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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  December 17, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> this morning on "good day". winter weather is here and it's a mess outside. coverage of this wet saturday morning and plus an overnight fire for as i mother and young daughter from their home. what they had to do to escape the flames. >> and, on a cold december morning we take you to the ice and introduce you to impressive young man that took up interesting sport. he's a curler his goal in the coming year. "good day" to you saturday december 17th, 2016. >> well, from snow to rain and ice it is nasty outside. taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge. you need to be careful if you plan to hit the roads this morning.
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good morning to you and thank you so much for joining us this saturday. >> hello. >> hi. >> i missed you both. >> soy live about 5 to 7 minutes away and took me 20 to 25 to drive in. >> super slow. >> absolutely, icy and dicey right now. we're dealing with a minimum of rain depending on your locatio location. sleet, freezing rain and all snow. but it will change over eventually to all rain. if you can wait it out for a couple more hours stay indoors and watch fox 9 we'll walk you through this messy saturday morning. take a look at ultimate dopple doppler. we have kind ever a weather buffet going on right now depending on your location. green down the shore, that's all rain. talking cape may, wild wood, moving to places like sea isle city and atlantic city dealing with a plain rain. had a little further indland, that's pink wintery mix of sleet. sleet has a beat. also freezing rain. wilmington, i 95 moving along
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long 95, also the new jersey turnpike looking at a little bit of that icy mix. gloucester country moving into camden county dealing with wintery mix. as we move a little further to the north where you see that blue and kind of purple shade burks county, lehigh valley, that is still all snow and so as we expand the view you can see we've been keithing tabs on ultimate doppler and airport delays. right now looking okay at the philadelphia international airport. but, newark, looking at some of those mounting delays. winter weather advisory areawide depending on location, down the shore early this morning at 9 a.m. ends by around 11:00 midday around the philadelphia area and early afternoon for the lehigh valle valley. look at those critical temperatures already freezing, 32. millville, atlantic city, wilmington now up to 32. 30 now in philadelphia. temperatures north and west still in the 20s. hour by hour you can see as we watch the clock by 9 a.m. we're
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looking at all rain, i 95, south jersey and delaware still wintry mix north and west and then by noon, temperatures pretty much above freezing areawide we're dealing with cloud cover, mist, drizzle and fog. let's look at temperatures warming up later on this afternoon and evening. north and west we still have potential for light glaze of ice. we're looking at 30 right now in philadelphia and it feels like 23 and then temperatures throughout the day once again, warming up above freezing to kind of melt what has accumulated coming up we'll talk more about locations across the delaware valley and also snowfall totals. back to you. >> scott, thank you so much. as scott mentioned the snow continues to fall all around the area causing messy road conditions for driver, jennaphr joyce out on the roads looking at those conditions and jeepy what can you tell us? >> drive ago long the
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schuylkill expressway it is wet and it is slushy and driving carefully next to me he's going about 45 miles an hour in 55 mile an hour zone. we came from center city. i'm trying to show you the roads. i think we're having a technical glitch. for some reason it's not switching oaf. i have to continue look at me here. we drove from center city where the roads were definitely snow could have had and certainly passable. we did see a salt truck pass so penndot crews are doing their job. the concern now is certainly slick roads. because we have seen the crossover early this morning it was snow and then it turned to sleet and now it's sort of a rain, sleet mixture really yuck we we're seeing traffic out here a lot of people on the roads and certainly we know it's super saturday. a lot of people will be out doing some of their last minute holiday shopping. it's the last saturday before
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the start of the christmas eve and christmas day holiday weekend. so we do expect to see a will the of people on the roads. certainly you want to be careful when you head out this morning, lauren. >> okay. as jennie mentioned penndot crews are out and prepared for the blast of winter weather and they used 336 plows overnight to salt roadways and clear the paths for drivers. officials say they're ready for winter. penndot has 12 thousand tons of salt on standby for the season. winter budget 26.2 million dollars. moving to a live look, deldot is ready for the winter blast there. deldot spent time treating roads and getting equipment ready and let's take a look outside. if you have not downloaded fox 29 news app do that and you'll have live radar images at your fingertips and weather alerts cents to your hope to and download it for free from the apple or goingle play stores. >> a merge and young daughter safe this morning after
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officials say they jumped from a two-story window to escape a fire and it happened before 1 12:0 along the 1400 block of north 61 street overbrook a mother and toddler juneed from the upper floor window of a home to safety. the two were not hurt from the impact and they are in stable condition hahnemann university hospital with significant burn burns. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. and also overbrook a man was shot several time as he sat in his car. police say it happened 12:30 this morning at the sunoco gas station 52 and sever john. he was shot five times in the arm and was taken to presbyterian medical center in critical condition. mees are hooking into the cause of that shooting. so far no arrests were made. >> police in oregon tell us an officer was shot at a walmart store there. police say three officers were conducting dui traffic stop around 6:00 last night. at that store when the situation escalated and an officer was shot in the leg and he is expected to be okay and
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the suspect was shot and killed on the scene and we continue to bring you more informing on that story. as soon as we get it in. >> back here at home sky fox is over the scene north 2 and east broad in millville last night and authorities say at least one person was hit by a car. you can see debris scattered in the roadway there and we're working to learn more details here including how badly the person was hurt and how that crash happened. >> a could be street community dealing with tragedy. a child is dead and a child it in the hospital after a fire ripped through some row homes. the boy was only 11. three homes were lost and fourth heavily damaged on the 1200 block of south millick street. the fire started in one house early yesterday morning with wind blowing flames to several others. an elderly woman was saved by neighbors from a house on fire next door. >> she's okay but mentally and emotionally it's something for
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an 89-year-old elderly person to go through. >> nine people were displaced from their homes and red cross is assisting them and meanwhile investigators are looking into what started the fire. >> and president obama hld a final news conference of the year yesterday and the president mentioned work of russian hackers and what kind of influence they may have had on the presidential election. >> the intelligence i've seen gives me great confidence in their assessment that the russians carried out this hack. the hack of the dnc and the hack of john pedesta. >> he hopes president-elect trump will take the foreign influence on u.s. election seriously and the president started off the news conference by taughting his signature healthcare law something his success sore said he would repeal and replace but later said he would keep parts intact and meping the war on terror.
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>> bin adden was taken off the bootle field. over eight years no foreign terror association successfully executed an attack on our homeland. >> president obama has 3 days left in hovs beforehanding the presidential reigns over to president-elect donald trump. and scary moments in that final news conference of the year. things came to a halt after someone in the press fell ill inside the white house briefing room. >> you know where the doctor's office is? ? just go through the pam m doors it's right -- >> the president stopping after a reporter in the back of the room fainted. she was rt owe courted out to see the white house doctor and we're told she's expected to be okay. >> the please touch museum hosted an event for autistic children. what the popular children's museum will do so these family can have a truly enjoyable day. and that's no moon.
