming match yesterday. and she said both sides were getting pretty heated about this. there is could be bye, someone just asked how are you and he said fine. yesterday he smiled and did little wave. >> even laughing as he went up in the elevator. and as they were, well -- banding him at the security station, he said hey don't taze me bro. >> trying to make a joke i guess. >> i think will happen today. decision would be made if 11 other accusers will be allowed
8:38 am
to sit up there in the courtroom and testify about a pattern of sexual abuse over the years from bill cosby. >> for how he did and how he made the women not be aware whatever was happening to them. that's been the big question. this is one of the most important pretrial hearings that we will see before the actual trial starts this summer. >> for sure. okay, our reporters inside there have full report on and on the 5:00, 6:00, 10:00, 11:00 news tonight. come right back. more memories of alan thicke.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
>> welcome back, i certainly google every day. >> all day. >> specially when you do a show like there is do you have look up information throughout the show. >> thus the laptop. >> so if you do it every day, think of all of the things you've googled over 2016. now, we can't show you all that nationally. >> and we don't want to see
8:42 am
all that you have been googling. >> certainly not. i know how to erase my history. >> do you? >> i do. just go to settings. >> he can't re tweet stuff but he asks me to do post on facebook but he knows how to learn his search history. >> you learn thousand do that very early in this business. so we can't do it all. so let's hone it down to like the top five top things we've certain of the, about philadelphia. or in the philadelphia area. >> as a collect sniff as a collective. yes. all of you, in other words. >> so,. >> the septa strike, a loft us check on that almost every day. >> that makes sense, affect how you get around. >> not surprising when the powerball got to up such a big amount, we were doing that a lot back in january. >> okay. >> it had mushroomed at one point to more than $1 billion, remember that? >> oh, we were googling that for a reason. >> checking numbers. >> and then prince's death, that searched a lot.
8:43 am
people were looking to that, looking to learn about his life probably, a lot of his songs. >> then one of the coolest events you probably didn't go to was the copa america the international men's soccer tournament. also, topping the list the flyers, and they started coming up in the last two month. because of their winning streak, what's their win now? the game still at the # #? game tonight? >> yes. >> okay. >> no, no, there is a game. ya. >> on the west coast. >> oh, they play on the west coast. oh, poo. sixers play ton against the toronto, yes, south fill. >> i that's a home game. >> pretty cool. >> jen taking us to macy's for the christmas light show. >> going to all of the holiday traditions. >> all right, let's punch up her camera. where is she now, jen? >> franklin square, have
8:44 am
amazing thing going on out here, great for little guys, and big guys, carol is here. i'm pretty much a pro at the cookie making. come on back, i'll tell you ball it, big star wars night this weekend. how good am i? that's right.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> temperatures in the zero's, windchills many of them are in the 20's still, even with all of the bright sunshine outside. nothing right now on radar. but real quick look at the future cast, shows, that tonight, when the cold air moves in, we could get snow squawl or two. very late, at night, or maybe early in the morning. but, it is friday night around 11:00 we start to see some snow roll in. still, yet to determine accumulations, if any, but whatever we get, it will be followed by rain, as we get to up 47 degrees on saturday. by sunday up to 55 with more rain. and it turns much colder, the early part of next week. alex? >> okay, well, we have to get ready. luckily, trying to do some festive things in the city. there is always the tents, you can go there, you can get hot
8:48 am
cocoa, what about all of the nightcap for mom and dad? well, franklin square, that's where jen is now. i like your little holiday tour, jen. >> thank you. we want people to tweet us what's their favorite holiday tradition, check it out, carol, don't be jealous. like superhero with superhero belt. right? okay. amy is here. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i'm going to come around. this is just one of the amazing things that you guys do. and i have to tell you that i came here with my kids, saturday after thanksgiving, and did you not disappoint. >> good. i'm so glad you had fun. >> star wars this weekend? >> star wars friday. you can come, get jed eye training with some of star wars favorite charger. >> people wait in line for like four hours, so that's amazing. >> here you don't have to do that. >> thank you. also, i hear the big guy will be stopping by. >> the big guy is here, saturday. >> okay. >> so, you can do cookies and milk with him. >> okay. >> which is a paid thing. where you get cookies, milk, you hear stories, or, you can meet him out in the square for
8:49 am
