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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  December 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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police are investigating the crash as a terrorist attack. they arrest the the driver of the truck at the scene. another person in the truck has died. we don't know how. witnesses say it was going about that truck was 40 miles an hour when it went over the sidewalk and crashed into the market. now in november, the u.s. state department raised the alert for terrorist attacks throughout europe especially during the holiday season. much more as it continues to come in. it was a historic day across the cun as the trek tour recall college officially cast their ballots to elect the 45th president of the united states but the day was not completely without drama. outside the capitol building in harrisburg, protesters took a last opportunity to try to sway the lectors away from donald trump. but in the end pennsylvania electoral college sided with the voters g evening, i'm eye i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. our bruce door don spent the day in harrisburg he's here to explain how this all went down. bruce? >> reporter: guys, back in november, of course, donald trump became the first rep ran
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since 1988 to win pennsylvania by fewer than 50,000 votes out of more than 6 million cast. but a win is a win and in our winner take all system, the commonwealth 20 electoral votes to mr. trump despite the last ditch efforts of the dump trump crowd. >> outside the capitol, some 200 protesters most of them peaceful braced subfreezing temperatures to bash donald trump as a russian puppet unfit for office and to beg pennsylvania's 20 republican lectors to vote for anyone other than donald trump. >> he's a low class, vulgar ignorant man much he's the bottom our social tote society. >> i'm came from brooklyn because i'm terrified about donald trump being elected as president. >> reporter: inside behind the heavily guarded doors of the state house chamber convene the election tours hand picked by the trump campaign and the gop but under intense pressure from democrats and a few republicans
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to break ranks. >> it's daunting to be buried under mail and e-mail and phone calls but it was more apia annog than anything else. >> the vote took less than an hour and was pro seeded by republican calls for unity following the bitter devise seive campaign. >> when donald trump and mike pence are sworn in on january the 20th, they will be the president and the vice-president of all americans regardless of political affiliation or background. >> reporter: formal voight for president and vice-president were taken separately with each lector placing paper ballot into a small box. there were no surprises. no so-called faith less election tours. >> the vote for president of the united was 20 votes for donald j. trauma and the vote for vice-president of the united states 20 votes for michael r. pence. >> reporter: cheering subside add small group of protesters shouted their displeasure from the gallery.
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>> shame on you! >> reporter: afterward lectors made clear the dump donald trump movement never had a chance. >> i listened to argument. no argument i had overcame the argument that pennsylvanians voted for donald trump. >> reporter: for the record new jersey's 14 electoral votes went today to hillary clinton as did delaware's three votes all the electoral votes will be present to do a joint session of congress on january 6th. donald trump will be sworn in as our 45th president january 20th. lucy, the election is over but for some the hard feelings remain. >> isn't that the truth. all right, bruce gordon, thank you so much. see you at 6:00. we've got breaking news for you now out of new jersey. sky fox over the scene of a truck fire in hopewell township. there are no injuries right now but route 31 is shut down in both directions while first responders try and clear that scene. we of course will update for when you that road reopens. partial service back up and running on septa regional rail after massive delays. transit officials say passengers
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may have to deal with delays of as long as an hour while they work on getting service back up and running completely. a downed wire near the jenkintown station led to power problems. septa says that is now fixed. looks like the controversial soda tax in philadelphia will go into effect next month. that is after a judge today dismissed a lawsuit trying to block it. one of the plaintiffs in the suit the american beverage association argued the tax is unfair in part because there's already a state tax on sugary drinks. mayor kenney pushed for this tax which will fund pre k, community schools and other public services. >> we're moving forward. our kids can't wait. they've waited too many generations for this. i would hope that the soda folks would understand how important this is to our children's future ton our city's future and not proceed, but we'll see what happens. we don't know yet what they're going to do. if you're planning on buy sugary drinks in philly expect to pay 1.5 cents per ounce in taxes starting in january.
