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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we await what is next. we've got team coverage of this round of winter weather. fox 29's brad sattin finding out how folks are dealing with the. first meteorologist scott williams is tracking the storm that will probably mess up the weekend plans. scott. >> a part of the weekend if you sleep in lucy you might miss some of the snow headed this way for round two. live look outside of our studi studios. folks are bundled up. it is cold. it is still kind of blustery as well. but look at the current temperature. 20 degrees after highs across the area only in the 20s. but you factor in that howling wind it feels like a bone-chilling four right now in philadelphia. winds still gusting over 30 miles per hour in places like wilmington and lancaster. gusting to 36 miles an hour right now those wind gusts in wilmington. so look at the feels like temperature in the poconos. nine below zero. it feels like zero in reading. it feels like 1 degree lonely degree there in wilmington and it feels like five right now in dover. so as we hour by hour by 10
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clock night, it will feel like four in philadelphia and as we continue to advance that clock ahead by 6:00 friday morning feeling like threely in physical. feeling like one below far north and west. we're dry right now on ultimate doppler but, yes, we are timing another storm system that will bring a wintry mix to rain friday night into the first part of the day on saturday. so as we go hour with hour watch that moisture moving toward our area. primarily rain for parts of south jersey and delaware. but north and west, we will see a brief accumulation of that snow before it changes over to rain. coming up, we'll have much more on the bitter cold. that system and believe it or not, 60 degrees for a part of the weekend. back to you. all right. thank you very much, scott. people across our area layered up today as we got our first real taste of winter. >> yeah it's the coldest day of the season yet and it's only just the beginning. fox 29's brad sattin live along kelly drive with how people are bracing these bitter temps to
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night. brad where is your hat? >> reporter: it takes all of one step outside to feel mother nature's slap in the face. >> started walking i'm just like whoa. >> i'm still cold. it's freezing. >> reporter: but remember it could always be worse. >> horrible day. a nightmare. >> reporter: keisha smith blew a tire on i-95 had to be towed to a tire shop. >> it make it extremely horribly worse because you can't really do nothing like the wind chill alone every time people was riding on 95 i thought the car was going to blow over. >> reporter: she's waiting in her car instead of in the shop. smart move considering the heater in the shop is broken. all that's working is this make shift electric heater which keeps you warm if you're say 2 feet away. the heating system died at the end of last winter and it took a day like today for stanford martin to decide he wants it fixed now. >> so you couldn't wait any more? >> no couldn't wait any longer. i actually called two different companies today. both said they were coming. i didn't cancel anybody.
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whoever comes first. >> reporter: first arrive val with affordable fix. >> they're there to help our customers to get their heat back on. >> reporter: he was able to diagnose the problem. >> it's frozen and not able to ignite. >> reporter: many on thes over the past 24 hours working late into the night last night and is getting double the number of calls for emergency service today. and even if it's not an emergency -- >> got to definitely service their units. i would definite recommend to come out don a quick tune up. preventive maintenance is definitely the key. >> reporter: he tells me that a heating tune up will cost between 60 and $160. another issue can be frozen pipes. i talked to local plumber who tells me right now he hasn't seen too many of them but of course as the cold weather continues that could be a problem in the future. another immediate problem apparently microphones that don't work in the, guys. back to you. >> all right. i know. it's all good, brad. thank you very much. not far from where we just saw brad and his frozen microphone is the ben franklin
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parkway. with winter now upon us, don't get caught without the fox 29 weather app. get extended forecasts and live radar on your phone for apple and android devices. we make it very easy. police in delaware county have a man in custody to accused of stealing firearms from a gun shop in may. this video just in to our newsroom collingdale police taking 40 year jabar tin dell off for processing we call this a crook walk. investigators say he busted into the suburban armory gun shop and grabbed 21 guns. surveillance video captured part of the heist. police found three of the weapon but are worried about the other 18 still out there somewhere. cops say dna from the scene actually linked tin dell to a farm in virginia where he was staying with family. police say they're still looking for at least two accomplices. developing to note, the search for the thief who struck inside the criminal justice center in center city. it's got officers on the hunt for this man. they say he stole something very important to a philadelphia
