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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  December 18, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> this morning on "good day" a manhunt underway for the person who shot at police officers in philadelphia's tensing ton neighborhood and what investigators say led to the shooting. >> and plus tragedy at ai wedding aa tree comes crashing down killing one person and injuries five others and why officials say they're in disbelief. >> and counting down the shopping days we're at seven left before christmas. malls on early. we're live as shoppers get an early stavrment "good day" to you sunday, december 18, 016. >> this is "good day philadelphia". weekend. >> a week away from christmas i thought of you yesterday as i walked into barnes and noble and there were people everywhere. i'm like shawn is probably home feet kicked up on the couch. you got all your shopping done. >> yeah i think it's important
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for everybodyto get out there and do it early okay? if not, this is what you deal with. everybody out there, super saturday yesterday. >> i know it was a lot of people out. if you go online you still have a chance to get packages if you know the deadlines. sometimes you think i got it, it's in there and you find out it gets there the day after christmas. >> a week before christmas and you're still ordering packages. >> id i ordered something i cannot say i don't know who is watching i ordered something from amazon and cross my fingers and found out it will be there on time. let's hope the warm doesn't do anything crazy that slows down ups and fedex drivers. speaking of weather let's talk about it we saw a little wet snow and it melt away and then last night man, when i was out, it was fog everywhere. driving in it was crazy this is a shot of plow mountain in the poconos. that fog is crazy when you're not ready for it. >> started coming in 9:00 last night. i actually was here at the station. >> yeah. >> and you could feel the warm
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air coming in. >> right. >> and then this morning. >> i know. >> complete change. >> totally different. it's like i was wait, >> and it's going to be around that same temperature for next couple hours and of course will drop as we get a little closer to game time. eagles happen to be in baltimore taking on ravens and i know the weather will belittle bad for you and soggy for tat game. >> soggy, we'll talk about sports in a second. first let's get to some headlines of course shawn and i said one of countdown continues buzzest shopping weekend of the year. 7 days away from christmas if you needed the number. some stores in our area opened early. braving crowds in king of president bushia area and i'm i hear you're at toys "r"us. do you have a hatchable. >> there are a question and there's a few more left here we're told. this store opened 6:00 this morning so it's been on an hour
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or so and they'll be on until:00 in the morning and plenty of time. 2:00 tomorrow morning there will nobody the hatchables nex next. hatchimoles i should say. you were rushing for one and look at this you found one. >> i found one i'm righted it's for my great niece she will be he can statistic. >> and you've been looking all over the place. >> yes i've been northeast. i was springfield and finally got here. >> what is it about these things. these are animals that on up eggs ep hatch right. >> yes remember growing up everybody had cabbage patch. this is greatest crave. >> are you so happy you raised into the store. >> did you see him. >> in and out in a minute. >> did you see me. >> are you finished with shopping. >> not quite. >> in fact i tell you this there's two third of americans
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that have shopping to do. thank you. and a lot of people have shopping to do at this point. and about 15 5 million people that comes to. right now holiday shopping sales down 2 to 3% by end of it all they're expecting it will be a goodyear. up 3% with sales topping 655 billion tlarz. you may say why are people like me wait sog long. here's the answer. 44% waiting to decide what to buy and waiting for lists from loved once and 2% say they have other financial priorities and 25% say they were too busy. we're talking about christmas now a week away and twelve% of folks like me say they will be working to the very last second to finish. but again these hatchimals are the big item this year and there's still a few left. we've been talking to folks. a handful of them going in. that's what they've been here for.
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so toys "r"us has a few left an you have to get here quickly lauren if you are interested in dprabing one. they're going fast. >> get ready for the crowds to come meet you at the door. all right. thank you so much. let's look at today's top stories this morning police are looking for a man that started shooting at officers. police say it happened late last night near west moreland and moore street kensington and investigators tell us officers approached the man on foot as they got closer he ran what we and that's when he turned and tried to shoot at police and instead hilt a nearby car. there's no world why they first approached that man. >> a three story home goes newspaper flames it happened early along the 00 block of dendzing ton avenue. the fire was placed under control in a half hour and thankful little no one was inside the home at the time. >> frankford, two homes destroyed in early morning fire there. crews called to the 400 block orchard 11:0 last night to find heavy fire and smoke mostly second floor of that home. firefighters were able to get
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the plays under control in 0 minute luckily. no one wased in the home at the time. a dog did die in the fire and a man we spoke with got the call his home was on fire and was afraid his sister was trapped inside. >> i see the house and it's in flames. they couldn't let me go throug through. because there's flames. i came through and asking if my sister or anybody was in there they said no everybody out. the only thing was the dog the dog is okay they took him out and it's it. the only thing i have no place to live tonight. >> the red cross is assisting that family. >> and it's been one month since-year-old giana powell was hit and killed by a car when she walked home with her brom. family and friend wanted to remember her life. friday november 1 she was skilled at 6 and plans down and her brother as also hit and not seriously hurt. her friend and family will
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gather 4:30 near the accident scream and police recovered the car involved in the crash and tell us a 24-year-old man has been taken into police custody. charges with pending for that driver. we now know who brutally murdered a woman in con hocken friday the killer is the victim's nev knew. prosecutors say 8-year-old matthew wert has just been released from jail whl showed up to aunt's how hall owe well street. police say he stabbed katherine wanna maker 40 times and he was rushed to the hospital and is now facing murder charges. >> in philadelphia elmwood neighborhood police say a mane that tried to you rob an auto repair shop ended up in the hospital. the owner of the shop shot him three times. this happened on the 600 block paschall avenue. they took the man to presbyterian hospital. he's in critical condition.