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>> fox 29 weather authority now. if you equate weather to roller coasters this would be five star thriller of a ride. we've gone from winter back to warm weather and back to winter again. >> kathy is here to straighten it out for. >> i wish i can make it warm for you, iain. >> so do i. >> i just can't. beautiful sunset believe it or not earlier this evening and right now we're looking at the eight port pretty quiet. it is. the winds are light and temperatures are going to fall fast just like last night. it's 30 in the city. the wind chill 22 with winds out of the north at just 9 miles an hour. when it's it doesn't take much of a wind to drive those wind chills down. right now the temperature in the poconos is 17. 26 in allentown. 27 in pottstown. so you have 9 miles an hour wind. with the wind chill 20 in allentown and a little bit colder in the poconos it feels like 21 degrees in wilmington. so this evening, temperatures will be falling fast. through the 20s. so bundle up if you're going to be heading out. even hat, even a scarf and also some gloves.
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look aig head we're looking at warming temperatures. those temperatures will be on the rise but it will take some time the next snow chance in that seven day forecast and a look ahead to christmas. not many more shopping days left. it's all in the seven day. i'll see you laterred in brought caused. >> kathy, thank. police have now identified two people killed in a car crash in bustleton. police say 32-year-old ramon rodriguez camacho was driving with 38-year-old lorraine riff vera when their car ended schoolbus and burst into names last night. they died on the scene. the schoolbus driver was not hurt. we're told that she had just unloaded some kids minutes before that collision. >> moving now to i-76 commercial truck driver very lucky this evening you see the scene right there. it was very fiery when all this thing started. that person is unharm, though. pennsylvania state troopers say the truck was carrying apple juice concentrate when it somehow burst into flames right around 7:30 in chester down tee. the truck you can tell it's a total loss.
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traffic came to halt for about an hour and a half and then it took forever to get things rolling again. we don't know why the truck caught on fire. although the truck driver says that he did notice a problem with the engine. developing right now, the search is on for these armed guys. police say they busted into a couple's home as soon as they got home from work and police say it all went down around 3:30 in the morning in the city's olney section. >> we know at least four men were involved in this. fox 29's dave kinchen live at northwest detectives in ogontz. it might have been absolutely terrifying for those homeowners. >> reporter: yeah, really was. that's what the family tells us. we can also say investigators say this is yet another case of asian business owners in the city being robbed. home surveillance video shows a 64-year-old man held up at his olney home the suspects soon joined by two others who also have guns. they forced the man into his house on the 100 block of west godfrey avenue his 63-year-old wife already inside.
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>> they're shaken up. they're shaken up. >> reporter: michael says he was asleep when his parents got home from the asian restaurant they run in west philadelphia. he says his dad had just walk his mom inside the house and dropped off his backpack and gun when he went to go park the car met by the bad guys instead. once in the victims were forced to the ground. >> my mom and dad were still trying to fight them off. they were yelling out my name. i came down. they grabbed my dad's bag. his gun and ran out of the house. >> reporter: investigators tell you the man ran off with the victim's swiss harm backpack with three grand inside. some paper work and the handgun. they ran north on howard street to awaiting car and a fourth person who served as the look out before taking off. michael thinks his parents were watched for some time. >> they had to have been in the house for sometime knew they were going to be home at that particular time and then attacked. really scary. worried because my parents they're very close to retiring. they want to retire and stuff
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like this happens, just puts them -- puts retire on backtrack. >> reporter: that's one of many reasons his parents were back at work today. believe it or not. also trying to figure out what to do with the business since they're missing critical paper work as well. we can tell you you can call police if you recognize any of those suspects in the surveillance video. lucy? >> get them off the streets, thank you very much, dave. dozens of elderly residents are safe tonight after an early morning fire ripped through an assisted living facility this happened around thee 30:00 on knowledge church street in moorestown, n. fire officials say they had to get all the residents at brandywine assisted living to safety. >> 70 residents were in the building at the time of the fire. we did move them in the building to a different area. area of refuge in the building and serve okay. no injuries. >> investigators are still working to figure out what started that fire. all right. we got to talk little eagles now. they have lost five in row after yesterday's loss this time they fall to the ravens 27-26.