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it's a space station. we're talking about the death star. how rich does the emtire need to be to run what they call "the ultimate power" in the universe and everybody is surprised i never saw a "star wars" movie. >> empire strikes back. >> i was like the death star? >> chewbacca. >> oh, my goodness gracious. >> talk about it on social media it's fine, make fun of m me, it's fine. media it's fine, make fun of m me, it's fine. we'll be right back
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>> look at the snow-covered streets and top of buildings in allentown, pa. if you have to get out today, because a lot of you do, to do the last minute christmas shopping stop and hold off. it will melt and road conditions will be better later today. any major city will have a fair share of crime. philadelphia this week had stories that make us shake our heads and as bruce explains made us say only in philly.
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>> hi, i'm bruce. sometimes in search of bizarre behavior that makes philadelphia well, philadelphi philadelphia, it helps to per use the local police blotter it's there we find with regularity truth is indeed straichinger than fiction. take case of 25-year-old jamaal goodwin of southwest philly as reported in police say goodwin robbed a bank in malvern monday and might have got own way with it, too, except he wrote does he manned note on corner of a document used to discharge him at a local alcohol and drug rehab facility earlier that day and left behind some of the stolen loot in taxi cab he took to the bank. also left inside the cab, good jp win's wallet with his driver's license and photo id inside. when goodwin was arrested police all of one day later authorities say he was in possession of heroin, cocaine and yes, some of the bank's
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money. of course, if the cop he's not caught goodwin tuesday there's a chance this guy would have has bee inked him soon after, after all he had most of the gear needed to join law enforcement. that's because according to philly police he stole a policeman's jacket, hat and bath off a bench at the justice center and tossed uniform components into a macy's bag and beat feet. the officer that owned the gear was inside the courtroom at the time of the theft and testifying in obviously unrelated case. of course, this closing crook should not be much tough to cash that our bawndling bank robber all they have to do is stage a phony crime scene and wait for police to arrive. guy with jacket, hat badge and no pants, there's your man, only in philly. and speaking of the man, scott you are the man today with all the weather outside.
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everyone wants to know what's going on. looks like a snowplow on market street. >> it's all about timing and temperatures right now lauren. we've started off in and around philadelphia as more of a light snow. and now temperatures are warming and transitioning to sleet and more freezing rain then eventually all rain. take a look at ultimate doppler lit up across the region and it depends on location as to what you're seeing. reports in millville now changing over to just rain and moving towards atlantic city also sea isle city down to wild wood and cape may. it's all rain here and extreme south jersey. take a look at green. now starting to kind of invade places like salem to pits grove and as we move in and around camden country now we're looking at freezing rain some sleet and that transition zone continues to move towards philadelphia and points far northwest still looking at snowfall around reading and also moving towards allentown area.
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perkasie, moving towards doylestown and newtown still looking at snow. watch how temperatures continue to climb and by 10 a.m. we're looking at moderate to heavy rainfall. that yellow that you see, that indicates a moderate cold rain, 36 millville and 34 atlantic city and low 40 wild wood and take a look around philadelphia by 10 a.m., 34. we're looking at cold rain. but temperatures far north and west will still likely be below freezing for several more hour hours. so, that's where ice will linger. by noon we're talking temperatures areawide above freezing and lingering showers, cloud cover this afternoon into evening and rising temperatures and also a little bit of fog across the area. so take a look at weekend wendy high impact and oosy roads and slushy mess out there early this morning and so delays some of those saturday errands if you can by 11:00 and moving toward the midday hours.
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leftover shower and moderate impact there need umbrella and rain gear as we move towards evening events looking much better. but you'll have to watch out for a little bit of fog. so improving conditions as we continue into the day and afternoon. and so a live look outside of our studios kind of slshy, icy mess on market street right now. you can see we're being looking at freezing rain. look at the dripping right now just outside of that light there as you look into the left side of the television screen. 30 degrees. watching critical temperatures and temperatures will be rising so we're talking about wintry mix right now and lingering showers by he a.m. and then by 2bg, it's cloudy and we're looking at leftover drizzle. allentown, that wintery mix will last longer there with the temperatures staying below freezing at least until the afternoon. so that's why the winter weather advisory is in effect there the longest. so saturday morning, snow, ice, afternoon drizzle, fog, and then near 60 as we move towards
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your sunday across the delaware valley. so once again we're keeping tabs on ultimate doppler and we'll have more throughout the broadcast as we monitor the rain, sleet and snow. lauren. >> all right. you're a busy man today, thank you so much, scott. sixers fall to lakers and that's not the only headline coming up. which player had choice words coming up. which player had choice words after the game >> this is my new friend dealing with khechings he has leukemia and he'll be okay. this is his family and their friend. they're coming together to offer support for goodness sake. coming up next. >> and thank you for sending us in your picture. look at this ugly sweater contest. it's pretty bad my friend. >> national ugly sweater day yesterday. >> i know. so bill says i've been talking with taking summer tires off my car snow tires. >> he has been. >> of course. streets look like the day of my
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appointment. our sidewalks and roads are seat of ice. tried to head to dpim and didn't happen. he'dible you can watch us we'll hang out with you this morning. sending in snowy pictures. we want to see what are you sending in snowy pictures. we want to see what are you waking up this morning. kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe.
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>> this is a liver look at the airport and parent think there's a technical term for it. if you're flying out today there's a ground stop. there's an hour delay. what did you say, erin. >> you can see the nows oling through there this clearing the tarmac achb hour delay if you travel today. and kids will be pretty frustrated. >> chicago is dealing with huge cancellations and in fact, san francisco and bad weather across the country and of course right here in philadelphia. >> it will get better scott
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says. >> let's go from snow to sports. >> all right. let's talk sports. sixers versus lakers sures with a hot ticket at the start of the season it was supposed to be a one versus two match-up. and ben simmonds number two and brandon ingram who players for layingers will have to wait until march because ben simmonds is hurt. and of course, wells fargo center out there and checking it out and fans were treat todd a special pregame. sixers honor legendary craig sa goode er passed away due to leukemia and hall of frame celebration and dr. j that's a duo. game was a dud. 2nd quarter lakers up big and sixers were cut down to 8 and lakers stopped by jordan clarkson having none of it lakesers go on to win 19 but the real fireworks, warn, they are were after the game.