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police officer. investigators say this all happened while the officer was in court. >> less say what the guy stole has no place in the hands of anyone but an officer. our dawn timmeney is live at police headquarters. dawn? >> reporter: well, lucy and chris, it only took minutes the thief was in and out of the cjc in the nick of time and officers say that he took something that he could potentially use threaten or harm someone else. >> it's very scary. >> unfortunate people are that bold and brazen to do something like that. >> reporter: but this guy right here didn't think twice. police say he saw the opportunity and stole a police officer's uniform. the officer was testifying in a courtroom in the criminal justice sent yesterday, when he left his patrol jacket with his badge and his hat on bench. when the officer came out minutes later, they were gone. >> the guy who has it i'll hope he doesn't do anything rash. >> reporter: obviously that is what has people concerned. that the thief may try to use the uniform to pose as a police officer and potentially hurt
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someone. >> no one will challenge it because he has the uniform. >> sure it worries you. when -- anyone who has the nerve to do it in the first place is even more dangerous. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner richard ross hopes it's nothing more than a theft. >> we don't need people out there impersonating police officers. it's tough enough out there for men and women trying to do this job without somebody with poor intentions wearing our uniform. >> reporter: many are surprised some someone would stoop sews low to steal a police uniform, others believe the officer was careless. >> that's not good. he shouldn't put it down. it should have taken it with him. >> reporter: commissioner agrees the police officer should have safeguarded his uniform better. he says the surveillance video is good and believes someone will definitely recognize this guy. >> we're hoping that someone will call and say we know who this person is and this is who you need to go and talk to. first are for most we want the equipment back. >> reporter: now police commissioner ross says if you are stopped by police and you feel like something just is not right, that the person may not
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actually be a police officer call 911 and ask for supervisor. chris? >> all right. dawn, thanks. also developing tonight, guilty on all counts. a jury in charleston, south carolina, convicted dylan roof late this afternoon. he's the man who opened fire inside a charleston church killing nine people. jurors found him guilty on all 33 counts. he's convicted of killing nine parishioners inside the emmanuel ame church in june of 2015. that's a historical black chur church. roof told fbi agents he wanted to bring back segregation or even start a race war with the mass shooting. jury will reconvene next month to decide whether to sentence him to death or live in prison. last week we told you how more than a dozen familiar unless evesham township reported their christmas did he go races vandalized or just plane stolen. well, tonight, police say they found the guy responsible. police say 27-year-old donald thorn of marlton now faces charges of theft and drug
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related officer charges as well for separate incident. the rash of law thefts began last month continued into this month. president-elect donald trump prepares for his transition the white house is calling into question whether one foreign leader personally helped sway the election in his favor. the white house today suggested that russian president vladimir putin authorize the the hacking of democratic official e-mail accounts. they say it helped donald trump within the presidency. on capitol hill retiring senate minority leader harry reid attacked fbi director james comey suggestin suggesting don h to stop the russian hacks but others well they remain skeptical. >> right now certain element of the media, certain elements of the intelligence community, and certain politicians are really doing the work the russians creating this uncertainty over the election. >> president-elect donald trump tweeted today "if russia or some other entity was hacking why did the white house wait so long to act? why did they only complain
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after hillary loft?" meanwhile there are just two cabinet positions still open in the trump administration. one for the department of veterans affairs. the other for secretary of the department of agriculture. >> less than an hour the president-elect is scheduled to take the stage in hershey, pennsylvania, all part of thank you tour. pennsylvania voted in trump's favor on election day. something that did not happen for republican in more than two decades. this guy broke in local business and made off with cash out of a register. that's not unusual sadly. what is, is how he did it. it was a story that touch the nation. a young boy dies in the arms of santa claus. but did it really happen? the new questions being raised tonight. >> tom. >> chris injuries create opportunities if you're in the national football league and in sports i go one-on-one with kenyan barner you might be surprised where one of his favorite philadelphia haunts is. lucy. >> thank you shredder. west mt. airy the place to be
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for hold holiday fun. officers from philadelphia's 14th district police station hosted their annual holiday celebration. more than 100 children from local elementary schools stopped by this afternoon. look at -- one of santa's helpers. i love it. ♪
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and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. mom county abington township police want to hear from you if you recognize this guy. they say he used a shovel to bust through a window at the bam bam restaurant along old york road sunday night. investigators just released this video toda today however. they have say the guy took money from the cash register before taking off down old york road. he ditch the shovel in a nearby yard. tonight tennessee television station is standing behind a story that just went viral this week. the santa who granted a dying boy's final wish. >> a lot of people heard about this story but tonight some are