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the birds they fought well till the end. >> it came down to two-point conversion attempt which decide the game's fate. >> with the loss the eagles are officially eliminated from play off contention. this it. someone brace is here in the studio to recap what went down. sean? >> yeah, lucy, it was a tough loss with the eagles officially eliminated from play off contention, and clinching the franchise's first back to back losing seasons since '98 and '99 coach doug pederson must concentrate on winning his locker room over the final two games. most importantly continuing to see rookie quarterback carson wentz get reps and expense by goinupagainst the better footbal teams the nfl has to offer. one of those teams has to be the baltimore ravens. eagles down in baltimore. ravens up 10. tries to pig the game on ice. hicks with the interception beau pro have iing live. final seconds here we go. eagles need a touchdown or that's all she wrote and carson wentz says i'll do it myself. touchdown birds. down one now what do you do? do you send it to overtime.
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or do you go for two. coach putter pederson says we're five and eight, i believe, people let's go. carson wentz in the shotgun and the ravens were having none of it. jordan matthews had a lot of space. the eagles lose 27-26. here's head coach doug pederson at today's presser. can't put a price tag on experience. >> as a young quarterback those are valuable experiences that you'll, n you'll cherish and you'll remember and you'll lean on the rest of your career. um, and for the guys to see him do that just shows the leadership capability that he has to lead the football team. >> tough loss for the birds. of course, we'll have more from the game and doug pederson press conference later in sports. lucy? >> all right, talk to you then, sean. community is a gassed after a three-year-old boy died killed by a man in had a fit of road
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rage. what community leaders are asking for while the shooter remains on the loose. >> we're just six days from christmas. have you gotten all your shopping done? and your shipping done? there's still time but it's running out. >> and this man left his home hours before his shift started because he had to walk several miles just to get to work. but thanks to a sweet letter from his granddaughter he is getting a little help. coming up at 6:00 police say two brothers in new jersey were anything but smooth criminals when they tried to steal a lot of soap from a grocery store. it's a story you've got to hear. ♪
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>> owner of trump taj mahal could face a steep penalty for closing the casino. new jersey lawmakers will vote on bill that would impose a five year license suspension for anyone shutting down a casino after january of 2016. very bad news for carl icahn who got the kaseen in far march. the bill and constitutional encouragement in atlantic city. >> tension are rising in china. fox news has learned that drone is set to be return tomorrow. >> it's going to happen in high seas exchange between the chinese and american navy. fox's elizabeth tomlinson has more from the pentagon. >> weeks of chinese navy culminating last week with the chinese seizure of a drone. the area u.s. said is international waters. >> for a long time the u.s. has been dispatching war ships and aircraft to approach the sea
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areas right in front of china's territory. >> fox news has learned chinese are planning to give back the drone possibly tonight or tomorrow. the transfer taking near scarborough hundreds of islands from manmade islands. those islands along with possible change in america's tie ann want policy ad adding to on going tensions with the chinese government. >> chinese ripped a drone out of the water. president-elect trump said this is unprecedented act tollly inn appropriate. didn't quite use those words but that's concerning s inch wal he said. >> the obama administration is calling for both sides to cool off. but also reasserting america's right to operate in the south china sea regardless of china's territorial claims. >> this is a situation that we had concern with as how this played out. this was an underwater vehicle
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doing something that we've done before. >> this is a vehicle that should never have left us possession. >> reporter: same ship that took the do end is expected to give it back it's not immediately clear if that drone ever left the chinese hip. at the pentagon lucas tomlinson, fox news. >> north carolina's newly elected democratic governor says tomorrow state lawmakers plan to hold a special session to repeal a law limiting protections for lgbt people. the law known as house bill two requires people to use restrooms in public buildings corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate. also he can concludes sexual orientation and gender identity from anti discrimination protections. since the law is passed in march, north carolina has had a backlash that includes companies declining to expand the cancellations of concerts. ncaa also moved college sports events out of it state. >> happy end to go night for delaware county family who has been desperate the family of 89-year-old joseph tar button tells us that he's safe but he's all the way in alabama.
