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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. first at 11:00 fox 29 weather authority tracking arctic blast. tonight's cold far beyond uncomfortable. it's down right dangerous and soon we'll get some more snow. people across the area are bundling up layering up doing whatever they need to stay warm. staying inside as much as possible really. but after this early dose of winter weather, we are tracking a big change. good evening, i'm lucy noland. you'll have to plan your routines and your outfits more carefully over the next few days. let's get straight over to meteorologist scott williams. weird stuff happening, scott. >> absolutely lucy. the best advice buckle up and hold on the arctic air has invaded the delaware valley. look at the current temperatures outside. 18 right now in philadelphia. but it feels like four when you factor in those winds still sustained at about 14 miles per
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hour for physical. feels like 13 below right now in the pocono mountains. wind chill advisories there for the dangerous conditions. zero what it feels like in lancaster feels like four in wilmington and feels like three in millville and it feels like 4 degrees right now in atlantic city. one of the defendant december nights we've seen in about eight years. 15 the low in philadelphia tonight. 10 in the suburbs. once again those dangerous brutal wind chills and what about that wardrobe weather. 15 degrees at 7am bundle up. 27 for the afternoon high temperature in around philadelphia. we're looking at about 29 in millville. 27 allentown. 18 tomorrow in the poconos. dry for the day tomorrow. but take a look off to the west. this is the storm system that will bring us that rain and also that snow depending on your location. so the lehigh valley, snow two to 4-inches. then eventually turning to a wintry mix and all rain as we move toward about midday on
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saturday. north and western suburbs one to 2-inches of snow before it changes over to rain then south jersey and delaware a brief coating before it turns to rain by about day break. we'll time everything out. here's 2:00 a.m. saturday watching that snow especially north and west. and then look at the warming temperatures from south to north. we're talking about 48 in wildwood at 7:00 a.m. mid 30s philadelphia. so that wintry mix to rain starting to change over there. then we continue to warm the atmosphere changing things over to more of a wintry mick in the poconos and lehigh valley before that moisture moves out of here for much of the day on saturday. then look at sunday morning. we're talking temperatures upper 50s to 60 degrees to start then a cold front brings just plane rain through the area and it turns kind of blustery so once again we're looking at that allentown lehigh valley snow early on saturday. then eventually transition to go that wintry mix. philadelphia we're looking at that quick hit of snow and then
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it changes over to rain by mid to late morning and then we're talking about cloud cover and perhaps some patchy fog. but look at the roller coaster ride. 27 friday. upper 40s saturday. 60 early on sunday. then it turns colder, lucy, early next week. >> all right, so eighths roller coaster. thank you very much, scott. happening right now, inside is very good place to be in fact you might want to thai there all night long. it's bitter cold you don't have to be outside, then don't go. one of the folks not abiding by that advice is our very own bruce gordon live now in center city. bruce? you're like cryogenically frozen for our eyes. our advice, an order for me to be out here. >> i know. my travels this evening gave me a chance to talk with folks out in the elements by choice and frankly a number of folks bracing these frigid temperatures because they have simply nowhere else to go. >> on a night when the wind chill dipped into single digits some folks headed straight for the ice ring? right off the wind whipped delaware river.