free, from 5:00 to 7:30. >> bottom line, going crazy awesome stuff every night here. making it very festive. we have some pictures. there is achoo choo train here. the light light up, there is like a song and everything. but i have to tell you, after you've been outside with the little people, this is where the people want to be. okay, so she is making real hot cocoa, right? real fudge. we have real donuts. i don't know what will be on first. i mean, i said to you when we were here, i think during the dnc or sometime this summer that you should continue this. and clearly you have. it is such an amazing thing to have in the city of philadelphia. >> yes, well, franklin square you know actually wrapping up its tenth birthday. >> wow. >> tent birthday season since we renovate the the park. people don't really remember what it used to look like over 12 years ago at this point. over the years we've been real lucky to have wonderful partners, william penn foundation, peco, ibew to help
8:50 am
create things like this, so people cannot only enjoy the square during the summer season, when it is really nice, but now during the winter season, as well. today we have our great friends and partners at cooper, run square burger for us but also have created? incredible sweets and tweets, where you can do all of the things that you mentioned, hot chocolate, hot donuts, fudge. >> hot todi for mom and dad. >> and the weekend we have this incredible bar set up. so that you can get, you know, special cocktails. >> thank you. >> and mixes in your hot chocolate, and egg nor -- nothing, lot of beer, wine. >> okay. new years eve real quickly what happens here? >> so new years eve of course here at the square, all about the kids. and so we dedicate a 6:00 square drop, on top of square burger, we have a square that drops down, we do a countdown, and then you can see the sugarhouse penn's landing fireworks, right from the square. >> this is what i am talking
8:51 am
about. i love this. >> i have kids. i want to have a beverage. i want to have a good time. you guys have delivered and i'm so happy. this is definitely the start of my holiday tradition. will you do it next year? >> of course. >> this is definitely part every my holiday tradition. but what's yours? go to the twitter, tell me what it is, i tell you, it was so good, even though we did it one time, don't tell the kids, i might send them back. >> i want to go! >> what are the hours again, jen? >> ya. what are the hours? >> the hours are 4:30 to 9:00 on weekends, 4:30 to 8:00 during the week, we're now open every day until new years eve. >> and alex i don't know, we haven't shown it yet, but there is like fire pits outside, i will i will tell youn i came on saturday night about 6:00, there were just as many grown up single people as there was families. >> great date night. you can mini golf. ride the carrousel. sit at the fire pit. you know, woman up with a hot beverage. >> i told my kids they couldn't ride the carousel, i'm kidding.
8:52 am
really really fun. playground even? >> open, and of course the electrical spectacle lights show. >> looks good. >> cheers. >> adding it it my list, jen, you have convinced me. i love the holidays, soap to do around the city to celebrate the holidays. got to do those festive things. >> 8:52. we will bring alan thicke this morning, did you know he wrote this? >> ♪ >> he wrote the original theme song for wheel-of-fortune, we'll tell you more about him as we celebrate his life coming up.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:55, anal he can has a question. >> should probably tell me things a heads of time. i was researching. >> what are you researching? >> well, talking about, if you were to give gifts, to represent where you live, like the stay where you live -- like if you are in new jersey what kind of gift would you give. >> a doser. >> if you were from pennsylvania what kind of gift? >> i would give desserts. i would give a pie. a shoe fly pie. >> and in delaware, what is something when it comes to dessert that, you know, comes from where you are? >> i got that. >> wonderful, with kevin hart. >> it would be another pie. >> yes, what kind of pie? >> i can tell you because -- >> can you tell us why you're connect today kevin hart? >> kevin hart and i are both black. >> what? >> kevin hart and i have something in common.
8:57 am
>> do you know -- i don't know, okay. >> we are both ministers, we can marry people. >> really? >> watch this. >> by the state of hawaii, couple of days ago, i now pronounce you husband and wife. you may kiss your bride. >> the lovely -- >> yes, i've done it. so, kevin hart appeared on rock the troops, great show. he performed a wedding between an us air force sergeant and his bride, rock the troops organized by duane the rock johnson do recognize the armed forces, so kevin performed the sermon i, you can hear him screaming, rock the troops will air on spike tv and features other actors, as well. looks like pretty good show. >> looks like amazing family, mike, you have got some competition. who would you rather have, mike jerrick perform your
8:58 am
ceremony, one of the most important days of your life or kevin hart, one of the biggest movie stars also from philly, and a comedian. >> oh, that's a tough question. >> i'll pick you. >> let's go back to this picture now, the votes have come in on twitter. hillary duff actress cussing her four year old son. some people are upset about this. it is inapropriate to kiss on the lips. so want to show the pole. oh. the kiss is okay. yes. >> a lot of people are saying yes, only 25% know, if you want to vote, hashtag fox 29 yes kiss or hashtag fox 29 no kiss. interesting comment from twitter, people saying what ages they still kiss their parents.
8:59 am
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