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he walk into refront wasn't lo lost. he suffers from mild dementia and had been living since saturday from upper chichester township. it's unclear still how he got to alabama. >> tonight students in philadelphia have something very big to look forward to. >> it all connects back to the democratic national convention dnc host committee donated $750,000 to philly schools. all the money will go to the right books campaign which puts libraries and books in classrooms and the school district says the big donation means nearly 80,000 books for students in kindergarten through third great. >> so we hope that we would leave something behind that could lasting impact, and toda today's announcement really puts a bow on we tie that bow together from the day we announced our attention to the convention to today when we're making this significant gift to the school district. >> right books cam paper aims to
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ensure that all philadelphia students read great level literacy by the time they reach the fourth grade. >> earlier this month we told you about the young girl who set up a toy drive soon after leaving children's hospital of philadelphia. and today her dream came true. we were at the ridley township police department as trucks hauled thousands and thousands of donated toys four-year-old jillian massey and her mom set up this whole thing. jillian she's so cute. jillian is recovering from brain cancer. was strong enough to leave children's hospital of philadelphia just in time for the holidays. but she couldn't stop worrying about all her friends she left behind so she want to do collect toys for them. seeing everything come together brought her mom to tears. >> this is like christmas morning for me waking up to all this. all the people that have come out and just knowing what all these toys are going to do. >> kind of hard to hear off the
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bat she said it's kind of like christmas morning for her there. they collected more than 3,000 toys and more than $2,000 in gift cards. they had a police escort as they delivered everything to chop. how cool is that? >> in camden, santa rock agnew sleigh he gave the reindeer a rest. saint nick he arrived at cooper university hospital in a helicopter. look at him waving there. visited with kids staying in the hospital for the holiday season he walked around delivering gifts and spreading cheer. >> man he's busy right now, too. this is great. >> so a carjacker tried to steal a car from uber driver a passenger was in that car. but the driver wasn't going down without a fight. what happened next that left an innocent bystander injured. it doesn't get much colder for a polar plunge than diving into some icy water in alaska. why this year's plunge in alaska of all places had little bit of philly flare to it. >> nothing to do with cheesesteak either. a star wars film once again raking in big bucks at the box office but was rogue one able to
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>> upper darby man is in jail again after police arrested him on child porn charge charges foe second time this year. they found 38-year-old james fisher the third searching and downloading inn appropriate images of young teenaged girls. he was on probation after being released from prison this past march. his hearing is set for next month. >> white house condemned the fatal shooting of russia's ambassador to turkey. turkish policeman in a suit and tie faces accusations of assassinating andre, in turkey's capital. relations between russia and turkey have been very sense over the syrian conflict. turkey staunch opponent of syrian's president. russia is supporting him. the obama administration calling the killing a quote heinous attack. to little rock arkansas police are releasing more information about the death of a toddler. >> child was killed in a road
5:25 pm
rage incident this weekend in and police are now releasing his name three-year-old ace sin king and king was shot while riding in the car with his grandmother this weekend. the grandmother told police the suspect was driving behind her and honking his horn a lot. she says she honked back and when she stopped at an intersection the driver got out and fired his gun into her car. the three-year-old was hit and died at the hospital. now the community is asking for help to try and track down the killer. >> i want to ask the public somebody knows who did this. >> right. >> and more than one person know who did it. and i want to send a message to you that you know who did this, you just as guilty as the one that pulled that trigger. >> police are now offering a $20,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the shooter. in new orleans a man is hyped bars and another is in the hospital after bullets started flying during an uber carjacking threes 28-year-old andre thatcher tolled stole the uber's
5:26 pm
driver over the weekend way passenger in the back seat. the driver had a gun opened fire on thatcher one of the bullets ricocheted and hit a bystander in the hand. police say once the carjacker got away with the vehicle, even more chaos happened. >> perpetrator panicked and hit three more vehicles occupied in the northbound lanes of canal street that was sitting in traffic. and jumped out of his car and began to flee. the man injured only has minor injuries apparently. chat thatcher is in jail without bond. >> probably got a list of people who you have to buy gifts for what about furry friend. we got last minute ideas that could please your pooch. >> family was just on their way home when they heard a loud bang. at first they thought a tire blue or another car backfired. what had them fearing for their very lives. >> kathy? >> i have good news to talk about. >> good. >> we're watching mild air to the south that will slowly make its way up the coastal plain.