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once released he will go to jail. >> today investigators will try to find out the cause of a preek accident of a tree crashing down on wedding party taking pictures klz a woman and injured five others. southern california fire officials say others were trapped under the tree after it toppled overed in the park. video showed fire crews to use chain saws. >> a 4-year-old girl is in critical condition. investigators are in shock by the accident. >> it was luke a scene in the movie where tree is showily coming down and you just see whoever was under it running straight through it and not moving to the side. >> we did not have any trees that had fallen last night in wind or with rain at all. no we did not have anything. >> officials say weather could have been a factor. >> the president-elect wrapped up his victory tour. donald trump made a visit to
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pam bam to thank everybody there that voted for him and took a shot at china. in mobile alabama with more. >> president-elect donald trump closing out the thank you tour saturday with a rally in mobile, alabama. >> this is truly an exciting time to be alive. the script is not yet written. we do not know what the page re. but for the first time in a long time, what we do know is that the pages will be authored by each and every one of you. >> earlier in the day trum it further antagonizes china twee tweeting " china steals u.s. navy research drone minute in of water and takes to china in unprecedented act" earlier this week china seized an underwater drone in international waters and accused u.s. of hyping up incident. saturday the pentagon said it secured a deal to get the drone back. >> whether you sees drone or aircraft carrier the result are
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the same it's an act of war against the united states. >> and south carolina congressman will be budget director as the electoral college meets monday top formally choose the next president. trump has a lead in the electoral but lost the popular by nearly 3 million. i've gotten well over 70,00emand thrf litters from the west coastest d and. >> this rally is expected to be his last appearance before he heads to marla goode o estate for the christmas holiday. mobile, alabama, rich etson fox news. >> and keeping you safe on the road throughout the holidayen season. what officials are doing to prevent drunk driving. >> and if you're one of the people that can brave the crowds or even if you can't brave them and prefer online
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shopping really your gift to make it on time. there's important deadlines you need to know about when you breakdown the days and dates. and shawn and i are here. what can we discussed it? >> oh, i know. yesterday i found out something very unique about my friend shawn i was kind of surprised about. i posted something on social media. and asked people about moneyescaping. >> people will say what? we'll discuss that coming up. >> can't wait. we'll discuss that coming up. >> can't wait. can't wait ♪
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>> look at that fog in allentown. 55 degrees. much, much warmer this morning than it be was 24 hours ago. it's tough to see out there if you get out and try to gets to the mall early. over king of president bushia toys "r"us has the matchimals. >> if today was christmas santa would have a hard time finding his way. >> he would need rudolf. >> let's talk about the story. the search is on for a pair of arnld robbers who did not hit once but twice in philadelphia and take a look at surveillance photos. 10:30 saturday morning the men stormed into a citizen bank on 8600 block of germantown avenue. they threatened to teller and
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took off with cash and 30 minutes later police say they hit a td bank on 5500 block of ridge avenue. >> and new government initiative is aiming to keep you safe from drunk drivers on the road this season. fox's shannon breem has the details. >> people gather todd celebrate the holidays and officials in washington are doing their part to keep drivers safe this season. >> last year 25 the people died in drunk driving crashes just during the holiday period. focused on christmas and holiday season and new year's and those are people with careers and families and dreams and wishes. >> the national highway traffic safety administration is launching new initiative called drive sober or get pulled over. to prevent impaired drivers from getting behind the wheel it involves adds ads and interactive virtual reality web site and three part plan to prevent drunk driving. >> first is supporting high visibility law enforcement such as sobriety check point and passing laws in every state
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that require ignition locks for every drunk driving offender and the third element is development of advanced vehicle technology. it's a safety option in new cars to passively detect if the driver is past the legal threshold for alcohol impairment. >> dads or driver alcohol detection system for safety is a new technical developed through a public private partnership between government and top auto makers and can automatically tell if the driver is above the .0 8 legal limit and prevent car from moving. federal and virginia state officials are teaming up to announce they'll spend more than $5 million to continue to de develop and deploy dad's technology. in washington, shannon breem, fox news. >> and all right. let's talk warm on this surprised morning. taking a live look at old city it looks like not many people are outen the roads just yet. if you come outside at this
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hour you'll number for a treat. not as cold as yesterday. 55 degrees. were you surprised when you walked out the door this morning, shawn. >> yes i was i was bundled up and had the winter hat on. this is a nice time to get a job. >> true. >> before the rain comes you can see on the radar it's moving and marching towards us and it's going to be yeah look at lightning there a wet, soggy day. it's 55 now. temperature will dramatically drop later today as the day progressing and see the big arrow down it's going down. >> that means winter is coming. >> true. it's going down. so, temperatures are dropping and tomorrow, much colder and then wednesday is official start of winter. >> ah, all right. >> is it a as you see there on our 7 day is first night of han okay. >> good weather, sunshine for you to go out and get presents it will be when you get right. >> and then sunday we have christmas and we're seven full days away. all right.
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online shopping great until that important gift is late you have to make sure you beat the deadlines to avoid a delivery disaster. if many expert dan ricatto tells you how to cash in. >> you're done with holiday shopping and haven't started yet i'm not worried back with dinosaur sauers roamed the earth christmas avenue you would find me in the mall wrestling for the last barbre on empty shelves. not anymore i'll shop online. you have to be aware of deadlines. let me give you a few tips. shop on amazon prime you have a have a couple more delays deadline for guarantee before christmas is december 1. if you spring for mrim membe membership certain zip codes can order up to noon on christmas eve and get delivery the same day. that's super easy. attention best buy shoppers if you look for electronic gadgets that confuse you christmas morning no worries you have
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until 10:30 a.m. december 21 to have guaranteed delivery by christmas. click and slide your way to best shop away and you can fit another sweater under the tree. you probably can. check out macy' if you want delivery by christmas regular shipping you have until december 21 and pay extra fee for expedited shipping you can be lazy order december 22. attention toys "r"us shoppers. you have until december 19 to get delivery guaranteed by christmas on anything from toys "r"us or if you really want to two to edge you can shop up to in store delivery only christmas eve 5:00. that's insane. good for you. not so good for employees. and for you olympic size procrastinators fear not. you can actually send that last minute gift to mother in law as you walk the driveway on christmas eve. that's right.
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egift cards check out car with clicks and swipes you can accepted a gift card to her inbox. it will save you a lot of grief if you show up empty handed. it will save you a lot of grief if you show up empty handed. i'm cashing out. >> thank you, dan, police bust on a car to rescue a woman inside on a very cold day. but, the owner of the car says he is upset. in fact he's furious why he is not happy about the rescue attempt. >> and the orange and black look to make it 11 in a row. is this streak alive? john pray has the apps and is this streak alive? john pray has the apps and highlight next in sports this week on "fox" news sunday we'll talk with incoming cheese of staff prin priebus and it's a fox news exclusive and we'll speak with democratic coming gressman done buyer call for the electoral college to hold
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off and one of the electors demanding get get intelligence briefing 1st and power player of the week this week on fox briefing 1st and power player of the week this week on fox news sunday. ♪
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of.
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sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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snv philadelphia international airport had delays because of snow and ice and it was messy out and hopefully they're back on schedule and on track. >> and across the country bad weather. >> that has a trickle effect. you're in one place thinking you're fine and doesn't work like that. >> let's talk flyers i guess first. >> yeah, you know eagles and ravens today won but we have one of the hottest teams in all of professional sports. let's talk flyers hockeyment for the most part we have three players listed in top ten scoring no matter the sports you win games. jake vorachek third and clad giroux tied for 8 and then
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headed to yesterday's game flyers won ten in a row. looking for number 11. down in dallas taking on stars. third period. tied at one. stars john clemburg with rift no good with adam with the rebound. and puts the stars up 2-1. later in the third less than 30 second flyers looking for equalizer and empty nest. touch one for flier right there. dallas and horns and lack pursuit of 11 234 in a row on to win 3-1. >> eagles and ravens this afternoon in baltimore. here's a comparison eagles fans will welcome joe flacco is what carson wentz could be he started in rookie year all the bay back into 2008 flowing 1 touchdown and 12 int part forward 2016 and he has ravens endplayoffs sitting at 7-6. but defensive tackle fletcher cox knows if the eagles wanted to play role of playoff
7:26 am
spoilers getting after flacco is a must. >> he's a great quarterback. i think we just have to be disruptive early in the game and have to get them off the spot and hit them up and you know make them do stuff he's not comfortable doing and can't let him get hot. i think once you get hot it's hard to stop. >> got it hit him. we'll hit you all day long here fox 29 with best eagles coverage around. we get started -- get to start 8:30 when shawn bell comes in and we have fox game day live 10 a.m. and main event 1 p.m. eagles and ravens and return of the mack. myself, shawn bell, eagles postgame show meetly following the game. that's why i'm rocking the streets now. >> oh, >> look at you. >> feeling good and feeling great. >> i saw you walk around with investigate on i said it must be a special day i know it was sunday but look at you in the sunday best. >> leaving here going to church and coming back for the postgame show. >> good for you. >> rob kardsahian if you have
7:27 am
not heard already says he's heartbroken. it appears yesterday at some point he and black china split. coming up, all of it played out late last night on social media of course and we have both sides of the story coming up. >> plus, you want to shower your loved ones with gifts for the hoyl days right but don't want to break the bank. we have tips to help keep you want to break the bank. we have tips to help keep you on budget.