7:25 am
noel is not happy. listen to this. >> i want to be on the court playing basketball and don't whair who i am playing with. i don't know what that's about. and i don't really care. i need to be on the cart plague basketball. i'm too good to be plague eight minute, that's crazy, that's crazy, that's crazy. >> need to figure this out. that's what he was saying. let's go to camera with technical difficulties there. philadelphia eagles are limping to the finish line pun intended and already having to deal with injuries that have helmy offense back all season long and tack on one more for tomorrow's game versus ravens. darp sproles is out due to concussion protocol. that was bad mit against the red skips. and with the lack of weapons on
7:26 am
general offense topped off by being eliminated from postseason play. some are suggesting carson wentz should sit the final three games and be wrapped in bubble wrap until next year. coach doug pederson agrees. >> we play the guys that have been here all season long and he's been a big part of that. i don't want to necessarily do that now with him i don't want to send that type of message not only to him but the team. he's a leader and we go with the guys that we battled and got us to this point. >> this is philly. we don't have time for the soft stuff. no better place for sunday eagles coverage than here fox 9. we get you started fax game day live 10 a.m. and eagles and ravens 1 p.m. and stay with us for fox 9 eagles postgame show following game with shawn bell looking forward to that one. >> i love ryan.
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>> and i can't believe they're saying to sit carson wentz. >> he got you to this point he's a leader on the team now you sit him? >> i agree. >> remember when everyone was on the wendz wagon. >> still there? >> a local woman showing people how to cook. >> you know how to cook? >> sort of. >> not typical culinary schoo school. she's behind the wheel to teach her craft. we'll explain what she's doing. >> and you like mcdonald's. >> i do. >> breakfast. >> breakfast. >> forget the dry fruit mickey d's there's a new concept they're planning to test. d's there's a new concept they're planning to test. stay with us.
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>> take a look at this. this was the scene in fishtown this morning as snow started falling.
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people inside sleeping sondly and you have to be extremely careful because streets are slick in some areas. >> temperatures around 0 now in philadelphia and we have cold air at the surface we're seeing warming and that's why we deal with more of the liquid freezing rain across the area rights now. and live look at the philadelphia international airport and kind of socked in with the clouds and mounting airport delays as well. look at the last few hours as we go in time with ultimate doppler an hour delay at the philadelphia inlt nationality airport well over two hours as we move towards new york now. ultimate doppler showing you the pink that is sleep, freezing rain, green that is the rain places like cumberland county and cape may county and atlantic county now mainly just a wet and cold scenario as we move further indland and the i 95 corridor more of freezing rain mix. lehigh valley, still cold
7:32 am
enough to support snow throughout the entire column of the at mots fear. we're looking at 32 bill ming ton, millville and atlantic city, 30 right now in philadelphia and those temperatures will warm up and the precipitation will be moving out of here later on today. but, of course, those headlines will illustrate icy start and then improving later on today. lauren. >> okay. frigid temperatures this morning causing freezing rain and snow in aarr other. what you can expect if you head out on the roads. well, jennaphr joyce has been out there she has the answer and is 'roid around in the king of president bushia area, good morning, jennie. >> good morning, lauren, we're drive around dekalb hike in king of freshia taking a live look at the roads here. you can see it's really, really wet and slushy out here and there are -- is traffic out here. there are a number of cars out here on the roadways. overnight we saw conditions change from snow to sleet and now it's mix of sleet and plain rain. in the city there was a nice
7:33 am
coating of snow on the ground and roads were passable without the need for plowed trucks and certainly wet and perhaps slippery too. that's what you need to be careful of this morning and strong lookly hood the roads will be slick giving the temperatures are still below freezing it's expects todd warm up as the day goes on and remain wet outside which always presents electronicy travel especially on a day so important to last minute travelers and lauren it's super saturday. a final saturday to get those present purchased on christmas eve and christmas day and we expect a lot of people to be out and about on the roads this morning and throughout the day as the day goes on. we're driving in the king of president bushia area. we'll catch one some of those shoppers out and about in yucky conditions and hopefully people will take it slowly. we also know that penndot did put out alert this morning and there are reduced speedlimit on
7:34 am
a number of highways. not 76 but another major highway throughout the state of pennsylvania. so be sure to be on the lookout for any speed limit changes back to you. >> struckling with cancer and being alone can make it worse. one man dedicated to showing patient love and support can be a light in the darkest time. bill anderson in this week's "for goodness sake." >> one of my favorite quotes is true measure after a man's character is how he treats people that can do absolutely nothing for him. spending that time with al harris and his organization is call cancer who. al harris was was going to change his life when three
7:35 am
family members were struck with cancer. >> before i had any non procht was every day working guy. i created the non profit and it felt like a purpose. >> that purpose was to quit his job and dedicate his life to supporting those dealing with cancer. it's filled with days of sitting through chemotherapy and home visits and little if any source of income. but he says helping others have made him happier than he ever been. >> ever since i stopped working and started doing cancer >> arivering at the house one of the patients he regularly visits a 7-year-old with leukemia named tristan is easier to understand his motivation. and tris tip was much more interested in my camera than he was in being interviewed so we
7:36 am
made him honorary report. >> it's nice. >> he brings you presents reign does it make you happy when he brings presents. >> and you want me to talk to somebody else now? >> point taken soy let tristan play camera man. >> and done like this and is that the your camera right? >> okay. >> seems like for everything he had to deal with he's doing remarkably well. and he's like a big brother to him. like family. >> as tristan warmed up to reporter job his grandmother shared her feelings. >> al help. >> al helps. >> yes he does very much so and i'm thankful foremen like mr. al represent you thankful, too. >> yes. >> and that was the perfect place to end our visit. >> i'm tristan thanks for
7:37 am
coming. and people like tristan and his family have showed him this is his calling and to be there every day for those in need for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> and what amazing story. thanks for doing that. it's season of giving not just get. but many americans opening up wallets. how to get the most bang for buck with charitable gifts. >> and it was the empire's ultimate weapon and how much would it really cost to run the death star. we crunch numbers and shawn death star. we crunch numbers and shawn explains
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oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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>> okay, you're taking a live look at trenton. 30 degrees, 7:40, whatever is falling is freezing now and it will warm up and pelt away later. let's delve into silly science and look at what researchers are studying this week. and with new "star wars" rowing one film out this week we're
7:41 am
talking about extreme cost to run the ultimate weapon the death star. okay. so you heard of a billion dollars and add about 18 more zeros to that. british company says it will cost 7.7 octillian dollars a day to operate the death star. math an physics expert team up and calculate how much it cost to see how more man 2 million ply ease jump to hyper space and power 342 levels and 2 billion light bulbs and laundry and more and powder a planet three millions times more powerful from the season sun. including to report if rebels had not blown up the death star economic stress would have run it into ground anyways. >> you're completely lost. >> don't know, don't care really i want you guys to make me care. >> i know, how much did it cost to say that. >> tell me what the death star is. >> death star is where darth
7:42 am
vaitder is, the evil people ar are. >> don't go too much detail on me. it's like "game of thrones". you can be biggest die hard fan out there and still have no clue what's happening. >> i have no idea. >> someone tweeted they were like don't worry lauren i watched as kid and had no desire to watch more. >> there's trilogies and. >> people like their release and there's something and they have go fund me and in money to fund that. there's die hard fans out ther there. >> there are. >> my fiancee treats a house like the death star leaving all the light on. every time i come home there's light on. and that electric bill. >> you hear the "star wars" music my father's name is john williams. >> nice. >> look at you. >> very nice. >> i'm excited. >> i can't wait. >> can't wait to see it. >> i like done johnson.