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questioning whether it really ever happened. the man who is made a career playing santa claus says a hospital called him to the bedside of a very sick five-year-old little boy. he gave the child a gift leaned in to give santa a hug and santa says the child then died in his arms. the story went viral around the world. now the newspaper who originally publish this story says it can't confirm it actually happened. the paper says, it can't prove it's a lie but it cannot prove it is accurate. however, now a tennessee television station says they have verified critical details of this story. >> you can understand if the family just wants privacy right now. >> sure. >> especially with this type of attention. >> you don't want to let out that information. >> of course not. >> let's hope it's true. >> i'm conflicted thon now. right. right. >> more legal problems tonight by the way for e cigarettes. >> as vaping devices grow in popularity, local lawyers say
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more and more people are getting hurt. in princeton today several attorneys announced four new lawsuits in new jersey and pennsylvania over e cigarettes. some of their clients are under 18 years old. they showed graphic pictures of people who have been burned. they say these devices are not a safe alternative to traditional tobacco as the industry claims. >> defective e-cigarette products that are just randomly exploding in people's faces, batteries in people's pockets, causing significant life-chang life-changing injuries. >> the us surgeon general characterized e cigarette use by young people as quote a major public health hazard. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. it has been problem all afternoon. high winds making it feel like it's the teens even single digits in some places. but there is more trouble on the way tomorrow. >> oh, joy. >> how bad are we talking here.
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>> meteorologist scott williams joins us now. what's going on, scott? >> hi there lucy and chris. we're talking about another round of snowfall friday night into early saturday. but if you sleep in late on saturday, you'll miss the snow and also some of the bitter cold air. ultimate doppler right now it is dry, it's quiet. we saw a brief coating early this thursday morning across the area but the other story, the bitter cold. take look at the current air temperatures right now. it's 17 in lancaster, reading, pottstown 17. 10 in the poconos. 19 degrees in wilmington. 20 degrees currently from dover, millville, through atlantic city. but those are the air temperatures. you have to factor in that wind. it feels like nine below right now in the poconos. it feels like zero in reading. it feels like four in pottstown along with philadelphia. look at wilmington. it only feels like one lonely degrees. for tonight it is going to be cold. crank the heat. we're looking at 15 degrees in the city. 10 in the suburbs. one of the defendant december
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nights we've seen in several years across the area. now, for tomorrow, 27 degrees it stays cold but not as blustery. those winds this afternoon were gusting up to 50 miles per hour in the poconos. dry, quiet right now for much of the east coast but look off to the west. we're looking at some moisture gathering in particular around the colorado rockies and that system is headed in our direction. once again tomorrow overnight into early saturday morning. so take look at the potential snowfall totals a brief coating before everything changes over to a wintry mix and eventual al rain. we're talking a coating to perhaps an inch. right along the i-95 corridor northwestern suburb we're talking west chester, pottstown one to 2-inches to doylestown once you move into berks county the lehigh valley two to 4-inches and over 4-inches high probability once you move toward the pocono mountains. so we'll time everything out for you hour by hour. late friday night over night moving into 2am, 3am saturday
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mainly north and west we're looking at some of that snowfa snowfall. now, look at the clock. 6am, all green. that is rain parts of south jersey, delaware. the pink that's the wintry mix right along the i-95 corridor already beginning to change over to that mix at 6am. we keep cold enough temperatures north and west to support that snow a little longer. but look at 8:00 a.m. we're talking about rainfall north and western suburbs. 95 parts of south jersey and then pretty much area wide by 11:00 o'clock midday it's all rain. lingering showers getting out of here saturday. look at 9:00 o'clock. we're talking upper 40s low 50s across the area and then look at 6am on sunday. temperatures climbing into the upper 50s to right around 60 degrees. so the bottom line for that weekend snow, lehigh valley two to 4-inches. changing to a mix then to rain north and western suburbs. one or 2-inches to rain south jersey into delaware quick coa
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coating to an inch to all rainfall. so as we watch those temperatures climb saturday to near 50 degrees, then sunday 60. but it turns colder during the day and then temperatures early next week back into the 30s. guys, back over to you. >> i can even talk right now. so. all right. children fighting really tough illnesses are going to have really cool toys this holiday thanks to some generous people in south jersey. a ton of businesses and neighbors collected toys and donated them to the nemours dupont pediatric center in deptford. they'll go straight to patients if you want to help you still have time. >> they can bring the toys to the local fire departments voorhees or deptford far departments filomena's restaurant south jersey federal credit union or they can drop them off here at the deptford nemours dupont pediatrics and we'll get those toys to families in need. >> wonderful stuff.