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the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make: flaky, delicious, piping hot things. golden brown and sticky things. fresh out of the oven, why can't they cool things? new things, old things. and blink and they're gone, those went fast things.
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make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season. warm up the holidays with pillsbury.
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>> and you're tag a live look out in the distance. that's a beautiful shot right? i love it. wet and soggy, 56 right now. temperature will drop throughout the day. we are more than that a moment. first lights look at morning's top stories. tomorrow new jersey legislature meets for final session of the year and discussed for voteing a book deal for governor chris christie and pay raises for legislative staffers and judges and cabinet members. critics of the bill say the
7:31 am
quick timing of vote just before the holidays is a sign that a deal has already bnl cut between the democratic led legislature and republican governor across the nation tomorrow electoral college cast votes for president and of course donald trump won the clem vote on election day however electors are allow todd vote for someone other than the state's winner and most electors are expected to sign the names for him and in order to understand the election 0 or more electors would not have to vote for vote for another candidate and if that were to happen house of representatives would decide who will pick office in 2017. >> okay. let's take another live look at old city. it's wet out there. soggy. snow melted. it was super foggy last night. not as foggy this morning. shawn is smiling why. >> little rain for commute to work this morning and obviously it will continue for a couple more hours here and you know
7:32 am
it's a nice shot. >> what about the radar. you know the eagles are plague down in baltimore right? >> that is correct yeah they were talking about this a couple days ago how it would be mastery, soggy day. now supposed to head down for this. this was supposed to to be my bachelor party weekend. >> what happened. >> postgame show you can't turn down the postgame show work and career come first. >> good for you. >> here's a look at 7 day forecast 50 degrees. well 56 now and temperatures going down, down, down. and it's going to get klel chilly, monday and tuesday and wednesday the official start of winter and then we go right into the holiday weekend with hanukkah starting on saturday and christmas on sunday. >> okay. with exactly one week to go before christmas retailers are fighting hard for your hard earned dollars and you need to make sure you do not go over your head and spend more than you have. joining us this morning financial expert rob wilson who says hey be care careful play
7:33 am
on budget and don't go over. >> that's right. >> spend wisely. >> if there's something i hope people ask for and get it's discipline. look all the financial tips and tricks in the world will not help you if you cannot control yourself. so look this week will be a really big week with spending and next friday is actually predicted to be biggest shopping day of the year. there's sill a lot of money fly ago around. having said that you have to go into this thing with a plan. which means you have to have a budget. look you cannot just go all willie nilly and say hey let's see what's out there when we get there have to have a budget or plan or go crazy second thing people need to do is save all year. as far as i know christmas happens the same time every year. >> very true. >> we know it's coming. >> everybody acts like it's a surprise after thanksgiving. here's the thing people spend about 936 on average this holiday season that's about -- >> that's modest. >> it could be worse. >> 7 a month or just roughly $20 a week.
7:34 am
if are you doing that all year you know you skip a few lattes here or there you're ready and have the money when it's time for holiday season and another tip create a total separate account for this don't use main debit card paying bills and everything there's online banks like schwab and fidelity debit card with no atm fees and put your money on that and once it's gone it's gone and spending is over. >> whoever doesn't get a gift. >> sorry you missed it. would you say don't use credit card at all. >> never. >> if you put it on credit card and pay minimum every month you totally defeated purpose of standing out there in the cold on black friday. >> what if you put on credit card and pay offer because you want the points. >> if you payoff because you want points yes if you're one of the disciplined people grea great. if not don't text yourself. >> that's good advice. >> i tend to be the more money guy right? >> yes.
7:35 am
>> i think if there's things you want to do for your family don't necessarily always think about cutting think about generating extra cash. first thing you can do is sell your junk okay there's probably a lot of stuff around your house and sgarj maybe from last christmas you have not used. so maybe your trash is somebody else's treasure gets on ebay,et cy, amazon sell that stuff and generate cash to buy your stuff and convert old gift cards maybe somebody gave you a gift kawrd have not used sitting in drawer use that or get on web site called card and convert those gift cards maybe you don't want and cash to use to buy gifts and if you cannot do those things donate items. take used items you don't want to good will. that's not necessarily going to put cash in your pocket now but if you get the tax deduction next year you can get more cas cash. >> delayed. >> i did gift card things my nieces were dying for something from victoria secret i had a 50
7:36 am
dollar gift kartd. >> you could be regifter or buy something nice. >> that's what i does. >> here's last thing you have to set expectations here no matter how great gifts you get for somebody won't make you a better friend or paent other spouse. so you have to you know i think if you start to set expectations you'll avoid going crazy on holiday season. first things set expectations with your kids. this is good time to talk about needs versus wants. and we know we might not always be able to get them every single thing they want give them an opportunity to discuss what's most posh to them and they'll feel like they're involved in the decision. and same expectation with family it can get expensive to guy buy gifts for every single person. maybe do secret santa gift exchange where you can get one nice gift for one family member that way everything has something to give and you're good and last thing set expectations for yourself what you might find is all they really want is you. that doesn't cost anything.
7:37 am
>> that's free. >> better spouse card with bow on it you may be a better spouse. >> rob thank you so much. >> i hope my wife is not watching. >> all right speaking of shopping staying on bumet many people still hitting stores to get last minute gift and brad sat ingot hands on hatchimal at toys "r"us. >> they're going fast we're here at toys "r"us in king of prussia and they actually opened 6:00 this morning and they'll stay on until 2:00 tomorrow morning and hatchibles will not last. over at king of prussia they're opening at 8. clearly this is busy place. yesterday really busy. they call super saturday. really the last weekend of the shopping season. only one in ten americans are finished shopping that's 12% of the folks saying that they will be shopping as of december 24.
7:38 am
so, again people really bringing it down to the wire here here snv what does it cost. >> i don't want to say. >> you're happy you got it. >> yes. >> how far along in the shopping process are you now? >> like last step this is it. >> and this is the last thing you have to buy her.
7:39 am
>> yes. >> you will be through today. >> yes. >> two thid of americans still have shopping to do. >> not us this is it. >> and so the question is, how far along in the shopping process are you? and we can tell you the average american is 52% cleat. i don't know exactly who figures this out. i'm about 18% complete and time is running out. >> brad, i'm with you on that i think maybe i'm you at 67% done. thank you. in the u.s. we celebrate the holiday season with things like choirs, tree lightings, gifts traditions are different across the blobe. coming up how other parts of the world celebrate the holiday season. ♪ >> the next great leader could be come physical under served >> the next great leader could be come physical under served facilities
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>> a live look at trenton. 4, 56 degrees and warmer this evening and if you're just waking up with us u.s. has
7:43 am
massive christmas trees and there's many other ways people usher in the holiday season you may have not seen before. benjamin hall is in london with more. >> here interest in gritish capital it may look familiar to americans and london pantomine horse race is unique to celebrates the holiday. it mixes trademarks pantmime and pub. >> it's great fun and showcases greenwich and london it's fun. over in germany a group of bikers wear santa costumes for the berlin christmas pike tour. this year's ride benefiting a local soup kitchen and youth organization and don't forget about gluevine the mold wine of christmas market staple. in belgium taking it a step further sdriching and dining with the big man himself.
