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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 15, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EST

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. first at 11 the winds of winter you'll feel it if you step outside. changes are blowing into our area. we're talking damaging winds, brutal cold, even snow. good evening, i'm lucy noland. get ready. you're in for a shocker. it's physical. yes, it's december. let's get straight to meteorologist kathy orr it's way colder than it's supposed to be. >> we have white on the ultimate doppler screen. not used to seeing that associated with an arctic front you can see through our northern and western suburbs expanding down towards baltimore and washington light snow showers much some of this not making it to the ground and moves towards the southeast lit. we can see a dusting in our suburbs overnight with accumulation south and east through south jersey and delaware. now as we look ahead during the
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early morning hours, it's just a little bit of a burst of snow especially through south jersey and delaware. and then it moves offshore within a couple of hours then we have clearing skies. but those strong winds will create potential for some lake enhanced bands of snow during the day on thursday with those winds gusting to about 45 miles an hour. but the snowfall amounts about coating to an inch through interior south jersey and delaware during the overnight so we could have slick roads during the morning hours. overnight in the city, 22. in the suburbs 18. some snow flurries philadelphia north and west. snow showers south and east. temperatures still above freezing in philadelphia. those strong winds will continue to cross the great lakes. create lake enhanced snow showers especially through the lehigh valley and the poconos tomorrow. for us it's all about those gusty winds if you have those christmas decorations make sure you secure them. treasure cans, recycling will be blowing off over the place tomorrow much this is what it will feel like in the morning. wind chills in the single numbers through south jersey feel like it's in the teens cold
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air just pulls all the warmth away from your skin make sure you bundle the kids up at the bus stop. as temperatures fall tomorrow night, it will get even colder as far as the wind chills are concerned and then friday morning once again wind chills in the single numbers and below zero by 7am friday in lancaster wind chill one below zero in reading and only four in philadelphia. another system moving our way and preliminary numbers so you know what to expect friday night and into early saturday morning. so the snowfall would be less to the south and east. coating to an inch that was south jersey one to 2-incinches possible in philadelphia and two to 4-inches in the lehigh valley into early saturday morning before it changes over to rain with temperatures warping so please be aware of that. if you're going to any holiday parties late friday night. during the day tomorrow, 26 degrees. blustery with wind chills mainly in the single numbers and teens. on your seven day forecast, friday will be frigid. but precipitation free. it's not till late friday night
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i'm thinking more toward the midnight hour and overnight that we would see the snow, the snow changes to rain on saturday. but it will be messy if you're trying to head out to a party or to the mall. sunday rain and then we gradua gradually see quite temperatures and conditions for monday, tuesday and wednesday and by wednesday, lucy, that's when winter begins, of course, we'll track it tomorrow morning on good day for all of those weather needs and of course give you the very late defendant on the weekend. >> we'll be very needy tomorrow. all right. thank you very much, kathy. we've got easy way for to you stay prepared pour the wind, bitter cold and snow headed our way. just download the fox 29 news app. you can check out live radar images, get weather alerts sent right to your phone. download it for free from the apple or google play stores. developing tonight in the city's frankford section, police are hupping down two gunmen caught on surveillance video shooting and killing a man. the flashes you saw right there that's that gunfire. now he shot the victim more than a dozen times early this morning. our dave schratwieser is following this investigation. dave? >> reporter: lousy no arrests
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and no suspects to report tonight. but this surveillance video and this shooting has neighbors in that area on edge and as you're about to see from the video, the two gunmen fired at least 28 shots. >> i was in shock. i couldn't even move. >> reporter: he was fast asleep early wednesday morning when a barrage of g gunfire outside his adams of a home sent him racing to the window. the shooting left him so shaken up, he asked us not to identify him. >> i look out my window. i saw the fellow laying on the ground. i was in shock. >> reporter: police say it was an execution style killing and surveillance cameras nearby captured it all as two gunmen fired 28 shots then fled the scene. the murder shook this neighborhood to the core. >> no matter what he did, okay, he's a human being. he's a son, a brother, he might be a father. >> reporter: it happened around 12:30 wednesday morning
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in the 1400 block every adams avenue. cameras were rolling as 30-year-old jonathan ramos walk up the street. seconds later, two masked gunmen wearing surgical gloves unleashed a barrage of gunfire that killed ramos. >> execution style murder. he was shot multiple times while he was on the ground. >> oh, my god, horrible. because we never have these issues here. this is a very quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: now, police did not recover any weapons at the scene. several buildings and homes were also struck by gunfire. again torque night neighbors in that area pass along their prayers and condolences to the victim's family. lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. a judge in norristown will decide within the next few weeks whether 13 accusers will be able to testify against bill cosby in his criminal sex abuse case. prosecutors have charged cosby with drugging and assaulting andrea couldn't can't stand at his cheltenham mansion in 2004. no witnesses though. constand delayed in roaring it. prosecutors say the other accusers helped show cosby's