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folks like sala lynch. >> only the hard core are here tonight. >> and you are hard core. >> york i'm hard core. >> reporter: so were meg and her two daughters laura and jessica. girls night out. frigid temps, they'll deal. >> not too bad. i mean you get used to it. >> reporter: you get used to getting kick in the teeth i guess, too. >> guess so. >> reporter: do you like being out in this kind of weather. >> no. >> reporter: is this something you're just doing -- >> for my mom and my sister. it's but i enjoy it. >> reporter: then those out in the elements by circumstance. the convention sent passed through 12th and arch is a haven for the homeless. men like jose. stranded in philly without money or identification he says he was jumped and robbed at the greyhound bus station. can't get into shelter until late at night. forced out before dawn. when he heads to 10 many and 59. >> we have van that is come pick us up. >> reporter: day work. >> yes. >> reporter: so you can ma ick a few dollars? >> yeah. >> reporter: jose says the streets are cold and dangerous. homeless are often unwelcomed
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sometimes for good reason. but he does his best to survive. >> what's next for you jose? >> trying to get back home. >> reporter: we wish him well. things don't get much easier for the homeless or anyone else outdoors tomorrow. the better news for the homeless during the daylight hours there are indoor options not available at night. lucy. >> indeed there are, thank you very much, bruce. if you haven't downloaded the fox 29 news app go ahead don it. you'll have live radar images at your fingertips and weather alerts sent to your phone. don't load it from free from the apple or google play stores. breaking news from princeton university. the men's swimming and diving team just learned its season is now suspended. princeton just made the announcement saying the university has just found out about vulgar offensive content on the university's sponsored team group e-mail. princeton said some of that material is misogynistic and racist in statement princeton said in part...
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officials say they will make a decision about the remainder of the team's schedule. developing right now, it took more than a year and a half and some high-tech crime fighting but police in delaware county believe they have finally caught the man involved in the gun shop heist. he has been fighting extradition for months, and now police are trying to find others they believe stole more than 20 guns. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in collingdale, dave, you were there when they finally brought him in. >> reporter: that's right. he didn't say much really anything to us, but we do know dna played a big role in getting this case this far. >> mr. tindell any comment? total silence from 40-year-old gentleman par tindell in collingdale police custody after extradition from virginia in his
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allege roll stealing 21 hand guns from the suburban armory hand shop a year and a half ago. only three were ever found. >> can you tell us where the guns are? >> surveillance video showed several suspects busting into suburban armory on the 1,000 block of macdade boulevard in late may 2015. they got the hand guns but could not break the cable protecting the long guns. the heist over in 92nd. get i was nay car and a van. but police say dn found at the scene matched another crime linked to tindell eventually delaware county law enforcement connected with virginia counterparts where he was. suspected of living on a farm with family. >> he was raking hey and raking leaves on the farm somewhere. the federal marshals were watching him. they got enough manpower they went in and did did their thing. >> reporter: we're told he's being held on 500,000 cash bail. unfortunately, police don't believe they will ever get all of those guns. they believe most of them have
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been sold. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. scary stuff there. a penting ton new jersey man behind bars tonight facing child porn charges. prosecutors say 43-year-old mang shared child important upon and fought with the police who showed up to arrest him. they say he had dozens of child porn files and distributed them using a file sharing network. when officers showed up at his home, police say he tried to grab detective's gun and injured two officers in the fight. guilty on all counts. that is the verdict for the south carolina church shooter federal jurors found 22-year-old dylan roof guilty on all 33 federal charges including several hate crimes. roof opened fire inside a charles town, south carolina church in june of last year killing nine parishioners who welcomed him in as part a bible study. the jury will reconvene after the new year to decide whether roof should get life in prison or the death penalty. reporters inside the courtroom say roof simply stared straight ahead as jury rosss read the
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verdict. president-elect donald trump says thank you to the voters in the keystone state. he spoke to a crowd of supporters to night at hershey. all part of his thank you tour and he's well very thankful. pennsylvania chose him over hillary clinton. >> this is the first time the republican party has won the state of pennsylvania in almost 30 years! [ cheers and applause ] >> trump spent a lot of time talking about his win in pennsylvania pointed out all of the polls that had him trailing hillary clinton. the president-elect promised to bring back jobs to the country and to the state, and just like he mentioned throughout his campaign, he promised to secure the borders. >> for years, the jobs and wealth have been ripped out of your state and ripped out of our country. like we're a bunch of babies. foreign powers have gotten rich. bleeding america dry. >> trump toll the crowd he'd
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stop that. just two cabinet positions remain open in trum trump's administration department of veteran affairs and department of agriculture. >> delaware supreme court ruling declaring the state's death penalty law unconstitutional is retroactive. what this means is, that inmate, for instance, now convicted much killing a police officer must be resentence to do live in prison. today's ruling suggests that 11 other former death row inmates also will be spared. the decision came in an peel by derek powell who stands convicted of killing georgetown police officer chad spicer in 2009. in august majority of justices said delaware's death penalty law is unconstitutional because it gave judges too much discretion in sentencing didn't not require that a jury find unanimously that a defendant deserved execution. he began the day as a newspaper deliveryman ended it as crime fighter. he was on his route and doing his job and say a guy way shotgun neck.