7:44 am
for four days he hosts guest at a slaiing shaped table above brussels. >> and in quality mall la cardboard devils are burned to chase away bad spirits and australians see santa climb harbor bridge. it's a chillier experience in finland where ref letters can visit old st. nick near the outfit circle. the santa holiday features rain near and main post office. >> he receives half a million letters around the world. >> eventually he has to head become to the north pale to deliver gifts. children all over the world can follow his progress with the an all norad santa tracker. benjamin hall, fox news, in london. >> the next certain days have.
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for the educator that pour into our young people every day. practical gifts that won't our young people every day. practical gifts that won't break the bank.
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of. sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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snv holiday shopping may be
7:48 am
finished or have not started or halfway through. there's people you don't want to forget about. baby's teeners anden baby sitters. here are great ideas for gifts. mommy blogger grace horton. >> i have a gift guide out everything you could imagine if you follow real mom gift guide guides. there's a lot of stuff here. >> let's start this end ever table. >> most teachers like books. let's be a little different that's a great book. chargers, teachers love charmers. this is cool by meme it backs up your phone every single time. if you have to get it replaced screen whatever it is it backs it up. that moment they say are you backed up you are. >> are we skaichinging gift if so this is a great one for me. >> $30 on amazon. >> and one of my favorite charger brands is no mad. it's rugged and connected this is about 0. but they also have this one if you wants to go more this is
7:49 am
wallet. you can imagine a charmer on wallet. >> that is novel. >> i need that i'm always running out of juice. >> that's true for teachers you're in the classroom and using your phone a lot. good gift. >> hostesses you are going to a party don't want to the spend a lot of money be unique. this is my favorite bluetooth speaker brand it's creative and i work go i have them all this is 30. most are around 100 to 200 it's great bluetooth loud bumps good to go and cool thing in the tech world is this. shake it to change kol rors it's called revo goode i. do it again. >> ut, oh did i turn it off. >> look at that. >> yeah. >> so it's like a little candle. >> and you can change it to do few little things scenes, colors all that stuff at the same time. >> that's super cool. >> for hostess gift why not. >> now coffee.
7:50 am
>> something similar to coffe coffee. >> teachers need to stay awake. >> this is cool because this is company called bulletproof. i just found out about them. you put something in it brain of course taken oil supposed to give you clear brain. this is brilliant all in cup of coffee. this is grass fed yee do you know what that is. it's unsalted butter in your coffee. >> really? >> i heard people that do that. >> i heard people do that do you do it. >> i love it it fills me up and makes me brilliant. >> help yourself. >> what is this again. >> brain of course taken oil highly concentrated oak nut oil. >> sounds better doesn't it? >> yeah. >> you can pick this up for $30. everything on here except for wall set no more than $50. >> joey do you think you have to get teacher and baby sitters a gift you can take no, i tip them. >> in my kids sool school we
7:51 am
donated money and give gifts that way which is smart. i know a lot of schools it's not necessarily that way. teachers, baby sitters, all those things yeah. >> they do so much for your kids. >> i think they deserve it. >> hook them up. >> come on. >> i don't have kids but you know that's good advice. >> all right we'll take a quick break and be right back. >> all right we'll take a quick break and be right back. thank you,
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>> i was much better runner than singer i ran track middle school, high school and college. >> you ran track college. >> yeah i was just on the team. >> what event. >> 100, 200 and 4 by 1. >> i was sprinter. >> don't ask me to run anything more than that i'm not going to do it. but our fox 29 scun orreporter rodriguezs caught up with amazing track store. >> might not be able to tell from here 18-year-old brianna of had on field is one fierce
7:55 am
competitor and love and dedication this university of virginia commit has for her sport shaped her into the one ever the best runers in countr country. >> i just like that you don't need anything to run you just need sneakers and space. >> she used to sit in strorl for a lot. those races and she finally decided she didn't want to sit in stroller anymore and started running. >> that's great. >> i say don't do that again. >> i don't want people to think i'm a craze question parent having a 5-year-old run a 5 k you could tell then she finished without stopping something was a little different about her that's for sure. >> today brianna races for third state title. something she ak publics 18:43 with no competition behind her. she's best in the state. but what sets her apart is energy she brings. >> she has a lot of energy and she's so -- she's such a good teammate in that she's always sheer cheering us on she runs a
7:56 am
higher level than we do. >> i have to keep staying focused and making sacrifices and i think keeping it fun will be the big part and getting better. >> when it comes to champions you can take a guess who is at the top today it's just brianna. >> good for her. so she's going to college to run track. >> yes. she'll be committed to the university of virginia for next year. so where she'll run cross country and track. >> good for her. thank you for inducing us to the athletes of the week. >> thank you for having me. >> if you have someone to nominate as high school athlete of the week feel free to tweet or post on facebook using #fox29goodday. all right. you probably heard by now black china, rob kardsahian calling it quits. shocking things he said he found on fiancee social media bathe and why shawn pray says this timing is no mistake. bathe and why shawn pray says this timing is no mistake. >> i'm smelling it again folks.
7:57 am
(my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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7:59 am
>> count down is on and mad rush for holiday gifts continues. we're 7 days away from christmas. what you need to know. details in a live report. and in what's supposed to be a couple's most special day ends in tragedy. what officials say happened as the wedding party' ed for pictures. >> and aside from loving gathering with family and friends expert say the holiday season can be one of the most stressful times of the year. coming up. tips on how yoga might help keep a balanced mind and body during this hectic time.
8:00 am
>> so i've never done yoga soy brought yoga clothes. >> you haven't? >> i have not i brought my klo kloms and will try de stressing things at the end this hour you want to join me. >> you probably have to do weather you can join me. >> did you bring yoga colleges or did will you do it in your three piece suit. >> that would be like hockey with a suit on. >> it's hot outside conside considering yesterday. >> i'll tell you what last night to this morning it's like bam it hits you and it feels good. that's another things. 50 de dreez in part of delaware valley that's winters being scene. we'll melt ice in the next couple hours and it's a short window of this warmth that will be on top of us. look at numbers this morning starting out into 50s. 56 in philadelphia. let's zoom in closer. i want to show you cherry hill. vor he's, up to 58.