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past bad acts and describe a common scheme that played out in his home. the defense says the judge should not allow the other accuser's to take the stand in this case. >> there's no good reason in this world for these uncorroborated, unconfirmed, unreported, ancient allegations to be brought into this courtroom or any courtroom in this country. >> the 79-year-old comedian scheduled to go on trial next june. a long-time councilman tiny upland delaware county stands accused of taking kickbacks and making secret recordings in borough hall. prosecutors say edward mitchell faces felony counts for taking a hefty cut out a nearly $1 million in security equipment contracts paid by the town. now prosecutors have also charged thomas willard the owner of a security equipment company. the district attorney says he billebilled upland twice for poe dash cams. >> it's determined that these dash cams never arrived and
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mitchell instructs logan to report them as missing. >> prosecutors say mitchell put secret video and audio recording equipment in borough hall. his lawyer says his client is not guilty. both men are now out on bond. to a bed bug infestation you'll hear about only right here on fox. those bed bugs well they're inside two chester firehouses. sources tell us they are biting firefighters. fox 29's chris o'connell broke the story tonight live now outside the station in chester. chris? >> reporter: chester firefighters are being told not to sleep in their own sleeping quarters tonight. infestation of bed bugs discovered a week ago after two firefighters at station 82 were bitten while sleeping in their bunks. according to several sources, within the department, the
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station was given a couple cans of bed bug spray to help the situation. this is a picture of a firefighter playing the role of exterminator. >> we verified that we do have some infestation with bed bugs. we reach out to tech company that will come out and remedy the situation for us. it's being taken care. >> reporter: professional exterminator was called in today to survey the problem. only to find a second chester fire station number 81 is also infested. box springs and mattresses thrown to the curb. cots are being brought in as temporary solution. firefighters tell us they worry about bringing bugs home to their families or into the homes of people they serve. in a statement a spokesperson for the chester firefighters union tells fox 29, we look forward to working with the city to provide our firefighters a healthy inhabitable workplace to ensure proper versus are provided to the citizens of chester.
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i got to show what we were talking about before. chester firefighters sleeping in their own cars tonight. extension cords going right there because of those bed bugs. look at the mattresses. mattresses and box springs outside their fire staying tonight they're sleeping in their cars. we understand some cots will be delivered tonight. until the bed bug problem is solved here in chester. lucy? >> can't come soon enough. thank you very much, chris o'connell. those empty spots in president-elect's cabinet is shrinking fast. he's coming off a summit with some of the people who were his strongest detractors. >> tech leader who's opposed him in the election some raised million of dollars for hillary clinton filed into trump tower one by one by one today the president-elect urged them all to put political differences aside phone cuss on the growing economy. now meanwhile he pick former texas governor rick perry to head up the energy department. and fox news expects trump to
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soon name montana congressman ryan zinke secretary of the interior. that leaves only agriculture and veterans affairs open. first on fox accused package thief now arrested. employees say they have nabbed the guy taking packages from the front steps of some northern liberties homes. surveillance video captured it all. fox 29 was the first to show it to you. police say it shows him in the act along the 800 block of lawrence street last friday. those boxes not his. well, today police say they stopped a man at fifth and popular streets. they say he even had someone else's packages on him at the time. surprise, surprise. he's in jail. no word yet on what kind of charges he faces. yay! >> this holiday, just got a lot happier for one local family. they've been doing everything they could think of to get their soldier son home and that cream it just came true.
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and the owner of that hacked cheating website ashley madison will pay more than one and a half million dollars to settle an investigation by the federal trade commission and the lacked data security and deceptive practices. among other investigators they found ashley madison created fake female profile to at tract mail customers. the site was all about deception, right? the site gives people the chance to meet others with
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♪ extra special holiday on tap for one local military family. at risk of missing another family celebration. a young soldier will now come home to be with his family in south jersey. the holiday homecoming is reality because of a good hearted stranger who got whipped of the family's struggle and they've been through so much. our dave kinchen shares the family's christmas miracle. dave, you've got my favorite story of the day. >> reporter: mine, too. by the way this is a family from atco, new jerseys who has been through so much together. so much adversity but the biggest gift this holiday season is being together after all. >> i'll be home for christmas and new year's. >> reporter: joyful surprise
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for lori of south jersey her son austin of the u.s. army infantry just called in to say he'll be home for the holidays after all. tough times made that uncertain until this gofundme page led to a stranger covering the airfare for austin's trip from fort benning, georgia. >> i'm really really excited. i'm speechless. >> they lost their dad to brain cancer two years ago. so it's been kind of rough since he died, and austin just from day one stepped right in and he's helped and i lost my job due to disability health issues a couple weeks ago and for the last month he's just been sending every single paycheck that he's paid straight to his siblings and he's gotten us by. >> reporter: 19-year-old austin will be back in town on saturday and we've also learned that military personnel are helping the family with $500
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worth of gift cards as well. lucy? >> love it. thank you so much, dave. you see it, you shoot it, our fresco users are helping us show what is going on around you. so iain, what you got tonight. >> full house at broad street ministry in center city today. this group gathered to remember the victims of the sandy hook tragedy. it's been four years since that dark day several local anti gun violence groups host thed event in hem east 26 lives lost in newtown, connecticut after that gunman opened fire in december of 2012. and in manayunk, a lot people turned out to learn more about the future of the saint mary of the assumption property. the property up for sale unone of the proposed plans would call for building nearly 100 apartments on the site. neighbor has a chance to meet and talk about action they can take to stop the proposed project. a final decision about the church's future has yet to be made. fresco user arlene lee sent us this video a big check got to be with number on it wells fargo made a knife thousand dollars