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i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. ♪ >> christmas grinch caught. police say 27-year-old donald thorn of marlton is the one who vandalized and stole christmas decorations off the lawns of evesham township homes. he faces theft charges as well as drug related charge for a separate incident. the rash of lawn thefts began last month and continued into december. young woman at item tell university tape the season of giving to heart. can i rah miller and her family created purses full of hope. the group gathers donated purchases filled with basic women's products like sanitary
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items and tooth brushes and hats, gloves, they also include gift cards. her friends and family donated all of this for women in need. now she says the most important part to include a handwritten note in that bag. >> not only do we want, you know, the children to have something to open up on christmas morning and things like that but we want the mom to know they're going to be okay and whatever they're going through they're safe and they have someone that cares about them and, um, you know, just keep their head held high. >> if are oy anyone would like to get involved in purchases full of hope ukee find information how you can contact can i rah at you see it you shoot it. our fresco users are helping us show what is going on in your enabled and chris what do you have tonight? >> lucy fresco user nicole johnson crews battling a fire in bordentown, burlington county tonight. flames broke out around 8:00 on the popular avenue. took crews more than an hour to get this fire under control.
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right now it is unclear how the flames started. no one is hurt. group of women came together in chester, delaware county all for a good cause. fresco user emma takes to us fundraiser organized by the city team. they're raising money for people struggling with poverty, homelessness and addiction. they all participated in the adopt a family program to help those less fortunate. ♪ >> and the sounds of the season filling the my moth meeting mall today and it was all thanks to the upper dawn lynn high school guitar band. fresco user bill r sent us this video. great job to all the students giving shoppers life holiday music as they check off their shopping lists. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it. mack sure you use the fresco app and zen it to our newsroom. lucy? >> thank you very much, chris. all is not lost if you have not yet secured your hatchimal yet for christmas.
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because you know everybody is trying to get these things, right? everybody. trying to get this script to go so i can actually read it. all right. so toys r us will stock the shelves of all its stores on sunday with the latest shipment of the red hot toys. they'll go on sale starting at 6am for 79.99 that is 20 bucks more than the suggested retail price, but the good thing is, it's lower than the prices on e-bay where the must have toy is $100 or higher. imagine that. the right place at the right time for one newspaper deliveryman turned crime stopper. he came across a gunman moments after a robbery. as fox's george franco shows thus deliveryman was not about to let that gunman get away. >> reporter: show me where the bullet was fire at you. >> right here. in my car. >> reporter: raymond told me he wasn't concerned about safety when he saw this shotgun wielding man who seconds earlier seen on surveillance had robbed a citgo gas station. >> jump in his car and took off and i noticed in the window the
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dude on the phone looked out and tried to get its tag number. i immediately took chase. >> reporter: he chased in his car he was using on his early morning paper route but instead of delivering news, he was making it. especially when things took a dangerous turn a few blocks into the chase. >> opened his door and he started firing and i leaned over my passenger side and when i got back up, i that shot back at him and he took off again. >> immediately followed the vehicle and called 91 weren't and let us know what was going on exactly what his involvement was. >> reporter: carrollton police detective brandon, says ramon was instrumental in the capture of 25-year-old michael dennis hines who crash his car off the side of a road and was found hiding under a bridge. >> thankful this gentleman did what did he we ask for people not to do this. keep themselves out of danger. he hemmed us out a good bit and help us crack a couple of lines. >> hines has burlington-bristol linked to three other recent carrollton gas station robberi