7:43 am
>> miami vice. >> okay. curling. not your hair. it's a sport you hear about during winter olympics and then never again. we're bringing curling back and one local young man excelling at the sport and he as a goal for next year. we'll tell what you it is and please touch museum hosting a special event for families of autistic children. what the popular children's museum will do so these families can have a truly enjoyable day. families can have a truly enjoyable day. and a live look at the radar.
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of.
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sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. >> it's a whippeder wondrerland today the snow is coughing the streets and buildings and scott says it will melt today. it won't ab around long. it will melt away. please touch museum will host a very special event this weeken weekend. it's going to be exciting. it's called celebrating beyond the spectrum no excuses no apologies and it's a special time at the he vend for
7:47 am
families of children with autism. joining thus morning faiming and god family restoration to talk about the event. how are you. >> i'm wonderful thank you for having me. >> i'll move your hair. >> tell me about the seek tonight. >> the event is tomorrow. >> and it's from nine to 11 and we'll have several families for 900 and that would be in attendance and all children who have autism. >> when you see that number 900 let's you know how big need is for something like this. >> absolutely. we have toys there for the children we're we're doing disneyworld vacation giveaway and respite for one of our families to get away with family to experience time together and how did it come about. why did you think this needed to happen. >> last year because fig services family facing god
7:48 am
family restoration we do events towards end of year to help families in need and we serve that same purpose between both organizations and they refer to families with us and outside of the need of autism and we provided wraparound services for them. >> got you. tomorrow, 9 to 11 at the please touch museum. >> yes. >> thank you for joininging u us. >> good luck with the event tomorrow. >> all right. let's take a look at weather. scott it is ugly outside right now. >> it really is we're dealing with wintery mix across the region and it really depend on location if you're seeing rain, sleet, feesing rain or just plain snow. live look outside crossing the ben favrping lynn parkway we're looking at wet roadways and slick conditions now outside of our studios take a look at some of the icy glaze coating some of the cars and we're dealing with kind of a freezing rain right now in philadelphia. temperatures are still below freezing right around 1 degrees
7:49 am
right now and feels like 31. not much of a windchill there is that septa bus going by. it will be damp, dreary and slushy waiting for the bus this morning. take a look at ultimate doppler that is green and rainfall part of south jersey and pink looking at the mix. we take you around the region and cape may county, atlantic country, cumberland county, most of salem county it's all rain. and that rain is continuing to push towards philadelphia area but that pink is still we have some of the freezeen freezing precipitation. and looking at the pink kind of moving to berks county right now as well still all snow as you move to northampton and also as you move totalen town area and in the lehigh valley. so those temperatures are critical and watch what happens as we go hour by hour warming above freezing pretty much i 9 a5 corridor all of south jerse jersey, 9:00 and continue to warm the atmosphere from south to north throughout the day as
7:50 am
those temperatures continue to rise. for the philadelphia area icy wintery mix lingering rain showers by 11:00 with temperatures will be above freezing by that time frame and by this afternoon it's cloudy. leftover drizzle for the lehigh valley light snow right now and then we transition to the icy mix and a little later on this morning and those temperatures finally climb above freezing later this afternoon near that add sciencery for the lehigh valley is until 2:00 for philadelphia and it's until 11 a.m. that winter weather advisory. so, temperatures today only in the low 40s and we warm later on tonight with fog and drizzle and then 60 degrees early on sunday and falling temperatures cold front will bring more scattered showers across cross the area and turns cold. again early next week winter officially arrives when temperatures into the mid 40s.
7:51 am
we'll be back with more. send us your pictures #fox 9 we'll be back with more. send us your pictures #fox 9 "good day".
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snv we have kelly from university. >> thank you for copping in this this weather how was it for you? >> not bad. but cold. but i'm here that's the good part. >> glad you got here safely. >> we're watching today, in the holiday spirit. >> you will tell us about teaching and cooking. >> right so it's an idea years in the making vat ran community partnership wanted to bring how to people how to cook the right way and safe way to people in under privileged neighborhoods and the best part they're using real chefs to teach how to do it. >> this is chef amy faulken stein teaching people how to goode cook. but doing it out of a van called mobile teaching kitchen. >> really excited to share a lot of what we know with folks in the community at hunting park. >> veteran community partnership built it to get closer to the people that need it. >> it's so rewarding for me i come from a chef background and i always have been in the back
7:55 am
of the house so preparing meals for folks in the dipping room this is really giving me the opportunity to share this wealth of knowledge. >> she's sharing how to properly use a stove and cook vegetables and chael. and chef amy is not the only one touching vegetables. >> having demonstrations makes people think hey i can cook this i don't have to run and get fast food. >> chef amy is not showing them just how to cook but what to cook. >> they had recipe for braised greens with apple and sweet potatoes and you got a chance to try after done. >> we're trying to push initiative of things that fuel your body best way. >> consensus. >> thumbs up i gave her. >> this is a father in our cap absolutely. >> how exciting. and another interesting fact you found out there. >> i found out there's a farmers market 20 feet away and they give these people who participate in the demonstrations get coupons and
7:56 am
food for free. you learn how to cook the chael and sweet potatoes and you get it for free to cook it at home. >> i gave it a thumbs up, too. >> thank you for having me. >> a family desperate to bring soldier home for the holidays. a mom ready to sell all her belongings to see her son. she does not have to do that now. what stepped in to see her family together. >> and new concept mcdonald's is planning to test. and you guys were talking on social media i like this one. see i'm with you here. no shame sis only saw original three as a child we're talking about "star wars". no design to see the rest. i'm not alone, shawn. >> all right. >> and then pictures coming in jennaphr sent this one from tellford pa. thanks for sharing. ray thanks for sending this. ice in chalfont, pa. >> and this is for you, shawn, my snow day is beat in
7:57 am
millville, new jersey. >> right in center city it's nasty. >> right in center city it's nasty. >> gross outside.
7:58 am
the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make: flaky, delicious, piping hot things. golden brown and sticky things. fresh out of the oven, why can't they cool things? new things, old things. and blink and they're gone, those went fast things. make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season. warm up the holidays with pillsbury.
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it is wet and slick and we're timing out what you need to know before you walk out the door today and as you finish holiday shopping you may consider ways to give back to others and being smart about charitable donations and spreading the right kind of holiday cheer.