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this is the first year for the event. local first responders the deptford high school jazz band and one of santa's helpers all stopped by. tom srendenschek here with preview what's coming up in sports. little hot stove action. >> little chilly today. >> two months away from spring training. >> i love that. >> pitchers and catchers. let's talk baseball. phillies building for the future dan they made a statement on who they think one of the cornerstone players will be for the future. we'll explain and what's really a eight stake for doug pederson and eagles during the final three games this season. answers are next in sports.
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♪ eagles and ravens sunday 1:00 o'clock right here on fox 29. now the eagles still mathematically alive for play off spot. who cares if the odds say it's 5 million to one. you're saying there's chance. cold weather moved the eagles back inside for practice today. they're on four game losing streak just about killed any shot at the playoffs. but don't tell the players they're isn't a lot to play for in these last three games. starting this sunday. >> first and for most for this team, this organization, we put so much into the season, um, you know, to -- to lay down or to, you know, whatever you want to call it, not show up these last three weeks is not an option. >> injuries create opportunities in the nfl darrin sproles missed practice again today he's still on the nfl concussion protocol and with running back wendell smallwood now on ir it's a chance for this guy, running
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back kenyan barner to have playing time. i walk a hundred yards with him this week a guy who grew up in california made college ball at oregon for some guy named chip kelly now calls philadelphia home. he's adjusting just fine. >> ♪ >> i know doug pederson probably monitors what you eat, what you put in. but when you get a chance to splurge, give me the top eating spots kenyan barner in philadelphia. >> overbrook pizza shop. >> doesn't hesitate. >> overbrook pizza shop. one and only my go to owe eat there a couple times of week. >> what's the special. >> cheesesteak green peppers and onions. >> do they know you when you walk in, give you the barner. >> i call. we'll see when you you get here. >> hey, how you doing. i'm on my way. okay. >> cool. >> more with kenyan barner coming up this sunday on fox 29 "game day live" at 10:00 fox nfl sunday the 11:00. eagles and ravens 1:00 o'clock right here on fox our fox 29 post game report at 4:30. don't look now the flyers
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winning streak at 10 games. last late night maybe you were in bed, maybe you won. brayden schenn ices the game for the flyers four-three the final. first 10 game winning streak since 1985. they're in dallas on saturday and the phillies tonight finally signing o'dell herrara to five-year crack through 2021. 30.5 million of it guaranteed. her rare rare what the phillies loan representative last 84's all star team. phillies are a long way aways guys but he's one of those guys they think when they get two, three years is still going to be the lead off hitter in centerfield. >> and they're paying for him. >> yes, they are. >> thank you sir. >> that does it for us here at 6:00 on cold night. >> teeth chattering night. >> it is. >> we'll see you back here at colder 10:00 o'clock. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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worst restaurant in america? at trump tower? >> the scathing restaurant review that has donald trump so upset. >> what happened when we ate there. then -- >> watch out. watch out everyone. >> car after car, skidding off the road. was the cable guy to blame? >> is that cable more important than people's safety? and ho, ho, hoax? the crying santa and the little boy he says died in his arms, was it a bogus story? plus -- the alan thicke death investigation. >> the three things you must do immediately if you think you're having a heart attack. >> could a stress test like this have saved his life? then -- jonbenet ramsey's last christmas. lost video unearthed.


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