8:01 am
keep this many mind temperatures will rise or continue to rise through the morning hours. these temperatures are now almost 30 milder than where we were yesterday morning and that will be the trend at least for the next 6 hour. we're talking about six hour forecast that will swing the other direction more towards winter direction and winds up this morning, 20 to 30 miles an hour and you know it's like that warm breeze out of south wrlly direction you can thank the warm front sliceing across town. on the backside of the warm fronts comes cold and man is it pouring into chicago. these are weather advisories across the ohio valley and testimonial to the type of chill on the wayment soak up mild air and 0s at least until lunchtime before we drop to 40s and it's almost 30 degree drop in temperatures as we get to 8, 9:00 hour. visibility in the overnight terrible. now improving. it's norm and west of 76 or
8:02 am
really 7 quarter mile visibility especially allentown in particular where you're at a quarter mile. look at temperatures this morning. 40s towards poconos. there's a dramatic twist to the warm forecast where it's 60s now going downp into the teens. let me say that again. going down to the teens as we go to overnight hours. brr. we'll talk about that and changeable 7 day forecast that's coming up in a little bit. >> okay. and speaking of forecast it's wet and kind of gross out. but the countdown continues as people head outside to continue shopping. 7 days away. some stores in our area opened early. brad sat inis at toys "r"us people were rushing there to get their hands on hatchimale. >> they had 50 of them at about 6:00 when this toys "r"us happened. they opened at 6 and they will be on until 2:00 in the morning they had 50 hatchimalas is of
8:03 am
last check they were down to seven. that's what everybody has been coming here for despite the rain and darkness it's obviously light now. folks were coming into the door and coming out with hatchimals and at least check there were 7 left and that's what people are hooking for. what a shopping season it's been. we're actually down from this point last year 3% compared to last year and it's supposed to end strong and we should is up shopping sales should be up about 3% and we'll see quite the swing over the course ever the next few days and expert say we'll probably send $655 billion shopping. things helping detailers this year. two extra shopping days because of earlier thanksgiving and colder weather that obviously brings people into stores and not spending time outside but you may as well go and shop when it's cold. this is final full weekend of course of shopping and christmas eve is on saturday. stores will be on on saturday
8:04 am
but you know yesterday they called it super saturday. it was actually buzzier yesterday than it was on cyber monday or black friday. busy weekend and day ahead. what we're hearing is one in ten people are absolutely completely finished shopping. so i am among the nine who really frankly have not gotten started yet. we talked to a guy a little bit ago one of the many that picked up a hatchimal. >> here are you not even 8:00 in the morning. >> hey i have a little girl at home. she wants a hatchimal. >> how hard was it to find. >> we checked all kind of places and all of a sudden we heard on the news there was 50 here. so i say what's the point in coming and my wife said no go so there's 20 left. >> most are 52% through shopping how far along are you. >> way beyond that this is
8:05 am
last thing trying to get. >> toughest thing. >> yes. >> you're ready you have a week to go and all the time in the world. >> done now. just wrap a few things. i have to get a hatchimal. >> and again he did just seven left. frankly they're about to be sold out here. last statistic for you 12% of people will be shopping on christmas eve saturday. i will be among those 1% i have no doubt i always am, learned, back to you. >> some of us work better under pressure, brad, thank you so much. let's take a look at today's top stories this morning. police looking for a man that started shooting at officers. they say it happened late last night near west moreland and roar streets in kensington and investigators tell us officers attempted to approach the man on foot as they got crossclaim are he ran away and turned around and tried to shoot at police and instead hit a car nearby. no word on why officers first approached that man. >> and a three story home goes up in flames in tensing ton and police say it happened early in morning owe long the 2700 block
8:06 am
of tensing ton avenue the fire was placed under control and thankfully no one was home at the time. >> in frankford two lomz destroyed in early morning fire orchard street and mostly on the second floor of that home. >> firefighters were able to get the blaze under control in 30 minute and lucky no one wased in the home at the time. a man we spoke with got the call his home was on fire and worried his sister was still inside. >> i see the house was in flames. they couldn't let me go throug through. soy game through and asked my sister or anybody was in the house and i said no everybody out the only thing was the dog. i think the dog okay and they took him out and that was it the only thing i care about i have no place to live tonight. >> the dog died after that fire. the red cross is assisting the family. >> and it's been one month since april jan of powell was
8:07 am
hit and killed by a car and she walked home from school with her brother and today they want to hon other her life. the second greater was heat and killed 6 and laps down her brother also hit and no seriously hurt her friend and family game are ted noor the accident scene and police recovered the car involved in the crash and a 24-year-old man has been taken into custody. charges are pending for that driver. >> now to developing story we now know who brutally murdered a woman in con hocken on friday and police say the kill search the victim's nev knew. 2-year-old matthew werts was just replace pleased from jail what showed up to his aunt aetion house. police say he stabbed 60-year-old katherine republicanmaker nearly 40 times when police arrived he was stabbing himself in the throat and was rushed to the hospital and he is now facing murder charges. in philadelphia's elmwood
8:08 am
neighborhood place say a man that tried to rob auto repair shop ended up in hospital it saext owner of the shop shot him three times during robbery attempt and it happened 6:30 last night 6800 block of paschall avenue police took the 30-year-old map to presbyterian hospital and he's in critical condition. once he is released he'll go on to jail. >> and today investigators will try to find out the cause of a freak distant a tree crashing down on wetding party taking pictures klz a woman and injuries five others. and southern california fire officials say several more people were trapped underneath the giant ulip tuesday tree after it toppled over in the park. individual quo from the scene showing fire crews using chain saws to cut through the downed branches a 4-year-old girl is in critical condition and investigators are in shock by the accident. >> it was look a scene on mov movie where the tree is slowly coming down. and you just see whoever was under it running vaiingt
8:09 am
through it not moving to the side. >> we did not have any tree that had fallen last night in the wind or with the rain at all. so no we did not have anything like that. >> and officials say warm could have been a factor. >> well, police bust on a car to rescue a woman sitting inside on a very cold day. but the owner of the car says he is now furious why he is not happy about the rescue attempt. plus this. >> the next state leaders could be coming from under served counselties and they're willing to help develop that talent for free coming up next. >> and you're talking to us on social media, karen says i opened my freezer and find bags of snow apparently my kids are stockpiling #life with boys. >> they want a white christmas. >> no matter what. >> johnsons wish everyone everyone a merry christmas and best and brightest of the holiday. thanks for sending those photos
8:10 am
in. rudolf keep an eye on studio in. rudolf keep an eye on studio right.
8:11 am
8:12 am
>> we had viewers saying your produceer is playing the best my sick.
8:13 am
keith is in audio this morning anwan todd request lumer christmas song. >> every saturday and sunday. it's like a radio show with pictures. saturday icy weather did not stop volunteers for holiday wishes coming through. we were there in center city as support center for child advocates loaded up toys and more than 1500 gifts were collected for foster children and kids abused and neglect aind distriingt todd hundreds yesterday of families that may not have had any toys to put under the christmas tree. >> and outstanding. we had hundreds ep hundreds of donors participate in other companies and law firms and individuals and had more than 80 volunteer drivers and over 100 volunteers packing and sorting. it's really a wonderful feelin feeling. >> this is what the season is all about. this toy drive has been going strong for about 20 years. had is really bizarre story
8:14 am
hudson new york terrified neighbors call police after seeing what they thought was elderly woman frozen to death inside a vehicle. the police later discovered it was not a woman at all. but a life size mannequin wearing an oxygen mask. well, police say owner of the car is a sales manager for a company that manufactures medical training aids so doll is cpr training device and police say the car owner was actually upset that police broke into his car. but police chief says whenever they think someone's life is at risk they will do whatever it takes to respond. you know what i get itment owner is upset and angry you know what you do for a living and what this is. can you imagine though say we were on market street outside the studios and walked by and saw what looks to be a woman sitting in a car on a cold day. your instinct to call and get help. i would probably tap on the glass first checking. >> you are? >> so if you tap and she doesn't move what do you think.