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we'll time out those temperatures and have a look at the christmas forecast coming up when we come back. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope.
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mstanding rib roast!ds to be wowed this year. wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. ♪ >> hillary clinton has officially been named the presidential winner in delaware. the first state's three democratic party lectors officially cast their three electoral votes for clinton at the legislative hall in dover today. clinton defeated trump in delaware on election day but didn't win the number of electoral votes nationwide of course to become the next president. another case of road rage
5:30 pm
another person is opened fire on a vehicle and another family this time in georgia is shaken to the core. it happened saturday night the family says one minute they were driving down the road the next they thought they could they could die. >> fox's natalie poso spoke to the familiar who'll says they're lucky to be alive after the scary ordeal. >> reporter: this family tells me all of a sudden they saw headlights behind them, then heard gunfire take look one of the bullets making its way through here. the other blowing out the back window and exiting through the front windshield. its this family says they were too frightened to stop because if they had, they feared they would have been killed. >> i was scared. i mean i was shaking. scared me to death. >> reporter: this family is too terrified to show their fa faces or say their names after the cherokee county's sorry riff's office says someone hoped fire at their car around 10:00 saturday night. >> i look up the road and my wife did, too. nothing coming. all of a sudden lights come on. >> reporter: as they drove on reinhart college parkway north
5:31 pm
of the highway five connector, their 18-year-old grandson says, he heard the first shot but at first did not think it was gun. >> when the first round went off i thought it was -- it blew a tire. i thought he was just flashing for to us help him. >> and then when the second round went through the windshield that was like oh, my gosh, we're being shot at. this is not a movie floor it. >> the family heard four to five shots, one of the bullets shattering the back window just inches from where their grandson was sitting. >> it was honestly terrifying because it was mere inches from me hitting the back of my head or totally taking out my shoulder. i just thank god that i was not hit. report. >> if they were mad at us about something, they need to call the law and let them stop us and figure things out instead of, you know, shooting alt us. >> reporter: family says they drove to save place and their grandson called 911 cherokee county sheriff's office recovered around from what
5:32 pm
detectives say appeared to be a large caliber weapon this family says they are just grateful no one was hit. >> i don't know how they missed our grandson. i really don't. the good lord was watching. >> the counsel city sheriff's office is still looking for the person who fired shots into that vehicle. >> fox 29 weather authority now. it's hittin hitting the slopes f your holiday plans should be in luck this week. look at that. people out there having fun right now. fresh powder fell this weekend doesn't look like there's think threat of it melting either up there. kathy orr has your forecast in 152nd. >> so glad to see it's cold enough for smo in the poconos and through new york and new england. that's where we want it for our skiers. today's high temperatures across the region below average.
5:33 pm
10 degrees below normal in philadelphia. today the high only 34. 35 in ac. wilmington 34. 31 in trenton and reading. allentown, topping off at 30 degrees. ultimate doppler we have a few clouds but other than that, just some cold temperatures with the winds going light the temperatures will fall fast but at least we don't have to be concerned about the wind chill. 17 the temperature in the poconos. make some packed powder with that kind of cold. right now in lancaster 28. the same in wilmington. 30 in millville and 27 degrees in trenton as we look at the northeast as a whole where you see that purple, that's where the real cold is all ban knee new york 18. burlington, 16. quebec two below. ottawa only 1 degree. so southeastern can in a really feeling that chill. cold air of course over us tonight with temperatures in the 20s. light winds and clearing skies. high pressure builds in from energy new jersey all the way down to the deep south and we bump it up to around 40 degrees tomorrow with a good deal of sunshine.