8:00 am
>> thanks for waking up and being with us. they're waking up and looking out the window and deciding no gym or outdoor activities. today is not the day for that. >> at not the first half of of the day. it's messy outside the studios. we're talking about tumbling temperatures in the poconos right now. take a look at skiers there. >> one down. >> oh, no. >> man down. >> oh, no. >> live right here. you saw that. >> what happened? >> looks like he's okay. >> and hopefully they're okay. making snow from mother nature great for skiing in the pocono mountains. take a live lack outside the studios that's what you're walking on in and around center city more sleet and freezing
8:01 am
rain and watch your step. 1 now feels like 6 degrees and currently here in philadelphia take a look over the past several hours with radar and airport delays dover up to wilmington and as you move to cape may and atlantic out counties and further indland philadelphia points north and west pink that's sleet and also freeing rain moving up to berks county and lehigh valley still all snow. watch critical temperatures as we go hour by hour warming above freezing. 34, philadelphia, by 9 a.m. mid 30s. millville, low 40s wild wood and by 10 a.m. looking at temperatures north and west. climbing above that critical 32
8:02 am
degrees especially at the surface and then we're looking at lingering clouds, drizzle and mix later this afternoon and evening and temperatures tonight look at 11 . warming into the low 50s. parts of south jersey. so once again, if you can just hold thing off a couple hours improving weather into middle of the day and latterer part of the evening and timing of when the mess moves out and yes roller coaster temperatures back to you. >> scott, thank you so much. frigid temperatures this morning. scott moneyed causing freezing rain and snow in our area if you have not headed outside ye yet. jennaphr joyce has answers as she rides around the king of prussia air. >> good morning, lauren i call myself lucky this morning michael and i are in a nice warm cozy news van. unfortunately conditions outside are not as nice. let's take a look. we're driving in the king of president bushia area.
8:03 am
and you see roads covered in this wet, slushy growth. it's not really snow it's more slush. here you see a plow truck passing us by and using salt on back of load to lay this stree streets in area and throughout. and speed limit is 55 and our photographer was being careful driver going about 45 miles an hour and just making sure we were safe to get to our destination and obviously bring you this report. so the rain continues to fall. it has been this like sleet rain mixture for the last several hours now. heavy at times. right now it seems to be a little lighter. but as a lot of people are
8:04 am
making their way out this morning we have seen people on the roadways because it is super saturday as we've been talking about all morning long. which the national retail federation says is actually buzzest shopping day of the season lauren i don't know if you care to develop tour out di shopping on line. fy was not working i would be home, comfortable, cozy, warm in my apartment. >> i know. >> because i would not want to go in and out this. i tried to do a poll on twitter to see if people want to venture out. people are khited. because holidays are, of cours course, a big deal and hanukah coincides with christmas next week. a lot of people have to get out and about and by present. >> they do. if you have not started yet you're down to wire. you have to fight the weather. jennie, thank you so much. >> well, penndot used 336 nows overnight to salt roadways and clear pams of drivers. officials say they're ready for winter. penndot has 12,000 tops of salt
8:05 am
on sand by for this season and winter budget is 26.2 million. and let's take a look outside. philadelphia international airport there are delays there of about hour. if you have not downloaded fox 9 news app do that you have live radar images at your tips. it's free from apple or google play stores. >> a mother and her young daughter safe this morning after oxs jumped from a two story wund owe. it happened just before 12:30, 1400 block north 51 street overbrook a mother and toddler jumped from upper floor window of the home to safety. the two not hurt from impact and they're recovering at hahnemann with significant burns. cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> also overbrook a man was shot several times as he was sitting in his car. police say this happened around the same time, 12:30 sunoco gas station along 52 and jefferson.
8:06 am
he was shot five times in the arm and was taken to presbyterian medical center in critical condition and police still looking into the cause of the shooting. so far no rests made. >> now to a developing story police in oregon tell us an officer was shot at a walmart there police say three officers were conducting dui traffic stop around 6:00 last night at the store when situations laid and officer shot in the leg he's expected to be okay. the suspect shot and killed on the scene we'll continue to bring you more information on that story as soon as we get it in. >> and back here at home sky fox over the scene 2 and east broad street to millville last night and authorities say one person was mit by a car. debris was covering the roadway there. we're looking to learn more details including how badly the person was hurt and how bad the crash was. >> a child is dead and dad in the hospital after a fire ripped through several row homes. neighbors tell fox 29 that boy
8:07 am
was 11. three homes were lost fourth heavily damaged on the 1200 block of south mill he can street and fire started in one house early yesterday morning with the wind blowing flames to several others and elderly woman also saved by neighbor from a house on fire next door. >> i believe she's okay and mentally and he mowing alley you know it's something for a an-year-old elderly person to go through. >> and nine people were displaced from their homes. red cross is assisting them. meanwhile investigators are looking into what started that fire. >> and president obama held a final news conference of the year yesterday. president mentioned work of russian hackers and what kind of influence they may have had on president preden shall election. >> intelligence i've seen gives me great confidence in their assessment that russians carried out this hack. and the hack of dnc and the hack of john. >> the president told reporters he hopes
8:08 am
president-elect trump will take foreign influence on election seriously. he outed signature healthcare law obamacare something his suck sore promised to repeal and replace and later said he would keep some parts intact and mentioned war on terror. >> bin laden and others at large have been taken off the battle field along with thousands of other terrorists. over the past eight years no foreign terrorist organization is successfully executed an attack on our homeland. >> president obama has just 3 days left in office beforehan beforehanding the presidential reigns over to president-elect donald trump. >> and scary moments in that final news kchx of of the year. things came to halt after someone in the press fell ill inside the white house briefing room. >> you guys know where the doctor's office is? just go through the palm doors. >> the president stopping after
8:09 am
reporter in back of room fainted. she was escorted out to see the white house doctor. we're told she's expected to be okay. >> curling, one of those sports you hear about during winter olympics and don't hear about anymore we're bringing it back. one local young man really exeling at the sport and what his goal is for 2017. and it's the season of giving not just gifts but many americans are opening up wallets how to get the most bang for your buck with your wallets how to get the most bang for your buck with your charitable gift.
8:10 am
8:11 am
just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of. sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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>> a live look at allentown. pen sdot letting everyone know to be careful on the turnpike and on the northeast extension speedlimits have been lowered to 40 miles an hour. that's very good advice to know because it's slick out there on the roadways. >> 76. >> again eric epipen has made its way to shovels. and epipen half the price of branded option and cost, 300 for two pack and product expected to generate millions in revenue for that again eric version of epipen and retail pharmacy started next week. >> and it is now time to cash in and today we're talking about giving back a lot of people with spending money at the malls and giving back. this year americans gave record 373 billion dollars to charity joining thus morning how to get the most bang for your buck.