8:15 am
>> i'm looking in and going if a mannequin probably that's my take. this is -- it's almost like curb your enthusiasm episode. >> which i see that i'm not close up to the window, she looks like it's a lady sitting there not breathing. >> she does look like that. >> look at that. >> i mean that's a really whoever this company is what a cpr -- >> it's a doll what they do. >> yeah but why does it have to look real. >> you want that you know. >> you do. >> i guess yeah. >> that's scary throw you're right about that. you're going full wonder woman writing to break in and save the lady. >> yeah and if i'm cops i'm not going to say let's run the tag and see shawn brace we're here at your car, no, you have to help -- it's cold outside. >> if you're tapping on glass and she's not looking i don't know. >> as that's a real life. >> i know they shout they was dead or not breathing but still you would unable to tell it's a funny, weird story. i'm getting it had something to
8:16 am
do with hov lane too. >> you always think that. >> i was in the hov lane. >> now we might start a whole things with that. here's what's going on. good morning, everybody, wet roadways out there and fog lifted north and west that's where it's still foggy and dealing with a morning with wet roadways. careful out there. downpours found from delaware country to chester country and especially north and west and level. carbon monroe county getting wet this morning and we had a downpour along 95 as you get way up north. watch for that. around port richmond we had a downpour and as you get right around chester county downpours out there. hit and miss showers are the name of the game this morning and here comes the cold front that will actually push in cooler air and also bringing in downpours during the course of your early afternoon hours. it's double five in philadelphia and double nickels to start morning in december. look at doylestown. 54.
8:17 am
willow grove 5 as well and if wondering this feels milder it certainly is. noteworthy warm. 0 degrees warmner comparison to what we were yesterday morning. winds up right now 8 to 30 across the region and here comes a cold front. a lot of cold air west. i want to give you an idea how cold it is now. who do you know in mip app list. 18 below zero ipt nagal falls. these are air temperatures. these are not fancy wind chill values these are actual air temperatures and that's type of air mass pushing in by this evening and by overnight hours it's teens and 0s coming off daytime highs into the 60s. that's a three degree switch in temperatures and look at today, 60. but don't blink i'm telling you this mild air is going to be a race very quickly. we'll look at the 7 day forecast in a bit. guys >> and and dromz of career and
8:18 am
hip hop crushed by lack of access or resources and there's a new program teaching them to pir sue dreams even if sol sig sighty doesn't understand them. as bill apder soe son shows us the program is free because founders wanted to empower building pren preps for goodness sake. >> classes at the institute of hip hop entrepreneurship is two weeks old. as i arrived i had no idea what to expect. >> they want to provide a different way of educating people from under served communities talleted and not always comfortable with with traditional meming odd of learning. >> community is not welcoming from those whoa don't come from many means or privilege. how you can replicate especially knowledge in a way
8:19 am
that speaks to a new generation of people. >> hoot rz call it in. >> founded by tyeb smj theen sti tut provides a free nine month weekend education siris with classes, guest speakers, case study all focused on helping students develop business ideas and it's not about being a rapper but instructors teach hip hop is influencing so much of society that the students should recognize the business opportunities it presents. >> this is kind of a way to get those people who may not even realize they have potential to be leaders themselves get them skills they need to be successful and assume position of leadership. >> in a lot of ways what was relevant hundreds of years ago it is not relevant today to a lot of young help and women out there that learn very differen differently. >> several hundred apply and few dozen were accepted and it was passion of students that helped me understand why hip
8:20 am
hop culture is much more to them then pickingp a meek phone. >> for them it's legitimate tool of empowerment if they want to learn how to use it. >> which individuals who are from these khunties and from these areas who have lived these situations can grow up to make billion dollar deals liming mati billion dollar deals it's more than just you knowic asking it with' y it's carrying these folks with you to newer and better heights. >> steven is exsee and his enthusiasm may be expected and kyree worked in it and recognizes impact that speaking to people who celebrate not down play hip hop culture has across all industries. >> you see now a lot of moguls jay-z, shawn combs, they have their own side businesses and they have other projects and they're producing other artists and you see them now talking with politicians and hillary clinton she had concert with a
8:21 am
lot of our famous hip hop icons to get people out there voting and it's very relevant and you cannot ignore it either. >> institute of hip hop entrepreneurship is committed to developing next leaders even if they come from under served communities or lack of traditional academic background they're doing it because it's important and because they believe individuals are significant and they're doing it for goodness sake. significant and they're doing it for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> love those stories, bill, okay, if you did not hear you're hearing it now. in celebrity news black china left rob kardsahian and then took baby with her. kardsahian posted series. snap chat videos showing empty nursey and posted on instagram saying he's heartbroken and she postedsation the relationship was over and later dmroted that post. all this came after china
8:22 am
instagram was hacked earlier saturday revealing alleged plan to leave rob after gaping kardsahian name. i don't know. soy watched a little series of videos last night he's walking through the house and shows empty room. she vacuumed too clean the room out but floor was vacuumed and then goes and shows all the christmas trees around the house and says he's sad and shows gingerbread house. i did not sense look a sincere sadness though. i was like i don't know that that is what i would do if my baby was taken away. not just the relationship but my baby was taken away and he said he doesn't sense it. >> any time that name comes u up. >> you're skeptical. >> even the stuff that went down in france looking at that like hu and kanye stuff i'm not buying that either. so this already was not baying it and then come find out this
8:23 am
morning, ut, oh, yes, they have a special on another channel happening tonight. >> oh, that's tonight. >> yes. >> so you think this was all orchestrated and planned perfectly. >> absolutely. they are good what the they do. i will say that. >> they are masters at what they do. >> absolutely. >> masters marketing them salement they're not the only people yesterday on social media marketing themselves. we saw a video of celo green and everybody was freak being out because it looks like on video cellphone sxloz and falsz out of chair. we can laugh now he sed it's part of clip we're releasing for something we're doing. people go to extreme measures sometimes show. i'm not cool with that. and he you know when he apologizegizinged yesterday i'm sorry for anyone worried who wouldn't be worry is. >> praise for celo is betwee betweening on twitter. >> when we chatted in the studio this morning wait was it real, was it fake? >> that's how it is right now.
8:24 am
>> you have to watch out for the neighboring news. that's why you have to stay with us. it's all real here. >> oui keep it real. >> we'll keep it real after >> oui keep it real. >> we'll keep it real after the break golden brown and sticky things. fresh out of the oven, why can't they cool things? new things, old things. and blink and they're gone, those went fast things. make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season. warm up the holidays with pillsbury.
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> wouldn't that be early
8:27 am
perfect christmas gift. you're cleared to takeoff there's a new app out. when cruising at 0,000 feet it's called air date and you're able to share flight plans so you can match up with other people. the founder of app says it's more about finding someone to talk to and get to know before going on a date once you landed. and the app is only in the beta staplings and it will be wildly districted february. nothing like possibly funding future husband or wife right across the aisle road b as you buckle up. >> wow. >> wow. >> right? >> i don't know because why do you need a date after stuck on a flight with somebody 30,000 feet three or four hours after that you may know. >> first thing goes through my mind i feel nasty when i trave travel. i feel different way when in airport yucky i don't know is it just me. that's the way i feel. >> i understand. >> the last things i want to do is probably start hitting on
8:28 am
a girl. >> yes. >> not dressed to impress. i'm wondering if you're on this little lap thing what happens if the person is right next to you. >> i know. >> would that be not as awkward. >> i'm sure that happens tippeder at the bar. >> when you log on she's next to you two feet away. >> i think you put your information in before flight so then you know where to meet up so you can say look we're both going to san francisco and you know that and you get to the airport and you're looking rick you nope. >> we are skipping obvious here that is mile high club. >> yeah i know. >> i don't believe. >> i don't believe it either it's a rumor. >> it's extremely difficult. it better be red eye. >> but i think this is kind of saying hey, >> love in the high sky. >> why not? >> we'll see how it plays out. >> sorry to go there. >> we go there. that's what we do. >> we go there. that's what we do. we'll go to break and be right
8:29 am
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get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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>> we have snow falling.