5:34 pm
so slowly but surely those temperatures will be building over the course of week. so tomorrow 4 degrees below that average. which is 44 degrees. wednesday we go above normal by two. thursday we go above normal by 4 degrees and by friday, we go above average by 5 degrees. so each day progressively warmer. it will be more seasonal. overnight tonight cold in the city. 22 in the suburbs 17. another cold night with winds out of the north. now tomorrow the wind becomes to shift so it will be a little bit more comfortable. in the city 22. in pottstown 16 overnight. allentown waking up to 15. during the day tomorrow trenton wrightstown and millville overnight low temperatures in the teens reading lancaster 17. the cold spot will be the poconos with a temperature of nine overnight. tomorrow the high temperature 40. slow to warm with northeasterly winds becoming southwesterly and that's when those numbers will begin to rise. on the seven day forecast, brought to you by your weather authority, wednesday winter begins not going to feel like it
5:35 pm
above average the high 46. thursday we'll go 48. friday 49. real nice day to travel. saturday evening hanukkah begins a lovely night with partly sunny skies during the day partly cloudy skies at night. sunday christmas day a chance of a shower otherwise mild. i'll tell if you that shower holds off it will be even warmer on sunday and look at monday. mild a few showers the temperature 62 the day after christmas. remember last year it was really warm as well. so we'll be two for two unfortunately the probability avenue white christmas really slow. really small. >> unless you're in the north pole then it's really really good. >> exactly. if you're going to canada. >> thank you very much kathy. >> we're six days from christmas as kathy has just told us. are you good to go with your lists and perhaps the shipping? you still have time if you haven't. you know, finish it all up but it's about to run out. >> star wars movie is once again raking in some big bucks at the box office what rogue one able
5:36 pm
to dethrone the force awakens highest earning movie ever? >> coming up all new at 6:00 lead is a growing concern across our country. honer philadelphia it's no different. what city leaders are planning to keep children safe from lead exposure.
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♪ in your money tonight the nation's biggest shipper say that they are keeping up with that big holiday rush. fed ex and ups are getting hit hard with a record-breaking number of online order gifts and packages much online retailers are imposing deadlines for delivery before this weekend. both rivals have prepared for the holiday season months in advance to handle the online shopping surge that they open new facilities, tapped into technology and hired tens of thousands of extra workers. >> you're saying my packages should get there on time. >> hope so. >> rogue one star wars story is number one at the box office. movie had the second biggest december opening ever, ever. raking in $155 million in the us. second only to the last star wars film the force awakens
5:40 pm
which opened in theaters last december. now rogue one tells the story of how rebel forces stole the plans for the death star iain are you taking notes? >> no. >> we're done witless son now. disney moon a number one over the past three weeks fell to a distant second earning $11 million. can't wait to see both actually. all right. so in london, sculptors are at hard at work making a new addition to the madam tussaud wax museum bringing in president-elect donald trump the skull tours are making four identical figures they want to have them finished in time for trim's inauguration. six month process began in june with the casting of trump's lay head mold but work has ramped up since election day. trump will be the first american president to have a wax figure in madam tussaud he sat for the famous museum back in 1997. >> miriam webster has unveiled its word of the year if you've been watching the news even in itty bitty bit in 2016 you'll probably agree with this
5:41 pm
decision. >> the word of the year for 2016 is surreal. which is an interesting word and it's a word that's actually relatively new to the english language. surreal is interesting in one way. the frequency it spikes. it spiked inn different moments. spiked when the terrorist attacked brussels and then again in niece and turkish coo and the biggest individual spike on november 9th and 10th after the american elections. >> surreal. all right. the folks at merriam webster say people look up about 100 million words every single month. surreal of course topped that list. i wonder way means by relatively new to the english language? >> incredible. when you are making the christmas list and check it twice, don't forget the furry friends in your life. what is sure to please your pooch. >> and kitties. what about your chinchillas and turtles. this man always leaves his home hours before this shift starts because he has to walk several
5:42 pm
miles to get to work. but thanks to a sweet letter from his granddaughter he's getting a little help.
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♪ heading to president-elect donald trump's inauguration in january? >> well amtrak says it's expanding service to help get to you washington, d.c. it will offer more trains on the days leading up to and after january 20th. those additional round trips are acela express and northeast regional services. book ahead because demand is high. you know the not just your children and spouses and parents and friends you need to buy for this holiday season. you simply cannot forget the furry friend or friends in your life. >> as you hurry to get it all done emily aikens has idea that
5:46 pm
could please your pooch. >> reporter: the abdullah family is not shy about buying presents for lilly. >> we got two little jackets for her and a little bed because they're only $5 at five below. >> what do you think little l want for christmas? >> a bone and toys. >> reporter: pet smart is full of bones and toys. many with affordable prices. it's estimated consumers will spend average of $62 on their pets this season and many such as pat will buy gifts for their friends pets. >> we know pets are important to them. just like ours is to us. >> you want to look over here come here whether you by at larger chains or at a smaller local pet store, it's important to consider who the gift is for. >> if you get a cookie that's two hard for an older dog or really young pup tee that can be dull for them to eat. >> reporter: cookie selection at wolfgang bakery in sugar land is well pretty tempting.