8:14 am
financial expert dave cicda. >> doesn't matt noise mack you start digging and looking for change. >> yes. exactly. it is the season for giving. unfortunately it's season for scammers how to make sure your charitable giving goes to where it's supposed to go instead of creeps going to disney on your dollar. as you you you said americans are incredibly generous this time of year. last year 7.5 billion was lost to scama. >> they're ought there everywhere. >> my mom got her online fake account that looked like amazo amazon. >> super careful. first tip. do homework. what i mean by that it's easier than ever to check an make sure charity you're guving to is lidge at. charity great web site ranks with star system. zero stars to four stars. i was looking this morning some big ones unitsed way, catholic charities four stars right you
8:15 am
can trust those. others ones you want to do research charities you may not have heard of smaller once check out and see where your dollar is going. here's the number i look for on your screen you know how much they call it fundraising expense and it's how much of your dollar they use to raise the next dollar. you want that number to be really small. check that out. second thing is it's not just cash. we can giveaway unwanted items that old phone in back of sock drawer you're not using anymore wipe it clean and donate it good will. here's a receipt from good wel well. they'll take unwanted clothes, furniture, they sell them and raise cash and put it back in programs of great charity. >> keep your receipts. because shawn right after the season of giving comes season of. >> taxes. >> taxes. >> i'm the worst. >> we'll talk about that in a few months. >> most can use charitable donations of tax reductions to
8:16 am
lower tax bill. keep receipts so you remember what you did and also in case you wherever challenged. >> proof. >> you have to have the proof and here's one for all of you especially senior citizens out there if someone rings phone and you answer and they say they represent charity they may be, hang up. you don't want to give anyone on the feign it's a bad idea. here's seek met there charitable world a lot of phone solicitors are paid. they're paid to raise money you don't need to do that. stick with charities that you know you know are good. if you get a phone call or someone asking you for cash your debit card, credit card that sort of thing hang up phone and don't bother engaging conversation. similarly if someone is coming to door asking for cash let me go next door you do not want to support that one. >> those are great tips. >> if you do this right you can help folks while helping ourselves it's a great season to give and re receive and but
8:17 am
it give we have to do it smart. we have to do it part. >> i'm amazed at the number hackers had. >> huge number. >> that's aies making that's a lot of money. >> lauren write that check to firman university your alma mater they know it's coming now that it's on tv there you go. >> scott said he's taking donations for weather forecast today right? >> you have your work cut out for you mr. williams. >> yes, absolutely. it's icy messa cross the region right now. take a live look outside studios. you can see we have a coating of some sleet and snow and now we're dealing with more of that wintry mix and freezing rain kind of slushy scenario right now. 1 is current temperature and still right below freezing in philadelphia and it feels like it's in the mid 20s right now and as we take a look at temperatures area wide above freezing right now in atlantic city. 32 dover. 32 wilmington and norm and west
8:18 am
reading 29 and 6 right now allentown. ultimate doppler showing you green. that is rainfall. parts of south jersey. down the shore right now we're look at cold rain. moving a little further inland. newark, delaware hockessin, wilmington, moving towards media, drexel hill moving to philadelphia and ben saleel and trenton we're looking at icy scenario in the pink. as we move further north pocono mountains parts of lehigh valley still dealing with that snow. so across the region for this morning watching out for high impact due to icy and slick spots out there. and later in the day we can look at leftover showers. moderate impacts out there and by the evening we're looking at 34 in philadelphia and mid 30s in millville and all rain 42 by a.m. watch clock in wild wood as we continue to grow around 11 a.m.
8:19 am
temperatures in allentown and reading and right above freezing so we're talking about mainly just a rain. and then as we move towards afternoon once again some passing showers mist being drizzle and fog and temperatures 11:00 tonight talking 5 millville and dover and warming to mid 40s in philadelphia and pottstown. by tomorrow morning temperatures could be upper 50s around 60. so mild start on sunday morning but temperatures drop as cold front moves through bringing more showers and take a look early next week only in 0s for highs. winter doesn't officially arrive until wednesday with sole system. take a look at countdown four days away until official start of winter. hanukah 7 days away and christmas is eight days away. >> and some people scott are bragging that everything is under the tree and ready while rest of us are struggling to get it done.
8:20 am
>> and forget the drive through. mcdonald's has something new. how the fast food restaurant may revolutionize your burger and fries. >> and it's beautiful the rockefeller christmas tree in new york. why philadelphia may have a pit of inferiority complex. we'll discuss it. of inferiority complex. we'll discuss it. it will make some people mad
8:21 am
8:22 am
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8:23 am
>> harrisburg at that. snowplows out trying to clear the tarmac and run way and the airport still a hour delay in philadelphia. but we understand newark international airport three hour delay and you know that causes truckle event because of the flight delays coming in and going out and people frustrated today and if you have a flight
8:24 am
where you have a to pick someone up check those out. and okay. forget the drive through. mcdonald's now will let you get your food at door. starting next month mcdonald's will test out delivery service. fast food chain will offer delivery omss from orlando even starting in late january. cut merdz order off the help uand food delivered via uber eats or another web site and they'll determine if they want to roll out that service nationwood i what do you say mcdonald's delivery. this is not a knock on md but you need it warm and hot. >> french fries. >> no. >> once they're cold you cannot reheat and they're not the same. >> i would get sausage mcmust have up delivered. >> see mcmust have up works i don't think fry but milk shake. >> maybe if had you kits happy meals. >> maybe. >> again once those fries get
8:25 am
a little -- >> maybe a day like this when ugly and nasty out you don't want to get out. it's convene to have sausage mcgriddle or whatever. >> how long do you think it will take for them to deliver that. >> in this slop. >> this kind of weather that's true. >> looking to save money on cable bill sign me up for this. new technology may be able to help you. take a ride in the tech case. >> this is tech fwhooits tech tank. today we talk to you about cutting cord and what cord are we talking about on tv and in this case maybe cut that bill up a little bit. >> direct tv announced in tandem with at&t they'll let you use your mobile devices stream any television channels for free to apple tv or chrome tv or fire tv and now you don't need cable in your home. you get access to over 100 channels base package is 60 and they start a little promo at 5 i don't know what your cable
8:26 am
bill is but the fact you can take phone and apple tv and anything else anywhere in the world and get all these channels it is one great deal and remember tv on demand movies and everything else you want to see like favorite tv shows you have you hit a button and watch it where you want and wherever you want and your data bill is not going up. so you want to talk more about direct tv or cutting your bills reach out to us, #tech tag and we'll continue the conference reach out to us, #tech tag and we'll continue the conference online.