8:32 am
>> like we're leading into easter it's not the nicest looking morning out there. but that's okay. we'll take clouds if it is going to bring us 60 degree weather. couple downpours west of town and south of south norristown in particular 476 and blue route getting wet this morning and north and west. williamsport this is where solid rain is found. harrisburg all in association with cold front. i want to show you this. see this pink in here and purple that's indication ever cold air rushing down. so we do have the cold air on the move. but for the time being it's mild air on top of us. from philadelphia points south it's 60 degrees this morning and look at parts of atlantic city 50 and little egg harbor 54 and berkley township nearing 60. these temperatures almost 30 milder than yesterday morning. wendy out there. 15 to 20 mile an hour wind gusts and talking about dramatically fantastically cold
8:33 am
air as we go into tonight. we'll get into those details in i alittle bit. >> many people still hitting the stores to get last minute gifts we're 7 days away from christmas. brad stat on has more details if the king of prussia area. hey, brad. >> hey, lauren, it's funny because people are been seeing these clips on tv all morning long looking for hatchimals and as result they've been showing up saying i saw you on tv. they can't find them anywhere elimination. they have been in toys "r"us in philly and they came to king ever president bushia. they had 50 they're down to four right now. four lucky people will get the last of them. of course, that's just one of the things they're hop shopping for. it's been raping here. it's been obviously dark. finally light now. it has not stopped people and they start add living 6:00 this morning and the word is that about two third of us still have shopping to do yet with a week to go. that's 155 million people and why is everybody waiting so
8:34 am
long. 44% say they still are not sure what they want to buy or have not gottenp lists from loved ones yet. it's time to get lists in. 7% say they have other financial priorities and 25% like me say we're way to busy to do shopping yet and 12 % like me will shop on december 24. we talked to eye mother and sop a little while ago. i asked the little boy how good have you been he said scale of 1 to 10 he was nine and told me exactly what he wanted for christmas. >> so a phone and your of gun. >> yes. >> what are you doing here early in the morning. >> mom said it will get crowded during noon so we came and woke up early around 5. >> try to beat the crowd. >> uh-huh. >> whisper in my ear and tell me what you got him. >> i got him a your of gun. >> he'll be really happy. >> very excited with the your of gun yes. >> and you did beat the crowd. >> oh, yeah i don't like to shop during the peak hours. we had to come nice and early
8:35 am
before everyone comes out to not wait in line. >> very good. >> and we are here with darlene you saw this on tv you rushed out here what happened? >> i got in here and lady in front of me got the last hat hatchimal. >> they're all gone. >> all gone. >> are you giving up or keep looking. >> keep looking you said some place opened 8:00 another toys "r"us i'm headed there. >> a lot of stores are on this store opened 6:00 this morning they'll be on until:00 in the morning and they say they would get any more coming in. >> nope she didn't think any more could woman in. >> well keep up the search okay. >> i'm not going to give up. >> that's what oui like to hear. we can also tell you 4% of us plan to do more shopping after christmas. so maybe we'll be able to find them then. although i doubt it if we're not able to type theld now. lauren back to you. >> i had them for a while and it's all over brad thank you so much. typeal road came game of the
8:36 am
season for eagles. pretty much doesn't matter. after last week's loss to red skips eagles are not going to make it to the playoffs. shawn and shawn are here to say wawawa. >> i tried to wear eagles green but. >> that's not it. >> that's a mess. >> step it up. >> so the first piece of bad news darren sproles is out. >> sproles is out. it was hit against red skips and now concussion protocol. he's not going today and that's number one player for the eagles on offense side of the ball sdm as she should. surprise is over right you said the surprise is over people would head problems you don't wants them going back in this quickly even if the season was not over i would not have put him in with all the conclusion things and c it everything going on you don't want to put him in after that cheap shot last week. he shouldn't play and season is over why risk it? >> do we care about today's game. >> yes, yes. we definitely do. >> we absolutely do. >> the season is over. >> one reason off the top of
8:37 am
my head postgame show. that's one reason to care. >> as true. >> after that it's up to you. >> really. >> shawn is like not really. >> listen at the end of the day what is nice is ravens are trying to make playoffs. >> true. >> that's where you have good competition. >> okay. >> right now it's spoiler you don't want the ravens getting in and don't want cowboys getting in and don't want washington getting in so you're planning to knock teams out okay and you can take some joy in team that you hate not making it in okay that's who we're plague now in spoiler and right now guys are playing for money, jobs, whether he or elsewhere a lot of guys getting cut, traded, gone, they will be out of here. they're putting film out for other teams to see hopefully they get picked up by someone to get a big money paycheck or keep roster spot here. that's what this game is about. keeping spot making some doe. dough.
8:38 am
>> and car sop wentz see what he does the final three games this season is a wash. it's important for him to finish strong. and this offense to come together and not put up a game like they did against bengals and just continue to fight. and this is a tough spot. it will be sloppy gamement baltimore has good defense. i'm looking forward to see what carson wentz does ited. >> we'll see 1:00. >> i have to ask you questions. stick around. we'll two to break. >> not him. >> i never expect that. >> we have to ask you serious questions. >> no. questions. >> no. >> not a
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> so i had to bring you in yesterday as we were chatting shawn and i were chatting and i started looking at him and said shawn your eyebrows look perfect. >> uh-huh. >> how are they so perfect. guess what he told me. i get them waxed once a month right and he's been doing it for five years. and i wanted to know what you thought about that. shawn, shawn bell what do you think about shawn pray's manescaping getting hair removal. >> i'm all foremanescaping you have to do it the ladies love it. >> eyebrows. >> i don't know. >> listen. >> mama and papa bell blessed me with great eyebrows. >> his are not as thick as
8:42 am
yours. did yours get unruly what was the point that september you to salon saying i have to get them watched. >> it was not me original think was a suggestion i said okay all right i'll try it out. >> lady in your life put the hammer down. >> no, no, >> that's what you're saying. >> no at that point in time, i was like, okay, i can see it here's the deal. and this is interesting because yes i have bushy eyebrows and you don't i don't see a barbre. most guys that do see a barbre get their haircut they'll tighten eyebrows up and do tha that. i don't. i don't see 'barbre. i'm like okay once a month i go down a get my eyebrows waxed. >> just eyebrows. >> that's it. >> the first time you know we're on tv we have to get makeup the first time i went and said i kind of need makeup. i felt super weird like the woman at the max station was looking at me crazy. when you went to the eyebrow sma spa were they like. >> tuesday average about noon
8:43 am
i go when nobody is there and there's bells on the door so when you on up the door the bells i on it up nice and quiet so no bells hit or nothing like that and i go to the same spot for the last five years so now they know when they see me they don't even ask they're like okay you're ready come back. >> so the eyebrow lady knows your name and business. >> yeah. >> you know they tell your business. >> i told his business on facebook people started talk xwing it yesterday i said what do you think. it oya said as long as a guy doesn't have a unibrown i'm good with eyebrows as they are if they're clapping together it's a big no. >> clapping? >> and anthony davis is knocking on that door, which is star for pelicans in nba. >> when you have 100 mill. >> she'll take that unibrow. >> the unibrow is a little much. who else commented. cliff toward ford said there's certain things a man don't do. >> cliff is old. >> cliff, listen. >> man card right there. cliff is looking at the manp
8:44 am
card. >>fy went to the barbre i'm tell you it would have been -- i would never do it. >> shawn versus shawn. >> okay here's instant poll reaction want to hear what you will say to chime in. should men wax eyebrows let us know fox 9 good di and we'll put comments on we'll right know fox 9 good di and we'll put comments on we'll right back.