5:47 pm
lots of choices. soft, hard, small bites at 99 cents for three to four tiny little cookies or up to $3.50 for the larger decorated cooki cookies. gifts range from the impractical various sizes and prices of seek key toys to the practical such as this collar with led light. it's great for nighttime walks. just under $30. let's not forget kitty. >> we have cat treats. >> freeze dried minute notice. yum. for 5.99 a bag. yum. >> look. does it smell good. >> reporter: as with any gift it's not the item but the thought that counts. >> i'm emily aiken, fox news. >> tonight many across the country are remembering hollywood legend zsa zsa gabore. the iconic hungarian actress and socialite died yesterday at the age of 99. the glamorous gabore loved
5:48 pm
soaking up the spotlight such as at this moment in 1955 for the premier of prince of players four years later gabore posed for the cameras on the red carpet for the hollywood pre mary of say one for me thing. her most memorable rules in moulin rouge, lilly and queen of outerspace. she stepped out of the spotlight in a car crash and stroke impacted her health in the early 2,000s. >> today in your health, more bad news for e-cigarettes. for years they've been marketed as a safer alternative to smoking to if that really makes sense. >> even some companies have gone as to to say they can help you quit smoking tobacco but turns out they may be just as dangerous. dr. oz explains. ♪ new study adding to the mounting bad news about e-cigarettes. researchers found they can be as bad for your mouth as tobacco. the scientists exposed gum tissue from non smokers vapor
5:49 pm
causes as much harm to cells as tea bako smoke. it can lead to gum disease, tooth and mouth cancer favoring may damaging even worse. rers showing the flavoring itself can be dangerous. recent study found that flavoring in e-cigarettes caused them to release more carcinogenic compounds. one puff contains has czar card levels of tock since. the jury is still out whether e-cigarettes may be a way to help people quit smoking. fda has approved them. the risk out weigh the benefits of starting if you're in the a smoker. make sure your aren't vaping. as of last year the number of high schoolers using e cigarettes um 15% since 2011. teens who vape are 10 times more likely to smoke cigarettes. so if you don't smoke e-cigs don't start. if you're a smoker, look for save improvement way to quit. >> you can catch the dr. oz show right here on fox 29 weekdays the 1:00 p.m.
5:50 pm
the center for disease control and prevention says flew activity still pretty low this season right now but it is start to pick up hardest hit states so far, new jersey, new york as well as puerto rico and outbreaks in the southeast and northwest. the cdc is recommending everyone six months or older get a flu shot. you can get the shot at any point during the flu season but it does take your body about two weeks to build up resistance. rain, snow or shine detroit grandfather walks miles to work because he just cannot afford a car. well that man months's little granddaughter was so worried about his feet she wrote a letter to our fox station in detroit asking for help. well, they did a story. now grandpa is getting help. fox's randy whimly has more. >> it's crazy. like she just told you i'm a low key person. i don't, you know, ask for stuff. it's crazy people are offering this stuff. i'm surprised people are doing i
5:51 pm
was this stuff. >> reporter: surprised and grateful. bob keller is over women by the generosity of strangers they saw his story how he walks miles from the home he's on the search of losing in dearborne heights to his job in taylor. and they were apparently moved by his granddaughter's letter to fox two. >> i am writing to you ask you to please help my grandpa. all i was want for christmas to set a car so his feet won't have to hurt. >> people responded flooding fox two with calls and e-mails asking how they could help. some offering bob used vehicles those generous strangers donated more than $3,500 to a gofundme account for bob. >> where does that money go? probably go so we can move. like i said we go to the pray till the end of february. look for a house to rent. >> i'm like very excited and i'm like thank you for the people and i know that people have a good heart because most people
5:52 pm
they don't have to do this but they wanteed to this which i'm like thankful for. >> samarra lives with her grandpa along with her siblings mom and few other relatives. bob doesn't have a car just yet, but he'll keep warm as he walks to work. someone dropped off a winter coat, socks, boots hundred dollars gift card. he and his family are well aware the free hasn'tedness of the unfamiliar likely won't stop here. >> mr. keller says one of the first things he'll do once he gets a car is take his family on a road trip. were you he says he needs to brush up on his driving skills first. christmas came early for some lucky kids in west oak la lane. police in the 35th district brought? toy will the of kids by putting together a secret santa toy give away of they head to do three schools to give them the gifts. the video was at wagner school. last week the district had holiday party for residents. it doesn't get much colder for polar plunge than diving into the icy waters of alaska.