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8:29 am
>> 8:29, 31 degrees people moving slow and safely out there and penndot wants to encourageen if you drive on the turnpike or northeast extension slow down they lowered speed limit to 40 because of wet, slick road conditions and it can get nasty outside. check this out. it's a beautiful site. boat house row in the snow all lit up up for christmas. it will be that way all week and listen to this next week for hanukah boat house row will become a manorah additional house will light up each night
8:30 am
for the eight nights of the holiday. scott it's great to live in a community inclusive of everyone. >> beautiful site there as well. most of that snowfall we have a coating in and around the philadelphia area and points north and west and half inch to inch but it's beginning to changeover to more of a sleet and also freezing rain. just kind of slushy scenario outside of our studios. if you step out early yes you'll needle umbrellas because of rain. windshield wipers are going and you can kind of see slushy mess or some of the sidewalks and also those streets just use caution and especially early this morning. 1 right now in philadelphia. still below freezing. 33 atlantic city. 32 millville and over to wilmington. upper 20s as you move to pottstown and also allen it town and we've been talking about airport delays. philadelphia about an hour almost hours as you move up the road. and in and around narcotic. south jersey parts of delaware mainly cold rain right now as
8:31 am
those temperatures are right around freezing and climbing above that. wintry mix of freezing rain and i 95 north and west and then as you move a little further north lehigh valley and poconos still dealing with mainly snow. winter weather advisory will end around 9 a.m. down the shore and insear orparts of south jersey around 11 a.m. and around:00 as you move towards lehigh valley. housh by hour 9 a.m. look at 34 in philadelphia and temperatures continue to climb above freezing by this afternoon and warming temperatures as we head overnight and then by sunday morning we're looking at temperatures upper 50s, low 60 60s. >> that's sick weather up and down. >> frigid temperatures continue this morning causing freezing rain and snow in aarr other and if you have not hit the roads yet wait a second. jennie joyce can tell what you she's seeing around king of president bushia jennie a lot of people are headed for last
8:32 am
minute christmas shopping we expect to see a lot of people out and about, lauren, unfortunately you have to take a close look at conditions it's rainy and slush i and icy and we're seeing clouds come and go in king of freshia area within 0 seconds we saw the plow down on the roadway as some of this slush builds up in this area. we're taking a very slow go around the mall right now and lauren i think you did mention but we want to reiterate that pennsylvania turnpike has now been reduced from -- to 45 mile an hour speed limit on all pennsylvania turnpike session sessionsen including i 76, i 7 and northeast extension all of the extension roadways in southwestern pa as people head up and head out this morning for super saturday shopping and so the roads are definitely
8:33 am
slick. rain picked up and we've been seeing rain off and on and honestly has not stopped raping at all it gets fairly light at teams and it's picking up a little bit early this morning of course there was snow overnight. and then it turned to sleet now it's more of a rain sleet mixture and just with a lot of junk on that roadway we think people are planning to head out this morning if you go out shopping be careful. take it easy out there. because we do know it is last saturday before christmas eve christmas hanukah holidays and and it's time to take you out like we do every week on this cold december morning we're taking you to the ice where one little boy is proveing a sport
8:34 am
using stones and bush brooms is no joke. fox 29 photo journalist bill rohr takes us curling. >> bucks county curling club in warminster. >> going first. >> and right there happening with the big kids is 1 10-year-old daniel roth. out of 120 members he's by far youngest. >> i'm here two saturdays a month and smoomz i come out to practice. >> past two years daniel has been gliding and sweeping with people 7 times his senior. >> we'll be sitting too. >> and daniel has a busy life with district ork is it a and playing guitar and violin. >> curling is my first thing to do and definitely favorite sport. >> right now he's battling his dad and things are not going as planned. >> my dad says it's ice. >> and the object is to slide a heavy curling stone to other end of ice and points are won
8:35 am
by stones closest to center of circle. >> when they come down and don't expect you to be as athletic and demanding as it is and add a high level of strategy. >> right there. >> he wants to take his curling skills to the next level. >> any new year's resolution is not really a relution to be able to beat my dad in curling. >> no, no, no, let's let it go. >> his dad may have a handle on match tonight but daniel 8 p.m. bedtime is swept away. >> it was 8 minutes ago two i would be laying in my bed ready to go to sleep. >> bill rorhr fox 29 news. >> it's good when you have bragging rights to beat dad. >> a bus driver gives a christmas surprise to a little boy. what he gave the toddler that is fascinated by his bus. >> and check out the rockefeller christmas tree in new york. so many flock to the city to see it. what about philly. what is our tree? what does it look like?
8:36 am
what are people saying? let's look tat after the break. and a live shot from new york let's look tat after the break. and a live shot from new york city, look at the snow there. the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make: flaky, delicious, piping hot things. golden brown and sticky things.
8:37 am
fresh out of the oven, why can't they cool things? new things, old things. and blink and they're gone, those went fast things. make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season. warm up the holidays with pillsbury.
8:38 am
8:39 am
snv this is a live look at times square in new york city a and i was there last week an hi a great time. i wept to see the tree there and you know i usually never do this guys because i don't think it's fair a lot of people do i it. >> and i was a little disappointed. >> and so i saw the tree in philadelphia on what was it this week wednesday i think the one around dilworth. >> dill quorj. >> city hall. >> and my jaw dropped when i saw it. >> beautiful and big. >> not because i was in awe of the tree. >> in awe right. >> i was like awe man. >> that's new york city. >> that was just last saturday it was snowing a little before i took this picture. it's gorgeous and festive and go to the city just like this
8:40 am
soy come back home and few days later compare and contrast. >> this is what i see city hall. >> it's festive. >> is it? >> look i think if we have to be honest here. >> that's what we want to do be honest. >> more like trees. >> abouter and bold what were going to say, shawn. >> i think we could step our game up. i think we could. at the same time not knocking and something worked hard at that. >> bottom line you were exactly right with new york city if you compare it to we come in second place on that one. >> sometimes it's always not about the deck races you know? >> okay. >> it's holiday. >> what is it about on the tree? >> family and friends and not would are wing about the decorations. >> and that's true. and i poinged on facebook.
8:41 am
a lot of people had something to say. you could have done better than that. a lot of people look at our tree i don't want to take the short l ride here. >> all right. >> kevin, shan an says the tree itself is nice, nice shape, good hikt, lag of deck race is doys pointing we don't hold candle to new york city tree but we could and should do better than we v that's all i'm saying. it looks eh like stand is bigger than tree. >> maybe a few more lights. >> something. >> and different style i afree with that more of a presence than other holidays new york city didn't cannot hold a candle on the 4th of july and new york did too much sunglasses look at that object. philadelphia has class. new york question mark. >> take lessons. >> they say it's a little too much. >> it brings us to question this morning.
8:42 am
snapt reaction poll. can we even compare to new york when it comes to christmas trees give us your thoughts use #fox 9 "good day" so we can chat more about it you know how people have opinions. >> i get more people down to sit sl hall like in new york it's a great idea. >> that's what i think you want people to come down and spend money and time. >> christmas village is around city hall really cool. >> super cool. >> i was like ah let us know what you think we'll be liste >> i was like ah let us know what you think we'll be liste listening on social media.