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donation to the big brothers big sisters independence region. the group mentors children. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and mack sure you use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom f we use it you get paid. lucy? >> emma is getting paid a lot. one of our best out there. thank you much. your health now, and the health of your children. teens glued to their tablets, phones, computer for hours may be more likely to become obese. researchers looked at data from national youth survey conducted by the centers for disease control and prevention. teens who use these gadgets were more likely to drink sugary drinks, less likely to get good sleep. got to get sleep to burn those calories. it's true. experts also say children also tend to snack while using electronic devices, and they may not realize when they're no longer hungry. you know that women who use pain relievers over long period of time may have a higher risk of losing their hearing. brigham and women's researchers
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found women who used ibuprofen or acetaminophen for six years seem to be hiring risk for hearing loss. researchers still need to do more research before making any connections here. and people in a stable marriage who have never been divorced or widowed seem to have the best pros specs of surviving a stroke. researchers just discovered the risk of dying after a stroke was more than 70% greater for adults who never married than for those who are continuously married and for patients who were either divorced or widowed the risk was about 25% hire all very interesting here. the findings appear in the journal of the american heart association. toys for tots is ramping up for a big collection drive this weekend fox 29 was at the mall chevrolet dealership in cherry hill this happened this afternoon. dealership has helped raise $20,000 in toys so far this year. with christmas around the bend they are very close to their goal of 25,000 but not quite there yet.
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>> we are really theme participate in toys for tots through the marine corps. mall chevrolet has donated $20,000 in toys to give back to the community. customers have come in and brought toys as well as our employees have donated toys. >> fantastic stuff. the toys are heading to children across camden county this is the dealership's fourth year of teaming up with toys for tots for that drive. the toys for tots drive is this friday and saturday from 11 to four at mall chevrolet in cherry hill. it's on haddonfield so you can help them hit their goal. santa claus and marine corps will be there as well. mall chevrolet is a sponsor of fox 29. all right. sean bell, what's going on tonight? >> lucy nfl still trying to say the pro bowl and they're feeling miserably. check out some of the changes they're making to the game and find out what needs to happen to
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♪ sean bell takes on the pro bowl and changes and the nfl has made, torque its all star game. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ no one cares about the pro bowl. it doesn't matter any more. no one wants to play in it and no one wants to watch. pro bowl voting is taking place right now, but the only thing that matters is getting voted in. getting that respect from peers and the fans. the game itself is useless and the changes that they're making are really really stupid. the game is now in orlando. these players are rich. why in the world would they want to go to orlando instead of hawaii? now they want to add games like dodge ball the pro ball weekend which could be fun to watch it really could but players don't want to run around
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and get hit by things after playing a long grueling football season. fans don't want to see a mess of a game any more. the best players don't play in it and no longer are the greatest guys in the world paying hard. it's a two hand touch game right now. just do away with it and name the pro bowlers and give it to them as an award. that's it. lucy? >> maybe on the beach in hawaii. >> that would be nice. >> i'm just saying. thank you very much, sean. singer ari yann today grande has one less problem to deal with. judge ordered a massachusetts man to stay away from the sing singer. he plead guilty to harassing her with text messages unwanted gifts. timothy far mandi sent her 42-pound pumpkin arc rock and candles and even traveled to new york and connecticut to try to talk to her. there you go. steve harvey will be back to host the miss universe pageant. [ laughter ] >> he's getting help from one of the world's hottest super models ashley graham will join harvey
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as back stage host. she served as the back stage host on the usa competition. you can catch the miss universe competition live from the philippines right here on fox 29 on january 29th. do you remember last year. >> oh yeah. >> it was right before our newscast. were you here, were you here with us -- >> yes. >> remember he announced the wrong person. >> yes. isn't right. >> they nearly crowned her. >> right. >> they did crown her. they had to take the crown back off of her. it was all so uncomfortable. we were sitting here stunned going, wait, what just happened. >> how could you make that mistake? >> that was tv gold, though. >> i would have grabbed it back. >> it work out well. how horribly embarrassed. >> and he's back. isn't exactly. >> so is winter. winter is back. fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia" have you covered sue serio and bob kel
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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. here we go. happening right now on fox 29 morning news, it is our top story this morning, we are talking about the weather, plunging temperatures and snow. so, rounds one moved through overnight, but get ready. sue says more is on the way. >> so of course given all of that we do have team coverage for you before you head out the door to work or to school. sue serio is tracking your forecast. >> and bob personally tested each and every roadway this morning to see if it was slippery for you. he certainly has you covered. good to have you with us this thursday. we have a lot to talk about specially when it comes to the weather apartment the roadways. >> yes, good morning to all of you, halfway through this month, bob, we have some black ice out there? >> yes, put the coffee cup in the cup hole they are morning, both hands on the wheel, and i think it is location, location,


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