5:53 pm
why this year's plunge in alaska had a bit of a silly flare to it. >> and coming up at 6:00 led a growing concern across the country and here in philadelphia it's really no different. what city leaders are planning to keep kids safe from lead exposure. ♪
5:54 pm
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local sled jump record,
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fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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all right. you think it's cold here. imagine alaska even crazier to think about maybe anywhere really jumping into the freezing water there. like that guy. that's what more than a thousand brave people did though for the annual polar plunge over the weekend while most dressed up as elves, some stripped down to barely nothing when they dove into goose lake near anchorage all to raise money for special olympics alaska. one person actually just moved there from philly. he made the best of the freezing experience. >> for great cause. i moved to alaska and this is one way to be ban sized by it. it's cold. i'm actually warm now. hypothermia. >> okay. good news more than $300,000 was raised for the special olympics. this is the event's eighth year. >> notice they have first responders there which is a good thing.
5:58 pm
>> might need them. time to take you in focus ton night on this cold december evening we are hitting the ice. >> that's where one little boy proving a sport using stones and bush rooms is no joke. fox 29's photojournalist bill rohrer takes us curling. >> it is bucks county curling club in warminster. >> right there hanging with the big kids is 10-year-old daniel lost. 120 members daniel is by far the youngest. >> i'm here two saturday as month and then sometimes i just come out to practice. >> reporter: past two years daniel has been gliding and sweeping people seven times his senior. >> we'll be sitting two. >> reporter: he has a pretty busy life with district orchestra and playing the guitar and violin so curling -- >> probably not my favorite thing to do but definitely my favorite sport. >> reporter: right now he's battling his dad. things aren't going as planned.
5:59 pm
>> another bad shot burt my dad says it's the ice. >> reporter: object to slide a heavy curling stone towards the other end of the ice. >> they come out and they don't expect it to be as athletic and physically demanding as it actually is. but then you add to that really high level of strategy. >> reporter: daniel wants to hick curling skills to the neck level. >> my new year's resolution is to be able to beat my dad in curling. >> no, no, no, no. let's just let it go. >> reporter: his dad may have a handle on his match tonight daniel's 8:00 p.m. bedtime. >> four minutes ago. >> reporter: is being swept away. does i would be laying at my bed ready to go sleep. >> reporter: in warminster, bill rohrer fox 29 news. >> wow! >> ♪ >> right now at 6:00 from a warmup back to winter. but the cold air could be short lived. good news for travelers. the question is, will it be a warm or a white christmas? it's a growing concern. more and more people especially
6:00 pm
kids exposed to lead. what does the city land of plan to do to keep its youngest citizens safe from harmful led exposure? >> ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fo fox 29 s at 6:00. back to feeling like winter, isn't it? struggled to get out of the 20s in some places today. my goodness, in the poconos the wind chill is in the single digits. are they making snow? it look like they're making snow right about now. it is dry out for the evening rush home. around here and right now things are moving pretty well across the ben franklin bridge. >> if you walk out there tonig tonight, you'll going need to bundle up the script says it's chilly but it's cold out there. flat out cold. >> it's not just chilly. >> roller coaster of a forecast the last few days. it was 60 on sunday. >> good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm luc lucy noland. >> let's get


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