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robberies. what is it that gives you that fearlessness? the lord. >> reporter: 44-year-old father and grandfather stopped by to say hello to the people at the gas station thankful to have been helpful to them and police in thwarting an armed robbery and more. >> would you do it again? >> yeah. in heartbeat. i wouldn't change nothing. i wouldn't change nothing. i would do it again. michael hines however now facing more than a dozen charges connected to the crime spree. in your health we have very if news about our hearing. americans younger than 70 are hearing more clearly than their counterparts 15 years ago. federal researchers analyzed hearing test results from nearly 4,000 americans ranging in age from their 20s through their 6 60s. hearing issues declined across the group by 2%. we don't know yet why. mental health screenings are vital for professional airline pilots. new survey found more than one out of 10 pilots may suffer with depression after a small number of those might actually
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experience suicidal thoughts. you'll find all of this in the journal environmental health. pokemon go actually accomplished the near impossible. it got people to go, you know, get up and get out. at least for a short time. who are very university researchers conducted online survey of nearly 12 had and dread pokemon go players between 18 and 25 years old. nearly half of them played at the trainer level which you reid reach by walking around for about two hours. they did not just have fun here. they actually got closer to the world health organization's exercise recommendations closer is the key wore there. but it didn't necessarily last. exercise decreased to normal levels of couch potato status after about six weeks. times square is gearing up for its big new years celebration. crews in new york city unveiled the number one and the seven that will make up 2017. nearly 500led light bulbs will be used to light up times square at midnight new year's eve.
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♪ tom srendenschek take on the belief that bev too many college bowl games. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ it will start saturday at 2:00 o'clock at the new mexico bowl when the new mexico logos
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take on the road runners of texas san antonio. the dust settles on januar january 9th raymond james stadium in tampa a national champion will be crowd in college football. your tv will be ooze saturated and down right drip with college football games. it is college football bowl season. 40 beautiful bowl games in all. from the zac heart of tal list bowl to the popeye's bahamas bowl. 40 games, no waiting, and i personally can't wait. i've heard the argument far too long there are just too many bowl games. the product is diluted. how can we add many more? there were three more than last year. that's not enough. who is hurt by these games? which for most part are glorified exhibition games and give one final chance and reward for kids to showcase themselves. well the fans they get to see their schools against different teams. they get to travel and the schools make a little bit of money. wait a second. money and college athletics, that's coming up in another
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commentary. but the point is, let them play the games. let's soak it in. is it really hurting anybody? so do what i'm going to do starting saturday at 2:00 o'clock. change the batteries on the remote control and get yourself ready for that national funding holiday bowl. i'll be watching along with you. >> that and the chips and dip. >> dolly parton telethon for the victims of the tennessee wildfires raised more than $9 million. she's already planning to donate $1,000 a month for sick months to each family who lost their home which is a amazing thing. >> she's tremendous. >> i love what she's doing. tireless most of sit done quietly. you don know about a lot of thing these does. >> absolutely. wee back here for your fox 29 morning news a lot of weather to talk about. >> bundle up.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: this is a new one. an nfl star, a former one, goes to a gas station and -- >> he walked up here and that's when i see him exposing himself. >> jamal anderson, went into a convenience store, pulled out his penis and started pleasuring himself out of nowhere. >> what is he using as material? like some chee-tos? harvey: that's a really good question. >> charlie hunnam, charlie hunnam is the coolest guy in hollywood. >> you don't see a lot of charlie hunnam out on social media. >> i want the relationship i have with the world just to be my work. harvey: god, if you have to choose like chris pratt or charlie hunnam, that's a tough one. >> wait, wait, wait, wait, we don't need to choose. >> why not both? [laughter] >> "flip or flop" christina el moussa and estranged husband tarek, who got into a huge fight in may. now we're learning she's not alone at the time.


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