8:45 am
8:46 am
just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of. sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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>> this week on fox news sunday we talk with chief of staff incoming reince priebus it's a fox news sunday exclusive. then what are the chances trump electors will vote against him. we'll speak with democratic congressman don buyer calling on the electoral college to hold off and demanding a raving 1st and power player of the week. this week on "fox" news sunday. >> all right let's take a live look. we have flags blowing around. dpuingty winds in mercer county coming out of southwesterly wind. you see it's 55 degrees. certainly not typo it's a mild morning out there. live look at ultimate doppler you go norm and west doylestown and couple of scatter the showers. hit or miss this morning however as we get into the later morning hours neent lirl afternoon we'll be dealing with
8:48 am
around of some moderate reigns that move in here and we'll actually bring much cooler temperatures. 55 in philadelphia. millville at 58. look at dover now checking in at 60. north and west some cooler spots you get up to upper lehigh valley into the 0s. 50s are wild as you get from doylestown and points south and east wilmington to millville we're seeing gusty winds and wind gusts around 0 and again that's southwesterly wind bringing in mild air up out of south and there's cold air starting to funnel in in fact i want to show you temperatures while 50s and 0s across east coast look at numbers falling into the negative digits almost 0 below zero that's air temperature and winds expected to crank to give you testimonial of the type of cold they're expecting 25 to 45 below zero wind chills. i cannot really fathom that. that's insane. mild air across town. 60s traded quickly into the 40s by 3:00. cold front through here for tonight. and we watch our temperatures
8:49 am
drop like a rock. 15 to 30 for overnight lows. so soak up the 60 degrees for a brief period of time because here comes the cold as we get to overnight hours. rainy and breezy for the oovrp. 60 into0s tonight it much colder for your day monday at 35 and i will say a lackluster forecast tuesday and once and if you have any uv kind of shopping plans just know tranquil weather at least until thursday♪ hey everybody i'm jen fretd rick and this is mama log everyone knows how much i love my mother-in-law i can never find anything for her she has everything and she asks for nothing. >> you talk about her all the time you. >> say go with a theme. >> go with a theme. if you have no idea what to get someone get a theme. so i'll show you three themes you can do and then this is no tape no scissors no wrapping. first of all did she love to bake. >> of course.
8:50 am
>> get her a new bowl fill with baking items and new kitchen towels everybody needs to refresh kitchen towels use that as tissue paper roll it up and wrap everything up there's spatula. >> she watches food channel all the time. >> throw in ornament call it a day adorable no wrapping paper if you want to pamper her if badge or spa girl everyone loves new towels i filled this awesome copper bucket any gift in itself bath supplies new loofa. soap, lotion. >> you know what's good about this one time i tried to give her anti-ith aing stuff that was a slam. >> yeah that's like giving them diet pills no you want pamper a bath scrub away. >> after they baked think pampered them sales and then get them drunk. >> wine time. >> start off with a ice buckets and go with theme. >> so we wrap items in ice bucket with towels again.
8:51 am
so keep using towels. because everybody needs towels. here are some things we wrapped. we wrapped a shaker that matches that and we wrapped coasters and we wrapped cheese anys and we wrapped some cold. >> openers. >> opener things literally now tape no soap wrap it and tie it with cute ribbon and we went with black and white to go with rest of it pop in bucket and it's fantastic gift throw an ornament on it wine bottle ornament. >> merry christmas it's for you. >> this is generally love my mother-in-law and mama log >> this is generally love my mother-in-law and mama log here's your present. the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make: flaky, delicious, piping hot things. golden brown and sticky things. fresh out of the oven, why can't they cool things? new things, old things. and blink and they're gone, those went fast things.
8:52 am
make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season. warm up the holidays with pillsbury.
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♪ ♪ i want to wish you a marchry christmas♪ i want to wish you a marchry christmas♪ >> music that maiingz you happy right you need anything to make you happy now. a lot of people are completely stressed out because they're shopping and overwhelmed and have guests coming over and dinner and a house to clean. kids to feed. >> sing it. >> we have to de stress we brought in natalie from twisted monkey. >> how are you? >> good. >> this guy has on a three piece suit. >> his yoga wear. >> we want to de stress and
8:55 am
people think yoga anaturally a lot of people look me have never done it i don't know the benefit of it we thought you could share things with us. >> why is it good around this time of year to start. >> a lot of poses is yoga teaches you calm the mind and de stress body and you stretch and move through a flow or holding appose and it just kind of set you in the present moment and makes you think about you know maybe holidays or great stuff you have going on in your life. >> men and women right? >> yeah. >> a lot of people think it's for ladies. >> no, so yoga improves flexibility and widens range of motion. so this actually really helps you. >> think i do this every day no it's because i was doing yoga. >> you have before. >> four or five times i was a be wii nintendo wii i had the board i did that twice. >> poses. >> we'll go through quick ten move slow and you can start
8:56 am
chris cross. >> chris cross apple sauce. >> and all the way up and exhale all the way down to matt roll forward and sink back on to your heels into child's pos pose. >> this is child's pose. >> yes. >> keep a couple deep breaths here and next breath you lift your head rock forward and tuck toes forked with and. >> we're going up with it. >> all right. >> when shawn gets up we'll come into three legged dog you bring right leg up to air. >> whoa. >> bend right knee and come into a half pimingon. so yiingt league will come down on matt. >> oh, gosh. >> and rest your forehead on your hands. and this is actually great pose because it opens hips and that's where we store a lot of stress and anxiety. >> really. >> absolutely. >> i feel that my hamstring nor
8:57 am
than hip. >> you should feel a little right here. >> modification. >> and next breath you press back to down dog. we always have to even it out. left side. left leg up. bend left knee. come on down and until you pigeon on left side. >> this is calming. >> i want do say nanaste. >> what did i call it will yesterday. >> namanaste. >> yes. >> let's press back to down dog. >> how many -- >> you said ten how many have we done. >> i lost count. we'll walk up to our hands and kind of happening here like a rag doll. >> 30 seconds. >> and sit back down. feet together and relax all the way back. and then you bring your knees together and lift head up under
8:58 am
and down namaste. >> happy shopping natalie thank you for coming up. >> happy hopped adays in con hocken most magical tile of year is perfect time to take home a new honda like sporting year is perfect time to take home a new honda like sporting new 20
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. democrats say they need to know more about russian hacking before the lectors cast their votes. >> there's ample evidence that was known long before the election about the trump campaign and russia. >> it's just remarkable. that's breathtaking. i can see you auditioning to be a political pundit. >> today the war of words over russia and the election. we'll talk with the incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then, what are the chances trump electors will vote against him? we'll speak with democratic congressman don beyer, who's calling for the electoral college to hold off.


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