8:43 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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8:45 am
i've been call the grinch this saturday morning and look i found another tree well decorated and more than one ribbon that goes around it right guys? >> our set designer is good. >> they said the am ill ton did it. did they forget ornaments in new york. >> this ha had presents underneath maybe there's something for you. >> probably not. >> and this special holiday surprise. for one local family a solder is coming home for the holidays and it was a long and hard struggle to get him home. a secret saptd acame in and
8:46 am
changed everything. our dave kitchen was there the moment a dream came true. >>. >> an emotional phone call for this woman from new jersey her son duld say he would be home for the holidays after all. >> i'm really, really excited. i've never seen -- >> the trip home was uncertain austin is stationed for the be bening in georgia preparing for middle east deployment and he already missed thanks giving with hard times hitting family. >> they lost their dad to brain cancer two years ago. so it's been kind of rough since daddy died and austin just from day one stepped in and helped and i lost my job due to disability health issues a couple weeks ago and for the last two months he's been sending every single paycheck he made straight to his sibling
8:47 am
and he's gotten us by. >> she was ready to sell her things to bring austin home and made go fund me page to raise air fare her friend rachel donate whad she could. >> i'm sorry it's a small anti share and hope he gets home. i shared on my page. >> jennaphr richardson saw the post and bought the plane ticket never meeting the family she was helping until now. >> my brother was in mar eachs. he was finished his tour in 010 and i lost my mother during holidays and not knowing if he was coming home this is personal to me. >> even austin was emotional on the phone think about all his mom has done for her five kids. >> i want to you know someone is actually giving that to someone and who understanding our story and letting us be together on christmas. >> thank you so much it means everything. >> you're welcome. >> it means so much. >> i'm glad he's able to come home. >> that was our daich kip f kitchen reporting.
8:48 am
he's expect todd come home sometime today. such a great story. >> takeover for weather now. lauren do you have a tree up at your place. >> i don't. >> i don't. >> you don't? >> we need to see your tree. >> i'm not allowed to have a live tree in my building. >> okay. all right. that's a pass. take a live look at the ben franklin parkway. slick roads as they're making their way venturing out on icy and dicey saturday morning and temperatures climbing above freezing and snow and sleet changing to freezing rain and temperatures warm. 32 griingt now in philadelphia. temperatures continue with uptic across the area. we're above freezing in mil millville and atlantic city and upper 20s pottstown and allentown and mainly rain in parts of south jersey and delaware and still a little icy slush on the roadways when we saw that first bought of snow first thing this morning and
8:49 am
rain in millville, dennis, middle. cape may, atlantic city, sea isle city moving into atlantic area and upper dashy, rad more, we're looking at mainly freezing rain that mix in the pink and then the purple and blue, lehigh valley, pock knows it's still all snow. so as we watch timing we're talking about icy mix changing over to rain later on this morning into the early afternoon and temperatures finally climb above freezing in the lehigh valley and winter weather advisory there until 2:00. philadelphia lingering rain showers as temperatures climb above freezing in the next hour or so. and then you can see we're talking about numbers warming overnight and watch for drizzle and fog by this afternoon. and upper 50s, low 60s not out of the question first thing sunday before temperatures drop with front that will bring showers first half of day surprised and kohler into early next week. if you head down the road tomorrow for game dropping temperatures turning kind of
8:50 am
blustery as well with temperatures by kickoff in the mid 40s at m & it bank stadium back to you. >> bus driver in arizona goes out of his way to put a smile on little boy's face. 1-year-old ricker lovsz buses so much they're part of his daily routine he asks for bus every single morning so driver of bus that passes him every day decided to make his holiday special he woke up went to the store and got him a gift. >> i found a tonka bus and i got to get this for him. >> i think he restored my faith in you know just humans being nice to each other. great now we get wrapped newspaper christmas and people stealing packages and people doing things for you know selfish things for themselves and to see this man go out of his we in a good way was more than i could have ever expecte expected. >> awe the gift came with note
8:51 am
that said to a future bus ride rider. got to love that. >> star studded karaoke as late show host wishes viewers a merry christmas. >> i don't care about the present underneath the christmas tree♪ i just want you for my own snoet more than you could ever know♪ make my wish come true♪ all i want for christmas♪ is you♪ ♪ i don't want a lot for christmas♪ there is just one things i need♪ and i♪ don't care about the present,
8:52 am
under neem the christmas tree♪ ♪ >> sing it mar eye aand friends a lot of famous faces there. that's mariah carey all i want for christmas and corbin and adele and selena gomez and nick jonas gwynn staff any and chris martin and red hot chili peppers and of course we're doing it up here, we're singin singing, keep singing♪ >> i don't know the words to this. >> it's like christmas anthem. >> it is♪ >> snow falling there in poconos and later this afternoon will turn to rain. poconos and later this afternoon will turn to rain. ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix.
8:55 am
it's what the holidays are made of. sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. >> those look good right scott. >> it's a little icy there a live look outside the reading area and look for slush occurring in part of the area. >> and we're hearing people calling the newsroom saying it's not just roads we're talking about philly is a city of row homes a lot of stoops and steps are slippery. they have to be careful. eight days away from christmas. people need to finish holiday shopping. >> that's right. >> gifts under the tree wrpd. >> cold, wets conditions
8:56 am
keeping drivers off the roads. jeepy joyce can you believe shawn brace is done already. >> wow, shawn that is progress and since i talked to you last week or the weekend before. i thought you had more work to do. that's fantastic. and good for you. way to be ahead of the game. and i'm sorry i can't hear you are you upset i didn't have faith in you? >> no, no, they're wrapped under the tree i'm wrd for christmas tomorrow. lauren doesn't have her tree up yet. >> look at you. look at you. so i just want to show you we're driving in such slush and rain and mix of really terrible weather at the same time every year people say it's warm and doesn't feel like christmas. are some happy does this feel like christmas even though we're a week away if you head
8:57 am
out today be careful we're dealing with sleet yucky mixture ach we know smrelt on turnpike is reduce todd 45. if head out be careful about that check pa and stay on top of conditions before you leave your home. lauren we're going to send it back to you. hope everyone has a "good day". >> try to avoid the crowds at the mall. they'll be out in full force. >> super saturday. >> live look at doppler showing you frog gress of that rain snow line kind of moving further north in due time as temperatures continue to climb. so by 9th likely be around 33 in philadelphia and leftover showers drizzle and clouds by this afternoon 40 at:00 and some fog later on this evening temperatures in mid 40s. still ice improving later on today. >> have a great saturday. we'll see you back here
8:58 am
>> have a great saturday. we'll see you back here tomorrow
8:59 am
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